Hollywood 201: The Gay Porn Reality Show

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This latest (online) reality show is about gay porn stars, that all live together under one roof, and all the drama that goes along with the biz. It’s Hollywood201.com. Let me just say that it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of these boys as they look and act like crack whores. But I digress.

The creator of the show’s name is Afton Nills. He runs a porn recruiting company called the “actors network,” and clearly must be into twinks. Ashton Rush (CollegeDudes247.com), one of the porn stars, is apparently the one with the biggest “package” causing the most drama, with his slutty ways. Other stars include Brice Carson, Jae Landon, Kayden Daniels, Preston Andrews, and Caleb Coniam.

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Brother Husbands On BLT

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O. M. God. If you’ve seen even one episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, then you’ll love this parody of the show called “Brother Husbands“. Instead of having a one guy and four women, this household has one woman and four guys. One of the guys is so obviously gay (like Cam on Modern Family type gay) but this is not discussed during their group confessionals…making it that much more hilarious.

In terms of the other husbands, one of them is the bread winner who barely gets any time with his wife, one is not very smart, and one is purely needed for her sexual needs. The parody stars Michael Serrato, Emma Bates, Amir Talai, Joshua Zar, and Samuel Mcguire.

I would absolutely watch this show. LOL.

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Model Behavior: Jamie Dornan

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This week’s selection for my “Model Behavior” feature is a true male supermodel. Jamie Dornan has appeared in numerous ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Armani, Diesel, Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti to name a few. The 6’0″ stud was born in Belfast in 1982. Prior to being discovered as a model, he dabbled in music and formed a two-piece band, Songs of Jim, with his college mate, David Alexander. They played music together until they broke up in 2008.

The Irish looker started in modeling in 2002 posing for GQ and Attitude magazines. With his stunning good looks, he made a big name in the fashion industry quickly and scored major campaigns and often appeared with celebrities. In 2003 he met Keira Knightley on an Asprey photoshoot. The two hit it off and dated for three years. During his time with Knightley, he became immersed in the cinema world. This would lead to his slow transition from modeling to acting. In 2006, he appeared in Sofia Coppola’s film “Marie-Antoinette” starring Kirsten Dunst. He played the role of the handsome Count Axel von Fersen.

A few of his most notable campaigns featured some of the most stunning women in the world. Dornan appeared in sexy Calvin Klein ads with both Kate Moss and Eva Mendes. In fact, Calvin Klein loved him so much, he was often featured in plenty of their ad campaigns. Who can blame him? Since splitting with Knightley, he’s appeared in regularly in tabloids being snapped often flirting with Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss.

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FINALLY. After teasing us for several episodes, nine to be exact, tonight we finally got to see Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) plant a big ol gay kiss on Ian (Kyle Riabko). When producers first announced one of the West Bev High kids would be coming out, they claimed it would be a natural progression and wouldn’t be rush. Boy, did they mean it. As each week went by, Teddy moved slowly to finally accepting his sexuality.

During the last new episode, Teddy worked up the nerve to head to a gay bar in West Hollywood. Though he was approached, he never took a dip in the gay pool. Fast forward to this week when his story picked up the pace. His ex-girlfriend, Silver, tried to make-out with him. Sensing he wasn’t into it, she asked if there was someone else he was interested in. Looking longingly at Ian from a distance, he answered her “yes”. Was this finally going to happen?

Even though we learned during the second episode this season that the two hooked up one drunken night, we never really saw any man-on-man action. That is, until the tenth episode. As Teddy was helping Ian out with some luau props, he aggressively grabbed him and gave him a passionate kiss. When it was over, he simply smiled and the episode ended. DAMN you 90210. I wanted them to see them get down and dirty in the sand.

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Last week, 6 daring stars took to the ice. Rebecca and Jonny rose to the top while Vince and Bethenny fell to the bottom. Tonight, with only one week to learn a full routine, the pressure is on. Learning their first lift, who will be the first to fall and who will be the first to leave the ice forever?

At the end of tonight’s show, one of these stars will be eliminated. The judges scores from last week and this week will be combined and then these totals will be added to your votes from last week. At the end of the night, we will find out if the stars did enough to keep themselves around for one more week.

Last week, the judges were full of compliments but it didn’t read in their scores. No one fell over during the live show last Monday because they had 5 whole weeks to prepare their first routine. For this week’s routine, they only had the week to prepare and their two new required elements in the routines. Oh, and they also are dancing in the style of a Tango or a Swing. That’s going to be a lot for these stars considering some of them are still learning how to skate.

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With An Ego Like This, Lady Gaga Better Not Disappoint

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Holy Ego, Batman! Lady Gaga has been majorly talking up her next album lately (which comes out next year), but she’s taken it to another level. She announced to her Polish fans that the album will have around 20 new tracks. While performing in Gdansk, she said to her fans:

“I promise you, I’ll never let you down. And not for nothing. The album’s finished and it’s f*cking really good. So whatever you just did for all of us…I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you.”

Wowsa! I’m pretty excited about it for a few reasons. (1) She hasn’t had a bad album yet. (2) I’m sick of her previous albums…only from over listening to them. (3) There are about 20 tracks…which is more than previous albums and almost double of what has become the industry norm. (4) I’ve had a nice break from Gaga. For the longest time, it was Gaga overload and I’ve enjoyed not having anything new from her for a while…but she’ll be welcome back in my iPod next year when her new album comes out.

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Top Gay-Themed Movies: All Over The Guy

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While channeling surfing to find something to watch before bed, Patrick and I stumbled across CosmoTV and found a movie that surprisingly turned out to be a gay-themed romantic comedy. I think it has officially become one of my favorite gay movies and think you should all go rent it and check it out.

All Over The Guy is the story of two men, set up on a blind date by each of their best friends. The boring date turns into a disaster but the chemistry and connection between the two is undeniable. They just don’t necessarily recognize it when they see it. On the flip side, the two best friends have connected and become engaged making the failing romance between the two men completely awkward. Between break ups and hook ups, things seem to be going well, but when one of the guys has a long term struggle with being and falling in love, the lines become blurred and trouble strikes.

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When I saw this product, I had to include it in our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the nearby park when a blanket of snow fell on our city. Even though we have a winter season up here, it barely snows during the those months. If I had the Year ‘Round Sled back in the day, there’s no question I would’ve slid down the hills during the summer months as well.

The traditionally shaped sled features two removable plastic ice molds that allow you to go sledding down the hill even during the dog days of summer. The molds can be filled with water and stored in a standard refrigerator freezer when not in use. The manufacturer claims the frozen molds can withstand a half-hour of snowless summer fun. During the winter, simply remove the ice blocks for regular winter fun. It’s all-season fun wrapped up in one attractive package.

Word to the wise, the sled can only hold an upper weight limit of 200 lbs. So if you or the person you’re buying this for is heavier than that, might I suggest you include a diet book or a second sled (one for each chubby cheek).

WEBSITE: http://www.hammacher.com/Product/79484
PRICE: $89.95

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