Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Remix

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Yesterday, as promised Lady Gaga debuted a remixed version her “Born This Way” at the Mugler men’s fashion show in Paris. As you can expect, under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti, the brains behind Gaga’s crazy outfits, nothing about the fashion show was “normal”.

Gaga’s new tune is featured in a short film directed by fashion photog Marino Vivanco. The video features clips from the actual runway show and of Formichetti’s Facebook find, Rick Genest, who has had his entire body tattooed to look like a skeleton. Formichetti’s described “Rico” and his skeleton look as follows:

“I want to look at fashion from within and outside the industry and collaborate with people from all walks of life. I suppose if you wanted to look at Rico’s role in this he’s like a literal, visual interpretation of what is under the skin as well as a celebration of what is covering it.”

You’re probably wondering, “What about Gaga’s song?” Well, I like it, but it’s so remixed it is impossible to figure out what the actual song will sound like. It’s even in German(otta) in some parts? Either way, I’m confident enough in what I heard that it’s going to be a hit. Check it out for yourself.

Listen to the new sounds of Gaga remixed after the jump…

In a little over a week, the 19th Annual gay ski week, “WinterPRIDE” will kick off in Whistler, British Columbia, taking place from January 30th – February 6th. If you’ve never been, make a point to check it out this year. It’s no surprise that so many people from all over the world make the yearly voyage to WinterPRIDE – it is seriously a blast.

Aside from the picturesque mountains that were home to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and the unmatched terrain for skiing and snowboarding, the week is packed with tons of activities for you to enjoy. Every afternoon, there is an Apres ski, and every night there is a party or theme party of some sort, building up to the big finale parties at the end of the week. If you don’t ski, during the day you can book yourself into many other activities that include: snowmobile tours, dogsledding, inner tubing, fondue tours, snowshoeing, ziptreking, and more.

WinterPRIDE is a great way to meet new people, participate in activities you wouldn’t normally, all while enjoying the great outdoors. We at Homorazzi have made a tradition of taking part every year. It’s actually where the name “Homorazzi” came from, and a year later, where we wrote our first article.

For more information and for tickets, check out

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Brett Favre Parody: What Should I Do?

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Oh this is too funny. Remember LeBron James‘ elaborate, “What should I do? commercial?” It was no surprise when a parody surfaced, poking fun at it. Now, a parody based on how LeBron’s commercial format, has been made for the downward spiral that has been Brett Favre‘s career.

Brett Favre has retired and unretired from football, and now has officially retired again after filing paperwork with the NFL earlier this week. He’s known for doing what he can to stay in the spotlight and changing his mind all the time. This past fall, photos of his penis have surfaced on the internet and he texted them to someone. Then he retired from commercials, but then changed his mind and made this one.

This will be the funniest video you watch today.

Check out the video after the jump…

Man Crush: Craig Horner

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In honor of Oprah Winfrey’s Australian adventure and the Australian Open both airing this week, I thought I’d select a hottie from down under for this week’s Man Crush. The lucky recipient of this week’s adoration is Brisbane native, Craig Horner. As it turns out, Horner celebrates his 28th birthday in just a few days on January 24, 2011. So here’s an early birthday gift to the Aussie stud. I expect him to return the favor and thank me for this honor by giving me a lap dance on my birthday *wink*.

Horner studied at St. Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. Upon graduating, he decided to pursue acting and appeared in various Australian television programs including “Cybergirl” which was his first break, “Swimming Upstream” and “Totally Wild“. In 2008, Craig joined the popular Australian teen drama, “Blue Water High” where he became a teen heartthrob playing a surfer. Obviously there were plenty of shirtless shots of him on the beach for teen girls and gays to lust after.

North American audiences were exposed to the tasty shrimp on the barbie when he landed the role of Richard Cypher on the syndicated fantasy-adventure, “Legend of the Seeker“. Once again, there were plenty of gratuitous shots of Horner shirtless. Since his surfer days on “Blue Water High” he’s bulked up a bit and matured. Personally, I like him better now. A littler scruffier and manlier. Yummy.

When he’s not acting, Craig enjoys playing the guitar and writing music. He’s not only artistic, but also quite an athlete. Horner enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis, kayaking and snowboarding. Nothing like a little sweaty jock to turn me on. Check out the following pics below, that I collected from the web for your enjoyment. Happy stalking.

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One of my favorite American Idol alums is back and looking to top the charts with her latest offering. Season 2 finalist, Kimberly Caldwell, just debuted her brand new music video, “Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys“, on Vevo. The track is from her much delayed and long awaited CD, “Without Regret“, set to finally hit stores on April 19, 2011.

Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys” is a catchy pop empowerment anthem for people everywhere. I absolutely love it and love the remix by Jason Nevins even more. It’s Kelly Clarkson meets Pink with a dash of Miley Cyrus. Written by Tommy Henriksen, BC Jean (Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy”) and Zac Maloy, the song struck a chord with Caldwell immediately after she heard it. 

“I automatically connected with this song because life is so much brighter and easier when you stop trying so hard to fit in.  It’s important to surround yourself with the special people in your life who appreciate you for who you really are and always have your back.”

I had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and go shopping with Kimberly Caldwell last year in Los Angeles. No exaggeration here. The girl is even more beautiful in person and possesses an equally kind and beautiful spirit. She doesn’t give off any airs and is very passionate about her music. It may have taken her eight years to finally get her debut album out, but good things come to those who wait.

watch Kimberly’s video and listen to Jason Nevin’s remix after the jump

“Agokwe” At The Cultch

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Currently playing at The Cultch in East Van, Agokwe has come to town, with a powerful message.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this production, it’s the award winning story of homosexuality in the Native community. I can’t remember seeing something that touched these issues in this arena before, but Waawaate Fobister, writer AND performer of this one man production, obviously saw a niche for a story that needed to be told.

“Agokwe” (agoo-kway), means two-spirited, and refers to someone of gay orientation, having both the male and the female in them. The story teller Nanabush fills us in on the history of the two-spirited, and how they were revered (pre post-war Christ-warrior saturated America) instead of feared, and sought after as great leaders and nurturers in one. Nanabush then introduces us to the story of Jake and Mike, two present-day, closeted teenagers, confused about their emotions, and unable to be themselves. Fobister carries the play sole handedly, giving us Mike’s mother, Jake’s eccentric but homophobic cousin Goose, and a handful of other characters that help the story, and help entertain.

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And The New CATWOMAN Is…

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Arguably the most popular female character in all of comic book land, we were all waiting to see if Nolan was going to put Catwoman in his final Batman movie. Not only did he put her in, he cast probably one of the most incredible actresses of our generation.

I find myself having trouble event writing this post because I am SO EXCITED about this!

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It wouldn’t be a day here at without a post on Jenny from the block. Seriously, I’m a non-stop PR machine for Mrs. Marc Anthony lately. With Idol premiering tonight, expect a couple more posts on Lopez to finish out the week. HAHA. Sorry J.Lo haters.

Late last week, an unfinished version of Jennifer Lopez’s new single leaked online. Yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Jenny unveiled the final version of “On The Floor”. The Pitbull-assisted single already was smokin’, but the finished product is simply scorching with its polished final touches. As I had hoped for, the intro features Lopez more and Pitbull less. There was no reason to have Pitbull dominate the first minute of the song as seen in the leaked version.

I have no doubt, this RedOne produced track is going to signal Jennifer’s comeback on the music front. He’s the genius behind some of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits including “Bad Romance“. This latin-tinged track featuring a “Lambada” sample definitely has the potential to hit Billboard’s Hot 100 in the next few weeks and become a club dance anthem. Radio stations are already playing it on heavy rotation. Is Jennifer Lopez back to reclaim her Dance Diva crown?

check out the cover and finished version of “On The Floor” after the jump

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