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American Idol 10: Top 3 Eliminations

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Since I’m busy prepping a long-weekend trip away with Brian, I have a million and one things to do tonight. That being said, I’m going to try a new format for writing my elimination post- bullet form, ya’ll. No longer will I ramble (yeah right). You’re just going to get the facts with a comment here and there. PS. Just in case you were wondering, we’re flying on the Helijet to Victoria on Vancouver Island for four days. So excited. It’ll be a nice quiet and romantic trip. On with the results show.

  • Over 95 million votes were cast. The most ever for a Final 3 round. Also, it was 15 million more than last year’s finale show
  • The number of votes proves no one cared about last season’s group. I maintain Lee DeWyze is the worst winner ever. More so than Taylor Hicks and that’s saying a lot. For all of you who disagree, look at the Billboard numbers. Until Lee sells more than Taylor, I’m going to stand by this. PS. Crystal Bowersox should’ve won.
  • The Idols get to meet J.J. Abrams. So jealous. I love that man. He did Felicity, Alias and Lost. The Holy Trinity of awesomeness.
  • Abrams lends them 8mm cameras to document their hometown visits. Double jealous. I want one. Someone send me one.
  • Elle Fanning, star of Abram’s summer movie “Super 8″ was in the audience.
  • Was it me or was she super annoying? Her revealing of her cousin’s crush was the most drawn out irritating thing ever. That’s saying a lot considering its an hour long results show.
  • Dakota Fanning was eerily mature for her age when she was young. She should give lil sis a few pointers. Seriously, Dakota was like an old woman in a young woman’s body. Benjamin-a Button

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Tyra Banks Claims No More “Normal” ANTM Cycles

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Whatcha talking about Willis? Out with the old and in with the new. Beginning next cycle, with the long-awaited all-star edition of “America’s Next Top Model“, the reality show will begin a new era. According to Tyra Banks herself, ANTM “will never have another normal cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ again“. Banks dropped the bombshell at The CW’s upfront presentation to advertisers.

According to reports, CW executives aren’t completely sure what she meant. Personally, I don’t even think Tyrant knows what she is talking about. LOL. Banks didn’t elaborate any further on her promise. I’m thinking we’re in store for a ton of gimmicky cycles. Perhaps, a plus-size, sorry, fiercely real edition is heading our way. Oh wait, how about a handi-capable cycle.

find out what “special” cycles I hope Tyra has after the jump

Now, that’s what I call TALENT. I could be wrong, but I don’t think an audition like this has ever appeared on any of the Got Talent shows anywhere in the world. It’s a shame really. After watching this, I really do think singing strippers should be mandatory for every vocal competitions.

The 24-year-old hopeful showed off all his assets for the Australia’s Got Talent judges (Dannii Minogue, Brian McFadden and Kyle Sandilands). Literally. While Dylan Yeandle sang Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb”, he shed his clothing as he showed off his better stripper moves. He truly was a sex bomb. Blasting sexy grenades all over the place. Dylan even resorted to flirting with the judges, especially Sandilands. Does Dylan play for our team or just a straight cock tease?

All the judges, even the boys, enjoyed the performance. Afterward, they all complimented Dylan’s body parts, from his legs to his package. Funny enough, they barely touched on his singing abilities. Not surprisingly, they all gave him three yeses. The host even gave him a “tip” when Dylan walked off the stage. I really need to visit Australia. It truly is the gay Disneyland- hot boys everywhere.

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Check Out The CW’s Fall Line-up

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The CW’s fall schedule was going to look pretty regular for a while when hit shows 90210, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural all got early season renewals. That left veteran One Tree Hill on the bubble with Hellcats and Nikita. In the end, the veteran would stand strong and take Nikita along for the ride leaving Hellcats in the dust along with Life Unexpected and Shedding for the Wedding.

Now that Smallville has come to it’s epic conclusion after 10, long running seasons, The CW really needs to find a show that can carry on that sort of longevity. Heavy hitter Gossip Girl seems to be doing just fine on it’s own but with the wrap of of this season, I think that the kids of the upper east side may only have one more year under the belts. I am curious to see how 90210 will survive with the kids moving on in to college and spreading out all over the place.

Then of course, we have One Tree Hill which doesn’t seem to die. Even though many of it’s original key players have since moved on from the show, its popularity still continues to thrive with it’s audience but I’m banking on this next season being it’s last. So now we bring in the newbies. We have a Vampire Diaries like witch-a-thon, a butt kicking Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV and an O.C. sweetheart makes her debut in Alabama. Should make for an interesting fall.

Check out the CW’s fall line-up here.

Man Crush: Chris Powell

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This week’s Man Crush was so hot, two of us were fighting over him. LOL. Here’s the story. Both Tyrell and I noticed Chris Powell while watching “Dancing With The Stars” at our respective condos. Powell was in attendance to promote his upcoming show on ABC, “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition“. The second I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was going to be this week’s Man Crush. Tyrell was also smitten and started a draft titled, “Meet Chris Powell”. Immediately, I texted him to let him know he beat me to the punch. We jokingly fought over him and Tyrell was gracious enough to let me have him ;)

I thought Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” was cute, but Chris Powell has me saying, Bob who??? As mentioned before, Chris will be one of the featured trainers on ABC’s new weight loss reality show. He’ll guide participants through their transformations by moving into their homes. By assuring that they have the proper nourishment and exercise movement, he provides a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

“The human body is an amazing machine that we can transform naturally,” Chris says. “I have devoted my being to developing innovative lifestyles and tools to enrich the lives of others, and each life changed has been a remarkable gift.”

Powell first gained national attention when he helped an obese David Smith lose 401 lbs in 26 months for a TLC special, “The 650-pound Virgin“. He parlayed that exposure into appearances on other national shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show“, “20/20“, and “The View“. For those of you out there wondering what his relationship status is, unfortunately, he’s married with children. Be sure to catch all of Chris’ hotness when “Extreme Makeover: Weight Lose Edition” premieres on ABC on May 30, 2011.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the final three took on a romantic photo shoot and all of them delivered… for the most part. Andre Leon Talley was not impressed with Hannah’s foot and she got the boot. She was always cannon fodder. Molly was called out first, continuing her late game surge. Left to fight it out in the finale with her is Brittani. It’s actually a pretty decent final two. Could you imagine if Tyrant had suckered us with Alexandria and Kasia. God. I would’ve died. So here we are. The Blonde vs the Brunette. Hilariously Snarky Molly vs Brittani the Redeemer. Will Tyrant reward Molly’s rise from the heinous weave makeover? Or will Brittani’s comeback from her mid-cycle meltdown be too good a story to ignore? Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

Okay. I gotta say this. It’s my first recap since the cast list for the Cycle 17 all-star edition was announced. OMFG. Do you know how much I raged to see Tyrant pick haggard old drama girls like Dominique, Lisa, Camille, and Alexandria. Awful. Seriously awful. Thankfully Alison and Kayla are in there to give me somebody to root for. The drama might just be too much. And speaking of delusional drama queens… where is Jade? She’s right up there with Camille and Alexandria. Turns out she didn’t like the contract they wanted her to sign. She said it was too one-sided. Hmmmm…. Whatever happened I am so effing glad Jade and her third-person crazy will not be back on my TV. Preach.

So here we are. Down to two. We start off in the bus with the two girls congratulating each other and retelling their sob stories. Molly was adopted and has abandonment issues. She went to rehab. Brittani had a mother with some sort of anxiety disorder and grew up in a trailer park. You can’t even make this shit up. They both talk about why they’re gonna win and how nervous they are about the CoverGirl commercial and shoot.

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American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances

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It’s the Final 3, ya’ll. We’re only one week away from crowning this year’s American Idol. Who’ll it be? Scotty, Lauren or Haley? Millions of people are waiting on the edge of seats to see who’ll battle it out at the Nokia Theater next week. I can’t believe I’m one of those people. At this point last year, people (including me) were wondering if Idol could survive without Simon Cowell. Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding… yes.

As in past years, the remaining Idols sing three songs apiece- contestant’s choice, Jimmy Iovine’s choice and judges’ choice. Beyonce was on hand this week to coach the Idols with their individual picks. Obviously, B wasn’t just there to show off her mentoring skills but rather to promote her new single and debut her brand new music video for “Run The World (Girls)“. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t the most insightful when it came to give the singers constructive comments.

All three received a hero’s welcome back in their respective hometowns. Even fourth place James Durbin attracted a sizable crowd for his homecoming. I’m sure with tomorrow’s hour long results show we’ll see much more of their hometown visits. Unfortunately, one of them will be heading back home tomorrow. Metaphorically speaking of course, since the finale is next week and everyone is sticking around to practice for it. Check out how each contestant fared in each round below.

watch all the performances after the jump

CBS Reveals Its 2011-2012 Primetime Schedule

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Being the number one network in the country affords you a lot perks. One of them being, you don’t have to tweak your schedule too much. That being said, when you’re on top you can’t rest on your laurels either. CBS picked up six new shows in total for the 2011 TV season. Five of them will premiere in the fall, with one waiting in the wings for mid-season.

I have to admit, besides “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race“, I don’t watch any CBS shows. I never got on the CSI bandwagon, “The Big Bang Theory” or even “How I Met Your Mother”. I checked out the now-canceled “$#*! My Dad Says“, but mentally checked out before the first commercial break.

Over the years, CBS has been teased they’re the senior citizen network, due to the fact they skew way older than the other networks. No matter how hard they try, they stay geriatric. You can’t change like that overnight, but based on their new shows, they are at least moving in the right direction.

“Comedy was a priority. We also wanted to get more women. we’re very excited about introducing some strong female pieces and also some strong female-appeal pieces.” Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment

Before we check out the new shows and timeslot changes, here’s a list of all the shows who bit the dust this past season.

Canceled Shows: “As the World Turns”, “The Bridge”, “CHAOS”, “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”, “The Defenders”, “Live to Dance”, “Mad Love”, “Medium”, “$#*! My Dad Says”

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