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Homorazzi Chats With Mark Ballas Of DWTS

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Monday night, Patrick and I got an exclusive chance to check out Mark Ballas from Dancing With The Stars in another element of his career – music. Mark put on an acoustic show at The Roxy here in Vancouver for charity. I knew Mark could sing from hearing some of his music with friend Derek Hough and having performed on DWTS, but hearing it live was even better. This boy is talented.

His acoustic set included songs from his latest album HurtLoveBox which is available on iTunes plus a few songs to get the crowd singing along. One of my favorite covers he did was Sexual Healing and Rihanna’s Rude Boy. Regardless of style or genre, Mark had the crowd melting like butter with his smooth vocals and incredible guitar skills. But don’t think that he’s given dancing up.

Mark says in the interview that he would love to be touring and playing music, opening for huge artists, but at the end of the day, he has been doing both dancing and singing just as long and loves to do them both. Again, he can’t talk about the upcoming season of DWTS, but he does mention a few partners he’d love to see hit the ballroom. Mark’s also had some pretty great partners including Kim Kardashian and more recently, Bristol Palin. There is no doubt that Mark is talented and as you’ll be able to see in the interview, the nicest guy.

Check out the video interview and some photos from the show after the jump…

Listen To Britney “How I Roll” Teaser

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Dr. Luke just released a teaser of another new Britney Spears song from her upcoming album, Femme Fatale. This one is called “How I Roll“, although so far it isn’t my favorite of the ones that have been released, it does sound fun and I’m sure it’s going to grow on me when I hear it from start to finish. It’s kinda like a dirtier bubblegum pop song, with Britney singing about meeting up with her posse downtown and doing some tequila shots. So far, my favorite song we’ve heard a teaser of is “I Wanna Go“. It’s gonna be huge.

Dr. Luke notes that the song is produced by Bloodshy and Avant, who we know as the Grammy-winning duo behind Spears’ huge smash hits “Toxic” and “Piece Of Me.”

Listen to the track after the jump…

Lady Gaga is the latest person to lend their face to MAC Cosmetic’s Viva Glam campaign. Whatever the “Born This Way” singer gets involved with, you have to expect the unexpected. Case in point, her new commercial for the cosmetics company. Not only does Gaga get her glamor on, and the video clip elegantly shot, but in true Gaga fashion, it’s a little weird as well. It’s like Gaga called up David Lynch and the two took some serious acid.

There’s something eerily spooky about the two minute long clip. If you look closely, you’ll notice a couple of bedazzled skulls, a martini glass with what looks like a fish swimming in it… at least, I hope it’s a fish. But by and far the creepiest part of all, is the background music playing while Gaga hauntingly puts her lipstick on, with a stare that could scare the bejesus out of me. Check out the clip below for yourself and see what you think.

watch Gaga’s Viva Glam commercial after the jump

American Idol 10: Las Vegas Performances

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What an amazing two hour American Idol!!! When I first heard about a new Las Vegas round being added this year, I was trepidatious and wary about adding another round to the Idol process. But after tonight’s episode, consider me converted. It had everything… drama, great performances, heartache, a couple of shockers and even a “white” wedding. With so much to cover, let’s just get right into it.

The remaining 61 contestants were bused over to Las Vegas to perform in groups of two or three to cover Beatles songs. Side note, how ridiculous is it that some of these kids claim they’ve never heard of a Beatles’ song before?. Seriously, WTF?!?! Like they’ve never seen a Beatles night on Idol or heard a Nike commercial? Total ridic. The groups are put through the ringer for 24 hours. Not only do they have to perform their song in front of the judges, but they also had to sing to Jimmy Iovine and a team of music producers. In some instances, they had to deal with group drama all over again.

After a slew of pretty impressive efforts, further cuts were made, leaving only 40 left to face the last round. The remaining Idols had to perform one last solo before the judges made their final decision. After they’ve given it all they had left in the tank, they had to sit in the ritual waiting room, while one by one they faced the judges. In probably the most intimidating setting ever in Idol history, the Idols walked the dreaded Green Mile to hear their fate. That walk was so intense. I could feel each contestant’s anxiety and nervousness as they walked up. I felt so bad for those who were rejected and had to take the long walk back. I wouldn’t be able to hold it together if it was me. I would’ve broken down and cried like a mofo. Without further ado, here are last night’s performances from Vegas.

view all the Beatles covers after the jump

Man Crush: Dave Franco

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

In honor of James Franco co-hosting this weekend’s 83rd Academy Awards, I thought picking his adorable little bro as this week’s Man Crush would be fitting. Sure I could’ve picked James as this week’s hottie, but what fun would that be? I try to pick guys who aren’t super famous yet. Don’t hold me to it though, because one day I might just include my ultimate crush, Paul Walker to my weekly crush series.

Dave Franco is James’ 25-year-old younger brother, the youngest of three brothers. Yup, there’s another Franco brother, named Tom kicking around out there somewhere. Dave was born in Palo Alto, California and is of Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian descent. Just like his Oscar-nominated older brother, Dave dropped out of university to pursue acting. Only time will tell if his decision will pay off like it did for his brother.

Franco’s first acting job was on “7th Heaven“. He followed that up with roles on “Privileged” and “Greek“, but his biggest role to date was appearing as a series lead on the ninth season of “Scrubs“. He was last seen with Zac Efron in last year’s “Charlie St. Cloud“. He’ll next appear with Colin Farrell and Toni Collette in “Fright Night“, a comedy-horror flick scheduled to hit theaters later this year.

view more pics of Dave Franco after the jump

What’s up wannabes. It’s Cycle 16 of ANTM. Stop and think about that for a minute. Did you ever think, way back in the days of Elise, Shannon, Robyn, and Adrienne, that we would ever get this far? Who knew Shandi’s iconic breakdown would still be one of the greatest moments in Reality TV history? Or how about Yaya and Eva going on to be successfulish actors? What about the lingering amazingness of Tyra’s freak-out on Tiffany, forever becoming TYRANT thereafter? Then we began to endure the revolving judging door as Tyrant’s ego blossomed out of control. Janice was out, Twiggy was in. Then Tyrant started her little trick of keeping fugly dramatic girls to push artificial storylines along. Remember Jade? Ugh. Or, how about Melrose? Then we started seing more and more mothers and other bullshit sob stories making it way too far. Hello Renee! But it wasn’t until Cycle 9 when we started getting the gimmicky winners. I’m talking about you Saleisha and Whitney! Then came the unbelievable talents who were robbed by Tyrant’s nonsense… Lauren Brie eliminated! Teyona beating Allison! It was Cycle 13 when Tyrant jumped the shark, but survived. We had a whole Cycle of small girls. It should’ve killed her, but was saved by a stunning winner in Nicole. Cycle 14 pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel with a trip to New Zealand and a ho hum cast. Thankfully, Cycle 15 breathed life back into the franchise with new prizes, better judges, and a focus on high fashion. So what will Cycle 16 be? Keep riding high? Or, a return to the mid-year slumps? Only one way to find out. Read on!

Did you see what I did there? Every cycle… had it’s own moment to shine. Impressive. Now on with the shitfest!

OK! This is actually funny. Tyrant is introducing the cycle. She’s making fun of the type of models that usually appear in an opening episode when they narrow it down to the finalists. Hilarious. I particularly love Angora Nylandra Tafatia Michaels. Someone please start calling me Tafatia. Then Goth Tyrant lashes out… “I’m not a cookie cutter, I cut the cookies, and I’m gonna cut you”. Too funny. Casting week is no more! The 14 girls are moving in tonight! Thank god. First, however, we have to endure a 5 minute set up of Tyrant punking the girls. She let the finalists think they had actually been cut. But they weren’t! Cue the screaming. Cue the tears. Cue the melodrama. Cue ANTM!

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I was lucky enough to have a little sit down talk today with Mr. Gay Canada and Mr Gay World delegate Rob Goddard. If you`re in Vancouver, you have definitely seen Rob around modeling or volunteering for one of your favourite organizations. Rob was chosen in all of Canada to represent us in the Mr. Gay World competition, this year taking place in Manila. I got a chance to ask him some info about the competition, as well as some fun little secrets.

Don`t forget to vote for Rob in the popularity contest online here. And if you want more info on him just visit his facebook page.

Check out the interview (and some steamy photos) after the jump…

Well, last week’s episode was extremely intense to say the least and Francesca was the first person to be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. She left her pal Kristina (who has an immunity idol) behind and this week we’ll see how well she copes with Boston Rob (who’ll be out to get her) and Phillip who’ll be driving her mad. At the beginning of this episode, Francesca checks out her new “pad” on Redemption Island and seems hopeful for her chance at getting back in the game later on. I’m not as confident in her as she is, but I hope she surprises me because she’s awesome!


With Francesca getting voted out last week, Kristina couldn’t be happier that she didn’t play the idol. When they got back to camp, Phillip tells Boston Rob that he owns his vote until he is sent to Redemption Island. WTF? This guys is a nut job. Shortly after, Boston Rob tells his girl alliance/followers that Phillip will be the next to go.

A showmance is budding between Andrea and Matt, and Boston Rob is keeping a close eye. In fact, he decides to talk to Natalie about it and they discuss breaking them up by voting Andrea out. NO – vote Phillip out!

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