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In this week’s fitness tip, Mike shakes things up by talking about the benefits to working out on/with an unstable surface, such as a Bosu Ball.

Of course, it’s important that you make sure that you master each exercise on the a solid surface (aka. the ground/floor) first, before you graduate to a Bosu, or the likes. You also want to make sure you do exercises bilaterally first (both legs), before progressing to doing the exercises unilaterally (one leg). Lastly, doing exercises stationary, before doing dynamic exercises that involve movement.

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It’s not a rumor, Glee’s newest wispy blond hair hunk IS dating one Hollywood’s most famous offspring. Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, was seen holding hands and kissing Chord Overstreet at an event this past week in Beverly Hills. The two looked quite friendly and couldn’t take their eyes off each other. If these two procreated, imagine their kids if they had Rumer’s big chin, and Chord’s big mouth. Yowza…

Rumer recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years, Micah Alberti just last week and went to Las Vegas to drown her sorrows. There, she was seen talking to Chord for a few minutes before the two parted ways. Obviously, they inconspicuously hooked up on the down low that night. This new relationship has “REBOUND” written all over it.

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Taylor Swift Debuts “Back To December”

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If you follow my music posts, you’ve probably figured out I love my female R&B singers and dance music. What you probably didn’t know is I’m a closet country music fan. When Taylor Swift first came out, I didn’t understand all the buzz around her. I mean come on, the tart was stealing thunder from my beloved Carrie Underwood. But just like the rest of the world, I began to appreciate Swift and started to love her songs, which brings me to this post.

Back to December” is the second promotional single Swift is releasing to promote her upcoming album “Speak Now” which hits stores on October 25. I’m not ashamed to say it, but I love the slower track. For once it’s not all about fairytales, rainbows or sunshine. Our little Taylor is growing up. The ballad talks about letting a good relationship slip through your fingers and the regret that eventually follows. In fact, Swift even admitted the song is dedicated to someone whom she had done wrong.

“The person I wrote this song about deserves this,” she said. “This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him…This is a song full of words I would say to him.”

Could that someone be Taylor Lautner, a Jonas Brother or someone else? My hunch says it’s Lautner, but you never know. Swift wrote all of the songs on the album without any co-writers. The haunting instrumentation on the track gives the song that extra dramatic punch. Even though it’s a bit heavy and introspective, I can see it being a commercial hit.

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After three stellar episodes in a row, could “Glee” pull off another outstanding show? While it wasn’t one of my all-time favorites, “Duets” had a few standout moments. The fourth episode was jam packed with musical numbers, seven in fact, and introduced a couple new romances. Sadly both Sue and Puck were missing from the episode. Due to a run-in with the law for stealing an ATM machine, Puck was MIA because he was holed up in juvie. Hopefully he’s experiencing some man-on-man action while there. The “Other Asian” finally “sang” and Artie got his cherry popped.

Newbie Sam (Chord Overstreet) finally joined New Directions causing both Kurt, Quinn and my hormones to go into overdrive. There were more scenes of him shirtless than not. Even though he looks like the love child of Macaulay Culkin and The Joker, I found myself oddly attracted to him because of his smokin’ hot torso.

Will Schuester’s assignment for New Directions this week was to perform a duet with another Gleek. Whichever duo had the best performance would score a dinner for two at Breadsticks. Dayum, I want to go. After some serious negotiations and ulterior motives, the following duos were formed: Mercedes & Santana; Tina & Mike; Rachel & Finn; Quinn & Sam; Artie & Brittany; and Kurt & Kurt??? Check out the videos below to see how each pairing fared.

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PSA: Lauren Conrad Against Fashion F*** Ups

In: Fashion, Patrick, Videos

“There’s no shame in changing your friends if it makes you look better.” – Lauren Conrad

Former The Hills reality star, Lauren Conrad is showing her humanitarian side in this PSA – taking some time away from her busy life as a fashion designer, and New York Times best selling author (and former reality star). She steps up and speaks out in the battle Against Fashion F*** Ups (Redd will be happy about this). It’s “an issue which affects thousands around the world every hour, and not only hurts the person whom is f***ing up but those around them as well.”

Now, without further delay, check out this Public Service Announcement from Lauren Conrad, in association with

Check out The HILLarious PSA after the jump…

There’s a lot deodorants out there. Some work. Some don’t. Some have aluminum, while the trend is that they’re all moving away from it. Well, you can get your underarms under control with the the latest & greatest deodorant to hit the shelves. I swear it’s been featured everywhere. It has been featured in New York Times, GQ, Men’s Health, and more – and that’s because it’s amazing. It’s the alcohol & aluminum Free Eucalyptus Deodorant from (Malin and Goetz).

It’s synthesized with refreshing natural eucalyptus extract as well as odor-neutralizing citronellyl, offering 24 hour effectiveness. It’s also refreshing not to have the same overbearing cologne-ish smelling cologne for a change too – competing with your actual cologne. As with all of their products, this (Malin+Goetz) deodorant is good for all skin types, especially sensitive, given its natural fragrance and color. You don’t need to worry about residue or pit stains on your favorite shirt, nor irritation or clogged pores on your skin, as it is blended to effectively absorb without these side effects. Perf.

Since it’s release in late spring, this product has sold out a number of times – they just couldn’t keep production up with the crazy demand! So if you happen to catch it in stock and are looking for something new and fresh, get a couple. If it’s out of stock, no sweat – preorder it because you want to make sure you’re among the first to get it when it’s replenished. Yup, it’s that popular.

You can find/order the deodorant by clicking here.

Check out a video on some tips on how to prevent underarm odor after the jump…

Movie Review: Shelter

In: Dan, Movies

A while back Kevin wrote an article focusing on gay-themed cinema, and I hate to admit it but outside of the stereotypical films such as the Eating Out franchise, I haven’t exposed myself to this area of our culture. Or at least not in the true cultural art form that I would like. One of the comments to Kevin’s post spoke of an additional film that should be added to his list of brilliant gay flicks; Shelter.

Naturally, I instantly went to YouTube to check out the trailer of the movie to get a better glimpse of what that particular movie was about. I was moved by the trailer so in turn started the hunt to rent (or even purchase – could you imagine) the movie. After searching for it at my gay-friendly movie rental store to no avail I decided to check out our local Vancouver gay-mart, Little Sisters. After browsing the ‘movie section’ and walking out with my jaw on the floor from a few of the adult movie titles/cover art, I asked the guy at the front counter if they sold movies that we’re porn based. I know I’m rambling on this one, but stick with me…

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DWTS 11: Week 4 Elimination & Video Performances

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

Here we go. Another round of eliminations and as the weeks go on, they get tougher. Last night, the judges gave out two scores. One for technique and one for performance. This split in the scores really rained down hard on not only the stars but the pros as well. Technique lacked for many and performance wasn’t far behind. Jennifer reclaimed her spot on the top of the leader board receiving the first 10′s of the season. Audrina, the opponent who rose to the top last week wasn’t far behind. Mike “The Situation” fell to the bottom of the back in technique and performance, but will he be eliminated tonight? The ballroom in the round took its toll but who will be its first victim?

The leading ladies from last night are first up to hear their fate. Brandy and Maks, Jennifer and Derek and Audrina and Tony all had great performances and proved why they deserve to be here. With a dramatic pause, Tom reveals that all 3 top performers from last night are safe.

Find out who was eliminated and watch Florence + The Machine & Goo Dolls performances after the jump…

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