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Celebrity Wife Swap Coming Soon To ABC

In: Donovan, TV Shows

ABC should really consider renaming this to “D-List Celebrity Wife Swap“. Let’s face it. No self-respecting actor/actress is going to sign up for this. It’ll consist mostly of has-beens and reality television stars wanting to extend their 15 minutes of fame. That said, the trashy-loving reality television lover in me is beyond excited about this potential trainwreck. Bring it on, ABC.

I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the original iteration, and found it mildly entertaining. Watching mothers placed in completely different environments and families was at times painful SLASH hilarious to watch. You can only imagine what kind of madness the celebrity edition will bring.

Though no official casting news have been made. Reports say former SNL’r Victoria Jackson has been approached to join the show. Recently Jackson made news when she called a gay kiss on “Glee” sickening. If she does join, hopefully they’ll place her in a big ol lesbian home. Perhaps they should cast Melissa Etheridge as the other couple.

ABC is hoping to reinvigorate “Wife Swap” which has been missing from the schedule since 2009. The network is taking a page out the UK version which featured comedian Freddie Starr and his wife Donna swapped with Samantha Fox and her partner Myra Strattan in an episode. That said, it isn’t confirmed if each episode will feature two celebrity families swapping or just one celebrity family and one regular family.

my wish list of celebrities who should sign up after the jump

It’s Friday: Glee, Glee, Glee So Excited!

In: Music, Patrick, TV Shows

As previously mentioned, Glee is taking on Rebecca Black‘s famous one hit wonder, “Friday” in the upcoming Prom episode on Tuesday, May 10th. Today, we’ve got your first listen to their take on it. So which Gleeks are “kickin’ in the front seat, sittin’ in the back seat”? This one’s for the boys, with Artie (Kevin McHale), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and Puck (Mark Salling) singing the tune.

I wasn’t ashamed (well sort of) to say that I found the original version of this track catchy and I’m definitely not afraid to say that I love these guys singing it. It’s so good! Great choice picking these boys to sing it. Oh, and Artie sings the rap part in the song! Can’t wait to see the episode on Tuesday, Tuesday…Everyone looking looking forward to the episode, episode. I would be brilliant if Rebecca Black made a cameo on the episode.

Listen to Glee’s “Friday” cover after the jump…

American Idol 10: Top 5 Eliminations

In: Donovan, TV Shows

There was some good and bad news, watching last night’s American Idol’s results show. The bad news. It was still an hour too long. The good news. At least there was some entertaining filler this week. With over 60 million votes cast, last night’s show garnered the most votes this season. Seacrest gave each judge an opportunity to promote something. Tyler pimped out his new book. Lopez reminded us her album dropped this week and Randy… It was some inside joke, I didn’t understand.

The remaining five performed a group number to “Happy Together“. Once again, the group number sucked and I wasn’t feeling it. Even they didn’t look “happy together” performing it. This week’s Ford music video was mildly interesting. The magic-themed clip had a couple cool effect, but still unnecessary filler.

Idol Meets Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re going to stuff filler in the results show, at least make it interesting. Which brings me to the next segment? Sure, it was a chance to cross-promote another Fox show, but I enjoyed it. The Idols met with “Hell’s Kitchen” host, Gordon Ramsey. They had to prepare an omelette for him in just a few minutes. I’m not the best cook in the world, but even I would’ve made one that would’ve looked half-decent. Sadly, I can’t say the same for most of them. Ramsey pitched Haley’s in the garbage, spit out Scotty’s and wasn’t a fan of James. Lauren and Jacob had the best tasting omelettes and advanced to the next round. They had to guess three types of food after tasting them. Feeling all cocky, Jacob bragged that “being fat comes in handy“. Looks like he wasn’t fat enough, since he lost to Lauren who won the first ever American Idol Hell Kitchen competition.

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Yesterday, on another amazeballs episode of Oprah’s Farewell Season, Lady Gaga surprised the audience with a two-song performance, after first appearing on a screen to trick the audience into thinking she wasn’t actually there. But she was. There once was a pop star who sang from a shoe, she was performing on Oprah, what else could she do? Apparently, I summoned Mother Goose for a second there. My apologies. But really, she did sing from a shoe – a giant shoe her younger sister made. Of course she did.

Oprah commends Gaga and the message she sends out to people about accepting who they are because they were “Born This Way“. Gaga looked gorgeous and sang her little heart out for Queen Oprah (and Jonny Depp, who was also there).

Watch Gaga’s performance and her chat with Oprah below. It’s definitely worth watching.

Video after the jump…

“Brothers & Sisters” May Be In Jeopardy

In: TV Shows, Tyrell

This news makes me real upset. My favorite dramatic, non-reality show on television, Brothers and Sisters is in major jeopardy with it’s network ABC. The show already underwent a major makeover this year with a few major leading characters from the previous seasons moving away or dying. ABC says it’s purely economical but we all know it also has to do with the poor ratings this ABC favorite has been receiving this season.

I have to admit, this season hasn’t been my favorite either. It started off really slow and a lot of the story arcs were really tired and uninteresting. It has only been the last few episodes that have really put the show back up the ranks that I enjoyed the most during the past few seasons.

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“Glee” Coming At You In 3D

In: Donovan, TV Shows

File this one under “completely unnecessary“. Ryan Murphy and Twentieth Century Fox revealed that a 3D Glee movie is coming our way. BARF. I wonder how Rachel Berry feels about her nose coming at you in 3D. For that matter, Sam Evan and his trouty mouth. Regardless of what those characters might think, they and the entire McKinley crew will be invading theaters across the land this summer- August 12th to be exact. The movie will feature enhanced footage from the show’s North American concert tour, “Glee Live! In Concert!“.

“We knew that not every fan who wanted to attend a concert would get that opportunity, said Murphy in a statement. “Now, thanks to our friends at Twentieth Century Fox Film, we’ll be able to bring the concert experience to movie theaters across the country in full three dimensional glory. We promise every passionate ‘Gleek’ a cinematic experience that will have them singing and dancing in the aisles.”

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ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 12 Preview Pics

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Ding, dong the witch is gone. I honestly thought Tyrant was going to let Alexandria squirm her way into the finals by being the cycle’s beyotch. Sure, Hannah is a little boring, but she deserves a spot in the final three more than Alexandria. This is probably the best final three on ANTM in a long time, if ever. Thankfully, Tyra and company haven’t followed their new tradition of eliminating two girls at the final four point. I much prefer having a final three. That being said… there’s actually another episode after next week. The CW is certainly stretching this season aren’t they.

Episode 12, titled “Ivan Bart“, features a surprise visit from Tyra on the set of a talk show correspondent challenge. Unbeknownst to them, Tyra’s visit turns into an impromptu photo shoot. For the main photo shoot, they all struggle to remain composed posing with a male model. Unlike last season which featured male hotties in numerous photo shoots, this is the first time a male model has been used. BOO.

Nigel Barker once again looks to be the man behind the camera. They certainly were hard up for photographers this cycle, weren’t they. Isn’t this Nigel’s third time this season? Each girl, this week, gets to be evaluated on two pictures. Doubling the chances to succeed or fail? You decide. Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models, Ivan Bart, joins the judges’ panel to help choose the final two models. Check out preview pics after the jump

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American Idol 10: Top 5 Performances

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Pardon me if this week’s American Idol recap is a bit all over the place. I’m still coming off a HIGH from watching an advance screening of “Thor“. The vision of Chris Hemsworth’s pecs in 3D is still haunting me (in a good way). It was the perfect movie to kick-off the summer movie season. Be sure to come back on Friday to check out my full review of the superhero flick.

Back to American Idol. While I liked the idea of tonight’s theme of getting the contestants to sing contemporary songs and oldies, I could’ve done without the hour and half long show. Remember the good old days when Idol had the Final 5 sing only one song. Yup, I miss it too. When rehearsals took place, Nigel Lythgoe should’ve pulled the plug on the first round. I’m putting it mildly when I say it sucked collectively. All of them did so much better for their second performances. One of them even earned a standing ovation from the judges, audience and most importantly ME.

On a side note, J. Lo was extra pushy tonight, IMHO. She was butting in all over the place and even judged out of turn during Scotty’s critique. I love Jennifer, but I wish she wasn’t such a diva sometimes. We get it, you have an album to push. Enough bitchin’ on my part and onto the performances. Check them out below.

view the performances after the jump

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