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It was another good episode this week. At first I kind of thought the challenge was going to be awful to watch (like last year’s live singing one), but in actually reality the queens did pretty good. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

The first thing to happen this week was the mini challenge, it was a READING challenge. If you’re gay and you don’t know what reading is, then I’m going to revoke your gay card. If you aren’t gay and you don’t know what reading is I’ll explain. Reading, is like insulting someone essentially, but you have to be smart about it. If you are reading someone and you point out the obvious, it’s kind lame. Like last night, when the girls were reading Delta, they all just went after her about her weight. We get it, she’s a big girl. The only clever on was Shangela who called her Mimi Imfurst. I died. In reality I hate watching them read each other, I get so easily embarrassed for people on TV that it’s painful to watch. Shangela was named the winner of the mini challenge, and we found out that she gets a nice advantage for the main challenge.

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Pitbull & Ne-Yo Give You Everything In New Track

In: Music, Tyrell

Its no secret that I love Pitbull. Time after time again Pitbull releases a single or an album that has me dancing around my apartment or requesting it at the club. I also love Ne-Yo. I loved him when he was smooth and R&B with So Sick and even now with his more electro music like Beautiful Monster.

Now, two of my favorites have teamed up to collaborate on a single that is to die for. Its called Give Me Everything and it is going to be a great road trip jam or a summer feel good song. This is the second official single off of his upcoming album Planet Pit which I have been waiting for forever.

Pitbull and Ne-Yo also join forces with Afrojack and Nayer on the track to give its house feel that makes it feel so good. I can’t wait to see a video for this song and for it to blow up in the club with a great remix.

Listen to the track after the jump.

Otherwise known as “Rebecca” from the hit drama Brothers & Sisters, Emily VanCamp has been cast as the lead in a new ABC pilot called “Revenge“. VanCamp left B&S to pursue other projects, which at the time I thought was a big mistake – who would choose to leave a hit show like B&S? So, writers made her character move away as the result of a combination of the fact that she fell out of love with her husband, her mother suffered from amnesia and couldn’t remember her anymore, and she got a big job offer in New York.

Well, the real life job offer for VanCamp is the lead in this new pilot that is a described as “a contemporary re-imagining of The Count of Monte Cristo from a female perspective and centers on Emily Thorn (VanCamp), a mysterious young woman who comes to the Hamptons to exact revenge on the people who destroyed her family.”

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TV BackTalk: The Women Tell All

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

It’s my favorite episode of every season of The Bachelor, the night where all the women who have had their heart’s broken sit down together and practically yell and throw shade at each other for two hours. I’m talking about The Women Tell All. They confront each other about all the drama, the back stabbing, and more.

This season’s tell all was something like I have never seen before. I wrote a while back about how I thought Brad Womack was the most boring Bachelor of all time but it was the women that kept the show afloat this year. So you can imagine with that collection of strong personalities, there was sure to be some claws come out.

One of this year’s biggest clashes was between Raichel and Melissa. These two hated each other and were bound and determined to have each other eliminated from the competition. However, when they both took turns to gossip about the other to Brad, the joke was on the two of them when Brad sent both of them home without a rose. However, when Melissa was asked to sit in the hot seat and things went down…

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Reunited and it feels so good. It’s been almost nine years since they collaborated on the monstrous hit, “Dilemna“, but Nelly and Kelly Rowland are finally back together again. “Dilemna” not only topped the charts during the year it was released but also ranked 11th on Billboard’s Hot 100 from the past decade. They certainly have a lot to live up to with their latest duet, “Gone“. Here’s what Nelly told about their latest collabo:

“It’s kinda like an extension of the story,… and still playfully having fun with it like we did with the first one.”

Whether or not they can replicate the commercial success, one thing is certain- their chemistry remains intact. Kelly and Nelly headed down to sunny Cancun, Mexico to film the music video directed by Marc Klasfeld (Destiny’s Child “Lose My Breath”, N’Sync “Girlfriend). The adorable duo pose on the sandy beaches of Cancun and cavort poolside. The Rico Love-penned single is the third official single form Nelly’s latest album, “5.0″. Check out the clip below and see if it has the magic of “Dilemna”.

watch their music video after the jump

Model Behavior: Ryan Bertroche

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

With all the awesome feedback I’ve been getting for all my Model Behavior picks lately, we should really start referring to Tuesdays as the new hump day. Admit it. All you horny boys and girls really want to do, is just hump my male model picks. This week’s selection is going to carry on that hot tradition I’ve started here at

What is about those corn fed boys that make them so appealing? Ryan Bertroche was born and bred in Iowa and grew up in a farming community. Think of the hoedowns he must’ve gone to. And how cute is this… his hobbies and interests include riding horses and helping other farmers in his home town. Sooooo sweet. He’s not all country though, he also enjoys wakeboarding, dirt bike riding and skateboarding.

Bertroche started modeling shortly after graduation and his career quickly took off. He’s worked with respected photographers including Bruce Weber, Mariano Vivanco, Alasdir Mclellan and Carlotta Manaigo. Ryan has also appeared in high gloss fashion mags such as V magazine, Arena Homme Plus, Vogue Homme Japan, Out Magazine, and Sports and Style. His most recent works include appearing in Dolce & Gabbana’s Uomini book where top male models posed buck naked. Bertroche was also a featured model in Calvin Klein’s 2010 underwear holiday campaign. When you take a look at his pics below, you’ll see why he’s highly in demand.

view lots of sexy pics of Ryan Bertroche after the jump

I completely admit, me being über excited about this breaking news is a tad bit lame, but whatevs. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is reality television heaven. The mixture of the opulence, superfluous plastic surgery, ridiculous catfights, family alcoholic drama and psychological mind games is what all the other ladies in the Housewives franchise only strive to be. You need not look any further than the series debut of the shows airing before and after Beverly Hills’ season. Both the first seasons of D.C. and Miami (which is currently airing) lack that extra oomph and water cooler buzz that made BH extremely addictive. Even Atlanta’s third season paled when compared to the middle-aged 90210′ers.

While Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong were all locks to return, the remaining two housewives weren’t sure things. For weeks leading up to the reunion show, Camille Grammer teased she wouldn’t commit to a second season til the rest of the season played out. Let’s face it, she was the one who came off the worst during the freshman series. Kim Richards, on the other hand, seemed even more less likely to return. She got a severe emotional beatdown courtesy of her younger sister, Kyle, for calling her out on her alcoholism. As the reunion played out, it looked like Kim wasn’t emotionally capable to return- or even finish the reunion.

see who’s potentially joining the cast for season two after the jump

A while back, Donovan wrote about a robot nurse named Actroid-F that had been created to take care of patients. Now, a different model called Geminoid DK has been created and it looks even more life like. Japanese entertainment company Kokoro has been working with Danish academic Henrik Scharfe to create a robot clone of himself.

Geminoids are remote-controled robots powered by a air servo system. They mimic everything that humans do through motion-tracking gear and an internet link. They are extremely life-like, and if you watched the Battlestar Galactica series, you’ll understand my Cylon reference in the title. In the series, man created robots…which ended up evolving to look like humans. Eventually, they became the enemy. In Donovan’s Nurse Robot post, he mentioned that he believes that robots are what will ultimately rule the earth and be the end of us. Who knows what will happen, but I definitely can’t say that it can’t be ruled out as a possibility. If this robot is where we are now, imagine what I’d be writing about in 20 years…

Watch the robot in motion after the jump…

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