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Battle: Which Glee New Kid Are You Loving More?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

When the network announced over the summer, all the upcoming new characters, I was trepidatious the additions would take away from the old cast. To my surprise, they actually complimented the original crew. Both Charice and Chord Overstreet made their debut on last night’s Glee Season 2 premiere and wowed me. Hopefully they did the same to you.

Charice plays Sunshine Corazon, a international exchange student. Considering English isn’t Charice’s first language, she did decently well with her acting debut. Hopefully as the weeks go on, she’ll loosen up and deliver her lines with a bit more oomph. What she doesn’t need improvement in, is her awesome vocals. Goosebumps literally covered my entire body hearing her tear up Beyonce’s “Listen“. For once, all the hype was 100% true. With her moving to Vocal Adrenaline, I expect to see a big diva off in a future episode.

Chord Overstreet plays new transfer student, Sam Evans, to McKinley High. Just like Finn last year, he’s wary of joining the Glee Club due to the harassment the members receive. With Finn out of the football team, Sam Evans has been anointed the team’s new quarterback. There’s nothing absolutely unlikeable about this kid. From his Bieber blond haircut, to his big luscious lips, to his sexy little body. To boot, the boy can sing. Hopefully in the coming weeks, he’ll perform an acoustic serenade. Perhaps to Kurt??? One can only dream.

So after watching the season premiere, what are your first impressions of the new kids on the block? Are Charice and Chord a welcome addition to the show? Are the producers doing an injustice to the original cast by over-padding the cast with too many new characters?

Which Glee New Kid On The Block Are You Loving?

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Fitness Tip: Bent Over…Rows

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Sports & Health

In this week’s Fitness Tip, Mike shows you how to bend over… I mean, he shares with you a couple variations of Rows…, and the proper technique in doing them. The bent over row is a great exercise for the back for increasing strength and size.

It’s especially important to do these exercises properly to avoid injury.

Wanna see the exercises in action?

Video demonstration of this week’s tip after the jump…

Attention Lady Gaga monsters. If you live, breathe and adore the “Bad Romance” singer to death, then you have to check this out. Fresh off her big night at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga is riding even higher than before. In honor of all her achievements, Billboard Magazine just released a special collector’s edition, Lady Gaga supplement. The publication includes oodles of Gaga content to fulfill the most hardcore of fans.

With 17 dedicated, exclusive pictures and facts, you can catch up on your Gaga trivia with ease. To boot, the online version has direct links to song and album previews. It also includes an in depth look at her singles and album chart performances in detail. My favorite part of the supplement is the timeline of Gaga’s fame. It’s amazing to see exactly how much she’s achieved in such a short time period.

view a couple of screens from the issue after the jump

With all of the Fall Premieres well under way, I thought it’d be interesting to take a trip down memory lane and rediscover some of the old television hits of the 80s and 90s that we loved, but may not have thought about for a long time. Of course there’s the ones like Golden Girls and The Cosby Show that are hard to forget about, especially since reruns of these shows play on certain stations or their DVD sets are sold in stores. This is list is more about the ones that when you look at them again make you go, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that show!”

What I loved about compiling this list is that a lot of these shows I remember watching with my family at one time or another, so it totally takes me back to bringing blankets & pillows into the living room and camping on the floor for TV night – after my homework was done of course. What’s also interesting is seeing where some of the actors that were in these programs are today, if they’re even in the biz at all anymore. Some of them even got their big breaks from these shows!

Check out the list after the jump…

Scientology & Celebrities

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss has filed for divorce from her hubby of 11 months, Fred Armisen (SNL). The separation date is June 26, 2010 and Moss listed ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for the separation. Those who know the couple say that her religion had a huge influence on the demise of their marriage, as Scientology was just as important to her as Armisen was – if not more.

With that, I thought I’d look into this whole Scientology Celebrity business. The Church of Scientology considers anyone who have ever done one of their courses to be a Scientologist, and that lists consists of a number of celebrities, which they like to include on their bragging list. Some of the current members drinking the Kool-Aid include Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Juliette Lewis, Marie Presley, and John Travolta. Those who have left the “religion” include:Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Sharon Stone, and…Charles Manson to name a few. He studied the religion while in prison.

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RadarOnline has learned that J-WOWW has been offered $400,000 to pose nude for Playboy. She may as well do it – I mean, she barely wears anything anyway! Apparently, the deal is not finalized though as it may apparently conflict with Jersey Shore contractual restrictions.

This is the highest off she’s received, considering her Playboy offer started at $200,000. Nice work, J-WOWW (whose real name is Jeni Farley)! “Final offer is standing…Hopefully, it will go through,” she told E! The full amount is for full nudity, so if she doesn’t go all the way, she doesn’t get the full paycheck. Her Jersey Shore contract may be what prevents her from showing her Woohoo to the world.

If this deal goes through, she’d be the second highest earner in the Jersey Shore cast. Mike “The Situation” leads the pack, followed by Snooki, who charges $20,000 for her to walk a red carpet event.

Last night was our first curling game of the new season. Normally, I play on the same team as Brian, but this year we decided to mix things up and play for different teams. Unfortunately for both of us, we lost our first game on our new teams. Boo-urns. To heal the agony of defeat, I sat my ass down in front of my TV and enjoyed the new Fall season. Since there were a few new shows premiering last night, Patrick and I decided to divide and conquer- I drew “Lone Star” and “The Event“. Lucky me or unlucky me depending on what show I’m talking about.


Oh my GOD. What a let down. It was being sold as “Dallas” for the new millenium. Set in the backdrop of oil in the Lone Star state, the show revolves around Bob Allen (James Wolk) who is a Texas con-man leading a double life. In one life, he’s married to Cat (Adrianne Palicki), the daughter of an oil tycoon. While, in his pauper life, he’s dating Lindsay (Eloise Mumford), his unsuspecting girlfriend in Midland.

After watching the show three quarters of the way through, I was expecting it to take off. Sadly all it did was crash and burn. The quote, unquote cliffhanger was unexciting and sad. It certainly didn’t entice me to tune in next week. When the show finished, I didn’t end up feeling much for many of the characters. The only redeeming factor of the show was the lead star, James Wolk, who was very convincing and charming in his role as a con-man with a heart of gold. In the end though, it felt I was the one being swindled and not his victims. I lost an hour of my life. What’s Fox going to do to repay that back?

Episode/Season Grade: C- (Only because Wolk was as charming as he was. Otherwise this would’ve been a D- at best.)

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Calvin Klein Unveils “Elements” Ad Campaign

In: Donovan, Fashion

A few months ago, Calvin Klein unleashed their “X Underwear” ad campaign. The boys that shed all their clothes last time are back, and now in technicolor. Professional shirtless boy Kellan Lutz, mister 8-pack Mehcad Brooks, tennis player Fernando Verdasco and footballer Hidetoshi Nakata this time posed for CK Underwear’s new line “X Elements”. While it’s obvious the campaign is meant to pimp out their underwear, they could also promote CK socks. C’mon those bulges look a little enhanced, if you know what I mean.

The “X Elements” Calvins represent the four elements of earth- earth, air, fire and water. The fire and water styles are available in a silky microfiber, while the air and land are made with a cotton blend. All four models (underwear not men) are sold in both boxer and brief styles. Check out below to see which hottie represents each element.

view bigger versions of the pics after the jump

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