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Man Crush: Dillon Casey

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Sorry for the delay for this week’s Man Crush. I’m still a tad jet lagged from my Euro vacay and completely lost track of what day it was. Hopefully, the quality of this week’s stud makes up for the tardiness. After taking a week hiatus from featuring Fall television’s new hotties, I’m back on track highlighting the studs gracing our TVs this upcoming season. This week’s selection is 27-year-old Dillon Casey.

If you’re a fan of “Vampire Diaries” or “Being Erica“, you might recognize this Canadian actor. Some of you will definitely remember him from his scorching love scene with John Barrowman in that hot episode of “Torchwood“. Swoooon. If you missed that scene, check out Patrick’s previous post discussing it.

Later this month, Dillon will make his way to one of my favorite shows from last season. Casey joins the cast of CW’s “Nikita” on a recurring basis. He’ll play Sean Pierce, an Army Special Ops officer assigned to retrieve the mysterious black box. Hopefully, his scenes will require him to drop trou and show off his sexy body. It’s the CW. Teen girls want their eye candy too. LOL. Check out a few pics of Dillon below that I found online.

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Okay, here we go with another elimination. Adam & Shelly are on the block and since Porsche is HOH, only Kalia, Jordan, and Rachel will be voting. In essence, the “Jordan & Rachel” alliance will be deciding who goes home tonight and Kalia’s vote is there for fun. I personally hope they keep Shelly because Adam is boring and at least Shelly has played the game harder than he has. My gut is telling me that Shelly will be sent packing though as a payback for getting Jeff sent home. We’ll soon find out!

Also, I’m so excited to see Brendon, Daniele, and Jeff reunite (one by one) in the jury house. Three huge threats, eliminated one after the other. Love!

In this episode, we see Shelly doing whatever she can to stay in this game. She even tries for hours to get the fortune teller machine in the purple room to give her some kind of power. I don’t blame her for trying. She even tried to offer Rachel “past, present & future” family diamond ring as collateral for her word to not go after them next week if she stayed. Little did Rachel know that it was a cubic zirconia anyway (also known as a fake replica). Meanwhile, Adam promises to not vote for them if he keeps him. Where’s your diamond, Adam?

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I was all mixed on what day it was, and to my delight I realized it was Wednesday and Big Brother was on! Yippee! This show is like crack. In Sunday’s episode, Porsche (who is HOH) opened Pandora’s Box and won $10,000 that she has to split with another houseguest (Kalia – who she secretly chose) and she has unleashed the duo twist back upon the house. That means, if she puts up Rachel & Jordan, since they are a duo if one of them wins POV, they both come down and Adam & Shelly (the only other option) have to go up.

Needless to say, Rachel is so stoked and so is Jordan. “This is our chance for redemption,” says Rachel. Clearly the producers want these two to stay a little longer, unleashing such a twist given the current situation in the house. Not gonna lie, I want them to stay a bit longer too.

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The Amazing Race 19: Meet The Cast

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Fall is upon us, and with that comes the “Meet The Cast” releases for all of your favorite shows. Next up is The Amazing Race, embarking on its 19th Season of racing around the world with host Phil Keoghan. There are a few familiar faces this season and once again, a great mixture of people. You’ll recognize Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca, two former winners of Survivor. You’ll also meet an Olympic snowboardering pair, twin sisters, an ex-NFL tight end, gay flight attendants (that are domestic partners), and the youngest person to ever sail around the world alone. That’s pretty “amazing” in itself!

This season, teams will face a new penalty called the “Hazard,” which will impact one Team’s future on the Race right from the beginning. Teams will first depart from Southern California onto their first destination, Taipei, Taiwan. Those that make it past the first leg will find themselves in an 8th Century Buddhist temple in Indonesia, riding elephants through the rain forests of Thailand, and racing for their lives when they find out they’ll be facing the series first ever Double Elimination. I love that they’re introducing some new twists!

“The Amazing Race” premieres Sunday, September 25th at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Check out the teams below and vote for who your favorite is!

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Jason Priestly Joins A&E’s “Bag of Bones”

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It has been a while since we’ve seen the heartthrob that was Jason Priestly on our small screens. Let’s be honest, we all fell in love with him during his Beverly Hills: 90210 days. After quite the lull in the entertainment industry, Jason is ready to tackle some new projects. Jason has recently signed on to join A&E’s “Bag of Bones”, a novel by Steven King turned four-hour miniseries.

The show will air in two parts on A&E later this fall. The series also stars Pierce Brosnan who plays the lead, a writer who is struggling to recover from his wife’s death. Jason is set to play his literary agent. The production is already underway with filming beginning in Nova Scotia shortly. Annabeth Gish of X-Files and currently Pretty Little Liars also stars with Mick Garris set to direct.

More on “Bag of Bones” and Jason’s other projects after the jump…

SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 8 Eliminations

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Well folks, we are only ONE WEEK away from the finale of season four of So You Think You Can Dance, and crowning this year’s winner! After this week’s eliminations only FOUR dancers will remain in the competition, left to battle it out for one last week in an attempt to earn the title of Canada’s Favorite Dancer. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!! At this point I absolutely think it’s going to be Melissa; however, I have a sneaking suspicion that Lindsay is going to pull out some incredible dances over the next two weeks to win Canada’s hearts and potential votes. Also, I can’t believe FOUR DANCERS are going home this week! It’s smart as I’m sure the fans are all starting to feel a little dance fatigued…

The night opened with the standard group routine, this time it was a unique Jazz piece to Madonna – “Vogue”!! Did you see Melissa’s boots?! And Lindsay’s frilly shoulder pads?!? Such a homo, but I loved it! Have way through this number I instantly thought this was a Blake McGrath number, and he was trying to make another statement. THANKFULLY it was a Sean Cheesman piece and for that I am grateful! He did an amazing job at the choreography, the costumes and the music selection. Definitely a well-danced and entertaining piece to start out the night.

Find out who was sent packing after the jump…

I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of One Tree Hill when it first aired on the WB then turned CW. I think it was highly due to the fact that I didn’t a station that played the soapy drama for a long time. Then, I dated this guy for a few years who was OBSESSED with the show. I mean it. For his birthday one year, I bought him a few seasons of the show and I started watching the show from the beginning with him and I got hooked.

So, I started watching the show on my own and after Season 6 when Chad Michael Murray left, I found the show took a wild turn with them skipping ahead a few years to see where they had ended up after high school and I completely lost interest. Now, the CW has renewed the show for it’s 9th and final season and low and behold, Chad Michael Murray will be returning to help give the show it’s final closure.

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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 8 Performances

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We’re getting ever closer to crowing the season four winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, with the top four couples taking to the stage in this week’s performance episode. Would Melissa receive her seventh standing ovation? Would we be forced into walking a ridiculous amount of filler?! The universe knows I can’t stand a night full of nonsense, so hopefully we’re in for some awesome performances from the remaining eight contestants!

Thankfully the judging panel was paired back to only four experts; Jean-Marc, Tre, Blake McGrath and screaming Mary Murphy. I’ll be skipping over most of their nonsense to focus on the dancing. This week each performer will be taking on the standard couples routine, a solo, and a group number. Excellent idea, instead of asking them a ridiculous question!!

Performance recap after the jump…

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