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The last time I wrote about the sexy Cheyenne Jackson it was for his “I Don’t Wanna Know” music video, which I loved. This time, I’m writing about a cover he just did of a song I really like.

In the video below, Jackson does a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” and it’s really sweet. Steve Bargonetti is in the background playing guitar while Jackson sings. If you recall, the song was also sung by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge and is definitely my favorite song from that movie. While whipping this article together, I also found a cover that Ellie Goulding did of “Your Song” as well. I’ve included it below, along with the Moulin Rouge version and Elton John’s original version.

Check out all four version of the song and vote on which one you like best. Enjoy!

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How To Identify A Gay Person

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A YouTube personality named John Bird recently did a video titled “How To Identify A Gay Person” to coincide with a past video he did on Metrosexuality and how straight guys are doing more things these days that previously would have been considered feminine.

As Bird introduces the topic, he explains, “Now this can be taken in two directions. The obviously highly offensive stereotypical route, or the route in which people look back and go… ‘Ahhh, yeah.’ I think you can pretty much guess which direction this is gonna go.” In all seriousness, the video isn’t meant to be offensive, but more to highlight society’s stereotypes. For example, there is a stereotype around the idea that who a guy hangs out with can be a clue as to if he’s gay. As you can see in the photo above, Bird amongst all of those gay icons would certainly set off someone’s gaydar.

Check out the video below. I’ve also included the video he did on metrosexuals as well. Enjoy!

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I have to say, I’m so impressed that Willam has been so consistent with her Willam’s Beatdown YouTube series. Most of the time, these types of shows start of strong then die off after a few episodes… but not this one!

This week Willam gets some cooking advice, learns how to do a messy bun and tries out some new gay vocabulary from Tyler Oakley. Willam also learns about a hot new makeup trend that’s so new, no one is even doing it yet. After twelve episodes this one is actually one of my favorites. Seriously, so funny. At one point during the video, Willam asks herself, “God, does my dad watch this?” LOL. Also, when the Queen of Blending does Willam’s makeup at the end and shows her what she looks like in the mirror, Willam says, “Ugh… F*cking bitch. I look like a prostitute who flunked out of clown school. Don’t touch me anymore.”

Also, I’m so excited about the fact that Willam, Detox and Vicki Vox are going to be at White Party in Palm Springs later this month. I’m going to make sure I meet her and hopefully have a picture or video to share with you in a future Willam’s Beatdown post.

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In the newest episode of Steam Room Stories, the boys discover how totally un-gay it is to check out each others hot bods. It’s a compliment, right? Well, that’s what one of the guys convinces the other to believe.

At first, one of the guys is all weirded out because he noticed another guy checking him out. His friend reassured him that he should take it as a compliment and it’s just a guys appreciating another guy’s body and all the hard work that he puts into it. Later on another guy comes and starts complimenting one of the guys on his body and from there, things accelerate pretty quickly.

This one was one of the sexiest videos they’ve done lately. Enjoy the video below!

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The hilarious people at NonRandomNonSense have just uploaded a video titled “The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad” and it’s so over-the-top yet bang on at the same time. The video pokes fun and the ridiculous and ignorant anti-gay marriage ads that have circulated over the past few years.

In the parody ad, a guy comes home from work and his wife greets him. He’s super bummed about something so his wife doesn’t hesitate to ask him what’s wrong. He drops the bomb that gays are trying to get married and she’s beyond shocked and terrified. Listening to the things they whine about is hilarious and things reach a whole new level when their little girl walks into the room.

As a side note, to give you an example of the humor of these guys, their YouTube account informs viewers, “New Video Every Time One Is Uploaded!” LOL. Enjoy the parody ad below.

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Kazaky is back with an incredibly sexy new music video for their single, “Crazy Law.” They had released a teaser video last week to wet our appetites, but I decided to wait until the full video came out before I wrote about it. The video, directed by Hindrek Maasik, is super fierce and bad ass… sexy bad ass, that is!

The boys are in their usual edgy outfit and signature high heels are shown in various locations throughout the prison included behind bars in their cell, in some sort of torture room, in the cafeteria, in the security room, and more. There are some pretty edgy clips throughout the video, including guys pleasuring themselves, a guy trapped in a small cage, and a crucifix.

Aside from the video itself, I like the song too. Watch the video below and as one person has already commented on YouTube and said, “This is so much better than porn.” I actually think this might be one of my favorite videos they’ve done. Enjoy!

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Kids are amazing! In a breakdancing competition called Chelles Battle Pro 2013 that took place in Chelles, France (a suburb of Paris) over the weekend, a little girl 6-year old girl from England was the youngest girl in the competition, taking part in the “Baby Battle“.

Inspired at a young age by his older sister, Terra (shown in the photo above by Hip Hop Photography) is a very gifted breakdancer and has already won several competitions and she is described as very mature and personable for her age. She’s part of the London b-boying group Soul Mavericks and apparently joined the group when she was just five years old.

Watch Terra throw it down in the videos below. There are three videos below (one for each of the rounds). If you’re only going to watch one, check out the first one as that is the one that is going viral. Enjoy!

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A while back, I wrote about the trailer for a new gay web series set in Brooklyn called The 3 Bits. Now, the first episode is out and we’ve got it for you to check out below.

The series is described as “a queer show about sex, love, booze, drugs, friendship, family, and amazing acts of stupidity. But mostly sex.” It’s independently produced in Brooklyn and streamed everywhere. In the trailer, we see guys experimenting with hookups, discussions of orgies, spin the bottle, and much more. The series follows three siblings — Henry, Roman and Madison Bits.

In this first episode, Henry chats with his friend/roommate about how he has never had an orgy and wants to have one… now. After a bit of convincing, the planning begins.

Watch the episode after the jump…

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