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There was a lot of eating out in this episode – bunches of lunches. First off, we have our token intro-lunch to discuss what’s to come in the episode. Holly meets up with Stephanie for lunch. They discuss their crazy siblings and in-laws – Holly filling Steph in on how Spencer said he’d physically remove her from their property. “You’re scaring me right now,” Steph says in shock. Holly says, “I just want her to be happy again,” referring to her psychotic silicone sister Heidi. “Screw that,” replies Steph. “I Don’t want her to be happy, I want her to be normal again.” Well said – but alas, I think she’s beyond repair.

Next up, Kristin and Heidi have lunch. Kristin says she’s been hanging with Brody – alluding to it becoming a thing. Heidi then says that Spencer misses Brody and needs him in his life. Kristin then goes onto bring how how Spencer acted the other day, but Heidi doesn’t really get it. “He’s always been crazy – but like, fun crazy,” and goes to reveal how far gone she is. “It’s like who am I without Spencer.” FHL. (Eff Heidi’s Lame)

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Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

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A flash mob put to good use! Everyone once and a while, a flash mob (whether it’s dancing, walking zombies, etc.) comes round a big city near you to surprise unsuspecting people with more often than not, a huge synchronized dance – “Dancin’ in the streets!” as the song goes. I have yet to be part of one myself (seems like something always comes up) but it seems like it’d be a lot of fun. One guy in NYC took it to another level…or down a level, to bended knee – just depends on how you look at it.

The man hired about 100 dancers to take part in a flash mob in Washington State Park in New York City so that he could create the perfect wedding proposal for his deserving girlfriend. The proposal took place last week on May 13th, 2010. The couple stands by the fountain, the woman completely unsuspecting, as random people start dancing around them. Then – they dancers pair off, dancing to “Hallelujah I Love Her So!” by Ray Charles. I’m not gonna lie – the water fountain wasn’t the only waterworks as I personally watched the video for the first time. It was just so touching – I can only imagine what they both must have been feeling during an afternoon they’ll never forget.

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LOST: The Spinoff Spoof

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I’m gonna be straight up and tell you that I don’t watch Lost – which actually (for me) makes this spoof even funnier. I happened to be at Donovan & /category/blogs/brian/’s place about a year ago, and they were catching up on an episode of this show when I saw that the island was some sort of spaceship that moved with the crank of a wheel. WTF? I had been told that I would like this show, but to be honest, that scene turned me off… not putting me into the biggest rush to watch it. Rest assured, I will eventually watch the show…when I have hundreds of hours of time and confusion to spare.

In this Funny or Die video, Dana Carvey stars in a spoof spin-off of Lost called “Weird Island.” I couldn’t have thought of a better name myself.

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Phat Gay Kid

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Try and watch this kid and keep a straight face. YouTube can make anyone “famous” these days. In mid April, this kid decided to start posting these annoying videos of him talking…with the added bonus of these intermittent quirks and noises he makes. Now, thousands of people watching his videos and he’s even created a Facebook Fan Page (join ours here!) You also get to hear him pretend to sing. It’s one of those things were something is so incredibly annoying, that it becomes funny.

In Jonnie’s YouTube channel, he says, “I am an amazing singer. All of my friends and family tell me I’m the best but way too good for American Idol!!!”

Check out how “amazing” he is…

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Lip Sync For Ya’ Life – Brian

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Blessed with a great wardrobe, excititng career, good-looks and a relationship that has lasted longer than a flat of extra gum, Brian is our latest victim in the bright yellow 2009 Mazda MX-5!

After nearly getting hit by a moving truck and swerving through construction, we made it to Stanley Park to see which song Brian was going to attempt.

Video after the jump…

Lip Sync for Ya’ Life – Tommy D

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We’re back!

For the record, Patrick was the first to show us that we WERE ready for his his jelly. Brian told us to no longer Call Him Baby, and next up we welcome into the Mazda MX5- TOMMY D!

Tommy is not only a famous promoter, he’s also the face behind the make up when his alter ego SYREN hits the stage. Blessed with a kind heart, and a mouth that not only mimic lyrics, it also speaks the truth constantly!

Before Tommy and I started our one on one, we decided to grab some dinner…drive thru style!

And don’t forget- you get to be the judge…did Tommy LIP SYNC FOR HIS LIFE???

Click here to check it out and also to vote

Lip Sync For Ya’ Life – Patrick

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We thought we’d try something summery and fun (think Mojitos on your favourite patio.) Minus the booze, and throw in a bright yellow 2009 MX5.

The concept came about when I realized that so many of us have fallen in love with RuPaul’s Drag Race. Plus, let’s face it, we can all let our hair down  from time to time and bust out a tune louder than Adam when he ________! Warmer weather along with a convertible that I recently received from work, we decided to give you: LIP SYNC FOR YA’LIFE!

It’s simple, I’ll take out a few Homorazzi cast members, have a little Q&A while we cruise around Vancouver and finally have the selected cast member lip sync! Three envelopes. One choice. One chance, and the best part? You get to judge….

First up, Patrick

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She played softball. What would Betty White‘s SNL character say in this situation? “Because she’s a lesbian!” Well, apparently so would mainstream media.

Cable News Wonders: If A Judicial Nominee Plays Softball, Does That Make Her Gay? That’s the title of this compilation video of all of the recent media surrounding the supposed sexuality of Elena Kagan, the Solicitor General of the United States and a Supreme Court Judge nominee. A photo of her playing softball 17 years ago has surfaced, and the media is saying that because she can play a mean game of softball, it is a tell tale sign that she is a lesbian. RIDICULOUS!

People are so ignorant! See for yourselves!

Check out the video after the jump…

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