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Last night, the 200th show celebration was star studded and the guest judges brought the highest scores of the season. Brandy held on to her title of top dog but Jennifer Grey fought back to tie her at the top of the leader board. Bristol and Mark are back at the bottom of the board. Will we be shocked by another elimination or is Bristol back on a flight home to Alaska? We begin the night with Len picking his favorite team dance of the night which were captained by two returning stars Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. They picked Team Apolo (the winning team) to perform again. The 6 dancers performed the hell out of it once again.

Brandy and Maks and Bristol and Mark are first to hear their results. Brandy was nervous prior to her routine and tried hard to think about the leader board. Her little slip up caught the eye of Bruno and Carie Ann but Len excused it because it was the best Foxtrot of the season he thought, even rewarding them a 10. Bristol and Mark had the Viennese Waltz and Bristol said that she didn’t like the dance at all. He even told her to go over the top before they began. Kelly Osbourne thought she did fantastic, but Bristol feels defeated and tired and misses her baby boy at home. She is exhausted and overwhelmed despite the fact that she received her highest scores ever.

Brandy and Maks: SAFE
Bristol and Mark: IN JEOPARDY

Watch the elimination after the jump…

TV BackTalk: Women of SNL Didn’t Disappoint

In: Patrick, TV Shows

If you missed “Women of SNL” last night, I sure hope you recorded it! The funny ladies from the different generations of SNL teamed up and took us through a hilarious journey of new and old sketches from the past 36 seasons. Some of the best all-time sketches these ladies were in were revisited, including Debbie Downer (with Lindsay Lohan), Surprise Party, and more.

The special kicked off with a “Real Housewives” spoof, hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen with Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer, and Tina Fey as the participated in a reunion-style catfight. It was hilarious! It was so great to see Cheri Oteri back in action – how I missed that loud, raspy voice of hers.

If you missed it, or just want to see a video showing the highlights of the catfight, I’ve got it here for you!

Video after the jump…

Is it wrong that I’m more excited to catch a new episode of “The A-List: New York” than “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “Gossip Girl” on Monday nights? I never thought I would but the show has exceeded my expectations. As each week goes by, I’m loving the show even more and in turn, getting more of my friends hooked on the show. LogoTV, I expect my royalty check in the mail soon.

Previously on the “The A-List”, Rodiney and Reichen saw a couples therapist, Derek planned a NYC Pride Party, Austin canceled an appointment, Mike cried with his daddy and Ryan got screwed and not in a good way. Episode 5, titled “All Fired Up“, built on that momentum and is easily one of the best episodes so far. It had drag queens, lip injections, swan humping, a drunk Austin and more. Check out what the fabulous boys of NYC were up to this week below.

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New American Idol Season 10 Video Promos

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Let the official countdown to “American Idol Season 10″ begin. The following two ad spots (30 sec and 60 sec) started airing during Fox’s World Series coverage. With all the extensive changes the long-running show has undergone over the summer, I was worried the upcoming season would focus on Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Thankfully Nigel Lythgoe and company focused instead, on the talent. You even get to see a handful of auditioners at the end.

Both clips feature all of American Idol’s previous winners in their respective hometowns. The commercial spots reminds us all the star-making potential this show has. Without it, we would’ve never known the joys that are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. You can also add plenty of other names on that list who’ve appeared on the show but never won.

Every year I look forward to “American Idol“, but in the last few years, it’s certainly lost its way. Just look at the picture above. The first six winners, love them or hate them, are memorable. I really hope the producers are true to their word and focus the show on finding the next music superstar and not about the judging drama or weekly mentors.

view both promos after the jump

DWTS 11 Week 7 Video Performances: 200th Episode!

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

They made it all the way to 11 Seasons over 5 years and now, we celebrate the 200th Episode of Dancing With the Stars. Tonight, the show brings out more stars than you can shake a stick at. Not only do 2 of the past stars coach and captain the team challenge but a few even become guest judges for the evening, weighing in on the stars dances and even scoring them to add to Carie Ann, Len and Bruno’s final total making tonight’s score out of 40. Will the guest judges be kind to our stars or use their past experiences to rain down harsh criticisms. Well, I can’t wait to find out! The drama is heightened as the pressure to perform is higher than ever. The stars must reincarnate a dance made famous by one of the stars and that star will then judge the corresponding routine. So, lets begin!

We begin the evening with all the pros from all of the seasons dancing to the very first song ever performed on the show, Crazy in Love by Beyonce. The pros NAILED it of course with amazing footwork, lifts and tricks. The final section with Louis Van Amstel at the front leading the way was brilliant ending in an explosion of silver streamers bring the judges to their feet. Amaze-balls. What did you think of the opener?

Check out the video performances after the jump…

“A waiter? Really? A waiter? I would have given you more credit!”
I LOVED this episode.

As a homewrecker, I took a special kinship to last’s nights very gay-centric episode of B n’ S as the previously alluded to infidelity of Scotty came to full volition tonight as Kevin (pretend you’re surprised) lost his delicate-flower-sh#t and spend the episode drinking (big Walker surprise there… wait, what was the quotation? “It’s rose, let’s call it lunch”), and winging like the sad sack that he’s been for season after season. Yes, Kitty and her hunk had some lame “Maybe I’ll move to South East Asia” moment… yeah, cause that was going to happen you lunatic, and Sara pretending she was “conflicted” re: marrying her insanely young, model, french boyfriend… god, put it away you faux-triste brunettes, cause this episode was all about the mo. And, it brought a lot of gay world to light.

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Seven teams remain in the race around the world, after volleyball partners Katie and Rachel were eliminated last week in Norway. Here are the remaining teams in the order they finished last week (and they order they begin this week):

  • 1. Nat & Kat
  • 2. Gary & Mallory
  • 3. Jill & Thomas
  • 4. Michael & Kevin
  • 5. Brook & Claire
  • 6. Nick & Vicki
  • 7. Chad & Stephanie

All the teams are leaving at the same time on the same train Stockholm, Sweden, en route to St. Petersburg, Russia. After they arrive to Stockholm by train, they cab to the airport to catch their flight. Chad & Stephanie were the last to get to the airport, but lucky for them, it turns out everyone’s on the same flight. All that bickering for nothing.

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Scott Foley Checks In To “Grey’s Anatomy”

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Waking up a tad hangover after a night of Halloween partying, reading this bit of news started off my day right. I’ve loved Scott Foley ever since he was Noel on “Felicity” and glad that he’ll be Seattle “gracing” our screens again soon. Hopefully the show will utilize him better than his lame story arc on “Cougar Town” last season.

Series creator, Shonda Rhimes, revealed Foley has booked a multi-episode arc this season on “Grey’s Anatomy“. Foley will play a patient named Henry, who “stirs things up” with Kim Raver’s Teddy. I wonder if Rhimes is hoping lightning strikes twice. The story so far seems reminiscent of the extremely popular Denny/Izzie storyline. Rhimes on her part is insisting that it won’t parallel that story and be very different from Denny. I guess time will tell.

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