YES! Finally another video from Ryan James Yezak, the brilliant videographer who has created some insanely incredible gay video parodies for our enjoyment. His last one was Katy Perry’s Peacock, which I loved, but I think this one tops it. He’s beat Kesha to the punch by coming out with this video before her official one (hurry up already, Kesha!)

The editing is so well done and all of the effort put into choreography and costume certainly comes through. From guys kissing, to a sexy teacher teaching her students that homosexuality is a sin, to superheroes dancing, the video is full of flesh, fun, and all things fabulous.

I hope Kesha gives them a special shout out! Keep up the good work boys!

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Justin Bieber was the big winner at last night’s “American Music Awards” winning everything he was nominated for, but who was the winner on the red carpet? Let’s take a closer look. Traditionally, music awards bring out more adventurous dressing than other awards shows. And for that, I am thankful. It’s far more interesting to pick out the fashion hits and misses. Like beauty, fashion is highly subjective. Just look at Project Runway. Sometimes, I’m completely boggled on who the judges pick to win and go home.

I’ve picked five nominees for Homorazzi’sBest Dressed” and “Worst Dressed” honors. In several instances, I shocked myself on who I picked. Perennial worst dressed offenders surprised me with uncharacteristic good taste, while others disappointed. Check out the candidates below and help crown a winner.

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Advice From A Cartoon Princess: Snow White

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A while back, I shared with you some advice for teen girls from The Little Mermaid. Now, The Second City Network is back with another amazeballs video teaching teen girls some more important life lessons. This time, Snow White shares some life lessons based on her experiences.

From living with the seven dwarfs, to cooking & cleaning, to dealing with the evil witches, Snow White always knows just what to do. The video stars Second City grad, Danielle Uhlarik. Watch out for this funny lady – she’s hilarious and I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing her as part of the SNL cast soon.

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Is It Wrong I Loved NKOTBSB’s AMA Performance?

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I’m writing this post in hopes that I’m not alone in feeling this. Seriously, how UH-MAZING was last night’s closing performance. Throughout the 3-hour American Music Awards, I was mostly underwhelmed. Sure, I enjoyed Rihanna, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, but there wasn’t that ONE stand-out performance that would have everyone talking the next day. That is, until the final act of the extravaganza. NKOTBSB rocked that shizz out.

When I first heard the signature boy band of the 80s (New Kids on the Block) was teaming up with one of the hottest boy bands of the 90s (The Backstreet Boys) for an upcoming tour, I didn’t know how to take it. At first, it just seemed like a cash grab with former teen heartthrobs going through a collective midlife crisis trying to re-capture their youth. Boy did they shut me up. During segments of their performance last night, I found myself giddier than a tween girl. I wasn’t alone. Did you see those fans in the audience? Especially the lead singer of Train singing along with the songs and Ke$ha enjoying the boy band fest. How hilarious was that?

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When “Glee” kept announcing new cast additions for Season 2 over the summer, I was wary at first. With eight episodes down, I can confidently say the newbies have all fit in seamlessly. On top of the freshman list is Chord Overstreet who plays Sam Evans. The blond cutie has not only won Quinn’s heart, but mine as well.

In a recent photo shoot for celeb photographer, Mitchell McCormack, Overstreet looks adorable sporting fashions by Ben Sherman and more. The photos also accompany an interview with the 21-year-old singer/actor. In the interview, he explains his unique first name was chosen because he was the third one born in his family. Since there are three notes in a chord, the name was picked.

During his short time on the show, he’s sung a cover of Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”. When asked which artists he’d like to cover, Chord noted Coldplay, John Mayer, Elton John, Aerosmith, Al Green and Michael Jackson as selections for his wish list. We’ll see if any of these pop up in upcoming episodes. Be sure to catch an all new “Glee” on Tuesday.

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Over here in North America, we’re still fighting for equal rights. Marriage, partner benefits, etc., but over on the other side of the world, our queer brothers and sisters are fighting for their lives. Every two years the UN revisits a resolution condemning executions based on a list of criteria. In 2008 that resolution included sexual preference. You can thank the Moroccan and Malian governments for getting it removed from the 2010 version.

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Wowza – the intensity was certainly turned up a notch in this episode with (for the first time in Amazing Race history) the addition of a Double U-Turn. Last week, Gary & Mallory went home and five teams remain. The first part of this week’s mission is to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, find a certain supermarket, and use a sugarcane press to fill a glass of juice…then down it! All teams head to the airport in the following order:

  • 1. Chad & Stephanie
  • 2. Jill & Thomas
  • 3. Nick & Vicki
  • 4. Brook & Claire
  • 5. Nat & Kat

The airport is intense, as teams try to find the fastest flight there. It seems as though 12pm the next day is the earliest arrival time, as discovered by Chad & Stephanie and Jill & Thomas. After settling on that flight, Chad insists on getting a burger and shake, while Jill & Thomas continue to do what they can to get a better flight – and it pays off. They book a flight that arrives at 5am in the morning. Amazing – seven hours before the rest! Nat & Kat take the first lag of their flight right away and they decide to worry about the rest later, while Nick & Vick manage to find a flight that gets there at 8:40am. Wow, good for them! For the last lag of the flight, Brook & Clair, Chad & Stephanie, and Nat & Kat are all on the same flight.

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CFL Football: The 98th Grey Cup

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Next weekend in Edmonton, Alberta the 98th Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup game will be a repeat showdown of the Montreal Alouettes and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. A better swan song couldn’t be written for the underdog Roughriders, given the chance for redemption following last’s year Grey Cup devastating last-second loss to the Alouettes. If you follow CFL at all, you’ll remember the legendary too-man-men-on-the-field call that has haunted the Roughriders throughout the year.

In last year’s Grey Cup final Saskatchewan was in the lead 27-25 when Montreal lined up to kick a final field goal, what was to be the last play of the game. In an unreal turn of events, the field goal was wide and it looked as though Saskatchewan had clinched their fourth Grey Cup win in franchise history. Unknown to celebrating Roughriders on the sidelines, penalty flags had been tossed as the ball was kicked. The Roughrider’s had thirteen men on the field; one too many. The Alouettes were given a second chance to kick the field goal, this time Damon Duval sent the football through the uprights. The final score was 28-27 in favour of Montreal.

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