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The X-Factor Episode 4: Glad That’s Over

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

I’m gonna try not to swear so much in this update, the powers that be have to bleep me out more than a cast of the Jersey Shore ;).

Last night was the FINAL… FINAL night of auditions and thank God. It’s really a shame how the US version is differing from the UK version. In the UK version, the auditions are incredible. They actually show people who can sing as opposed to showing the fools who can’t sing. And at this point in all these reality audition shows, the ones who CAN’T sing are clearly actors or something the producers set up and it needs to stop. It’s making the show unwatchable (and that’s coming from a MEGA fan) and it feels like a waste of time.

However it is now time for the real show to begin. With the end of last night’s auditions we are going to BOOTCAMP next week. Bootcamp is like an intense singer training, I think they are going to have dancing, singing in groups of people to see who shines more, I believe there is a mini song writing challenge as well. It’s where you separate the “good from the great” as Paula said. There are lots of amazing singers who don’t make it through boot camp.  I’m hoping Chris Rene will get weeded out but he won’t, he’s good TV. Stacy Francis will need to hold her own, and Melanie Amaro has pretty much solidified her position in the top 4 girls…duh.

I’m liking the camaraderie between Paula and Nicole, I think it’s cute. Simon is getting REALLY funny, or he was last night. LA Reid is still the coolest person on TV. I still hold to my prediction that he will mentor the winner. I really believe he will.

OK – Here’s my faves from last night.

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The Bravo Housewives landscape seems to be as shaky as a straw house on the San Andreas fault line. With Russell Armstrong’s suicide on Beverly Hills and four ladies being fired from New York, you never know which franchise is going to be shaken up next. Based on this latest development, it would seem it’s New Jersey’s turn. First Dina Manzo left voluntarily, then Danielle Staub was let go after Caroline Manzo gave Bravo an ultimatum and now the Garden State show is losing another Housewife.

Even though RHONJ Season 3 is still on the air, the current crop of ladies are currently filming Season 4 as we speak. In fact, it was at this week’s annual Posche fashion show that led this lady to finally throw in the towel. This Housewife tweeted that she was done with the show and had to walk away for her sanity. Any idea who it is? Find out below.

find out who’s jumping ship after the jump

ANTM 17 Episode 4 Preview Pics

In: Donovan, TV Shows

After losing two of my favorite All-Stars in Brittany and Sheena, we finally got rid of some dead weight last night. While I’m all for Isis’ backstory, I never really warmed up to her and didn’t think she was model material… let alone an All-Star. Personally, I would’ve gone for a double elimination last night and axed both Isis and Angelea. But enough about this week’s episode, let’s focus on the next.

As always, I’m here on Thursday morning with preview pics from the next show. The girls compete in an acting challenge that involves dealing with a dead corpse on “CSI“. I wonder if the winner will actually get a walk-on role on the crime drama. Remember the good old days when the girls competed for an acting gig on “Veronica Mars“? UPN, I miss you so.

For this week’s photo shoot, the girls get a taste of what it’s like to work for Express- one of the prizes this cycle. Not only do they sport Express fashion, but they get to model with some sexy male models. YAY. I wonder how Kayla will react? Will she have another crying fit? Silly lesbian. LOL. Based on the preview pics in our gallery, it seems pretty obvious who’s going home this week.

more pics from the episode after the jump

The X-Factor Episode 3 Auditions: Dramarama

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

I feel awful, and I’m gonna tell you why. I have been championing this show since i first heard it was coming for like 1.5 years. Seeing the UK and even the AUS versions, I thought for sure they had it made in the US. Well, either they are f*cking with us, or Simon Cowell has lost his goddamn mind.

I can’t handle anymore boring or bad auditions. It’s no surprise that this show is already losing viewers. I mean, yes they are getting 11 million people, but still no where near what Idol gets. X Factor, you HAVE to step it up.

The only possible reason is that they are doing this awful auditions now so that when they get to bootcamp and the judges houses the talent just blow us away. But it’s not going well X Factor, not at all. I’m still gonna watch religiously but you GOTTA step it up. Judging from the promo for tonight’s show you’ve got some good talent on, don’t f*ck this up Simon. It’s too good of a brand to mess up.

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It’s starting to look like NBC’s answer to Mad Men, The Playboy Club is in line to be one of the first casualties of the fall TV season. After a low 5 million viewers tuned in for the first episode, the ratings dropped yet again for week two. For the record, NBC had a really weak Monday night with over ten million people tuning in to watch Dancing With The Stars and Castle on ABC. CBS even had a really strong showing with all of their primetime slots doing over ten million.

Despite the poor the ratings, there is another crippling factor contributing to The Playboy Club’s demise: the Parents Television Council. The group has been chastising the show since it’s fruition claiming that it glorifies and glamorizes the pornography industry. While the club itself doesn’t go much beyond being a little burlesque, the name itself is tied to the popular pornographic magazine. The group is trying to use all of their power to get the show off the air. It looks like their influence may have some heat.

As of right now, seven advertisers who bought commercial spots during the 10pm time slot have backed out of their agreements. Do you think it’s due to the fact that last Monday’s show only pulled in a disappointing 3.9 million viewers or is it because they don’t want their brand associated with Playboy? Here is what PTC President, Tim Winter had to say.

Tim Winter’s statement after the jump…

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant blessed us makeovers for her two-time wannabes. Most of them ended up looking the same, a few came out a bit less haggard, one or two actually looked better, and poor Bre looked like Late 80s pop band reject. Sadly, AlexHATEdria was one of the girls that came out looking better. That pissed me off. Then, she didn’t suck at the photo shoot. THEN, Sheena got eliminated. WTF. First Brittany, now Sheena. Tyrant is literally trying to kill me. One of the haggard old dramz girls better get the boot this week. But does Tyrant even give a shit about what her audience wants? Will Mr. J wear something bedazzled? Will his hair ever come unglued? Who will be eliminated tonight?

This week in paragraph two I would like to address the breaking news that Andre Leon Talley is out as judge for Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model. My thoughts? Meh. I will miss “gauche” and “drekitude”, but will be delighted to see his muumuus fade off into the ANTM graveyard of cast off judges. His replacement? Kelly Cutrone… a Public Relations “maven”. She’s feisty, but I guess this means Tyrant’s experiment with actual “fashion” in Cycles 15 and 16 will be replaced by her current drive for branding. Ugh.

On to the show! We start off this week with Lisa being surprisingly humble about her win for best photo. She tells us nobody’s safe. Cut to Isis who says she’s safe because she has “star quality”. Not looking like a 70s porn star you don’t! OMG. Her hair, the earrings, the top… it’s all wrong. Back at the house, Allison hits the confessional booth in a strange animal head hat to tell us how strange she is. She tells us that she just needs to let the confidence she has shine through. Amen sister. Love you.

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This week we had our first Redemption Island duo between Semhar & Christine and once again, two members of each tribe get to come and watch the battle. The two women each got a pole with a totem pole statue sitting on top. They had to balance the pole so it doesn’t fall off, with Jeff getting them to add additional length to their pole in regular intervals. Before they started, Semhar randomly busted out some spoken word to calm her nerves. Unfortunately for her, the last spoken words she got to hear wer “Throw your buff in the fire,” as Christine ended up outlasting her in the challenge. I like Christine’s feist so I wanted her to win anyway. Semhar is the first of three people that cry in this episode. Boo hoo.

Cut to Brandon who was down on himself for playing like his uncle and making up a lie to get Mikayla out. In an effort to clean the slate, he decided to tell everyone about his real name and that he is Russell Hantz’s nephew. Okay… good for you buddy? “I kind of had a relapse of what my uncle used to do and it sucked,” Brandon says to Coach. Later on, Mikayla confronted Brandon about why he has it out for her. He doesn’t like being attacked by her, so he then calls a meeting and calls her out in front of everyone, saying he doesn’t want to be part of any drama anymore (even though he’s the one creating it). Later on, Mikayla was crying on the beach by herself. Sucks for her because Brandon is just a big bully. Brandon is also crying to the camera himself, saying that he constantly struggles between good and evil. I hate to say it, but Brandon really scares me… like a truck driver who would kill highway prostitutes because they’re “bad” type of guy. He has some serious issues. Coach and Sophie discuss the fact that Brandon is a loose cannon that needs to be monitored. That’s putting it lightly.

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Janice Dickinson, Twiggy and Paulina Porizkova better start rolling out the red carpet soon, because someone’s about to join their exclusive club. You know the one where Tyra Banks forces her fellow judges to join when she’s done with them. Even though we’re in the midst of the awesomely entertaining ANTM All-Star cycle, one of the current judges won’t be back for Cycle 18.

In a perfect world, the departing judge would be Tyrant herself. But since we don’t live in utopia, we’re stuck with her for a few more cycles. Instead, saying auf wiedersehen at the end of this cycle will be the awesome Andre Leon Talley. BOOOO. I’ve been a fan of Talley for years, prior to his gig on ANTM. Even though he has the most fashion cred on the panel, he’s bidding adieu after four cycles. While both Dickinson and Porizkova left on bad terms, it seems Andre is leaving amicably like Twiggy. Here’s what the Vogue editor-at-large said in a statement.

“I had a great ride and will always consider my experience with Top Model one of the best moments of my life,” Talley says. “Tyra is an incredible role model and I learned so much sitting next to her through four cycles.”

Since Talley has joined, ANTM has gone more high fashion. Respected fashion photographers jumped on board as well as big-named designers. He even convinced Franca Sozzani to give valuable exposure on Vogue Italia as part of the prize. With Tyra Banks claiming there are no longer going to be “normal” cycles, it makes sense Talley is leaving. So with the dawn of a new era of ANTM on the horizon, who’s jumping on board to navigate the model high seas? Find out below.

find out the replacement judge after the jump

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