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Obviously, it’s not Zoe Saldana. Did you think for a second, the 37-year-old actress would return? Her star has risen tremendously since she pirouetted in Center Stage back in 2000. Ain’t no way she’s gonna slum it for a straight-to-television sequel.

Center Stage: On Pointe is the third in the dance franchise. Sascha Radetsky and Ethan Stiefel reprise their roles of Charlie and slimy choreographer slash sucky boyfriend, Cooper Nielson, respectively. They’ll join Peter Gallagher who once again makes a cameo as American Ballet Company director, Jonathan Reeves. Kenny Wormald and Nicole Munoz who were introduced in Center Stage: Turn It Up are also returning.

Center Stage: On Pointe Synopsis

Jonathan Reeves (Gallagher) is tasked with infusing more contemporary styles and modernism into the American Ballet Academy and enlists his top choreographers Charlie (Radestsky), Cooper (Stiefel) and Tommy (Kenny Wormald) to recruit dancers to compete at an intensive camp where the winners will be selected to join the Academy. Bella Parker (Nicole Munoz), who has always lived in the shadow of her hugely successful sister Kate, finally gets her chance to step into the limelight as one of the dancers selected for the camp. Lukasiak stars as Gwen, a talented dancer prodigy who competes at the camp.

Center Stage: On Pointe jetés to Lifetime on June 25. Check out the trailer below.

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At this point FX should really change its name to RMN, the Ryan Murphy network. It just ordered another anthology series from the 50-year-old uber producer to go along with his hit franchises American Horror Story and American Crime Story.

His latest creation, Feud, will explore some of the greatest “personality conflicts” in history. The eight episode first season will tackle the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis who co-starred in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

“Feud adds a third and equally ambitious franchise to Ryan’s unprecedented slate of FX anthological limited series,” said FX Networks CEO John Landgraf in a statement. ” The series will offer a seductive, insightful look at what lies behind legendary personality conflicts.”

Jessica Lange reunites with Murphy to play Joan Crawford in the new anthology. They previously collaborated for four seasons of American Horror Story. Read below to learn who’s tackling Bette Davis.

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Justin Simien’s crowd-funded satirical film, Dear White People, made a splash at film festivals a couple years back. It especially did well at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival where it earned the US Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent. Netflix is adapting the critically-acclaimed film for a new series. Simien will write and direct the pilot episode.

Dear White People Logline

“Set among a diverse group of students of color as they navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college where racial tensions are often swept under the rug, Dear White People is a send up of ‘post-racial’ America that also weaves a universal story about forging one’s own unique path.”

Ten 30-minute episodes have been ordered by the streaming service. It’s not clear if any of the original cast members (Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson and Dennis Haysbert) will return for the TV series.

I actually watched the film and quite enjoyed it. If you haven’t, check out the theatrical trailer below and be sure to add it to your list.

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This latest installment of “Carpool Karaoke” just might be the most epic yet. No disrespect to Gwen Stefani, but it’s her special guest stars who steal the show in my opinion.

The 46-year-old No Doubt frontwoman duets with James Corden on a slew of her hits including “Don’t Speak,” “Used To Love You,” “The Great Escape” and “Rich Girl.” She also acted out whatever random emojis the Late Late Show host yelled out. However, it was when they needed two other passengers for the HOV lane that the action really kicked into high gear.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who were on hand to promote Money Monster, hopped in to sing “Hollaback Girl” and Queen’s “We Are The Champions” with Corden and Stefani. I’m actually impressed that George and Julia knew as many lyrics as they did. Who knew?

Check out all the excitement below. Be sure to stick around to when they discuss movie dialogue. If you’re a fan of Julia’s rom-coms, you’ll appreciate the memorable line. And it’s not from Pretty Woman in case you were guessing.

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For any actor, having a steady gig is reward enough. It’s especially great when the gig is a hit show beloved by millions. Apparently that wasn’t enough good fortune to befall Game of Thrones actress Carice von Houten.

After reading her interview with Entertainment Weekly, I’ve concluded she’s probably the luckiest girl on the HBO set. Who knew resurrecting someone from the dead could be so titillating. The 39-year-old reveals she washed Kit Harington’s practically naked body at least 50 times while filming last episode.

“It took forever to resurrect him, forever!” says van Houten. “It was such an important scene, we shot it from so many angles. I think I washed his body 50 times. There would be a lot of people who would be very jealous, including my mother and sister. I was joking about that with him – ‘if only my mother could see this’ – and he loved that.”

How lucky is that little beyotch? Read more about that resurrection over at


Even though there is some reported behind-the-scenes drama, it appears everything is copacetic again. At least, based on photos uploaded to Tumblr from co-creator Lana Wachowski.

“It was while shooting the Big Cluster Birthday Bash, we wished there was a way for our fans to experience… What we experience while making this show…,” Wachowski wrote.

After checking out the pics, I’m even more excited for Sense8 Season 2 to arrive. Sadly though, that’s not happening anytime soon.

According to actress Jamie Clayton, a Christmas special will drop this holiday season with the rest of the episodes available later. “Ep1 at Christmas. The rest, all at once in 2017,” she tweeted.

Check out more preview pics below.

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Sharknado 4 Unveils List Of Celebrity Cameos

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It’s only fitting that SyFy shares news for the fourth installment of Sharknado on the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the 4th. After all, the shark-slaying disaster film pays homage to the epic space opera with it’s title, Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens. There’s also a newly-released poster that features the cast channeling their inner Jedis.

Sharknado The Fourth Awakens Synopsis

“Fin (Ian Ziering), his family and the cosmos have been blissfully sharknado-free in the intervening years, but now sharks — and ‘nados! — are being whipped up in places (and ways) least expected.”

Speaking of the cast, the network just unveiled a full list of all celebrities making cameos in the film, joining returning players Tara Reid, Ryan Newman and newbies Gary Busey, Tommy Davidson, Imani Hakim, Cody Linley, Masiela Lusha and Cheryl Tiegs. Let’s just say, it’s a hodge podge of D-list awesomeness. For instance, controversial Stacey Dash appears as the Mayor of Chicago. I can’t wait to see a shark inhale her 😉 Check out the full list below.

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“We don’t solve problems, we point cameras at them,” says Shiri Appleby in the first trailer for UnREAL Season 2.

And it’s exactly lines like that which made the Lifetime drama such enjoyable watching. Expect even more ruthless manipulation from Constance Zimmer and Appelby as they attempt to deliver another exciting season of the show-within-a-show, Everlasting.

For its sophomore run, UnREAL is going where no Bachelor season has ever gone before. A black suitor played by B.J. Britt will be the leading man this time around. I can’t wait to see all the digs the show takes at the expense of ABC’s popular dating show for its lack of diversity.

UnREAL returns to Lifetime on Monday, June 6. Check out the trailer below.

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