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Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd For A Dollar?

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Hell, I’d do it for nothing. I’m not alone in thinking that either. Several New York pedestrians echo the same sentiment. However, there are surprisingly a few who won’t do it, including one sexy hunk that Billy Eichner and Paul Rudd bump into.

This stunt is for Eichner’s latest Billy On The Street episode. His previous antics featured Neil Patrick Harris and Lindsay Lohan. The latter joined in destroying a car with the former’s face on the windshield. It had to do with How I Met Your Mother ending. Check out Billy’s newest clip below.

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It’s not as sexy as the #cockinasock campaign but anything to raise awareness for testicular cancer is always a good thing. If you didn’t know, testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29. Good news is that it’s highly treatable if detected early.

To help save your nuts, twenty guys volunteered to get waxed below the belt. Watch their facial reactions in slow motion below as they undergo the procedure. Not surprisingly, it’s somewhat hilarious.

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Rita Ora & Hyuna Walk Off For Funny Or Die

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To quote Project Runway Season 2′s Daniel Vosovic, “It’s a mother fucking walk off!” As gay men, whether we like to admit it or not, we love watching a walk off if not participating in one. I love showing my strut when I have liquid courage.

Rita Ora and PSY’s “Gangnam Style” co-star Hyuna show off their best sashays for Funny or Die’s latest clip titled, “Girl, You Better Walk.” The Brit and K-Pop artists go back and forth trying to out do each other with their signature walks. “Walking is the cornerstone of pop music all over the world, which is why singers need to have so many different walks at their disposal,” Ora says.

Watch the adorable clip below which ends with Rita being taught a few moves from 4Minute’s (Hyuna’s band) EDM hit “Whatcha Doin Today.” Sissy that walk ladies.

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I’m certain some of you are tired of all the “First Kiss” imitations out there. I can definitely relate. However, this latest one is an actual PSA encouraging condom use and not one promoting a women’s clothing line or a comedic spoof. To boot, this one features all gay men.

New Zealand’s community-focused program Love Your Condom enlisted ten gay strangers to make out for the first time. Much like the original, the couples start off awkwardly but then really get into it. You go girls. What I also appreciate about the PSA is the cultural diversity. Solid job Kiwis. Check out the clip below.

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Forget the spoonful of sugar. It’s dem pills that make the medicine go down. Todrick Hall is back with another parody of a Walt Disney classic. With Saving Mr. Banks bringing the beloved film back to the forefront, Hall tackles everyone’s favorite nanny. Obviously, with his signature ratchet spin of course.

I’m sure author P.L. Travers is rolling in her grave after catching wind of this. The second he mistakenly introduces himself as Mary J. Blige instead of Mary Poppins, I was sold. Check his latest What The Funny masterpiece below.

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Watch His Girlfriend Literally Die Over Everything

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This hilarious little gem comes courtesy of Nic who posted it on my FB timeline earlier today. Admittedly, I’m guilty as charged of frequently misusing the world ‘literally.’ I’m sure I’m not alone. We’ve all done it to emphasize something.

NYC sketch comedy group Garlic Jackson does a great job of illustrating people’s tendency to inappropriately overuse certain words, phrases and popular sayings. Check out the clip below. It’s literally everything ;)

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15 Homophobes Hug Gays In ‘First Hug’

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As expected, the viral clip featuring strangers kissing for the first time has spawned numerous spoofs. As a side note, did you know it was actually a promo for a women’s clothing company, Wren? The latest one to spoof “First Kiss” comes courtesy of The Gay Women Channel.

First Hug” features 15 self-proclaimed homophobes hugging LGBT folks in hopes of hugging their homophobia away. Most likely, it’s fake and the folks aren’t actually homophobic. “First Handjob” was definitely funnier, but this one is still an entertaining watch. Check it out below.

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Watch Looking Parody’s First Episode

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Going through Looking withdrawals already? It’s only been a week since the HBO series bid adieu til next year but if you’re needing a fix, definitely check this out.

Jason Looney and Drew Droege are back to spoof the Jonathan Groff show. They, along with Jeremy Shane and Justin Martindale, have expanded their original parody and decided to make their very own series about 30-something gays living in Los Angeles. Check out the first episode below.

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