American Idol 10: Top 6 Eliminations

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Ugh… Tonight was a prime example of why the results show should only be a half hour, which BTW was promised by Idol they would be implementing this year. While some of the filler was entertaining, the last half which retreaded last night’s performances was painful. Did each contestant really have to come to the middle of the stage and revisit the night before. To boot, that Q&A session that preceded the results was neither informative nor interesting.

Ryan Seacrest began the episode by warning viewers they weren’t going to be happy with the results. Was Seacrest blowing smoke up our collective asses, or were we actually in for a shocker? God, I hope the latter. Without revealing the results just yet, I will say the eliminated Idol gave the best swan song in Idol history IMHO. Intrigued? Keep reading.

After forgoing the group performance the past few weeks, the producers brought it back and made the Top 6 perform a Carole King medley. Much like the duets the night before, this wasn’t good. The only highlight for me was the short duet between Haley and Lauren on “One Fine Day“.

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Movie Review: Fast Five

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Earlier this week, I checked out the prescreen of Fast Five that is hitting the big screens tonight. The fifth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise stars your favorite studs, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, alongside the sexy Jordana Brewster and all the other tough guys from the previous films.

In this film, Dominic (Vin Diesel) and the gang find themselves in trouble with the law again, as they balance trying to take down a powerful drug lord in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while being chased by the US federal agents, led by Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as “The Rock”). Sidenote: It’s interesting that the film takes place in Brazil because in the past few weekends, the Box office has been dominated by the animated feature called “Rio”. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this weekend!

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ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 11 Preview Pics

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Final Four baby. Overall, I think it’s ANTM’s best final group in a long time. Though, I would probably swap out Alexandria and put either Mikaela or Jaclyn in her place, but otherwise it’s a competitive racehorse. Even if you ignore Alexandria’s bitchiness, she’s not all that.

The four remaining girls taste the delicacies in Morocco and, during a difficult challenge where the girls must conduct a tea tray-balancing dance with a twist, one of the models loses her cool. At the photo shoot in the outdoor market, one of the girls tries to overcome feeling sick, while another loses her confidence.

Joining the panel this week is London-based designer, Daniella Issa Helayel. Yup, I’ve never heard of her either… LOL. Hopefully, Tyra and company eliminate just one girl. I’m so over the elimination of two models at this point. I love the old days when ANTM was all about the Final Three. Photographer Friedman Hauss snaps the girls this week during the Moroccan outdoor market shoot. Take a look at a few preview pics below. If you can’t wait til next week to see the final panel photos, check out our ANTM photo gallery to get your sneak peek.

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Game Change“, an upcoming HBO movie based on the book about the 2008 presidential election is currently being cast, with some familiar faces. Julianne Moore (not Tina Fey) will be playing the infamous Sarah Palin, and it’s now just been revealed that 22 year old underwear model Justin Gaston will be playing Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex.

I must elaborate and say that being an underwear model is but one of the things Gaston does. He’s also a singer and finished 10th overall out of 12 contestants in season 6 of Nashville star. He also was a guitar player in the Hannah Montana band, likely where he first met Miley Cyrus. The two dated for nine months before she broke his achy breaky heart. More recently, Gaston was a part of the “If I Can Dream” cast, that also posed naked for a sexy PETA ad. Hot. More pics of Gaston after the jump. Sidenote: I can’t help but hear the “Gaston” song from Beauty & The Beast as I write this.

Sexy pics after the jump…

With the statistics out there of how many people are gay in this world, why does it seem like no homos exist in the world of professional sports? Or, is it that the stigma of gays in sports is still so prevalent that many gays who maybe do play professional ball or the like are just too ashamed to come out for fear of being ridiculed or ousted from their camp? As ridiculous as that sounds in this day in age, it’s the sad truth within the athletic world.

Dutch magazine, LINDA. is publishing their third special gay edition titled L’HOMO.. This editions focus? Gays in Sports. Titled Goden Zonen which means Sons of God, seven sexy sportsmen bare their chests for a photo spread and talk about the stigma of homosexuality in athletics. Some are footballers, a gymnast, a tennis pro and a race car driver. Only two of them are gay.

Mike Verschuur is a popular race car driver and has been openly gay for a while now. Gymnast Jeffrey Wammes used the opportunity of this photo spread and article in the magazine to come out of the closet himself. So are homos in sport doing themselves a favor by staying in the closet or would the reward be more golden after revealing who you really are?

More from L’HOMO Magazine after the jump.

Lady Gaga Performs “Judas” On Ellen

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Yesterday, Lady Gaga stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show for a sit down interview and to perform Judas for the first time, and today the episode aired. Lady Gaga looked amazing! She talked about everything from what she wears to bed, to her current tour wrapping up, to being Elton John’s son’s Godmother, and much more. She even promised Ellen she’d wear jeans and sneakers next times she’s on the show. I’d LOVE to see that!

Ellen also asked her about the HBO special, where Gaga says she sometimes feels like a loser. “Do I feel like a loser sometimes? Yes, of course I do. We all feel like losers sometimes.” She then went on to explain how fans reacted last night when she asked them if they felt like a Judas in their own lives:

“I said [to the fans], ‘Some of you may feel like a Judas … you may feel that you’re part of the overarching destiny of life, but you may feel misunderstood by the world and that is how I often feel sometimes, I feel misunderstood. I think we all feel misunderstood sometimes. I really celebrate my identity and urge you to feel impassioned by what is magical inside of you.”

It’s a great interview & performance performance. Watch them both below. I can’t wait to watch the premiere of the “Judas” music video on American Idol next week!

Watch the interview & performance after the jump…

Jennifer Lopez’s new album, “Love?“, finally drops on Tuesday, May 3, after much delay. It was originally slated for a release date in 2010, but due to the enormous flop, “Louboutins“, it was shelved and Lopez was dropped by Sony Records. Thankfully, she regrouped and signed with Island/Def Jam. We’ve already heard a few tracks including “Papi“, “I’m Into You“, “Good Hit“, and the huge hit, “On The Floor“. Now, we have the first listen of another track, “Hypnotico“, from her seventh studio album.

Lopez, once again, teams up with RedOne to produce another potential club banger hit. “Hypnotico” is also one of two tracks co-written by Lady Gaga included on the album. The other being “Invading My Mind“. Here’s what Jennifer told Rolling Stone Magazine about Gaga’s involvement on her new disc.

“We didn’t work together face to face. RedOne brought her into the process, because they’d worked together a lot—it was kind of cool,” she said. “She’s a great songwriter. I don’t just love her lyrics, but also her melodies.”

The synth-heavy track was originally written for Jamaican popstar and Akon protegee, Tami Chynn. Unfortunately for Chynn, her debut track “Frozen” flopped big time for her back in 2008. Her label dropped her and subsequent tracks were never released, including “Hypnotico”. Akon and RedOne tried to turn Tami into the Jamaican Lady Gaga. If you recall, Akon was instrumental in signing Lady Gaga. Looks like lightning didn’t strike twice for Akon’s protegee.

Listen to both Jennifer Lopez’s and Tami Chynn’s versions below and compare. Decide if it was a wise move for Lopez to include sloppy seconds for her comeback CD? Will La Lopez spellbind her fans with her “Hypnotico” jam?

listen to both versions after the jump

Alex Pettyfer, star of I Am Number Four and Beastly, already has the reputation for being a jerk, and now some of the things he was recently quoted as saying in an interview with VMAN magazine just proves it even more.

“L.A. is growing on me a little bit but it’s still a sh*t hole. I think it’s this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear. Geographically it’s fantastic, but socially it’s disgusting. I wish they’d run all the cunts out. I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home.”

The conceited 21 year old also joke that he has “Thank You” etched on his skin above his crotch. When he was asked why, he winked and responded, “In case I forget to say it.”

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