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Another Glee Original: “Pretending”

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The Glee Originals just keep on coming and I absolutely love it. After a season of mediocre covers, I love that the producers have been outsourcing for some seriously great original music. The first two Loser Like Me and Get It Right were huge hits for the show and now two more have surfaced.

Patrick already introduced us to Light Up The World which premiered on Ryan Seacrest this week and now, we are given another solid ballad from the Glee camp featuring Finn and Rachel. Lea and Cory’s vocals really show off their great chemistry and brings us the most mature sound we’ve heard from this duo in a while. I cannot wait to place the song in context.

The song was written and produced by Savan Kotecha who was given the task from producers to write a fresh track for the show’s season finale. Do you think he hit the mark with this one?

Check out “Pretending” after the jump.

It was a scary day in rehearsal for two of Dancing With the Stars hottest commodities. Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson were rehearsing in one of the studios when according to reports, the two took a nasty tumble and Kym received an undisclosed injury.

The injury was obviously bad enough to incur some serious attention and medical assistance as Kym was rushed out on a hospital stretcher wearing an oxygen mask. Hines trailed behind looking distraught at his partner’s misfortune.

At this stage in the game with only four contestants left, this injury could potentially put a huge dent in their chances and would really shift the game as Hines is a true front runner this season. At time of Kym arriving in the hospital, her rep stated that she was okay and was sent to the hospital as a precautionary measure. But how is Kym doing now?

Find out how Kym Johnson is doing here.

Wonder Woman Not So Wonderful For NBC

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If you read Tyrell’s post on NBC’s new shows for their Fall schedule, you’ll notice one much-hyped show didn’t make the cut. David E. Kelly’s reboot of the iconic 70s show starring Lynda Carter, was so bad, NBC didn’t want to gamble any more money on it. EEKS. After presenting the pilot to test audiences, the show received mixed reviews. Then when you couple that with the negative feedback revolving around the new HEINBALLS costume, the network decided to cut their losses.

Kelly updated the comic book classic by having Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman heading a major conglomerate. Of course that was by day, and by night she puts on her tiara and becomes an Amazonian crime-fighter. He also played up to the comic’s Greek mythology instead of the patriotism found in the original television series. Former “Friday Night Lights” actress Adrianne Palicki won the highly-coveted title role. With pilot season over, looks like Palicki will be looking for a guest starring gig on another show in the upcoming Fall season instead of headlining her own series.

see what other pilots NBC rejected after the jump

Last night, yours truly along with Brian, Dan and his boyfriend, Alasdair, trekked out to Richmond to watch The Price Is Right Live! Having been a fan of the daytime game show for many years, I was beyond stoked to go. A couple years ago, Adam, Alex and I tried going to the televised version in Los Angeles but was unaware you had to line up super early despite having a ticket. Lamesauce.

To accommodate the numerous fans unable to make it to the CBS studios, a traveling live version of the show was concocted. The Price Is Right Live! has been entertaining audiences for years, but this was the FIRST TIME the show was heading up north to Canada. Just like the iconic game show, the interactive Price Is Right Live! version also gives audience members an opportunity to win a variety of prizes. From appliances, vacations, electronics, tacky luggage (LOL) and the highly-coveted brand new cars, they had it all. So how was the show?

Much to our delight the show exceeded all our expectations. It really did feel like you were watching the television show but live with a few minor changes. There’s contestants’ row but after each round, the row is cleared with a brand new set of hopefuls. It sucks you have only one shot to get on stage, but it gives everyone in the audience a greater probability of getting a chance to “come on down“. To further increase your chances of walking out the event with something, a series of random draws awarding prizes were held in between games.

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NBC’s New Shows For Fall Season

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It’s Upfronts season. Unfamiliar? Each network gets their own Upfront where they introduce the shows they have picked up and ordered for their upcoming fall season line up. This is where many find out which shows will return and which pilots got the execs excited enough to ask for a few episodes to test the waters with ratings. Receive a poor showing and your show can join the ranks of some other fallen soldiers.

NBC has just released their list and a lot of new shows are joining the the peacock. The network had a rough year when it came to TV series getting the boot. Most of the newcomers they introduced last year didn’t survive the rating game and found themselves without a life vest. These shows include Undercovers, Outlaw, my late comer favorite The Cape and thriller Chase. And with popular series Friday Night Lights coming to its final close, NBC needs some heavy hitters to prove they have what it takes to take them beyond their heavy comedy Thursday night line-up.

So let’s take a look and what we can expect from NBC this fall and then we will all vote on what shows will think will survive the early ratings ax. Let’s begin.

NBC’s newbies for Fall 2011 after the jump.

American Idol 10: Top 4 Eliminations

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WOW. That was interesting wasn’t it? Before I get into the results, let’s get the filler out of the way. Ryan Seacrest reveals over 72 million votes were cast. Making it the most ever for any Top 4 performance show ever. Pretty impressive. Does this mean my little Haley has a shot of staying. Stay tuned.

Instead of a group performance, the boys and girls were split up to sing two separate duets. James and Scotty sang “Start a Band” by Brad Paisley & Keith Urban, while the ladies sang Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead“. It’s very telling that both duets were country. Are the producers getting us ready for a Scotty versus Lauren finale showdown at the Nokia Theater?

This week’s Ford commercial was set to the tune of Owl City’s “Fireflies“. I completely forgot about that song. That’s going back on my iTunes playlist stat. Following that was some cheesy product placement for Windows 7. Boring. Did you notice the digs where the Final 4 are staying at? Completely different from that huge mansion from earlier in the season, right? Word has it they asked producers to move them out of there because it was haunted. I wonder who was haunting them. Maybe the ghosts of Idols past?

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Nothing is official yet but the news is travelling quickly on the web that Ashton Kutcher is in the final stages of clinching the replacement role on Two and a Half Men that was left void after Charlie Sheen’s very public and loud departure.

Two sources close to the deal between CBS, Warner Brothers and Ashton’s camp at Creative Artists Agency have told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal is everything but signed at this point. Although all three parties were reached for their two cents, all three groups declined to comment. The amount Ashton could make per episode hasn’t been disclosed either but the sources are declaring that Ashton would get a huge payout to join the show.

If you’ve been following the trail, Hugh Grant was asked to jump on board but turned down the offer. Now, creator Chuck Lorre has apparently found a way to write in Ashton’s introduction to the show that has pleased the studio and is sure to make audiences and fans of the #1 hit comedy love the newest addition.


ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 13 Preview Pics

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I have to admit, I’m a little wiped out from all the ANTM madness of last night’s episode and the revealing of ANTM’s Cycle 17 cast. Is it possible to suffer from ANTM overload? How insane is that list of models coming back? I’m exhausted just thinking about the craziness we’re in store for. I have a feeling next cycle is going to give me a headache. Still a little tired from putting together that post, so I’ll make this one real quick.

It’s down to Molly and Brittani for the title. Personally, I’m rooting for Molly but wouldn’t be upset if Brittani won either. This is probably the best Final 2 since the perfection that was Danielle and Joanie from Cycle 6. Side note, boo on Joanie for not coming back to All-Stars.

Gotta hand it to Tyra for snagging Vivienne Westwood for the final runway challenge. Not bad, Banks, not bad. The girls also pose for the traditional CoverGirl ads. Unlike last year, where someone over at the CW flubbed and posted WINNER on Ann’s pictures, this year’s preview pics are spoiler free. That said, both Brittani and Molly debut a new look at panel. Proceed with caution.

CoverGirl Ads & Runway after the jump

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