Wowza! Both Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron have been showing off their hot bodies to the public eye lately! Efron was photographed skateboarding shirtless at Manhattan Beach, then playing on the swings. If this doesn’t look staged then I don’t know what is, but I’m definitely not complaining.

The former Disney star had been dating Vanessa Hudgens since High School Musical and broke up during this past holiday season. They have since been seen together and it seemed all very amicable. In fact, I read a story recently that they were both at the same party and Zac was seen holding a guys hand in front of Vanessa and all was civil. So, either the story is completely false, or he’s been in the closet for some time and she was aware of it. Gay, straight, or in between, the photos are hot. Enjoy!

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Britney Prepares For Total TV Take Over

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Got ready for total Britney Spears TV domination. Where ever you are, Britney is about to invade your TV screen. Literally. If you thought the shots of her on a stack of TVs in her Hold It Against Video was a bit of foreshadow, then you were correct.

According to an official press release yesterday, Britney will not only appear on Good Morning America the week of her Femme Fatale, but also on Ellen. No official word if this will be a performance on Ellen or just an appearance to promote the album, but I am hoping for a little performance as well. Also in the works for Britney, the filming of the video for Till The World Ends.

Pairing up with Norwegian director Ray Kay, Britney is currently already in rehearsals in LA for it but no set dates on filming or release as of yet. The upbeat dance track is currently sitting at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But that’s not the end of Britney’s TV take over.

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Björk has been “oh so quiet, shh, shh” ever since her 2007 album, “Volta,” but there’s a bunch of Björk heading our way from all angles. Earlier this year, word got out about a new album in the works from her called “Biophilia“. Now, more info about the record has been officially released about her plans. Perhaps she’ll be showing up to awards shows in an egg like Gaga as well? Well, in the question of which came first the chicken swan or the egg, we all know Björk was first.

A press release describes Biophilia not only as an album, but also “A multi-media project encompassing music, apps, internet, installations and live shows”. NME is reporting that Björk partially recorded the new album on an iPad, and plans to release the songs as a series of apps for the Apple’s latest craze.

Björk joins Snoop Dogg, Damon Albarn, and a list of other performers at the Manchester International Festival this summer. She’ll performing on six separate dates.

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Wine 101: Collecting Your Drink

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People, like me, most of the time just want an every day bottle, something affordable, something they don’t feel guilty sharing, but also something that pleases their palate too. This is all doable. But there’s another world out there. One not of casual dinner parties or Hump Day specials. There’s a world of collectors, of cult wines, and a tiny percentage of people who can afford to do it and do it well.

Ever been to a killer cellar? The visual itself is enough to impress you, cause what’s really the first thing to run through your head except “you know how many times I could get drunk off these?” And then there’s people like me who just wanna’ nerd out and run around and check what the vintage is, or look for specific labels. People invest in these bottles, like a collection, but a better collection than most (well, in my opinion). After all you can’t bring out your stamps on a special occasion and drink them!

But that’s the beauty in investing in wine. Buying a special bottle with a history when you can afford to, laying it down for ‘x’ amount of time, and then drinking it in it’s prime. Depending on growing conditions, on the producer, on the area of the world, or the grape itself and what year it was picked, everything account for the taste and quality of a bottle of wine. Added to that, some are meant to drink now, others CAN be drunk now, but are meant to be cellared. There’s two sides to the coin with wine. I know people that buy six bottles, and drink them all two years apart just to see how the flavor changes.

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YouTube’s Next Viral Star: CathyMay15

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It just takes one video to go viral to get the world to know your name – or your YouTube Channel name in this case. CathyMay15 is the latest lucky (or unlucky) person to have had her karoke videos go viral. Since people took notice these past few days, several people downloaded them and reuploaded them on their own accounts, and good thing they did, because CathyMay15′s YouTube Channel is already no longer available. I’m guessing she had fans knocking at her door and her parents made her take it down.

There are five songs she sings along to that I’ve been able to find, but it’s the “Boom Boom Boom, Weehoo!” song that people seem to love the best. I saw it posted on a friend’s Facebook wall and these are some of the comments in the thread that lured me in:

  • “1:19 to 1:32 is golden”
  • “I laughed so hard I drooled on myself.”
  • “wink or twitch, I can’t tell.”
  • “…sing along with me guys”

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When I saw the previews for next week, after last night’s ANTM, I groaned. Why? Because I thought they were doing CoverGirl commercials this week which meant no photos once again. So imagine my surprise, when I saw my inbox and saw the pics The CW sent. There was a photo shoot. Hallelujah. And not just your average one either. There’s some serious ferocity going on with a few of the girl’s pics.

Infamous celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe joins the panel this week. So expect to hear a lot of her Rachelisms during panel. This is going to be one incoherent episode with Rachel and her sayings and Tyra and her made up words. There’s going to be some fierce bananas smizing while shutting it down. I.Just.Died. Check out episode 5′s preview pics after the jump.

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The Key Of Awesome Presents “Born This Way”

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I was thrilled when I found out that parody video makes The Key of Awesome had used their amazing talents to recreate Lady Gaga’s “epic” video for Born This Way. I hope you’ll be in the same state of laughter I was after watching this video. They nailed everything.

We start with the crazy intro from Mother Brainfart explaining the state of the current planet Fabulust. After the long intro (which includes the “Bitchy Dancers”) she states, “now watch this unrelated video”. So true in comparison to the real deal.As the song progresses the lyrics capture some pretty relevant Gaga topics like ripping off Madonna to the point where she accidentally begins to sing Express Yourself. But, my favorite lyrics have to be the following”

Don’t be a rainbow, be a flag. Don’t drink the tea, just lick the bag…

Check out the hilarious parody after the jump.

The other day, a teaser of one of Britney’s bonus tracks called “Selfish” surfaced and it was so good that people thought it should have been included in the album proper. Today, teasers of the other three of the four bonus tracks on her Femme Fatale Deluxe Edition have now surfaced. Rodney Jerkins produced the songs called “He About To Lose Me” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” and co-produced “Up ‘N Down” with Max Martin.

I like two of the three songs, while “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” just doesn’t do it for me. “Up ‘N Down” is probably my favorite of the three, and that’s probably because Max Martin had a hand in it. The “Selfish” teaser from earlier this week seems to have vanished online, so we’ll just have to wait til it all comes out officially. Man, what will we do when we don’t have Britney teasers to listen to every second day? I guess we’ll get right back into those 5 second music video clips for her next single, like she did for HIAM.

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