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Every superhero has their fair share of secrets. In addition to their secret identities both Superman and Batman are hiding something else in Man of Steel 2: The Secret Is Out.

The fake trailer released by a French comedy station depicts some major sexual tension between the DC Comics superheroes. Sorry Robin, but it appears the Caped Crusader has a wandering eye. Watch them struggle with their forbidden desires in the three-minute trailer. Will they or won’t they?

Hunky Frenchmen Valentin Dhoore and Grégory Amsis play Superman and Batman respectively. Check out the clip below.

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When it was announced that Sofia Coppola would helm a live-action adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, many immediately began speculating what her take on the classic fairytale would look like. This is a woman who’s known for her moody and aesthetically beautiful films including Marie Antoinette, The Virgin Suicides and The Bling Ring.

Funny or Die enlisted AnnaSophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries) and Evan Peters (American Horror Story: Coven) to play Ariel and Prince Eric respectively for what they envision Coppola’s version will look like.

Their parody is pretty spot on referencing Sofia’s previous work. For instance, Azalea Banks’ “212″ is featured in the spoof as it was in The Bling Ring. Also loved how the setting is at the Shellteau Marmont, clearly a jab at the actual Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Check out the amusing clip below.

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Juggling is already impressive enough since I can’t do it myself. When you add in an erect penis into play, it’s even more astounding. Although some might argue that the third limb is a form of cheating ;)

Jamie Stroud aka Randy Blue’s Chip Tanner shows off this spectacular feat in a short Vine clip. The only thing that would make this vid better is if his manhood was freed from its fabric shackles. I’m curious to know how Stroud discovered this talent of his. Check out the slightly NSFW clip below.

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If you’re not Jewish, and you’re circumcised, you need to watch this video. Comedian Adam Conover uncovers the real reason circumcision exists outside the Jewish and Muslim religions. It’s nothing more than Puritanical sex-shaming that doctors performed to prevent boys from masturbating. The skit is the latest for his series, Adam Ruins Everything, for College Humor. Check it out below.

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More like Brozen. With these two Navy dudes delivering such a perfect lip sync duet of “Love Is An Open Door” you almost forget Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana performed it originally in the hit animated clip. The stud in the passenger seat is especially on point. He’s totally giving it. Papa needs to know which Fleet Week these boys are attending. It’s stalking time ;) Check out the adorable video below.

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The Belly Button Song Featuring Matt Dallas Cameo

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Whether an innie or an outie, everyone has one. As far as it goes, it’s probably one of the most useless body parts. Enter YouTubers Rhett and Link to change all that. The Internetainers penned an ode to the umbilicus aka the navel. They’ve discovered new (albeit ridiculous) uses for it.

Openly gay actor Matt Dallas makes a cameo near the end. It’s only fitting he pops up given that he played a teenage boy with no belly button in former the ABC Family series Kyle XY. If you have a fetish for the lint-gathering body part, check out the video below. At the very least you get to see Matt in all his shirtless no belly button glory one more time.

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Earlier this week, Frozen overtook The Lion King as the longest-running #1 soundtrack from an animated movie by clocking 11 weeks on top of Billboard Top 200. Naturally, Disney and the characters have reason to celebrate. While not sanctioned by the studio, a couple of fans with too much time on their hands created wickedly awesome videos of Elsa and her crew dancing up a storm.

Watching the animated crew groove to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” is hilariously entertaining. Especially Elsa’s crossed eyes. In fact, the entire lot have perpetually dead eyes which is oddly fitting for “Thriller.” Check out both clips below.

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Drew Droege takes a break from his entertaining Looking parodies to revisit one of his popular sketches. That’s right, Chloe Sevigny is back.

I thought he’d tackled every holiday already. Guess I was wrong. He forgot about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This time he shares all his favorite things about Easter (love his pronunciation). As always, it’s a hilarious hodgepodge of random references delivered in his signature Chloe voice. Check it out below.

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