I’m loving the newly released pics of Madonna, Out Magazine just released. For their “Ladies We Love” issue, the magazine chose both Britney Spears and Madonna to share the honors of gracing the cover. Last week, we saw a sneak peek of Brits, and this week it’s her idol’s turn. While Spears’ pictures are new and fresh, the magazine chose to go old school and compiled a bunch of never-before-released pictures of the Material Girl.

Photographer Richard Corman snapped Madonna, who was 24 at the time, a year before she became famous. Snaps of Madonna dancing with neighborhood kids, hanging out with senior citizens and other scenarios in the backdrop of 1980s New York, are pretty amazing. Even though you can see Madonna’s undeniable star quality, there’s this sense of innocence in the photos. Few would’ve predicted that Madonna, who’s still sporting some baby fat in the pics, would revolutionize the music industry. Truly a pioneer.

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It’s official. The second generation of Apple’s popular tablet is a HUGE hit. Unlike most movie sequels, the iPad 2 is proving very popular with consumers, more so than the original. According to Reuters, the iPad 2 has sold one million devices over the weekend. The first gen iPad took about a month to reach the same milestone.

At $499 a pop, that’s almost half a billion in revenue. Must be nice to own Apple stock today. Even if you go by some of the more conservative projections by some websites, the iPad 2 is still a bonafide success with reports of stores being sold out across the nation.

Considering the robust sales the iPad had during the past holiday season, I was curious to see if the demand for a new version would be so high, just a couple of months after Christmas. Must suck for those people who were so happy with their shiny new iPads, only for it to become dated within weeks. I guess the thinner, lighter and faster new model really resonated with the public.

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For the past two years, Kelly Rowland has collaborated with David Guetta on two club banger songs, both of which became huge summer anthems- at least for the gays it did. In 2009, it was “When Love Takes Over” and last year it was “Commander“. With summer on the horizon, my favorite ex-Destiny’s Child member is hoping to make it a three-peat, with a brand new hot dance track. This time, however, she’s working with Italian DJ Alex Gaudino instead of her frequent collaborator, Frenchman Guetta.

What A Feeling” is an upbeat energetic track, ready to the take clubs by storm. Kelly, IMHO, sounds great on the song and it has the potential to be another dance hit for her. The beat has a retro dance vibe going on, making it perfectly ripe for another DJ to remix the shizz out of it. With Kelly Rowland slowing it down recently with her two most recent tracks- a duet with Nelly, “Gone“, and her new single, “Motivation“. The latter for which she just filmed a music video for. It’s nice to see Rowland hasn’t forgotten her inner disco dance diva. It wouldn’t be a summer without Kelly blasting at a Pride celebration. Give “What A Feeling” a listen below.

listen to Kelly & Alex’s collabo after the jump

When Justin Bieber’s new haircut was first revealed, many people were wondering who the guy in the picture with him was. Well, it was none other than Rascal Flatt’s member Jay DeMarcus. But when the two become BFF’s? No, its not like that. Justin and the country group were filming the video for their collaboration track That Should Be Me. The song appears on Justin’s Never Say Never: Remix album.

In the video, the Rascal Flatts and Justin Bieber meet up to jam out to the track. Afterwards, the posse heads to the sound stage to proceed to film the video. I absolutely love the song. Back in the day, I was a pretty big fan of the Rascal Flatts and their album Melt. This song brings me back to those good old days. I think the song also shows some Justin Bieber maturity and growth in his music once again.

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For those of you not familiar with Grindr, it’s a gay social networking App for your phone (iOS, Android, & BlackBerry) where you can track down people you may be interested in based on their exact distance away from you at any given time. It is the world’s largest all-male location-based network, with over 1.5 million members in 180 countries, with 300,000 active daily users. Needless to say, it makes sense for them to take something that they’ve been successful with and bring it mainstream. They are now launching “Amicus,” which comes from the latin word meaning “friend”. More like friend with benefits.

“Users love our existing location-based mobile experience, and we recognize the demand for a mainstream app,” says Joel Simkhai, who is leading the project. “We’re thrilled to continue harnessing the power of location to deliver a compelling new global platform that fundamentally changes and improves the way we meet new people.”

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Last week, Glee tackled a popular and controversial subject. SEX. As much as there was some uproar about the content, I have to say that in my opinion, it was a step up from some previous drab episodes. The song selections were entertaining and the storylines were full. From Santana professing her love to Brittany and Kurt and his father having the talk, to Holly and Will sharing a kiss after their sexy tango, it was one action packed episode.

This week, Donovan wrote about Glee’s spread in Teen Vogue where the boys from the show posed in prom attire with a handful of girls in prom dresses and gowns. However, this wasn’t the only magazine coverage two boys from Glee found. Vanity Fair mentioned the relationship between Kurt and Blaine and their attempt to appear sexy to a group of girls in their rendition of Neon Tree’s Animal. However, their choice of words wasn’t quite what I expected…

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Brandy Reminisces On MTV’s “When I Was 17″

In: Donovan, Music, TV Shows

Truth be told, I’ve never seen MTV’s “When I Was 17“, but after checking out Brandy’s segment from the most recent episode, I might include it on my recording schedule. The show features celebrities as they look back at the events leading up to their present-day career. Mostly focusing on when they were actually 17-years-old. Interviews with family, friends and colleagues are often included as part of the celebs’ segment. Currently the show is airing its second season. “When I Was 17″ airs on Saturdays at 11/10c on MTV.

Brandy, Jay Manuel and Derek Hough were highlighted on Saturday night’s episode. I only caught Brandy’s segment and it was soooooo good. The now 32-year-old R&B singer reminisced about her career back in the day, when she was riding high with a hit sitcom, “Moesha“, and achieved huge commercial success with “The Boy Is Mine“. It also covers her reported feud with her duet partner on that song, Monica. It was Brandy vs Monica long before Britney vs Christina.

In addition, Brandy talks about going to her high school prom with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and meeting Michael Jackson for the first time. My favorite part of the segment is when Brandy talks about her embarrassing gaffe at the Grammys. When her name was called out, awarding Monica and her with their first Grammy win, rather than walking hand in hand with her duet partner, Brandy literally ran up the stage and fist-pumped like Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Oscars. Meanwhile, Monica trailed behind as she walked elegantly to the stage. LOL. You can catch that embarrassing moment and much more on MTV’s trip down memory lane with Brandy.

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Last week, David Cassidy was sent home, leaving tension on team “Backbone” between Richard Hatch and Jose Conseco. The women had their own share of drama in the last episode, with tension between Star Jones and Lisa Rinna and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of that.

This week, teams are tasked to create and write a children’s book. The story must be based on at least one member of the team and they must ultimately perform in front of an audience of children. Holly Robinson Pete, from the last season of Celebrity Apprentice and now on The Talk, will be one of the judges. The project manager for the men will be Meat Loaf, and for the women it is Lisa Rinna (who reluctantly accepted the role).

Backbone is off to a great start. Mark McGrath and John Rich are going to be the writers, considering their songwriting background. Lil’ Jon is going to be their character in the book as a superhero. Creativity juices are flowing and everyone’s getting along. The same can’t be said for ASAP

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