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While this side of the UK hasn’t crowned an openly gay singer yet, the Brits have managed to do it twice. Will Young won the inaugural year of “Pop Idol“, and Joe McElderry won X-Factor’s Season Six. The latter just released his first official single, “Ambitions“. The track is actually a cover of Norwegian pop duo Donkeyboy’s song. McElderry’s version is dancier, slicker and more top 40-friendly. To be honest, his vocals are reminiscent of Mika.

The openly gay 19-year-old hottie has been referred to as “the cutest bottom bitch since David Archuleta”, from a few online sites. How hilarious is that? Not sure if he’s a bottom, but he certainly is cute. A little twinky for me, but cute nonetheless.

Ambitions” is the first single from McElderry’s debut album, “Wide Awake“, which hits stores on October 25, 2010. I’ve listened to the track a couple of times, and don’t mind it and most probably grow on me. Having said that, I think the single will probably won’t translate across the pond and only be a hit within the UK. The Brits do love their gay music.

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Fashion: Footwear Designer Kobi Levi

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Being exposed to shoe designs season after season for the last 5 years has really made me very aware of the footwear choices people make. I always catch myself looking at what’s on people’s feet and if their choice in footwear compliments their clothing choice. I also look at innovative shoe designs using different styles & materials.

I came across Kobi Levi’s Blog which featured his whimsical & very creative designs. Like it or not, you can’t deny that these designs are not clever.

Check out more designs on the second part of the post and find out who Kobi Levi is.

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Bruno Mars Arrested

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Bruno Mars (whose real name is Peter Hernandez) was arrested for suspicion of narcotic drug possession at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas. Seems to be the place to get in trouble for drugs these days….ahem…Paris Hilton. The incident happened early Sunday morning at about 2:40am in the bathroom of the venue, where he had performed earlier that night.

You know the 23 year old best for singing & co-writing the hits “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B, as well as “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy. You also know the hit, “Right Round,” by Flo Rida? He cowrote that too. He was born & raised in Hawaii and is of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, not that it has anything to do with anything, but I didn’t know all that much about where this guy came from before this recent drama. I guess his Wikipedia will be updated with his new drug drama very soon. He’s super young and very talented. Hopefully he gets back on track!

The Town Rules The Box Office

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In a battle of “Gossip Girl” co-stars, as in everyday life, the leggy blond came out on top. Ben Affleck’s “The Town” bested all new-comers to the box office this weekend earning $23.8 million. It beat out three other new releases including “Easy A“, “Devil” andAlpha & Omega“. Overall the box office improved upon last week’s dismal post Labor Day numbers by over 38%.

The Town” written and directed by Ben Affleck starred Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Black Lively (Gossip Girl) and himself. The crime drama revolves around a gang of bank robbers in Boston.

The comedy “Easy A” featuring the hilarious Emma Stone came in the runner-up spot with $18.2 million. Lisa Kudrow, Stanley Tucci and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl). I guess Blake will not only have bragging rights on set, but in the bedroom as well. Badgley and Lively are still hot and heavy in real life, as opposed to their GG characters.

Coming in at third is the M. Night Shyamalan-written “Devil” at $12.6 million. Last week’s champion “Resident Evil: Afterlife” fell to fourth with $10.1 million. Rounding the top five is “Alpha and Omega” with $9.2 million.

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Just mere days after releasing her 3D music video for “Rose Colored Glasses“, Kelly Rowland unleashes another visual feast. The gorgeous singer just unveiled her new fun video “Forever And A Day” across the Atlantic. Kelly absolutely glows while spending a glorious sunny Beyonce-free summer’s day. God, I miss summer already.

The pop diva is seen cavorting with her girls in a convertible, at the beach and other Los Angeles scenery as the backdrop. While there is nothing earth shattering in the video, the iPad-inspired effects are a cute touch in this Sarah Chatfield-directed video. You’re made to feel like you’re watching Kelly on an iPad as she enjoys a carefree day. This is what Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” should’ve been like, instead of that Candyland craptastic mess.

watch the video after the jump

Well, technically it wasn’t Friday, but you get the gist. Believe it or not, a few of us at spent part of our Saturday night hanging out with a bunch of big burly guys throwing some pigskin. Brian, Dan, Patrick, Rich, Tyrell and myself watched our BC Lions battle the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Over the years, I’ve watched only a handful of CFL games, but all taking place underneath BC Place. With the stadium undergoing a facelift, this season’s games have been transplanted to Empire Stadium at the Pacific National Exhibition site. The stadium first opened in 1954 and demolished in 1993, but resurrected to house the stadium-less Lions. In its hey day, Empire Stadium hosted concerts by both Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

To make the event more out of our comfort zone, we decided to take the city famous No. 10 bus. It’s infamous for its colorful characters leaving the Vancouver Downtown East side. There was even a popular play based on the riding experience.

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I always knew these hookers were a detriment to society. A few months ago, I was perplexed why people insist on “Keeping Up With Kardashians“. Now we know why they receive such high ratings… prison inmates are forced to watch them. In a laugh-out loud frivolous lawsuit, a prisoner at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is claiming emotional distress.

According to, D.J. Goodson claims he was forced to watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” and developed “extreme emotional distress” due to their outrageous antics. How effing funny is that? His claim also states he’s permanently scarred from being subjected to domestic abuse (a boxing match on the show featuring Kim), emotional abuse (rantings courtesy of Kourtney and “paramour Scott”) and racism (Khloe referring to a baby doll as “the black baby”).

find out how much he’s asking for after the jump

Rihanna just released her new single “Only Girl (In The World)” from her upcoming album, and hasn’t even debuted the music video for it. Color everyone shocked, when a new video leaked online and it wasn’t for “Only Girl”, but rather a single no one had even heard of yet. “Who’s That Chick” is a scorching collaboration with David Guetta and somehow found its way online weeks/months ahead of schedule. Perhaps it’s not even from her album, and maybe part of a forthcoming project from Guetta. Doesn’t really matter, because its her fans that win. Video and song kick ass. (UPDATE: Rihanna explains what the song and video are for. See the end of this post for deets.)

The visual for the song is a cornucopia of beautiful, bold and loud colors , which is appropriate considering her new album is titled “LOUD!”. I’m so glad my happy little RiRi is back. Me no likey the dark brooding one found in “Rated R“. David Guetta proves once again, why he’s so in demand. The euro dance-tinged track is upbeat, infectious and danceable. The accompanying music video is equally fun and whimsical. It’s Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” meets “Alice in Wonderland” meets 80s fluffy pop on acid. In other words, FANTASMISTICAL. Not a real word, but you know what I mean.

watch Rihanna’s video after the jump

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