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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the wannabe retreads took part in one of the coolest photo shoots in a while. Up on stilts, most of the girls delivered interesting shots. Sadly for Isis, her 70s porn star look just didn’t cut it and she got cut. Tee hee. Did you catch the inappropriate gender reassignment surgery joke? I’m a big fan of Isis’ message and determination, but she just wasn’t a model. Now if only Tyrant would get rid of Camille, Angelea, AlexHATEdria, Bre, Bianca, and Lisa I would be happy. This week, some man meat is coming to the photo shoot. I’m excited. But will Kayla have another lesbian panic attach in the presence of beefy studs? Will Jay roll his eyes? Will Angelea bring hood ghetto bitch? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Caution. I am in a MOOD tonight. This may be bitchier than usual. Sorry. Work was frustrating, traffic was a nightmare, boys are dumb, and the barista gave me whip when I said NO WHIP. Seriously? I am grumpy. If Tyrant does anything to piss me off tonight, I will rage. That being said, the new Florence + and the Machine song… Shake it Out… is amazing. It makes me feel better. “It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off”. Imma gonna try Flo. Imma gonna try. On with the show!

We start off with all the girls admiring Allison’s booty tooch photo. OMG. I forgot about the booty tooch. I feel happier already. Thank you booty tooch. You’re the best thing that has happened to me all day. After that we get some Angelea pity party about being in the bottom two. Then Lisa cracks open the wine with some montage footage of her being a drunken crazy person during her season. Lulz. But then she tells us she’s no longer drinking. Shit! That sucks… I mean it’s good, but it sucks. Drunken Lisa is ridiculously funny. I she eating scrambled eggs while the girls all drink wine? Random.

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Whoa, this episode was rather intense, don’t you think?! We picked up where we left off: Last week, Christine got a new visitor at Redemption Island when Papa Bear was voted out of his tribe. This week they face off. But first, we see a little of the aftermath from last week that is Cochran, Jim, and Dawn discussing working together on Savaii against the majority alliance. Their target is Elyse, in an effort to weaken Ozzy’s position within the tribe.

Meanwhile at Upolu, Brandon is still a crazy Hantz. He apologizes to Mikayla and decides to tell Edna that she’s not in their alliance after all. “Maybe think two or three times before you talk,” says Mikayla in her confessional. Good advice, but I don’t think he’ll be doing anything rational any time soon. Now, onto the Redemption Island challenge…

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Lady Gaga Coming To Lifetime!

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If you say you’ve never seen a Lifetime movie before well, you’re probably lying. They’re low-budget, cheesy, and usually pretty dramatic – and that’s exactly what makes them so good! Rumors are circulating that Lifetime is currently developing a biopic about the ‘Mother Monster’ herself, Lady Gaga. Random eh?

Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story,” will be based off of the book “Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga” by Maureen Callahan. The film will do it’s best to tell the story of the girl formerly know as Stefani Germanotta (i.e. Lady Gaga …obviously). Written by Norman Snider, audiences will get to see the life of young Gaga chronicle from her first performances at local clubs to her, now, megastar status.

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It’s official. The “Glee” that I fell in love with in Season 1 is back. After the debacle that was last season, the producers have gone back to basics as promised. Engaging and riveting storytelling mixed with showstopping performances and intimate moments. Thankfully no more stunt casting and dedicated artist episodes are in store for us. Ryan Murphy’s decision to hire a writing team was the smartest thing he’s done in a while.

I don’t typically recap “Glee“, but after watching last night’s episode, I wanted to sing the show’s praises. It was touted by many media outlets as being the best “Glee” episode ever, While I can’t say it was the best ever, I will say it was definitely one of the show’s finer moments. Definite Top 10 material.

The episode titled “Asian F” featured a few of my favorite things- songs from musicals “Fame” and “Dreamgirls” and awesome covers of Jennifer Hudson and Coldplay. Plus it featured Asian actress Tamlyn Tomita from “Karate Kid Part II” and “The Joy Luck Club”. I wept like a baby in the latter film and the actress once again made me misty with that touching scene between her and Mike Chang. That is what “Glee” is all about.

One of my biggest gripes about Season 2 was that there wasn’t enough Mercedes. This episode compensated for that and then some. My girl gave a rousing performance of Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” and don’t even get me started on that phenomenal “Dreamgirls” segment. When Kurt started singing on “It’s All Over“, I literally spit out my drink. If it’s possible, I think he even sang in a higher key than normal. Total hilarballs.

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“90210” Goes Country

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Get your HEEs and your HAWs ready because the world’s most famous zip code is going country. The CW show is enlisting a couple of country music stars to drop by and moonlight as actors. Justin Deeley who joined the show this season as the resident cowboy hottie is getting an instant family. This usually bodes well for his character Austin’s longevity on the show. There’s no point giving a character family members unless he’s staying put.

First on the scene will be former “American Idol” finalist Kellie Pickler. The adorable blond will be playing Austin’s cousin Sally. Her character won’t stray too far from her real life persona- Sally is also a country singer. Expect Kellie to belt out a tune during her appearance. Back in early September, Pickler tweeted, “Had a blast filming with the cast of 90210!! So exciting!!!“. Hopefully, one of Kellie’s scenes involves the beach. Can’t get enough shirtless moments of Austin.

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“Khloe & Lamar” Renewed For 2nd & 3rd Seasons

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Alright Kardashian fans, your prayers have been answered. The spin-off hit “Khloe & Lamar” has been renewed by E! for not only a second, but a third season as well! I have to admit, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has become a serious guilty pleasure for Patrick and myself so when the spin-off first aired, we were instantly addicted as to be expected.

A really interesting fact that many may not expect is that “Khloe & Lamar” is actually one of the highest rated shows in the E! networks history. Who would have thought? It may be because Khloe is less annoying than her sister Kim Kardashian and is a lot of fun to watch as the housewife character she is.

Now, with the NBA lockout going on, it may look like Lamar will have some more free time on his hands to film the second season. Apparently, Lamar met with series creator Ryan Seacrest to discuss filming of the upcoming seasons with rumors of them taking their cameras to Europe. How very “Jersey Shore” of them. See what a source close to Khloe had to say below.

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After last night’s emotional night of personal stories, the stars are ready to hear their fate as one of them will be sent packing. But, you can’t get a night of eliminations without a little performance from R&B queen, Mary J. Blige who gives an electrifying performance of “Real Love.” You always forget how good that song is until you hear it again. I digress. Let’s get to our first set of results.

The first three stars to hear their fate are Chaz Bono, who had a pretty rough night falling to bottom once again, Ricki Lake who took the ballroom by storm with her emotional rumba, and J.R. Martinez who had the ballroom in tears with his portrayal of the men and women who served our country but didn’t come home. All three couples are declared safe and will dance again next week.

The next four stars to hear their fate are Nancy Grace who performed a beautiful number dedicated to her children, Carson Kressley who brought the house down with his funny and witty tango, Hope Solo who turned up the sex but failed to impress the judges and Rob Kardashian who showed the most signs of improvement. In the end, Hope and Carson would be in jeopardy and Rob and Nancy would be safe.

After a tribute from the troupe to “Gone With The Wind” to celebrate next week’s episode with music from movie scores, we are treated to the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance featuring Estelle. The R&B superstar starts off with a slew of men until she introduces the originator of the twist, Chubby Checkers. The performance is a lot of fun and totally electrifying. More results below.

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After Donald Trump turned a lot of people off with his potential presidential candidacy and his attack on Obama for not providing his birth certificate, I’m surprised any celebrities still want to be involved with the show. At last season’s live finale, there were rumblings that some of the cast didn’t even want to attend and were ashamed to be even associated with Trump. The reality competition already had difficulties attracting legitimate celebrities, let alone C-list stars in the past. What kind of celebrity pool did the producers have left to fish from?

But regardless on how polarizing Trump is, there is still a long list of famewhores working under the guise of raising money for their charities, chomping at the bits to join the show. We all know they’re in it to extend their fifteen minutes of fame more so than doing charitable work. Well most of them. I’m sure some involved, legitimately want to utilize their fame for good. Season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice won’t be filming for a few more weeks, but cast information has already started to leak. Find out a trio of “celebs” rumored to be involved below.

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