TheBoston Red Sox are the next major sports team to join the “It Gets Better Project” and “The Trevor Project” to help inspire hope for young people who may be struggling by making their own video. Featured in the video is the team’s manager, Terry Francona as well as players Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis. It also includes Eric Maitland, a Red Sox greeter and Wheelock College counselor; TJ Connelly, Fenway Park’s DJ and member of the Red Sox Fan Services & Entertainment department; Kristen Rosa, Smith College student and Red Sox fan; and Alison Tippett, a student at Lexington High School and daughter of Red Sox Director of Baseball Information Services Tom Tippett.

Red Sox senior vice president of public affairs/marketing Susan Goodenow says, “Bullying is something that has touched many of our lives either personally or through someone we love. We are proud of dedicated Red Sox fans like 12-year-old Sam Maden who took the courageous step recently to publicly stand up against bullying of LGBT youth, and we are honored to join Sam and others throughout Red Sox Nation in support of the It Gets Better Project.”

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On Friday, The Voice winner Javier Colon appeared on the TODAY show to chat about his career past in the music industry, winning the voice and what he has planned up the road. Javier was named winner of the first season of The Voice on June 29th beating out runner-up Dia Frampton who despite a week start became fan favorite as the week’s continued. However, Javier continued to be a frontrunner the entire competition with his smooth vocals, good looks and family values.

When asked if he was confident that he would beat out Dia as a clear frontrunner he stated there was never confidence even saying he was ready for Carson to announce, “and the winner of the voice is… Dia Frampton.” In my opinion, Javier’s performance of the original song Stitch By Stitch is what catapulted him to a win. Although Javier didn’t pen the lyrics, the song suited him perfectly and he made it his own.

Matt Lauer asked Javier if a duet with Voice coach Adam Levin was in the works. His response? “Absolutely.” But Adam may not be the only Voice judge heading into the studio to record with him. He stated that he has also talked to Cee Lo Green who has expressed interest in working on some tracks. There is no doubt that Javier has a budding career ahead of him.

Javier isn’t a stranger to the music industry. However, when times were tough and he found he wasn’t able to fully support and provide for his family on music alone, he tells the TODAY show hosts that he considered finding career alternatives to do so. Thank goodness for the Voice allowing us to see this remarkable talent. A true talent.

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Coming Soon: Canada’s Got Talent

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The biggest talent competition in the world is now heading to Canada! With the success of “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent,” the global phenomenon is going to be in our own backyard: “Canada’s Got Talent“. Where is Canada’s Susan Boyle hiding?

According to the press release: “We will embark on a nation-wide search for Canada’s favourite performer, celebrating the diverse and eclectic homegrown talent from across the country. Canada’s Got Talent will showcase the top acts from magicians to jugglers, contortionists to fire eaters, singers, dancers and everything in between!”

So who are they hoping will host the show?

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Before rumors spread like wildfire and you go telling your friends, “I read on Homorazzi that…” I want to assure you that Mason Wyler the person isn’t actually dead, but instead Mason has decided to say goodbye to his porn persona. Can someone order a pity party for one? Last year, Mason revealed openly that he was positive, adding to the uproar that had been started from another gay male porn actor who died from aids. In his latest blog post, Mason says goodbye to the porn industry once and for all.

This is a clarification for those of you who want me to make a triple X resurgence under the glare of a professional camera. Mason Wyler, the porn performer, is dead. I’ve tried my best to resuscitate what was once a thriving and vibrant career but it simply isn’t happening. I’ve contacted every erotic studio you can think of and haven’t had any response. No one is interested in casting me anymore and I don’t have the know-how, capital, or drive to start my own studio. I have officially flat-lined for much too long to ever come back. It’s time I face the fact that my porno-making days are over and move forward.

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*All box offices numbers are a projected estimate of long weekend totals

This long weekend, those involved with Transformers: Dark of the Moon can share in the fireworks celebrations with an insanely successful opening weekend! The movie opened mid-week on Wednesday in 4,013 locations and since then has already surpassed $160 million! That’s already more than Bridesmaids has done since it opened! This is now the third biggest movie opening of all time.

A few other new films opened this weekend with less than stellar results. A film starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, “Larry Crowne,” you’d think would do well given their star power, but the film wasn’t even able to reach $20 million over the four day period it has been opened for. Another new film starring a former Disney Kid turned pop star did even worse than that. Find out what it was (since you probably didn’t watch it) and how the rest of the Top 10 films did below.

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Leo Moctezuma Teases New “2 Da Left” Video

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A while back, Patrick introduced you to dancer turned recording artist Leo Moctezuma when he released his first single and video titled Unconditional. If you think that Leo looks familiar, you’ve probably seen him dance behind some of your favorite artists including Pink and of course, Britney Spears. He’s also the mastermind behind some of Pink’s greatest choreography and memorable performances.

While still dancing and choreographing, Leo is finding the time to work on his music and throw in a live performance here and there. As a dancer turned singer myself, I know how hard it is to work at showing people that even though you can kill it behind an artist, you can step up to the plate and shine in the spotlight yourself. With Leo’s sexy looks and musical edge, he’ll have no problem busting out.

For his newest single and video 2 Da Left, Leo turns up the heat in what looks like a steamy video full of fantasy and webcam wet dreams. In the teaser, we see a guy and girl pulling off some pretty sexy moves on a bed while two guys in their underwear get hot and heavy, all while Leo watches from the comfort of his laptop. What a naughty voyeur you are Leo. Check out the teaser below and give a listen to the track. It’ll be in your head forever.

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When all else fails, there’s always, right? This past year, “famous” men keep popping up on the NSFW site showing of their abs, and in some cases a lot more. Now, a former American Idol 10 contestant has just showed up on the site rocking his sexy body. If America was voting on his abs, he’d surely have won.

This guy has actually had quite a few shirtless iPhone pics surface over the last few months. The former shipyard worker has been working hard at the gym and I guess he wants to show off the fruits of his labor… immediately following his workouts (the pictures are taken in the locker room).

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Martha Stewart Gets Animated For AOL Kids

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Martha Stewart is a homemaking mogul there is no doubt. However, her show really only appeals to a young adult and above audience. Now she’s spreading her crafty fingers into a new generation to inspire younger kids to use their imagination, get crafty and to be active in a web series for AOL Kids titled Martha & Friends.

In the web series, we follow a 10-year-old Martha and her three best friends: Kevin, Lilly and Hannah. Oh and I can’t forget to mention her two talking dogs, Francesca and Sharkey. Through these characters, the show tries to emulate Martha’s DIY ethic while still appealing to a younger audience. Currently, there are three episodes on AOL Kids’ website, all with different craft ideas and fun projects that you can try at home with your kids after viewing.

One of the episodes it titled Martha’s Fourth. In this episode, Martha and her friends travel to the family beach house for some Fourth of July fun in the sun. They run into a little foil in their plans when Sharkey runs away to seek out adventure away from the doggie spa. Today, the episode will also be airing on the Hallmark Channel. Here’s what Martha said about her new web series:

“Kids are extraordinarily imaginative and we are so glad to be part of a project that encourages, celebrates and rewards their innate creativity and curiosity. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for crafting and cooking and my hope is that this series will inspire a whole new generation of do-it-yourselfers.”

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