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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 16 Eliminations

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Here we are again folks, another elimination episode for SYTYCDC. Did you vote and save your favourite this week? I’ll be honest; there weren’t many routines in this week’s performance episode that had me diving for my phone to call in. Granted, I was a bit tired last night so maybe that had something to do with my being completely underwhelmed. Once again we had (the annoying) Leah Miller introducing the group routine, a Blake McGrath angelic contemporary piece.

SIDE NOTE: I eye-rolled three times during Leah’s intro: (1) when she referred to the loss of Teya and Boneless as devastating, (2) when she referred to Monday night’s choreography as the toughest of the season, and (3) when she referred the performances as the best we had ever seen. Lies, lies, and more lies. Leah, seriously, get a new writing team or shut the hell up. I really hope the executive producers and writers of this show don’t honestly thing the audience is buying this crap. Even the tween audience isn’t this naïve!

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Just what the world needs, another singing competition. Unfortunately, they all can’t find the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Instead, we’ll end up with winners who we’ll probably never ever see again. Remember “insert name“? That being said, there is usually one thing that’s guaranteed. The established singers involved with the project more often than not get a career boost from the exposure. “American Idol” certainly put Jennifer Lopez back on the music charts. Same thing goes for Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera from “The Voice”. How addicting is their collabo “Moves Like Jagger“?

I’m sure, the hope of selling more records appealed to Brandy, Avril Lavigne and Leona Lewis and that’s why they’re participating on “Majors and Minors”. Let’s face it, these ladies haven’t seen a huge hit for years. Hopefully, their exposure on this new talent competition will give their respective careers a bit of a boost.

Majors and Minors” is a new show looking for the next superstar. It boasts that it’s not about the drama and just nurturing the talent which ranges from 8-16 year olds- they’re the “minors“. The established stars, like the trio aforementioned, are the “majors“. There will be no one voted each week, but instead a valedictorian will be determined after the 15 week competition.

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T.R. Knight Books Return To Television

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If you’ve been missing T.R. Knight since leaving “Grey’s Anatomy“, then your prayers are about to be answered. The former George O’Malley is making his return back to television, albeit a short one. The 38-year-old actor has signed on for a guest starring role on an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: SVU“. Reportedly, he’ll play a suspected serial rapist who maintains his innocence despite evidence to the contrary. Hmmm, doesn’t that sound like most of the sexual offenders on the show.

Since leaving Seattle Grace in 2009, Knight hasn’t appeared on the small screen. He’s kept busy by spending his time on stage. T.R. starred in the Los Angeles production of the musical “Parade” and the revival of David Mamet’s “A Life In The Theatre” on Broadway in New York.

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TV BackTalk: And Ashley’s Final Rose Goes To…

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Tonight, Ashley Hebert was left with the hardest decision of her life: to decide whether to give her final rose to Ben Flajnik, the winemaker from Sonoma, California or J.P. Rosenbaum, the construction manager from New York City. While both offer very different things for Ashley, her feelings towards both have seemed to be on equal playing fields whenever she talked about them. So, who will she choose?

During this finale episode, we get to meet Ashley’s family (for a second time). If you remember, we met them once before when she brought bachelor Jake Pavelka home on a hometown date. After priming them on what each of the men was like, we get ready for the family to meet J.P.

This shaved head cutie has been an early favorite of mine. His winning smile and personality have made me feel like he could truly be a great husband for Ashley. However, one member of Ashley’s family members in particular didn’t quite take the same shining to him as Ashley had hoped. On her first chance to sit down with her mom and sister after the initial meeting, Ashley is shocked with the response from someone who’s opinion matters the most.

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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 16 Performances

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Hey Folks! We’re back for another week of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and the top sixteen are taking to the stage this week to show us what they’ve got. I’ll be frank; I am really expecting some knock out routines this week. We’ve gotten to the stage of the competition where the true all-around dancers need to be separated from the pack. One change I would like to see right out of the gate is the writing team that provides Leah Miller with her teleprompter scripts each week. The false dramas and almost blatant lies are really starting to drive me crazy! Am I the only one?!

After Leah introduced the remaining dancers and judges, I was stoked to see Dan Karaty join the panel of ‘experts’ tonight on the panel. It’s been a while since I’ve seen his face on any SYTYCD stage, so it was nice to see this veteran back in the driver’s seat. I was also interested in hearing that he has been working on a dance show in Eupope; The Battle, where choreographers choose five dancers and battle it out each week. That sounds like a dope premise and I would love to check it out!

Performances recap after the jump…

Last episode, the game changed completely after Dominic was evicted from the house. We left off last episode with a full fledged war against Daniele & Kalia, and an endurance HOH competition where my hope was that Daniele would end up winning the challenge.

As you may recall, one of the snowballs in the challenge contained $10,000. After Adam fell off (winning an elf suit for a week), followed by Lawon and Brendon (who became Have Nots for a week), it was Jeff that won the monetary prize. After he fell, it was then Jordan, then Porsche, then Shelly, and finally Kalia that got eliminated. Daniele ends up winning HOH! This couldn’t have turned out better for me! Daniele and Kalia have a secret dance party to celebrate. I love these two. Meanwhile, it’s “from penthouse to outhouse,” says Jeff in the Have Not room with Jordan and Brenchel.

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First Look: TVD Season 3 Sizzler

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At Comic-Con fans for the CW hit The Vampire Diaries were treated to a first look at the sizzler reel for the upcoming third season of the show. For those of us like myself who weren’t at comic-con, had to hear via the internet about this scene where a soap sudded and naked Ian Somerhalder stood infront of a shocked Nina Dubrev in the Salvatore house.

While filming was not permitted (obviously) during the screening, the CW and Warner Brothers have finally allowed for the clip to surface online. I personally do not watch this particular show but the more and more I see clips, the more I want to go back to Season 1 and catch myself up. I know cast member Adam is highly addicted.

From what I understand, the sizzle reel is actually 3 minutes and change of scenes and clips from the first two seasons to get you excited about what is to come this year. However, after all is said and done, we get our first look at season three the scene that everyone is talking about. While don’t see much who doesn’t even like a glimpse of Ian without clothes on.

Watch the TVD sizzler after the jump

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 8 Eliminations

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So right out of the gate I am desperately excited to see what guest judge, Lady Gaga, will be wearing tonight and how her critics from Wednesday night’s performance show will shape the fates of the remaining eight dancers in So You Think You Can Dance. Apparently Gaga is performing in the results episode as well! HECK YEAH!

The final eight contestants opened the night in typical fashion, with a group routine performed to The Circus Sets Up from the Water for Elephants soundtrack. I absolutely love this instrumental tune, and the dance was gorgeous. The costumes and styling of each performer were stunning and incredibly true to the movie-adaptation of the novel. This piece had an incredible Cirque du Soleil clown vibe, and I didn’t want it to end. It was beautifully peaceful, and it brought Cat Deeley to tears. Surprizingly, this was a Tyce Diorio number and I’ll admit, this piece definitely redeemed his abilities as a choreographer in my eyes.

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