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Jersey Shore Cast Get A BIG Raise For Next Season

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The Jersey Shore cast have certainly made a living out of gym, tanning, laundry…and most importantly, partying. So how much will they be making next season? First, lets talk about how much they were making in season 2…after negotiations, they landed $10,000 per episode. In the upcoming fourth season, the entire cast is heading to Italy and the “core” cast will be making at least $100,000 per episode.

You know, they’ve more than proven their money making ability for MTV and have earned the salary raise. They’re the ones that are making fools of themselves, generating huge ratings for the network, MTV best share the wealth. Besides, if they’re not making money on the show, they can certainly get it elsewhere now, so there’s that factor as well.

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SVEDKA Vodka really knows how to throw a party. After covering the red carpet at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards, Alex and I jetted over to SVEDKA’s “Night of a Billion Reality Stars” to join in on the fun. Thankfully, Lexington Social House was literally across the street, so we didn’t have to worry about getting stuck in LA traffic. Being a huge reality television fan, I jumped at the chance to be in a room full of reality TV’s most familiar faces. While there wasn’t a billion, if certainly felt like it. Every time I turned around, I was bumping into a reality star I loved. I’m talking to you Kyle Richards and Lo Bosworth.

The celebration marked SVEDKA Vodka’s partnership with on three comedic shorts which spoof the outrageous and inevitable future of reality TV and star Joan Rivers, Brian Austin Green, talking dogs and Jeff Probst, among others.  The first video in the series, which will roll out over a period of three consecutive weeks, premiered today, April 8, 2011. Here it is below:

“The Planet’s Most Extreme Model, Designer, Chef, Lover, Dancer, Drag Queen, Alien, Fish Wrangler From Outer Space,” a future competition show mash up, starring E!’s Gastineau Girls Brittny and Lisa Gastineau, The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi and Real World Las Vegas roommate Trishelle Cannatella, hosted by Survivor’s Jeff Probst.

Joan Rivers kicked off the evening by premiering the off-color comedies to a room full of unscripted superstars.  They all watched and laughed as they accepted the inevitable: in the future, everyone will be famous!  After the films rolled, DJ Solange Knowles took to the turntables to spin for the gorgeous gala-goers. Who knew Beyonce’s sister was such a great DJ? I didn’t. At one point, I even went up to her and gave her a thumbs up for playing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody“. Naturally, she laughed.

The entire venue was decorated with dozens of life-sized cutouts of reality stars. Every where you looked it was a reality television explosion. The restrooms were labeled Smush Rooms, books by reality stars riddled all the seating areas and there was even a confessional booth to take a picture. Check out Alex and my pic here. Special shout outs go to the delicious SVEDKA Vodka cocktails (Future Famous and Joan In a Jar were my favorite). Maybe I’m getting old, but the vodka sno-cone was toats strong. I couldn’t believe I had to nurse it. The duck confit was also quite tasty.

check out which reality celebs attended the event after the jump. we even took a few snaps with us with them

Not talking about sex enough in your life or maybe, not having enough? Want to live vicariously through someone else’s stories? Now, all you have to do is watch a new talk show coming to E! soon called Foursome. The concept of the show is to talk openly about sex, sexual encounters and the like. Neil Patrick Harris’ husband David Burtka is one of the members along with American Idol contestant and best friend to Homorazzi, Kimberly Caldwell.

David talked to TV Guide about the show in a recent issue stating, “I have quite a past. I have lots of stories to talk about.” An insider who has seen the pilot says that the show will be the hottest and hippest show to hit the network since the introduction of Chelsea Lately. Have no fear Neil. David says that he will only talk about former sexcapades and not about what currently goes down in his own bedroom.

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Last night, new Glee favorite Darren Criss attended the Oxygen upfront presentation in New York where he cam to support the new show The Glee Project which will debut on Oxygen this summer. The show follows auditions all across America to search for that special someone to be cast in a 7 episode story arc in next season’s Glee. Darren Criss serves as one of the show’s mentors.

But that wasn’t the only thing that Darren Criss was talking about according to Access Hollywood. Are there talks of Darren Criss leaving Glee to do his own spin-off? “Hey, I’m just happy to be invited to the party,” Criss said. “A spin-off, whatever they want, I’m happy where I am.” So, he didn’t deny it but didn’t confirm it either. According to other reports, the Glee spin-off isn’t a totally a myth but Darren says that if it were to fly, he’s definitely in. “I think Blaine serves a really cool function in the grander scheme of ‘Glee,’ so I don’t think we need to focus particularly — you know, but if they want to do it, hey, I’m down! Whatever they want,” he said.

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Meet Showtime’s New Real-Life “Gigolos”

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Move over Deuce Bigalow, the real Gigolos of Las Vegas are on the clock and they are ready for you to take a peek into their jobs and their lives outside of pleasing women for a living on their new Showtime series. The show is a very rare and uncensored look into these fives guys who have fun and essentially, get girls. What seems like shocking concept for a show has critics turning around saying that it is surprisingly heartfelt and truthful.

The show begins with the Gigolos boss introducing the original four to a new member that she will had to their posse, Vin. How will the boys react to adding a new male to their pretty solidified dynamic? Steven is confronted with the fact that he is a single father and working in a very unconventional career. And finally, the boys compete in a competition to see who will escort a very wealthy client to a black tie affair. Sounds like it might be one of those guilty pleasure shows you can’t get enough of.

Meet the guys and check out the trailer after the jump.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 8 Preview Pics

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How drama filled was that last episode? Brittani definitely lost it and probably screwed her chances of winning this thing. The next episode definitely has a lot to live up to. Normally, when we’re down to six girls, it’s time for the overseas trip. Judging by the preview pics, that’s not going to happen this episode.

In episode 8, titled “Lana Marks”, the accessories and handbag designer joins the panel to decide which girl will be eliminated next. Nigel Barker, once again, steps behind the camera and snaps the girls for this week’s shoot which takes place at a landfill, where they will wear eco-friendly couture creations by designer Michael Cinco.

Also in this episode, the girls head out for the always entertaining go-see challenge. Rumor has it, the ladies are heading to Morocco this cycle and I guess having the girls running amuck looking for designers in the Middle East would be difficult for production. Too bad, because that would be some entertaining shizz.

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Kelly Clarkson Rocks The Ellen Show

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Yesterday on Ellen, a former American Idol took to the stage at Universal Studios and rocked the house with a performance, jam packed with her hits. I’m talking about Kelly Clarkson. In a performance that was pre-taped on Sunday, Kelly reminded us all of why she won Idol in the first place. Opening with her first ever hit, Miss Independent, Kelly sounded great and looked like she’s been slimming down again. Her voice is sounding a bit strained but overall, I’m ready for a Kelly Clarkson comeback.

Kelly’s performance was part of Ellen’s action packed week in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios. With a big outdoor stage, Ellen’s team pulled out all the stops to make her shows in the sunshine state absolutely memorable including a new game called “City Walk The Plank”. Eric Stonestreet was the first victim and lets just say watching him fall into the water was hilarious.

A while back, I told you about some exciting updates that Kelly had been sending her fans via her Facebook page. Well I can now tell you that her album will be coming out this fall. I was really hoping for some summer Kelly jams but who knows. Maybe a new single is our near future?

Check out Kelly’s ‘Ellen’ performance here.

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant was caring enough to give an evening of her time to coach the girls on what type of model they are. In other words, she slapped overdone and fairly inaccurate stereotypes on them. On the flip side, she FINALLY took that heinous animal off of Molly’s head. It only took her 6 episodes to swallow her pride. In other news, Alexandria continued to cause drama, but Monique decided to step up her bitching. It cost her. After the group shots, she was sent packing. And somehow Kasia keeps doing well. I don’t get it. Can the blow up doll keep up the pace? Can Mikaela live up to her bone structure? Will Molly rock it out with her own hair? Who will be eliminated tonight?

First off, HUGE thank you to Nic for recapping last week. I was away at a family wedding in Bucks County Pennsylvania. And you know what? Thank god I didn’t have to recap that ep. Tyrant was in full blown self-absorbed mode. Blah blah blah. I’m so famous. Blah blah blah. People have said horrible things about me. Blah blah blah. Your ass reminds me of me. Wait. What? She actually slapped Monique’s ass on her way out! Okay… maybe I did miss out on a good rant.

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