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No wonder Rihanna was a no-show at Katy Perry’s wedding extravaganza in India this past weekend, the singer is in heavy promotion mode for her upcoming album. Considering she’s Perry’s BFF and the one who planned her bachelorette party, everyone expected her to attend. Well, everyone except Perry who knew Rihanna’s attendance was always iffy given her album drops on November 10. She’s still putting the final touches on her “Loud” CD before its release.

Part of that promotion train is Rihanna gracing the cover of Marie Claire UK. The fashion magazine enlisted the “Only Girl (In The World)” singer for their holiday issue and final one of 2010. The cover and inside spread showcases Rihanna looking gorgeous and glamorous. Her fiery red locks are complimented by white, silver and pink outfits. My favorite is the one where she’s dressed up in feathers. She’s pure perfection.

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File Sharing Site Squeezes It’s Last Lime

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Just like Grokster and Napster before it, LimeWire is now being put to rest and will be buried in the file sharing graveyard within the next 14 days. Five months ago, the most popular p2p file sharing site lost a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the record industry. Now, a federal judge has issued an injunction against them that will essentially put them out of business. U.S. district judge Kimba Wood in New York issued the permanent injunction yesterday, ordering LimeWire to disable the “searching, downloading, uploading, file trading, and/or file distribution functionality” of the software it distributed to users. The judge also stated that LimeWire must notify its workers, investors, and customers of the injunction and also ordered the site to file a progress report in meeting all conditions of the order within 14 days. Wowza. That’s a tight deadline. In a statement, LimeWire stated that this is a “sad occasion”.

Chief Executive George Searle said that the injunction only applies to the file sharing aspect of the company, but despite all of this, the company will still remain open for business. What? Really? What is LimeWire possibly going to come out with that can compete with today’s music industry? I think Rhapsody and iTunes pretty much have the music paid-for downloading on lock.

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The two that we know as Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, have confirmed that they have split in real life. Blake Lively (23) and Penn Badgely (24) have been dating for three years and broke up in mid-September. They are still really good friends and so far it hasn’t affected the dynamic on set.

Hmm, maybe this helps explain why Blake Lively and Ryan Gossling were seen hanging out late in Disneyland earlier this month. I imagine it must have been a trying year for the two, with Penn promoting Easy A in L.A. while Blake was doing the same for The Town on the East Coast.

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MySpace Unveiling New Look Today

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Remember MySpace? Well, today their unveiling a new look, repositioning themselves as a “social entertainment destination”. Ever since Facebook and Twitter came around, it seemed as though MySpace was now irrelevant, but they’re fighting and not doing half bad.

This past year, the site brought in about $347 million in ad sales, according to the AP and the site still has a reach of 95 million global visitors every month, which is comprised of 43 million from the United States. Amazing huh? Well, only if you ignore the fact that Facebook had 1.3 billion in ad sales this past year.

MySpace is positioning itself as something that is in addition to Facebook, and they are not trying to replace it. MySpace certainly has the “personal customization” aspect in their corner. After watching the following video, I have to say I’m intrigued.

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After a week break, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. Whether or not it was the absence that made me fonder or what, but I LOVED this episode. Correction, I loved the performances. The storyline and character development were just meh. I guess when you’re trying to incorporate “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” into a 45-minute show (sans commercial), there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to work with. Having said that, the inclusion of Finn having male body image issues was awesome. Even though girls and women have traditionally suffered from this, boys and men are getting wrapped up in this issue nowadays too. Kudos for Glee for semi-addressing it.

The episode’s plot revolved mostly around Emma/Will/Dr. Carl’s love triangle. Will decides to have New Directions do a musical revival of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” so that he can spend quality time with Emma. The guidance counselor has recently been taken in by the 70s musical after watching it with Dr. Carl.

As mentioned earlier, this episode was all about the musical numbers. I have to admit, I’ve been debating joining the anti-themed episode bandwagon because it takes away from the charm of the show. But tonight was so much fun to watch, I’d come off as Scrooge if I hated on the episode. The kids did such a good job, I would pay them money to recreate the entire movie and release it in theaters.

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The official music video for Nicki Minaj and’s joint collaboration is finally here. It’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from the talented female MC. The kick ass track, “Check It Out“, samples The Buggles’ 80’s hit, “Video Killed The Radio Star” which was the first video shown on MTV in 1981. It will be included on Nicki’s debut album, “Pink Friday” which hit stores November 22.

Once again, Minaj channels her inner hip-hop Barbie for the vid. Director Rich Lee filmed the visually pleasing clip. It mixes Japanese anime graphics while Minaj and bust out some pretty fierce robotic dance moves. There’s a few wicked special effects during the dance numbers you have to check out. Loving the colorful Japanese characters popping throughout the video. Thanks to Minaj, if I ever need to know how to write “fierce bitch” in Japanese, I now have a vague clue on how to do it.

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Rock Week ignited the ballroom and the leader board got flipped upside down. Former favorites went down in flames and others surprised us all. Its either time to rock on or roll out. The bottom three couples are up first to hear their fate. Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna and Jennifer and Derek. Bristol and Mark had their most amazing night with the Tango. I didn’t even recognize the woman on the floor. Kurt and Anna couldn’t find the right groove for his routine. It wasn’t polished and just couldn’t come together. Jennifer and Derek couldn’t balance technique and performance and went overboard and ended up falling out of one of their turns. Carie Ann said she was going down hill. Here are the first set of results:

  • Bristol and Mark: SAFE
  • Kurt and Anna: SAFE
  • Jennifer and Derek: IN JEOPARDY

The judges get to pick their favorite dance to see once again. They picked the couple who received their highest marks of the season thus far, Bristol and Mark. I think that’s a great choice for the night.

Check out the performance videos & find out who was eliminated after the jump…

The title of this video is “Can you pay attention to my hands, mister?” To that, I answer “not entirely”. Can you blame me, the guy in the video looks like a sexier South American Kris Allen? Even though, he’s signing a love letter to someone else, in my imagination he’s fingering sweet nothings to me.

All dirty kidding aside, the video is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen in a long time. To boot, I picked up a decent sized vocabulary of sign language just by watching the video. You never know. It might come in handy the next time I’m single and find myself wanting to pick someone up from across the room.

Adding to the overall cuteness of the clip is the background music used. I’ve never heard of the track, but immediately fell in love with Aaron & The Gays’ “Computer Sex”. It turns the act of hooking up online into a cute PG affair.

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