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American Idol 10: Top 5 Performances

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Pardon me if this week’s American Idol recap is a bit all over the place. I’m still coming off a HIGH from watching an advance screening of “Thor“. The vision of Chris Hemsworth’s pecs in 3D is still haunting me (in a good way). It was the perfect movie to kick-off the summer movie season. Be sure to come back on Friday to check out my full review of the superhero flick.

Back to American Idol. While I liked the idea of tonight’s theme of getting the contestants to sing contemporary songs and oldies, I could’ve done without the hour and half long show. Remember the good old days when Idol had the Final 5 sing only one song. Yup, I miss it too. When rehearsals took place, Nigel Lythgoe should’ve pulled the plug on the first round. I’m putting it mildly when I say it sucked collectively. All of them did so much better for their second performances. One of them even earned a standing ovation from the judges, audience and most importantly ME.

On a side note, J. Lo was extra pushy tonight, IMHO. She was butting in all over the place and even judged out of turn during Scotty’s critique. I love Jennifer, but I wish she wasn’t such a diva sometimes. We get it, you have an album to push. Enough bitchin’ on my part and onto the performances. Check them out below.

view the performances after the jump

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the five remaining wannabes packed their bags and took off for Morocco. They met with the incomparable Andre Leon Talley and posed on top off some camels for a high fashion ode to Sex and the City 2. Molly rocked, Brittani got some redemption, and Hannah continued to be pretty much invisible. Blow up doll Kasia finally landed in the bottom two and went head to head with this Cycle’s most hated… Alexandria. The control freak delusionoid was spared sending Kasia and her floppy mouth home. Only four girls remain. Can Molly continue this late game surge? Will Nigel say something sexy? Will Tyrant make my day and send Alexandria packing? Who will be eliminated tonight?

This week’s off-topic rant is actually not off-topic. Tyrant has announced Cycle 17 will be All Stars. Seriously. I am gagging with excitement. I’ve been craving an All Stars forever. To be fair, this could all go sideways on us… and let’s be honest… Tyrant is going to cast drama queens over talent. I mean, any of the models with actual potential should be modeling by now. Could you imagine Robyn, Jade, Lisa, Tiffany, and Alexandria all in a house together? Apocalypse! I would love to see the Cycle be a ‘second chance’ edition… bring back the girls Tyrant kicked out because they started off strong but didn’t grow. I still hate her for Lauren Brie’s early exit. PS… did I mention that this Shiraz is tasting real good right now!

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Spring is in the air, and with that comes new romances… some of them in the form of dramatic reality shows. Enter Season 7 of The Bachelorette. A new season is upon us and we’ve got your first look at all of the hunky eligible bachelors!

First off, let me reintroduce you to this season’s Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert. This gorgeous sweetie pie almost made it to the very end of last season’s “The Bachelor,” with Brad Womack making his second attempt at finding love on the show. Since she didn’t succeed in love (on television) with him, she’s getting another chance. This time, she’s calling the shots. As Tyrell mentioned in his article, Ashley seems very similar to Aly Fedotowsky from last season. With that said, with a whole new crew of men comes a whole new world of possibilities.

This ensemble of man meat features guys in their twenties and thirties, all from various walks of life and geographic locations – there’s even a token Canadian representing from Edmonton, Alberta!. Whether a student, a construction worker, a dentist, or a butcher, Ashley will have to be ready to use her own butcher knife to ruthlessly eliminate the guys she doesn’t connect with in her quest to find her prince charming. How romantic.

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Last week, in a double elimination episode, Steve & Ralph joined Mike & Matt on Redemption Island. In this episode, they’ll be competing in the first ever four-way dual on Redemption Island. Should be interesting.

Back at camp, the remaining Survivors are patting themselves for eliminating the entire other tribe. It’s a little overwhelming for Natalie though, who starts crying for no reason. “It’s hormone tears,” she says. LOL. Essentially, she’s just missing her family and regular life. Rob makes sure to comfort her because he says she’s his main alliance in this game. Cute.

In the morning, they get tree mail reading “Sprint Open First,” obviously meaning cell phone and FAMILY! They check the phone and there’s a message about them watching the Redemption Island challenge, but more importantly, they get videos from their loved ones. Natalie and Ashley were the most emotional ones. The peeps on Redemption Island also get to see video messages from their loved ones! How nice to throw them a bone as well!

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The Voice: The Coaches Pose With Their Teams

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It’s official. NBC’s “The Voice” is a hit. After a surprisingly strong debut last week, beating the likes of “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars” in the coveted 18-49 demo, the second showing did even better. Last night’s episode jumped an impressive 10% and is getting extremely close to DWTS’ overall viewers. In fact, the dancing competition was down substantially from last week’s episode. With the success of “The Voice”, I’m a little worried that by the time Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” debuts, people will be sick of singing competitions.

While last week’s episode blew me out of the water, the second was less impressive. The debut show was jam-packed with talent, while the second half of the blind auditions was lackluster. I was going to do a recap with all the auditions but wasn’t as inspired as last week. That said, I’m looking forward to the next phase of the competition- the Battle Round.

For the next portion of the show, each coach will bring in experts to help them elevate their team members to a whole new level. Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine will be joined by guest mentors Reba McEntire, Monica, Sia and music producer Adam Blackstone respectively. After each coach is left with only four acts, the live performances begin. That will be the true test if this show truly has better talent than Idol. Levine commented during last night’s show, that the rejects should try out on the other competition since they weren’t good enough for “The Voice”. Way harsh, Tai. Way harsh.

Team Cee-Lo Green

(left to right: Kelsey Rey, Tori & Taylor, Niki Dawson, Curtis Grimes, Tje Austin, Emily Valentine, Nakia, Vicci Martinez)

For me, Cee-Lo has the best team. My favorites are Kelsey Rey, Vicci Martinez and Tje Austin. Hopefully none of these will face against each other during the battle round, increasing their chances of advancing to the next round. With his awesome productions kills, Cee-Lo, IMHO, will be the best coach.

check out the other teams after the jump

You got She-Mail! RuPaul is back for to cast Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race! She doesn’t take a breath does she?!

The last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race was definitely my favorite! They had some very entertaining queens, fantastic challenges and amazing guest stars, including LaToya Jackson, Vanessa Williams, and Johnny Weir to name but a few. There were also quite a few twists this past season, two involving bringing back eliminated contestants and allowing them to reenter the game. Who knows what tricks she’ll have up her sleeve this year!

We definitely enjoyed chatting with RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and all of the drag queens, including most recently Raja, the winner of Season 3. We definitely can’t wait to meet next season’s contestants! If you’ve got what it takes, prove it by entering the competition!

To enter, go to Check out RuPaul’s announcement below, with her new single “Glamazon,” shamelessly playing the background.

Watch RuPaul’s Casting Call Announcement after the jump…

DJ Pauly D has one. JWoww & Snooki have one. And now Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has one too. The oldest Shore resident just signed a deal to star in a Jersey Shore spin-off. It was bound to happen sooner or later and now it’s official. Here’s what Mikey had to say about his new collaboration with the network.

“I’m excited to continue my relationship with MTV, which has been home for me for the last couple of years,” Mike said. “I’m really grateful for all the support from my fans. Hopefully, there will be plenty more situations in the future.”

No word on what the show will be about, but expect a lot catchy sayings from the abtastic star. DJ Pauly D’s show will follow his career as a DJ, while Snooks and JWoww’s show will revolve on the two being new roomies. Personally, I think green lighting all these spin-offs will just diminish the Jersey Shore-brand. They were already over-exposed. Now with all these shows, they’re burgeoning on obnoxious. MTV please bring back “The City“. That said, MTV execs disagree with me and said the following:

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Last night, the ballroom (and the leader board) was rocked with stellar and lack luster performances. In a competition that is so close with minimal points separating the top from the bottom, every step counts at this point in the competition. We kicked the night off with two team dances which found both teams tied at 30 points each. When these scores were added to the the individual scores, Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio found themselves at the top with Kirstie Alley and Romeo at the bottom. But who will be eliminated after America’s votes?

Tonight, we will be treated to some spectacular performances from James Blunt, Young Money star Nicki Minaj, a Macy’s Star of Dance performance featuring Wayne Brady and a ballet prodigy. Oh ya, and someone gets eliminated. Its going to be an action packed night so let’s not waste any time.

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