YOWZA. According to a very reliable source, Michael Ausiello formerly of Entertainment Weekly and now with TVLine.com, the Grim Reaper is crashing Regionals. According to his sources, a character on the show will be singing their swan song prior to the big competition. The unexpected tragedy will have a significant impact on the characters and at the big event.

Got any guesses? If this rumor is true, I hope it’s a noteworthy character. I hate it when shows build up the hype, only to deliver a lame result. For instance, if the show kills off Principal Figgins or Coach Beiste, I’d be annoyed. If they’re talking impact, give me Puck, Mike Chang, or Blaine. If I had my way, based on this season, I’d offer up Mr. Schu. He’s been really annoying this year. What do you think about this ratings stunt? Post your thoughts below and don’t forget to cast your vote in our poll below.

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I love me some “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. How can you not? That Christopher Meloni is one sexy mofo. When I first heard that a former ADA was coming back, I was hoping that it wasn’t either Michaela McManus’ Kim Greylek or Sharon Stone’s Jo Marlowe. Both never really jelled with Stabler and Benson and was glad to see them both go. Christine Lahti’s Sonya Paxton was annoying but became a tragic drunk, so I kinda enjoyed that. So, I wouldn’t have minded her return, but since she was killed off the show, that probably wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do on the show. It’s SVU not “Ghost Whisperer” or “Medium“.

So that leaves Stephanie March’s Alex Cabot or Diane Neal’s Casey Novak as possible contenders. March’s character has come and gone over the years. First she went into the witness protection program, then came back only to leave again to fight for women’s rights in Africa. I was secretly hoping it was her. She is by far my favorite ADA on the show or any Law & Order franchise for that matter.

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Brian and I quickly watched “American Idol” tonight before heading to see Legally Blonde: The Musical tonight. So I had a good three hours to think about the performances while watching Legally Blonde, which BTW, like Idol, only got better along the way. After weeks of auditions, drama during Hollywood week, spectacular performances in Vegas, we finally get to see this year’s semi-finalists performing live. Correction, taped live. Both the boys and girls were taped in front of a live audience a few days go.

Not only was it the first time the singers did their thing live, but it was the first time we got to see the judges provide feedback without the help of editing. Will Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez impress like they’ve done so far? In my opinion, they need a bit of work, but need to work on a few things. I think Tyler was holding back, for out of fear of getting bleep, while Jennifer needed to focus on the Idol’s voices instead of how they looked. If she keeps this up, she’ll really fill Paula’s shoes.

After years of seeing the semi-finalists perform on a smaller stage, this year’s lot was thrown onto the big stage immediately, which by the way looked awesome. I’m loving the new set. The color block was wicked and I’m glad they brought the band down from the rafters. They realized interacting with the band, can only help the contestants. Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with the boys. I’m chalking it up to first live show jitters. Hopefully the ones that survive pull it together and relax on stage. Some of my early favorites faltered, while some continued to impress. If you haven’t watched the performances yet, you can check them all out below. At the end, I’ve ranked the performances from best to worst. See if you agree, and post your comments afterward.

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Legally Blonde The Musical

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Last night, Ali and I and fellow cast members Jonny, Tommy, Donovan and Brian took in the premier show of Legally Blonde – The Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. In my personal opinion, the show was fantastic! The first half of the show had it’s eye rolling moments (as any musical does); however, the second act was superb in it’s musical and comedic timing. The show is playing its limited engagement at the Queen E Theatre from now until Sunday, March 6, 2011 so if you want to check it out I recommend you get tickets ASAP!

I definitely went into this show with an open mind and wide-open eyes, not knowing what to expect from this film-turned-musical extravaganza! For those of you not familiar with the epic movie masterpiece, Legally Blonde, starring Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon, let me tell you! Reese plays the charming (and incredibly air-headed) Elle Woods who winds up losing the supposed man of her dreams when he deems her not ‘serious enough’ for marriage and his future plans. Imagine! Her revenge is simple. Elle swapped in the lifestyle of sororities and shopping for a book-reading, lawyer-filled stint at Harvard, all in an attempt to win back said princess charming. Along the way, Elle and Bruiser (her Chihuahua companion) hit a few bumps in the road, meet a few new people and learn a LOT about life and what true happiness and love really means. How’s that for an impressive recap?!

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Sara Bareilles may not be the typical artist I write about, but I do love my Lilith-esque type music. “Love Song” ruled radio, appeared in countless television shows and proliferated to elevators everywhere back in 2007. The singer/songwriter released her follow up album, “Kaleidoscope Heart” back in September 2010 with only one single released, “King of Anything“, so far. The single did moderately well, but nowhere the success of “Love Song“. Maybe her second official single, “Uncharted” will do the trick.

Bareilles debuted the music video for her new single today. Director Laurent Briet did a great job of capturing the Neal Avron produced track’s catchy melody and cheery feel-good vibe. Funny enough, Sara Bareilles doesn’t even show up in most of the music video. Instead, the clip features footage of several of Bareilles’ famous friends lip syncing to her track. Making cameos are Adam Levine, Pharrell, Ryan Tedder, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, Ben Folds and Josh Groban. Internet sensation, Keenan Cahill also makes an appearance. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Sara pops up at the very end of the video on the beach.

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Famed designer, John Galliano (50) has been fired from Dior following a video that has surfaced of him very intoxicated and on a very disturbing anti-Semitic rant. “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed,” he says to the women at the table.

The incident took place at a Paris bar last week where he verbally attacked two women (who weren’t Jewish) and led to him being arrested and suspended by Christian Dior.

Acadamy Award winner, Natalie Portman who is Jewish, was supposed to wear one of his dresses for the Oscars, but when she saw the video, she released the following statement:

“In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

What a horrible person. I’m glad Dior made the decision they did. If you haven’t seen the awful rant, you can check it out below.

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The Queen Mum must be ecstatic about these. LOL. With the royal wedding approaching quickly, the number of commemorative merchandise hitting the shelves will undoubtedly hit a feverish pitch. I wonder if Prince William ever foresaw a picture of his fiancee, Kate Middleton, and himself on a box of prophylactics. You gotta hand it to Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction (love the name) for seizing the day.

Besides the hilarious quote “Lie back and think of England” shown above, the company has come up with other witty tag lines. One of my favorite is, “Like a royal wedding, intercourse with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion.” HAHA. Or better yet, this one promising to give men, “the strength of a prince with the yielding sensitivity of a princess-to-be.” Check out this quote by the King of Condoms from their press release announcing this collector’s item:

“Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Souvenir prophylactics are a unique way to remember this great British occasion. All at Crown Jewels have worked tirelessly to craft these heirloom quality love sheaths. In years to come, they will be a timeless memento of a magical wedding day.”

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Last night at around 2:45am, 30 year old Christina Aguilera and her 25 year old boyfriend Matt Rutler were arrested by police after they were suspected of DUI. Rutler was driving the vehicle, while Aguilera was a passenger, and apparently she was very intoxicated. Just how many (genie in a) bottles did she drink?

Rutler was arrested and booked on DUI suspicion with a $30,000 bail, while Aguilera was charged with public intoxication and held on a $250 bail until she sobers up and someone comes and picks her up.

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