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Based on the amount of videos out there, it’s clear plenty of people love cats. Using that same logic, the same can be said for the seminal high school flick, Mean Girls. Imagine the magic that happens when you put them together. You get this amusing parody using adorable felines in lieu of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert.

Catty just moved, and she has to quickly learn how to survive in her new jungle- high school. The clip hilariously substitutes iconic lines from the movie with cat-inspired dialogue. For instance, one time Grumpy Cat told Regina George she was pretty. Another time, Regina slapped someone with her paw and it was… awesome! Did you also know her favorite movie was Air Bud? LOL. Check out other gems below.

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Ever wanted to learn another language? Now you can and in just under two minutes.

Italians are known for talking with their hands. Thanks to the Dolce & Gabbana male models from the FW15 fashion show, learning Italian hand gestures has never been so easy. Check out the amusing clip compiled by below which includes several models I’ve featured before: Noah Mills, Arran Sly, Oliver Cheshire and many more.

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It’s the age-old question, why do gay guys find straight guys so hot? Vlogger Davey Wavey isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to uncover the reason. He brings in Igor Kolomiyets as exhibit ‘A’ and instructs him to undress in an attempt to figure out what all the fuss is about. I can think of at least eight reasons ;)

Either you love him or hate him. The online celebrity is very polarizing. This video won’t do anything to change your mind either way. Check out Davey’s latest antics below.

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Who The F##k Is Nancy?

In: Nic, Videos

Sometimes people you know do weird stuff you don’t know about. Sometimes, bam, they get a puppy, or boom, shave themselves a mohawk you have to pretend to be happy about. Sometimes they make a web series. There’s something happening on YouTube you should be watching. In the line of other great webisode series, hilariousness has come out of Toronto and it makes me giggle. That series is “Who the F##k is Nancy“.

Alex and Jo are two extremundously gay men trying their damnedest to get famous, and whether it’s brushing shoulders with Lohan, trying to get party invites from ex 1G5G cast members, or making a sex tape, the two will do anything to find their inner celebrité.

The duo have amahzing chemistry, and between Jo carrying the straight man with a facefull’o'makeup and Alex doin’ the slapstick, the two definitely have potential careers in comidé. Give these two a chance! By episode 2 the boys find their stride and crack me, and hopefully you, the fud up.

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Todrick Hall Goes Twerkin’ In The Rain

In: Donovan, Videos

Todrick Hall is back and putting his unique spin on another classic. This time he gives the 1952 flick Singin’ In The Rain a ratchet makeover. “Twerkin’ In The Rain” is his latest video for Marlon Wayans’ new venture What The Funny.

Hall along with an army of colorful trench-wearing skanks twerk their little hearts out in the pouring rain. You should give it a try next time there’s a torrential downpour. As Todrick states in the clip, twerkin’ in the rain is the ratchiest feeling. Check out the clip below. Don’t worry, there’s also some scantily-dressed guys popping their juicy butts. Why else would I share this clip ;)

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Devil Baby Prank To Promote Upcoming Horror Flick

In: Donovan, Movies, Videos

Since its release the other day, this clip has already gone viral, generating over 18 million views to date. You might’ve already seen it, but if you haven’t, definitely check it out.

An animatronic ‘devil baby’ in a remote controlled stroller is set loose on the streets of New York City. Unsuspecting onlookers naturally walk towards the carriage upon hearing the sounds of a baby crying. Once within scaring distance, the fake baby pops up causing them to shriek. I’d definitely be freaked out too. The prank is part of an elaborate stunt to promote the upcoming horror flick, Devil’s Due, out this Friday, January 17.

A similar prank was executed months ago to push the Carrie remake. While not as hilarious as that clip, the Devil Baby prank is still worth watching.

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Thanks to Beyonce’s pronunciation of ‘surfboard,’ “Drunk In Love” has inadvertently become one of the most recently played tracks in my household. My friends and I can’t help but imitate her and try to pronounce as many words as possible using her styling. Side note: Did you know ‘surfboard‘ was a sexual position?

The black and white video of Beyonce and Jay-Z frolicking on the beach at night has inspired numerous parodies. By far, Marlon Wayans’ spoof is the best and funniest to date. Titled “Drunk As F**k,” a busted up and inebriated Bey and Mr. Carter played by Simone Shepherd and J.D. Witherspoon masterfully recreate the clip on point while hilariously changing the lyrics. In this version, the ‘flashing lights, flashing lights‘ have Jay-Z thinking the feds are here, instructing B to ‘bow down bitch.’ The video was uploaded exclusively to Wayans’ site What The Funny? Watch the clip below to find out what happens to poor Blue Ivy.

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Can you believe it’s been a decade since Mean Girls hit theaters? The high school classic marks its tenth anniversary this year. Can you imagine a world without Tina Fey’s bitchy and quotable dialogue? One person I know who definitely can’t is Todrick Hall. He’s back with another parody of the Lindsay Lohan film. This time, he takes it out the hood and to West Hollywood. Regina George has nothing on these bitchy queens.

Hall plays Reggie George, the queen bee of the Ken Dollz aka the gay Plastics. The sun shines on them while everyone else is in their shadow. Popular underwear model Colby Melvin tackles transfer student Cody Heron. Melvin’s real life lover, Brandon Brown, makes a cameo. My favorite of the bunch though is Fetch’in Weiners whose dad invented Grindr. LOL. Kory DeSoto and Willam Belli also appear as Kameron Smith and Ms. Norbury respectively. In lieu of the “Burn Book,” there’s a “Shade Book.” The shade of it all ;)

Check out the parody below. While not as brilliant as Hall’s “Mean Gurlz” clip, it’s still pretty hilarious. My biggest complaint about his latest is the amount of make-up caked on the cast. It’s kinda distracting. Less is more, especially in this case.

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