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You know what I’m thankful for? Todrick Hall, that’s what. The American Idol alum consistently delivers highly-entertaining parodies and spoofs. His ability to put a new (often times ghetto) spin on classic tales is outstanding. This time around he strays from his usual inspirations (Disney films) and targets a classic holiday tale. Hall puts some Gangsta HollyHood flava on How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

While I’m not a huge fan of the Dr. Seuss story, I thoroughly enjoyed How The Grinch Stole Crenshaw. What can I say, I love me a ratchet fairy tale. Todrick released his latest exclusively on WTF ( It’s Marlon Wayans’ answer to Funny or Die. Check out the clip below.

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Sexy YouTube Videos Week Roundup

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Rather than create separate posts for this trio of YouTube vids, I thought I’d just bundle them up. You’ve undoubtedly seen one if not all three of them this week. However, if they slipped through your online fingers, check them out below.

First up is another flash mob (yawn). What makes this one notable is the fact Justin Case Underwear enlisted eight dancers to strip in the middle of Times Square. Watch them execute choreography while wearing skimpy yet colorful skivvies on a cold wet frigid New York day. Poor guys.

Next we have a quartet of naked Swedes performing a dance using only dinner plates to cover their naughty bits. Naturally, with all the nakedness going on, the Sweden’s Got Talent judges and horny audience loved their choreographed number titled Knäckebrödsdansen aka the Crispbread Dance. The moment where they’re chugging along like a train is everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them got a little stiff during all that thrusting ;)

Lastly, we have the one you’ve probably seen. It features the Purdue gymnastics team executing various moves around campus. The breakout star of the clip is the Taylor Lautner-looking one named Benjamin Lins. He’s cute and super bendy ;) This adorable collegiate has no problem getting shirtless. He and his brother have plenty of vids of Ben without a shirt on their YouTube account. Check out all the clips below.

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I’m sure you’ve all read about disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford by now. If you haven’t, the controversial political leader’s story is brought to life in a new biopic. The film details his battles with alcohol, drugs, and the city he was elected to run. So sit back and enjoy this rip-roaring comedy that critics are calling “Hilarious and entertaining!”

Playing Ford is none other than Chris Farley. Before you do a Google search, the late actor hasn’t risen from the dead. Instead, this hilarious faux trailer consists of spliced footage from Farley’s films including Tommy Boy, Black Sheep and more. No disrespect to Bobby Moynihan, but if Farley was still kicking around, he would’ve crushed playing Ford on SNL. Chris’ brother also agrees and tweeted a similar sentiment. Check out the clip below.

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I’m sure by now you’ve seen Jean-Claude Van Damme’s video where he’s doing the splits between two trucks. The viral clip demonstrating the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering has amassed over 34 million views since debuting last week. With that kind of popularity, naturally spoofs were bound to follow.

Taking a break while filming 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum filmed a parody of Van Damme’s signature splits. Instead of two massive trucks supporting his feet, he opts for two food carts being pushed by members of the movie’s crew. Obviously without the stability of Volvo’s technology, things go awry for Tatum. Without spoiling too much, last year’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive’s clip ends with him yelling a few expletives while holding his naughty bits. Check it out below.

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What If Gravity Took Place At An IKEA Store?

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“At over 346,000 square feet, there is no sense of direction. No silence. Bad Cell Service. It’s way too big.”

Amen to that. While not clearly as vast as outer space, if you’ve ever been to an Ikea store, you’re fully aware how practically impossible it is to find someone you’ve momentarily separated from. When you factor in shoddy cell service, good luck. I assumed crappy cell reception only existed at my local Ikea. After seeing this hilarious spoof, I can see not.

Watch Alex Viola and Daniel Hubbard try to reunite in this Gravity spoof. With difficult furniture names to pronounce, low cell battery and the feeling of loneliness, Alex is frantic to find her friend. Spoiler alert. There’s a happy ending. Well, to me it is. I love me some Swedish meatballs.

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I absolutely adore Lily Allen. I’ve alway been a fan of hers and her thought provoking lyrics. I’m very glad to see her getting back into the game and that she’s witty as ever. She reminds me of the days when I lived in London and now that I’ve just made the big move to New York I’m glad I have a little Lily to go with it!

After a long break to focus on her personal life she’s back and wants you to know that it’s “Hard Out Here.” The video and song depict what it can be like getting back into the game after such a long break and the industry pressures that go along with it. I always enjoy her thought provoking lyrics that aren’t just senseless words like some artists. I’m excited to see what else she has coming out and look forward to a new album! Anyone else out there a big Lily fan? Let us know what your favourite song from her past is in the comments below!

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Adam Lambert doesn’t make his Glee debut for another week, but he’s already hanging out with one of its stars, Amber Riley aka Mercedes Jones. The 31-year-old singer kicks off Todrick Hall’s latest masterpiece, Spell Block Tango.

The YouTube sensation teamed up with Marlon Wayans’ new company “What The Funny” to produce a viral Halloween video. Not surprisingly, Disney characters are incorporated in the clip. Hall definitely has a hard-on for all things Mickey, doesn’t he? This time he allows a few of Disney’s most infamous villains to tell their side of their respective fairytale while set to the music of Chicago. It’s actually quite funny.

Along with Lambert and Riley, the clip features appearances by Blake McGrath, Pia Toscano, Cassie Scerbo, several hot shirtless models and Todrick himself. Check out Spell Block Tango below.

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Keeping up with the latest internet meme is tiring work. You never know what these crazy kids will think of next. While some are absolutely ridiculous (ie cats being thrown as bridal bouquets), this one I guarantee will be up most of our readers’ alley. The latest fad sweeping the online nation is boys grinding on the floor. Yup, you read that correctly.

Set to Pretty Ricky’s 2005 hit single “Grind With Me” (explicit title “Grind On Me”), boys go shirtless as they make sweet nasty love to carpet, mattresses, linoleum. Pretty much anything they can get horizontal with.

I’m not sure what most of their career goals are, but might I suggest auditioning for the Magic Mike sequel or their local strip joint. Check out the montages below. Try to keep it clean as I’m pretty sure some of the guys are not of age. #justsaying #illegal

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