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Okay, first off, special shout out to Emma whom I met tonight at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. She’s a fan of Homorazzi, as well as of Big Brother. We chatted about who we thought would be going home tonight…and we both agreed that it would be Lawon. Honestly, if Lawon leaves, I wouldn’t shed a tear. I mean, he volunteered himself onto the block and isn’t even involved in any of the game play! Sorry buddy – you might as well be at home watching with Tyrell and I.

As we pick up where we left off, Lawon “puts on his acting skills” right off the bat and acts as if he’s mad about being put up on the block. Shelly heard him say “didn’t volunteer” and she could definitely tell that he was lying about the whole situation. “I hate actors,” she says. She’s such a Nancy Drew! She then goes to Kalia to get the truth, and now knows that he indeed volunteered. Case solved.

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HOLY SHIT FOLKS! This is it!! In a few short hours America voted and Cat Deeley will have revealed this year’s favorite dancer from So You Think You Can Dance, season eight! I can hardly contain my excitement and nerves. By the time you’re reading this article, your more than likely in the know, but I’m going to recap the night for you one last time. If America has their heads on straight, we SHOULD be seeing Melanie, who rightfully deserves it, take home the title and the swathe of prizes that go along with the accolades.

The night opened with a performance from this year’s top twenty dancer, and it was definitely cool to see them all back on the stage again. I had actually forgotten about Ryan! This routine was incredible, and choreographed by the legendary Sonya Tayeh! Then Cat Deeley came out in a SMASHING outfit!
The judging panel was stacked again for the final performances, with seven people joining us to relive their favorite moments from the season. Lil’ C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayah, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Screaming Mary Murphy, and Skeletor (Nigel Lythgo). Man oh man, I can’t wait for a break from his unnecessary perviness.

Full recap and see who WON after the jump…

Roseanne Barr Getting A New Primetime Sitcom

In: Patrick, TV Shows

Roseanne Barr, one of the most popular TV moms ever on television, is set to make a comeback to primetime with another sitcom. She’s one busy lady with her macadamia nut farm reality show set in Hawaii, running for president, and preparing for this new show. LOL.

Barr will be writing and starring in the show titled, Downwardly Mobile. The show will be about a blue-collar family living through hard times. This isn’t far from reality for many people in the U.S. right now. Back in the day, her hit show was a much more realistic, no apologies look at what life was often like for the middle class Americans. Perhaps Barr hopes to reflect reality once again. She’s one clever and funny lady, and she’s definitely been missed on television.

Can you believe it’s already been 14 years since “Roseanne” ended? Insane. That was one of my favorites growing up. Remember how in the intro it showed how everyone aged, gained weight, lost weight, or had plastic surgery? Amazing – and it always finished with Roseanne’s cackle. Check out the show’s intro in the ninth and final season below.

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Should Bert & Ernie Tie The Knot?

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Bert & Ernie have been a Sesame Street staple since it’s early inception. Based on a simple drawing by Jim Henson, the Muppet’s characters and relationship reflects the real life relationship between Jim and his friend Oz. But the question has always been… are Bert & Ernie GAY?

Despite some of the speculation circulating, the answer has always been that the two are just friends and roommates. However, that hasn’t stopped kids (and adults) from asking the question when watching the popular PBS hit. Now, a petition on is seeking signatures for Bert and Ernie to tie the knot, allowing Sesame Street to take a big move in social responsibility and equal rights.

The idea is simple. Out Bert and Ernie and have them tie the knot on the show. This would be a great chance for kids (and even some parents) to see that it’s okay to be gay and that acceptance is key. Do you think that this would help stop bullying and homophobia in schools if it started on shows for young kids like Sesame Street?

Check out the petition after the jump…

SYTYCD Season 8 Finale (Part 1) Performances

In: Dan, TV Shows

I can’t believe it! Where did the time go? It’s already the finale of season eight of So You Think You Can Dance, and I am unbelievably excited to see the final four take to the stage one last time to lay it on the line. I will make a bold statement now, if Melanie doesn’t win this year’s competition, America will have got it devastatingly wrong.

Sure, Tadd has made leaps and strides in the competition as an untrained B-Boy/Hip Hop dancer, and we love an underdog story; however, we’ve already had that in past winner Russell. Melanie has time and time again proven her abilities, adapting to every style, destroying her solos, and left the audience in awe of her talents each week. I will give credit when credit is due, and say that Sasha and Marko have truly been phenomenal throughout this competition as well, and it’s amazing to see the original pairing of Melanie and Marko make it through to the end, together. That is what this competition is about – showcasing outstanding talent, and rising to the level of your accompanying partner. Sasha was burdened for weeks dancing with Alexander, and it was a relief to see her truly showcase her talents with other contestants and the returning all-stars.

Guaranteed we are in for an incredible night of dance, with outstanding performances and some interesting critiques from guest judge of the week, Katie Holmes. Katie was joined by regulars, screaming Mary and Skeletor, as well as fellow guest judge, Kenny Ortega. Woof, did you see Nigel’s hair?! DYING. What a creepy train wreck. Let’s get on to the dancing!

Watch the VIDEOS & get the full recap of the show after the jump

Donovan and Brian are one of my few friends that occasionally beat me to the punch with new shows and they definitely deserve full credit for my latest obsession with Bravo’s newest reality show: “Platinum Hit”. Though Donovan has already written a couple great articles intro-ing and recapping the finale of this 10-episode wonder, I felt the need to write up something dedicated to its winner and my fave from the start: Sonyae Elise. Pronounced “sawn-yay”, this size 0 beauty popped onto the screen day one dressed in sunglasses and sass and was a bit of a scene stealer right off the bat.

Some contestants in these types of “talent competitions” burn out fast and lose appeal with their ego, but immediately we see she’s the real deal as she starts winning contests from the get go. Throughout the season she presents herself as a bit weak melodically and instrumentally as she’s one of the few who sing and write exclusively as oppose to rockin’ the guitar or piano to support their song writing process. BUT, from her first blow-away concept of “Love Me to Life” where she explains: “If you’re gonna love me I don’t want you to love me to death, I want you to love me to life” (take a second to realize the simple genius of that), she sets herself above the rest in concept brilliance. The finale, however, has her true moment to shine.

Click through to see her finale performance and hear the show’s winning song

Okay, first off I have to admit I’ve been watching the live feeds here and there this past week (for the first time ever) so I knew a lot of what happened before going into this episode. That being said, I wasn’t any less excited to watch it. I will say that the live feeds are amazing and totally addictive, so you have to be careful (ahem – Donovan). LOL. Anyway, in the last episode, Kalia put Jeff & Rachel on the block and as a result, Jeff threatened that he would win POV this week and gun for Kalia. We’ll find out in this episode!

After the nominations were made, Rachel starts to lose it, but Shelly knocked some sense into her saying, “You have more class than is!” Jordan even has to help take care of Rachel. “Brendon used to be the one to manage Rachel,” says Jordan and now it’s here. She is a handful – LOL.

Oh, the crying doesn’t stop there – Kalia is also crying because she’s so stressed out. She now has a huge target on her back and Daniele didn’t have to do the dirty work. So much Kleenex.

Find out who won POV & what followed after the jump…

Who’d You Rather: Overstreet VS Salling

In: Totally GAY!, TV Shows, Tyrell

This weekend, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie hits theaters so I thought it would be appropriate to pit two of the show’s hottest hotties against each other for ultimate supremacy. One is a show veteran and one is a season two add-on without and third season pick-up. However, they both have banging bodies that we would all die to have. Let’s take a closer look at the candidates.

Mark Salling in an Austin, Texas native who now resides in LA. Aside from Glee, Mark is quite the budding musician. He is a band called Jericho and they released their first album in 2008. In January of 2010, Mark released his own rock/jazz album titled Pipe Dreams. He wrote, produced and fronted every single track. Impressive talent there Mr. Salling.

Chord Overstreet is a Nashville, Tennessee native and is the son of famed country singer Paul Overstreet. Chord can play multiple instruments like piano, mandolin and guitar and is also a songwriter. Chord also made a notable appearance in his brother Nash’s band Hot Chelle Rae’s video for Tonight, Tonight. Chord is not returning to Glee for Season 3.

Alright, you’ve heard the facts but now, you have to check out the physical evidence right? Check out the sexy photos and make your decision on Who You’d Rather below.

Vote who you’d rather after the jump…

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