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If you still weren’t convinced Anne Hathaway and James Franco would do an excellent job co-hosting this year’s Academy Awards from their first two promos, the following two videos should do the trick. I’m really looking forward to the youthful, fun energy these two actors are going to bring to the show. While both Franco and Hathaway are respected Oscar-nominated actors, they’ve also shown their comedic sides in hit films like “Pineapple Express” and “The Bride Wars” respectively. It’ll be their proven comedic timing that’ll make the marathon broadcast fun to watch.

In the first clip, Anne Hathaway channels her inner Eva Peron in the classic musical, “Evita“. Just when you think it’ll be a straight-up imitation, Hathaway switches up the lyrics to “Don’t cry for me Kodak Theater“. Then she breaks it down and starts rapping to Wreckx-N-Effect’s hit, “Rump Shaker“. I love how she’s not afraid to make a fool of herself to provide some laughs. Check it out below.

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DAMMMMN that was a killer episode of “Vampire Diaries” this week! This Thursday, the vamps, wolves and witches of Mystic Falls, Virginia got together to create probably the best episode I’ve seen since the premiere at the beginning of the season! While the werewolves have taken over the storyline as of late, the very hot Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) has been put on the backburner along with the rest of his lupine brethren to make way for the main plot of “original” vampires looking to kill the doppelganger Elana Gilbert and all that jazz. BUT, what the real focus of this ep was on was the witches of this hellmouth of a town and you KNOW I loves me some witches!!

I’m hoping Tommy still follows this show cause I can’t imagine his eyes weren’t buggin’ out of his head at the pyrotechnics and craziness of this magical showdown! I’m gonna do my best not to give away too too many spoilers but let’s just say there’s more than a couple deaths in the newest one and they are NOT just the typical vamp bite do-aways. Starting with the violence… YES! This episode is full of fights, anger and more flame fighting then we’ve seen to date. The magic is used pretty awesomely this one and really pits the different super characters against one another as we get to see just who’s the strongest and what they can get away with. But, it’s not all pointy teeth and psychic attacks, there’s actually some pretty sweet scenes as well.

Click through to read the rest of my review and see the trailer from the latest episode!

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 2 “Alek Wek” Preview Pics

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ANTM’s premiere of cycle 16 just aired a couple of days ago, but I’ve already got pics from the second episode. What did you think of the premiere? I’m so glad they got rid of the boring casting special. At first I wasn’t crazy about the behind the scenes photo shoot, but it grew on me. Wait til you check out this week’s set.

ANTM favorite, photographer Mike Rosenthal, returns to the show to take some beauty shots of the wannabe models. As you all know, Tyra likes to throw in a little something, something to make some of the girls freak out. I think this week, she’ll definitely succeed. Adding bees to the shoot can seem like a frightening thing, but the outcome is simply gorgeous. Nearly all the girls deliver some amazing photos. They’re truly “the bee’s knees“. Oh, and this week’s special guest panelist is supermodel Alek Wek. Hope you enjoy the preview.

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After two seasons of covers and mash-ups, Glee is ready to debut two original songs for their March 15th episode. The tracks are called Loser Like Me and Get It Right.

The first was produced and co-written by hit maker Max Martin. I really like the track. Its got a good summer, top down, drive by the beach kind of feel. In the verses, Cory and Lea (Finn and Rachel) sing about not conforming to the norm and stating how individual they are while the chorus sings out about you just want to me a loser like them. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

The second track is a Lea Michele special which is said to fit in to Rachel Berry’s storyline perfectly. Adam Anders, the show’s music producer co-wrote the song specifically for her. The ballad tells the story of Rachel singing about how no matter how many times she tries to do something with the best intentions, but it always goes wrong. So how many times will it take for her to Get It Right?

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After a long meeting between Warner Brothers and the producers for Two and a Half Men, the two groups came to the conclusion that the show can no longer go on for the rest of the season. The reason? Charlie Sheen’s inability to get his sh*t together continuing to bring problems to the set.

Charlie added fuel to the fire of the burning bridge yesterday when he went on a complete tirade, slamming the executive producer of the show. The studio released an official statement saying the following:

“Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of “Two and a Half Men” for the remainder of the season.”

Check out Charlie’s response after the jump…

Back at the end of 2008, Britney Spears performed “Circus” and “Womanizer” live on Good Morning America. Today, she’s announced that on Tuesday, March 29th (the day her album comes out), she’ll be doing it again. She’ll obviously be performing Hold It Against Me, but what will the other song be if she does two? I’m crossing my fingers for I Wanna Go.

Brits sounds like she has a bit of a cold, with a stuffy & raspy voice as she makes the announcement in the video below, but I won’t hold it against her.

She’ll be performing in San Francisco in the historic Castro District (also known as the gay village)! Damn – I wanna be there! Listen to her announcement below and check out her 2008 GMA performance below.

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American Idol 10: Meet Your Top 12 Girls

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I’ve introduced the Top 12 boys, and now it’s the girls’ turn to get a little attention. Just like their male counterparts, all these girls can sing. In fact, every one of them can sing circles around the girls from the past two seasons. With so many talented ladies to pick from, picking my favorite proved harder than I thought. In the end, the talented and gorgeous Julie Zorilla won my heart.

The girls are set to hit the stage next Wednesday with half of leaving on Thursday. Rumor has it, the public will put through five girls and five boys only. That leaves each judge the ability to pick one wildcard each to make the finals, giving us a Top 13 this year. It’s too bad that half these girls will get cut, for the most part, I like them all. That’s mostly due to the show producers actually showing every semi-finalist’s vocal ability during this process.

For years, the show would hide certain singers so that it’d be easier for them to get eliminated during the voting rounds. They were nothing more than cannon fodder. Thankfully this year, the girls are more or less on equal footing. Check out my impression of each girl below and who my favorites are. Don’t forget to tell me which girls you’re rooting for this year. I love hearing everyone’s favorites.

find out which six girls are my favorite after the jump

American Idol 10: Meet Your Top 12 Boys

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Turns out the spoilers were true. Everyone who was rumored to make the Top 12 boys, in fact, made it. I can honestly say, this year’s male semifinalists are a solid bunch. They definitely cover a wide array of styles and genres. Whether I like them or not, there is no denying all of them can sing. Cumulatively, this is probably the strongest group of boys to ever make the semifinals. In a perfect world though, Colton Dixon would’ve made the cut and bumped either Jordan Dorsey or Robbie Rosen off the list. Sorry boys, you’re expendable to me.

As you can see, like everyone, I have my favorites and others I could give two shizz about. Check out my thoughts on each of the boys below. At the end, I’ve also named my dream list of six boys I’d like to see on the main stage during the final rounds. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this year’s bunch and who you’re rooting for.

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