Back at the end of 2008, Britney Spears performed “Circus” and “Womanizer” live on Good Morning America. Today, she’s announced that on Tuesday, March 29th (the day her album comes out), she’ll be doing it again. She’ll obviously be performing Hold It Against Me, but what will the other song be if she does two? I’m crossing my fingers for I Wanna Go.

Brits sounds like she has a bit of a cold, with a stuffy & raspy voice as she makes the announcement in the video below, but I won’t hold it against her.

She’ll be performing in San Francisco in the historic Castro District (also known as the gay village)! Damn – I wanna be there! Listen to her announcement below and check out her 2008 GMA performance below.

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American Idol 10: Meet Your Top 12 Girls

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I’ve introduced the Top 12 boys, and now it’s the girls’ turn to get a little attention. Just like their male counterparts, all these girls can sing. In fact, every one of them can sing circles around the girls from the past two seasons. With so many talented ladies to pick from, picking my favorite proved harder than I thought. In the end, the talented and gorgeous Julie Zorilla won my heart.

The girls are set to hit the stage next Wednesday with half of leaving on Thursday. Rumor has it, the public will put through five girls and five boys only. That leaves each judge the ability to pick one wildcard each to make the finals, giving us a Top 13 this year. It’s too bad that half these girls will get cut, for the most part, I like them all. That’s mostly due to the show producers actually showing every semi-finalist’s vocal ability during this process.

For years, the show would hide certain singers so that it’d be easier for them to get eliminated during the voting rounds. They were nothing more than cannon fodder. Thankfully this year, the girls are more or less on equal footing. Check out my impression of each girl below and who my favorites are. Don’t forget to tell me which girls you’re rooting for this year. I love hearing everyone’s favorites.

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I first heard this song when they performed it on the Grammy Awards this year. This track is second official single off of Dr. Dre’s third and final studio album Detox. For the video, Dre called in heavy hitter director Allen Hughes who directed The Book of Eli. The video begins in the year 2001 where we find Dre looking out over the ocean as we see flashbacks from his past with former rapper friends and family. Dre gets in to his Ferrari and the flashbacks get fast and furious like his driving. Then suddenly, the car crashes and years later we find Dre at a medical facility.

Eminem raps to the doctor that launched his rocket of stardom and Skylar is an angel, or spirit, or something floating around the facility (according to Wikipedia, its a hologram). Dr. Dre wakes up and goes through rehab ultimately ending up at the grave of Eazy-E. The video is like an epic mini-film and the song serves as a great soundtrack. The song peaked on the US Hot 100 chart at #4. Do you think the video will help its chart performance?

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Time For A NSFW Lesson From “Bad Teacher”

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Former A-List couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake star in “Bad Teacher,” and they’ve just released the trailer for the hilarious NSFW comedy. Seriously, with the foul language, you can’t watch the trailer at work. The film centres around Diaz’s character who starts teaching at a junior highschool and is totally not suitable for the job. She’s a bad teacher to say the least. One of my favorite characters from The Office, “Phyllis” (whose real name is Phyllis Smith in real life) plays her ally. How amazing is it that all of the people from The Office are getting big movie deals. They are all hilarious.

Diaz decides that her main goal will be to find a sugar daddy to take care of her so she doesn’t have to work…enter Justin Timberlake. Awkward, considering they used to date.

The film comes out this summer. Check out the trailer – you’ll love it!

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American Idol 10: Meet Your Top 12 Boys

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Turns out the spoilers were true. Everyone who was rumored to make the Top 12 boys, in fact, made it. I can honestly say, this year’s male semifinalists are a solid bunch. They definitely cover a wide array of styles and genres. Whether I like them or not, there is no denying all of them can sing. Cumulatively, this is probably the strongest group of boys to ever make the semifinals. In a perfect world though, Colton Dixon would’ve made the cut and bumped either Jordan Dorsey or Robbie Rosen off the list. Sorry boys, you’re expendable to me.

As you can see, like everyone, I have my favorites and others I could give two shizz about. Check out my thoughts on each of the boys below. At the end, I’ve also named my dream list of six boys I’d like to see on the main stage during the final rounds. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this year’s bunch and who you’re rooting for.

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The X Factor US: Here’s The Scoop

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Honestly. Could this show look ANY better?

If you’re a fan of The X Factor from the UK, then you already know that Simon Cowell is launching here stateside come September. Honestly, I cannot WAIT for this show. Some people don’t get why it’s different than Idol, but there are some MAJOR differences. The biggest one being that it’s open to anyone, of any age. They can be single, a duo, trio, group of 800 who cares. As long as they are amazing.

Another key factor…oh hell, I’ll just let Simon explain is all. Watch the video below and see all the details of this.

P.S – I have it on pretty good authority that Nicole Scherzinger is one of the judges. Either here or in the UK. I’m hoping here.

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Movie Review: Hall Pass

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A couple nights ago, I caught the pre-screen of the movie Hall Pass, a comedy starring SNL’s Jason Sudeikis as well as Owen Wilson, who you know from tons of other comedies, but mostly from his unique nose. I had no expectations going into this film, but I will tell you this…I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

Best friends Rick and Fred (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) have been married to their wives for several years now (Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate). When the women start getting frustrated by their men always checking out other girls and always wanting to have sex, they decide to grant their men a one week Hall Pass, as recommended by their psychologist friend, played by Joy Behar from The View. What does that entail? The “Hall Pass” is a week off of marriage to do whatever they want…no questions asked. Of course it seems too good to be true at first, but then the guys realize it’s for real and they’re eager to take advantage of the opportunity. Of course, being “single” isn’t how they remember it to be, as they have changed and so has the scene.

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Anyone else think there’s not a hell of a lot of good music coming out lately? But I’m hopeful. Spring has almost sprung (as soon as the snow melts?), and when the sun comes out, so do sunny tunes. This is just a brief pause in the history of great 2011 music. I’m excited for summer anthems, I’m achin’ to become obsessed with a brand new artist, I’m gagging for Gaga’s new album, and until all that magically comes true, here’s a few tunes to get you through the in between time.

Someone Like You (Live Acoustic) – Adele

DID EVERYONE SEE THIS PERFORMANCE AT THE BRIT AWARDS??! *gasp*. Adele is insane. She is soulful, breathtaking, talented, captivating, and a bag of delicious chips. Her album ’21′ is like reading a great book from start to finish. It holds your attention, makes you dance and cry, and keeps us waiting for her to do the next thing: the sign of a great artist. Back to her performance. I balled like a newborn. It was so beautiful, and it’s one thing to hear it on the album, but to see her belt it out really takes you back. Enjoy the ballad, and I promise, if you’re still reading, the next song will pick you back up after you become a puddle of your former self.

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