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Alright boys and girls. Another Monday, another night of Dancing With the Stars. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the premiere of season thirteen. There were no stand-out performances or performers for that matter. However, I am ready to give the stars another go. This week, they are being challenged with two harder genres of dance: Jive and the dreaded Quickstep. So, would they rise to the challenge?

The night started off a little slow for me, but finally got going when Rob Kardashian hit the floor with his partner Cheryl Burke. He had improved so much during the past week and Carrie Ann Inaba exclaimed that he is a better dancer than his sister Kim. Carson Kressley also tore up the ballroom with some serious ham and cheese. He may not be the most technical, but he definitely working hard to do well at this competition.

However, two stars really showed off everything they had. Ricki Lake and partner Derek Hough took the show to a whole new level with their jive which gave them a score of 23 from the judges, the highest of the night. Closing the night was soap star and real life hero, J.R. Martinez. Although his partner Karina pulled a big no no by putting a lift in the routine, it was still one of the best of the night. Check out where I ranked them in my four favorites below.

Check out my four favorite performances after the jump.

On October 10th, Rosie O’Donnell‘s new show called “The Rosie Show” will be premiering on OWN. I can’t help but wonder what the ladies of The View will have to say about the show once it airs, considering they use to share their exclusive table with her. They probably won’t say anything at all… those bitches (Sidenote: This video is what I was thinking of as I wrote that last statement – LOL.) Anyway…

To get people excited, Rosie has just released some clips of Oprah training her on how to introduce her guests and also how to meditate. When introducing guests, of course there’s no better name to practice with than “JOHN TRAVOLTA!!!!” And that’s precisely the name they use. After a couple of attempts at nailing Oprah’s signature delivery, Rosie gets Mama O’s approval. That being said, as far as the mediating goes, Rosie still needs more work and as you’ll see in the video below, she hasn’t had her “AHA Moment” with respect to meditation just yet. Enjoy!

Watch the clip below…

With the release of his first solo album, Fastlife coming out on October 11th, the live performances for some press prior has begun for the former Disney star. Joe Jonas made a stop on The Ellen Show to perform his second single “Just In Love.” Accompanied by a live band a sexy female dancer, Joe slinked around the stage with what felt like minimal enthusiasm.

In my honest opinion, I absolutely love the song and it’s vibe but the performance wasn’t all that for me. Joe’s dancer killed it but Joe looked like he was a little uncomfortable with the steps. I understand that he was going for the whole Justin Timberlake vibe but he doesn’t quite have the conviction to carry out the swagger. Also, did anyone else find that pause in the track, super awkward?

Thank god for those other two male back up dancers who joined for the second half of the performance. They really helped make Mr. Jonas look much better. Joe’s album Fastlife hits stores on October 11th, so don’t forget to pick it up! Check out Joe’s performance below.

Watch Joe perform on Ellen after the jump.

SNL’s Lineup Of Upcoming Hilarious Hosts

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This past weekend, Alec Balwin hosted Saturday Night Live for the season premiere of the comedy show and the upcoming season looks like it will keep getting better and better.

First off, this weekend we have the HILARIOUS Melissa McCarthy of “Bridesmaids” and “Mike & Molly“. I just rewatched Bridesmaids for the second time last night since I saw it in theatres when it first came out – she plays arguably what might be the funniest character in the whole movie, up there with Kristin Wiig’s character.

Ben Stiller will lead the show on October 8th with musical guest Foster The People (best known for their hit, “Pumped Up Kicks”). Love Foster the people and Ben Still, who has a comedy coming out later this fall called “Tower Heist“, is always a riot. On October 15, musical guest Drake will make his SNL debut in an episode hosted by Anna Faris, who’s starring in the upcoming movie, “What’s Your Number?,” which opens on September 30th. She’s one of my favorite women of comedy and although she often plays the same kind of “clueless” character, she does it so well that I can’t help but love her. If you haven’t seen the trailer for her upcoming movie, definitely check it out below.

Watch the “What’s Your Number?” trailer below…

Recently, Patti Stanger (also known as The Millionnaire Matchmaker) sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What happens Live to talk relationships and take calls from viewers who had questions. In doing so, we saw Stanger reveal a lot about how she feels about gay relationships and what she sees going on in the gay community when it comes to lack of monogamy, open relationships, Grindr, after someone asked about “long distance open relationships”. When Cohen challenges her by saying that he is gay and is one for monogamy, Stanger laughs and says, “When was the last time you were in a long term relationship?… Let’s get into it…”

Some are saying that her comments are homophobic, but I’m going to disagree. I do have to say that sadly, I do agree with some of the things that Stanger said in terms of what goes on in the gay community. After some of my previous relationships and what I’ve seen go on in my own city, there once was a point where I felt that having a serious relationship in the “gay world” was pointless because without having many role models for gay relationships, I feel that there is often too much infidelity or simply just people that have no boundaries or respect for others and want to try to mess up your relationship. These public perceptions won’t change until we change them.

All of this being said, Stanger went too far when a viewer called in via video and she mistakenly thought he was straight at first: “Well first of all, let me say you’re very handsome and I thought you were straight… so that’s a compliment.” Whoa. What’s that supposed to mean? Watch the video below to see the look on Andy Cohen’s face after she says that.

Watch the conversation after the jump…

TV BackTalk: Pan Am Takes Off

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“Buckle up, adventure calls!” It’s the famous line from ABC’s new show, Pan Am which takes a look at the beginning of the jet age in the 1960′s. Unlike NBC’s attempt at a 60′s retrospective drama, Pan Am came a little closer to hitting it’s mark. While it is nowhere near coming close to the drama content and smart writing of Mad Men, it could definitely be chalked up to being it’s more bright and delightful cousin.

The show begins with a look behind-the-scenes of what life was like for a Pan Am stewardess before heading on board a flight. Such things as weekly weigh-ins and girdle checks are observed. Immediately, we are catapulted onto a flight to London where Colette (played by Karine Vanasse) boards a flight with a love she met in Rome. However, he boards the flight with his wife and son. Awkward. Beside that storyline, we watch as Kelly Garner’s character, Kate begins to work some Cold War espionage for the American government.

So far, the female characters are a little bit “type” like, however, with the help of flashbacks and retrospectives, we are able to see the lives of these characters before where we end up. It looks like the drama could get pretty deep fairly quickly including more spy work for Kate and how she will be working with her sister Laura (played by Margot Robbie).

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When you are on Fashion Police, you have to be expected to know that host, Joan Rivers is either going to say something absolutely fabulous about your fashion choices OR she is going to rip you to shreds. Well, on an episode of Fashion Police, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland took a seat in the guest chair and poked a little fun at Glee’s Lea Michele who I guess, didn’t find the remarks as funny as the rest of us.

During the spot, the gang was talking about Lea’s dress choice which Kelly chimed in saying looked like a slutty Pocahontus dress. But it was Sarah who decided to do one better and do her best Lea impression and pull out some of her best red carpet poses. I have to say, she kind of nailed it.

Lea said, “I gotta be honest. It hurt my feelings a little bit.” Well Lea, sometimes the truth hurts a little bit. Maybe now you won’t be such a caricature of yourself on a red carpet and actually take a nice picture. She continued to tell Us Weekly, “I really think the message of today is that women should motivate and empower women, and so that’s why I’m honored to be a part of today.” Oh put a sock in it Lea and enjoy life a little bit. If you didn’t catch Sarah’s spot, you can check it out below.

Watch Sarah Hyland pose like Lea after the jump…

The X-Factor Episode 2: A Star Is Born… Maybe Two

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Night two of The X-Factor was unfortunately NOT the best episode of the series I have seen. I don’t know what’s going on with the US version. There are very few features and barely 1/4 are the good ones. I have a theory they are trying to build up the momentum, but if they keep showing episodes like last night with mainly bad auditions or joke auditions, they are going to lose viewers.

Here’s my two cents so far. There aren’t very many standout boys I’m seeing right now. I am loving the 30+ though and a couple of the girls really stood out last night.

Here’s a quick little recap of my faves from last night…

Watch my fave performances after the jump

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