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One of my favorite online retailers, Mr. Porter, has teamed up with Equinox Fitness which is launching here in Toronto next month.

This is a unique take on advertising as both companies share expert advise on a well lived life when it comes to fashion and fitness. We all know that a fit physique makes for a great frame for amazing clothing.

In the clip Chernow, who is co-owner of the team behind the Meatball Shop chain of eateries, is followed in his daily routine, from breakfast to biking around Manhattan and finally a workout at the end of his work day.

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Pirating Porn & Senior Citizens Talk Gay Sex

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Today you’re getting a twofer. I’m combining the latest clips from two of our favorite YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure.

First up are the towel-wearing studs of Steam Room Stories. They’ve discussed everything from funky spunk to being butt drunk in the past and everything in between. This time around they chat about online pirating, specifically porn. They come to the conclusion that if they pay for porn, the models will be hotter. Agree with that train of thought?

The second clip features Davey Wavey questioning senior citizens about gay sex. For all you Davey haters, he doesn’t appear in the clip. The golden gays are the stars here. Though not as entertaining as Davey Wavey quizzing Bel Ami models, this one has a lot of charm. The best moment is when one of the ladies says her favorite is the “cum, cum, cum, cum, cum” part. She then reveals when she was young she chased around all the “little dykes.” Check out both clips below.

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Music: What’s On My Dance Party Playlist?

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I always gravitate towards music when I’m hanging out at home and listen to anything from lounge music, top 40 to electronic/house tunes. At any given time, there is a Dance Party Playlist on my iPhone which usually contains remixes of popular Top 40 hits and come in handy for various activities like cleaning the apartment, showering, laundry or going for a run.

Here are 6 tracks currently on my playlist. Leave me some of your suggestions in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’re listening to.

Check out the tracks on the next part of the post.

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Michael Shannon Reads Insane Sorority Letter

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Last week, an email sent by a sister from the University of Maryland Delta Gamma chapter went viral. In case you missed it, the expletive-filled rant was the most ridiculous and angry thing ever. It chastised her fellow sorority sisters for being “LITERALLY being so f**king awkward,” making plans with other fraternities besides Sigma Nu, and for being “so fucking BORING.” The horror. It definitely showed the ugly side of the Greek system.

Funny or Die enlisted Michael Shannon to give a dramatic reading of said email. Shannon plays Superman’s archnemesis General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel. Truthfully, I don’t know what’s more frighteningly evil- General Zod or this Delta Gamma chick. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Check out Shannon’s video below. While not as hilarious as FOD’s recent Gay of Thrones video, it’s still worth a watch. It perfectly illustrates how insane the email was to begin with.

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Wicked Drake & Destiny’s Child Mashup

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If you were on the fence with Drake’s “Girls Love Beyoncé” which he dropped earlier this week, this will win you over. In the Toronto rapper’s original version, he sings the chorus from the Destiny’s Child hit track, “Say My Name,” in between his rhymes. For this mashup, Raleigh, N.C.’s JAYBeatz blends the 1999 single’s original verses and chorus seamlessly with Drake’s lyrical words. In some instances, he combines the lyrics so well, it’s as if Beyoncé and Drake are actually singing to each other. Check out an example below.

Destiny’s Child: “It’s hard to believe that you / were at home, by yourself”

Drake: “No I’m not alone, even though nothing was the same / let me get your ass alone, let me hear you say my name.”

The R&B girl group’s sassy delivery really works well with Drake’s monotone moodiness rap style. I’m not even exaggerating when I say JAYBeatz’s “We All Love Beyoncé” is my EVERYTHING. At least for this weekend it is ;) Check it out below.

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Arrow With Friends Intro???

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Can you picture Arrow with a Friends-type of intro? Imagine no more. Some enterprising individual spliced together scenes from The CW show with the theme song from the classic NBC sitcom. Truthfully, it kinda works. The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You” is definitely appropriate given that Stephen Amell and his crew are always there for each other.

Before you watch it, I’m not even going to hype it up as the best thing ever. That said, for some reason I find it oddly fascinating and entertaining. It’s a shame the majority of shows today don’t create catch intros anymore. Instead, their logo pops up for a hot second before the next scene begins. Check out Arrow‘s fan-made intro below. You never know, maybe the network likes what it sees and will create something similar for Season 2. LOL.

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Grabbing guys’ crotches, stroking poles and asking for a good drilling at Home Depot probably isn’t the best way to show you’re not gay. That’s exactly what Jesse P’s alter ego J Pee does in this parody clip titled, guess what… “I’m Not Gay.” The homo-bro rap track was written by Pepe himself and features lots of gratuitous shirtless shots and inappropriate touching. My kind of video ;)

I’m not sure exactly who Jesse Pepe is, but I did uncover a bit of info. He’s originally from Salt Lake City, but now lives in North Hollywood, California. Side note: What’s in the water in SLC? Is everyone a hot Mormon there? Pepe studied Musical Theatre at Weber State University. I can’t tell if he’s an aspiring actor or model. I found both an IMDB and Model Mayhem profile. What I do know is he’s cute and has great taste in male co-stars. Check out his hilarious claims about not being gay below.

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Famous Rabbits In Cinema

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Everyone knows Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and Thumper from Bambi, but that’s just scratching the surface. There are plenty more rabbits in cinema history. Given that it’s Easter today, I thought I’d share this wicked supercut.

Travis Rand Greenwood and Brett Roberts compiled bunnies from animated films and live action ones for the clip. It includes obvious selections as the ones mentioned earlier, but also features those rabbits in films like Real Genius, Con Air and The Matrix. Without watching the video, I can’t recall the scenes where those floppy eared animals appeared. One cute bunny that I do remember and unfortunately met its fate is the infamous one from Fatal Attraction. RIP ;) Check out the supercut below and hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

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