Concert Review: The Temper Trap

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Last night (December 7th) The Temper Trap took to the stage at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver and it was a show not to be missed! I have to say I was pretty giddy with excitement that I was finally going to see this troop live. I took it all in with Alasdair and our good friend Jason and his boyfriend.

The band is most noted for their original smash hit, Sweet Disposition, off their debut studio album Conditions released in 2009. Needless to say, this was the highlight of the show for me as the crowd simply lost their mind when the first few chords were strung. The momentum of the crowd and the reverberation as the audience echoed the song back at the band was mesmerizing. These specific moments in time are the main reason I love going to concerts and live shows. The collective agreement of love mustered forth from an adoring audience is invigorating, and somehow reminds me that as often as we fight among ourselves, there are still moments that can truly unite us as human beings.

Most people reading this are probably scratching their head wondering if and where they may have heard The Temper Trap’s music. The most mainstream inclusion is on the soundtrack and as part of the teaser trailer’s for the film, (500) Days of Summer. If you haven’t seen that movie either, then you need to break out of your sheltered bubble, as both the movie and the band are phenomenal!

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All American Guys 2011 Wall Calendar

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It wouldn’t be a day in December at, if we didn’t highlight a 2011 calendar showcasing hot shirtless men. Today’s eye candy is courtesy of Village Lighthouse and 10% Productions. “The 2011 All American Guys” calendar treats every day like it’s the Fourth of July. Making you long for those long hot summer days. Someone get me a Slurpee stat.

Filipino-born Christian Del Rosario presents the rugged handsomeness of the All-American male in this new for 2011 title. The young American men and their sexy poses will make you “swell” with national pride. It has something for everyone. Whatever you’re into, they’ve got you covered from smooth studs, to bears-in-training, older guys and younger ones with tats. The calendar can be yours or for a friend for $14.99.

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There are so many hidden finds out there and my top 5 picks for this posts are no exception. From cool gadgets to unique fashion accessories, there’s bound to be something to peak your interest. Check them out below!

Wood Whale designed by Eric Pfeiffer $50 from TheUtilityCollective

The Wood Whale holds all of your desktop belongings so they don’t stray. Pens in the spout, phone in the mouth, letters in the tail. Service with a smile…

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Just when I think I’ve tried it all, they come out with a whole new app I simply must have.

While checkin’ into my Grindr tonight, I came across a cute enough guy with a profile too bitter for me to say hello to, but an interesting one nonetheless. It read: “Dropping all the d-bags on Grindr for the real men on Scruff.” So, assuming by connotative suggestion that this was an alternative gay hook up app that (I hoped) offered some big n’ hairy boys, I immediately set to downloading the new software and was very surprised with what I found.

Having reviewed a myriad of gay apps: BoyAHoy, West Fourth, DList and of course the most notorious of them all, Grindr, I have seen the best and worst that the iPhone has to offer us roaming horndog homos. While basically denouncing all but the original goodie Grindr, I’ve yet to to see an app that compares in the ease, speed and most importantly huge membership: Scruff however, just may be the competition that the Grindin’ boys never expected. The premise is the same: a free app that locates similarly logged in gays around you based on their GPS and tells you if they’re online as well as some “fun facts” about them. Recently- thank god for those who lean to the more verbose side of things like me- Grindr opened up its character allowance on the “profile” field wherein you’ll often see anything from: “Lookin’ for a mate or a date” to, “Single and Sucking.” Scruff however, comes across as more of a dating site/app, allowing for the insertion (pun intended) of more personal info to entice that local bearish man.

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Here Kitty Kittee! One of our fave Canadian pop stars, Elise Estrada is having her CD Release Party this Saturday here in Vancouver, for her latest album “Here Kitty Kittee” (which is awesome by the way!). To celebrate, we’re giving away 2 VIP tickets to her release party …and when we say “VIP”, we mean “VIP”. You’ll be getting your hair and make up done as well as a photo shoot, and more!!

Elise Estrada and RockSTAR Music Corp. are very excited to invite you to event. The party is going to be like no other! Come party with other Elise fans, after you walk the red carpet and have your photo taken just like the VIPs you will head into the venue…

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Spin Magazine Names Best 40 Albums of 2010

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Spin Magazine just ranked their Top 40 albums of 2010. Even though the magazine has a tendency to skew more alternative-rock, the list includes several hip-hop and pop acts. In fact, the top spot goes to Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy“. Earlier this week, West’s opus also claimed the No. 2 spot on MySpace’s year end list. In an earlier album review, Spin called the album:

“a ballsy, self-aware admonition that luxuriates in its grandiose reveal as an Assholes Anonymous orgy that gets nowhere close to serenity.” favorite Robyn also made the list. Surprisingly it was only her Body Talk Pt. 1 CD that made the cut. You would’ve thought Spin would’ve included all three parts of her amazing trilogy on the list. Unfortunately for the Swedish singer, she also didn’t receive a lot of love during this year’s Grammy nomination announcement. She received only one nod for “Dancing On My Own“. Check out what other albums made Spin Magazine’s cut below.

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No wonder she’s not signing anymore. Apparently Jessica Simpson‘s clothing line is “Irresistible”! Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) has reported that the Jessica Simpson Collection will most likely become the first ever celebrity fashion line to earn more than a billion dollars in retail sales. This year alone, it has already brought in $750 million in retail sales! Holy crap! Her estimated net worth is $100 million right now. She’s come a long way since her “Chicken of the Sea” comment.

Vince Camuto, the founder and CEO of Camuto Group (the brand’s master licensee) said to WWD, “She is the girl next door and has great product that surrounds her. People like her. People look at her as a style icon.”

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Norwegian Recycling aka Peter Bull is back with another awesome video mashup. His latest masterpiece uses Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” instrumental as the foundations for the mix. Using snippets from 11 other pop-songs, he constructs a brand new song stitching the lyrics of the songs used.

Like his previous mashups we’ve covered on the site, this one doesn’t disappoint. I appreciate that he incorporates new songs still charting along with older popular tracks from previous years. No matter how many times I see video mashups, I still marvel at the time and patience needed to create one. If it were me, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Check out the 12 songs he used for his latest creation.

1. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You
2. Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon – Do You Remember
3. Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012 (It Ain’t The End)
4. Kylie Minouge – Get Outta My Face
5. Britney Spears – Piece Of Me
6. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
7. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
8. David Guetta feat. Akon – Sexy Bitch
9. Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls
10. Kelly Rowland feat David Guetta – Commander
11. Gwen Stefani feat. Akon – The Sweet Escape
12. Flo Rida feat. David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me

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