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Music: Simon Curtis

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I stumbled upon Simon Curtis while browsing through and immediately fell in love with both the music and the boy. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past week and I must admit, it is pop-genius and almost every song has an addictive and lingering hook. I wouldn’t go too far as comparing him to Lady Gaga but I must admit that just like her songs, each track is written to pop perfection. The hooks, the beats & the lyrics all come together to form a very catchy and fun listening experience. I also love how he’s tied the whole album with these video game music samples and vocal interludes before several tracks called BoyRobot, The Neverending Elevator & Victory. Pop needs to be gimmicky and catchy and I think he’s done the perfect mix to keep his listeners wanting more. I seriously think this guy has a bright future in pop, so watch out world!

Check out more pics, videos & the DOWNLOAD link to his full album (guilt-free download direct from his website) on the next part of the post.

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We’ve got another one! I can’t never have too much parody in my life. This one I came across on Redd‘s Facebook yesterday, so I thought I’d steal it and share it with y’all. This parody is to Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” song – which was actually one of the handful of songs I liked on the album.

A gaggle of gays from Boston actually created this video to enter into a Ke$ha contest, only to realize after entering that the videos had to be using Tik Tok, not whatever song you wanted. Well, thanks to YouTube, all their hard work hasn’t gone to waste.

You’ve got your hot men in underwear, a synchronized outdoor group dance, and the climax where, they “take it off”. Good work boys – the video is a lot of fun!

Video after the jump…

Katie Melua: The Flood (Of Hot Men)

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The music video for a new single called The Flood, from Georgian/British singer/songwriter/musician Katie Melua, features a flood of hot men dancing to her dramatic lyrics. Hot, ripped bodies. Tight black underwear. Body contact. Oh, the song is good too!

One interesting fact about Melua is that she holds a World Record for playing the deepest underwater concert (303 metres below sea level) on the Norwegian Statoil’s Troll (which is a platform in the North Sea). Melua, along with her band, had to do extensive medical tests & survival training before flying by helicopter to the rig. As she put it: “It was the most surreal gig I have ever done”.

In 2006, Melua was both the UK’s biggest selling female artist, as well as Europe’s. The single “The Flood,” is off of her fourth studio album called “The House,” due for release on May 24th, 2010.

Check out the beautiful/hot video after the jump…

The Lost Boys of Afghanistan

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Behind the scenes of a country already inflicted by war, an ancient tradition has resurfaced across the country and PBS has uncovered this sad story. This tradition had been banned by the Taliban when they were in power, but now it seems to be happening again. It’s called “Bacha Bazi,” which translated means “Boy Play.” Orphaned boys or those purchases from poor families are dressed up in women’s clothing and are taught to sing & dance for “all-male parties”. Hundreds of boys, as young as eleven years old, are involved in this child abuse. They perform in front of successful businessmen and former warlords, to which they are auctioned off to the highest bidder for a night of sex. This sexual exploitation can sometimes lead to murder.

Najibullah Quraishi (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) is an Afghan journalist who was able to investigate this illegal practice. Sometimes, the authorities that should be the ones protecting these children and preventing it from happening, find themselves participating in it.

Take a glimpse into the the dark world of Bacha Bazi. So sad.

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Very Mary Kate

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There are a few people in my life that I think are truly hysterical, and yes I have even been one to give myself credit for being g-damn funny. Anyone that can do a successful parody ripping on anything based on utter stupidity usually finds themselves in my all-time favorites list. Margaret Cho was one of the first. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon are recent additions (okay I was behind the times on those two). Now, Mary Kate has busted into the spotlight.

Her website, is the refresh I need twice a week. The concept is simple; portray Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the best possible, smartest manner. I can’t even describe the brilliance behind this idea! Her latest three part series, Back to School, Paper and Extension literally had me laughing out loud in my cubicle at work. ANYONE that can make me forget that I’m in a cubicle, even for 30 seconds, deserves a medal.

She has just recently committed to posting two new skit clips each week, so add this website to your favourites so you never miss an episode. I secretly hope she does a Full House flashback montage, just for loyalty fans sake. Just an idea…

Here latest video after the jump…

The Hills: The End Is Near

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I’m so excited for the final season of The Hills. About a year ago, Donovan introduced me to the faux reality show after we happened to be in LA when Heidi & Spencer got married (which we got footage of and found ourselves on The Aftershow). After that, I was hooked. I went back and watch both season of Laguna Beach, then started on The Hills and watched Seasons 1 through 5, catching up in time to watch Season 6 as each episode aired.

After Lauren Conrad left, and “The Bitch” Kristin Cavallari was to join the show, the potential drama & backstabbing seemed promising. Unfortunately, the season was a snooze and Dono and I had great difficulty in coming up with material for our weekly parodies of the show each week. After the preview for the final season was released, I was officially totally excited to waste my time watching this show once again. Much juicier topics than last season, and more elements from their real lives are incorporated into the show.

Last week they released the promo clip for this season, featuring The Hill’s creator Adam Divello‘s marionettes drama queens having their strings cut, as they free themselves from the world of The Hills. Either that, or as they let loose in what could be the best season yet.

The final season of The Hills commences exactly one week from today: Tuesday, April 27th at 10/9c on MTV.

Promo video after the jump…

“Home Movie”: A Flick to Make You Flinch!

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Realizing that I’ve been “all about my movies” these days, I feel I should explain it’s kind of a celebration of my finishing my first year: to veg and catch up on all those random movies I never had time for previously. Since anyone who knows me knows I’m basically non-stop viewing the latest releases, what this new found free time means is hitting up the randoms of the bunch, and this latest one is definitely on that list. Without even a single review on Rotten Tomatoes- no easy feat- “Home Movie” is more than just some grad student’s film school project: this flick has some names and a serious script to back it up. Staring Cady McClain (I know, who the hell is that… she’s a soap star from “All My Children” and “As the World Turns”), wait don’t click away yet!! This one also has “Heroes” sexy star (and husband of the Dixie Chicks lead singer- I can’t believe she beat me to him!) Adrian Pasdar who brings both his toothy, warming grin to a role that requires some extreme emotions as he bounces from manic to depressed, through drunk and back to hopeful again… before he lands in terrorized that is.

Accurately titled, “Home Movie” is a collection of personal, family moments caught on tape by the shutter-bug pastoral father of his young blond boy and girl and his gorgeous, doctor of a wife. As time progresses, we- and the couple- realize that more and more, these kids ain’t alright. I know what you’re thinking: the children are crazy, the parents are blind to it, let’s just fast forward to the “Hostel” scene… but if that were the case, I wouldn’t have bothered you with this. The film is essentially a mix of “Strangers”, “Blair Witch” and “Children of the Corn” as we are horrified in every clip, watching the father catches his “family at their best.” But, where’s the hook you ask?

Click through to see this spooky-ass trailer!


Sitting at home, pre-recuperating before a night of drinks, hockey, Club 560 debauchery and then more drinking, I decided to pop in an old favourite. Of course by “pop in” I mean download an 8GB bluray version of a fav sci-fi: “Sunshine”. This movie came out in 2007 and didn’t exactly explode on the big screen but certainly had a strong cult following… NOW, before you click away assuming “cult following” is a term reserved for movies like “Texas Chainsaw” and “Apocalypse Now”, know that this flick has a cast of young heavy hitters and graphics and a thriller soundtrack to back up this now stop ride into space and insanity… sounds good right? 😉

Stocked with “Fantastic Four’s” fantastically sexy Chris Evans, sexy (but not at all my type) “Red Eye’s” Cillian Murphy and “Damages” tv’s best understated scheming bitch du moment Rose Byrne, this movie is led into battle by “28 Days Later’s” director Danny Boyle so you know it’s gonna be a spooky one! Basically, it’s years in the future and the sun is dying so Earth’s last chance is to send a team of scientists (a bit sexier than probably populates the current staff at NASA) to the sun with a special bomb to explode our big yellow star into a newborn one that will heat the world for years to come. Of course, something happens mid-flight and the movie turns from nerd-venture into freaky-deaky explorations of the insanity of the human psyche. This is one to watch!!
Click through to catch the trailer for this gorgeous film

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