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Last year, Jimmy Kimmel got a countless number of celebrities to participate in an elaborate movie trailer spoof he called Movie: The Movie. This year, he’s doing it again and on Oscar Night, he’ll debut the trailer for Movie The Movie : 2V

A preview for this trailer came out today, starring Jimmy Kimmel (of course), Jessica Chastain, Jude Law, Amanda Seyfried, Bruno Mars, Rachel Weisz and Bradley Cooper. As the trailer begins, Chastain says to Kimmel, “Sir, we’re under attack!” Kimmel responds, “By who?” Chastain responds, “Everything.” LOL.

My favorite part of the preview video is Bradley Cooper getting attacked by a hot, half-shirtless male zombie. He screams and cries in panic, “They’re just too sexy!!” as a small child clings onto his back. Watch the video video below.

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You know Ryan James Yezak as the talented movie maker / YouTube star who set the bar for gay music video parody videos as well as the guy who is working on the Second Class Citizens documentary.

In his latest video, he’s addressing something more specific that happened recently when rapper Azealia Banks called Perez Hilton a “messy faggot” and then later stood by her words. Personally, I don’t like the word “faggot” whatsoever and don’t support anyone using it for any reason with respect to gay men. That’s my personal opinion that I’m allowed to have.

I agree that Azealia is allowed to have her own opinion and her own free speech as well, but I feel like she actually doesn’t get the impact of the word. Maybe the word doesn’t land on some of you the way it does me (ie. different experiences growing up), but I think the word carries more weight than she acknowledges and her voice has more impact that she realizes. Again, these are my opinions and I know some of you feel differently. I respect that too and also respect what she says and hear where she’s coming from in her response to GLAAD, but overall, I agree to disagree with her. I will say that I think this issue goes beyond Azealia Banks and perhaps she shouldn’t necessarily be singled out in this. The issue is about the word and where everyone stands on it. Watch Yezak’s video below.

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One of the most annoying things about laptops and iPads at the beach or in the sun is the glare you get, seeing only your reflection when you look at the screen. Although I’ve never tried one myself, the Kindle Paperwhite apparently does not have that issue.

In a new commercial titled “Perfect Day At The Beach,” a man and a woman are side by side in their recliners, both reading their e-books. The woman has no problem because she has a Kindle, but the guy struggles to see anything. They chat about it a bit and he decides to buy one online. To celebrate, they decide they should have a drink to celebrate and that’s where the gay twist comes in!

Such a cute commercial. Watch it below!

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Probably my favorite comedy on television right now is Happy Endings – a show that without a doubt has me laughing more than any others. I love all of the characters and their respective quirks so much that I have such a tough time decided who is my favorite.

Anyway, in a new College Humor video, actor Damon Wayans Jr., who plays Brad on the hit show, teams up with actor Vincent Oshana (Showtime’s The Underground) in a hilarious sketch called “Boobs.” The two handsome guys are in line to get into a bar that the bouncer says is at capacity. Immediately following that, the bouncer lets two girls in and when the guys complain, they get banned from the bar.

After leaving feeling dejected about the whole situation, they realize that what they needs are boobs to get what they want. Once they do, they get into the bar with no problems at all and get carried away with all of the positive attention they’re getting for their new lady parts. Watch the sexy duo put their best breasts forward in the hilarious video below.

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One Direction have just released the music video for their Red Nose Day charity single and we’ve got your first look at the cute video below. The song is “One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)“, a cover of the infamous Blondie hit.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on making a big budget video for the song, One Direction decided to make the video themselves as they toured around the world and use the money they would have spend on making the video and donate it to the Comic Relief charity. The result is a really candid video that shows the boys having fun with each other and random fans along the way.

The catchy single is bringing in more money than any past single released for Charity Relief. Kevin Cahill, chief executive of Comic Relief, said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better band to record the official Red Nose Day single in our 25th year. It’s an absolute coup and the first time ever we have a massive global-selling single for Comic Relief. Their genuine commitment to the work we fund is touching and I know that their contribution will raise a huge amount to make a real difference.” Watch the video below!

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One of our favorite sports to watch during the 2012 Summer Olympics was definitely Men’s Gymnastics… for obvious reasons. That’s why when I saw that Nebraska Men’s Gynastics had uploaded a “Harlem Shake” video, I had to watch it.

As you know, the “Harlem Shake” has been taking over the internet as of late with various themes being explored and countless organizations taking a stap at it. In the following video, a bunch of male gymnasts are stretching when one guy wearing a weird yellow headpiece starts his thrust. From there, the gym turns into some sort of sexy jungle gym and there are hotties every where you look.

Normally “Harlem Shake” videos are only 30 seconds, but this video is an extended cut, highlight some of the various impressive (and sexy) tricks these guys can do. Enjoy!

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The Science Of Pornography Addiction

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

I’m hoping that you’re enjoying these fascinating and interesting videos from ASAP Science as much as I am! One of the reasons I enjoy them is because the subject matter that they cover is sometimes a little taboo and perhaps a topic that people don’t like to talk about much and as a result, there are many questions that people may have about it.

In this latest video, creators Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown tackle The Science of Pornography Addiction. As the description to the video reads, “It’s the number one topic for internet searches, but do we ever consider how pornography can have lasting neuroplastic effects? Discover the hard science behind the ‘porn epidemic’ – the internet’s drug of choice.”

Watch the video below to see what sorts of effects that becoming addicted to porn can have on your brain and your relationship.

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A gay mormon named Jimmy Hales decided to document his coming out experience by filming the reactions of the family and friends he tells that he is gay. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect before starting the video, but after watching it, I have to say it’s really cool and the reactions were all very different… but all positive. Here’s what Hales said about what he was going through:

“Studying at BYU as a closet gay Mormon has been quite an experience. I finally decided to come out and stop living a lie. I’m still, and will forever be, a faithful Mormon, so it looks like I’m not going to marry and therefore live a single life through this mortal existence. Sucks.”

His mom’s reaction is one of my favorites. The other one I really liked was one of his male best friends who didn’t believe him at first, but when he did, he gave him a hug to show his support. So touching! Watch the video below – it’s totally worth checking out!

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