Well this is confusing if you ask me. In picture taken yesterday, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson who are currently in divorce proceedings, were seen with their son outside of a Starbucks holding hands. I know, I know, they are adults and can hold hands and it means nothing. So were they just putting on a show for their son Bronx?

What makes this story more interesting is that this isn’t the first time since Ashlee filed for divorce in early February that the two have been spotted together.

The couple almost made it to three years of marriage before separating in February. Friends are saying its been a very he said, she said kind of split. Some say the couple split due to Pete’s erratic behavior while some say it was due to Ashlee’s need to party. A few weeks ago, Ashlee was seen out on the town with one of Pete’s friends which caused speculation that she was out on the market.

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In the middle of March, I revealed that NKOTBSB weren’t only touring together, but releasing a joint single and album. The BSB portion of the dynamic super group revealed the song on their Backstreet Boy’s Carnival Cruise back in December of last year but now, the full track has finally been released.

The poor-quality video I showed you in the my previous post made the song sound promising. I’m going to say its not all it was cracked up to be. The track leads off with the vocal stylings of Joey McIntyre and leads into my BSB favorite Brian Littrell.

With the overly auto-tuned sound, its hard to remember why we used to love these boy bands as kids. Oh ya, because they could sing, without that. However, the song does have a catchy bass and drum beat. It’s not my favorite BSB or NKOTB song by any means, but it’ll do I guess.

Check out the full track after the jump.

Check Out “The Hangover Part 2? Trailer

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It’s highly anticipated, but will it match or surpass the first one? I’m talking about the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Hangover. I introduced Patrick to the movie this summer and he laughed his butt off wondering why he hadn’t seen it earlier. With the laugh out loud and jaw dropping moments from the first flick, are we asking too much to have the same, if not better reaction for the sequel?

This time around, the Wolf Pack ends up in Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. With how things went in Vegas the first time around, Stu would just like a laid back, pre-wedding brunch. However, he is convinced to head out for one beer and bring along Stu’s fiancée’s little brother, Tommy. But, when the boys wake up, they realize they’ve done it again, but this time, they’ve lost Tommy. Will they find Tommy and figure out their evening before the wedding?

The trailer doesn’t seem that funny which makes me a little concerned. Hopefully they just left all the funny bits out. Looking into the movie’s IMDb, there are a bunch of kids cast as Young versions of the four leads. That should be interesting to see how they tie that in to the movie. Watch the trailer and give me your thoughts.

Check out ‘The Hangover Part II’ trailer here.

President Barack Obama may have signed a law in December for the repeal of the seventeen year old Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, but that doesn’t mean that certain cases aren’t falling through the cracks and making the whole process take three more steps backwards. Meet Petty Officer Derek Morado who yesterday, faced a three person panel at a closed hearing at Leemore Naval Air Station. Even though he’s opening for a positive outcome in which the panel will state he can say, he’s not ruling out the fact that he will be discharged after being outed in the service back in 2009.

So why if the President declared a repeal of the policy can’t Derek Morado walk away from this with his hands clean of ‘homosexual conduct’? Simply put, it takes 60 days for the law to go into effect and it must be signed by not only the President but also the Defense Secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who by signing on to the law declare that lifting the ban of gays in the military won’t hurt the army’s ability to fight. Are you kidding me? What age do we live in? I know some gays that’ll scratch both your eyes out for throwing just a little shade, imagine handing them a gun and shipping them out?

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When I physically see the seasons start to change from the drab of winter to the fresh of spring, I can’t wait to start collecting my new mix of spring and summer jams to get me out of the winter blues. My summer jam criteria doesn’t really involve anything too deep, just a good song that I can see myself listening to in the car with the windows down, or a song I can imagine walking down the seawall with and thinking how blessed I am to live where I do.

A while back, Patrick and I were able to check out an acoustic set by Dancing With the Stars pro Mark Ballas. He played a couple of tracks off his new album HurtLoveBox but one really stood out in my mind and now, the video confirms that it is one of my favorites and a definite edition to my spring/summer jams list.

Hotwire is a little fusion of Jason Mraz and Train and the lyrics are fun and fresh. What’s most interesting about the video is his chemistry with DWTS Season 12 partner Chelsea Kane who plays his love interest in the video. They even get some ‘sexy time’ in. Do you think the chemistry is real or just some solid acting?

Check out the “Hotwire” video here.

I was cleaning out my email inbox and I came across a message someone had forwarded me with these photos attached of celebrities and their doppelgangers from the website TotallyLooksLike. Check out of them below . My favourites are Donatella Versace’s & Victoria Beckham’s. Sometimes celebs look like other celebs… or in this case, puppets and animals. Check it out. Celebrities who look like other celebrities.

In the pug’s defense, he is WAY cuter than Jesse Jackson.

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This morning, Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba took over for Kelly to host Live! with Regis and Kelly. Being the explosive personality that she is, she did a great job with the morning topics and keeping Regis in tow. The guests included Jake Gyllenhaal promoting his new movie Source Code and funny man Howie Mandel. Little did she know that she had a big surprise coming her way later within the show.

At the top, Regis asked Carrie Ann about her current beau, accountant Jesse Sloan. She immediately squashed rumors that they were already engaged showing off her ringless finger as the camera panned to Jesse sitting in the audience. When Regis probed more, Carrie Ann went on say why he is such a great guy.

“He’s just a really good guy. He takes good care of me and he’s really warm. He loves my cats—we have five cats together—not a lot of men accept a girl who has so many cats.”

Check out the surprise engagement after the jump.

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performances (TAKE TWO!)

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As Donovan is jet settin’ this week, I took up the reins as official Homorazzi judger of all things Idol this week and have plenty to say about last night’s show and in particular the too-oft soft handling of the “we wanna be liked” judges. To start off, Donovan definitely called it early in the game: the “good” producers at Idol are pushin’ for Casey (and the Hendersons) to win this one. The entire first 5 minutes of last night’s episode was a poetic retelling of the “fall and resurrection” of Saint Casey as he is placed carefully upon the Idol pedestal by Nigel Lithgoe himself, poised to take it all. Admittedly, I love the boy and was monstrously shocked by the results of last week (America, you did see Naima right?)

Ryan Seacrest, let’s start with you though and that disastrous comb-over that doesn’t give you a youthful appearance so much as an “old man grasping at straws” pathos: fix the mess up top. Focusing on the music however, I was glad to see the most “out” man in music today take centre stage for this week’s focus as the kids do the songs of Elton John. Steven Tyler I don’t think owns a different outfit outside his gay-pirate look and is the new Simon Cowell v-neck; J-Lo is sparkled up as per and of course looks great in hooker hoops though does anyone really look good in purple? (sorry Rich). Finally, Randy is keeping the weight off and I’ll give him props for that, but seriously, tinted shades indoors? Drop the look Corey Heart! Now, onto the singers!

Watch the performances and check my predictions all after the jump.

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