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Last night, the 200th show celebration was star studded and the guest judges brought the highest scores of the season. Brandy held on to her title of top dog but Jennifer Grey fought back to tie her at the top of the leader board. Bristol and Mark are back at the bottom of the board. Will we be shocked by another elimination or is Bristol back on a flight home to Alaska? We begin the night with Len picking his favorite team dance of the night which were captained by two returning stars Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. They picked Team Apolo (the winning team) to perform again. The 6 dancers performed the hell out of it once again.

Brandy and Maks and Bristol and Mark are first to hear their results. Brandy was nervous prior to her routine and tried hard to think about the leader board. Her little slip up caught the eye of Bruno and Carie Ann but Len excused it because it was the best Foxtrot of the season he thought, even rewarding them a 10. Bristol and Mark had the Viennese Waltz and Bristol said that she didn’t like the dance at all. He even told her to go over the top before they began. Kelly Osbourne thought she did fantastic, but Bristol feels defeated and tired and misses her baby boy at home. She is exhausted and overwhelmed despite the fact that she received her highest scores ever.

Brandy and Maks: SAFE
Bristol and Mark: IN JEOPARDY

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Taylor Swift’s Record Breaking Week

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Taylor Swift did it. The country superstar sold over one million copies of her new CD, “Speak Now” in its first week. In this day and age of declining album sales, Swift’s achievement truly is remarkable and speaks on how big Taylor really is. The last album to move over a million units during its first week was Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” back in 2008.

As if debuting at No 1. on the Billboard Charts with that many records sold wasn’t impressive enough, Swift boasted a few other notable feats. Her impressive sales, bested Shania Twain’s “Up” which moved 874,000 units in 2002, thus making Swift the record holder for most CDs sold in a week by a country female artist. The last country act to even break the million mark was Garth Brooks when he released “Double Live” in 1998.

check out which NSYNC record Taylor broke after the jump

Orbitz sucks, Edreams sucks, Expedia sucks, Kayak sucks. Introducing the future of internet flight search:!

Besides being cuter than a bag of puppies, Hipmunk is incredibly functional for the average user. (Here’s where I brag again about living in Europe, being able to travel all the time): I’m fed up with the other options for online flight booking. They either leave out the taxes, or present the data in an unreadable manner, or bombard you with ads for crap you’re not looking for. Sometimes I don’t need a hotel, AND a car AND restaurant suggestions, or whatever revenue stream the site has signed up with. Sometimes I know where I’m going, when I want to get there, and I just want to see my best options. That’s why I’m thankful I found Hipmunk.

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If you were a kid that grew up in the 1980s then you should most definitely be familiar with the amazing invention, the Lite Brite. If you weren’t born in the 1980s then you severely missed out! There were a variety of toys invented and introduced to the market en mass that would absolutely be banned from store shelves today, but at the time the craze that ensued for each of these must-haves was beyond the makers wildest dreams. Such gems included Pogs, Glo Worms, Cabbage Patch Kids (Dolls), Tickle Me Elmo and of course, Lite Brite.

I had one as a child and spent endless hours creating different images of nothing, as well as following those carefully marked templates/stencils to create the clown face, or the family home with the bright yellow sun shining down. Naturally, Lite Brite was due to make its triumphant and glowing return! No, they won’t be tucked under the tree this Holiday season. Instead, David Crowder Band (DCB) brought back this epic piece of illuminating machinery for their music video, for their tune SMS (Shine).

Not only that, DCB filmed and produced the entire music video using stop-motion filming and footage. Seriously, this video is epic and you have to check it out…

Check it out after the jump…

What a great story (slash I’m so mad I didn’t buy a ticket)! A gay couple from right here in Vancouver won the biggest lottery in British Columbia history – $50 million! Kurt Blanchette-Ebert, 63 years old, and his partner Claude, 52 years old, are now Canada’s newest millionaires, having just won the Lotto Max jackpot prize in on Friday. On Monday, Kurt quit his job at the small bakery he worked at, while Claude, who worked as an upholsterer, also quit. Duh.

“I put the ticket in the machine and it said $50 million,” Kurt told the press at the BC Lottery Corporation’s office in Richmond, B.C. “The first thing I said was ‘holy s—!’”. I can’t even imagine what that must of felt like. How would you even be able to sleep!

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Talk about a “Genie in a Bottle”! Recently separated and star of the upcoming film, Burlesque, Christina Aguilera had to work this past Halloween. Sad, huh? Not at all. According to TMZ, she was paid $1 million for one hours work, which means she made $16,666 per minute! INSANE!

Who’s behind the paycheck/performance? One of the richest men in the world, Charles Brandes, who is one of the more closely followed value investors working today. He apparently throws an who throws an annual super expensive and elite Halloween bash at his San Diego home every year. He had the former Disney diva perform on Saturday night between 7:30 and 8:30pm, and paid her the hefty salary, as well as any expenses for hair, makeup, and travel.

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Worst News Start Ever!

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This is priceless! Channel 10 Newscast for a Midday 11am San Diego news segment get off to a rough start in this video clip from three years ago – that happens to be making its rounds over the net this week. Anything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong in this segment.

From being unaware of being live and being caught like a deer in headlights, to introducing themselves as today’s date, to dead air, and to terrible camera operation. It’s a seriously a train-wreck of news disasters. It’s a news fail, but a blooper funny – that’s for sure – too bad for them it was live.

Watch & laugh after the jump…

Longer Eyelashes: The Real Thing

In: Charge It, Fashion, Patrick

Maybe he/she’s born with it…maybe it’s Revita EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator. Longer lashes can really draw more attention to your eyes, and as the leading company in hair growth technology, DS Labs puts it, “Long, luxurious eyelashes proclaim youth and attractiveness for both women and men. They have the power to transform anyone’s face for the better.” For those of you that have wanted longer lashes, forget mascara or eyelash tinting – this is the real thing.

The company has just released Revita.EPS, a cutting-edge treatment that is demonstrated through clinical research to grow eyelashes 25 percent longer in just four weeks. I’ve written about this company before, as their cutting edge hair growth products are phenomenal and are leading the market. In addition to length, many users also enjoy greater thickness and density. Revita.EPS deploys a breakthrough peptide complex, not a relabeled glaucoma drug like bimatoprost. Scientists believe that peptides, composed of structural amino acids, work by stimulating the expression of keratin genes and by improving overall eyelid health.

What do people think of guys with long eyelashes?

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