The Facts of Life Cast Reunites

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“You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have, The Facts of Life. The Facts of Life”. Man, I loved that theme song. They just don’t make sitcom theme songs like they used to. The cast of one of my favorite 80s sitcom is reuniting for the first time in 20 years. Mindy Cohn (Natalie), Kim Fields (Tootie), Nancy McKeon (Jo), Lisa Whelchel (Blair) and Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett) are all appearing at this year’s 2011 TV Land Awards to accept the Pop Culture Award. Firstly, it’s about time and secondly, who knew Mrs. Garrett was still alive? Not me.

The Facts of Life” originally ran on NBC from 1979 til 1988. The sitcom was a spin-off of the hit show, “Diff’rent Strokes“. The character, Mrs. Garrett who was the Drummond’s housekeeper, left NYC to become the dietitian at an all-girls private school, Eastland, in Peekskill. Naturally, Mrs. G not only served nutritional facts, but the facts of life as well with their meals.

fun facts and find out which silver fox was on the show after the jump

Homorazzi Chats With Pandora Boxx

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This is kind of wicked. Since Ru decided to get a little lame this week and didn’t eliminate anyone, our interview is with Seasons 2 alumni, and Audience Favorite PANDORA BOXX! As you remember, Pandora was definitely the favorite to win season 2, however she got eliminiated and ended up 5th from that season. Being that only queen that didn’t take herself too seriously, and was definitely the most genuine she stole the hearts of everyone not only on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but on Drag U as well, she totally won the MVP during Season 1. Well, the planet has spoken and it was extremely clear who their favorite is!

We chatted about what she’s been up to, about season 2 and also how bitchy everyone is in season 3. It was SUCH a treat to speak with her! Take a listen below!

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Sassy Gay Friend: Lady Macbeth

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The Second City Network is at it again! This time, the Sassy Gay Friend is out to help Lady Macbeth. Is Lady Macbeth a strong smart independent woman or just a stupid batch? Her husband is about to kill the king so that he can become king, and she the Queen of Scotland. The guilt from the murder would eventually drive her mad, but it could have been avoided if she had a Sassy Gay Friend.

Also as in the last one that Nic posted for Great Expectations, be ready for the not so subtle product placement for MiO water flavoring part way through the video. “FTS: Flip it, tip it, sip it!”

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Let me preface this post by saying, that I enjoy a hilarious politically incorrect joke here and there, as long as its not coming from a place of hate. Asian jokes as a whole don’t bother. Heck, even when an Asian insult is thrown my way, it doesn’t even phase me. Like the word “fag“, if the best thing you can think of to insult me is a cheap racial or homophobic slur, then poor little you. I get far more offended when you say something about my personality or intelligence. As a whole, jokes on racial stereotypes usually make me laugh. Hell, I’m probably one of the few people who actually watch and enjoy NBC’s “Outsourced“.

When Alexandra Wallace videotaped a rant about Asian students at UCLA, l wonder if she thought that her video would go viral and instigate a firestorm about racial intolerance and free speech. Some are even calling out for her expulsion from the school. Take a chill pill. I’ve seen the video, and personally, wasn’t offended. I even laughed at some of her comments and especially her lame Chinese accent. In her video, Wallace aka Racist White Girl (LOL) complains about Asian students’ cell phone manners and their families visiting them at the dorms. To be fair, some of her comments are sorta true, but whatevs. Was it offensive? No. Was it a wise move? Hell, to the no. Especially considering her major is political science and the recent tragedy in Japan. But, oh well, she’s Unpolitically Blonde.

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All Hail The New King of Facebook

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Apparently, you like him, you really like him! Literally. Rap superstar Eminem is now officially the King of the world, well at least on Facebook he is. Back in February, when he topped 29 million “likes” he passed Lady Gaga as the top living person to have the most fans. The only person standing in his way for top celebrity, living or dead, was the King of Pop himself.

Well, not anymore. Eminem told Michael Jackson to “Beat It” and now the Slim Shady reigns supreme on the social networking site. As of today, Eminem has over 30,400,000 million fans, while the Thriller singer is just shy of making the 30 million mark. It’s also worth mentioning, based on the huge success of “Born This Way“, the Fame Monster has also supplanted MJ with over 30,200,000 little monsters in her army. I can totally see Gaga taking over Eminem in the next few weeks considering she’s in heavy promotion mode while Eminem doesn’t have a new album to push.

While the race for Facebook supremacy remains a seesaw race, Gaga has a stronghold on Twitter and kicks both MJ and Eminem’s asses on the microblogging site. Having said that, if MJ sent out tweets from the beyond, he could give everyone a run for their money and become number one.

Last week, I gave you a little teaser of Tyrell‘s first single “Letting Go” and today the full version is officially available for download on iTunes for only $0.99. Tyrell explains, “It’s about going through the hard times of a relationship and then realizing you were not right for that person. You look back on it and see that it wasn’t always roses and it’s just better to let it go.” The upbeat track has a bit of a 90′s throwback with references in the lyrics like: “If I’m a mixed tape, time to flip the side / And start it over / I’m on my own tonight.”

You can download the song on iTunes by clicking here. Feel free to listen to the song below before you download it on iTunes. He’ll appreciate the support! So proud of my man! A music video is being filmed in the weeks to come so stay tuned for that and keep your eyes peeled for a Homorazzi cameo in the vid when it comes out.

Listen to the full version after the jump…

While Tyrell is our resident would you rather I just couldn’t help myself when I thought of the idea of doing a would-you-rather article with a royal decree! With the official Royal Wedding just around the corner and Prince William moving towards being officially off the market (thanks to the stunning Kate Middleton), I thought it was a perfect time to tackle the lifelong question: Which Prince really makes you tingle?

Growing up watching these young men turn from small boys coyly standing next to their statuesque mother, Princess Diana, to the grown men we see throughout the media today, I have always had a slight infatuation with their upbringing, stature and overall dashing good looks. Granted, William was an obvious frontrunner early in life, blossoming into handsomeness during his teenage years. Harry wouldn’t be outdone, as he eventually grew into his charming good looks and eye catching red locks. Needless to say, I don’t have to say much about these two men that the world isn’t already well aware of (or hasn’t been reported before), so I’m simply going to jump to the goods and let you decide!

First, take a look back to the past (shown above) and gauge the boys as teenagers (not focusing on their hotness but to give you an understanding of how their handsomeness evolved)…

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“Born This Way” NOH8 Music Video

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Oooh, this video is fun! A bunch of dancers, many from LA, got together and filmed this NOH8 video, fittingly dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” track. The video starts off a little slow as dancers rehearse the routine, but you see the their faces close up and get a little behind the scenes action. Then, as the song picks up, the video transitions into their routine full out and it looks amazing. In between choreography, there are clips of the dancers doing their own thing in from of a white backdrop, or other amazing visuals like the one in the above photo. The video was created and choreographed by Chris Downey.

The video is describe as “A Celebration of Individuality,” and is of course inspired by the NOH8 Campaign. Watch it below!

Check out the video after the jump…

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