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SNL Takes Us Behind The Scenes

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Last night, NBC gave a sneak peek at what really goes on behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live in a two hour special. The show covered a variety of spectrums from the process leading up the live show to what happens when things go awry. Many current and past cast members took time to sit down and share their personal experiences with what was referred to many times as comedy bootcamp.

Some of today’s biggest comedy legends got their start on SNL; many weren’t successful on the live variety show but found a large amount of success after the leaving the sound stage. Some cast members caused a lot of controversy like Norm MacDonald, one which Tina Fey referred to in her sit down as a “dangerous cast member” in the sense that you never knew what was going to come out his mouth. He was fired mid-season.

Through all the trials and tribulations that this show has gone through, it still remains the show that people across America tune in to every Saturday night to get their comedy fix. And now with the internet at our fingertips, sketches that reach the height of hilarity go viral the very next morning. What has kept this show running as long as it has and garnered it the most Emmy nominations than any other program?

Take a look backstage at SNL after the jump…

Just in time for “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16′s” premiere this Wednesday, Tyra Banks released a brand new (kinda funny) promo poking fun at the very girls that aspire to be on the show. Over the years, we’ve all gotten used to various types of girls popping up on every cycle. Whether it’s a mini-me one or a high-fashion cycle, certain ANTM model stereotypes always show up in one form or another.

We all know the type: the blond ditz afraid to cut her hair; the ghetto hoodrat sassy one with a chip on her shoulders; and the angry at the world, but takes beautiful pics one. Being the ham that she is, Tyra puts on appropriate outfits, wigs and makeup to parody them in typical over-the-top Tyra-ness. Check it out below.

watch Tyra make fun of ANTM stereotypes after the jump

Eleven teams get a second chance at one million dollars, starting in Palm Springs at a wind farm. Phil tells them that this race will be very, very different and that second chances don’t come free. The first team to finish this lag of the race first gets an express pass to use before challenge that they don’t want to do. Their first challenge is to run into the field and search among the hundreds of flags to find an airline that has to do with Queensland and Northern Territories. They must figure out that they are looking for the Quantas flag. The first eight teams to bring Phil this flag are on the first flight to Sydney, Australia. The remaining three teams will be on a flight that arrives 90 minutes later. Here’s how it played out:

First Flight:

  • 1. Mike & Mel – Father & Son
  • 2. Zev & Justin – Best Friends
  • 3. Jet & Chord – The Cowboys
  • 4. Kynt & Vyxsin – Goth Pair
  • 5. Ron & Christina – Father & Daughter
  • 6. Flight Time & Big Easy – Harlem Globetrotters
  • 7. Margie & Luke – Mother & Deaf Son
  • 8. Jamie & Cara – Cheerleaders

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Kathy Griffin & Loretta Devine Guest Star on Glee

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Former D-Lister and favorite (see pic above), Kathy Griffin, is heading off to “Glee” to guest star in an upcoming episode. Griffin’s character will be a home-schooling Tea Party candidate named Tammy Jean. She will occupy one of the three judging spots at the upcoming regional competition.

Reportedly, Tammy Jean will be very Sarah Plain-esque. Sorta fitting considering Griffin loves Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy. To say Kathy is stoked for her upcoming gig would be true. She tweeted, the following on Friday, “So excited!! It’s true!!

Joining Kathy on the panel will be original “Dreamgirls” Loretta Devine. She will play former stripper turned bible thumper, Sister Mary Constance. How fun!!! Devine and Griffin follow in the footsteps of Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban who were the guest judges at last year’s competition.

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Every Friday night, John Quinones and his team from ABC ask What Would You Do?. This show has become one of my new favorites in dealing with some pretty heavy issues that effect today’s society. Last night, the show took on underage drinking and boyfriends and mothers who try to dress their girlfriend/daughters too sexy against their own will. However, one story caught my attention and got me pretty emotional. The concept? What if a customer at a diner you were eating at was HIV positive and the customer sitting beside him caused a scene. According to a recent survey in 2009, 51% of adult Americans still think that HIV/Aids can be spread through touch, tears, sweat and saliva, even though the disease can only be transmitted by infected blood or semen. So, if this situation happened in your midst, what would you do?

The first scenario sees Danny, the actor playing an HIV positive diner customer being served by a female waitress. Danny himself is also HIV positive. A male customer sitting beside Danny makes a scene after finding out that he is positive. Playing up the ignorance, he begins to say things like “did he touch that menu?” and “I don’t want you to sneeze in my coffee or on my food.” When HIV/Aids was brought to the public eye in the 80′s, it was the mysterious disease that killed many. But now with all the education, would people come to Danny’s rescue while being berated by this male actor?

Find out and check out videos of the scenario after the jump…

With the craziness of the group round behind them, the remaining contestants took to the stage one last time to prove to the judges they belong on that Idol stage. Overall, most of the previously pimped contestants did well, but as expected, a few of them crashed and burned, by forgetting the words or letting their nerves get the best of them.

Once again, the hour long episode was jam packed with great performances with only a handful of cringeworthy ones. I sifted through them and picked my favorite ten solos from last night. But before we get to the best, I want to quickly touch upon the not so great.

First, emotional timebomb Ashley Sullivan choked on stage and forgot the lyrics. Deep voiced country boy, Scotty Mccreery, also got amnesia and fumbled the words. Surprisingly, both of them survived and advanced to the next round. I’m so over these two. Another one in the doghouse is this year’s Danny Gokey, Chris Medina. He’s also quickly losing favor. If you take away his sympathetic story, he’s really not all that great. Tonight he was a poor man’s Andrew Garcia with his acoustic version of “My Prerogative“.

view ten performances that impressed after the jump

It’s official. Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman for the new upcoming NBC series David E. Kelley reboot debuting in Fall 2011. She will be taking on the iconic role previously played by Lynda Carter in the show that aired from 1976 to 1979. The show will follow Diana Prince, tries to balance her regular life as a corporate executive and her life fighting crime as Wonder Woman. Also, apparently they are going to add a third identity that this character has to balance, for a total of three separate identities. The third identity will be Diana Themyscira, the CEO of Themyscira Industries. Each of the three identities will have a love interest.

Hopefully the debut of this show will have better luck than the last one she was in. This past fall, she starred in Fox’s Lone Star, which only aired two episodes before being canceled. Prior to that, Palicki was on Friday Night Lights and she also stars as Toni Mason in the upcoming Red Dawn remake. It seems as though this lady is about to take off! What a rollercoaster of a year it’s been for her, but it looks as though things are only going up for her now.

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WOW. What was that??? For once, Ryan Seacrest’s boastful claims that this was the most dramatic Hollywood Week ever was actually true. What was in the water in Pasadena? People were acting all cray cray and bitchy for no apparent reason. Seriously, some contestants truly became unhinged. It was definitely must-see television. Ooops, sorry wrong network.

The episode was so jam packed, recapping the entire two hours would probably take too long. And if you’ve seen it, it would only be redundant. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do. It’s definitely worth it. So instead of taking about everyone, I’m just going to highlight the performances I liked, and contestants who gained or lost points depending on their behavior during the dreaded group round.

But before I begin, I have to commend the producers for forcing the contestants to make groups consisting of Day 1 and Day 2 competitors. The mayhem that ensued with people frantically scrambling to find groups was amazing to watch. You can’t make this shizz up, even if you wanted to. People were begging to join groups, while others were jumping ship, or stealing members from other groups. Literally 30 minutes were devoted to watching all this craziness and it was worth it. Realistically, the producers’ twist was the only fair thing to do, considering all those Day 1 people thought they had a leg up by practicing all day while the Day 2 folks were sweating it out auditioning in front of the judges.

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