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So many Glee sneak peeks and spoilers, its hard to keep up these days. With the finale drawing near and sweeps in full swing, its no wonder all of these leaks are occurring to keep fans excited and interested so they’ll tune in to the full episode when it airs. Glee really doesn’t have anything to worry about however as they have already been renewed for their third season. But hey, I don’t hate a good tease.

In the upcoming 90 minute episode of Glee’s Born This Way, episode, Blaine (Darren Criss) serenades Kurt (Chris Colfer) in the school’s outdoor steps with a little help from the Warblers and the New Directions band (who randomly already has their equipment set up).

I saw this song on the tracklist for The Warblers album and was really excited. This is definitely one of my favorite songs and this version mixed with the meaning behind it within the scene is sure to melt your heart and bring maybe a tear to your eye. I cannot wait to see the full context. Get your Kleenex ready.

Watch “Somewhere Only We Know” here.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 10 Preview Pics

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Finally, the overseas trip is here. It’s about time these girls invade a foreign destination. Why Tyra only chose to ship five girls across the world is beyond me. I wonder if The CW slashed her budget. Maybe she should’ve kept her silly smizing ass back home. Who here would rather see Jaclyn in Morocco than Tyrant?

Vogue Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani is back and seeing the girls for the first time (yeah right). As much as Tyra says it’s a democracy, I really think Franca has some serious pull on the winner. It’s her magazine in the end and if she’s remotely like Anna Wintour then hell no, no one is going to tell her who to put in the magazine.

Check out the preview pics for the next episode which features monkeys, camels and the biggest creature of them all… Andre Leon Tally. LOL. If you want to see the final photo shoot pics in high-resolution, head over to the ANTM Gallery.

view more pics

Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any gayer, with a new album from both Britney, Lady Gaga, and NKOTBSB, we’ll also be getting NEW AbFab as well! Sweetie darling, that’s “Absolutely Fabulous” news!

Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy Stone on the hit British comedy, confirmed that they will be filming three new episodes and filming will begin this summer. Lumley will once again be playing the best friend of creator and costar Jennifer Saunders, whose character is Edina Monsoon (aka Eddie). When asked about the time gap between the original season and now, Lumley explained, “The great thing is that because … we fast-forwarded to where they’re very old and nearly dead and practically plugged into vodka machines, it doesn’t matter how beyond [the original series] we do it.”

A statement released by BBC reads: “We’re putting the finishing touches to the deal to bring it back and as soon as we’re in a position to confirm it we will.” The show began in 1992 and ran it’s course up until 2005. AbFab was a major hit among the gays. I for one have all the episodes DVD. Check out some of the best scenes and one liners in the montage below.

Video after the jump…

Glee returned this week with an all new episode which felt less than mediocre in the music department but kept us drooling for more storyline developments for Will and his two women and Kurt and his potential return to McKinley High.

This coming episode of Glee titled Born This Way will quite obviously feature the Lady Gaga hit which Ryan Murphy had hinted would be utilized by the show at some point this season. The basic synopsis for the episode is that Lauren and Quinn compete for Prom Queen while Rachel contemplates having rhinoplasty. This all goes on while Will teaches the kids about self-acceptance and Emma deals with her obsessive-compulsive ways.

What’s really exciting is that this episode will run for 90 minutes instead of its regular 60 to include two more musical numbers that would have originally been cut from the program. One of the major plot arcs within the episode will be Karofsky coming to terms with his sexuality. Its also being said that this episode will set up the final three episode which focus on Santana’s love for Brittany as well. A new character named Dr. Shane will also make his first appearance in this episode. But without further ado, lets get a sneak peak of the Glee club singing Born This Way, shall we?

Check out McKinley High’s “Born This Way” here.

We are mere days away from learning who RuPaul crowns as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. Can you believe it? After a marathon season, I never thought this day would arrive. So what can we expect from the finale? Well, according to new judge Michelle Visage… a lot. We were lucky enough to score a good old fashioned gossip session with the opinionated panelist.

Just like her persona on television, this woman doesn’t hold back. She’s as funny as she is on the show. In the edited version of our interview, I asked her thoughts on the Final 3 and what she thought their strengths and weaknesses were. In addition, I also asked her which other queens besides Carmen Carrera the judges debated on bringing back into the competition. In between all the questioning, she provided a few tidbits on the reunion and the finale. Listen to the short clip to eavesdrop on our girl talk. Be forewarned, I gush a little bit about her girl group popstar days. No joking, I really was a fan of Seduction and their dance singles. Oh, the memories.

Check out the interview after the jump…

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, dear Brittani decided to take on Alexandria and paid a very heavy price. Yes… Alexandria is the Cycle’s beotch and I can’t stand her, but gurl, don’t start a catfight if you don’t have the claws! I really like Brittani but she wilted under the pressure of being confronted at panel by Holy Tyrant. There was crying, snot dripping, and hyperventilating. Brittani even STORMED off stage. Not good. She almost got herself booted. It was Mikaela who was sent home. Where did that come from? Will Alexandria keep up with her bitchy self-delusional ways? Will Tyrant come to her senses and get rid of her? Can Brittani recover from her breakdown? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Ok. Confessional. I somehow got a full week behind on the recapping. My bad. I was distracted last week, but I assure you it was for a good cause. Thankfully, the ANTM gods decided to do a Cycle recap episode this week. And you know what? There is nothing I hate more than a reCRAP episode. So, I get to catch up on what… and who… went down last week.

We start off with more crying, snot dripping and hyperventilating. Brittani is just losing it in the confessional room. Seriously. Pull yourself together. Snap out of it. Nobody puts baby in a corner! You do not look cute doing this. Oh good. She’s listening. She apologized to Alexandria and they hugged it out. Side note… why is Kasia still here???

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After last week, Redemption Island now consists of the veteran, over-trusting Matt, along with newcomers Mike AND David. So, this week for the first time, these three competitors will face off on Redemption Island. At the beginning of the episode, the three of them try to make sense of this curve ball that’s been thrown at them.

Meanwhile, back at the main camp, it was Ralph, Julie and Steve against the rest. Also, Phillip has been getting crazier by the second…wearing a feather, speaking gibberish, and apparently getting premonitions. I’m not even kidding. Anyway, Phillip starts getting annoyed at how much rice Ralph, Julie, and Steve are eating. Keep in mind, each of the former tribes have their own rice. So, when he sees they are away from their camp, Phillip steals some of their rice. How would Buddha feel about that, Phillip?

Time for Tree mail…meaning it’s time for the Redemption Island battle.

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Who’d You Rather: Beck VS Good

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Summer is fast approaching meaning its time to hit the gym and get that beach body in gear. Personally, it always helps to have some visual motivation to get my ass in gear. For this week’s Who’d You Rather, I thought I would bring in a little help from last summer’s guilty pleasure reality show, The Bachelor Pad and pit them against each other to see who’s beach bod reigns supreme.

Meet Jesse Beck and David Good. Both men are extremely good looking as you can see but in terms of personalities, Jesse won over more ladies while David tended to be more of the bad boy stirring up a lot of controversy within the house both during the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. Jesse was eliminated in the fourth round of Ali’s Bachelorette season and David was also eliminated on the fourth round on his season with Jillian. Coincidence? However, when it came to the game of Bachelor Pad, David was victorious with Natalie Getz.

So, will David continue his reign on top or will Jesse sweep in for the win on the looks department?

Hot pics of the guys and vote Who You’d Rather after the jump.

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