Anne Hathaway Coming to Glee

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Hollywood star and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is next in line to join the Glee guest star list. E! News confirmed the story yesterday with Ryan Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes right after they won for best Best Musical or Comedy series. Apparently, Anne will play Kurt’s lesbian aunt in an upcoming episode. Amazing.

According to Murphy, Anne Hathaway had created this creator and brought it to Ryan and the producers of the hit FOX show. When Ryan finally had a chance to meet with her, and hear about this character, he couldn’t say now. Brad Falchuck, the shows executive producer says its hard to say no to someone of her caliber when they come to you with this kind of idea.

The news was a shock to some of the cast as well who only found out about the news once Ryan announced backstage. Previously, Chris Colfer had mentioned his dream Glee parents would be Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. It looks like half of his dream may come true. How do you feel about Anne Hathaway’s appearance on Glee?

There was a lot of action to watch on TV this past weekend, but one of the hottest pieces of action were the four NFL division semi-final matches between a number of unexpected teams following last weekend’s Wild Card race, leading up to Super Bowl XLV in just a few weeks time (Feb. 6 in Texas).

Naturally I was glued to the TV to watch the Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears in the Windy City (much to the BFs liking); but that was only one of the games being played out this weekend to determine which teams will face off next weekend in the division championship matches.

The first game on Saturday saw the Baltimore Ravens battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you are a sports fan and caught this game, then you saw one of THE best play-off comebacks in the last decade, if not history. Heading into halftime Baltimore was leading (or should I say trouncing) the Steelers 21-7, looking confident with a seemingly easy win in their grasps. The tide changed pretty fast during the third quarter as a result of three turnovers! Devastating to watch if you were a Ravens fan, but ridiculously awesome if you were cheering for the Steelers, as they crawled back to life and managed a FANTASTIC 31-24 victory, allowing only 3 points against in the second half of the game. That’s what I call regrouping during half time!

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Now that I’ve covered the good, it’s time to talk about the bad and the ugly. Let’s face it, it’s way more fun. Whether it’s the recession or some other reason, the 2011 Golden Globes yielded some major fug outfits. Apparently fashion designers were trying to unload some of their heinous outfits to gullible actresses as ground-breaking fashion. I seriously had a difficult time narrowing the field to just ten unlucky winners. It was definitely a bumper crop of fashion no-nos.

For the most part, I actually like all these actresses and respect their work. Unfortunately for them, I wasn’t blown away with any of their respective fashion choices. If I had to subtitle this post, I would call it… “When ugly clothes happen to beautiful actresses“. With the exception of one, these women have previously taken my breath away with their fierceness on the red carpet. It’s like they had one collective fashion brain fart when they picked these outfits for this year’s ceremony. Check out my choices for the Top Ten Worst Dressed at this year’s Golden Globes and see if you agree with my picks.

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My Top 10 Best Dressed At The 2011 Golden Globes

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The 2011 Golden Globes are in the history books, but the race for red carpet supremacy is still on. “the social network” was the clear winner of the night when it came to Hollywood Foreign Press hardware, but when it came to fashion, the race was a bit tighter. At this year’s ceremony, I found there were more fashion missteps than winners. Thankfully there were two handfuls of women with great fashion sense SLASH stylists. The following ladies all chose great dresses and accessories that had me reaching to click the “like” button.

While a few of my choices are in line with other publications’ best dressed lists, a few of my selections are a bit different. Fashion and beauty are very subjective, but I think I made some solid choices. Check out my Top Ten Best Dressed list and see if you agree with them. Don’t forget to cast your vote at the end of the post.

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Last night, the Golden Globes took over a TV screens for a whopping 3 hours (and that doesn’t include the two hours of red carpet previews prior). As boring and repetitious as award shows can get, there were a few moments that kept me awake. Lets start with host, Ricky Gervais. His crude and crass humor was spread thick throughout the night and even earned a few awkward gasps from the crowd below him.

Ricky wasn’t joking when he said that they would never hire him back after tonight. I think his comment that tore into the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press may have been the cherry on top. He made comments about almost all the presenters and his opening monologue didn’t get many chuckles or rounds of applause. I enjoyed his humor but I don’t think it won over the room including the much seen on camera, Matt Damon.

Other strong moments included the gays taking over the award winnings including Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and Jim Parsons. Jane Lynch’s acceptance speech was quite possibly the best of the night where she said she was falsely humble and even took a run at Lea Michelle cracking a joke about her so called snub of True Girt starlette Hailee Steinfeld. True hilarity.

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James Franco To Play Famous Serial Killer

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Hollywood favorite, James Franco recently told the true story of heroic mountain climber Aron Ralston in the highly acclaimed film, 127 Hours. Now, the sexy star is set to tell another true story, but this time, a much darker role. Franco will be playing the satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez, otherwise known as “The Night Stalker,” which will also be the name of the film. Not only is he starring in the film, he’s also directing it.

In 1985, Ramirez went on a sexual assault and murder spree in Southern California. Once caught, he was found guilty of 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries. He is currently on death row. The film will tell the story of how he came to be a serial killer.

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Just in time for American Idol’s Season 10 premiere, we receive a new song by new judge, Jennifer Lopez. “On The Floor” was supposed to premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this week, but thanks to some rogue hackers, we get to preview the track online. J.Lo enlists Cuban rapper Pitbull on this latin-flavored uptempo track. Could this be the track that propels Lopez back to pop music relevancy?

The Latina multi-hyphenate has struggled to release her seventh studio album, “Love?” since late 2009. The intended lead single, “Louboutins” flopped majorly for the “Selena” actress. None of the other promo singles fared much better, prompting her departure from Epic Records. Just like Mariah Carey who was dumped by Epic and regrouped with Island/Def Jam, Lopez did the same and signed with the same label shortly thereafter. In-demand hitmaker producer RedOne was hired by the label to revamp the CD with a new sound.

Judging by the sounds of it, RedOne has successfully worked his magic once again. Supposedly, this leaked track is an unfinished version of the final product. If it is, I hope the final version shortens Pitbull’s rap at the beginning of the track. He doesn’t need to blabber on for almost a minute. If “On The Floor” sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because it samples Kaoma’s 1989 hit “Lambada“. Check out the hot new track below.

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On last night’s episode of SNL, we were treated to a special Digital Short with Andy Samberg and Pee Wee Herman, who recently wrapped up his live show on Broadway. In the short skit, Andy runs into Pee Wee at the bar, where Pee Wee is just drinking a glass of milk. Samberg convinces him to have a drink, and their night turns into a gong show of trouble from then on. It was a lot like the good majority of the Homorazzi cast’s evening last night, as we celebrated a friend’s birthday.

Samberg & Herman’s crazy night is complete with a hilarious run in with Anderson Cooper and wraps up with an intervention for both of them, staged by their concerned friends.

Gwyneth Paltrow may have hosted, but Pee Wee Herman stole the show for sure.

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