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Set to debut this spring on Oxygen, another reality show about Paris Hilton, co-starring Brooke Mueller. This time she’s not making a fool of herself with her best friend (now former) investigating “The Simple Life,” or searching for a new BFF…it’s just Paris, raw. Oh, and by that, I don’t mean another sex tape like the one that made her famous. It’s called, “The World According To Paris Hilton“.

Paris tells, ” This show’s completely different than anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never let cameras into my life like this.” Her mom Kathy adds, “You will be a fly on the wall. It’s not an overly produced show. It’s just heartfelt. I don’t know if people realize how funny Paris is, she is very, very funny… and I’m kind of funny and [co-star Brooke Mueller is] hysterical.”

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As I’ve mentioned before, Battlestar Galactica is my favorite TV show of all time – for so many reasons. Amazing storyline, great acting & characters, and super intense. I recently watched the prequel series called Caprica, before it was cut short on SyFy. It was promising, but SyFy screwed it up by taking a huge break between episodes. Well, next up is another prequel called Blood & Chrome, set in the 10th year of the first cylon war. SyFy has just revealed two of the leads in the new series.

Luke Pasqualino (Skins – U.K. – above left) has been cast as the young William Adama and Ben Cotton (Hellcats, Riese – above right) will be the other lead, playing Adama’s commanding officer.

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American Idol 10: Milwaukee Auditions Impress

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Welcome to episode 3 of American Idol Season 10. For the first time ever, Ryan Seacrest and company are in Milwaukee to hold auditions. Naturally, they invite the city’s most famous contribution to Idol, Milwaukee native Danny Gokey. Coincidentally enough, Gokey’s appearance at the beginning of the show is fitting considering the episode’s final contestant, who will undoubtedly receive Gokey comparisons. Read the rest of the post, to find out what I’m referring to.

The episode started with an impromptu slash awkward duet between Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Even though Idol has made a few changes for Season 10, the episode was vintage Idol. In other words, there were a lot of bad performances, exploitation of competitor back stories, and most notably, a lot of producer pimping for a few of their favorites. No kidding, there were about three who received more than their fair share of airtime during their audition and even minutes afterward. Find out which auditions made the biggest impression, good or bad, on me below.

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Will Ferrell Joins The Office

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Although not a permanent role, funny man Will Ferrell will be joining the quirky men and women of The Office for four episodes during this current season. The Office’s executive producer, Paul Lieberstein had this to say about the casting:

“We found Steve Carell when he was nothing but a movie star and we turned him into a television star. We are proud to continue The Office‘s tradition of discovering famous talent, and we hope that once America gets a good look at Will, they’ll see what we see: tremendous raw sexuality.”

Will will be playing a branch manager that arrives from the corporation’s head office and who ends up being as useless as Michael Scott, Steve Carell’s character. Carell is leaving the show this season, and Ferrell will on the show for his last three episodes, with the fourth one being the episode after Carell is gone.

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Here is my first of many many interviews with the contestants who have been eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. It was totally bittersweet because while I was SO excited to talk to her, I was devastated that she got the boot so early.

Listen to my interview, it was a lot of fun chatting with her. Honestly it was like a good gossip sesh with one of my girlfriends. Next time we’re gonna do it with ice cream!

Enjoy it everyone!

listen to the interview after the jump & check out pics from our viewing party

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 8 Auditions

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Welcome back all you SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE fanatics! I’m back in the driver seat covering the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance (USA version) for season 8 of the BRILL-BALLS reality competition. This show has brought us some incredible talents over the year, including my personal favorite Travis Wall, and raised unknown choreographers to celebrity stature, such as Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy and Tyce Diorio.

The show itself won’t be on the airwaves until summer 2011, but the cross-country audition tour is happening right now and the windows of opportunity to showcase your unique talents are closing fast. The following is the official schedule, also posted on the show’s website…

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Today, Oprah shed light on a topic that she has become a pioneer for on daytime talk TV: coming out. Over the years, spanning countless episodes, Oprah has helped many people come out, facing the obstacles in their lives and careers to come to terms with who they are. These shows have earned her numerous GLAAD awards and nominations including hitting this year’s nomination list.

Today’s episode served as a retrospective, looking back at the guests she has had that came out, shared the stories and even shocked some viewers and herself. The show began with a look back at Olympic athlete Greg Louganis who not only struggled with dealing with his sexuality, but also being HIV positive. After being on the show in 1995, a 12 year old male was changed by the message he sent out. He appeared on the show today to share his story and Greg came on stage to surprise him.

Greg and Oprah discussed how much has changed in the country in terms of acceptance on the show since his appearance. They celebrated in the fact that their are so many more gay figures on television and in popular culture portraying real life gay couples in family situations. Greg’s health is great and he discussed his drug regiment with Oprah saying he wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Find out more about Oprah’s “Coming Out” show.

Jersey Shore Season 4: They’re Going To Italy!

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Mama mia! I don’t know if Italy knows what they’re in for, but its looks like the cast of Jersey Shore are taking their GTL international for Season 4, according to TMZ.

Two months ago, the network executives starting working on visas for the cast. Sources say that they are now scouting out locations like they did for Miami, to find the perfect location. They have also apparently lined up some of Vinny’s relatives to host the bunch for an authentic Guadagnino dinner.

The cast is sure to heat things up (Random fact: Italy invented the thermometer) as they venture across the bond to Italia. I feel like they may be bringing more MILFs and cougars home than anything else, considering the average resident of Italy is 41 years old.

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