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Janice Dickinson, Twiggy and Paulina Porizkova better start rolling out the red carpet soon, because someone’s about to join their exclusive club. You know the one where Tyra Banks forces her fellow judges to join when she’s done with them. Even though we’re in the midst of the awesomely entertaining ANTM All-Star cycle, one of the current judges won’t be back for Cycle 18.

In a perfect world, the departing judge would be Tyrant herself. But since we don’t live in utopia, we’re stuck with her for a few more cycles. Instead, saying auf wiedersehen at the end of this cycle will be the awesome Andre Leon Talley. BOOOO. I’ve been a fan of Talley for years, prior to his gig on ANTM. Even though he has the most fashion cred on the panel, he’s bidding adieu after four cycles. While both Dickinson and Porizkova left on bad terms, it seems Andre is leaving amicably like Twiggy. Here’s what the Vogue editor-at-large said in a statement.

“I had a great ride and will always consider my experience with Top Model one of the best moments of my life,” Talley says. “Tyra is an incredible role model and I learned so much sitting next to her through four cycles.”

Since Talley has joined, ANTM has gone more high fashion. Respected fashion photographers jumped on board as well as big-named designers. He even convinced Franca Sozzani to give valuable exposure on Vogue Italia as part of the prize. With Tyra Banks claiming there are no longer going to be “normal” cycles, it makes sense Talley is leaving. So with the dawn of a new era of ANTM on the horizon, who’s jumping on board to navigate the model high seas? Find out below.

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Are you worried about your hair? Do you want long flowing locks like Ozzy & Coach from Survivor? Well, you’re in luck because host Jeff Probst is here to talk to everyone about “Redemption Island Hair Care” – hair products that will help you become the person you want to be. On Survivor, people want to win a million bucks but with this hair care line, they’ll feel like a million bucks already.

In these goofy video, Probst pokes fun at Coach and Ozzy (and they poke fun at themselves) with respect their lengthy hair and the role it plays in the game. Probst talks about how much it would impact their game if the women this season would use the shampoo & conditioner as well. What do you think – should I carry this line of products in my store? Only kidding. Check out the video below and watch Survivor: South Pacific this Wednesday at 8/7c to see who’ll be voted off next!

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GLAAD just released the 16th Annual Where We Are on TV report, which measures the quantity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on primetime and cable TV (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW) for the new 2011-2012 TV season. Overall, FOX is now the most inclusive broadcast television network based on these criteria, with 6.8% of regular characters being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Back in 2007, the report found that Fox had zero LGBT series regulars on the network. They’ve make quite a change since then!

Overall the number of LGBT characters on television has gone down slightly, but the weight of their storylines has definitely become more prominent. “While the number of LGBT characters is down, some of the most popular shows with critics and viewers such as Glee, True Blood and The Good Wife weave storylines about gay and lesbian characters into the fabric of the show,” said GLAAD Acting President Mike Thompson. “Whether it’s the growing household of Mitchell and Cameron on Modern Family or the recent wedding of Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy, Americans expect to see the diversity of our country represented in their favorite programs and that includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.” Even last night’s episode of Glee had Kurt struggling with being masculine enough for a role in a musical and had him attempting to tone down his gayness in his school president campaign.

Check out some more interesting stats from the study about this TV season after the jump…

Tonight, another celebrity bites the dust on Dancing With The Stars. In an hour show jam packed with enough filler to give hot dogs a run for their money, we are treated to performances from Demi Lovato and one of my favorite bands, The Script. We were also given a great performance from the Macy’s Stars of Dance. So let’s find out who our bottom couples were.

After a night of performances that were a little underwhelming from the celebrities who were early favorites, I wasn’t really sure who would end up in the bottom. Tonight, we discover it will be David Arquette and his partner Kym Johnson, Chaz Bono and his partner Lacey Schwimmer and Elisabetta Canalis and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. After some epic lighting and booming strings, we discover that Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer are safe and will return next week.

So we’re down to the bottom two. Who will be eliminated? David Arquette or Elisabetta Canalis? Find out who was eliminated below and check out the performances from The Script and an inspiring performance from Demi Lovato after the jump.

Check out the night’s performances and see who was eliminated here.

Glee Season 3: Are Kurt & Blaine Breaking Up?

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While Ryan Murphy promised that Rachel and Finn would stay together this year, he never said the same thing for the show’s resident gay couple. When watching this week’s new episode of “Glee“, keep in mind that trouble lurks ahead for Kurt and Blaine. You’d think Blaine transferring from Dalton Academy to McKinley High would signal in smooth waters for the two. Not so. During the show’s fifth episode this season, a new character will be introduced.

Cue Sebastian. In other words, the homewrecker that will breakup this happy gay home. The new character is being described as the male version of Santana. He’ll be this season’s villain. Sebastian is a gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine. He is the polar opposite of any gay character on the show as he’ll be both promiscuous and duplicitous. Hmmm, I can’t wait. So who will be playing this evil Warbler? Keep reading.

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Last night, Fox took us back 85 million years for the 2-hour premiere of the highly anticipated series premiere of Terra Nova. Personally, I was curious about the show, but didn’t have my hopes up. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Every now and then, I’ll mention the fact that the Battlestar Galactica series was my favorite television show of all time. Also, when I was a kid, Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies. Have I found the perfect blend of the two? First let’s discuss what it’s all about and how it starts out.

The show starts off in 2149 on planet Earth where humanity is threatened with extinction due to air quality and overpopulation. Scientists discover a rift in space-time that allows people to travel 85 million years back in time to the Late Cretaceous period on the prehistoric Earth of an alternate reality, offering a chance to save humanity. It’s a new beginning for those that get to go, and it’s a second chance for modern day earth. The Shannon family (consisting of father Jim (sexy Jason O’Mara), his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy and Zoe) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway.

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Battle: Who’s The Hottest Werewolf?

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Vampires are so hot these days, it feels like there’s a new vampire-themed movie or TV show popping up every other day. While the undead seem to get all the glory and attention, their mythical furry counterparts often get the shaft. Well, I’m here to correct that.

I never realized this, but apparently I have a thing for werewolves. When I was writing this post, I noticed half of the contenders were previous weekly crushes of mine. I had no clue, these furry shapeshifters were my type. To honor my apparent obsession, I created a poll to ask all you diehard “True Blood“, “Twilight” or “The Vampire Diaries” viewers to decide which werewolf is the hottest. Since there are often more than one werewolf featured in these shows/movies, I opted to only select one from each. I didn’t want the poll dominated by actors from one particular offering.

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Alright boys and girls. Another Monday, another night of Dancing With the Stars. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the premiere of season thirteen. There were no stand-out performances or performers for that matter. However, I am ready to give the stars another go. This week, they are being challenged with two harder genres of dance: Jive and the dreaded Quickstep. So, would they rise to the challenge?

The night started off a little slow for me, but finally got going when Rob Kardashian hit the floor with his partner Cheryl Burke. He had improved so much during the past week and Carrie Ann Inaba exclaimed that he is a better dancer than his sister Kim. Carson Kressley also tore up the ballroom with some serious ham and cheese. He may not be the most technical, but he definitely working hard to do well at this competition.

However, two stars really showed off everything they had. Ricki Lake and partner Derek Hough took the show to a whole new level with their jive which gave them a score of 23 from the judges, the highest of the night. Closing the night was soap star and real life hero, J.R. Martinez. Although his partner Karina pulled a big no no by putting a lift in the routine, it was still one of the best of the night. Check out where I ranked them in my four favorites below.

Check out my four favorite performances after the jump.

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