Cowan Whitfield Presents “Manimal”

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Since it’s Halloween, what better day to showcase Cowan Whitfield’s Manimal” photo series. The photographer captured the following provocative pictures featuring model Daniel Garofali in various animal headgear. The series was to advertise a club night for Australia’s “Nevermind”. Enjoy the following pics and don’t get too aroused frightened.

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Singing Mouth iPhone App

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Now here’s some clever marketing. The French electro band, Cassius has a new iPhone app with a selection of mouths that make it look like you’re singing their song, “I Love You So”. It’s actually quite funny. They describe it by saying it’s “the perfect modern declaration of love. Let’s spread the love all round us.” Cassius has been around for a while and they, along with Daft Punk, are very successful electro musicians from France.

I wonder if other artists will copy this viral way of getting their song out there. You can get the app on iTunes by clicking here.

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Saw 3D Slays The Competition

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Looks like torture and 3D were a winning formula at the box office this weekend. The horror sequel, “Saw 3D“, slaughtered the competition to top the box office with $24.2M in sales. It’s the seventh installment of the popular Jigsaw film franchise. This marks the fourth movie in the series to debut at No. 1. The number represents a huge jump from last year’s movie which only debuted to $14.1 thanks to the original “Paranormal Activity” opening the same weekend. Lionsgate was wise not to open the same weekend as “Paranormal Activity 2″ this year.

Last week’s winner “Paranormal Activity 2” tumbled 59% to rake in another $16.8M. Though a huge drop, the percentage drop is inline with most highly-anticipated sequels and horror films. Holding steady at No. 3 was the Bruce Willis/Helen Mirren/Morgan Freeman spy action comedy flick, “Red“. Due to great word of mouth, the film added another $10.8M in its third weekend, raising its total to $58.9M. This weekend’s receipts represents only a 28% drop from last week’s numbers.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Johnny Knoxville and his insane friends with “Jackass 3D” bringing another $8.4M. The film passed the magical $100M this weekend. Pretty awesome for a movie that was produced for only $20M. The previous two Jackass flicks earned $64.3M and $72.8M. In fifth place, was Matt Damon’s “Hereafter”. Falling 47%, the film grossed $6.3M bringing its total to $22.2M.

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Scott Foley Checks In To “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Waking up a tad hangover after a night of Halloween partying, reading this bit of news started off my day right. I’ve loved Scott Foley ever since he was Noel on “Felicity” and glad that he’ll be Seattle “gracing” our screens again soon. Hopefully the show will utilize him better than his lame story arc on “Cougar Town” last season.

Series creator, Shonda Rhimes, revealed Foley has booked a multi-episode arc this season on “Grey’s Anatomy“. Foley will play a patient named Henry, who “stirs things up” with Kim Raver’s Teddy. I wonder if Rhimes is hoping lightning strikes twice. The story so far seems reminiscent of the extremely popular Denny/Izzie storyline. Rhimes on her part is insisting that it won’t parallel that story and be very different from Denny. I guess time will tell.

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Ever since Kim Zolciak hit it “big” with “Tardy For The Party“, every other Reality TV fame whore has aspired to release “music” of their own. The latest reality hoochie to join the bandwagon is “Jersey Shore” castoff, Angelina Pivarnick. During an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” this week, she revealed she’s releasing a single called “I’m Hot“. Naturally the studio audience (and Wendy) laughed.

How absolutely ridiculous is this woman? I can’t wait to hear how awful her single is. Apparently her “singing style” will be a mixture of rapping, talking and singing. Watch out Ke$ha, the Staten Island dump is encroaching on your territory. “I’m Hot”, how insanely egotistical is that title? Personally, she should’ve released a track called “Umm, Hello!” or “Trashbags”.

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Women of SNL Special Preview

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On Monday night, “Saturday Night Live” salutes the numerous funny women who have graced the studio 8H stage over the show’s 35-year history. “Women of SNL” is a two-hour special that will include new material along with some fan favorite clips.

The special will reunite some of the most hilarious women ever in the show’s history. Appearing will be Rachel Dratch, Nora Dunn, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Laraine Newman, Cheri Oteri, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Molly Shannon as well as current cast member Kristen Wiig.

I have no doubt this special will be hilarballs. I’ve included preview pics of one of the new original sketches that will appear on the show. Just by looking at stills, I can already tell this skit will probably have me laughing in stitches.

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Yesterday’s Halloween episode of Ellen was Hallow-rious! First off, let’s talk about her costume. She came out as Snooki’s POOF! Brilliant! Her entire costume was the hair-do, with a small cabbage patch doll at her feet as the body. Amazing. Ellen’s Halloween episodes are like a tradition for me now. Some of my favorite things she does on her show are the pranks, so when she does pranks and scares people left right and center on her Halloween episode, I am on the floor laughing my head off.

In yesterday’s episode, she sent one of her writers (Amy), who is notorious for getting scare easily, to a haunted house at Universal Studios, and of course filmed the entire thing. It’s hilarious. If I was in Ellen’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.

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Okay, well she’s not actually an angel in her new video for “The Night Is Young,” but it does start of with choir practice in church before heading out for a night out on the town with her girls. We follow a couple of girls roller skating with angel wings on encounter several break dancing scenes before we end up on a dancefloor where a guy an a girl that had given each other the eye during choir, have their first electric kiss on the dancefloor.

Nelly Furtado looks flawless in the video and I want to like the video because I’m a big fan of hers, but unfortunately I found myself pretty bored. I wish there had been more of a story or that they went even more intense on the dancing, but it was a little of everything and not much of anything.

The best parts of the video are the shots of Nelly because she’s so gorgeous, and of course the awesome dance moves / dance offs in the street.

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