It’s a Brad Brad World

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Remember late last year when Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s geek hunky chic assistant had a falling out? Well it seems like Brad’s managed to capitalize on his 5 minutes of fame by landing his own reality show on Bravo which is tentatively titled “It’s a Brad Brad World” which will follow him as he builds his business and manage his personal life.

‘The docu-series gives an all-access pass to an exciting year of career firsts including – Paris fashion week, the Cannes film festival, the men’s runway shows and the summer couture shows – and each new experience is sure to be sink or swim. – statement from Bravo

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Sports Stud: Alberto Gilardino

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This week’s sports stud is Italian World Cup-winning footballer (or soccer player) Alberto Gilardiono. The striking 28 year old hottie fittingly plays as a striker for Serie A club Fiorentina as well as on the Italian national team. “Gila,” as some call him, played on the Team Italy in the 2004 Summer Olympics where they won bronze, as well as several world cups since then including being part of the most recent 2010 FIFA World Cup squad.

In a recent match over the weekend against Ukraine, Gilardino was named captain of the Italian team for the game, for which he was very grateful. “Wearing the captain’s armband tomorrow is a great gift from the national team. I want to say thank you and it’s an honour for me, especially when you think that previous players like Fabio Cannavaro and Gianluigi Buffon have had the captaincy,” he told the press. Seems to me likes he’s earned it!

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Who You Gonna Call… Bill Murray

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I didn’t even know this was happening but this news has got me very excited. Bill Murray has signed on for not only Ghostbusters 3 but Ghostbusters 4 as well. Bill revealed in an exclusive interview with Ivan Reitman that he will reprise his role as Dr. Peter Venkman. Bill will be joining old friends Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis.

The plan is for them to be filmed concurrently and then released back-to-back Christmases, 2012 and 2013. Rumors were speculated about making Ghostbusters a trilogy a while back but everything began to fall into place in the last twelve months. Bill Murray was also a stale in the proceedings of making this sequel happen. The reason he didn’t want to jump on board? He didn’t approve of the previous screenplay.

In the fall, Dan Aykroyd took over the scripting process and once Murray saw the newest script, it would all ride on his approval. So what’s the plot line? Well, for both movies, the guys will be working on training up a new generation of Ghostbusters. If fans receive the ‘new’ Ghostbusters well, Sony Pictures has plans to spin them their own movies as well.

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Book Review: Room

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If there has ever been a book that made me want to be part of a legitimate book club group, it would be Room by Emma Donoghue. Countless times throughout the journey of reading this novel I often found myself desperately wanting to have a good friend reading it at the same to constantly ask their opinion and ask the endless question of ‘what would you do in this situation?!’ Room stopped me in my fast-reading tracks and forced me to slow down and truly digest the words laid out before me.

Donoghue tackled one of the deepest and darkest crimes of humanity, and her efforts were done with such preciseness that I often forget I was reading a story and felt as if I was living the horrors myself. The plot line is straightforward, yet anything from simple and the language is uncanny when you consider the narrative point of view the story is written from – that of a five year old boy, Jack. The world, according to the youngster, contains only three people; himself, his mother (lovingly referred to as Ma) and their daily visitor, Old Nick. The underlying truth unbeknownst to the boy is ‘Old Nick’ kidnapped his mother when she was only 19 years old and has held her captive in a shed in his backyard for nearly a decade, raping her on a nightly basis, eventually leading to his birth. Simply typing those words still sends shivers down my spine.

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Only moments after Britney Spears announced on Good Morning America that she would be touring this summer with Enrique Iglesias, the latin hottie pulled out completely from the opening act gig. Better sooner than later I guess. So now with the slot available, many artists have been in “talks” to fill his shoes, but who will get the coveted spot?

DJ Pauly D was first to head in to talks with Britney’s people after Enrique dropped the bomb of his departure. This wouldn’t be the first time he had opened for Britney as he spun before her surprise performance in Vegas and interluded each set with some of his own stylings. Is a DJ enough to keep a Britney crowd occupied before she hits the stage?

Another male in talks for the opening spot is Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas. Brother Nick has released a few solo tracks but I haven’t heard anything from Joe. Would this be his solo musical debut? Joe has said in interviews lately that dance music is where his heart is which makes his ‘style’ a perfect fit for the opening bill.

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Well, here I am to finish off in Donovan’s venerable stead the Top 11 week Take Two! Wednesday’s performance were stale for the most part and my nasty side definitely reared it’s head so I was hopeful that the results show would make up for some of the fall from grace that the singers and show itself had gone through… boy was I in for a hilarious disappointment. The result show was a total mess! Let’s start with Idol’s approach the “new format” this year. Instead of starting off the final leg of the race with something like 20 singers as they have in the past, the good deciders at Idol switched things up and quickly whittled the talent down to about a baker’s dozen almost immediately after the Hollywood week. A risky move but it showed this year was no nonsense and all about the talent. Ever since that decision however, it’s been a slapstick comedy as the show attempts a new result show each week with everything from clumsy group performances to drawn out elimination: “…and you’ll FIND out… right after these messages” cliff hangers. This week they attempted to show the coupling side of the singers and had them perform in duets and groups before they brought the kids up to the stage to hear their results. In theory I think this sounded like a great idea. In actuality: it was a disaster.

The first pair to perform was the country talent: Scotty and Lauren. While I gave Lauren props for pulling it out this week in her Elton song, Scotty has finally and fully solidified himself as a one trick pony with no where to go but the glue factory. The too-old-for-his-own good cowpoke is absolutely unable to venture outside his bailiwick and even the people at Idol know this as they continue to force him into country songs and allow him to alter every Wednesday performance of his to this southern style he so enjoys. I’m sorry, but hearing about “how his baby left [him]” just sounds ridiculous knowing that third base to him still likely means “over the shirt action” (don’t even ASK what it means to me ;). I’m gonna stop before I give away their results and make you click through as I hate it when any spoilers are in the first section of the article so….

Click through to read the results and the rest of my scathing review of last night

Once again, Friday is upon us and we can’t go a Friday without hearing that dreaded or song or talking about Rebecca Black. Her rise to ‘fame’ has been a quick one and now with talks of some more music in the works, it was only a matter of time before Funny Or Die jumped on the bandwagon.

With their newest video from the series Betwixt: The Music, we get a special look inside the life of Rebecca Black and her rise to music superstardom. The video is very True Hollywood Story and Behind the Music in nature. Listening to Rebecca talk about her choice of Friday over all the other days of the week is a highlight.

Another great part of the video is when rocker Sammy Hagar makes a random appearance. His reasoning behind why the song was a hit is quite funny. Things like “remember the dark times we were living in when the song came out… St. Patrick’s Day was ahead of us, not behind us.” Hilarious.

Check out the video after the jump.

Last March, I wrote an article featuring Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver and his life changing six-episode series, Food Revolution. Jamie spent a significant amount of time in Huntington, West Virginia, starting basically from scratch in an effort to change the eating habits and in turn the lives of the residents. Huntington, West Virginia was crowded the most overweight city in the most overweight country in the world, and Jamie was determined to do something about it, starting with the local elementary and high schools and improve the health of the cities next generation of leaders. It was a brilliant television event that showcased the root of the problem; a lack of education and wherewithal. At the end of this first season Jamie was successful in promoting his healthy-eating program and managed to spread the foundation across the entire school district, with the help of some amazing people within the community.

In another brilliant step, Jamie is back on American soil to once again promote healthy eating and living. This time Jamie has decided to take on the food-consuming beast, Los Angeles. The second season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is debuting on Tuesday, April 12th, on ABC – believe me I will be tuning in and setting the PVR for a series recording!

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