As we speak, these gentlemen are probably being put through the ringer by Dick Wolf. The five actors have all been flown out to New York to test opposite Mariska Hargitay in hopes of narrowing down the field to finding a new male lead for “Law & Order: SVU“. Fans of the show were shocked when Christopher Meloni who plays fan-favorite Detective Elliot Stabler was leaving the show. After playing the character for 12 seasons on the venerable drama, the actor left when contract negotiations broke down. He was asking for a pay increase.

When word got out that Stabler was leaving the show, NBC and show producers insisted they were only looking at big names to replace the hunky Meloni. I recognize a few of these actors, but I certainly wouldn’t call them household names. I guess the producers weren’t able to catch that big fish. Instead they went with a different route- a younger one. All five contenders are younger than 50-year-old Christopher Meloni. Get to know the Law & Order: SVU Final Five. Sounds like a new reality competition, doesn’t it? NBC should probably film the entire thing and air the eliminations leading up to Law & Order’s 13th season premiere. LOL.

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Fashion: Versace For H&M

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Is this a coincidence that Lady Gaga has been dressed up in vintage Versace in her Edge of Glory video and at her appearance at the MMVA’s? I was totally wondering… is Versace back in? The gaudy prints, the straps and golden buckles. I’m kind of interested at what this collection for H&M will look like.

Donatella Versace says she’s gonna use iconic Versace pieces. “Of course there’s going to be prints, of course there’s going to be leather, of course there’s gonna be studs. It’s going to be glamorous, exciting, rock ‘n’ roll.”

The VERSACE for H&M! collection will be available from November 17th 2011, in some 300 stores around the world, as well as on-line. This glamorous rock’n roll collection will include iconic Versace pieces for both women and men, in gold, leather and colorful prints. There will be some belts, jewelry and even a few Home cushions and bed linen.

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While Adele was forced to cancel/postpone her North American tour due to Laryngitis (she’s been ordered not to sing or talk for a month!), Amy Winehouse has canceled her entire European tour because her drug problem is really affecting her performances in a big way. She first canceled the upcoming Athens and Instanbul performances, but now everything has been canceled.

While performing in Belgrade on Saturday (June 18), Winehouse was booed off stage. Firstly, she arrive hour late, secondly, she was constantly stumbling, and thirdly, was was forgetting the lyrics to her own songs. She also went on and on about which members of her band she liked more than others. Belgrade fans (or former fans) paid a lot of money to see her and were extremely disappointed by her drugged up performance. In the video footage below, you can hear Winehouse mumbling through her song will picking at her arms. Gross! Can this be rock bottom already? I know she’s previously said, “No, no, no” to rehab, but come on already! Two weeks before heading out on the tour, she did spend some time at London’s Priory Clinic in order to sober up before her tour. Clearly it wasn’t enough.

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Bank Of Canada: The New $100 Note

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What are the benefits of this new “Polymer Notes“? I could think of one thing off the bat, they won’t disintegrate when you run your money through the wash (I’m not talking about money laundering) specially if you’ve left them in your pant pockets. I’ve done this a few times and the money tends to fall apart specially if it’s a particularly old note.

  • Secure: Their leading-edge security features are easy to verify and hard to counterfeit
  • Durable: They last at least 2.5 times longer than paper notes, reducing processing and replacement costs and environmental impact
  • Innovative: The detailed metallic imagery carried in a transparent area of the notes makes for one-of-a-kind currency
  • Easy to Handle: The new notes feel different from paper notes, but are just as simple to use

Check out the video which explains it’s security features and design on the next part of the post.

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Is Hollywood Out Of Control?

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Is Hollywood out of control? Director Jonathan Demme seems to think so. His name may sound familiar if you’re a fan of hit films like Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia. However, Jonathan seems to have been MIA in the film industry as of late. That may be because he’s been focusing on creating self-financed and more independent projects. Why the shift from sure fire award winners to indie flicks? Because Demme thinks that the film industry has become a bit wild in terms of production cost to produce Hollywood’s big blockbusters. Recently at the Aruba Film Festival, Jonathan commented on the state of the film industry:

“Film making exists now in is revenue void. To do these high style films now it costs so much to make them and I am not comfortable spending a lot of money on a movie any more. The money is needed in other places. I love the stuff you see on YouTube made by 12 year-olds.”

The moment Jonathan knew it was time for a change was after he spent $80 million dollars to produce his version of The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington. The film only raked in a disappointing $65 million in domestic box office sales. Demme knows the film cost a fortune and when he saw a film like Napoleon Dynamite which was made for $100,000 and became a Hollywood cult hit. Now, Demme wants to find his own Napoleon Dynamite.

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Oh boy, do I have have a treat for you today! Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera bring you a new track called “Moves Like Jagger” and it has just leaked. You’re gonna LOVE IT! “The Voice” judges will be performing the single tonight on the show at 9/8c and I think people are going to be blown away. The song is super catchy and their voices sound incredible together. Apparently, Levine had approached Christina to sing on his track after their ‘Crazy’ performance on The Voice. Well, I’m glad he did!

In a release, Levine said, “We are excited to perform it for our fans on The Voice this Tuesday and on the road this summer.” Check out the upbeat song below and let me know what you think!

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After the success of the first reboot of Star Trek, director and producer J. J. Abrams promised a second film would be in the works. After Leonard Nimoy made a very prominent featured cameo in the first flick, it was a major question whether or not William Shatner would be next in line to make a cameo in the sequel. However, that is looking like it’s not the case.

Even though the film focuses around the development of Captain Kirk through actor Chris Pine, the actor who played him for the entire television series still won’t get his cameo. According to some reports, Shatner was a little peeved that he wasn’t asked to be a part of the original reboot so the rumor started to flutter that J. J. would maybe give him a shot. However, Will revealed at Calgary’s Comic Expo that even though he was become an acquaintance of J. J. Abrams lately, he will not be in Star Trek 2. And even though Leonard did play a hug role in the first film, he also will not be jumping on board for round 2.

It is looking like the rest of the main cast will return including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto who played a young Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty, John Chu as Sulu and Zoe Saldana as Uhura. So what’s the plot looking like for the sequel?

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In a matter of days, the hit show, “True Blood” is returning to living rooms everywhere. The hit HBO show is full of hotties, and one of these hotties is showing off his washboard abs in the latest issue of GQ Magazine. Joe Manganiello, who plays a werewolf named Alcide, shows of his killer body in Bon Temps. In Donovan‘s latest “Marry, F*ck, Bitch Slapon the True Blood hotties, Donovan said he would choose to “marry” Manganiello explaining, “So I can wake up to him every morning and have his huge arms comfort me when I’m sad. Plus, I get to enjoy that hot body for the rest of our lives.”

Although, there’s no hair on this sexy 34 year old werewolf, Manganiello explains that having the body he has is all part of the job. “If Alcide was described as weighing 300 pounds with a comb-over and missing his front teeth, that’s what I would look like,” explains Manganiello. Thankfully, this is not the case.

True Blood” Season 4 starts Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. In the meantime, get your eye candy fix from the photos below.

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