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A while back, Patrick introduced us to the stars of this new show but now, I’m taking the time to introduce you to the pros, judges and hosts. Now that Dancing With the Stars is coming to close, Americans are going to be looking for something new to do on Monday nights. Well look no further. Taking a cue from their friends up north, ABC takes a page from CBC’s book and introduces Skating With the Stars. Unlike Battle of the Blades where pro skaters are paired with professional hockey players, this show pairs celebrities with professional skaters. At least in the Canadian version, the men have some skating experience. With ABC, the celebrities have little to no skating experience whatsoever. I feel like this is an invitation to many a injury.

So let’s meet the pro skaters first…

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Last week, to my delight, Marty was sent home…but with that came a price. Now Holly & Jane recognize that Brenda and Sash, are calling the shots and have all the power. They decide that a power move needs to be made to get rid of one of the two of them. I’m liking where this is going and I’m on team Holly!

With all the rain they’re having, the tribe decides to move all the WOODEN chests around the fire to protect it from the rain. Doesn’t seem very bright to me, and based on the previews, I know where this is going. Anyway, Holly goes and talks to Benry and he’s totally on board to get rid of Brenda and Sash. Meanwhile, Jane talks to Naonka about it and to my surprise, she’s on board as well! Naonka sees Brenda as a threat and is on board as well. This is epic! Holly then moves on to talk to Chase next, but he seems more hesitant and a little unsure. No big surprise there…but he could be the one to ruin this.

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The problem with having a star of Gwyneth Paltrow’s caliber on the show, is you run the risk of having the story take a backseat to her appearance. Such was the case during Glee’s seventh episode titled, “The Substitute“. While Gwynie did a stellar job of making me laugh and swapping her usually steely demeanor for a goofy happy-go-lucky one, the plot and story progression suffered in terms of the season’s arc. In the grand scheme of things, what really happened this episode? A heckuva lot of nothing.

Having said that, I did enjoy a couple of the performances and ecstatic to see a easy, breezy, beautiful Kurt back. Also, it was nice to see Mercedes in the forefront. All season long, I’ve whined and complained that Mercedes had been underutilized. So the one time they gave her an arc this season, it revolved around tater tots. Really, Glee? You’re gonna do a sister like that? I don’t think so. Too boot, her other sub-plot had her being Kurt and Blaine’s hag at Breadsticks. Poor Mercedes, the writers are treating her like a used 70s Ford Pinto instead of the luxury car that she is.

As an aside, how adorable were all those mini-versions of the cast in the opening hallucination? My favorites were mini-Rachel, mini-Kurt and mini-Mercedes with her too-cute-for-words afro puffs.

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Last night, our stars set their sights on the finals. When it mattered most, they all delivered the goods. All the pressure brought on peak performances and Jennifer Grey even pulled off a perfect performance. Tonight, after all the voting, we learn who your Final 3 couples will be for next week’s two part finale. Before we get started, I’ll recap my thoughts on last night. Jennifer Grey was a sight of perfection last night with both of her dances. Jennifer may win this thing. No question. Brandy nailed it and where it mattered most, during her video montage about her background before the show, she became very vulnerable. I loved seeing that honest side of her. Kyle had a great night of performances too and his story of moving to LA with his family was so sweet. Kyle is always Mr. Performance and Charisma and he didn’t hold anything back last night. Bristol actually shocked me last night. Her first dance wowed the ballroom and the judges as she committed full heartedly to the routine. Her second dance however took a step backward for her. She looked lost in the middle and didn’t commit. But, as we’ve seen with this season, anything can happen and truly, anyone can go home.

We begin the night with a beautiful performance from Annie Lennox. Man, does she still got it. Recognize one of the dancers? It was Brandon from Season 5 of SYTYCD US.

Jennifer and Derek are up first to hear their fate. With two perfect 30′s, they better be safe.

Jennifer & Derek: SAFE

They are going to the final! Well deserved.

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The A-List New York Episode 7: “VaGenius”

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Finally, the episode I’ve been waiting for all season long. Sorry for the late post, but those hookers over at Logo and iTunes took their collective sweet asses in making the episode available for viewing. Don’t they know I’ve suffered long enough. Anyhoo, onto the show.

When we left the boys last week, Rodiney took off to Miami, Reichen cried (again), Derek and TJ were still hating Austin, Ryan touched boobies and Mike was in Switzerland (not literally but figuratively). For this week’s recap, I’m going to do things differently and talk about the events chronologically instead of grouping them by cast member. Reason being, this episode was all about the bar fight at the end of the episode. Enough stalling, here’s what went down last night.

Reichen and Mike head over to Ryan’s salon to get Reichen’s hair did. It’s the first time Mike’s been there. It doesn’t take long for them to starting talking about the Rodiney situation. Reichen is trying to play victim, but the boys aren’t buying it. Claims he never actually cheated on Rodiney, but Mike interjects and says emotional cheating is far worse. Amen, sister. Knowing he’s losing the PR war, Reichen implies that Rodiney was a gold digger and that if he hadn’t paid for him, Rodiney never would’ve moved out to NYC.

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Gentlemen…start your engines!

Yesterday RuPaul released the next 12 queens who would be on Drag Race and inevitably be shot into a stratosphere of gay fame that only a few know. As Homorazzi Drag Race specialist, I am back to report on season 3. I may not have liked season 2 (like at all except for a few girls), so I’m hoping and praying that this next season will be better.

Right away I can tell you that once again, Ru has stuck to mainly the “fish queen”. If you don’t know that term, it essentially means someone who’s gonna look like a real girl. There really isn’t much edge, there’s no real standout fierce looking (like REALLY fierce looking) queen. I don’t know why they haven’t chosen one. Nina Flowers was the only one from season 1 and she is still one of if not THE most popular from the series. It gives people something different. Maybe Ru was scared of a little competition?

Either way, here is the list of the 12 finalists for season 3. Some I know, some I know of, and some I’ve never seen before this. But I’ve done my research and listened to their interviews. Here is my first impressions!

view my take on each of the queens after the jump

Medium Canceled

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The Medium show’s star, 42 year old Patricia Arquette tells Entertainment Weekly, “We got canceled.” A month ago, CBS announced it had cut the 22-episode order down to 13 episodes, which was obviously not a good sign. Airing on Fridays is never a good thing either. Despite the bad news, Arquette seems to be taking it well…

“I was trying to get information from the writers about the last episode. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but they’re really excited about it. They’re like, ‘We’re just going to burn the whole thing down!’”

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As the resident Jon Stewart-phile of Homorazzi, I of course immediately downloaded the newest episode this evening and was thrilled to see’s Most Influential Man placing his stake in the recently re-ignited “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” debate. And, the genius is of course on the side of good and gay on this one!

A recently published thorough and semi-shocking report found that over 70% of enlisted men and women support the repeal of DADT- the military rule keeping out-of-the-closet gay men and women from serving- in spite much rhetoric and polemical theories to the contrary by Right Wing nuts for years now. As such, Stewart and his flock of correspondents/comedians at the “Daily Show” combined the latest repeal updates with their strongest nemesis: the outdated and outmatched bigot, Senator John McCain and the recent “It Gets Better” campaign to create a fantastically hilarious PSA.

Click through to see the rest of my review and the video clip IF you are an American viewer! Will continue to hunt for a Canadian source!

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