This should get the buzz going. After announcing they were to tie the knot a while back, the two took the time to cozy up for the camera to get their engagement photos out for the family and of course the public eye. The photos were taken back on November 25 in the Cornwall Room in St. James’s Palace by photographer Mario Testino.

Mario was hand picked by the couple to take the special photos. Prince William has worked with him before on a few occasions so the couple only saw it fitting to have photograph them to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Kate Middleton wore an elegant white Reiss dress with Links earrings and William looked quite dapper in a Turnbull and Asser suit. Its also been said that Kate did her own makeup for the 2-hour shoot. I think she looks beautiful.

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Narnia Voyages To The Top Of The Box Office

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The third story in The Chronicles of Narnia made a splash at the box office this weekend with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I happened to have seen the film and loved it, so it’s no surprise to me that it did so well, with a $24.5 millon opening weekend. Nothing like a little magical movie every now and then, right? Tommy, on the other hand, checked out The Tourist and only gave it a 2.5 out of 5 rating, and considering the caliber of the lead stars (Angelina Jolie and Jonny Depp), it wasn’t that strong of an opening at $17 million.

A lot of the remaining movies weren’t new at the box office this weekend. Tangled came in third with over $14.5 million, bringing it’s total to $115,622,873. Insanity! Harry Potter came in fourth bringing its new total to over $257 million which is even crazier. I guess it was all movies for the family that ruled the box office this weekend, and that will probably be the same as we move closer into the holiday season.

Did you watch any films this weekend?

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Book Review: Half Broke Horses

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A few months ago I tackled Jeannette Walls novel The Glass Castle, the powerful autobiography of her life growing up with two of the most dysfunctional parents even written in recent literature. It was one of my favorite books of the year so naturally I eagerly anticipated picking up another novel in her collection, Half Broke Horses.

I was instantly swept up with the country western storyline focusing on the lives of ranchers, small towns and most importantly, cowboys. The story is the pseudo-narrated tale of Walls’ inspirational and unwaveringly tough grandmother, Lily Casey Smith. The story is told, and in turn written, in such a gracious and fluid manner that as the years melted away and lines of aging appeared on both the pages of the book and Lily’s face, my imagination was set into motion. There’s a power that certain writers have over me that keeps a permanent, half-cocked smile on my face as I make my way through their pages and words. Walls’ is one of those few writers whom consistently remain on my best recommendations list, and Half Broke Horses is no exception.

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If you’ve ever turned on your TV to ABC on a Friday night, you know there are two news staples that can not only challenge your mind, but your morals as well. 20/20 is one of those programs and so is one of my favorites, What Would You Do? This show hosted by John Quiñones focuses on everyday situations that are simulated and rein-acted to, through secret cameras, capture the reactions of everyday citizens to what is going on.

Tonight on the show, we were introduced to some very interesting situations. A while back, the show produced a segment where a man and a woman were at a bar and while the woman went to the restroom, the man slipped what appeared to be drugs (it was only sugar) into her drink. This time, the roles were reversed and while the man stepped out, the woman slipped “drugs” into his drink. What was quite interesting to see that many noticed the situation, but didn’t say a thing to protect the man at all. Even when he appeared to be having a physical reaction to the “drugs”… nothing.

A second scenario was the situation of stealing a bike. This scenario had three culprits. A white male, a black male, and pretty blonde female. While the white male was attempting to cut the chain he garnered barely any attention. The black male, garnered large and angry crowds and even some calls to the police. However, the blonde female caught the attention of some people, but despite her telling them it wasn’t her bike, some even insisted on helping her steal it. How crazy is that?

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Hilarious Kid Dances On “Today Show”

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While watching “The Soup” and catching up on the latest in awful/amazing TV, I came across this HILARIOUS little boy who I am sure has instantly rocketed his way into the 15 minutes of fame annals! A very somber piece about a loving soldier and father who died recently in Iraq, Meredith Vieira interviews a mother, daughter and son about their passed loved one. The whole story is very touching and somber, lasting about 6 minutes, and by the end of it, Meredith interviews the family live on TV.

Her kids likely too young to speak impromptu on live TV, mom takes over and talks about what an amazing husband and father the soldier was and comments about his great personality and sense of humour. Almost on cue, the little boy starts to get restless on camera and does a little bootie shake and dance for the live camera. You’ll laugh at how cute it is, but then realize there’s still another whole minute to the video. This kid takes over and starts bouncing around and dancing like crazy to the restrained smiles of his grieving mother and sister who can’t for the life of them control him. The subject matter is really tragic and oddly enough, this incredibly endearing boy makes it all smiles and cuteness though as even the mom can’t help but laugh by the end of it. You HAVE to see it!

Click through to see this HILARIOUS boy dancing on live TV for the “Today Show”

Sports Stud: Brian Joubert

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This week’s feature Sports Stud can melt the ice with his good looks, great body, and blades of steel: French figure skater, Brian Joubert. This 26 year old is the 2007 World Champion, a three-time (2004, 2007 & 2009) European champion, a six-time (2003–2008) French National champion, and the 2006 Grand Prix champion. Mon dieu, right? He was expected to win some gold medals at the 2010 Olympics but unfortunately did not perform at his best, which was frustrating for him. “It’s another disappointment at the Olympic Games. These Games have beaten me. I just can’t do it at the Olympic Games. Every time it goes badly. I don’t understand why. I can’t explain why.” Poor guy. He is currently ranked 8th in the world, which is amazing.

Despite the fact that we may want him to be, the French heartthrob is not gay. He had a relationship with former Miss France, Lætitia Bléger and later ended up suing her for 40,000 Euros because she had started telling people that he was gay and that their relationship was arranged to hide this. She and the two magazines that published her claims were ordered by a French court to pay a total of 17,000 Euros, and to publish the court ruling in one of the two magazines. I guess you could say, he set the record straight.

Check out some hot photos (and a video) of Joubert after the jump…

Meet The Amazing Race 18 All-Star Cast

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Don’t go any further if you don’t want the next season of “The Amazing Race” spoiled. According to several reports and sightings of TAR teams in Australia, Season 18 of “The Amazing Race” will be another All-Star edition. Personally, I love an all-star season on any reality show, but at first glance at the returning teams, I could only remember maybe a handful of them. It’s not a good sign for an ASS (all-star season) if you have to google who they are.

While the competing teams have been unofficially revealed, the theme hasn’t been yet. The reason why I think there might be a theme is the randomness behind the casting. Some of the teams were eliminated quite early and left little or no impression. Judging on how they were knocked off, I think the theme revolves around bad luck eliminations ie. penalties, u-turns etc… I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out if I’m right. And PS, do we really need five teams from Season 14 and none from Season 13? I guess 13 truly is an unlucky number.

“The Amazing Race” Season 18 will feature teams from Season 12 to 17. The eleventh season was the first all-star edition. The next season will not only be the second ASS, but it’ll also be the first filmed in high-definition. Most other reality shows have transitioned from standard-definition but the cost and fragility of high-def equipment has delayed the usage for the around-the-world competition.

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Topher’s Top Ten Albums of 2010

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There’s still a few weeks left in the year, but a few publications have released their top of 2010 lists already (Rolling Stone, The Onion’s AV Club). I haven’t seen anything on the horizon that piques my interest, so I’m confident in posting my list a little early as well. I’m not a professional music critic, so there are a few albums I didn’t get the chance to fully listen to that might have made the list. I really enjoyed the following 10 albums a lot this year, whether at work, at the gym, or riding around town on my bike. I don’t think my music tastes will line up with some (read: most) of the other cast members, but here we go.

10. Girl Talk – All Day

This is more of a nod for Greg Gillis than the actual album itself. I mean, I’m pretty much his exact target audience: 80s born, pop culture enthusiast with a short attention span. That broad brush covers a whole whack of my peers as well, so it’s no surprise that Girl Talk has had so much success the last few years. All Day marks his fifth album, and 2nd since his rise to fame with Night Ripper. The mixes between old school hits and new school rhymes continue, but this time Gillis gives them a little bit more time to breathe. I love Girl Talk live, and Night Ripper and Feed The Animals were on my playlist for a LONG time. All Day doesn’t have as much staying power. The Beyonce / M.O.D. / Miley Cyrus mix is great, and there are a lot of places on the album that sound amazing, but I’d rather hear it live.

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