Pop-Tart Pick: Cheryl Cole

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So this weeks Pop-Tart-tastic tune comes to us from the current country I am in, the United Kingdom! Miss Cheryl Cole came to fame when she hit it big winning a spot on ITV’s reality television programme, Popstars – The Rivals, in late 2002 to join Girls Aloud. As all you gays should know Girls Aloud did quite well for themselves having a solid 8 year run as a girl group. But now Cheryl has branched off on her own and using the X-Factor stage has launched a massive career for herself. She was first featured in Will.I.Am’s “Heartbreaker” in 2008 and then went on to record her first solo album “3 Words” that was released on October 23, 2009 containing mega-hits like “Fight For This Love,” “Parachute” and “3 Words.”

Now the beautiful girl from Newcastle is at it again with her second album “Messy Little Raindrops” that came out on November 1st here in the UK. Her first single off the album is “Promise This” and I have been OBSESSED with it since I herd it the 2nd night I was here dancing my tush off at G-A-Y Late. It’s a super catchy tune with an amazingly fun video to back it up. I really love the unique dance styles Cheryl has constantly used in her videos and I hope she keeps it up. I have to admit, I have been in love with Cheryl for about 3 years now and every time I see her perform I fall a little more in love. I hope one day that the UK’s sweetheart can make it big in the North American market, I guess we just have to wait and see.

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The “A-List” Starts Spreading…

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…their legs. HA – just kidding (slash not). Logo’s A-List New York, essentially the Gay Housewives of New York, is actually spreading to more cities! I say bring on the drama! I’m a big fan of the New York show already, so all up for some more g’A-Lists from other cities. The show seems to be taking off on Logo and I’ve certainly been enjoying Donovan’s recaps on after each episode as well. So, you’re probably wondering which cities are coming next?

True Entertainment, the company produced A-List New York (as well as Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta), is going to be holding casting calls in both Dallas and Los Angeles. Dallas will bring the cowboys, accents, and oil (…tanning oil that is), while LA will bring more fabulous struggling actor/models who like to party in WEHO. Imagine Lance Bass joined the LA version, competiting against his ex, Reichen from A-List New York. Sorry Reichen, I know you don’t want Lance Bass to be brought up in reference to you anymore, but I couldn’t help it.

Which fabulous gays do you think will headline those two new cities? If the show came to your city, would you audition?

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Preview Rihanna’s Upcoming “Loud” Album

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It’s OFFICIAL, RiRi is back. If you had any doubts her new album “Loud” didn’t have HIT written all over it, cast them away now. After checking out a preview of her new CD, I’m sold her “Rated R” days are OVAH. Loud is Rihanna at her best. Fun, whimsical, poppy, danceable and a million other peppy adjectives.

Her new album is set to hit stores on November 16, 2010. If you can’t wait that long, check out the audio preview below. Besides “Only Girl (In The World)”, Rihanna has a few solid tracks on her new offering. I love the duet with Drake, “What’s My Name”, the catchy opening track “S&M”, the ballad “California King Bed” and the mid-tempo “Fading”. Overall there isn’t a bum track on the album. Nowadays artists are often criticized for being singles artists and filling up their albums with lame fillers. That isn’t the case with Rihanna’s “Loud“. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself below.

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Sucker Punch’s Delivers Another Knockout Trailer

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Consider me sold on this movie since I’m such a sucker for a kick-ass girl crime-fighting posse. Warner Bros. just released a new and extended trailer for the upcoming action-fantasy film, “Sucker Punch“. The action packed flick stars Emily Browning (Baby Doll), Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie), Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Jamie Chung (Amber) and Jena Malone (Rocket). The film is set in the 1950s at an asylum where young troubled girls are held before they are lobotimized. It hits theaters on March 25, 2011 in both conventional and IMAX formats.

“Sucker Punch” was written by Zack Synder and Steve Shibuya. Incidentally, Synder was also responsible for directing “The Watchmen” which was originally intended to be made after “Sucker Punch”. Had Synder gotten his wish list for all-female ensemble, the kick-ass quintet would look very different. His dream cast included Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish, but due to various reasons, the first three dropped out.

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NBC Aborts “Undercovers”

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Looks like Mission: Sexpionage failed. J.J. Abram’s spy thriller “Undercovers” is officially terminated. NBC made the announcement that most people, including me, were expecting for a longtime. Considering the brilliant Abrams was behind the show, it stunk DOA. The writing was crappy, storylines not riveting and the characters not engaging. I really wanted to like it, but gave up after watching three shows. My goodwill for Abrams can only last so long.

Undercovers” initially received the typical 13-episode order, but given the anemic ratings, the back nine episodes weren’t ordered. So far only seven episodes have aired and NBC still plans to air the next three shows on November 10, November 17 and December 1. But even with that, it only adds up to ten. The remaining three episodes haven’t been scheduled yet. My guess is, they’ll either burn them off on Saturday nights or wait til Christmas where repeats dominate the TV schedule.

Did you watch “Undercovers” and are you saddened by the news? How could JJ Abrams produce such a crappy show? It’s too bad it stunk so bad, it was nice to see Gerald McRaney back on TV. The same can be said for Boris Kodjoe . Damn, he is one fine hot brother. Hopefully he gets another gig soon where he can strut his sexy shirtless self again. Post your comments below.

Love is in the air in Hollywood. Two celebrity couples, with their fare share of baggage, just announced their engagements. I have no doubt, both announcements probably illicited a bit of ire and crying on their respective exes.

First up, 98 Degrees’ frontman Nick Lachey finally plans on making it official with girlfriend of four years, Vanessa Minnillo. This will be the second wedding for the 37-year-old stud, who’s first marriage to Jessica Simpson ended in a highly-publicized breakup. Even though Simpson and Lachey’s marriage had already fallen apart by the time Minnillo entered the picture, Jessica has been cold to both Nick and Vanessa.

Considering they divorced in 2005, you would think Jessica would be over it by now, given the fact she is madly in love with her new super hunky ex-NFL boyfriend. But recent events would state otherwise. A few weeks ago, “Miss Chicken of the Sea“, bumped into the two at a restaurant and according to a few reports, she wasn’t happy and made a scene by talking trash loudly about the couple. What are the odds that Jessica announces her own engagement within the next few weeks? You know she wants to beat those two to the altar.

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At first listen, Natasha Bedingfield’s new single, “Strip Me” is oddly familiar. You know you’ve heard it before but just can’t place it. Well, that could be for one of two reasons. First, it’s featured heavily in the trailer for Rachel McAdam’s new movie “Morning Glory“. Second, it was written and produced by ubiquitous Ryan Tedder. There’s no denying he’s talented, but his songs all start to sound the same after awhile. “Strip Me” has moments when it reminds me of Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield“.

The English pop singer unveiled her new music video on Vevo this week. It was directed by Kathie Rankin and features the singer dressing up in various outfits from glamor chick to Ke$ha wannabe. Regardless of what look she’s in, Bedingfield looks stunningly gorgeous. Ke$ha only wishes she looks half as good as Natasha in feathers. My favorite part of the video features Bedingfield covered in dirt and rolling around in paint. HOT.

Strip Me” is the first official single and title of her upcoming third studio album. “Touch” was released during the summer but just as a teaser track to build buzz for her new album. Bedingfield has been working on “Strip Me” in LA for the past two years. It is due for release on December 7, 2010.

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Top 5 Scents OTM

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Just as fashion changes with the seasons, so should your choice of scents. I’ve compiled the Top 5 scents of the moment that would be perfect going into fall and winter… most of them are spicy, dark, mysterious & woodsy, a perfect transition from the light citrusy & floral scents from Summer’s past.

1. Bleu de Chanel $60 to $80 at Nordstrom

As the seasons change, so should your scent. Moving from ocean & floral notes in the Summer to Bleu de Chanel’s citrus & woodsy for Fall.

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