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Why You Need To Be Obsessed With Tatiana Maslany

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I’m thrilled that Donovan has been keeping you all abreast of everything you need to know about Orphan Black, which is hands down one of the greatest shows on TV right now, but I needed to draw your attention to WHO is making that show as brilliant as it is: freaking Tatiana Maslany. This chick (only 30) IS acting. I use to extol the acting chops of the likes of Sandra Oh and Franka Potente as some of my “must meet in real life” favourites, but Tat (I call her Tat), has by FAR taken over as the new queen of the screen.

This isn’t just about looks, let’s get that out of the way. I mean, DAYUM yes would I go les for Tat if that were an option (but considering my penchant for bears, I’m about as far from lady loving as you can get so there goes that), but this is about her undeniable talent. At 30 this seasoned actress is YEARS into what is shaping up to be a pretty exciting career and is showing no signs of letting up. Despite Donovan breaking our hearts with the news that next season is the last for Orphan Black, I’m just happy to know that it means I’ll be seeing her on a myriad new flicks as I’m sure OB takes up a helluva lot of her time.

Click through to read about this raven beaut and see her at her best


This is absolutely ridiculous and that’s exactly why it’s so hilarious.

Donald Trump is a lightning rod for controversy given all his politically incorrect comments and opinions. He’s pretty much a real life ‘mean girl.’ But how would the 69-year-old fare against the Plastics? Let’s just say, Regina George has finally met her match.

Check out the parody by The Crazy Gorilla below. If you love Mean Girls, it’s a definite must-watch. He did a fantastic job of integrating The Donald’s rhetoric into classic scenes from the teen flick.

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I would assume returning back to normal life after The Bachelorette is a shock to the system. Obviously, walking around without cameras following your every move would be a nice change, but I would assume there are letdowns as well.

Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiance Shawn Booth show Funny or Die five ways that dating on the show differs from real life. From having dinner to simply walking into a room, life in front of the cameras is certainly different off. Check out the clip below.

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Not that kind of happy ending, but of the happily-ever-after kind. Get your mind out of the gutter 😉

It’s only a matter of time before Walt Disney releases an LGBT animated feature film. Until that happens, this fan-made video by YouTube user The Nameless Doll will have to do. He spliced together footage from various classics to tell a new ‘fairy’ tale (pun intended). I couldn’t resist.

Watch Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and Dimitri from Anastasia fall in love. The entire clip is sung in Finnish but thankfully there are subtitles. Phew. Check it out below.

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Things Gay Porn Stars Are Tired Of Hearing

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The title pretty much says it all.’s latest video reveals the things gay porn stars are tired of hearing from their fans and haters.

Truth be told, guilty as charged. I’ve probably said a couple of these to porn stars upon meeting them. In my defense, I was probably a tad intoxicated 😉

Watch Diego Sans, Landon Mycles, Connor Maguire, Alex Mecum, Dirk Caber, Topher DiMaggio, Rafael Alencar, Mike De Marko, Colton Grey, Roman Todd, and Cameron Foster below all reveal some of their pet peeves.

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Actor, model, certified hottie and now you can add activist to that list. Colton Haynes talks about the gender wage gap in a new video for Funny or Die.

The 27-year-old Arrow actor is dumbfounded about the huge wage disparity in the modeling industry. The clip pokes fun that the highest-paid female model apparently make 95% more than the highest-paid male model. Those poor chiseled jaw-dropping handsome men have it rough, don’t they 😉

“I’m not just a model and an actor, I’m a person who cares about stuff other than the way I look,” Colton says. “Men earning less than women, but doing the same work? How long has this been going on? Do other male models know about this?”

Check out the clip below where Haynes dons a wig to talk about the timely topic. If he really wants to get the message across, might I suggest being shirtless. Sex sells 😉

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This past weekend, Tina Fey resurrected her bang-on Sarah Palin impersonation on Saturday Night Live. After years of being the butt of the joke, the 51-year-old politician is fighting back. Turnabout is fair play after all.

Palin along with Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain star in a 30 Rock spoof, aptly titled 31 Rock. The former governor does a decent job of channelling Fey’s character Liz Lemon. Watch her play Lynn Melon below in the parody clip for conservative website, Independent Journal Review.

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YouTube just dropped it’s annual video wrap-up compilation and like its predecessors, it’s a must-watch. The epic mashup highlights the videos, people, music and movies that made 2015.

The video-sharing website enlisted more than 150 YouTube creators from all over the world to do sketch-like takes on popular videos from the past year. Set to the music of The Weeknd, Silentó, Major Lazer & Dj Snake, and OMI, they re-imagined popular clips including Shia Labeouf’s ‘Just Do It’ speech, pizza rat and more. Check out “Now Watch Me 2015” below.

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