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Watch A Guy Picking Up Random Guys

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It’s slightly ridiculous and borderline offensive but watching this straight dude (I assume) picking up random guys on the street is hilarious to watch. The reactions he gets run the gamut. Some are, not surprisingly, angry including one calling him a faggot and another informing him the terrors he’d face as a homosexual if he was living in Africa.

On the flip side, some are pleasantly receptive to his advances. One ‘straight’ dude even admits he’s thought about experimenting with a guy before. For some reason though, his face is the only one blurred out. Did someone not feel comfortable signing the release ;)

This prank is the latest social experiment uploaded to Whatever’s YouTube channel. Check out his awkward adventures on Los Angeles streets below.

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Imagine if Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and the rest of your favorite pop stars attended the same high school. Well, in Todrick Hall’s insanely creative mind, they did. He’s outdone himself with his new series Pop Star High.

Lady Gaga (Sideara St. Claire) is the gifted creative social outcast tormented by the school’s mean girls- Britney (Jayleen Griffin), Nicki Minaj (Kendra Hill) and Christina Aguilera (Lauren Berry). Thankfully, Stefani Germanotta finds kindness from other students- Taylor Swift (Erin Solomon) and Beyonce (Asia’h Epperson). Her luck turns around (or she thinks) when the hottest boy in school, Justin Timberlake (Michael Rexford), asks her out. Hall himself joins the action as Ne-Yo. Check out all the musical drama below.

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Gladiators are fully aware the roller coaster ride Shonda Rimes takes us on with each episode. Sometimes some of the OMFG twist and turns on Scandal are just too much. It could easily pass for one of those telenovelas. Jimmy Kimmel also thinks so.

The late night host enlisted the entire Scandal cast to film a hilarious spoof titled Escandalo. Kimmel aired the fourth and final episode of his parody last night. Kerry Washington’s exaggerated acting is spot-on. Check out the entire series below.

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Randy Blue Models Pay Tribute To Beyonce

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They’re baaaaaaack. Randy Blue’s stable of porn stars are paying tribute to another diva. In 2010, they paid homage to Kylie Minogue by lip syncing to her monster hit, “Get Outta My Way.” This time around, they show off their blowing skills. Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that kind of blow, but rather they filmed a lip dub to Beyonce’s club smash, “Blow.”

Watch Diego Sans, Jarec Wentworth, Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, Justin Owen, Abele Place and Austin Wolfe strut their stuff in bright Calvin Klein underwear as they recite the song’s lyrics. Be sure to weigh in on which of Randy Blue’s models are your favorites afterward. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being involved in a Wolfe sandwich ;)

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Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd For A Dollar?

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Hell, I’d do it for nothing. I’m not alone in thinking that either. Several New York pedestrians echo the same sentiment. However, there are surprisingly a few who won’t do it, including one sexy hunk that Billy Eichner and Paul Rudd bump into.

This stunt is for Eichner’s latest Billy On The Street episode. His previous antics featured Neil Patrick Harris and Lindsay Lohan. The latter joined in destroying a car with the former’s face on the windshield. It had to do with How I Met Your Mother ending. Check out Billy’s newest clip below.

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It’s not as sexy as the #cockinasock campaign but anything to raise awareness for testicular cancer is always a good thing. If you didn’t know, testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29. Good news is that it’s highly treatable if detected early.

To help save your nuts, twenty guys volunteered to get waxed below the belt. Watch their facial reactions in slow motion below as they undergo the procedure. Not surprisingly, it’s somewhat hilarious.

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Rita Ora & Hyuna Walk Off For Funny Or Die

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To quote Project Runway Season 2′s Daniel Vosovic, “It’s a mother fucking walk off!” As gay men, whether we like to admit it or not, we love watching a walk off if not participating in one. I love showing my strut when I have liquid courage.

Rita Ora and PSY’s “Gangnam Style” co-star Hyuna show off their best sashays for Funny or Die’s latest clip titled, “Girl, You Better Walk.” The Brit and K-Pop artists go back and forth trying to out do each other with their signature walks. “Walking is the cornerstone of pop music all over the world, which is why singers need to have so many different walks at their disposal,” Ora says.

Watch the adorable clip below which ends with Rita being taught a few moves from 4Minute’s (Hyuna’s band) EDM hit “Whatcha Doin Today.” Sissy that walk ladies.

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I’m certain some of you are tired of all the “First Kiss” imitations out there. I can definitely relate. However, this latest one is an actual PSA encouraging condom use and not one promoting a women’s clothing line or a comedic spoof. To boot, this one features all gay men.

New Zealand’s community-focused program Love Your Condom enlisted ten gay strangers to make out for the first time. Much like the original, the couples start off awkwardly but then really get into it. You go girls. What I also appreciate about the PSA is the cultural diversity. Solid job Kiwis. Check out the clip below.

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