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Every now and then, Zach Galifianakis does a hilariously awkward faux interview segment on Funny Or Die with celebrities and this week, the actor/comedian takes on some of the biggest names in Hollywood that are in the running for Oscars this season in Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition.

The actors he interviews include: Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, and Sally Field.

If you’ve every scene an episode of Between Two Ferns, you’ll know that these actors are pretty much walking into a trap and are not walking into a conventional interview. Galifianakis doesn’t give them the respect their used to by other interviewers and asks some really embarrassing and off topic questions. Hathaway shows up drunk for her interview, Jennifer Lawrence puts him in his place, and Bradley Cooper and him have a huge fight. Watch the hilarious interviews below.

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Tonight, the newest modelling reality competition show, The Face premieres on Oxygen and in an effort to have a litte fun and promote the show, one of the three judges stopped by the BuzzFeed Offices during fashion week to teach them a lesson.

Coca Rocha is one of the judges (along with Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell) on The Face and with her modelling background, she knows what’s up. With that said, while the 24-year-old Canadian supermodel was at the BuzzFeed offices, she decided to share a lesson on Tips For The Perfect Photobomb.

The Face, premieres tonight (Tuesday, February 12) at 9:00pm EST on Oxygen. Watch the funny video below and learn how to photobomb like a pro.

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Having just aired on OUTtv last week, we’ve got the latest episode of our Homorazzi show to share with you and this one’s pretty funny. Given that it was a while ago that it was filmed, some of the content is a bit out of date but regardless, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a good laugh or two. The usual peeps make up the panel (From Left to Right: Tommy, Nic, Patrick and Adam.

In this episode, the cast talks about a few of their goals for 2013, as well as the latest in music, television, movies, and gay news. The cast also discusses their plans to attend WinterPRIDE 2013, which they did indeed end up doing this past weekend (stay tuned for pictures and video from the weekend).

Keep your eyes peeled for all of Adam’s eye rolls and one part where Patrick says something he didn’t intend to (something that sounded dirty but wasn’t supposed to) and the result is the whole crew bursting into laughter. Nic & Patrick have some serious trouble pulling it together after that.

Watch the episode below and subscribe to Canada’s LGBT television network OUTtv to watch new episodes as soon as they come out.

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How To Make Shake-It-Up Ice Cream

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

The Official HungryHow-To Hunk” is back with another delicious recipe and instructional video that will leave you craving dessert…after the dessert. We’ve posted a few of the videos from this sexy chef before, and this one for “Shake-It-Up” Ice Cream is just as yummy.

These aren’t just your typical instructional videos. The directions are very…sexy. Here are a few examples: “Vigorously pump back and forth again and again…” and “dip your strong, hot fingers into it… you know you want to.”

So if you’re looking for something new to try – perhaps a dessert recipe for this coming Valentine’s Day, try making your ice cream and check out how easy it is to make in the video below. You’ll have to watch it a few times to actually understand and not get distracted by the chef. I’ve also included the recipe below.

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A few days ago, Willam released a brand spanking new episode of Willam’s Beatdown, and best believe, this is is a good one. On this episode, Willam takes on Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, gets a Holiday makeup tutorial from DailyGrace and goes Ganguro style with Glowpinkstah.

We’ve actually written about My Drunk Kitchen before and these drunk cooking tutorial videos are pretty hilarious. Needless to say, when combined with Willam’s commentary you get double the funny.

One thing that happens in this episode that’s hasn’t happened in another other Willam’s Beatdown episode is that one of the YouTubers that she makes fun of actually comes into the study to confront her directly. Watch the latest episode below!

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We’re only days away from Valentine’s Day and our friends at Steam Room Stories have decided to release a video for the occasion.

Some people love Valentine’s Day, while others hate all the fuss. Personally, I’m in between. I don’t really make a big deal out of it but I don’t “hate” the day either. In the video, a cute gay couple are discussing their plans for Valentine’s Day. When they leave the sauna, two straight guys talk about how they’re glad they don’t have to deal with the occasion because they both don’t have girlfriends anymore.

In discussing how they both have the night free, they start making plans to do something together…that keep evolving. Watch the video to find out what they decide on and what happens in the end.

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Andrew Christian released another video earlier this week featuring their star couple, Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown. They’re so cute together!

In the video, the boys are at home and on their computers. Colby decides to sign up for a year subscription to the Jockstrap Of The Month Club, where he’ll get a new jockstrap every month for a year. On the flipside, Brandon joins the Underwear Of The Month Club getting a new pair each month as well.

Before they know it, there are packages coming through the mail slot and as soon as they get them, they put them on. Sometimes when you put on a sexy new pair of underwear, it puts you in the mood and that’s exactly what happened with these guys. Watch the cute & sexy video below.

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If you’re wondering what to make for Valentine’s Day next week, or are simply looking for a new recipe, look no further. The Hungry How-To Hunk gets your mouth watering for Valentine’s Day with a recipe for warm churros that are just bursting at the seams with sweet dulce de leche!

I’m not gonna lie, I watched it and I have no idea what he did with the ingredients because I was just watching his sexy shirtlessness the whole time. The soap opera / porn music may put you in the mood as well. You may have to watch it a handful of times to actually learn the recipe.

Watching it again, I noticed that the directions are actually sexual as well. The best line is, “The harder you squeeze, the longer your churro wil be…” LOL!! Also, my favorite comment on the YouTube video was a guy who wrote, “WTF? I think I’m gay now.” Enjoy the video below.

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