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SPOILER ALERTS: Proceed with Caution
It’s hard to believe, but talks of season finales are upon us. With the end of winter hiatus fast approaching, we soon enter a crucial time period for TV shows: April Sweeps. This is when you we see shows vying for another season pull out all of the stops to keep their viewers interested to bring in the ratings the networks hope for.

Glee has already been picked up for their fourth season but that won’t stop creator Ryan Murphy and the writers from bringing the best of the best into the finale and now, a new spoiler has confirmed that this will indeed be the ending to Season 2 we expect from the show that has failed to impress many fans alike this year.

We’ve already learned from a previous post that someone on the show will face an untimely death which will dramatically effect the New Directions as they head to New York to compete at Nationals. But now, one of the show’s favorited guest stars will also return to make an appearance in the finale. But who will it be?

Find out who will return after the jump.

This is the one…the one everyone was waiting for. Time to talk to Shangela. Now contrary to MANY, I was not going to be rude to her. I wouldn’t EVER back down on what i ever wrote or said, but I in no way would be an asshole so if that’s what you were looking for it didn’t happen.

We talked about this season, how she got back on, the disaster in the first week as well as the drama throughout the season. We also touched on her new role on a pilot for NBC which came out coincidentally the day after she got kicked off. (I call a plant but whatevs.)

Take a listen below, hope you enjoy it.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Alexandria stays deluded to the nth degree and Molly scratches her scalp and gets promised the rat will be surgically removed. Not much else, except for a shoot with a little pussy where Hannah reigns queen of the week and Dalya buggers off after bombing, leaving a lot of Caucasians to run the race in her absence. Will Jaclyn’s balls finally drop? Will Mikaela eat a sandwich? Nine girls remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Firstly, dear sweet, talented and hilarious Rich is on vacay this week. STUCK WITH ME! HA! *locks door*

This week starts off with Tyra B&Eing the house and giving the girls a little forehead to forehead time. Molly almost has a weave meltdown and tyrant, waiting until the last possible moment this poor girl crumbles into a pile of poodle fur, promises the dog on her head will have it’s day. Again. Tyra learned a new word this week: archetype, which she says about 14 times in the span of 15 seconds, and gets the girls to pigeonhole themselves into… ARCHETYPES. They talk the fame game, having a thick “piel”, boundaries with your stalkers, and then have a little arts and craft sesh where they practice their autographs.

More recap and photos after the jump.

Last week, Zapatera found stressful times as tribe unity began to crumble. At Ometepe, Rob has a hidden immunity idol, but when Rob tried to hide a clue he found at a reward, Phillip was angry at the stunt he was trying to pull in front of him. Ometepe won their third immunity challenge in a row sending Zapatera back to tribal council where Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island.

The gang of six on Zapatera has a major hole in it with David and Stephanie joining forces trying to vote out Sarita. The riff is still there even though the six are now together with David still resenting Sarita. Steve wants him to put his emotions aside to see the bigger picture for the better of the tribe but David can’t help but seem a little antagonistic.

On Redemption Island, Stephanie begins to talk about the food she is craving and missing ever since she has been out for Survivor. Matt is a little annoyed by her running mouth but reminds himself that he told God he would be out here as long as he needed to be and will go in to the duel focused on winning. Rob and Phillip are going to go watch the duel from Ometepe. Phillip is really annoyed by Rob’s controlling nature. Rob is annoyed that he has to go babysit Phillip because he runs his mouth and is an unaware person. Zapatera sends David and Ralph.

More recap after the jump.

We all love Katie Couric, except for when she made the move from the Today Show to CBS Evening News. Despite their efforts to pump her up, change their graphics and change the face of evening news, they still couldn’t squeak by ABC and NBC’s nightly news broadcasts. However, Katie has still been able to fulfill her contract which is up very shortly.

So now the question is, where will Katie Couric end up next? Will she stay with CBS or will another network call her name? Well, rumor has it that CBS still wants Katie around. She currently is a partial correspondent for 60 Minutes, but the network would like to offer her a full-time gig on the program. There is a catch.

If she were to take the gig, she would also have to appear on a daytime talk show for the network as well. I think this offer sounds outstanding and she would be crazy not to take it. I also think Katie shines more in a daytime format than in the news anchor setting.

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Jeff Hephner (with whom I work on Hellcats with) has had a rough pilot season this year. He originally booked a role in NBC’s drama pilot Playboy. However, after a table read with the network, the deal was pulled right from under him and he was replaced with Eddie Cibrian. As they say on Full House, how rude!.

Have no fear Jeff Hephner fans, a true talent will always find his spotlight. Jeff has signed on to do more than a pilot with network Starz. He will join Kelsey Grammer on an eight-episode series titled Boss. Coincidentally, this show will also be based and filmed in Chicago (just like Playboy).

The show is written by Farhad Safinia and directed by Gus Van Sant. The concept of the show is that Kane (played by Grammer) is the mayor of Chicago and is diagnosed with a degenerative mental condition that only he and his doctor know about. Jeff will play the role of the state treasurer who is a Chicago native, handsome and soon to be a powerful player in the Chicago political scene.

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Hello friends. This week’s Who’d You Rather is a case of the look-a-like. These two men have been told they look like each other more than once and I’d have to say at a first glance, they do. What’s even more similar are their careers. They both work at E! hosting news-like shows, they both write and produce, they both do voice work (Ryan on the radio and Joel for cartoons) and they both work for other networks. No wonder people think they are the same person.

Joel McHale is the host of the hilarious show The Soup where he recaps all things hilarious in reality TV and in the world of viral videos. If you have never checked it out, I suggest you do. It’s laugh out loud funny some days. Joel also stars in the hit NBC comedy Community playing Jeff Winger who attends community college at Greendale. Joel is married with two boys. A family man. How sexy.

Ryan Seacrest is a mogul in his own right. He co-hosts E! News as well as produces every single Kardashian show out there for the same network. Outside of E!, he is the host of American Idol and his radio show titled after his own name. Recently, Ryan became engaged to former DWTS pro Julianne Hough. So, I guess he isn’t gay? Disappointing.

Check out some hot pics and choose Who You’d Rather after the jump.

A couple of days ago, I told you all about some big Glee music news which was that The Warblers were going to have a disc of their own tunes from the season released which was accompanied with a full track list for the album. It was only a matter of time before this happened considering some of the best tracks this season of come from this pack of boys.

Now, we’re being treated to even more. The ending track on the album which is a Rod Stewart classic has been debuted and let me tell you, it sounds amazing. The Warblers tackle Do Ya Think I’m Sexy with hottie frontman Darren Criss of course tackling the lead vocals.

New episodes of Glee don’t return until April 19th with an episode titled Night of Neglect which will see the New Directions fresh off their Regionals win ready to take on Nationals. However, Sue has a plan to take them down which involves rivals, Vocal Adrenaline. Until then, we can only enjoy this new tune.

Listen to the track after the jump.

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