Lady Gaga Homages Via Barbie Dolls

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Entertainment Weekly has done a wicked homage to one of their “Entertainers of the Year” for 2010. Using Barbie dolls as a blank canvas, their prop stylists transformed the original fashionista into various incarnations of Lady Gaga. Their concept to honor the pop diva in this way was ingenious and at moments, hilarious. A fitting tribute to an artist that transcended from pop-culture phenomenon to a true icon this past year.

Photographer Matthias Clamer was responsible for capturing the dolls in their various costumes and chose environments that truly reflected the original inspiration. For the image above, the stylists tried to recreate Gaga’s headline-grabbing meat dress at this year’s VMAs. Using dental floss, the prop stylists tied meat onto Barbie’s feet. The Cher doll looks pretty fierce as well.

I’ve selected a few other of my favorite images from EW’s “Barbie Goes (Lady) Gaga photo series and pasted them below. Check them out.

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2010 is coming to a close and it’s time to crown this year’s hottest Man Crush. Last year, your votes named Alex O’Loughlin as my hottest weekly crush choice for 2009. This year, our weekly man crush feature was bigger and more popular than ever.

I’ve decided to split up the contenders into three parts. The first post will feature choices from the months of January, February, March and April. Hotties from Taylor Lautner to Noah Mills and everything in between occupied these weeks. The winner of Round 1 will advance to the finals. Check out the studs in contention below and don’t forget to cast your votes.

Voting ends Monday Dec 13 when Round 2 begins.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED for Round 1. Cast your votes for Round 2

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Damn You Auto Correct!

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I have found my new daily “makes me laugh out loud” site, and all iPhone users can relate. I was at my friends this past weekend enjoying some fun talk when we decided to have an impromptu party at about 11pm. Before we knew it there was 7 of us hanging out playing Mario Kart 64 (for old school sake) and having a grand time. Some of us may have been heavily drinking and others, like myself, we’re just enjoying the antics. I thought this would be the perfect time to tell my story from earlier in the day.

I had been at the gym with a friend of mine taking her through my abs routine when she texted a friend, “Hey I’m at the gym right now with a buddy and he’s totally licking my ass!” WHAT!? Her friend was seriously confused and immediately my friend responded “KICKING! KICKING MY ASS!” We laughed so hard we gave our abs a double workout. After this story another friend at the impromptu party introduced us to what I like to think is going to become the new,

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Only two episodes left and four teams remaining in the race around the world for a million dollars:

1. Nat & Kat: Doctors that cross the borders!
2. Jill & Thomas: The “hot & cold” couple
3. Brook & Claire: Shopping Channel hosts that make great television
4. Nick & Vicki: The dysfunctional couple, that could do without Nick

After last episode where Nick & Vicki came in last (thanks to Vicki getting no help from Nick), they have a six hour penalty and a speedbump to face this challenge after it being a non-elimination. Teams are now traveling 1300 miles to Seoul, South Korea. Once they land, they have to drive to the Seungil Bridge, at the border of South Korea and North Korea, to find their next clue. While waiting at the airport, Nat & Kat get a traveler to buy them a Korea travel book. The first flight leaves at 12:25am. Unfortunately for Nick & Vicki, they miss that flight and their departure time is 9:30am the next morning.

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Models Go FULLY Naked For D&G

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D&G models have gone buck naked in the new book Uomini by Mariono Vivanco by Dolce & Gabbana. So impressed by the work, Stefano Gabbana tweeted some of the uncensored and “uncut” photos of some of the models, which include Doug Porter and either Tomas Skoloudik or Matt Loewen (they look SO similar and are both D&G models). Either way, they are hot, hot, hot.

I met Loewen a long time ago when I worked at Ginch Gonch and he modeled for us, which was his first big gig, and from there he took off. He’s worked with D&G before, but never has he gone totally full frontal nude. If it is Tomas, he has been nude before and this would be nothing new for him. Either way, keep it coming boys.

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Box Office Gets Tangled Up This Weekend

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Last weekend, Harry Potter was on top of the Weekend Box Office, but this week, the “Harrier” movie, Tangled came out on top. Tangled now reaches almost $100 million in box office sales after an addition $21.5 this weekend. Meanwhile, Harry Potter’s magic starts to fad with only an additional $16.7 million this weekend, bringing the total to an unimpressive $244 million. I’m obviously being sarcastic.

Well, nothing too interesting this week at the box office, as the Top 10 list is comprised of already released movies except for one: The Warriors Way. The film debuted this weekend, with not very strong numbers – only a little over $3 million! The film is about a warrior-assassin that is forced to hideout out in the “American Badlands” after refusing a mission, and stars Kate Bosworth among others. The other observation is that all of the family movies saw a drop after the Thanksgiving weekend, where many families made the outing then and now remain stuffed.

Check out the Top 10 at the Box Office this week and how much they brought in after the jump…

Oh brother! Comedian and actor, Dane Cook is known for his jokes and stand up comedy, but his brother is no laughing matter. Darryl Cook (Dane’s older half-brother), along with his sister-in-law Erika McCauley (Darryl’s wife) embezzled millions of dollars from his brother along with his wife. That’s terrible – you’re own family!? Darryl acted as Dane’s manager.

So they were sentenced to prison back in October for a period of 5-6 years in prison on the charges, but now the Massachusetts attorney general’s office has ordered them to pay $12 million in restitution. Oh snap! From trying to get richer, to going to prison and ending up losing everything – they’ll hopefully learn their lesson.

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Last Saturday, I headed up the mountain to check out Whistler/Blackcomb as the hill recently opened for the 2010/2011 season, and believe me I was STOKED to strap on my board and hit the slopes. I was joined by fellow cast member, Rich, and we drove up for the day with our friend Matt who introduced us to the boys at

I hate to admit it but I was ignorant to skiOUT prior to Matt filling me in; they are a group of people who get together on a regular basis to hit the slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding and then convene for après drinks at the end of the day to recollect on the conditions, runs and anything that involves the mountain, yes, including the men! I found myself spending most of my time with Peter, the man in charge of skiOUT, and his partner Calvin as they too were boarders. And let’s just be frank, its way better for boarders to stick together and let the skiers go off and tackle their mogul-filled runs on their own.

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