On Monday, a breath-taking opening performance kicked of Season 2 of The Sing-Off. Now the nations top music groups compete for the grand prize which includes a recording contract with Sony Music. With incredible talent, great voices and extraordinary styles, the premiere was nothing but magical. Emotional solos, heavenly harmonies and a legendary singers inspirational comeback had the judges in awe of the groups that hit the stage. We’ve lost two groups already but eight still remain. Tonight they pour their hearts and souls into some of the top songs that have hit the charts in the last few years.

The evening begins with a group performance of Use Somebody by King of Leon. WOW! This vocal arrangement and melding of voices couldn’t have been more beautiful. It made the hair on my arms stand up and gave me goosebumps. The song itself is powerful, but with the amount of voices on stage captivate the emotion of the song entirely. So beautiful. What a great way to start the night.

Tonight, the eight groups will be split into two brackets of four. At the end of each bracket, the judges will save three of the groups and one of them will go home. Let the talent begin.

Watch the performances after the jump and find out which two groups were eliminated…

I know it seems a bit early but it’s always nice to see the bright colors and lighter fabrics for the warmer seasons. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Winter to be over specially after having a look at this weeks forecast which is nothing but rain rain rain. Shorts, tshirts & bright colors always cheer me up.

Check out our favorite retailer’s Spring/Summer looks for the coming year on the next part of the post.

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Last week, Purple Kelly and Naonka quit the game. In their honor…or mockery, rather, the remaining tribe members named their chicken “Kelly-Nay,” after the two chickens who quit the game. This week, we know that Sash still has a hidden immunity idol. At the beginning of the episode, Sash says he’s going to play the idol at the next tribal council to take the target off his back. We’ll see, Sash. We’ll see. I don’t trust a word this bugger says.

When Sash talks to Chase, Chase promises that if he wins a reward challenge, that he’d take Holly first, and Sash as his second choice. Total foreshadowing. And with that, we’re onto the reward challenging. Let’s see how that plays out.

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MaleBasics.com: Something For Everyone

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These days, there are so many underwear brands to choose from and so many places to get them. MaleBasics.com is another destination you can add to that list, which has actually been around since 2002. The founder wanted to make men feel sexy and confident in their underwear, so he created a number of original designs while offering popular brand named designs, giving people a one stop shop for their underwear drawer. From contemporary designs to niche fetish designs, the site literally has hundreds of styles available and something for everyone.

I would say that MaleBasics.com has your “basics”, as well as everything else. By basics I mean the comfortable underwear you want to wear on a daily basis. Not too tight, but certainly a flattering and comfortable fit and material is ideal. Then there’s the “not so basic”. There are hundreds of designs that are more for in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for sexy jockstraps, thongs, costumes and whether their made of mesh, sheer, or lace, this is where you find all of that very intimate apparel.

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It’s officially the start of the Holiday season, at least in my calendar that is, and what better way to officially kick it off than a musical dedicated to Christmas?! Alasdair and I went to check out the opening night performance of White Christmas – The Musical at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage on Granville Island in Vancouver and it was fantastic! Both the renovated theatre and the musical and its performers are a sight not to be missed!! The show is being presented by the Artsclub Theatre Company and is running from December 8 through January 2, 2011.

I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about the show or the original Paramount Pictures film; however, it didn’t take me long to be swept up in the glory of the musical. The opening scene takes place in 1944 in the middle of World War II focusing on two lieutenants, Bob Wallace played by Jeffrey Victor, and Phil Davis played by Todd Talbot, in the army serving in the 151st command (or something along those lines – I’m going off memory here folks). The story quickly progresses through the end of the war and jumps to 1954, ten years later, with both men now performing in a duo song and dance troop that’s taking the US (and the Ed Sullivan Show) by storm. The men are introduced to a set of singing sisters, The Hanes Sisters that quickly enrapture their attention and hearts. The storyline carries the four protagonists to Vermont for a performance at a small inn on Christmas. The magic that unfolds with a few surprise twists of fate along the way is the quintessential platform for this heartwarming musical.

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STR8 Against H8 Sexy 2011 Calendar

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Yesterday, I told you about the FCK H8 Campaign, where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are banding together to FCK H8. Buy wearing one of their tee shirts (for only 13 bucks), you can send a clear message to your community as to which side of the H8 fence you stand on.

Well, with a new year just around the corner, lucky for us there’s also a sexy calendar (only 10 bucks) to go along with the campaign: It’s STR8 AGAINST H8. Twelve straight guys strip down and get oiled up and make a statement that they are standing up against hate. No matter what the date, there will be absolutely no hate tolerated with this calendar on your wall.

Check out the hot hot hot behind the scenes look at the calendar photo shoot after the jump…

At 19, Adele delivered one of the best debut CDs in 2009. “Chasing Pavements” is still one of my favorite songs and it’s tracks like that which earned the British singer/songwriter the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2009. A little older and wiser, she’s back with a brand new album, “21“, set to hit stores in January in the UK and February in North America. Like her debut record, the album title represents the age at which she wrote most of the songs.

The lead single “Rolling In The Deep” is an amazing track. Adele herself describes it as a “dark bluesy gospel disco tune.” I couldn’t agree any more. I’d even go further and call it a fusion of soul, pop, R&B with a dash of indie for flavoring. If the rest of the album is anything like “Rolling In The Deep”, I’m certain she’ll avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Deep was released in November, but the music video just premiered this week. Just like the powerful track, the imagery found in the clip is one of strong images of female strength. There’s no plot, just artistic and abstract visuals with Adele interlaced with a female warrior performing contemporary dance. For most of the video, Adele belts out the song while scenes of destruction occur all around her. Sam Brown who’s worked with The Foo Fighters and Jay-Z directed the clip.

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FCK H8 And Look Good Doing It

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I LOVE this campaign. It’s real. It’s blunt. And kids, who are the future, are getting involved and standing up to say “FCK H8!” The message is clear. So, where do kids learn to hate?

  • 1. At School: 9 out of every 10 queer children are bullied, beaten, and bashed
  • 2. Church: Jesus loves little children…just not the f*cking gay ones?!
  • 3. Parents: Kids rejected by their parents are 8 times more likely to f*cking try to kill themselves
  • 4. Legislation: Your anti-gay votes help slit their throats

Get your own T-Shirt at fckh8.com. In fact, get some as gifts for Christmas! They’re only $13 and they help to fund queer counseling and teen suicide prevention. Former Pussycat Doll, Jessica Sutta stands up str8 against hate in the video below, along with people of all different ages, sizes, genders, and sexuality. It’s f*cking awesome.

Watch the f*cking video after the jump…

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