This weekend, Beyonce performed at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival in the UK becoming the first female in ages to headline the show. She performed several songs in front of the 175,000 people there, including some of her new songs, some of her old songs, and even some covers! She even sang some of the best Destiny’s Child tracks, paying her respects by getting the audience to say hi to “Kelly” and “Michelle”.

Beyonce kicked off the show with “Crazy In Love,” and covered songs by Kings of Leon, Prince and Alanis Morissette. After her set, Beyonce told BBC, “This night was a dream. I felt like a rockstar, and the crowd, they looked like rockstars, and I’m just so honored, really. This is… the highlight of my career.”

After this crazy show in the UK, the superwoman also performed via satellite for the 2011 BET Awards last night as well (Coincidently, Kelly Rowland also performed!). She’s Foxy Cleopatra and she’s a whole lotta woman! Timed perfectly, her new album 4 hits shelves this week. Watch her performances below. Especially the Destiny’s Child one!

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New Releases Out This Week: June 27th

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This week is full of great new releases to stimulate the ears and the eyes. In movies, Vanessa Hudgens takes over our DVD collection in an action thriller and a romantic drama. In music, two country legends come out with new albums while a Disney princess releases her third album and an American Idol winner shows us what he’s made of.

This week’s featured new release is none other than Ms. Beyoncé and her new release 4. Although her first single Run The World may not have performed very well, but the performance of 1+1 on American Idol had people turned on their ear in anticipation for the full length album. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek and here’s what I have to say.

Some of the songs on the album may not be radio friendly or commercial but there is no denying that Beyoncé is a true artist and an absolute musical genius. Lyrically, the album is creative and the musicality is inventive and creative. Just when you think you have a song figured out, something different happens. I highly recommend checking out End of Time, Countdown and Best Thing I Never Had; all three are my absolute favorites.

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Just Call Her Dr. Oprah Winfrey

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On Friday, the Queen of television, Oprah Winfrey headed to South Africa to receive an honorary doctorate degree in education from the University of the Free State. Not to be outdone, Oprah dressed in formal cap and gown for the affair and was moved to tears by the ceremony and the presentation of her award.

With Oprah rolling into the town, the central farming town of Bloemfontein pulled out all of the stops to make sure Oprah received the red carpet tribute. The university holds approximately 30,000 students. The Chicago Sun-Times said that the event rivaled any style of graduation that would be held for an entire graduating class. Well duh, it’s OPRAH! Her degree came with a citation saying that she had become a true South African:

“She did so because she believed that there was important work to be done here, and she wanted to be part of what Nelson Mandela and others had begun.”

In 2007, Oprah opened a school for girls in South Africa titled the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. The school underwent some heat during a scandal that rocked the school and international media after a dormitory staffer was accused of sexually assaulting multiple students. All has been resolved and the school continues on without a hitch.

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Another day, another Real Housewife releases their own single. I don’t who is responsible for telling these ladies that a music career is a good idea for them. Can you imagine your mom singing these songs? LOL. Oh man.

This time, former Real Housewife of D.C., Michaele Salahi has come out with an upbeat pop song called “Bump It“. She recently performed it live on an NBC news affiliate station. Backup dancers, rapping, and the sound of Salahi’s voice (I don’t want to call it singing). You probably recall that this is the Housewife that once crashed a party at the White House. Well, apparently she’s accident prone because she’s crashing once again in this “trainwreck” of a song. Below are some of the lyrics. Despite what you might think or hope, she’s doesn’t refer to the “Bumpit” hair volumizing device from those old infomercials.

“Like I’m so hot and like you’re so not / Speakers on blast, let the techno rock / Everybody in the club make your way to the front / Rhythm is the base that will make the crowd jump / Bump it.”

To be completely honest, I do enjoy the track and the beat, but the lyrics are ridiculous and Salahi’s voice is just herendous…especially live. Overall: FAIL. If you listen closely, you can kind of hear her laughing a little during her performance – even she can’t take herself seriously. To top it off, she looks and dresses like an older version of Heidi Montag. Choo, choo! All aboard to experience the trainwreck below!

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It’s not very often that celebrities can pull off secret nuptials without having paparazzi follow your guests’ cars, seek out your caterer or fly helicopters above your outdoor setting. However, one couple (and to be honest, I didn’t even know they were together) pulled it off smoothly. I give credit to the groom who may have used some of his stealth like tactics from one of his movies to help pull off the mysterious maneuver.

Daniel Craig of James Bond fame and Rachel Weisz best known for her role in The Mummy wed last week in an ultra-secret ceremony just as secret as the romance. A rep did confirm that the two tied the knot on Wednesday of last week in New York City. The ceremony exclusive only included four guests close to the couple. One being Daniel’s daughter Ella (18) and Rachel’s young son Henry (4). The other two guests have yet to be identified or disclosed.

So when did this whole relationship come about? The two met on the set of Dream House, an upcoming thriller way the two play spouses. Sounds like a recipe for romance to me. If you follow Hollywood romances, you may know that Darren Aronovsky, the director of Black Swan is Henry’s baby daddy. The couple officially made their break-up known in November of last year. That being said, we can assume that Daniel and Rachel haven’t even been together a year.

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Green Lantern may be one of the most disappointing superhero films made to date. It’s anticipation for it’s release was high yet, it failed to impress critics and more importantly, fans of the long running comic book series. So what went wrong? The Hollywood Reporter released in a recent issue 5 things that Hollywood could learn from the Green Lantern flop and how they could possibly improve if the studio were to green light a sequel to give them a second chance at box office and critical success.

One big reason ‘Lantern’ was a let down were the elementary special effects, paint-by-numbers script and poor direction. Let’s look at the director first. Martin Campbell is well known for transforming actors into action stars through his James Bond films as well as the success of The Mask of Zorro. Where Campbell missed the mark on this film was his lack of knowledge in the special effects and sci-fi realm. It didn’t help that the studio made a few mis-steps on their own by deciding to make the Lantern’s suit completely digital as well as suddenly transforming the film into a 3D option. This prolonged the production process which gave them less time to market the film and give test screenings. A few of those alone would have probably saved the film and gave them bigger box office success. Oh, and did we mention that the villain in the Green Lantern is a big black cloud? Did they not learn anything from the ridicule that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer received from making their villain a puff of smoke? And how disappointed were Lost fans when they discovered that all that rumble on the island was coming from a smoke monster. However I digress.

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Is James Spader The New Boss On “The Office”?

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During the latest season finale of The Office, we watched as a special elected team weeded through potential candidates to find the new boss to replace Michael Scott at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. As the rumors circulated at the time, it was under the impression that Jim Carrey could potentially be the replacement. Now a new rumor is circulating and has us all wondering, will James Spader be the new boss at the office?

Before you start telling your friends what you read on Homorazzi let me quickly clear the air. While he was vying for Michael’s position it seems that he will actually be receiving a better job… replacing Kathy Bates as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin. This makes me terribly sad. I absolutely love Kathy Bates on The Office. However, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Spader and NBC are in talks. So why a quick exit from Bates? Her new drama Harry’s Law received a second season pick-up and therefore, Kathy needs to focus on that.

Just to be clear, the deals and talks are still in the early stages and are no where close to signing pen to paper, but I think that James would be a welcome addition to the show’s core ensemble. The proposed storyline places him in the series premiere jumping onboard as Scott’s replacement. However, his immediate desire for empire building will get him kicked into the bigger offices upstairs. So once again, the Scranton office is void of a boss… so who will fill the gap once again?

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Cars 2 Wins The Box Office Race This Weekend

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I swear this is the year of the movie sequels/franchises. There seem to be several in theaters at any given time and they all seem to do so well. This weekend was no exception, the animated feature Cars 2 taking the top spot in its opening weekend. The film brought in $68 million, which was over double of what the second place movie brought in. The funny thing is that Cars 2 received the worst reviews of any Pixar film to date, yet it certainly still revved its engine at the box office this weekend.

In second place was the highly anticipated Bad Teacher film, starring Cameron Diaz, her ex Justin Timberlake, and many other familiar funny peeps. The film brought in $31 million, with 63% of the audience being female, and 57% of them were over 25. I have yet to see it, but definitely want to. That said, it’s not even close to being in the same league as Bridesmaids – one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen in my life.

There are four other sequels or franchise films that remained in the top 10 this weekend. Find out what they were and how they did below.

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