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Wow. I have to admit I love TV, but after a week of watching brand new shows, my head is starting to hurt. Thank god I have a few days off of premieres before next week when we see a lot of our favorite shows return. And tonight, I only had to check out two shows but I have to say, it was a good night of television. Before I get started, I want to say that I think The CW has finally found their niche market and has really delivered with their newest show The Secret Circle. But, I’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s talk about the triumphant (and gory) return of teen favorite, The Vampire Diaries.


Now to be honest, I have never caught I one single episode of The Vampire Diaries until tonight but now that I’ve watched, I definitely know what all the buzz is about. The show kicked off to an incredible and gruesome start. From what I read on Twitter, a few people weren’t quite ready for it. However, the storyline has me hooked and I kind of want to watch back from the beginning and catch up for this season. I know cast member Adam would encourage this. I know he loves this show. I can’t give you much premise on the storyline as I don’t know anything about the show or the characters, but what I do know is that if your a fan of the show, it’s only going to get better from now. If you’ve never watched the show like me, you may want to start. It’s real good.

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Bravo Fires 4 New York Housewives

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“Housewives” fans will forever remember this day as Bloody Thursday. After Bravo slashed more than half the New York cast, it seems more than appropriate. Thank God, the higher ups and Andy Cohen realized that Season 4 of the addictive show was more than a little off. Not only was the season boring, but it seemed more mean-spirited than ever. It was like watching a bunch of middle-aged “Mean Girls” going through group menopause. Trust me, no one wants to see that.

Though Bravo has yet to confirmed the news, inside sources have told Rob Shuter of that four of the ladies were told of their situation via phone. Being fired is never a good thing, but at least it wasn’t via Twitter. I’m beyond excited about the news as I don’t think I could handle watching another season of the same group dynamic. Curious to find out who made and didn’t make the cut? Find out below.

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Man Crush: Chris Zylka

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Surprise, surprise. I’m actually on time with this week’s Man Crush. After last week’s trio crush, I had every intention of not picking another guy to feature from a new upcoming fall show. That is until I saw twunky (beefy older twink) Chris Zylka. He recently did a photo shoot for V Man Magazine that made me take notice. Since, technically the new Fall television season doesn’t start til next week, I can squeeze one more hottie as part of my Fall preview.

The 26-year-old will appearing on a recurring basis on the CW’s “The Secret Circle“. Prior to this, he’s appeared on several shows including “Cougar Town”, “Hannah Montana” and “90210” which marked his debut. Zylka grew up in Ohio where he attended the University of Toledo. You might be wondering what his ethnic heritage is (he’s Russian) considering his unique last name. Funny enough, he was born Chris Settlemire but took on his mother’s maiden name. In his spare time, Chris loves to play the guitar, paint, play football, basketball, baseball, go to the gym, walk his dog and tweet. I love how the latter is now a hobby. LOL.

Besides appearing on television, he’s appeared on the big screen as well. Apparently he has a thing for for 3D animal horror movies. Chris appeared in both “Shark Night 3D” and “Piranha 3DD“. Thankfully, he won’t be making a hat trick of those movies. He’s set to appear as Flash Thompson in the upcoming superhero reboot, “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield. If you’re looking to see him in some homo-erotic situations, check out “Kaboom“- a science fiction story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students. He plays Thor who is often shirtless and tries to self gratify himself. Now that you’ve gotten to know him, check out a few visuals of him below.

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ANTM Cycle 17: Episode 2 Preview Pics

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One All-Star is down and only twelve more to go until we crown this cycle’s “America’s Next Top Model“. What did you think of the first episode? Unlike Rich, I kinda looked at the spoilers for Episode 1 but was shocked with the results. They claimed another model got the boot instead of our beloved Brittany. Too bad Alexandria didn’t get sent packing. Like last year, I’ll be bringing preview pics the day after the episode airs.

As you can see in the picture above, Ashlee Simpson drops by. If you caught the preview from last night’s episode, you’ll know she’s here for makeovers Ty-overs. Even Nigel gets in on the action and gets rid of that chia pet on his head. The “Pieces of Me” singer will also be sitting at panel to critique this week’s photo shoot. Speaking of which, this week the ladies pose with hot dogs at “Pink’s“- a legendary cafe in Hollywood. I’m thinking, this week’s theme was inspired by actresses who head over to grab a bite after attending an awards ceremony. Check them all out below.

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Okay, so I’ve gone from 1.5 hrs of Big Brother to 1.5 hrs of of Survivor…so bear with me… I’ve now exited the house and I’m off to the island! This season opener kicks off with the set up of one tribe being lead by Ozzy and the other by Coach. Both players have played Survivor twice before. Before they were revealed, one tribe member whispers to Brandon, “I hope it’s not Russell“. Little does she know that the person she just whispered that to is Russell’s nephew and he has tattoos that say “Hantz”. When he has tattoos that say Hantz.

As Jeff greats the houseguests… I mean, Survivors, the nerdy looking fellow, John Cochran, tells Jeff that he wants to go by his last name. If you watched Big Brother this season, he’s like “Big Brother Adam” from the season that just wrapped up. He’s a survivor super fan and is beside himself to be now here playing the game. Ozzy and Coach crush eggs to determine which team they are on and the game begins.

Ozzy is on the Savaii Tribe (RED), much to the delight of his new tribe. Coach is on the Upolu Tribe (BLUE), much to the dismay of his tribe. Nobody wants this coo-coo head on their team. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model… and I’m gonna do this all by memory… Shannon fell into the wrong crowd and got all Jesusy before taking Elyse’s spot in the final two, Camille stomped it out like a horse because her walk was her signature walk and it was gonna make her famous but didn’t, Brittany was too sexy and too Janice Dickinson but somehow got the boot for the whole faltering personality bullshit we see too often, Lisa was a crazy bitch who pissed in her diaper, Bre was a total social disaster and lost it over some granola and Red Bull, Bianca did something dramatic I’m sure but seriously WTF is Bianca, Dominque looked like a haggard old drag queen, Isis had to tuck her twig and berries, Sheena couldn’t shake the whole hoochie thing, Allison took some of the best photos in the history of ANTM but didn’t win because her storyline wasn’t dramatic enough for Tyrant, Laura came second in the season of America’s Next Top Midgets that surprisingly produced a winner with a viable career, Angelea… OMFG don’t even get me started on this one, Kalya was our darling lesbian princess who tried in vain to take awkward Ann out, and Alexandria was my single most disliked contestant in the history of this show. So who, out of all these crazies will win America’s Next Top Model and who will be leaving us tonight?

For new readers to this blog… a warning… I hate a lot of these girls. And, it pisses me off that Tyrant brought so many divas back just for the sake of drama. But I’m not going to dwell. I’m going to mock, I’m going to sully Tyrant’s good name, and I’m going to offer slight praise when it is warranted. Also, where in god’s name is Elyse? If you’re gonna bring back all the bitches, bring back a pretty one who also happened to have the best confessionals.

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Even though I’m not a student, I feel the smell of fall and back-to-school in the air. I went to the grocery store today and Halloween candy was already available in those gigantic combo packs. Are you kidding me? The leaves haven’t even turned yet. Well, that’s what you get when September hits and Labor Day passes; fall truly begins. So, another day, another night of new fall shows to watch. Tonight, I checked out three new shows once again for you so you don’t have to waste your DVR space. Tonight, I checked out H8R on the CW, then flipped over to NBC to watch a little Up All Night and Free Agents. Check out my thoughts below.


Let’s be honest. This show looks awful. Horrible actually. I didn’t think I would make it past the first 5 minutes, especially with Snooki and Jake Pavelka being the first two “celebrity victims.” I have to admit, this show fits in nicely to the niche of reality guilty pleasures. The show has a little bit of an anti-bullying twist but not really. Some people are just ass-hats if you ask me. Jake couldn’t even break the ice with his hater but Snooki was able to charm the pants off hers. There are some pretty big celebs coming up this season that have some wild haters so I will say if you like a good guilty pleasure, thoughtless show to warm you up for ANTM, then check it out.

Check out “Free Agents” & “Up All Night” after the jump…

Big Brother 13 Finale: “And The Winner Is…”

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With such a long break since the last episode, I feel like I haven’t watched Big Brother forever and now the Season Finale is here! It’s down to Rachel, Porsche and Adam. Tonight, the jury will decide the winner, and they’ll also reveal who America’s Favorite Houseguest is. Before we get to that, CBS treats us to a recap of how everything played out this summer – sort of a little refresher so we can remember where some of the jury members’ bitterness may come from.

First things first, we need to figure out who won the final 3-part HOH competition. We left things off in the last episode with the blender, spinning around the final three until there was only one left. Ugh, I don’t know if I could do this for that long – I sometimes get nauseous on a swing-set now-a-days!

Adam wimps out and falls off the blender first after almost half an hour. Big surprise – this guy can’t win any endurance competition other than the guy who can smoke the most cigarettes in a day. After 46 minutes, the next person who falls off is…

The winner of Season 13 after the jump…

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