NFL: Ten Hottest Quarterbacks

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In honor of this year’s Super Bowl, I’m going to update my post from last year highlighting my picks for the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL. Why is it, that without fail, the hottest guy on the field is always the man making all the moves. No wonder the other team wants the sack the QB. I’d mow down an army to get my hands on any of these athlete’s jocks.

There are a couple obvious selections on my list, but I tried to mix it up as well. So take a quick look at my Hottest NFL Quarterback countdown and see if you agree with my choices. If not, I invite you critique my rankings for the sexiest play-makers in the game. See who scores a touchdown in my end zone.


Current NFL Team: Dallas Cowboys
Personally, I don’t get the fascination with Mr. Romo. Sure he has cute dimples and seems to woe and date celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush and Jessica Simpson. But this dude just spells douchebag to me, especially for dumping Simpson the night before her birthday party. Romo’s attractive genetics can be attributed to his Mexican, German and Polish background. Douchebag or not, I’d get severe flack if I didn’t include him on this list.

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Here is my first of many many interviews with the contestants who have been eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. It was totally bittersweet because while I was SO excited to talk to her, I was devastated that she got the boot so early.

Listen to my interview, it was a lot of fun chatting with her. Honestly it was like a good gossip sesh with one of my girlfriends. Next time we’re gonna do it with ice cream!

Enjoy it everyone!

listen to the interview after the jump & check out pics from our viewing party

When Oprah told viewers that her long-lost half-sister showing up was a gift, she wasn’t even telling the half of it. The story that everyone was talking about generated huge ratings for Oprah Winfrey’s daytime talk show. How big? The special reunion show averaged a 9.6 household rating. The Oprah Winfrey Show hasn’t seen ratings that high since her post-Oscar show in February 2005 at the Kodak Theater.

Though Oprah stated she’s taking it one day at a time with her half sister, the media mogul needs to give her sis Patricia a huge thank you gift. Not only did she give Oprah boffo ratings for her final season, but Patricia never sold her out to any tabloids. That’s pretty amazing given she’s known for four years. Reportedly, a story of this magnitude would’ve easily fetched over $1 million. I guess that’s chump change considering she’s related to a golden goose. And if Oprah brings her into her inner circle, Patricia and her children are set for life. All cynicism aside, insiders say Patricia doesn’t want a dime from Oprah and is still rejecting offers from publishers looking for an exclusive story.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 8 Auditions

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Welcome back all you SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE fanatics! I’m back in the driver seat covering the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance (USA version) for season 8 of the BRILL-BALLS reality competition. This show has brought us some incredible talents over the year, including my personal favorite Travis Wall, and raised unknown choreographers to celebrity stature, such as Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy and Tyce Diorio.

The show itself won’t be on the airwaves until summer 2011, but the cross-country audition tour is happening right now and the windows of opportunity to showcase your unique talents are closing fast. The following is the official schedule, also posted on the show’s website…

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Wine 101: Oi Oi Oi

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In honor of our fellow English-(kinda’)-speaking brothers on the opposite side of the world, Wine 101 brings you a treat for Australia Day.

I’ve spent a fair share of time in Aus and have been back and forth between there and Canada for the last seven years, but I hadn’t been fully involved in the wine industry until the last time I was down there just over a year ago today. To the annoyance of some, I couldn’t pass a wine store without a sneak and peek, and never left without a bottle. Although my budget was a little lower than I would have preferred, I did come across some amazing Riesling through my travels.

Riesling originates from Germany, and is done in quite a couple of styles, sweet or dry, but more classically, is categorized by ripeness in it’s home country. Depending on when the grape is picked from the vine determines, not always but mostly, how sweet it will be. So in Germany there’s a way to tell what kind of Riesling you’re going to get out of the bottle if you can read or understand gigantic German words.

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As much as I’m here to guide your inquiring minds through the world of amazing and often little-known films, I’m also here to help you avoid wasting time on the bombs as well! For thrillers and horrors, it’s usually pretty easy when to tell you’re watching a low-budget “hack and slash” and 98% of the time those are the disasters you need to avoid. Yes, I’m sure the people who made it are very impressed with the FILM 101 final project they’ve slapped together, but as a discerning viewer, I’m looking for something with quality which I’m sorry but for the most part includes some money and names backing it. “Die” is a very recent Canadian release that DOES have a great look and more than a couple names to it (well, if you’re an underground canuck TV and movie buff you’d recognize the names, so I won’t even try to throw any at ya ha). Unfortunately, this $$ and cast can’t save a tragic plot that comes up snake eyes (Patrick, that was for you ;)

Keeping it brief: “Die” is a play on words that combines the verb and noun form of the word as rolling a die becomes the deciding factor about how much torture the protagonists will have to endure. A “1” roll is the least amount of damage while “6” is the most and it’s a game of chance that says if you live or die in this film. A simple premise, the movie tries to give it depth by tracking the police in their search for the tortured captives while we discover more and more about the flawed main characters who are rolling the die to save their lives.

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my not-too-nice review!

Today, Oprah shed light on a topic that she has become a pioneer for on daytime talk TV: coming out. Over the years, spanning countless episodes, Oprah has helped many people come out, facing the obstacles in their lives and careers to come to terms with who they are. These shows have earned her numerous GLAAD awards and nominations including hitting this year’s nomination list.

Today’s episode served as a retrospective, looking back at the guests she has had that came out, shared the stories and even shocked some viewers and herself. The show began with a look back at Olympic athlete Greg Louganis who not only struggled with dealing with his sexuality, but also being HIV positive. After being on the show in 1995, a 12 year old male was changed by the message he sent out. He appeared on the show today to share his story and Greg came on stage to surprise him.

Greg and Oprah discussed how much has changed in the country in terms of acceptance on the show since his appearance. They celebrated in the fact that their are so many more gay figures on television and in popular culture portraying real life gay couples in family situations. Greg’s health is great and he discussed his drug regiment with Oprah saying he wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Find out more about Oprah’s “Coming Out” show.

Jennifer Hudson’s New Track “Where You At”

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As promised, Jennifer Hudson debuted her new track “Where You At” on her official website yesterday. If you’ve seen her Weight Watchers commercial, you know she’s looking and feeling good. After checking out her new soulful ballad, you’ll know her powerhouse vocals are sounding good as well. The track is the lead cut from J-Hud’s upcoming sophomore album, tentatively titled, “I Remember Me” which is scheduled to go out on March 22.

The slow R&B jam was written and produced by R Kelly. It’s the type of track that showcases Hudson’s vocal talents perfectly. She has such amazing control of her vocals and in true diva R&B fashion, she delivers her chops to an shattering climax at the end of the track. I still can’t believe this former Idol only made it as far as seventh place. Boo on you America.

While I love Boomquisha (her Idol moniker), and a good slow jam, I don’t really see this track making any waves on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Her debut track “Spotlight“, released a few years ago, was much better and that only peaked at #24 on the Hot 100. Having said that, “Where You At” will probably do well on the R&B charts and maybe on the dance charts if some DJ does a hot remix. Check out Jennifer’s new song below and see what you think.

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