Lady Antebellum and Arcade Fire were the big winners on last night’s Grammy Awards. The show kinda dragged in the middle, but started off great with that wicked Aretha Franklin tribute. Didn’t Jennifer Hudson and Florence Welch impress during their sets. Who knew Flo had so much soul? Not me. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Norah Jones and Ce-Loo also impressed with their respective performances. Be sure to check out Tyrell’s rundown of the Grammy show and performances if you missed the show.

But enough about the show, let’s start dishing on what the musicians wore on the red carpet. Ever since Jennifer Lopez showed up in that infamous green Versace dress in 2000, celebs have been using the event to make a big fashion splash. The biggest trend on the red carpet this year was definitely metallics. Whether it was crystals, mirrors, sequins or other shiny fabrications, the brighter the better. So instead of picking my usual Top 10 best and 5 worst dressed, I decided to highlight all the glittery dresses that caught my eye along with three non-shiny outfits that impressed. Don’t worry, my picks for the worst fashion violations can be found after glitterati gowns. Check out my choices for both lists below.

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Special Botox Party At WEIGHTS

In: Charge It, Tommy D

You heard me right. Our very good friends at WEIGHTS are having a very special Botox Party this weekend. Now while I won’t be attending (I’m still too young), I want to give everyone else all the details about it so if you feel you need/want to you should go down and see them! They’ve also got a lot of new facial treatments in which are working wonder for a lot of people. Along with their incredible training packages (yes I’m still there!), this is truly your one stop shop! Here is all the info you need:

Botox is a treatment that reduces wrinkles through relaxing the facial muscles. While Botox uses injections to temporarily relax facial muscles, reducing wrinkles, a Radio Frequency facelift treatment triggers the skin’s own mechanisms to naturally reset the age of your skin itself, allowing you to immediately look fresher, and even years younger with no downtime and continued improvement as weeks and months go by. A Radio Frequency facelift treatment is the ideal way to turn back the hands of time naturally, and it lasts for years instead of months. Weights has had such good results that we are offering a doctor-administered Botox service if you want to do some comparisons yourself. Together, the results can be stunning!

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Getting To Know Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding

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It was potentially the biggest Grammy shocker of the night when heavy hitter Justin Bieber lost out in the category of Best New Artist to most seemingly unknown, Esperanza Spalding. I was watching the show with Donovan, Brian, Nic, Tyler and Patrick. During the announcement of the nominees, it was interesting to hear who everyone thought was going to take the award.

The obvious first assumption was Justin Bieber. With such a strong year in music sales, tours and overall fan base, he seemed to be a shoe-in. Florence + the Machine were also a strong contender with some Drake support finding its way through. But when Esperanza swooped in for the win, it had the whole room in awe but so happy for this somewhat unknown jazz artist. So who is Esperanza Spalding?

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Intruder Arrested on DeGeneres Property

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Tyrell

People Magazine is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s home was subject to an intruder on February 10th but was arrested immediately on the property according to Ellen’s rep.

In an official statement the rep stated that “the property is protected by a 24-hour security team that detected and detained the intruder until she was turned over to the custody of Beverly Hills police officers, who arrested her.”

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Grammy Performances And Winners 2011

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Tonight, the stars came out to play for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. The anticipation for some of the hottest performances were high, but did they deliver? Did all of your predictions come true

We kick off the evening with a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. LL Cool J introduces the women who will be singing some of her biggest hits. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, Yolanda Adams and Martina McBride.

Lady Gaga took to the stage to perform for the first time her new single Born This Way. After her much talked about walk down the red carpet, her egg appeared on stage and she hatched with a group of dancers in see-through choir robes. In the most simple Gaga performance to date, she wowed the audience with a full out dance routine and organ playing skills.

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SPOILER ALERT! Glee has played a pivotal role in shaping a gay character with Kurt Hummel and has really helped create a good role model for teens struggling with their sexuality and helping with gay acceptance in its story lines. That role was then assisted with the addition of Kurt’s first real love interest in Blaine played by Darren Criss. However, the newest Glee spoiler is causing all of us to turn our head and get a little confused, and we’re not the only ones.

According to a Glee source, the character of Blaine is about to have an intimate encounter with someone of the opposite sex. This interaction causes Blaine to have second thoughts about his sexuality and begins to wonder if he swings both ways. I am going to go on the record in saying WTF!?!?

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TV BackTalk: Brand & Brown On SNL

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Last night, British sensation Russel Brand took on the hosting role of SNL. I have loved Russel ever since I first saw him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek so I assumed that he would be the most hilarious on SNL. However, his performance was only luke warm for me.

His opening monologue contained some funny moments where he explained how he is more famous over in the UK and how you can tell he is a famed British actor is by the tightness of his trousers. He also went on to talk about his wife Katy Perry and the ‘normal problems’ they have compared to his life over in the UK before he met her.

Aside from the funny moments he talked so much with his hands and arms that I was completely distracted. During the show, Russel took part in 5 sketches that emphasized heavily on his British accent.

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A busy weekend at the box office this weekend, with a few big releases that all did exceptionally well! At number one is “Just Go With It,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. This film has received A LOT of press, with the two lead actors (namely Aniston) making their interview rounds on all the big talk shows. The extra promo definitely paid off big time, with the film surpassing $30 million in its opening weekend. Remember the flop that was The Tourist? Eat that, Jolie…clearly everyone is Team Aniston.

A close second this weekend was Justin Bieber‘s life story, that has been a dream come true, “Never Say Never” in it’s opening weekend as well. The 3D behind the scenes look at Bieber’s journey to fame nearly broke $30 million as well! I think Tyrell and I are going to go see this one tomorrow.

Two more films opened this weekend…one did well, and one was far behind in fourth. Find out which ones they were below. Did you see any of these new films this weekend? What’d you think?

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