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2011 Oscars: Who Will Win Best Supporting Actress?

In: Donovan, Movies

The 83rd Academy Awards are being handed out in Hollywood this Sunday and what better time to shine the spotlight on the talented thespians earning nominations this year. I decided to start off my Oscar predictions with the five amazing performances battling it out for the Best Supporting Actress award. The field is comprised of three previous multiple nominees and two first-timers. Despite four previous nominations among them, none of them have won the golden statue before. But that’s all about to change come Oscar night.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, this category seemed like a lock. Thankfully for us, and unfortunately for one of them, a badly thought out move in her campaigning, has given us a wide open field. Based on their performances, any of these ladies could take home the statue. Realistically though, based on precursors, only three of them are in heated race to win Oscar glory. Check out my thoughts on who should win and will win below. You’ll also see who I think was severely snubbed in this category as well. Be sure to post your predictions in the comments.

see who I think will and should win this award after the jump

Preview Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye Lullaby” Album

In: Music, Patrick

Canadian Singer/songwriter, Avril Lavigne is set to release her next album “Goodbye Lullaby” on March 8th. After her divorce with Deryck Whigby was finalized this past November, Lavigne sings her goodbyes to the marriage, as well has her love for her new man, Brody Jenner in the new album. Avril Lavigne says that this album is the “most meaningful and special record I have written”, saying that it is “sincere, honest and close to my heart.”

After previewing the album, I have to say I quite like it. It’s less the “Skater Boy” Avril and the more “Complicated” Avril that we love the most. There are several options for singles from the album and you can bet that some of these songs with lyrics about relationship hardships will be featured on some TV dramas where applicable. There are also three acoustic version of her songs on the album, including one for “What The Hell,” as well as a cover of the classic hit “Bad Repuation“. Check out the album preview below and let me know what you think!

Listen to the album preview after the jump…

Top 5 Internet Attention Whores

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Videos

These days it doesn’t take much to get a dose of attention on a global scale when a video goes viral…and people have definitely caught on and many people have taken advantage of YouTube as a way to get their 15 minutes of fame. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way to get yourself out there, but some people really make fools of themselves through this medium.

The Second City Network has taken some time to compile a list of their Top 5 picks for Internet “Attention Whores“, commenting on their selections in between. After watching the video, I couldn’t agree more about their selections. You may recognize some of the videos, one of which is a red-head ranting about how “Gingers Do Have Souls,” but makes this video worth watching is the Second City actors commenting on the videos. Love the people from Second City!

Check it out…

Watch the video after the jump…

Lately I’ve noticed that so many celebrities seem to be turning 30 this year. In last night’s episode of Kourteney & Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian did a keg stand for her 30th birthday. She actually turned 30 this past fall on October 21st. Christina Aguilera also turned dirty thirty this past December. I guess I’m more aware of all the stars that are turning 30, because I myself am turning 30 in a little over a week. A lot of the young stars that I grew up with are now going to be entering their 30s with me, meaning we’re all growing up.

People that became famous when they were just kids, like Britney Spears, Beyonce, and even former teen heart throb Jonathan Taylor Thomas, are all turning 30 this year. Josh Groban, who is turning 30 in a week’s time, had this to say about his milestone birthday: “My 20s have been filled with a lot of trial-by-fire moments and uncertainty, but I’m going to enjoy my 30s the way I should’ve enjoyed my 20s.” Who else is turning 30? You’d be surprised…

Check out the list of big names that are turning 30 this year…

Rising Artist Spotlight: Shirin

In: Donovan, Music

My latest selection for my “Rising Artist Spotlight” series is a talented 19-year-old singer/songwriter from the UK. Currently she’s unsigned, but I predict she won’t be for much longer and will be making a huge splash in the near future. Shirin, meaning “sweet” in Persian, hails from Fareham Hampshire and began her musical journey at the age of 10. In her teens, Shirin performed by invitation at Youth Festivals in Norway, Cyprus & New York where she was backed on piano by Producer KC Porter of LA (who continues to work with top level stars such as Enrique, Janet Jackson etc).

It was in New York in  2008 that she first caught the attention of Producers Marcus Bell & Jon Rezin of American Idol. This meeting was to forge an ongoing interest by Marcus & Jon in the career of Shirin as an emerging singer songwriter and so began the exchange of submissions of tracks for Shirin to song-write and record to. This was to culminate in a collaboration by Shirin & Marcus Bell in 2009 on a song called ‘Insomnia’ which stirred immediate interest in the UK.

watch Shirin’s music video after the jump

There’s definitely a baby boom going on with gay celebrities as of late. Canadian singer, Rufus Wainwright, is the latest to become a dad, joining Elton John & David Furnish and Neil Patrick Harris & his partner David Burtka as proud new gay parents. Wainwright and his partner of five years, Jorn Weisbrodt, welcomed baby girl Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen on February 2 in Los Angeles. The two announced the birth of their first child on Wainwright’s website.

“The little angel is evidently healthy, presumably happy and certainly very, very beautiful. Daddy #1 would like to offer everyone a digital cigar and welcome the little lady in with a French phrase from his favorite folk song, A La Claire Fontaine: “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai.”

find out who the mom and famous grandfather is after the jump

Just in time for “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16′s” premiere this Wednesday, Tyra Banks released a brand new (kinda funny) promo poking fun at the very girls that aspire to be on the show. Over the years, we’ve all gotten used to various types of girls popping up on every cycle. Whether it’s a mini-me one or a high-fashion cycle, certain ANTM model stereotypes always show up in one form or another.

We all know the type: the blond ditz afraid to cut her hair; the ghetto hoodrat sassy one with a chip on her shoulders; and the angry at the world, but takes beautiful pics one. Being the ham that she is, Tyra puts on appropriate outfits, wigs and makeup to parody them in typical over-the-top Tyra-ness. Check it out below.

watch Tyra make fun of ANTM stereotypes after the jump

Eleven teams get a second chance at one million dollars, starting in Palm Springs at a wind farm. Phil tells them that this race will be very, very different and that second chances don’t come free. The first team to finish this lag of the race first gets an express pass to use before challenge that they don’t want to do. Their first challenge is to run into the field and search among the hundreds of flags to find an airline that has to do with Queensland and Northern Territories. They must figure out that they are looking for the Quantas flag. The first eight teams to bring Phil this flag are on the first flight to Sydney, Australia. The remaining three teams will be on a flight that arrives 90 minutes later. Here’s how it played out:

First Flight:

  • 1. Mike & Mel – Father & Son
  • 2. Zev & Justin – Best Friends
  • 3. Jet & Chord – The Cowboys
  • 4. Kynt & Vyxsin – Goth Pair
  • 5. Ron & Christina – Father & Daughter
  • 6. Flight Time & Big Easy – Harlem Globetrotters
  • 7. Margie & Luke – Mother & Deaf Son
  • 8. Jamie & Cara – Cheerleaders

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