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I’ve been asked this question many times in the last 3 years that I’ve been single and the answer has become clearer to me just this past year. I’m single because I choose to be. I could date someone just for the sake of dating but that would just be a waste of time no?

As many of my friends find their supposed “love of their lives” it becomes even more apparent to me why I do not want to be in a relationship. Well maybe just the kind of relationship they choose to be in (the kind that is clearly not compatible). There are many things I don’t miss about being in a relationship such as the drama & the fighting. I just don’t have the energy to argue with someone and try to explain why I had done what I did. The fighting is what turns me off the most, when a couple fights and they’re out with their friends, it makes it extremely awkward for everyone in the group. Put the fighting aside and either go home or discuss it tomorrow. In a relationship, I tend to be non-confrontational, I will say and do anything just to avoid the fighting and bickering.

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My First Crush: David Chokachi

In: Behind The Cast, Rich

Melrose Place may have been home to Matt Fielding, my first gay icon, but the crowded LA beaches of Baywatch were home to my first real super-secret-I-wish-there-was-YouTube-in-1995 man crush. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present David Chokachi as Cody Madison.

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Let the pimping for votes begin. ABC just released the “Dancing With The Stars” Season 11 cast posing for the first time with their professional partners. Putting their best fake dancing poses, the stars and their partners smile their little hearts our for the promo pics.

Everyone couple has a photo with exception to Mike “The Situation” and Karina Smirnoff. Due to their busy schedules, the two can only meet one week before the show stars. Eeeks. The two will only have five days to practice before the September 20 premiere date. Let’s hope Mikey has some natural dancing talent.

Louis Van Amstel and Margaret Cho

Awwww, Louis really looks like he loves having Margaret Cho as his partner. He had great chemistry with Niecy last year, let’s hope he connects with Cho as well on the dance floor this season.

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Last night, Myself, Donovan, Brian, Jonny, and his boyfriend Kodie (both pictured above with Cyndi Lauper), went to the PNE here in Vancouver to check out Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues concert. The place was full, a mixture of fans, young and old came out to see her in her crazy bright red mop-like hair.

This lady is still as amazing as she’s ever been. Her voice was absolutely phenominal and sided from all the uplifting blues music she performed, she also treated us with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors”. She even talked about The Apprentice and the reason why she did the show was to draw attention to equality and equal rights for gays, through the “Give A Damn Campaign,” she pioneered. The crowd of course cheered to this.

But that was not the most memorable moment of the concert for me. When she stopped the concert midway through a song…that was unforgettable.

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With the MTV Video Music Awards coming up next Sunday, you can’t help but flashback to Kanye overshadowing Taylor Swift’s big win with his rude interruption during her acceptance, on how she didn’t deserve it. Yeah, it’s still as shocking now as it was then.

Now, as a year has gone by, and as we are just a week before the show, Kanye opens up even more about how he feels about his actions last year:

With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down.

It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. What’s the point of dressing tastefully if I’m going to act the complete opposite?

Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.

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SYTYCD contestant turned SYTYCDC judge turned recording artist, Blake McGrath has been busy at work on his second music video for his latest single, Relax – which is hot, hot hot. It’s based on the 1983 Frankie Goes To Hollywood track. The video is directed by none other than the amazing Mia Michaels! Not only is the beat hot/dirty, but seriously, have you actually listened to the lyrics?

“Stop, wait a minute, slow down a little. Cause I dont want to go yet blow this stop, wait a minute. Slow down a little
Cause I dont want to go yet baby relax….When I wanna come”

That being said, he tells the National Post in an interview that, “Everybody would assume that the song is about sex. If you can interpret the lyrics and completely flip it and say it’s actually saying: ‘Stop. Wait a minute. Slow down a little. I don’t want to go there.” Ah, ok. Yeah, I’m just gonna go with it being about sex ;)

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 1 Preview Pics

In: Donovan, TV Shows

For all you hardcore ANTM fans out there, I bring you, your first look at America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15′s season premiere. I’m just heading out the door, and don’t have time to do a quick write up. Enjoy the pictures.

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Ooh la la…or whatever the German version of that exclamation is! Check out this commercial for the German TV channel ProSieben’s “Star Force,” which features Katy Perry performing Teenage Dream in the fiercest of outfits, looking out of this world – literally!

I think she should have totally done something like this for her video and the quality and look of this certainly blows “Califurnia Gurls” Candyland video out of the sky for sure.

Check it out!

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