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If you had a chance to catch it, ABC’s sleeper hit, Happy Endings has become one of my favorite comedy shows on television. From the great characters, to the actors who portray them, to the hilarious comedic writing and timing, this show is definitely one not to be missed for it’s second season. I have to admit, when I saw that Damon Wayans Jr. had signed to play a pivotal role in the new FOX show The New Girl, I questioned if the ABC comedy would get renewed. Fortunately for me, the show is marching on and I can get my laugh on once again this fall.

Now, I have been seriously missing me some Megan Mullally even since Will & Grace went off the air. I know, I know, she had her talk show but really, did anyone watch that? I think she should have hosted the show as her character of Karen. I think that would have brought in the ratings. Now, Megan is going to make a triumphant return to TV with a guest starring role on Happy Endings and I am SO excited about it.

So what’s the role? Megan will be playing the role of Penny’s mom. Penny is played by the hilarious Casey Wilson. This will be the first time that Megan has played the mother of an adult on TV. However, it is this play on age that will make the character development so interesting.

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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 14 Performances

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Hey everyone. Tonight, Dan is taking a night off and I am going to fill in for him tonight. I am excited to take a stab at the show tonight as I have a majority of friends in the competition this year. With that bias aside, I will do my best to judge accordingly (even when it may be tough).

To start, we have a ton of judges at the table tonight. Dan Karaty is back on the panel and is joined by Melissa Williams, Rex Harrington along with resident judges Tre Armstrong and Jean-Marc Genereux. Once again, the dancers are swapping partners and swapping styles, so let’s see what everyone got.

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No More ‘Eric van der Woodsen’ On Gossip Girl

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It seems as though The CW is loosing all of there homos next season. Donovan already informed us of our favorite 9O21O character of Teddy taking a little step back. Now it looks like Gossip Girl is about to lose one of my favorite characters, Eric van der Woodsen.

If you’ve been following the upcoming ads for ABC’s Revenge, you’d notice that Connor Paolo has quite a prominent role in the series. Therefore, his new regular gig has caused him to take a step away from the Upper East Side to focus on the schedule for the new ABC thriller loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo.

So where will Eric go to fit into the story lines of Gossip Girl. In all honesty, it kind of makes sense. Connor’s character spent most of the last season floating around and finding himself in precarious situations, befriending drug dealers as such just because he was bored. We’ve known that Eric has wanted to leave the house and the family behind for a while now.

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Is it wrong that I’m extremely excited for tonight’s 3-hour premiere of “Bachelor Pad” Season 2 on ABC? Yes, my name is Donovan and I’m a reality television junkie. Even though last year’s inaugural season was a bit of a letdown, I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. Hopefully, the producers have tweaked the game a bit and upped the challenges. Last year, the rules felt like they were made up as we went along and the challenges were something you’d see elementary kids participating in during recess.

Judging by the previews it certainly looks like the production team has raised the bar. Plus casting the trainwrecks that are Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi was brillballs. Maybe not that brilliant, considering these two fame whores would probably show up at an autograph signing at a hot dog stand if it meant they received a bit of press. That being said, their post breakup interview with Chris Harrison was trashy reality television at it’s best SLASH worst.

The one thing Season 1 has over Season 2 is the quality of the guys. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few studs this season that are definitely sexy, but last year had David Good, Kiptyn, Kovacs and Jesse Beck. Talk about sex on a stick. These guys had testosterone oozing out of every pore. That being said, there are a couple of guys that will definitely keep me hot and bothered for the rest of the summer. Check them out in all their shirtless glory below. At the end of this post, I’ve ranked the guys according to my personal “hot” taste. See if you agree with my rankings.

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Last night, we were treated to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards hosted by The Big Bang Theory’s resident hottie Kaley Cuoco. The kick off the night, all of the Kardashians including Kylie and Kendall Jenner introduce the night’s DJ, who plays what I am assuming is a track from his upcoming album. The song is called Party Animal and it’s kind of only medium. The best part was when it transitioned into Party Rock Anthem. What made the opening performance so random were the groups of fans bouncing around on stage. Super distracting.

Once Kaley hits the stage, the show continues on almost as awkwardly as it began as she cruises the crowd to find the smartest teen. She first stops on Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and then finally ends on a semi-unsuspecting teen girl who says her favorite show is Make It or Break It instead of The Big Bang Theory. Thankfully, the awards begin and we are saved from the awkward writing and hosting from Ms. Cuoco. Check out the night’s winners and musical performance videos below.

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Before you catch tonight’s all new episode of “The A-List: New York“, I wanted to share a recent gossip session I had with one of the cast members. Derek and myself chatted the day following the second season premiere and all the intense shenanigans that transpired. With the OutGames and Pride taking place in Vancouver, I was slammed with events and entertaining my house guests that delayed the publishing of this gem of an interview. Well, it’s finally here for your enjoyment.

Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Derek during the early part of Season 1. Along the way, I warmed up to him and found myself no longer rolling my eyes when he spoke. Fast forward to this season and surprisingly, I find myself on Team Derek. Who knew? During our phone convo, we discussed the drama-filled season premiere, new cast member Nyasha, his British boyfriend, friendship with Austin and the upcoming season. I even gave him an opportunity to plug his new tanning product, Tansexual. I teased him and asked if he aspired to be the SkinnyGirl Margarita of the tanning world. Listen to the audio to hear his response.

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Before I start my recap of tonight’s episode, just wanted to say that this weekend we went on our annual weekend away at Adam’s cabin and played a round of our own version Big Brother (like last year – card games, dice, etc) and Rich & Adam tied for the win. I will say that the alliance I had with them and Tyrell did help us get all of our other friends out first and make it to the final four, but in the end I lost (again). Love playing this game.

Anyway… so last week’s episode was amazing, as Kalia became HOH after Brendon was sent packing. Last night’s episode also had some really juicy bits too! It started off as any other episode would, with Rachel crying of course…only now, without Brendon/Bookie. On the flipside, Kalia & Daniele are over the moon about being in power this week and can hardly contain it. It looks like Jeff, Jordan and Rachel have to stick together if they want to survive, while the rest of the houseguests (Shelly, Lawon, & Porsche) float through the game.

This week there was a Have & Have Not Competition, which we haven’t seen in a while. This is was the token (gross) drink mixing challenge, where challengers must identify the ingredients in their drink and in some cases, try to chug it before their opponent. It was a close game, but in the end Rachel, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan became the Have Nots and now have to eat slop for a week, with the option of having catfish & coconuts as well. Jordan was so upset that she wasn’t able to win it for her team that she was brought to tears. God, she’s so cute. Her sadness quickly turned to frustration about all the floaters in the house (Namely Lawon & Porsche). In fact, for the rest of the episode, she is the grumpiest I’ve ever seen her! Here’s where things got really good…

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Jersey Shore Returns Bigger Than Ever

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Apparently, people aren’t tired of fist pumping, smushing, and other wise anecdotes from the “Jersey Shore” cast. The show returned back to MTV with huge numbers. The Season 4 premiere of the reality show attracted 8.8 million viewers, representing the biggest season premiere of any MTV show ever. The number though falls a tad short of the most-watched “Jersey Shore” episode from Season 3. That episode drew 8.9 million viewers and still holds the all-time record. Still, the season premiere whopped other programming on network television including CBS’ hit “Big Brother” which garnered 7.3 million.

The latest season from the kids of Seaside Heights features them in Florence, Italy. Snooki, Situation and the crew are already hard to understand at times in their native US. It’ll be interesting to watch them attempt to breakdown the language barrier in Italy. Vinny, being the only one who speaks Italian, can only translate so much of his cast members’ gibberish. That being said, I can’t wait to hear what new catchphrases the crew comes up with this season. If it weren’t for the new locale, I probably would’ve skipped this season. Watching them make fools of them in Italy should be an interesting watch. I’ll certainly be staying tuned.

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