Eleven months after coming out publicly, country singer Chely Wright has announced that she is engaged to her longtime girlfriend and gay rights activist Lauren Blitzer. The two plan to marry in Connecticut on August 20th. The two met through their GLBT activist work and Chely has admitted that their love of Scrabble is what keeps them together.

Chely told People Magazine that being out and open to the public is what allowed her to fall in love with Lauren and says that she is the most amazing woman she has ever met. Chely came out publicly through a cover story with the magazine last May.

The couple plans to wed on an estate owned by Lauren’s aunt. The guest list will be small with a plan to only have 200 friends and family in attendance. The two are very excited about the upcoming nuptials stating that their two families already fit so well together.

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Next Year’s Grammy Awards Get a Makeover

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The Grammy Awards have been going on for a long time and more importantly, have gone unchanged. While many people watch the broadcasted awards, there are a ton of awards that go on unnoticed because they are awarded the night before or silently without our knowing. Why? Well because there are 109 categories for awards. Next year, there will only be 78. That’s a huge change.

“Every year, we diligently examine our awards structure to develop an overall guiding vision and ensure that it remains a balanced and viable process. After careful and extensive review and analysis of all categories and fields, it was objectively determined that our Grammy categories be restructured to the continued competition and prestige of the highest and only peer-recognized award in music.” – Recording Academy President, Neil Portnow

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Last week, Russell’s last remaining minion, Stephanie officially eliminated after Matt beat her out of the Redemption Island challenge. At the last tribal council, Sarita was blindsided and voted out. From the previews, we know that a merge is going to happen in this episode. Going into the merge Rob has idol and so does Ralph. Let the games begin!

At this dual between Sarita and Matt, everybody’s invited. Both tribes get to watch, and after the dual is done, the winner will renter the game and both tribes will merge. Needless to say, the stakes are high. Matt has successfully won six challenges on Redemption Island, but unfortunately a cut on his foot may work against him in this challenge. Nothing Matt God can’t handle. It’s actually really a worse case scenario for him. The challenge is holding yourselve up between two pillars on narrow footholds. Every 15 minutes, the two will move to a smaller foot hold until the third and final foothold. First to fall will be eliminated for good. So who outlasts in this one?

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A few months ago on a suggestion from Donovan, I did a Who’d You Rather of a more, “daddy” variety. After a few weeks of mouth watering eye candy, I decided to do another round of daddy-like pairings to see who will reign supreme. Both of these carry a load of sex appeal and have starred in some pretty amazing films and really, I have no idea who will take the crown. I’m talking about Javier Bardem and Clive Owen.

Javier hails from Spain and can talk dirty Spanish in your ear all night long if you like. This multiple award winning actor has starred in such films as Before Night Falls, No Country For Old Men and his most recent Academy Award nomination came from Biutiful. Its not just the Spanish side that gets your blood boiling. It’s his brooding nature and humble demeanor. Javier is married to actress Penelope Cruz. What a lucky bitch.

Clive is not only man of film but of TV and the stage as well. Born in Coventry, England, Clive started off on an ITV series but really gained steamed after his award winning and nominated role in the film Closer. He’s since been seen in a handful of films look sexy as always. Did you know that Clive once played a bisexual playboy in the film Bent? Definitely worth the watch. Clive is also married with two daughters.

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Well, they certainly were slow in coming up with a campaign that’s such a blatant rip off of the NOH8 campaign. The Westboro Baptist Church, dispised by people all over the world for their anti-gay, bullsh*t bible cult & protests. They often show up at the funerals of public figures when they believe the deceased person was a sinner. So disrespectful. They believe there are no gays in heaven, and that hell is our eternal home. They preach that you can’t know God’s love without knowing his hate, and that he actually hates a lot of things…(their attempt to justify their evil ways).

In the video, they pose several questions to viewers, answering the most frequently discussed questions/arguments they get on the picket line. Nineteen of the most common misconceptions about the Bible dispelled, they say. The video is fully “polished” with music and each question broken up by their God H8s Campaign pictures.

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Last night, Patrick and I got a chance to check out the opening of Riverdance: A Journey here in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I had seen Riverdance before in a more arena like setting so I was looking forward to seeing the show in a more scaled down setting. This was Patrick’s first time and really, didn’t quite know what to expect, but I can tell you he thoroughly enjoyed it and so did I.

I want to start off by talking about the amazing music that was played throughout the evening. They were absolutely amazing. The music made the show for me with its unique time signatures, great beats and overall pulsating rhythm that made you want to get up and dance yourself. The percussionist was the most entertaining to watch as he was so animated and was really loving every minute. The violinist was also very talented and had a couple of solos to really shine. And if you’re a sax man, you’ll love his smooth solo that’ll make you melt in your seat. Patrick’s favorite instrument solo was the man on Uilleann Pipes. The bagpipe like sound was so haunting yet so romantic and made you sit back and really listen.

But right, we were at Riverdance so lets get to the dancing. One of the things that this troupe prides themselves in are the synchronicity. Their sounds were absolutely bang on and the feet were a flutter with amazing rhythms and sounds. However, a few couldn’t keep up and it wasn’t as precise as I have seen it before. Being a dancer, I am just picky but over they were outstanding and there was some fast footwork that blew me away.

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It has been said that all good things must come to an end and in this case, I’m a little heart broken. Alec Baldwin who plays the more than hilarious Jack Donaghy on NBC’s hit show 30 Rock has revealed that show will come to a close after its 2011/2012 season. I am devastated. But let’s real; it couldn’t have lasted forever.

Alec revealed the news the National Dance Institute’s fund-raising Gala in New York City Tuesday night saying, “I will tell you one thing, and that is our show next year is our last year of the show.”

30 Rock is currently airing its fifth season with season six being its closer. Season 1 through to 3 were well received by fans with its ratings climbing every week and its over rank also increasing. However, Season 4 found a huge dip in ratings and ranking. To keep this current season fresh, they announced they would film an episode live twice. This way, it was live for both East and West coasts and also made for two really different shows.

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Sarah Silverman Makes Out With A Unicorn

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Unicorns are making money this year! First they appear in Kesha‘s “Blow” video, and now one is featured in a viral ad for Juicy Fruit, featuring Sarah Silverman. The video tells the love story of Sarah Silverman and this unicorn, while Aerosmith’s “Angel” plays in the background. Like every relationship, they have their ups and downs. In one arguments, Sarah says “I have horse like features, but I’m a person!”

The video is titled Serenading Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman. After Silverman sees a shady text on the Unicorn’s bedazzled phone, the Unicorn must win her love and trust back. So intense. Remember when Juicy Fruit was simply “The taste that’s gonna move ya?” They are sure trying something different.

The video is just under 4 minutes long, which in my experience is how long a stick of Juicy Fruit lasts. So pop one in your mouth and enjoy the video below!

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