Jeff Hephner (with whom I work on Hellcats with) has had a rough pilot season this year. He originally booked a role in NBC’s drama pilot Playboy. However, after a table read with the network, the deal was pulled right from under him and he was replaced with Eddie Cibrian. As they say on Full House, how rude!.

Have no fear Jeff Hephner fans, a true talent will always find his spotlight. Jeff has signed on to do more than a pilot with network Starz. He will join Kelsey Grammer on an eight-episode series titled Boss. Coincidentally, this show will also be based and filmed in Chicago (just like Playboy).

The show is written by Farhad Safinia and directed by Gus Van Sant. The concept of the show is that Kane (played by Grammer) is the mayor of Chicago and is diagnosed with a degenerative mental condition that only he and his doctor know about. Jeff will play the role of the state treasurer who is a Chicago native, handsome and soon to be a powerful player in the Chicago political scene.

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Hello friends. This week’s Who’d You Rather is a case of the look-a-like. These two men have been told they look like each other more than once and I’d have to say at a first glance, they do. What’s even more similar are their careers. They both work at E! hosting news-like shows, they both write and produce, they both do voice work (Ryan on the radio and Joel for cartoons) and they both work for other networks. No wonder people think they are the same person.

Joel McHale is the host of the hilarious show The Soup where he recaps all things hilarious in reality TV and in the world of viral videos. If you have never checked it out, I suggest you do. It’s laugh out loud funny some days. Joel also stars in the hit NBC comedy Community playing Jeff Winger who attends community college at Greendale. Joel is married with two boys. A family man. How sexy.

Ryan Seacrest is a mogul in his own right. He co-hosts E! News as well as produces every single Kardashian show out there for the same network. Outside of E!, he is the host of American Idol and his radio show titled after his own name. Recently, Ryan became engaged to former DWTS pro Julianne Hough. So, I guess he isn’t gay? Disappointing.

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Shirtless and looking sexier than ever, Rob Lowe is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair’s May 2011 issue. Inside, Rob discusses his early life as an actor, his friendship with the Sheen family, Tom Cruise, and of course, the movie that launched his career, The Outsiders.

Rob Lowe grew up as a good friend of Charlie Sheen as his family lived nearby the Lowe’s house. Rob recalls that Charlie was “one-of-a-kind… a Polo preppy clotheshorse in a world of O.P. shorts and surf T-shirts. A wonderful mix of nerd… and rebel.” Life growing up in Malibu is fun when you have Charlie Sheen and Chris Penn as friends although, Rob admits that they were uncool and Malibu girls wanted nothing to do with them.

“I wasn’t a beach volleyball player, a surfer, or a quasi-burnout.” However, him and his two buddies would plot out their acting careers in Sheen’s pool and shortly after, him and his friends shot into Hollywood stardom. I bet those Malibu girls are kicking themselves now.

Check out more of Rob’s story and see the full cover here.

A couple of days ago, I told you all about some big Glee music news which was that The Warblers were going to have a disc of their own tunes from the season released which was accompanied with a full track list for the album. It was only a matter of time before this happened considering some of the best tracks this season of come from this pack of boys.

Now, we’re being treated to even more. The ending track on the album which is a Rod Stewart classic has been debuted and let me tell you, it sounds amazing. The Warblers tackle Do Ya Think I’m Sexy with hottie frontman Darren Criss of course tackling the lead vocals.

New episodes of Glee don’t return until April 19th with an episode titled Night of Neglect which will see the New Directions fresh off their Regionals win ready to take on Nationals. However, Sue has a plan to take them down which involves rivals, Vocal Adrenaline. Until then, we can only enjoy this new tune.

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More, more, more! As much as what could be seen as overkill with Britney left, right, and center with this album, I still can’t get enough. This coming Sunday, April 3rd, MTV is airing a special behind the scenes look at Britney Spears and the “Femme Fatale” album creation and recent performances. The special is called “I Am Femme Fatale“.

In the clip you’re about to watch, you get to see Brit behind the scenes working on the album, including the track collaboration with Will.I.Am in “Big Fat Bass.” You also get to see her in her brief down time with her assistant, where she says, “It’s nice to have a peaceful moment. Embrace the moment before the chaos.” I can only imagine. The special leads up to her performance in Vegas last weekend, where she surprised Sin City with performances of three of her new songs, before heading to San Fran to film her GMA performance.

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Mad Men Gets An Extended Hiatus

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Fans of the popular AMC show Mad Men are going to have to wait a whole year before they see any new episodes from the 60’s inspired show about an advertising agency. An official statement from AMC revealed the following:

“AMC has officially authorized production of season five of ‘Mad Men,’ triggering our option with Lionsgate. While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, ‘Mad Men’ will be back for a fifth season in early 2012.”

So who’s causing all the negotiation drama? Well that would be creator Matthew Weiner. His contract with AMC and Lionsgate officially ended at the end of Season 4, but apparently they have been in talks for several months to try and work out a contract for him to return for Season 5. According to all the reports, the negotiations haven’t been going to so well and may see Matthew leave the show.

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Tonight, the celebs of Dancing With The Stars, Season 12 will face their first ever elimination. After two dances each, the judges totals will be combined with your votes from home and one couple will be eliminated from the competition. There line between who has done well so far and who hasn’t has been drawn pretty clearly but will the viewers have the same opinion?

We begin the night with an opening performance to On The Floor by J.Lo featuring Maks, Louis, Dmitry, Lacey, Cheryl and Anna choreographed Maks. The newly formed Dancing With The Stars Troupe also made an appearance in the routine. They are three men and three women who are up and coming stars of ballroom dance. They will be performing on every results show. The routine was crisp and had some great choreography. Always a great way to start the night.

We get right down to the elimination process and begin with the three athletes: Hines Ward, Chris Jericho and Sugar Ray Leonard. Out of the three, Sugar Ray has had the hardest time getting into his groove and with no surprise, the other two couples are safe and Sugar Ray and Anna are in jeopardy.

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I was perusing my daily dose from Marketing Magazine (online edition) yesterday and an article caught my attention. Typically I scan the headlines to see what the who’s-who of the advertising world is up to and what level of tooting-their-own-horn have they reached on any particular day; however, today I stopped when a homosexual themed headline grabbed my attention.

The daily infotorial newsletter featured a unique article focusing on the latest campaign from Montreal’s Fondation Émergence, an organization focusing on and devoted to the city’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The difference in this particular campaign was the target market; the ethnic communities and groups often found in the heart of the diverse city. Homosexual advertising has become almost common place in the urban, Caucasian market, so I was thrilled to see an organization taking a further step ‘outside the box’ in an attempt to broaden the mindset of other cultures.

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