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Fueling the love quadrangle (triangles were so yesterday) on “True Blood” even more, Anna Paquin poses with her leading men on three different Entertainment Weekly covers. For the latest promotional push for its upcoming fourth season, the stars of the HBO hit show take on one of the most iconic images in 20th century American art. Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” is one of the most parodied artworks in pop culture, and now Sookie and company are the latest to pay homage to the image.

The covers are priceless. Considering how gory, violent and bloody “True Blood” is, the images of them in farming attire is the perfect contradiction. Before you catch the fourth season premiere on HBO this Sunday, June 26th, sink your teeth into these fangtastic pics. Whether you’re a fan of the British vamp, the super hot viking vampire or the beefcake werewolf, you’ll appreciate the satirical photos.

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Men Crush: The Challenge Rivals Studs

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For this week’s Man Crush, I originally had someone else in mind but completely scrapped him after watching one of my guiltiest pleasures on MTV. No, it’s not “Teen Mom” or another teenage pregnancy show that glamorizes it- babies having babies. I refuse to give those shows any time. Not that “The Challenge: Rivals” is high-brow Shakespearean entertainment. In fact, it’s probably as trashy as any of those aforementioned shows, with all the fights, drinking and ridiculous drama. That being said, at least there are hot men to gawk at on a weekly basis.

Without fail, there are always a few sexy beasts on these challenges. And thankfully, some of my favorites continually sign up to compete and make fools of themselves for some cash money. A few of them even get hotter and buffer with age. So, after watching last night’s premiere of “The Challenge: Rivals“, I felt inspired to give five of them a sexy shout out. In essence, you’re getting five Man Crushes this week.

On a side note, this season looks phenomenal. Instead of people making alliances to get rid of their enemies, people are paired up with their rival. Whether it was a feud that started on their original Real World season, on another challenge or in their personal lives, rivals must now work with each other to win $300,000. Last night’s premiere already saw someone leave after landing a punch on another person. Surprisingly, it wasn’t their teammate, but someone else. Looks like someone has a new partner for “The Challenge: Rivals Part 2“. Without further ado, I bring you my favorite guys from this season.

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It seems like the newest trend for Hollywood is having your own daytime talk show. With Oprah leaving the airwaves the only real competition left out there is Ellen. So, you can imagine why many stars and reporters want to throw their hat into the ring to give the TV hosting thing a try. It looks pretty fun and easy to me… walk out, say some jokes, sit in a chair, talk with celebs, play fun games with your audience, talk about current issues… all in a days work. So who’s the newest celeb to jump on board the daytime talk bandwagon?

To my surprise, it’s American Idol judge Randy Jackson. Anyone else out there as shocked as I am? While Randy is most well known for his knowledge in music and reality dance TV (America’s Best Dance Crew), the rumor is his show will be more about what’s hip and happening in pop culture. Randy believes he has his finger on the pulse of what’s bubbling up. Apparently Randy has recently been shopping this show around to TV execs but so far, no one has taken the bait. In my honest opinion, a show of this nature sounds more like an MTV or VH1 show than an NBC daytime one hour gab session. However, Randy’s star power could land him a potentially coveted time slot.

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SYTYCD Season 8: Top 20 Performances (Week 2)

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Wow, it felt ridiculous to type the same heading this week as I did last week. What really makes my blood boil is that Skeletor wasn’t happy with the bottom three this last week and therefore decided he wouldn’t send anyone home, and filled last week’s elimination show with constant filler. If you were anything like me, you were completely annoyed with this charade and could care less about the ‘double elimination’ this week. Sadly, I don’t think this is the lone time we’ll be seeing these hi-jinx this season, and I’m sure there will be another surprise ‘twist’ at some point so Nigel can continue to hand-pick the top ten each year, to secure ratings and ensure he makes the maximum amount of money.

Okay, I apologize, my rant is over. Let’s get on with the show. The guest judge joining the panel alongside Nigel (Skeletor) and Mary was DEBBIE REYNOLDS! Naturally the film and dance matriarch received a standing ovation (okay?) and I can’t wait to see what additional nonsense she adds to the program. I assume she’ll simply add a dash of positivity and zero negativity, which I am totally okay with, as she is absolutely adorable!

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True Blood’s” fourth season hasn’t officially started yet, but cast additions for Season 5 are already underway. A former “Felicity” cast member has been tapped to appear in Season 4′s season finale and bleed into the following season. It’ll be a major recurring role that will continue if the show gets a renewal from HBO. Something tells me, that’ll be a no-brainer for the network. So will it be Felicty, Ben, Noel or Elena?

The upcoming season revolves around fairies which makes Keri Russell a natural fit considering her gorgeous naturally curly hair. For years, Russell refused to head back to television, but returned last year in Fox’s awful sitcom “Running Wilde“. A recurring role on “True Blood” might entice her to try a TV comeback one more time. Scott Speedman has already played a werewolf in the “Underworld” movies, so putting on another set of fangs wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

Perhaps it’s Scott Foley who played the adorable Noel. In the past few years, he’s done numerous guest spots on popular shows like “Cougar Town” and most recently “Grey’s Anatomy“. A hop, skip and jump to cable television could be another stop for him. Lastly, there’s Tanji Miller. She’s been relatively quiet the past few years, but she could easily fit in with the Bon Temps crew. If she joined, she could play a long-lost relative of Tara & Lafayette’s. But enough teasing, let’s get on with the reveal.

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The Voice Semifinal Results: Who Are The Final 4?

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After a slight preemption by President Obama, “The Voice” got underway and delivered last night’s results. Well, not right away. Taking a cue from “American Idol“, the results show was an hour long. You know what that means, it’s time for some useless filler. Hopefully next season, the producers axe that entire backstage Twitter trending chatter from that blond chick aka Alison Haislip, the social media correspondent. LOL. After watching her talk about worldwide trending topics for weeks, I long for the cheesy Idol Ford commercials. Damn you social media correspondent.

The other fillers included a couple of live performances. The Final 8 sang George Michael’s “Faith“, while Cee Lo Green put a wig on and performed “Bright Lights Bigger City“. The only segment I found remotely entertaining was Blake Shelton taking Xenia and Dia Frampton on his private plane to a festival he was playing at. Like last night, both Dia and Xenia got up on stage to join him. But enough stalling on my part, let’s get on with the results.

So here’s how the judges’ points and the public votes factored in with the results. The judges were given 100 points each and allowed to distribute it as they saw fit between their two singers. The public votes were then converted to a 100% scale with each act receiving points depending on the percentage they received with their respective team. In essence, each act could score up to 200 points.

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Typically dancers have pretty good butts. If you’ve been watching this season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and noticed one of the dancers has a perkier one than the others, I’ve uncovered why? Before he landed a spot in Season 8′s Top 20, Alexander Fost was busy doing butt tutorials. The 21-year-old Californian native appeared in a workout DVD, “Butt Camp“.

At first glance, you would think it’s a joke someone dreamt of for a viral video. Turns out, as Patrick initially wrote a while back, the DVD was for real. You can purchase the ultimate butt workout for a $19.99 to find the key to a juicier butt in just 50 minutes. The DVD even features alternate endings. LOL. If you long for the days when Richard Simmons gave high-impact exercises, here’s something that’s even gayer. The only thing missing is some glittery bedazzled shorts.

What’s Inside the Workout:

  • 1. Two 20-MINUTE workouts in one DVD
  • 2. A low-intensity “Bottoms” level for the bummed out beginner
  • 3. A high-intensity “Power Bottoms” level for you slutty…uh, we mean Butt aficionados
  • 4. BUTT stretches to get your butt, BUTTCAMP loose

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Two “Lost” Stars Reunite On Another Island

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Technically, it’s on the same island since ABC’s “Lost” was filmed on Hawaii, but you catch the drift. For “Hawaii Five-0′s” second season, Daniel Dae Kim will be welcoming a fellow Oceanic 815 survivor on set. Kim plays Chin Ho Kelly, but his former “Lost” co-star will be connected with Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarret instead.

This “Lost” alum will play a former Navy Seal commander who trained with McGarrett and also served with McGarrett’s dad in the Vietnam war. His character will be a strong and stubborn man, who you want on our side. He will also hold many answers McGarrett is looking for, surrounding this parents’ deaths. Dum, dum, dum… Curious to see which actor is coming on board to play this character? Continue reading.

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