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Ricky Martin Naked

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Earlier this week, the recently openly gay and extremely sexy She Banger, Ricky Martin tweeted a video of him naked. Well, it is actually a promotional concert video from 2007, but it seems he’s bringing it back, considering it fits with his recent public developments. The video features a nude Ricky with tattoos written in Spanish covering his body. The “jerky” way that it’s shot reminds me of something you’d see at a Madonna or Lady Gaga concert in between sets – see, he does fit in as a gay icon! Only thing is, it looks like he’s in a big tanning bed. Haha.

The tattoos translate into English for “find yourself,” “forgive” and ‘change your life.” Well, he must have been watching that video on repeat for three years before it inspired him enough to come out. In all fairness, everyone has a different story and a different struggle for coming out. I imagine he had a team of people threatening him in the past, that if he came out his career would be over. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in show business, but thankfully with people like him (finally), Ellen, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, and more – this is changing. Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you can’t play a straight part. Hell, if anything, gays are experts at it, playing the role for the first half of their lives in many cases.

So, enjoy the sexy video of mister Ricky Martin, who I gladly welcome (officially) to our team. I also welcome more of these videos. Thank you. Enjoy!

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Side Dish: Burn The Floor

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Jonny and I both had the EXTREME honor of going to check out the opening night of Burn The Floor, which is a Broadway show that brings Latin and Ballroom Dance to the forefront. Believe me when I say that this show is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my entire life. The drama, the sex, the costumes, the bodies and most of all the talent coming from these men and women is truly uncanny.

We caught up with three of the dancers from the show in a little Side Dish for you all..enjoy the interview!

Check out Jonny’s favorite performance after the jump…

Hanson Brothers Pay Tribute to the Blues Brothers

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Hanson (aka. Mmm Bop!!!) is back and they’ve just released a video today for their single “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ from their upcoming album Shout It Out, to be released on June 8th. The video was directed by Todd Edwards and shot in their home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It’s great to see that these three brothers (Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson) passed their awkward adolescence stage and are back for more! The video is actually pretty fun and well made, (also as the article title suggests) paying tribute to The Blues Brothers music video for “Twist it (Shake Your Tail Feather).” There’s also a cameo appearance by Weird Al Yankovic as the tambourine player. Random, but who cares!

What do you think of the new song/video by Hanson?

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WTF: Just Like Mom’s Creepy Pedo Moments

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This is actually very bizarre – if bizarre is even the right word to use in this case. The premise of this hit Canadian talk show that aired between 1980 to 1985 on CTV was to determine which child & mother pair knew each other the best, through “answer-matching and the Bake-off Challenge.” Sounds normal enough – until you meet the host. It was hosted by Fergie Oliver (actually, also his wife Catherine Swift) but she is not the focus of this post.

I came across this video compiling some of the most awkward and creepy moments on his show, where he continually and persistently asks little girls for kisses. Okay, this type of could be normal for family, extended family, close family friends, but some random stranger TV host putting these kids on the spot and trying to force them to give him a kiss is inappropriate. This type of thing obviously would never fly on a gameshow in today’s world. Bill Cosby catching Kids Say The Darnedest Things was cute, but this makes me cringe.

Check it out after the jump…

Toni Braxton: “Make My Heart” Music Video

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Man, I’m such a sucker for slick music video and shirtless b-boys. As sad as it is to say, the quality of the video can heavily influence my like/dislike for a song. My feelings for a song that I’m on the fence on like “Make My Heart”, can be easily swayed after viewing its accompanying visual. Luckily for Miss Braxton, j’adore her new video.

It’s nothing groundbreaking nor completely original, but I still love it nonetheless. The video premiered this week on the Logo network and it’s no wonder why it did… it’s a whole LOTTA G.A.Y. From big-breasted black women pumping their boobs to lots of sashaying, voguing and PCD dancing, the video is truly catered for us gays. To top it all off, throw in a few glimpses of a topless sexy breaker grinding their hips and I’m completely sold.

watch the video after the jump

Sue Slyvester’s “Vogue” Video Revealed

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During Glee’s Spring premiere, the show unveiled the much-anticipated full length video of Sue Sylvester voguing during one of their commercials. If you happened to miss it while fast-forwarding, or flipping between “Lost” and “Glee”, or your local station provider rudely cut if off, I have the full video for you right here.

Having lived through Madonna’s “Vogue” hey days, I have to give the show credit for their dead-on accuracy for their parody. Special bonus points for changing parts of the rap to include: “Sue Sylvester dance on air” and “Will Schuester, I hate you“. I also love how they cast Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) as Sue’s backup singers. For all you SYTYCD fans, you’ll be happy to know one of season’s six’s most polarizing contestants, Nathan Trasoras is one of the featured dancers.

watch the music video after the jump

Jessica & Hunter’s Latest Vid: “Sex Tape”

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Homorazzi’s favorite too-tanned-too-hilarious-duo has done it again- they’ve created yet another brillballs 2012 masterpiece. In the veins of D-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Jessica and Hunter have decided to make and leak a SEX TAPE. Their ultimate goal… to make it on the cover of In Touch Weekly. Hey if it worked for Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayfart, then it will for them.

Not only is this their usual laugh-out-loud hi-jinx, but this time they’ve included one HOT PIECE of ASS for Eye Candy. YUMMY. Billy Snow plays the “love interest” for their video and he’s absolutely filled with tonnes of “perfection sections”. Just like Jessica, I’d drink a couple of NIPPLETINIs, if it came from his juices. RWAAARRR.

Here’s the official description from YouTube

Jessica and Hunter decide the best way to fame is to follow the Laboutined footsteps of idols PARIS HILTON, KIM KARDASHIAN and PAM ANDERSON and bust out into fabulous notoriety with …a sextape. With Hunter trying his sequine gloved hand as director slash producer and an amazeballs performance by the sexy and snookie coifed Jessica … its sure to be a hit.

watch the video after the jump

Bombshell Apologizes To Bullock

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In her first TV interview since this scandal broke, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee apologizes to Sandra Bullock on Australian TV. She said she feels bad for what Bullock’s been going through and her embarrassment, and also makes reference to Bullock’s speech at the Oscars, where she said Jesse James has always had her back, when really he was actually behind her back – cheating on her.

She does seems remorseful in her apology, but it’s really hard to take her seriously: a porn star, tattooed from head to toe, that has participated in a Nazi photo shoot. I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I feel in this case, we already know the content of the book.

I’m torn. What do you think? Apology sincere, or simply for trying to improve her image? Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Interview after the jump…

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