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It sounds like the fourth season of the Jersey Shore is going to undergo some major changes if filming in Florence, Italy will go on. Florence mayor, Matteo Renzi wrote an official statement in the city’s newspaper laying out a set of rules for the cast and MTV crew to follow when they land in the country. This official statement comes shortly after many Italians were protesting the arrival of the show.

The problem most Italians are having with the concept of the show filming in Italy is showing the country in bad taste. In America, the cast literally runs wild with binge drinking, public intoxication, and the like. In actuality, if someone from another country is watching the show, it doesn’t reflect very well on American culture does it. Now, Italy wants to make sure their reputation doesn’t involve all of these alcoholic symbols and really represents culture and history.

Check out Matteo Renzi’s rules for the Jersey Shore here.

Hell hath no fury like a Glee executive producer scorned. Brad Falchuk recently took to his Twitter account to chastise a show extra for having loose lips. Or in this case, loose fingertips. After appearing as an extra for Glee’s upcoming prom episode, Nicole Crowther tweeted a few major spoilers. She revealed who would win McKinley High’s prom queen and king honors. Here’s what Falchuk tweeted:

“Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment,” he wrote. “Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?”

Obviously, sh*tting her pants, from Falcuk’s statement, Crowther deleted her tweet and apologized to him via Twitter.

“I’m truly sorry. I was being completely thoughtless and made a horrible mistake. I’m deeply & incredibly sorry Brad.”

She also addressed fans of the show by apologizing to them and promising to “think things through before just saying them.

find out who becomes prom king and queen after the jump

On Monday, the stars and the pros hit the dance floor to pay tribute to the country in which they live… America. In what I think was the most unusual theme week of the season, not to mention the entire run of the show, Americana Week pitted amazing dance styles with the most random of songs about America. Some of these song selections included Yankee Doodle and America, The Beautiful. Tonight, we must lose one of the stars as we which the midway point in our competition.

Hines and Kym and Kirstie and Maks are first to hear their fates. Maks and Kirstie had a steamy performance while Hines and Kym got romantic on the floor and received straight 9′s from the judges. Who will be safe? Hines and Kym are pronounced safe and Maks and Kirstie will discover if they are still in the competition later this evening.

More recap after the jump.

Though it wasn’t the season premiere or even finale, I felt COMPELLED to article up the latest and GREATEST episode of “United States of Tara”. First off, before the die-hard fans attack me and announce the Season 1 finale at the bowling alley as the personalities meet on screen for the first time as the quintessential “US of T” episode, I will concede that it was and still is truly brilliant and poignant drama. However, there was just something about today’s ep: “Wheels” that got me excited and flying to the keyboard to let you mo’s know how I felt about it. Short version: I.Died.

The true testament of a drama in my mind is: does it make me cry. Yes, I do enjoy a good laugh out loud- which of course this show offers from time to time- but, when I get red eyed and search feverishly around to make sure no one has caught me in a moment of emotional exposure, THAT’S when I know a drama has done its job. And, yesterday, Monday, April 18th, “United States of Tara’s” 4th Episode of Season 3 did its job. For those needing a bit of catch up on today’s episode, all you need to truly know that happened was that Tara’s gay son learns about the wonders and horrors of threesomes as she battles to take back control of her mind from her “alters” and finds herself at the mercy of her illness even when she feels her strongest. Combined with a killer soundtrack and epic acting, I was a completely baby by the closing credits.

Click through to read the rest of the review

Last night, some of our favorite CW shows came back from hiatus, returning for sweeps: 90210 and Gossip Girl. First up was 90210. Before the break, we were left with some intense drama between Silver and Adriana, which carried over into this episode. In fact, everything was intensified in this episode when the whole 90210 crew boarded a private jet to head to Cabo for spring break. How very “The Hills” of them. Both Silver and Adriana didn’t know the other was going to be there as well. They eventually throw each other in the pool, Dynasty style. As catty and awesome as that was, that wasn’t the jaw dropping part of the episode for me.

Prior to leaving for Cabo, Teddy and Marcus, his soccer crush, tried to plan a date but it didn’t go so well. Marcus got the felling that Teddy just wanted to hook up with him, but Marco was looking for more. So, the date never happened.

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Last week, Sugar Ray Leonard was knocked out of the competition. Leaving only eight stars remaining at the half way point in the competition.

This week, its American Week where all of the dances will be tribute the country. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they are a few weeks early for Independence Day right? This whole theme week sounds like a total disaster to me, but I’ll wait to see what this episode has in store.

This season has failed to produce a real front runner with Chelsea, Hines, Petra and Ralph all sharing the top spot at some point. Who will climb up on top tonight?

Check out a full performance recap here.

Charice Covers Celine Dion For “Glee”

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Technically, it’s a Eric Carmen cover, but most people associate “All By Myself” to the French-Canadian chanteuse, and rightfully so. Celine Dion owns this song. Maybe after watching and hearing Charice’s version, people will think of the pint-size singer instead. This isn’t the first time “All By Myself” has appeared on the show. During the second episode of the first season, Emma Pillsbury was shown singing SLASH sobbing along to the ballad in her car.

After making a splashing debut on the season premiere, Charice’s character, Sunshine Corazon, as been MIA. That is, until now. Sunshine finally reemerges on Glee’s new episode on Tuesday, “A Night of Neglect“, after a long hiatus. She pops up to help New Directions with their benefit concert, aimed at raising funds for their trip to Nationals. Fearing Sunshine is there to spy on the competition, Rachel and company are initially wary of her true intentions. Altruistic or sabotage? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

watch and listen to Charice’s cover after the jump

Last week, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the recap up for the episode as last Sunday night I was at the GLAAD Awards in LA…but to make up for it, I interviewed Marlee Matlin and Meat Loaf about their Celebrity Apprentice experience. I have since caught up last week’s episode and to sum it up, last week Mark McGrath was eliminated after the men lost, and LaToya Jackson led the women to victory. The men were livid that Gary Busey survived and is still in the game, while the women couldn’t be happier with this situation. “You’re either crazy or you’re a saboteur,” says John Rich right to Busey’s face. I kind of have to agree with Rich. I would go bonkers with this guy on my team. To make matters worse, I’ve heard that he has really bad breath too. Yuck. Well, we’ll see how this all plays out in this episode. At this point, things are looking up for the women.

This week, teams are tasked with creating & presenting a 20-minute cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. They also have to create and present an original Omaha Steak Variety Pack. The Project Manager for the women (ASAP) is going to be Playmate Hope Dworacyzk. For the men (Backbone), it’s going to be wacko Gary Busey.

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