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Man Crush: William Levy

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Editors Note: Although this post was written December of 2010, since Levy is appearing on DWTS Season 14, with thought you’d like to get to know him a bit better ;)

For this week’s man crush, I decided to go south of the border and fish in the land of telenovelas. Cuban actor William Levy, is the lucky guy I caught but didn’t release. This sexy juicy bass is too good to throw back into the ocean. Born in Havana, Levy and his family migrated to Miami when he was twelve. Eventually they moved to California where he attended USC.

The 30-year-old actor began his career as a male model and was represented by top agency, Next Models. Given his smoking hot body, he was a natural choice to model plenty of underwear and swimsuits. His breakthrough in Mexican soap operas, was in Pasión. He did such a great job, he was later cast him as the lead in Cuidado con el Angel. The show averaged about 45.7 million viewers per evening on Univision. YOWZA, that’s quadruple what Glee attracts every week. Other notable telenovelas he’s starred in include El Triunfo del Amor and Sortilegio. He starred in Jennifer Lopez‘s “I’m Into You” music video and is going to be in Season 14 of Dancing With The Stars.

Sorry boys and girls, William has been with his partner Elizabeth Gutierrez since 2003. The two have two children. A son named Christopher and a daughter named Kailey. He is of Jewish ancestry on his maternal grandfather side, but converted to Catholicism in 2009.

view shirtless pics of william levy after the jump

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, we were treated to Tyrant’s first ever “moving editorial” and the reality TV lovers of the world heaved a collective vomit. Really Tyrant? Wasn’t the Cycle 2 music video shit fest enough? Please stick to lame soundbites, rants, and photos. Please. Despite being the most beautiful girl in the competition, Jane was cut loose… mostly because Tyrant didn’t see enough of her personality. As if that actually matters. Eva was a cow. Nicole was boring. McKey was a dud. Ann is just plane socially awkward. Ugh. We also lost our man-fearing lesbian Kayla, leaving us with Ann and Chelsey for the finale. For out regular readers, you’ll know the winner was spoiled a couple weekd ago by a production error on some photographs. I’m gonna pretend that never happened. Who will take home the crown? Who will be the first ever high fashion queen? Do you even remember who won Cycle 14? Me neither. Who’s gonna be on top this year?

Not gonna lie. I just got home from a dinner meeting. Had a little bit too much red wine. This could be messy. I went with the theme though. The wine was called “Strut“. No lie. A pair of legs and some high heels on the label. Perfect. And, it only cost be 12 bucks. Sweet.

We start off this week with a SUPER awkward high five moment between Chelsey and Ann in the bus. Then, we are treated to some confessional time to tell us a bunch of things we’ve already heard before. Blah Blah Blah. Ann says it’s twenty times better than graduating high school. LOLs. You think? Back at the house, they devour some pizza right out of the box. Careful ladies, you still have a runway finale to rock!

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What an episode. Let’s get started. The remaining nine people head back to camp after tribal council to a torrential downpour that just won’t stop. Their pond is now a raging river and for a couple survivors, the rain is washing away the mental strength they once had and pushing them to their limits. Because of the rain, you almost can’t tell that Naonka and Purple Kelly are crying, but their whining makes it known. They make the situation worse be feeding off of each other. They are both talking about quitting. The situation gets more real when Naonka gives her idol to Chase, since she plans on leaving. Ugh. So disappointing.

If the two quitters quit, the lines seem like they are drawn in the sand with alliances and it will be Sash, Holly, Chase, and Jane against the remaining stragglers Benry, Dan, and Fabio. Or so it seams at this point.

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The “2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” aired last night on CBS and it was better than ever. It was more glamorous, had more wings, and more segments than years prior. Thank God, the producers decided to nix that awful “Search for the Next VS Model” piece from last year. Talk about useless filler. They expected you to believe your votes actually counted, but the show didn’t even air live. Silly, silly, silly. Do they think VS customers are that dense?

At first I wasn’t too crazy about Katy Perry and Akon as musical guests, but their songs fit the respective segment themes perfectly. And how cute was it when Perry joined the models jumping up and down at the finale. I would’ve loved it though if Akon’s “Sexy Bitch” had opened the show. Let’s face it, all those women up there are sexy bitches. Speaking of sexy, it was a little odd that their wasn’t a segment saluting Heidi Klum’s years as a VS Angel. A few months ago, the saucy German announced her retirement from the lingerie brand. When Tyra Banks quit a few years ago, not only was their a full-on tribute piece to her, but she also go to close out the show in that ridiculous outfit and sceptre. Given Heidi’s many years of service, she deserved a better sendoff.

Speaking of former featured Victoria’s Secret Angels, it was nice to see Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova (who looks amazing considering she just had a baby) and Isabel Goulart on the runway strutting it out. I wonder how it feels to be part of the show and watch your younger replacements receive all the attention. Though I love Ebanks and Kurkova, I’m beyond the moon that Chanel Iman made it as a featured model this year. I’ve followed her career for years now and predicted she would be one to watch. In the end, I guess it’s still an honor to be included even though you’re no longer front and center. These years’ featured models were Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Chanel Iman, Candice Swanpoel, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Behati Prinsloo.

check out the songs used last night and view my favorite ten outfits in random order after the jump

Well, that was a bit of a letdown. After last week’s UH-MAZING episode, Glee’s ninth episode of Season 2 felt disjointed and contrived. Even when you compare it to last year’s phenomenal “Sectionals” episode, it falls extremely flat. Titled “Special Eduction“, the show was definitely “special” but not in a good way.

The episode began with Emma using some silly metaphor about the kids being stars and shining brightly, blah, blah, blah. Whether Will felt Emma’s advice was sage, or it was his lame attempt to suck up to her, he followed it. With just a few days to go to the ever-important Sectionals, he switches the line-up. WTF??? While it was nice to see some of the secondary characters receive the spotlight for a change, their numbers lacked that oomph that made you stand up and take notice like last year’s set.

Tonight saw the debut of Kurt at Dalton Academy. Hands up if you’re already bored with this story. I just hope the writers expedite Kurt’s eventual return to McKinley High with Blaine in tow, sooner rather than later. Kurt may not be bullied there, but he’s severely stifled creatively at Dalton, which is worse.

In Glee couples news, Emma out of nowhere married John Stamos (I would to) in an impromptu quickie wedding. Meanwhile, New Directions’ power couple, Rachel and Finn had serious relationship drama. Santana let her the cat out of the bag (literally) regarding her devirginizing Finn. As you would expect, Rachel took it badly and had a revenge make-out session with Puck (you go girl). In the end, it looks like Rachel and Finn are headed to splitsville. With Mercedes being the only single girl in Glee, could a Finn/Mercedes hookup be in the works? Or maybe new Glee’r Lauren (love her) will fill in Rachel’s spot.

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TV TalkBack: Caprica Series Finale

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Well, tonight wrapped up the science fiction prequel Caprica, which told the story of what the world was like prior to Battlestar Galactica and how the evolution of machine humanity there. The story took place 58 years prior to when Battlestar Galactica begins. Unfortunately, Caprica didn’t get picked up by Sci-Fy and the story got cut way too short for my liking. On October 27, 2010, Syfy canceled the show due to low ratings it pulled the remaining five episodes of the series. That being said, the remaining episodes are going to be released on DVD in December 2010 and will also air in a marathon from 6:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Central to 11:00 pm Eastern/10:00 pm Central on January 4, 2011. I’ll definitely be tuning in for that. If anything, it’s now made me eager to rewatch the entire series of Battlestar Galactica – and I never rewatch entire series.

In this wrap up episode, Daniel Greystone and his wife do whatever they can to prevent Clarice with the follow through of her plans. They succeed, but little do they know of the evolution of the machine that they’ve created and what lies ahead. We get a preview of what’s to come with their daughter Zoe having a “rebirth” and coming aback to life as a human looking …cylon.

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This morning on The View, the amazing Susan Boyle was performing “O Holy Night,” promoting her new feel good holiday album “The Gift“. She gets a short ways into the song when she notices a bit of scratchiness in her voice when she’s singing, giving an awkward “oops-a-daisy” look. She then moves onto the next line and it just gets worse and she realizes that this frog isn’t going away…so she stopped the performance and gave the nod to fade the music out… ironically right after, “Oh hear…the angel voices…” She’s so adorable, I felt bad for her but I love the fact that she has the balls to just say, you know what, I have a frog in my throat, this doesn’t sound good, stop it. Amazing!

Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg then come to interview her, acknowledging that you know, sometimes you have a frog in her throat…like Whoopi, who always has a frog in her throat.

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“Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, but some may need some extra help”

This show IS America. In the first 30 seconds of the opening of E!’s newest reality show “Bridalplasty”, we are subject to broken noses, angry liposuction, screaming brides-to-be and large lady parts hangin’ all out with nothing but blur spots to hide nips and “lips” (if you know what I mean). The premise of this show is that 12 ladies who want to have their dream wedding as the “dream version” of themselves compete over 4 months against one another to win sporadic surgeries/injections/god knows what else before one of them can ultimately claim the first place spot and win an all-paid for wedding and a: “Complete Body Transformation”… it sounds like something from Alien vs. Predator, I know.

Called: “Outlandish”, “Repulsive”, and “A Symbol of Everything Wrong With America” by pretty much every media outlet (likely except for Fox News), I’m calling this puppy pure hilarity. This show has found a dozen women willing to stand up on national tv and allow “celebrity surgeon” Dr. Dubrow and his magic “you’re ugly because” pen draw circles around every single issue with their body for the world to see/gawk and feel pity for. Then, after telling them there’s basically 18 things repulsive about each of them, “Bridalplasty” (can we talk about how brill and awful that title is?) pits the defeated and denounced women against each other for prizes like front row seating at an injection party and teeth whitening treatments. I just love my neighbours to the South ;)

Click through to read my first and bitchy impressions of each lady and my review of the premiere episode

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