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A few weeks ago, I wrote about Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, and Jake Pavelka being photographed having lunch together (with cameras rolling) at Cafe Med in LA. It was definitely a “WTF?!” situation. Now, it’s been revealed that they were actually filming an episode of an upcoming VH1 reality show called “Famous Food.”

The former “The Hills” star, “RHONJ” star, and “Bachelor” will be joining Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul, Juicy J, and Ashley Dupre, as well as Vincent Pastore of the “Sopranos,” all working together to open a new restaurant. They’ll be working with LA restauranteurs Mike Malin (“Big Brother”) and Lonnie Moore of The Dolce Group to launch a new LA restaurant called “Famous Food”. That’s a large group of “interesting” people, to say the least.

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Yesterday, Skynet’s machines didn’t rise, but today, clouds of smoke will. If a gust of wind happens to blow a familiar (or unfamiliar) smell your way today, that’s because it’s 4/20 day: a day that celebrates the consumption of cannabis. The term actually originated in 1971 in California by a group of teens that called themselves the Waldos. It was first a code word they used to refer to an abandoned cannabis crop they heard about, and they would meet at the wall outside the school at 4:20pm to discuss. Long story short, the term evolved into meaning pot-smoking in general.

Now every year, people gather on University campuses or in major metropolitan areas to celebrate the occasion by…you guessed it, smoking a lot of pot together. In 2009 in Vancouver, about 10,000 people gathered by the Vancouver Art Gallery to take part in the occasion, and no arrests were made. Every year in San Francico, thousands of people gather on Hippie Hill to celebrate there. These two are just a few of many 4/20 celebrations that take place throughout the continent.

In the following Funny or Die video, a group of guys head out for a night of partying at the bar. Shots, shots, shots, and more drinking is in order for the guys. As the night progresses, we then compare their night of alcohol to a night of weed. LOL. Check it out!

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It sounds like the fourth season of the Jersey Shore is going to undergo some major changes if filming in Florence, Italy will go on. Florence mayor, Matteo Renzi wrote an official statement in the city’s newspaper laying out a set of rules for the cast and MTV crew to follow when they land in the country. This official statement comes shortly after many Italians were protesting the arrival of the show.

The problem most Italians are having with the concept of the show filming in Italy is showing the country in bad taste. In America, the cast literally runs wild with binge drinking, public intoxication, and the like. In actuality, if someone from another country is watching the show, it doesn’t reflect very well on American culture does it. Now, Italy wants to make sure their reputation doesn’t involve all of these alcoholic symbols and really represents culture and history.

Check out Matteo Renzi’s rules for the Jersey Shore here.

Glee” producers originally hired Heather Morris to teach the cast the choreography to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies“. They were so impressed by Morris, they asked her to stay and the rest is history. If it wasn’t for Morris’ amazing dance skills, Brittany the cheerleader might not exist. It’s unimaginable to think of Glee without Brittany’s hysterical one-liners.

Once again, Heather’s dancing talents have landed her a gig. Even though Esquire magazine doesn’t watch “Glee”, they think Morris is awesome and enlisted her for their latest feature. The men’s magazine asked Heather to slither, strut and shake her groove thing to a selection of songs for their “50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To“. In addition to the sexy video, Morris offers a few dancing suggestions to guys who want to look cool at the club.

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Noah Mills Looking Sexy For Calzedonia Mare

In: Donovan, Fashion

Noah Mills was one of my earliest selections for my Man Crush weekly feature. After checking out his sexy hot video, you’ll see why I chose him. The Canadian-born male supermodel oozes sex appeal in his new video campaign for Italian swimwear brand, Calzedonia Mare.

If he looks familiar, but can’t place him. He was the hot piece of ass, Samantha Jones picked up in “Sex and the City 2‘s” gay wedding between Stanford and Anthony. Remember the visual of his hot gyrating butt as he plowed Samantha to an incredibly loud orgasm? I know, I do.

Calzedonia Mare’s Spring/Summer 2011 swimwear campaign was shot in Malibu by Guy Aroch. Mills is shown modeling the brand’s latest styles while sailing away coast to coast. I’ve always wanted a boat and now I know why. It’s so you can have hot shirtless male models posing their butts off. Check out the video below.

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Hell hath no fury like a Glee executive producer scorned. Brad Falchuk recently took to his Twitter account to chastise a show extra for having loose lips. Or in this case, loose fingertips. After appearing as an extra for Glee’s upcoming prom episode, Nicole Crowther tweeted a few major spoilers. She revealed who would win McKinley High’s prom queen and king honors. Here’s what Falchuk tweeted:

“Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment,” he wrote. “Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?”

Obviously, sh*tting her pants, from Falcuk’s statement, Crowther deleted her tweet and apologized to him via Twitter.

“I’m truly sorry. I was being completely thoughtless and made a horrible mistake. I’m deeply & incredibly sorry Brad.”

She also addressed fans of the show by apologizing to them and promising to “think things through before just saying them.

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It’s time to celebrate. WE MADE IT. According to “Terminator” folklore, Skynet’s vast network of computers were supposed to become self-aware at 8:11pm on April 19, 2011. That would begin the systematic campaign to rid earth of the human race by the machines. Looks like “Judgment Day” never arrived. Boo. I was looking forward to bodybuilding cyborgs taking over and blasting people into bits. LOL.

Back in the 1984, when “The Terminator” hit theaters, iPhones, iPads, laptops etc didn’t exist. The most powerful personal computers found in households was the Commodore 64. I had one of those growing up and trust me… it wasn’t powerful enough to do squat. Though it had some pretty wicked addicting video games.

The Terminator” is credited with launching the careers of both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even though the film’s world ending prophecy never came about, the Library of Congress selected the film in 2008 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, for being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

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It’s been over two years since Estelle made a huge splash with “American Boy“. Not only was “American Boy” a humongous worldwide hit, but it also garnered Estelle a Grammy for best Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Even though Freak was a personal favorite, it failed to repeat the same global success as its predecessor, therefore pushing back the release of her next album, “All Of Me”. In the interim, she collaborated with David Guetta and Robin Thicke on “One Love” and “Rollacoasta” respectively, making sure she was still on the radar.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Estelle in Vegas and watch an amazing live performance. On the red carpet, she playfully hinted that a new single was on the horizon to us. Staying true to her word, that new track is finally here. “Break My Heart” features a rap by Rick Ross and isn’t what you’d expect from the British songbird. Unlike “Freak” which was an over-produced club anthem, “Break My Heart” is a breezy mid-tempo track- perfect for spring. Take a listen below.

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