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I came out a bit more tanned than I like to be but otherwise, I haven’t a single complaint from my time in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A HUGE thank you goes out to the suite’s owner and Christian Serrano- you’ll soon read why- for ensuring that myself and my good friend Carson experienced the relaxing (and gay) trip of a lifetime this summer.

Before you click ahead, please note this article probably shouldn’t be read if you’re stuck up in Alaska for the winter without a plane to whisk you South of if you have an aversion to drinking and sunning cause there was a LOT of that going around, and I’m not going to apologize for it. Having been to tropical locales before I had high expectations for what the beautiful beaches and scenic old world feel of Puerto Vallarta purportedly had to offer- but girl, did it ever produce. The pinnacle of the trip however- pun intended- had to be the luxurious stay that Carson and I had at the Signature by Pinnacle Penthouse 6 Suite, above Banderas Bay and just two blocks from where the mo’s flock in speedos and not much else at the always busy Los Muertos beach. Homorazzi previewed this space before we headed there but just had to tell you how much it delivered.

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So, either you don’t even go to this school or you’re visiting from far, far away to see what Vancouver and its myriad of mos have to offer, regardless: here is what you need to know about Pride in Vancouver 2014. While the “pride” gays is felt (mostly on Grindr) for an entire week, the REAL events happen on the weekend when work is done and school lets out and the sun finally gets its act together.

Though we aren’t the biggest of metropolises, we DO however have a load of party options and choosing which one is right for you can be overwhelming. Amassed below is the lineup of events put on by the staple of gay vancouver nightlife TFD productions and it spreads eagle over the entirety of Pride Weekend from July 31 – August 3. No matter what day you’re looking to party, how hard, or with what kind of boys, there’s something here for everyone with Rapture: OLYMPUS‘ pride lineup.

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World Pride is coming to Toronto and it is time to celebrate like the world is watching!! PITBULL Events are throwing two huge events and you are not going to want to miss out on these incredible events.

Their first giant party is going to be the PITBULL WORLDWIDE party at the Liberty Grand (25 British Columbia Dr.) on Friday, June 27th. Headlining this incredible event will be the Grammy nominated CHRIS COX (US) who will be providing a full night of big room sounds and incredible beats. We also have the legendary DJ HANSOM from Europe who will be playing at the same time. Opening up for them will be DJ Del Stamp (VAN), Toronto legend Deko-Ze and DJs Aural and Alessandro will turn the incredible outdoor courtyard into a Pop Paradise. An enhanced sound and light system will be in all three spaces so get ready to be blown away.

Dozens of Go Go dancers in incredible outfits will make sure that the party is going strong and providing incredibly stunning visual shows. Expect some incredible Go Go performances by International Porn Stars Aleks Buldocek, Draven Torres, Jon Shields and many more.

Following up this giant party will be the PITBULL – GOES WILD at the Phoenix Concert Hall (410 Sherbourne St.) on Saturday, June 28th. The Phoenix is going to be turned into a giant jungle themed party with incredible decor and a bigger than life sound system. Get wild with a club full of hot men, great music, and incredible times at what is going to be the wildest pride party in Toronto this year.

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According to LGBT marketing specialist group Out Now Global, the potential value of the LGBT travel market was set to reach $181 billion in 2013. Naturally, companies want a piece of that lucrative pie.

Marriott International launched its #LoveTravel this week in an attempt to connect with would-be customers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. It’s the first time the global hotel group has targeted same-sex couples. The main message is ‘all are welcome.’

“We see #LoveTravel as a universal, multicultural theme that appeals to communities throughout the world, resonating with consumers around the globe,” Marriott’s global marketing officer Karin Timpone said in a statement adding that the campaign was especially designed for “millennials and next generation travelers who value inclusiveness.”

The ads feature openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, transgender model Geena Rocero among other spokespeople. Images and videos plus personal stories will be available at and at Check out all the video clips from their #LoveTravels campaign below.

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Well, the moment’s arrived: White Party Palm Springs’ Talent is revealed! And, I can’t WAIT to get down there!

The biggest name of all for me is definitely G.R.L.. A newer name to the scene I’m currently OBSESSED with their song Ugly Heart and they’re blowing up the charts right now with their featured performance on Pitbull‘s Wild Wild Love single. While I would never touch the man sexually, he himself seems to have the Midas touch these days and everything and everyone he attaches to turns to gold and these ladies are no exception. The all-girl band was formed by Homorazzi’s ever-loved Pussycat Dolls’ Robin Antin and includes a collection of 5 talented girls from America, Britain and even our home up here in Canada. Covering all their bases they’re looking to rock out the Sunday T-Dance which was dominated last year by Icona Pop and I’m sure G.R.L. will be able to fill the big stilettos left by those babes (WHOM I got a kiss from, just sayin’!).

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As White Party Palm Springs 25th Anniversary quickly approaches (April 25-28), you can bet your ass (and mine!) that this Type A gay is mapping out anywhere and everywhere I want to get it wet while down in the sun… and I’m NOT talking about swimming.

After getting special approval by the boss at Homorazzi and the go ahead by the awesomely shameless men at WPPS, I’ve put together a careful article to describe the ins and outs of sticking it in and out while at this years event. I’m only a second year returnee to the party but you KNOW I’m already an addict and can’t wait to get my fix. Last year, my best friend, partner in crime and co-owner of Homorazzi, Patrick and I took the sunny desert town by storm and we did not fail to come out with a smile on our faces and a check up planned at the clinic. To be fair, Patrick was there to meet celebrities, I was the only nicknamed “Dirty Dozen” by the flight home. It was a weekend for the books, but this time around I knew some planning was involved to ensure a record breaking trip and thought I’d share with the readers my two cents on the ultimate places to bang at WPPS.

Click through if you’ve got a dirty mind and want to read the best places to trick at WPPS


You know life is going a little bit better than just decently when THIS is the kind of place you’re “summering at”. Hot damn are we here at homorazzi gonna be some lucky boys come this June. Look out Puerto Vallarta, cause you only think of you’ve endured sassy mo’s before… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tucked away on a the pinnacle of a hill two blocks from the VERY gay Los Muertos beach, myself, site owner and writer Donovan and his partner and fellow writer Brian will be staying at the recently completed to utopian perfection Signature by Pinnacle Penthouse 6 Suite a brand new ultra-modern and incredibly chic condominium complex in the heart of old town Puerto Vallarta’s romantic zone. And I MEAN to make use of the word romance while there! Having visited PV (as the lazy gays acronym it) once for New Year’s a few ago, I know the big rules of visiting this charming seaside gay town: stay somewhere near the beach; stay somewhere near the bars; stay somewhere your trick is going to want to come home with you to. Hot DAMN does this palace have all three of those requirements in spades!

Click through to see this beautiful penthouse and learn how to rent it for yourself


As the 25th anniversary of one of THE biggest gay events in North America fast approaches (April 25-28), the boys of White Party Palm Springs have been working tirelessly with major clubs throughout both America and Canada (or Canadia as I’m sure they’d call us ;) to set up some outstanding official kick off events to increase awareness of the awesomeness of this event (and I know first hand what I’m talking about!) AND to offer some free tickets so some of the biggest parties of the weekend itself. Including major American metropolises like San Diego, Atlanta and South Carolina, these official kick off parties including international locals like Sydney, Australia and of course a variety of spots up here in the great North! So, read on and find out about the White Party Palms Springs official kick off parties happening in cities near you and find out what you can win to curb the price of your trip to this ultimate event!

For your chance to buy tickets to this annual party of friends, fun and f…. well, you get the idea, click here to get to the owner of White Party Jeffrey Sanker’s page to find out every detail you could possibly need to know about the event and the people and talent involved.

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