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A few days ago, Gossip released their music video for their single, “Get A Job” from their A Joyful Noise album. I hadn’t checked it out until today but I love it and thought I’d share it with you today.

In the video, Ditto wears several different outfits and uniforms, taking various jobs throughout the video including a cleaning lady, a phone sex operator, a masseuse, a dentist, and much more. At the beginning of the song, Ditto sings, “I hear you laughing but I don’t think it’s funny / What good can happen spending other people’s money / But, you better get a job / It was adorable when you were in your 20’s / Not so cute anymore, now that you’re pushing 30 / You better get a job.” It’s such a fun song and an even more fun music video. You can tell that they had a lot of fun with it.

Check out the Gossip’s new music video below and see what kinds of jobs Ditto and her band mates could have had if they hadn’t become famous.

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I’ve come to the realization that (at least for the time being) I am obsessed with these “Harlem Shake” videos that are taking over the internet. As a result of the trend, the song has gone to number one on iTunes. I’m one of those people that downloaded it – LOL.

It’s catching on like rapid fire and this morning I came across a handful of videos (in addition to the ones I posted the other day) that are worth sharing. The cast of one of my favorite comedies on television (if not actually my favorite), Happy Endings actually just posted one the other day and among all of the crazy outfits and costumes, it features “Alex” and “Penny” wearing their helmet hair-dos you’ll recall from a recent episode.

Aside from the Happy Endings Harlem Shake, I’ve included a Tennessee Swim team, one done by Sea World, and more. I’m aching to make one myself! Enjoy the videos below!

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The Harlem Shake trend is taking over the internet (YouTube) right now and it’s even one of the top downloaded songs on iTunes at the moment as a result. I seriously want to make a video myself – LOL.

Rapper Azealia Banks has decided to hop aboard the trend & join in the fun but instead of dancing to Baauer‘s original version of the song, she decided to raise the bar and do a remixed version of her own and make a music video for it. Originally, she had posted her remix on SoundCloud and Baauer had her remove it. She responded to that by posting the following on Twitter a few hours after she uploaded her video to Vimeo: “Sick and tired of these raggedy male musicians and their scarred ego’s trying to block my fucking light.” She added, “Sick and tired of all the motherfuckers trying to ‘put me in my place.’

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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A gay Peruvian-Japanese model/artist based in the Philippines is now trending on the web after launching his music video sexy new music video for his song, “Bubble.”

Here’s what Castro says he wanted to accomplish with the music video: “I tried to recreate the feeling of losing my first time…losing my virginity… with 10 years in the making… I just wanted to make something so visually, musically, impulsive that would give anyone and everyone a glimpse to what it felt like.”

As the video begins, Sebastian is shirtless in a dimly lit lockeroom with two guys wearing nothing but towels behind him. He begins to sing in his sexy voice, “There’s a fine, fine line…in the horny mind…” The video and lyrics are both funny & sexy and overall, it’s definitely worth watching. Check out the NSWF music video below

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Our Aussie friends in Melbourne, Australia are gearing up for their Labour Day weekend coming up in March and they’ve got a fun looking party to look forward to. I’ve seen a few of the sexy and creative party promo videos by event company JOHN in the past and this latest one is just as hot (if not hotter) than the previous ones.

The video has a “manly labour” theme to it, with some super sexy men in construction worker gear & hard hats. As they unbutton their tops, a pair of hands come up from below and pulls down their shorts. It’s a pretty hot video for sure. Since I didn’t post about those past JOHN videos, I’ve also included some of those below (even though those events have already occurred… their hotness doesn’t expire). The director and editor of these sexy promo videos is named Nik Dimopoulos.

Check out the sexy and creative NSFW party promo videos below. For our Aussie readers, have any of you gone to these JOHN parties? If so, share your experiences below!

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PETA is known for their attention-grabbing campaigns and their latest one is no different. In this new add, The Master method actor, Joaquin Phoenix helps to promote being a Vegan by simulating that he is drowning.

The concept is that it’s like he’s a fish being pulled out of the water and left to suffocate to death. It’s described as a “slow, painful and frightening” death for “more than 1 trillion fish every year.” Phoenix struggles underwater, panic in his eyes and on his face. He also told PETA about an experience he had when he was younger: “My family and I were on a boat, catching fish. As one fish was caught, he was writhing, then he was thrown against the side of the boat. You couldn’t disguise what it was. This was what we did to animals to eat them. The animal went from a living, vibrant creature fighting for life to a violent death. I recognized it, as did my brothers and sisters.”

PETA claims that ABC has banned the commercial from running during the Academy Awards telecast (where Phoenix will be up for Best Actor in The Master). They were told that it was too “political” and “controversial” for the show. Apparently E! will be running it during the post-show which is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Watch the ad below.

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Jessica & Hunter Play Peek-A-Boo

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Everyone’s favorite celebrity name-dropping wasted duo are back. I had no idea it’s been practically a year since they uploaded a video on their YouTube channel. Thankfully, Jessica and Hunter posted a brand spankin’ new clip to remind us exactly how hilariously tragic they are. I could practically smell the vodka when I received a notification. God, I missed them. Clearly, they sensed I was heading down to Los Angeles next week to stalk them and harass those lazy bitches to film a new webisode. Crisis (for them) averted.

Titled “Peek-a-boo,” Jessica and Hunter wake up in the park looking like a couple of “homeless clowns.” You’d expect nothing less. They find themselves bumping into a former party friend who’s now a responsible parent. Obviously, they can’t comprehend the idea of a baby unless it’s attached to a celebrity (the star f*ckers that they are). They definitely should never be within 100 feet of children. For their safety and the kids. Check out their latest clip below.

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Willam‘s back with another episode of Willam’s Beatdown with “so many bizitches…so little time,” as she puts it. There are a handfull of makeup and hair tutorial videos that she attacks with one non-tutorial viral video that is just plain effed up.

In this episode, Willam learns how to look like The Joker’s Girlfriend, how to get rid of a lady moustache, tips on getting highlights and more. The random video I was referring to is Alonzo Chadwicks, “Sittin on a toilet” video and Willam decides to sing the song as well. The last girl gets the worst of Willam’s beating in this episode when Willam says, “Oh my God, Jay Leno put his dick inside a Mrs. Potato Head and this popped out eight months later. It was a premee.” Yikes! Way harsh, Willam!

Watch the new episode below, and in the meantime, makeup tutorial YouTubers everywhere… beware!

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