Recently, Homorazzi attended the 10th Annual Taboo “Naughty But Nice” Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Along with our coats, we checked our inhibitions at the door (well kind of) and checked out what this adult playground had to offer. From pole dancing, to S&M, to bedroom toys – we got a little taste of everything (In a very PG way).

The booths were very interactive, informative, and entertaining. There have been so many innovations in toys and apparatus in the world of sex over the past several years, it was mind boggling. As one Homorazzi cast member said, “I didn’t realize how vanilla I was until I went to the show.” There were booths where you could buy stuff, contests to enter, and seminars & shows to help you expand your horizons.

If you haven’t been to the show, be sure to check it out when it comes to your area. Great to check out with your partner or with friends, tapping into the sometimes “taboo” subject that sex.

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Kimberly Caldwell Gives Some Love To

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Okay, this post may seem ridiculous and indulgent but I just had to do it. If you’ve been a loyal reader of, you probably have a clue that I absolutely adore American Idol Season 2 alum, Kimberly Caldwell. In fact, I’ve been a fan of hers since her “Popstars 2″ Scene 23 days. Well, apparently the feeling is mutual. The beautiful blond filmed a quick shoutout to us, thanking us for all our support.

Looks like I made a great impression on the talented singer when I interviewed her last year in Los Angeles at a trendy boutique (KP) on Robertson Street. No exaggeration here, Kimberly was awesome to meet and interview. She was easy, breezy, beautiful… you get the idea. It was like hanging out with one my girl BFFs.

If you haven’t watched her new music video for “Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys“, you definitely have to. It’s a kick-ass pop song that’ll having you moving. It recently entered Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart at #50, making her the 51st Idol finalist to chart on Billboard. She also earns the distinction of having the longest journey (8 long years) from being an “Idol” finalist to making it on the Billboard charts. Make sure you request her single on radio and check out her debut CD, “Without Regret” when it hit stores April 19, 2011.

Book Review: Freedom

In: Dan, Random Reads

It has been a while since I’ve written and posted a book review. Believe me, it hasn’t been due to my lack of focus. It’s all credited to my tackling of an epic masterpiece of literature: Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. Franzen has written several novels over the years, most credited for his earlier work, The Corrections.

This past fall, Oprah added Freedom to her must-reads book club selection list, and naturally I went on a hunt that day to find this book. I wanted to start this particular piece of literature when I knew I would have some time to truly sit back and enjoy the words; I decided my Holiday trip to Hawaii would be a fantastic time to at least start the quest. I’m thankful that I took this approach as this book is impossible to put down and I would have exhausted myself beyond comprehension if I were to try and consume Franzen’s words in piecemeal attempts.

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Josh Henderson Joins “Dallas” Cast

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TNT’s “Dallas” reboot SLASH sequel is getting better and better as each day goes by. First the network negotiated Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray all to reprise their star-making roles. Then the show signed the beautiful Jordana Brewster as the first cast member of the new generation. Now, perpetual bad boy and super hottie Josh Henderson has been added to the mix.

Henderson will play John Ross Ewing, the son of J.R. Ewing, the notorious villain of the original CBS series. John Ross will be involved in a love triangle with his cousin (Bobby Ewing’s son) and the ranch’s beautiful daughter, played by Jordana Brewster. He will also clash with his cousin, as the two fight over the future of Ewing Oil and Southfork Ranch.

The producers did an excellent job of casting this role. Not only is Josh hot, but he has that certain swarmy bad boy appeal that works for the character. Too bad he looks nothing like Larry Hagman, I guess he got all his good looks from his momma, played by Linda Gray. If Josh looks familiar to you, keep reading and you’ll know why.

view shirtless pics of Josh Henderson after the jump

As you all know I love “American Idol“, and I’m glad it’s finally back on track this season. A lot of people enjoy watching the show for the drama or the trainwrecks, but I really enjoy hearing someone doing a solid rendition of a popular song. In other words, I love song covers. When done right, it can breathe new life into an overplayed track or expose an unknown gem to a new audience. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been meaning to do separate posts on the following covers, but always kept pushing them back.

Since, we’re all off in Whistler enjoying a weekend of gay fun on the mountains at WinterPRIDE 2011, I decided to write this post before we left, compiling four covers that I’ve really enjoyed recently. It’s a grab bag of established singers covering hits of yesteryear mixed in with a couple of YouTube users giving their spin on new classics. Hope you enjoy the following selections.

Adele Covers The Cure’s “Lovesong”

I decided to start off with my favorite of the bunch. Adele’s version of The Cure’s classic 80s hit leaked on the internet a few weeks ago. Rumor has it, that it’ll show up on Adele’s super highly-anticipated sophomore album, “21″. I’m not even joking. The buzz and anticipation is almost deafening. I just adore the English songstress and in awe of her rendition. The way she effortlessly transforms the peppy 80s pop song into a warm emotion-filled bluesy track is amazing. Check it out, and I guarantee you’ll be moved as well. Anyone else here, an Adele fan?

listen to three other covers after the jump

Sports Stud: Ryan Lochte

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

This week’s Sport’s Stud is a gold medalist for swimming…and for hotness: Ryan Lochte. This sexy & chiseled 26 year old Olympian, nicknamed The Lochtenator, has won six Olympic Gold Medals (three gold, two silver, one bronze). He has held the title of “World Swimmer of the Year Award” as well as “American Swimmer of the Year Award.” In addition, he also currently holds the following world records:

  • 4×200-meter freestyle relay (long course – as part of American team)
  • 200-meter individual medley (long and short course)
  • 400-meter individual medley (short course)

So his stroke of choice? Ahem…swim stroke that is! Well, his specialties include backstroke, freestyle, and medley. Definitely watch for Speedo-sponsored athlete and his washboard abs at the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Lochte is single (if I’m not mistaken) and loves to dance. In fact, he hurt his knee dancing around a while back, he said in an interview. “We were just dancing, having fun in my living room. A song came on and I started break dancing. My foot went one way, my [left] knee went the other way and … I heard a pop. The next day it blew up. I tore my meniscus.”

Glad he’s okay now!

Check out his hot pics after the jump…

Take a Peak at Peep World

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Think your family is dysfunctional? Then you haven’t met the Meyerowitz family. On the day of their father Henry’s 70th birthday, the four siblings and their significant others gather to celebrate. However, the celebration soon becomes shadowed by the topic of the youngest son’s new book titled Peep World.

Nathan, an author and the only ‘successful’ sibling has written a book exposing all of the family secrets from their life and it has become a national best seller. Embarrassed by their own doings, outed in the book, the family retaliates against their brother and the dysfunction becomes elevated to a whole new level.

This funny film stars some heavy hitters: Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson and Judy Greer.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

My Latest YouTube Sensation… Meet Eli Lieb

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He might not have a million views yet, so not a “sensation” yet, but I can’t get enough of singer/songwriter Eli Lieb. I first discovered him after going to a GREAT Robyn concert a couple months ago. I was singing her songs for days. Totally obsessed. So, I started searching for covers on YouTube and stumbled across Mr. Lieb. Hello!

His cover of Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’ was one of the best I’ve heard. It didn’t hurt that he’s cute as hell and stares right through the camera with beautiful flirty eyes. Sigh. Since I first discovered it, I’ve posted it on Facebook (a few times!) and have even been known to break it out on my iPhone at parties for others to enjoy. He definitely deserves the attention.

Check out Hang With Me. I dare you to disagree.

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