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Last week, David Cassidy was sent home, leaving tension on team “Backbone” between Richard Hatch and Jose Conseco. The women had their own share of drama in the last episode, with tension between Star Jones and Lisa Rinna and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of that.

This week, teams are tasked to create and write a children’s book. The story must be based on at least one member of the team and they must ultimately perform in front of an audience of children. Holly Robinson Pete, from the last season of Celebrity Apprentice and now on The Talk, will be one of the judges. The project manager for the men will be Meat Loaf, and for the women it is Lisa Rinna (who reluctantly accepted the role).

Backbone is off to a great start. Mark McGrath and John Rich are going to be the writers, considering their songwriting background. Lil’ Jon is going to be their character in the book as a superhero. Creativity juices are flowing and everyone’s getting along. The same can’t be said for ASAP

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Mr. Gay World Goes To… South Africa (Again)!

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!

This weekend, delegates from several countries all over the world met in Manila, Phillipines to compete in the annual Mr. Gay World Competition. We even had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Gay Canada, Rob Goddard before he left. So how’d it all turn out?

After competing in several challenges, some wearing involving wearing sexy speedos, a last year’s winner, Charl Van Den Berg (South Africa) passed on his title at the finale at Club Mwah in Manila. So who was the big winner? None other than Francois Nel (South Africa wins again!), with the 1st runner up being Michael Holtz of the United States.

It was a big night for South Africa. Not only did last year’s winner from South Africa, pass on the title to a South African this year, but Johannesburg, South Africa was also announced as the host city for the 2012 Mr. World Competition!

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Jessie J Marks US Debut With SNL Performance

In: Donovan, Music, TV Shows

Over a month ago, I chose Jessie J as the inaugural pick for my new feature, Rising Artist Spotlight. After watching her two wicked performances on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, I can honestly say… girlfriend did me proud. The 22-year-old British singer, made her US television debut on the long-running sketch comedy show. This is just the first step in her quest to conquer the North American market.

She started things off with her hit song, “Price Tag“, with B.o.B. hitting the stage alongside her. For her second performance, she killed it again, performing “Mamma Knows Best“, another track from her debut album. Here’s what the rising star tweeted regarding her SNL appearance:

“I am so in a space of ‘omg wow’ right now. I’m the first artist to ever be booked on SNL before having a album out. Thank you for believing in me :) USA I’m coming for ya,”

Who knows if she is indeed the first artist SNL has ever booked without an album in stores, but one thing I’m sure on, is my prediction that Jessie J is going to blow up this year in North America. With the US release date of her debut CD on the horizon, prepare yourself for a media onslaught from this talented singer. Just in case you didn’t know. Jessie J was the creative mastermind behind Miley Cyrus‘ infectious hit, “Party in the USA“. You never would’ve guessed it just by looking at her. She looks so edgy but has a great pop sensibility.

watch Jessie J’s SNL performances after the jump

New Releases Out This Week: March 14th

In: Charge It, Movies, Music, Tyrell

The full album of the same name doesn’t come out until May 23rd, but for now, Little Monsters can revel in Lady Gaga’s extended play release of her critically acclaimed single Born This Way. The EP features remixes by Chew Fu, LA Riots and co-producer of the single DJ White Shadow. Chew Fu is known famously for his remix of Gaga’s previous smash track Bad Romance.

The song was officially released to radio and iTunes on February 11th and was followed up shortly by a performance at the Grammy’s where Gaga famously arrived on the red carpet, incubating in an egg.

Many of claimed that Gaga’s single closely resembles Madonna’s classic Express Yourself and recently, Donovan wrote about similarities between Born This Way and a track by a K-Pop group titled Be Happy. Gaga claims this song was 100% her. I’ll let you be the judge.

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Last week, Mike & Mel were eliminated at the Tokyo, Japan pit stop. Lucky for all of the contestants, they weren’t filming this current season when the recent devastating earthquake, tsunami, and volcano eruption took place in Japan – not to mention nuclear meltdown! So awful. But anyway, about the episode… Teams are now heading by plane to Li Jin, China. Lucky for Ron & Christina, not only do they speak Chinese, but they’ve also already been there before. Here’s the order everyone leaves in:

  • 1. Zev & Justin
  • 2. Gary & Mallory
  • 3. Ron & Christina
  • 4. Kisha & Jen
  • 5. Flight Time & Big Easy
  • 6. Jet & Cord
  • 7. Kent & Vyxsin
  • 8. Margie & Luke
  • 9. Jamie & Cara

All of a sudden, I get a call from Donovan about something, and I tell him I’m watching Amazing Race (which he already watched) and he said it was one of the most frustrating episode he’s seen of this show and was literally yelling at the TV. Oh man, so let’s see how this turns out…

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In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Patrick

Our future was so bright, we had to wear shades. Literally. If you know what song those lyrics are from, you’re older than me. LOL. In all seriousness, when Patrick and I launched two years ago (March 12, 2009), we had no idea what the next couple of years would bring. Not in even in most optimistic predictions, could we have pictured where we are now. Thanks to all our fantastic cast members (our fancy way of saying writers) and our loyal readers, we have really made a name for ourselves. It still humbles us greatly, when we receive flattering fan mail or even get recognized on the streets when we’re not in our hometown. And for that we are truly grateful.

The other day, Patrick and I reminisced how it all began. We had entered a contest for and worked so well together, we decided to work on a collaborative venture. BTW, we won the contest and scored two floor seats for Britney’s concert in LA. At first we didn’t know what project to embark on. Having worked for a successful kids/teen website, I knew I wanted to still work online and use my expertise. Coupled with Patrick’s creativity, we flushed out the idea of PS. Thanks to Topher for inspiring the name. If he hadn’t been a lame ass and fallen asleep during WinterPride 2008, I never would’ve thought of the name and purchased the domain immediately.

Over the past two years, there are too many highlights to list off. We’re so thankful to the countless productions, concert promoters, public relations firms, record labels etc. who’ve given us access, so we can report on amazing events and people. In the next few months, that list will grow exponentially, as you’ll see Patrick and myself reporting abroad and traveling quite a bit. I’m not even exaggerating that a lot of travel is in store for us. Every month from now til July, I’ll be in a different location at least once a month. Frequent Flyer points here I come.

Not only will we be jetsetters, but we have big plans for the site as well. By the end of the month, we hope to launch our biggest addition to the site since we went live. We’re so excited about it – we worked on it hardcore this weekend and can’t wait for you to see it. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a bit of an homage to a few cities where our biggest audiences come from. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s New York, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Seattle and LA. If your city isn’t our Top 6, spread the word. We promise we’ll give you a big virtual hug.

In closing, on behalf of Patrick and the rest of the cast members, we blow you a HUGE kiss for all your support. Without our fans (and occasional haters), we wouldn’t be where we are today. With over 5000 posts (achieved that milestone this week), 1.5 million monthly pageviews, and big plans ahead, will continue to build its brand and establish ourselves as a go-to online destination.

THANK YOU again, and please send us some of your feedback. Whether positive or not, we love reading it. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to make the site better. xoxo –

Battle: Los Angeles Blows Up At The Box Office

In: Movies, Patrick

This weekend, it was Battle: Los Angeles that won the Box Office war, pushing Rango (last week’s winner) into the number two spot. With an estimated production budget $70 million, lucky for them they’re already halfway there in terms of recouping their costs. The action thriller stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez fighting in a global offensive initiated by unknown extraterrestrial hostiles – the first good alien invasion movie in some time! The effects are amazing.

As for the other films, as mentioned, Rango came in second with just over $23 million, bringing its two weekend total to $68.6 million. Red Hiding Hood came in third this weekend with a mediocre $14.1 million, while Mars Needs Moms needed a lot more than Moms, bringing in a measly $6.8 million in its opening weekend. Check out the full top ten list below.

Top 10 after the jump…

Last weekend the cast descended on the BC Home + Garden Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre to check out all the latest trends and fashions for the home and surrounding patio and backyard areas. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the BC Home + Garden Show was destined to be the biggest show ever, with celebrity appearances from Colin & Justin allowing for standing room only during their on stage shows, and Brian Baeumler (from Disaster DIY on HGTV) making all the ladies (and some men) gush just at the sight of him.

The show was the busiest any of the Homorazzi could remember from past shows and the sites and sounds definitely helped raise the bar from an overall interest standpoint. We found ourselves constantly conversing about re-arranging our homes to fit in one of the neat appliances we saw, or discussing a potential patio arrangement to better suit our Feng Shui needs! Overall we had a BLAST at the show and no cast outing would be complete without a video montage of the coverage to showcase the fun we had as a group! (The highlight of this video really is the ending segment with Redd – you gotta see it!)

Watch the video of our experience after the jump…

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