X-Factor Season 7 Winner Debuts Music Video & Career

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Last Sunday, X-Factor crowned their newest winner, Matt Cardle. Earlier this week, Cardle released his music video for “When We Collide“, a cover of Scottish band Biffy Clyro’s song. Since then, he’s sold over 245,000 copies of the track, launching him ahead of Rihanna’s hit track, “What’s My Name,” – with only 68,000 copies sold. Looks like he has the “$” Factor as well! The show sure knows how to spot success in the making when they see it! Today, Cardle performed at Whiteleys shopping centre in London, England, and signed CDs for fans.

The music video for the “love hurts” themed song below features Cardle performing the new song on stage to the camera, with inserts of footage from his journey on the show that launched his career. Check it out!

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Water For Elephants Movie Trailer

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Unlike Dan, who’s read the book and extremely excited about the movie adaptation, I don’t know much about this production. Admittedly, I had no idea what “Water for Elephants” was about before seeing the trailer. Truth be told, even after watching it, I still have no idea what the plot is besides involving a love triangle. Having said that, the trailer looks pretty amazing and it’s got me excited for the movie’s release date. I can just imagine, how even more stoked Dan is after he watches it, considering he’s read the book.

While I’m a huge Reese Witherspoon fan and who can blame me with winners like “Legally Blonde“, “Sweet Home Alabama“, “Walk The Line“, Robert Pattinson is another story. He’s never done anything to offend me or put me off, but I just don’t get the hoopla about him. After watching the trailer, I fear I might have to eat those words when I catch the entire film. The chemistry between Resse and him is absolutely searing. On paper, I would’ve never thought it, but in the short clip they share so much heat and tension, I can’t stand it. If I start crushin‘ on him after this flick, I will never forgive the movie producers or myself.

“Water for Elephants” is a film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel of the same name. The movie takes place during the Great Depression. Pattison plays Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student who drops out of school to join the circus. With his medical background, he becomes their on-site vet. Witherspoon plays Marlena, a circus performer married to August, a twisted animal trainer, played by Christoph Waltz. As you can imagine, major drama ensues between the trio while the circus travels from town to town.

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Acrobats Strip & Perform For Pope Benedict XVI

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So this is what goes on in the Vatican? Pope Benedict XVI got a special visit from some topless acrobatic performers. The four men, known as Fratelli Pellegrini, or “Pellegrini Brothers, were dressed in white suits as they walked across the stage towards the Papal throne. There, they whip off their shirts before commencing their performance. They hoist each other into the air, one of top of the other, showing off their strength and flexibility…but they have to stay on this little rectangular area.

The best part is the porn music playing in the background of this video. After their performance, the shirtless performers get a standing ovation from the Pope, Archbishops, bishops, priests, nuns and the rest of the who’s who of the Catholic community.

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Ever since we created two new weekly features (Sports Stud & Model Behavior) celebrating hot men, I’ve tried to avoid selecting athletes and models for my weekly Man Crushes. But when I laid my eyes on David Williams, I didn’t want to share him with Patrick and had to keep him for myself. Trust me, after you get a peek at him, you won’t blame for doing so. Now, I know why fans yell out “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi“. It’s Aussie slang for “you’re hot and take off your clothes”. I kid and know it doesn’t mean that.

David Williams is an Australian pro rugby player who’s earned the nickname “Wolfman” due to his scraggly beard. I’m not normally a fan of thick beards, but in his case, I’ll make an exception. The 24-year-old stud knows he has as many gay fans as female ones and has no problem being a gay icon. Just look at how frequently he shows off his sexy hot bod for his gay fans. In 2009, he was the cover boy for the homoerotic “2009 Gods of Football” coffee table book.

Williams also has no problem showing admiration for his fellow mates. There are a few comprising pics below that show Williams in homoerotic situations. There’s one of him eying his mate Darius Boyd’s ass, him showering with Brett Stewart in matching speedos and a mouth-to-mouth kiss between Anthony Watmough and himself. There’s nothing sexier than a straight man being so comfortable in his sexuality that he has no problems showing love to other men. Definitely super YUMMY.

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Tonight is the night that really matters. Which groups will give it all the got when it counts, and which groups will crack under the pressure? Tonight, the competitors will not only have to suffer one, but two heartbreaking eliminations. Tonight, the groups have two challenges. The first, singing a medley of songs from most influential artists of all time. If they survive this round, they are on to round two. The judges have heard these groups for a while, and its there turn to pick which songs they’d like to hear.

We begin the night with a captivating group performance. All together, they sing With A Little From My Friends by The Beatles. I absolutely loved the arrangement of this piece. They picked the right people to take on lead vocals and the harmonies of the ensemble was absolutely inspired. I’m also a sucker for a good Beatles tune so that didn’t hurt either. What did you think of the group performance? Once Nick describes the challenges of the night, we are on the first performance.

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Let me just preface this by admitting I’m a huge ABBA fan. Not only do I enjoy their music, but I’ve seen “Mamma Mia” twice live, and the movie-adaptation several times. Personally, I blame my parents for playing it throughout my childhood. Also adding to the “brainwashing” were my years working in retail during my early twenties. Without fail there was at least one staff member who wanted ABBA on rotation on the sound system. Whether it was, nature or nurture that caused my love for the Swedish group, I have no regrets. Their music has stood the test of time and is as fun today as it was when it was first released.

Thanks to some digital remastering, ABBA has never sounded and looked so good. The fab foursome just released “ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits (Special Edition)“. The CD & DVD set features all the groups biggest hits and accompanying music videos. This Special Edition package brings together 1992’s six times platinum ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits CD and its gold-certified homevideo companion of the same title, both newly remastered. Just to prove how much its remastered, you can watch several of the music videos using a special split screen method. I’ve watched them and it’s UH-MAZING to see what the technicians have done to the original footage to make it crisper and clearer. They definitely took advantage of the latest digital technology since the compilation’s last release.

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With Benry getting voted last week, Fabio is just happy to be alive in the game. Sash, on the other hand, feels more in control of the game right now than ever and wants Fabio to be the next to go. As you can tell by what I titled the episode, it’s an intense one. Emotional and extremely tense…but we’ll get to that later in the post.

First off, the six remaining tribe members get their tree mail to find a sprint 4G cell phone. They watch video messages from their loved ones, which brings everyone is brought to tears (including me – LOL). The tree mail gets them mentally prepared for the reward challenge ahead. Fabio and Chase discuss taking each other and Sash if either of them win reward. Oh man – we’ve heard that before…

The winner of this week’s reward challenge gets to sail down coast where they’ll enjoy a meal… with one of their loved ones! One by one, Jeff introduces each of their loved ones, starting with the mothers of Chase, Fabio, and Sash. Next comes Dan’s son, Jane’s daughter, and Holly’s husband, who she’s been married to for 25 years. The loves ones are participating in the challenge.

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Ski Camp Trailer: 5 Gays Grope The Slopes

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Australia’s #1 gay and lesbian lifestyle website, Same Same came out with an online series called Surf Camp last year where they taught five gays how to surf. Now, they’ve released a trailer to their latest creation, “Ski Camp”, where they teach five gay Aussies how to ski. The five boys names are Mike, Kirk, Dan, Brodie and Adam.

They’ll be competing in weekly challenges, eliminations and all, until there is only one man standing. The show was shot at Gay Ski Week in Queenstown, New Zealand.

If “Surf Camp” is any indication, this show will be an online hit. What do you think – will the boys melt the snow? Will they be comfortable using all of their equipment, including their poles…on and off the mountain? Watch the trailer!

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