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His name is Dallas Wiens and he’s the first person to receive a full face transplant in the United States. On the left, you can see what his face looked like in December 2010 prior to his surgery. The photo on the right is from May 9th, 2011 at a press conference in Boston, where the historic 15 hour surgery took place. The results are astounding! And it’s not only visually.

In an interview with ABC News, they talked to the 26 year old about being reunited with his daughter and him being able to feel her kisses again for the first time. That is so touching. “It’s an amazing experience just to be able to feel a kiss again after two an a half years of having no feeling in my face.”

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Cast Changes

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Hello, Upper East Siders. Looks like two characters won’t be receiving invites to return next year. Gossip Girl herself might never tell, but I will. For Gossip Girl’s fifth season, the producers are shaking things up. Two series regulars who’ve been with the show since Season 1 aren’t coming back full-time. Not surprising, Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) is one of the two casualties. She’s only appeared in a handful of episodes this year despite being a series regular. While the showrunners claim it’s due to the organic nature of the story and nothing else, there was early speculation Taylor’s off-set antics were responsible for her limited screen time.

The second actress given the heave-ho is Jessica Szohr who plays “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” Vanessa Abrams. Seriously, whenever any of the guys hook up with her, they discard her faster than yesterday’s newspaper. After joining forces with Jenny and Juliet to drug Serena this year, she’s been on the outs with everyone on the show. A few episodes ago, Vanessa revealed that she’d be studying abroad next season. Maybe Hilary Duff and her can participate in threeways all across Europe. Though both Szohr and Momsen won’t be regulars for Season 5, they’ve already been invited back to guest star next season. Probably to stir up trouble, as per usual.

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Model Behavior: Parker Hurley

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For those who love their men a little edgy, this week’s Model Behavior selection will make your heart beat faster. While I don’t mind a couple of tasteful tattoos on my men, usually guys who are inked all over the place do nothing for me. Well, that was until I saw Parker Hurley. The 24-year-old male model has turquoise bands around his ankles and wrists, five small birds on his left side, a half-sleeve on his right arm and circles running along his spine. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also got a bit of hardware as well. Ten piercings to be exact. I only counted a handful, which means he’s probably got a couple where the sun don’t shine.

Normally, designers and magazine editors love a clean palette with models, but that hasn’t stopped Hurley from booking steady work. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by his cut body and chiseled good looks. He’s a regular on the runways in Milan, Paris and New York. For print work, Nick’s worked for a wide range of brands from Energie, Von Dutch to the ultra-conservative Dockers. It’s his unique look that has made him a favorite among photographers looking for a little something, something.

The self proclaimed nerd is also an artist, bartender, personal trainer, kick boxer, video game junkie, music lover and a whole lot of other things including a pancake enthusiast. LOL. You can also add studly sex stick, walking wet dream to that multi-hyphenate as well. When TLC named their album, “Crazy Sexy Cool”, they clearly had someone like Parker Hurley in mind. Check out his tattoos and modeling pics below.

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Rihanna Lays In Her “California King Bed”

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Rihanna is SO GORGEOUS! There is no denying that. Her newest music video for California King Bed only proves it.

Filmed in March and directed by Anthony Mandler, we begin with Rihanna looking stunning lying in some long grass by a real nice house. The sound of waves hitting the beach are in the distance as we cut to inside the bedroom of said house, wind blowing through the white curtains. It all looks like a dream. The entire video follows Rihanna through the room and onto the deck where we turn black and white for a moment.

The colors of this video are so amazing and make you feel like you are in this dream with Rihanna, not to mention that this song is totally killler. A few of us got to see Rihanna perform this track live at American Idol and I have to tell you, it was pretty stellar.

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It’s not a tumor rumor. It’s not a rumor at all. After 25 years of marriage, the former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have separated. The LA Times had speculated that this was the case, and as a result, the couple released the following statement:

“This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. At this time, we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship.

We are continuing to parent our four children together. They are the light and the center of both of our lives. We consider this a private matter and neither we nor any of our friends or family will have further comment. We ask for compassion and respect from the media and the public.”

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And then… there were five. We are in to the eighth week of competition so now, more than ever is the time to lay all your cards on the table and push all the way to the end to prove you have wait it takes to win the coveted mirror ball trophy. Kirstie, Ralph, Chelsea, Hines and Romeo have made it this far but with tonight’s tough challenge, who will come out on top?

Tonight, the pros and their stars will perform not only one but TWO dances. The first will be a dance of their choice but added to the difficulty is the option to finally use a lift. The tougher part of the night comes in round two where the pros and stars must perform an instant dance. The couples have already been given their style and have choreographed a routine but will only be given their music after their first dance.

They then must quickly go into rehearsal and practice their routine to the new music they’ve been given to make it look as though that was their music the entire time and also, to keep glued together and not fall apart. Who will thrive and who may dive? We find out, tonight.

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Often times when one refers to gay-targeted accommodations, one thinks of those clothing optional types of establishment. You know the type. The ones that seem like outdoor bathhouses instead of a nice comfortable places to stay. No disrespect to those places, but it’s nice to see a gay-owned hotel try to appeal to the discerning gay traveler. When we were invited to attend a hotel opening in Fort Lauderdale, I decided to extend my trip and hit Miami before hitting Los Angeles. One of the reasons being, I read about a brand new gay boutique hotel which just opened in the heart of South Beach. I definitely wanted to check it out after reading the awesome reviews for both their successful grand opening party in addition to their accommodations.

Having never been to South Beach or Miami prior, I had no idea what to expect. The only references I had in my head were “The Birdcage“, Gianni Versace and The Golden Girls. Here’s the funny thing. A combination of those three things is exactly what I would use to describe the Lords South Beach. It’s great campy fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not to say the staff and service isn’t super fantastic, because it is. They were always there to help whenever I had an inquiry.

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Watch Luciana’s “I’m Still Hot” Music Video

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Several days ago, Luciana‘s video for “I’m Still Hot” was released and for some reason, I didn’t come across it until now…but guess what, it’s still hot. After having danced to her singing the song live in LA a few weeks ago with a few other Homorazzi cast, I was really excited to check out this video. One of the first things I noticed is that she wore won of the outfits from the video for her performance when we saw her.

The video perfectly matches the lyrics and vibe of the song. Whether she’s just waking up in the working or a hot mess hitchhiking on the side of the road, 33 year old Luciana literally is “still hot.” The video was produced and directed by The Burgoyne Brothers. I love how they incorporated the comic book visuals and random shots of her spotted lips – maybe because her label is Violent Lip Records? Anyway, the video is sick – love it! Keep ‘em coming, Luciana! Sidenote: A while back, Homorazzi interviewed her and she commented on how she loves our name so much that she felt she should incorporate “Homorazzi” into a song. Check out Nic’s chat with her if you haven’t yet as well.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

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