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Now, why couldn’t this have been the Super Bowl episode. As they say, sometimes bigger isn’t always better…. Well, unless your name is Lauren Zizes and in that case it’s mucho better. The newest New Direction member was one of the highlights of this fantastic episode, along with Santana and Blaine. Seriously, these new kids are really giving the originals a run for their money. Santana has really grown into her bitch character from last season. Never mess with a girl from Lima Heights Adjacent, is what I always say.

Tonight’s Valentine-themed episode titled, “Silly Love Songs“, was the epitome of what I love about Glee. The show’s ability to mix current contemporary hits and golden oldies and integrate them to progress character development and storylines along is bar none. Sure, some of the scenarios tonight were far fetched and over the top, but at least it had a purpose. Fair enough, Puck falling for Lauren isn’t the most realistic, but I love how writers created a big girl who isn’t insecure, but rather full of confidence. PS. How awesome was that scene when she threw Santana around like a rag doll? BRILLBALLS.

Speaking of over-the-top, I noticed about halfway through that Sue Sylvester was M.I.A. Last year I couldn’t get enough of her, but this year she’s become a caricature of her former greatness. Apparently it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. Hopefully, when she returns the writers bring back the brilliance that made her into goddess Sue and avoid stunts like Sue going cray cray during the Super Bowl episode. That overly extended segment when she threw around stuff was so not necessito.

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This campy mama was the latest eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. She was definitely one of the more polarizing characters, being incredibly emotional going from almost winning to losing one week to the next, there was never a dull moment with Mimi.

Take a listen to our REALLY fun interview, she was a great gal to talk to, and she will be missed!

Check out the interview with Mimi after the jump…

After months of taking gay baby steps, 90210’s Teddy Montgomery finally came out on last night’s episode titled, “About A Boy“. Sure, a pseudo-blackmail plot was the catalyst that prompted him to take the step, but hey, he finally did it. Even though, I never came out of the closet during high school, I definitely related to Teddy’s journey.

Every step he took during the past 14 episodes, mirrored moments of struggle in my life as well. The touching scene between him and Silver (his ex-girlfriend) was conversations I also had with my ex-girlfriends when I finally admitted to them I was gay. Bravo to “90210” for dealing with Teddy’s coming out so awesomely. Much better than Ade’s brief swimming in the lady pond last season.

While I knew Teddy and Ian would breakup due to Kyle Riabko (Ian) leaving the show, I had no idea Ian’s stupid, albeit good-intentioned, actions would be the driving force. Though I thought they were cute together, I’m glad Teddy is going to play the field before committing to another relationship. Don’t most gays go through a slutty phase when first coming out (especially when they look like Trevor Donovan)?

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ABC’s Mr. Sunshine Preview

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With the debut of ABC’s new mid-season show Mr. Sunshine hitting airwaves tomorrow, the press tour is in full swing. Allison Janney has already appeared on Ellen with Matthew Perry hitting the show today along with Jimmy Kimmel Live and Live! with Regis and Kelly yesterday. So what’s this show all about?

Perry’s character Ben Donovan is the manager of second-tier arena The Sunshine Center in San Diego. As he turns 40, Ben feels he is going through a midlife crisis. Dealing with his own problems only gets complicated when faced with dealing with the crazy and unusual demands from his boss Crystal Cohen (played by Janney) who owns The Sunshine Center. Through the many events that come through like concerts, the circus, hockey games and more, Ben must deal with all the complications that arise behind the scenes.

I think the concept is hilarious and that the combination of Janney and Perry is pure genious. The show already has some guest stars in line including Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. This will be Perry’s second attempt at life after Friends. His first project Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip fell short for critics and didn’t last long. Will Mr. Sunshine make the cut?

Check out a Mr. Sunshine preview after the jump.

GIRL! I am LOVING this season so far, it’s such a step up from last season I can’t even begin to tell you.

Tonight’s episode was hysterical I loved it so much, and we’re really getting to know everyone’s personalities a lot more. The whole premise of this week’s episode was about WERKING it out haha. They had to make a hilarious workout video! LOVE THAT! After winning the first challenge of the day, Manila & Carmen were chosen as the team captains. Each of the girls had to create an exercise and demonstrate it as part of the video. To top it all off, they had fitness guru and STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP THIS INSANITY broad SUSAN POWTER… SHUT.YOUR.MOUTH. You remember her, the one with the shock white hair? How could you forget girl!

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Debra Messing Joins NBC’s Pilot Project, Smash

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A few weeks back, I told you about Steven Spielberg’s newest TV pilot project for NBC titled Smash. The concept is a group of adults in the musical theatre industry in New York, work together to create a Broadway musical. Most details on the project have been pretty minimal considering it is still in the beginning phases. However, a casting announcement has dropped that has everyone a buzz.

Debra Messing has joined on and quelle surprise Jacqueline… she’s playing opposite a homo. This time, her gay ‘romantic lover’ won’t be an uptight attorney, but a musical composer working on the same show as her character, Julia.

Find out more info on Smash after the jump.

This morning, the nominees for the 2011 NewNowNext Awards were announced and I’m honored to say that Homorazzi was asked to be a part of the nominating committee this year. This year, you the public can vote on 8 amazing categories ranging from movies to music to TV to the best of the internet.

So what are the NewNowNext awards? Well, they are unlike any awards show out there. They celebrate all things fabulous in pop culture that you will be living for in the upcoming year. This year, the awards ceremony will on Logo TV on Monday, April 11th at 10/9C.

No word on hosts or performers yet but a new awards has been announced. This year, Entertainment Weekly will present the first ever Entertainment Weekly Inspiration Awards which will be given to an entertainer who inspires hope and change through his or her work in public service.

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Looks like LC won’t be MTV’s homecoming queen anytime soon. The network announced that they’re not going to pick up Lauren Conrad’s new reality show. Ouch! Cancelled even before seeing the light of day. Even though her comeback was generating positive buzz, MTV decided not to go ahead with the show after viewing the pilot.

“She did do a pilot. There were talks about whether we could somehow manage to put together a special based on that footage but that’s also a big question mark based on her interest in that and the finances. We love her! We would love her on our network!”- David Janollari

Even though “Jersey Shore” is scoring massive ratings for the network, insiders say MTV wants to move to more scripted programming. Please, as if “The Hills” wasn’t scripted. LOL. Having said that, I am little bummed that my girl, Lauren, won’t be taking her rightful place as the queen of MTV reality. Hopefully the MTV special featuring captured footage from her cancelled show makes it on air. Even if it doesn’t, Conrad won’t be shedding a tear. The mini-mogul is highly successful with her clothing line and career as an author. With a 5th book on the way and a movie in the works by her production company, Lauren certainly has her hands full.

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