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Desperate Housewives Killing Off Major Character

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With this being the final season of “Desperate Housewives“, anything can happen. Based on a claim by Entertainment Weekly, that’s exactly that case in an upcoming episode. The ABC show is killing off a major character. Reports say the cast just found out about the shocking twist this week. Obviously, ABC isn’t spilling any details as they want people to tune in. The death will appear in an episode scheduled for March.

In a previous disclosure, Marc Cherry revealed he’s planned the final scene over seven and a half years ago. He also admitted that they weren’t going to tie up every loose end and stated that “life goes on, on Wisteria Lane”. With the death occurring in March, I highly doubt Cherry will write off any of the four ladies that far away from the final episode. While Lynette, Susan, Bree and Gabby all look relatively safe, everyone else is fair game.

find out who I think will meet his/her untimely death after the jump

Tim Gunn is known as a style guru. He’s most famously associated with Project Runway but last week, Gunn began work on his new gig with ABC. The daytime talk show is titled The Revolution which is all about transforming you, the viewer. The panel of experts also features Ty Pennington, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Harley Pasternak and Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Much like their other daytime chat-fest, The Chew, the five experts come together and discuss topics and give advice to help their viewers through their life and help them transform themselves through make-overs, health tips etc.

On today’s show, Gunn created quite the buzz when the panel began talking about their sex lives. The topic was brought on by dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry who is a relationship therapist. During the segment, Tim revealed that he hasn’t had sex in 29 years. Okay, you can now all pick your jaws up off of the floor. For the last almost three decades, Tim admits to the panel and the audience that he has been celibate from sex.

Why Tim hasn’t had sex and watch the segment after the jump.

With The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rapping up it’s second season, a new show is on the horizon that will show a totally different side of Beverly Hills. From Bravo and Ryan Seacrest comes a reality show called Shahs of Sunset, premiering Sunday, March 11 at 10pm. The show follows a family of Persian-Americans juggling their active social lives and up-and-coming careers while balancing the demands of their families and traditions.

It looks like it has the glamour and scenery of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Real Housewives mixed with a more toned version of the Jersey Shore. There’s one gay cast member on the show named Reza Farahan who often receives a lot of gossip and prejudice regarding his sexuality. He is one of few openly Persians in his community.

I have to say, I’m really intrigued that this show will show what it can be like being gay in the Persian community. Based on my own experiences and observations, I’ve noticed that some Persian gays can be self-loathing and even homophobic because of how they were raised and the views on homosexuality in their culture. Hopefully this show will help their families change their perceptions of gays or even open their eyes and hearts a bit more. I also hope somewhere in the storyline, it can give gay Persians the confidence to be who they are within their community. Check out the trailer below, as well as the cast pictures & bios.

Watch the trailer and meet the cast after the jump…

American Idol 11: Battleship Edition In San Diego

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Well, another city, another 10,000 “hopefuls” fill the audition room in what is quickly becoming my favorite city in the US. – San Diego. Famous (in my opinion) for its perfect weather and amazing gay pride, I’m just hoping that it also holds some talented folks and some epic crazies as Lopez and Tyler (ugh and Seacrest) tease and gel their hair as high as it will go for these Cali residents. Last night’s auditions took place on a jet carrier or something random like that: not REALLY sure what that’s about other than a blatant attempt at faux nationalism but oh well.

No spoilers before the fold, don’t worry, but I will say that the show is really editing down the insanity this season and particularly this episode as we pretty much just see success stories: I guess they’re doing some polling and finding out what people want to see… though, come on, at least ONE tragic queen spitting at the camera or a sassy gal with more extensions than real hair and the three inch lacquered nails to match. Ah well, it was a decent episode: if you’re looking to save time read the summary and see the highlights alone or if you’re looking to see me trash a bunch of “singers” click through for that as well!

Click through to read the rest of my review & watch the audition highlights…

This coming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is going to be more about the girls working together and supporting each other, unlike previous years where the girls are fighting and trying to bring each other down. HA! As if! This season looks crazier than ever, as evident by the Season 4 preview and Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked as well. As you know, Untucked is when the queens debrief backstage with a little liquid courage from Absolut Vodka. In the preview for this season’s Untucked, expect the same crazy fights and drama and then some.

My favorite clip from the Untucked preview has one queen saying, “You don’t have any talent. This is a show for talented people, not people that know how to buy f*cking shoes… and you should not be here!” What does Willam calmly said in response to this, with a flip of the hair? “Your tone seems very pointed right now.” LOL.

RuPaul promises that this season will be “over the mother f*cking top” with more sassy stars, more drama, and that for the first time in Drag Race history, they’ll be breaking all the rules. The new season premieres one week from today, on Monday, January 30 on Logo and OUTtv with a 90-minute episode.

Watch the previews after the jump…

Well, well, well. With the U.S version of the show on it’s 16th season, looks like Canada will finally be getting their own version of ‘The Bachelor’, with CityTV announcing that ‘The Bachelor Canada‘ is to debut on their network this fall. The nine-episode show is being produced by Vancouver’s Force Four Entertainment, known for such shows as ‘Cupcake Girls’ and ‘Million-Dollar Neighbourhood.’ U.S. host Chris Harrison made the announcement in Toronto this morning on Breakfast Television.

Canada doesn’t have the best track record for reality shows. ‘Canada’s Next Top Model’, ‘Canadian Idol’, and more recently, ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada‘, all ended up getting canceled. Perhaps this year things may change with a hot eligible man on ‘The Bachelor Canada’ and some talented performers on ‘Canada’s Got Talent‘ this spring. Not to mention, ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’ which sounds like it will be amazing.

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After the first part of the the season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York aired last night, Kim Kardashian was up super early this morning to co-host ‘Live With Kelly‘ today. As the two got started, Kelly commented on how beautiful her skin was, but Kim just downplayed it by talking about her psoriasis. They then touched upon yesterdays football games (with the Giants and Patriots now heading to the Superbowl), Kim’s support for Kelly’s ovarian cancer research fundraiser, and of course for helping out with the show today after her difficult year. They then get into it…

When talking about her marriage, Kim said, “I’m such hopeless romantic. I wanted to believe in something so badly. But if you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming that we made during the wedding… and if the wedding was fake and just for TV – I’m a smart businesswoman, I would’ve stayed married longer. I really didn’t think that following my heart would create this much backlash.”

More on what was said and a preview of the season finale tonight after the jump…

This year, I’ve been trying to watch less trash television and more show’s like Oprah’s Life Class (whenever possible). Being so busy, I haven’t been able to watch it on a regular basis, but I have been meaning to share with you some words of wisdom that really resonated with me from one of the last times I had watched it. Yes, leave it to me to write about this kind of stuff.

It all goes back to when Harvard brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a stroke in 1996, losing her language, memories and ability to think about the future. From this incident, she gained an entirely new perspective on life and shared a lesson that changed Oprah’s life. Here’s my big takeaway and words to live by:

You are responsible for the energy you bring into a space.”

When Oprah had her “aha moment” with this, she went as far as to have a sign put up into her makeup room that reads: “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” When she realized that some people don’t take responsibility for their own energy, she had to do a clearing of these people as they were not supportive of who she wanted to be in the world. She realized that you not only have to be responsible for the energy you bring, but also the energy that you allow to be brought in your space. In summary, she says, “You can not continue to move forward in your life to the level…and level…and level that you need to be if you are surrounded by energy that brings you down… that sucks the life force from you.” Check out the segment below.

Watch after the jump…

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