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Ricky Martin’s First Gay Music Video

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The Puerto Rican “DILF” pop star has just released his first music video since coming out as being gay. The video is for his lovey dovey song, “The Part About Me Is You,” featuring Joss Stone.

The song/video has quite the dramatic intro, throwing heavy words on the screen that include Equality, Justice, Malice, among others, but then transitions into the happy go lucky, I love you song. I think he could have done without the intro. The video features more inspirational words, couple with children, gay and lesbian couples, and Ricky Martin singing from his chair, with no closet in site. It definitely sends out a great message and good for him for using his star power to promote such a positive message. The video is beautifully shot as well.

I guess this was to be expected, given that music is a form of expression and the guy has just gone through the coming out phase. That being said, I want to see him shake his bon-bon and live la vida loca like he used to. He’s sexier than ever before, and you only get a taste of it with the shirtless Ricky in this video. Hopefully he has something up beat in store for us! Check out the video below.

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“I’ll get triple grande, two-pump vanilla, non-fat, extra hot, anti-gay latte.” – Yeah, no thanks.

An anti-gay activist named Scott Lively, has opened his own coffee shop in Springfield, Massachusetts, and it’s creating quite a stir. Lively is the president of “Abiding Truth Ministries” and in his biography, he describes himself as “one of the most knowledgeable and articulate opponents of the homosexual agenda in America.” He refers to the gay movement an “evil institution,” even to go so far as to support the anti-gay legislation in Uganda for gays, although he did feel the death penalty was too harsh…duh. He actually even went to Uganda and held a conference where thousands of Ugandans attended. He and his crew discussed how to make gay people straight, that gays sodomized teenage boys, and that the gay movement was trying to replace marriage with a culture of promiscuity.

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Just announced today, Penthouse is creating a 3D Porn Channel. I guess everyone really is jumping on the 3D wagon. Guys that “use” Penthouse will now have remember to put glasses on their before they “get off”. Imagine as a teen, If your parents walking in on you masturbating isn’t embarrassing enough, imagine it happening while you’re wearing 3D glasses. Marc Bell, CEO of FriendFinder Networks, explains the venture:

“We started shooting in 3D this past summer, and have significantly invested to perfect 3D production quality. Consumer excitement for 3D content is high, and Penthouse is the one studio that can rely on its broad expertise to deliver 3D in a manner unmatched by any other branded entertainment company.”

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Kelly Rowland’s Awesome “Hangover”

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While everyone was busy checking out Britney Spear’s newest track, another pop diva’s new song leaked on the internet. Just like Britney’s unmastered demo, Kelly Rowland’s latest is also not completely ready for public consumption but it doesn’t matter, because it’s amazing. The “Commander” singer’s new track is entitled “Hangover” and features singer/songwriter Andree Merritt on vocals. This isn’t he first time Merritt has collaborated with Rowland. He co-penned Kelly’s last international single, “Forever and a Day“.

I’m a huge Kelly Rowland fan, so you’ll have to take my praise with a grain of salt. But after checking out the track, you’ll see my glowing review is completely warranted. “Hangover” is an electro-pop tune recently recorded during studio sessions for Kelly’s long-awaited upcoming album. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that it’ll hopefully see the light of day in 2011. I think I’ll get my wish, when the polished version of “Hangover” is officially released and becomes a smash hit for the other DC member not named Beyonce. Check out the track below and get ready to ooh and aah.

listen to Kelly Rowland’s Hangover after the jump

The 2010 DGA Nominees Are…

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If you’re going to participate in your Oscar office pool, get to know these five gentlemen. This year’s Academy Awards nominations won’t be announced for another couple of weeks, but if history has anything to say about it, these five men will be receiving congratulation calls come Oscar nomination day. Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), David Fincher (the social network), Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech), Christopher Nolan (Inception) and David O’Russell (Fighter) all scored Director Guild of America Awards nominations, or better simply known as, the DGAs.

Since the DGAs started giving awards to movie directors in 1948, they have only differed six times from the Oscar Best Director winner. Those are some pretty good odds. The most recent discrepancy came in 2002 when Rob Marshall won the DGA for “Chicago“, but Roman Polanski won Oscar glory for “The Pianist”.

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Just before the Christmas break, I had to chance to chat on the phone with the lovely Michelle Visage, the newest addition to the permanent judges panel on RuPaul’s Drag Race for season 3. Does her name ring a bell? Well, she’s done a lot of things. She was in two music groups including The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. and Seduction, she is a morning radio host and if you remember RuPaul’s show back on VH1, she was there for that too.

Her career has spanned many outlets of the entertainment industry, but as I found out in this interview, she couldn’t be more excited to join RuPaul on his Drag Race ventures. “Its been a long time coming…” as she told me in the interview. With her past history with Ru, it was only a matter of time before she jumped onboard. In the interview, she reveals a lot of information about the upcoming season which makes me real excited to check it out.

The list of guest judges for this season have also raised a lot of anticipation with Michelle Williams, Margaret Cho, and the list just goes on. Its season three, and they’ve really amped up the stakes and the drama. Michelle admits that she is going to be very real on the show and with that, comes some drama from the queens. “I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about me in the Interior Illusions Lounge…” but I promised her, we’d keep track of the shade, and let her know.

Check out the interview after the jump.

In 2009, Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski found out that Big Brother really is watching you when he found himself in a little bit of criminal hot water (and I don’t mean the BB hot tub). After being arrested and charged by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) after being discovered with 2,000 Oxycodone pills with intent to distribute.

Allegedly, Adam admitted to using his $500,000 winnings to fund his new drug ring of buying and reselling the pills. He is now facing 20 years in prison and a whopping 1 million dollar fine. But Adam is about to meet his new housemate. Funny thing is, they’ve lived in a house together before. Roommates for life! What a twist.

Former season nine house guest and co-star, Matthew McDonald is about to join Jasinski in the slammer for twenty years. He just pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone in connection to his buddy’s drug ring. I bet they are both wishing for Power Of Veto now.

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Wine 101: Colome, Argentina

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Just a quick disclaimer. Due to last weeks comments on Wine 101, I thought it necessary to let the general wine drinking public know that I’m not getting endorsement for any wine promoted in this column. Hell, if someone wants to make a deal, bring it on. Until then, being in the wine industry for quite a few years now has helped expose me to some pretty cool varietals, regions, and wines. Be assured, that I am only writing about a wine because I enjoy it, and for no other reason. Hopefully you are getting a good wine from my recommendations, and not a bottle of questionable quality due to endorsement of any kind. ON WITH THE WINE!

Argentinian wine has become really popular in the last five or so years. Well, South American wine in general thanks to the influx of interest in Malbec, an easy drinking, fruit-forward red wine. Although Chile was the first country to really take off with this varietal in North America here, Argentinian wines have become a close second in popularity now, and are continuing to gain notoriety.

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