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Top 6 Gossip Girl Musical Moments

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There’s no denying how good the music on Gossip Girl is. I’ve Shazam’d my way to a new song via GG on more than one occasion. So being a desperate and die hard fan, I thought I’d give you my six (it was really hard to trim the list down) favorite musical moments from Serena, Nate, Jenny, and the gang.

6. Season 2 Episode 1: Nate and Serena Kiss

NO! They weren’t together. Yes rumors were flying back to the Upper East Side that they were over the summer. But Serena was chillin’ on the beach, Dan was sluttin’ it up during his internship, and Nate was bangin’ the Duchess. REMEMBER!? Gaga had just become popular, and although I believe not even a single yet, Paparazzi was my favorite track on the album at the time. It fit perfectly. The Duchess’ glare, Cece’s disapproving look, Dan standing there in Serena’s Granfather’s old suit just so he could get in to the Vitamin Water Party. It came together in a glorious white moment didn’t it? Click here to watch & listen.

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This week was a continuation of the “To Be Continued” from last week, and if you watched the episode, you’ll know that boy did things take a turn for the worst for some and best for others. As the episode kicks off, last week’s nightmare team Kent & Vyxsin head back to the mountain to get their fanny pack which they successfully retrieve. Zev & Justin were the 8th team to arrive at the pitstop, with Kent & Vyxsin checking in shortly after. LUCKY for them, they are not eliminated, but they do incur a 30 minute penalty for not taking a mandatory flight and they’ll get the penalty upon checking in to the next pitstop. They decide that they’re not going to tell anyone about their penally, as they are also informed that there will be a Double U-Turn at some point in this lag.

Now teams have to take the train back to city and find Dounan Flower Market. 7pm is the earliest train, and it turns out everyone will be on the same train. It’s an even playing field now (minus the Goth’s secret penalty) and they’ve been given a second chance. Before the Goths arrived, the Cowboys, Globetrotters, and Kisha & Jen played some basketball in the parking lot to kill some time. It was hilarious because even the cheerleaders got involved to cheer them on.

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Jennifer Lopez’s diva attitude and demands have been widely long reported. Just check out a recent job description for a personal assistant that circulated last summer. Whether they’re true or not, most people are aware of them. So, when it came time for a prank orchestrated by Ellen Degeneres, it wasn’t too unimaginable for two unsuspecting job applicants.

During her appearance on Ellen’s show back in January (which I only caught when it re-aired this past Friday) the funny lady enlisted the new American Idol judge for an elaborate prank. Side note, I wonder if Ellen is at all bitter that Lopez is better on Idol’s judging panel than she ever was? Hmmm, anyhoo. In an office outfitted with hidden cameras, Lopez interviewed two potential assistants. Via a hidden mic, Degeneres fed the “Hit The Floor” singer lines and instructions as Lopez conducted the interview.

watch the duo pull a prank on two job applicants after the jump

New Charlie’s Angels Together For The First Time

In: Donovan, TV Shows

WHITE HOT. That pretty much sums up the cast of the new Charlie’s Angels. Ever since ABC announced they greenlit a reboot of the iconic 70s television show, I’ve been stalking the project’s every move. As each new cast member was announced, I was on it like white on rice. For the first time since the cast was revealed, we have our very first look at the ladies together.

The new Charlie’s Angels (left to right) Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzech were snapped in Miami Beach last week filming the pilot. If we were to predict the show’s future based solely on looks, then I think ABC has a hit on their hands. Individually they’re all stunning, but together… fuggedaboutit. Having said that, Minka Kelly, for me, stands out. She reminds me of a young Jaclyn Smith in the picture above.

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Matthew Morrison To Direct Glee

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

As many actors do, Matthew Morrison will take his turn to step away from in front of the camera and take a seat in the directors chair to call the shots on several episodes next season. Matthew told The Hollywood Reporter that he’d definitely take on directing in the third season.

So with Mr. Schuester have time to direct along with play his beloved character and work on his music career? Here is what he had to say about that.

[This is] the hardest I’m ever going to work in terms of trying to be noticed and seen, so I want to push it until I’m 40. Then, I’d love to get behind the camera, produce films and be more involved in the storytelling process.

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Shania Twain Asks “Why Not?” On OWN

In: Donovan, TV Shows

When Oprah Winfrey first revealed her arsenal of shows premiering on OWN, the one I was most excited about was Shania Twain’s reality show. Since OWN debuted, I’ve really enjoyed Lisa Ling’s show and the Behind The Scenes look at Oprah’s final season of her hit daytime talk show. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Gayle King’s talk show nor the Mark Burnett “Search for the Next TV Star” competition. Both are huge snoozefests if you ask me. Hopefully Twain’s foray into reality will not only be a big hit, but also an entertaining watch.

OWN released a sneak peek of Twain’s new series called “Why Not?” and it looks good. It doesn’t have the reality cliches of catfights, drunken rants or other juvenile drama we’ve become accustomed to, but instead it features real genuine raw emotion. The series will chronicle Shania’s emotional journey from heartbreak to get back on top (where she belongs). The Canadian country superstar had her world turned upside down, when her marriage ended with Robert “Mutt” Lange due to an affair he had with Twain’s best friend. Shady, shady, shady. As a result, Twain went through a personal downward spiral into darkness.

watch the trailer after the jump

Which Wonder Woman Costume Is Hotter?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Newly minted Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki made her debut as the iconic super heroine yesterday. In a Warner Bros. photo release, Palicki modeled the re-imagined costume for the crime-fighting DC Comics character. When I first heard David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal, The Practice) was taking a more serious and less campy route than the 70s classic, I was a little worried. C’mon, it’s Wonder Woman. She pirouettes into her costume, flies around in an invisible plane and has a truth-inducing golden lasso. There’s absolutely nothing serious about that.

In Kelly’s version, “Wonder Woman is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life,”. LOL. By day, Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince works at Themyscira Industries where Cary Elwes (The Princes Bride) plays her boss. Elizabeth Hurley is also part of the reboot. Her character runs a pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs to make people stronger. Yeah, this totally sounds more “serious”.

view both costumes after the jump

David Grohl to Ryan Murphy: “F*** That Guy”

In: Music, TV Shows, Tyrell

Glee is a phenomenon. There is no doubt. From its humble beginnings covering great 80′s and 90′s tunes giving them a great rebirth to its ability to take a current Top 40 track and make it their own. Glee continues to make people smile and enjoy it’s music week in and week out and through certain episodes, spread a great message to kids and adults around the world.

With such a wide spectrum of an audience, its no wonder that bands and artists everywhere are pining at creator Ryan Murphy to have their songs covered by the McKinnley High Glee Club. However, some bands just aren’t up for it. Remember when Kings of Leon turned down the use of their hit Use Somebody? Ryan was none to impressed saying they completely missed the big picture.

Now, David Grohl of the Foo Fighters is coming to their defense. Despite Glee’s success and chart topping recreations and mash-ups, he just doesn’t want his band’s music to end up in the choir room. “I watched 10 minutes. It’s not my thing,” said David about the show.

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