NBC To Bring On The Competition For Glee

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With the success of Glee, its no wonder other networks are trying to jump on the musical singing and dancing bandwagon. However, no major networks have been able to catch a spark to order a pilot that seems powerful enough to compete. Now, blockbuster maker Steven Spielberg may have what it takes to help NBC take the lead.

NBC has ordered a pilot of a show in the works titled Smash which will be produced by none other than Spielberg himself. However, this show will be a much bigger step up from high school musical glee club numbers. The show is said to follow the story of a few characters who actually live and breathe in the musical theatre industry and all work together to produce a Broadway show. I’ve worked in the musical theatre industry and let me tell you, the drama that can formulate in these situations can be thick.

From auditions, to rejections, long days of rehearsal to heavy criticism, life on Broadway can be a tough one. I think NBC may have a smash hit on their hands. I think the change of pace from the FOX show will be a welcome change with more adult and mature characters and story lines.

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No Strings Attached Ties Up The Box Office

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As the only new major release this weekend, No Strings Attached certainly didn’t suffer from performance anxiety, taking the number one spot with $20.3 million. Dan reviewed the film earlier this week, saying, “It’s nothing to write home about, but it wasn’t a waste of time either!” The film stars Bruce Willis’ son, Ashton Kutcher (haha), and The Black Swan Oscar nominee, Natalie Portman. Sounds like a recipe for success to me. This definitely Kutcher’s niche, considering his previous romantic comedies including “Just Married” and “What Happens In Vegas”.

Following the romantic comedy were two other recent films with a comedic element, The Green Hornet and The Dilemma. The Green Hornet, starring the hilarious Seth Rogen, brought in an additional $18.1 million this weekend, bringing the films earnings to a total of over $63 million. Trailing behind are Vince Vaughn & Kevin James with The Dilemma

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Kelsey Grammer may be going through his own divorce and dating drama, but now, that will take a backseat to another important moment of his life: his daughter’s wedding. ABC Family star Spencer Grammer is engaged. And who’s the lucky man? Her long time boyfriend James Hesketh.

According to a Life & Style source, Spencer is so excited to get married. Instead of a traditional engagement ring, fiancé James got her a claddagh ring which is a traditional Irish ring. If you’ve never seen one, it is a silver band that wraps around as two hands holding a heart with a crown on top.

Camille Grammer who is in the thick of the drama with Kelsey may not have much to say about these new nuptials. Spencer is actually the daughter of Kelsey’s first wife Daureen Alderman. According to sources, Camille and Spencer don’t even have a relationship of any kind.

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After premiering her new song “What The Hell” on New Year’s Eve, Avril Lavigne’s music video for the up beat / bad girl song has been released. The Max Martin/Shellback-produced song is from her upcoming album, Goodbye Lullaby. When chatting with ET Canada recently, Avril said describe “What The Hell” as more pop rock and that it’s a lighter subject, “fun kinda summer party song.” She added, “And it’s kinda like my older stuff so I haven’t had any music out in like 4 years I think we thought it was a good way to bridge into the new stuff!”

I’m pretty sure there is supposed to be a version in 3D to watch, although I don’t have any glasses at home to check it out. Although Avril is all over the place, running away from her boyfriend in the video, I still find it kinda boring. Actually, I don’t understand why she’s running a way from her boyfriend to begin with. He’s hot! At the beginning of the video, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time Avril has been in bra and panties in one of her videos – she looks great! She’s gotta stay in shape for Brody Jenner I suppose.

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Advertisers Pulling Out Of MTV Skins

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The latest advertisers to pull out of MTV’s controversial show, Skins include General Motors, H&R Block, and Wrigleys. “It was never our intent to endorse content that would offend consumers,” a statement released from Wrigleys declared.

Originally a British series (as they good ones always are: Shameless, The Office, and Queer As Folk), last Monday’s episode drew in 3.3 million viewers, which was huge for a cable show. Since airing, the Parents Television Council, among other concerned organizations, have been complaining about the show for the overly sexual teenage content that is being marketed to children.

Despite the advertisers pulling out (in an effort to avoid consumer boycotts I’m sure), MTV has stated the show has met all “applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

Have any of you seen the show? Thoughts?

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Website: If It Were My Home

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else? Maybe a short move to a neighboring country, or traveling all the way around the world to inhabit an even smaller apartment than the one you’re in now, perhaps in China?

Have you ever been held back, worried about the living standards or the complete shell shock of being away from everything you have grown up with? I have often wrestled with the idea of uprooting myself and taking the next step/a HUGE leap and moving to a new country, just to say I’ve experienced a different culture in a non-vacation-like situation. I’ve always fretted about living conditions, being able to find a job and a home that is truly habitable, and whether or not I would even be able to find a salary that would support my needs.

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Glee’s SuperBowl Episode Music Sneak Peek

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SPOILER ALERT! Glee’s spoilers have been hot and heavy this week. Not returning until February 8th on FOX, star Matthew Morrison did an interview with TV Guide and spilled the beans on their Valentine’s Day set list. He says in the interview that his assignment to the kids is to have them sing “love songs”. However, when I list the songs below, you’ll see that some of the kids have an interesting take on what love songs are to them.

The list includes Firework by Katy Perry, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen, P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson and the list continues. However, before this episode airs on Tuesday the 8th, Gleeks will be treated to a special post-Superbowl episode on February 6th. What was once rumoured to be a Michael Jackson tribute episode has now been squashed by some of the songs and sound bites being released on the internet this week.

Finn and Rachel will tackle Need You Now by Lady Antebellum while Artie and the gang will sing a mash-up of Thriller with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s hit Heads Will Roll. Another exciting track will be Darren Criss and his pack of boys taking on Destiny’s Child’s Bills, Bills, Bills. I am already so excited!

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Billboard Ventures Into Uncharted Territory

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These days, the music industry is ultra-competitive. If you’re a new artist, the chance of you breaking onto the Billboard charts above the Gaga’s, the Katy’s and the Kanye’s seems nearly impossible. However, the popularity of independent, internet sensation living room and garage bands is growing daily. So, Billboard decided they should jump on the bandwagon.

Billboard has announced that they are adding a new ranking chart titled Uncharted. The purpose of this chart is to recognize and develop artists who don’t have the volume in record sales or radio airplay to bring them regular chart success. However, they will use such outlets as YouTube views, Twitter tweets and re-tweets, as well as MySpace music page listens.

Uncharted launched on Billboard yesterday and the first #1 artist is hip hopper Traphik from Long Beach, California who is famous on YouTube for his humorous rhymes in his raps. DJ BL3ND is also on the chart with their electro house music with one of their songs being viewed on YouTube well over 22 million times.

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