Everyone’s favorite summer guilty pleasure is back! Man is this show like crack. When I realized this episode was almost over, I was going through withdrawals already. As always (and I promised not to say this as often as Chenbot does), “expect the unexpected.”

The eight newbies first enter the house and meet each other for the first time. Shortly thereafter, Julie Chen informs them that they’ll have to partner up as everyone will be playing the game in pairs, and that three former pairs will be coming back. So far, my favorite players are Cassi, Kalia, Dominic, and Shelly. The rest I find annoying. Keith thinks he’s a mack daddy sent from God, Porsche thinks her personality is as good as the plastic surgery work on her boobs, Lawon just won’t shut up, and Adam won’t stop heavy metal screaming. What a nightmare!

Before they choose their partners, Julie also tells them that if you win HOH, you and your partner are safe for the week. You then nominate a duo for eviction, and that duo will campaign against each other to stay in the game. Yikes – so cutthroat! So here are the the newbie duos…

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All My Children & One Life To Live Saved?

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It’s a page written out of a soap opera 101 writing handbook. Just when you thought they were dead and gone, “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” might have a shot of living on. Like many characters on their shows who have died only to rise from the dead years later, ABC’s recently canceled soap operas might follow in their footsteps and also rise from the ashes.

The New York Post is reporting that media company Prospect Park has purchased the online rights to the show. They are in the final steps of forming an online TV network that would feature both AMC and OLTL along with future plans of incorporating other programming. Prospect Park currently produces USA Network’s “Royal Pains”. When both shows leave ABC, the storylines of the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview will continue on the internet.

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Proud To Be A Gay American

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Yesterday, a guy named Keith Edwards post a link to his video on our Facebook Fan Page. The video is titled “Proud To Be A Gay American“. Naturally, I was curious about the video (because of the title and because he was shirtless – hehe) so I watched it. Using sheets of paper (not because he can’t speak, but because he apparently talks to much), Keith explains why he is proud to be an American – a gay American. Keith explains (through several sheets of paper) that “on June 24th, the New York State Senate passed Marriage Equality…” Then shows us his pearly whites as he smiles at that thought. He goes on to explain, “Now 19 million people will no longer feel…” I let you watch the rest instead of me spoiling it for you. It’s actually quite touching.

Keith admits that this isn’t an original idea, but I’m glad that he took the time to do it and I’m also glad he took the time to share it with us here at Homorazzi.com, so we could share it with you. As a community, we have spent (and continue to spend) so much time fighting for equality. Let’s spend some time enjoying these successes along the way. Enjoy the video below. Thank you, Keith!

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Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

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What would you do if you had the most annoying, terrible and harassing boss in the world? Would you just sit back and take it or would try and do something about it? That’s the question that new comedy Horrible Bosses opening today asks. Patrick and I were fortunate enough to get an advanced screening of the film and let me tell you, it’s pretty funny. But, it’s not as funny as you want it to be unfortunately.

Starring the comedy stylings of Jason Sedekis of SNL, funny man Jason Bateman and fairly newcomer Charlie Day, this troublesome trio has a little bit of heartburn when it comes to dealing with their ridiculous bosses and decide they should just kill them off. But, the three boys don’t know much about killing anybody. So what do they do? They decide to go the roughest part of the city to try and find a hitman. That after having an incident with a wetwork man that Dale finds on Craig’s List. Too funny.

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Preview Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am” Album

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I’m am so getting my Destiny’s Child fix this summer! If they aren’t reuniting, having each of them release new music is definitely the next best thing! My D.C. summer started out with seeing Kelly Rowland perform live in LA earlier this some of the other Homorazzi boys. I’m loving all of her recent singles! There’s also Beyonce with her ferocious new album and insane performances. Adding to that, earlier today I wrote about Michelle Williams new up beat track, “Love Gun“. To top all of this off, I have an album teaser for you for Kelly Rowland’s new LP, “Here I Am,” which drops on July 26th.

Of course there are some of Rowland’s signature mid-tempo tracks on the album, but there are definitely some upbeat tracks that are definitely welcome in my life to heat up my summer. The producers of the album include Tricky Stewart, David Guetta, Rodney Jerkins and RedOne. In my opinion, “Motivation” is definitely one of the sexiest tracks on the LP, while “Down For Whatever” is the most dance floor ready (if you exclude “Commander“). Check it out!

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Yesterday, Paramount Pictures announced that they would be launching their own animated film department aptly titled Paramount Animation which would aim to release it’s first film sometime in 2014. Up until this point, Paramount has relied about the animation skills of DreamWorks Animation run by Jeffrey Katzenberg’s. However, this new move for Paramount seems to make the statement, “we can do this without you.”

Paramount and DreamWorks have proven to be a dream team in the release of successful animated movies like Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon which grossed over $4.8 billion. However, Paramount and DreamWorks’ contract agreement expires at 2012 which I’m sure lends it hand to part of the new division.

With this major departure, the questions become will Katzenberg sell his company or will he try and align with another studio? The obvious decision would be for Jeffrey to take DreamWorks to Warner Brothers although sources have claimed that there have been no talks of such a deal. If that’s the case, he’s out of luck as FOX, Sony and Disney all have their own animation divisions. An industry insider is stating that Jeffrey’s ideal goal would be to release two or three films a year through Warner Bros. and then do side projects with Cartoon Network, a division of Time-Warner.

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Earlier this week, Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton guest hosted on The Talk, filling in for Sharon Osbourne, where he talked about his body transformation (and lifestyle for that matter). Since back in January of 2008, Perez made a decision to be healthier, and since then, he’s been holding himself accountable by taking a shirtless picture of himself every 4th of July and sharing it with his readers. This year, he also shared his photos via In Touch Weekly, and it’s quite the transformation!

Since 2008, Perez has lost a whopping 80 pounds! Looking at himself in the mirror now he thinks, “I would do me”. LOL. The results were achieved slow and steady over the past three years, starting by changing his eating habits. He continues to eat healthy, he doesn’t drink too much, and now says he works out 7 days a week through various different activities.

In the current issue of In Touch Weekly, Perez chats about loose skin, dating, and how he got healthy without spending a lot of money. Definitely give him props. Last year, he made a conscious effort to stop being such a bully on his blog. So I guess now he’s “lost the hate AND the weight”! See the new Perez below!

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Photo courtesy of www.jenwillphoto.com

New York City is about to feel some real gay love. In an amazing move by the city and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC city offices are going to open up their offices to allow gay couples to get married on Sunday, July 24th, the same day as legalization. Horray! And to make it even better, the offices are staying open for 2 extra hours.

City clerks will be available in all 5 NYC boroughs along with judges to certify and officiate the marriages once they get their license. This is exciting news as it usually take 24 hours for your marriage license to even become valid after you receive it. However, the city is waiving this to allow for couples to wed on the same day as legalization. Mayor Bloomberg released this in his statement:

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