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The debut of season two of The Voice is just around the corner and to celebrate, the folks over at Rolling Stone have decided to feature the four coaches and team leaders on their cover. Looking sharp are Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton photographed by Mark Seliger. In the issue that hits stands on February 16, RS takes a deeper look inside the walls of the hit talent search show that is attempting to give Idol and X Factor a run for their money.

At the heart of this entertainment phenomenon is a game show with rules that Rolling Stone lays out quite clearly. Try not to wince when blind auditions trick you into picking an unsightly singer; always declare it “heartbreaking” to choose the winner of a vocal battle, no matter how easy the decision actually is; and most importantly, never, ever interrupt Christina Aguilera when she is speaking.

In the interview, Aguilera reveals that her team dukes out in a battle with an interesting song that not many would expect from the blonde bombshell. “In one of my battles, this girl and guy are doing Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box,’ and I’m not sure if people would even expect that from me…” This is true. One thing is certain, Christina holds her own in group full of men and proves that she’s not to be messed with. Who knew that four artists, all unalike in every way would come together to create such a television spectacle. “Just look at the four of us,” says Adam Levine. “It’s just so wrong and so amazing.” Check out the full Rolling Stone cover below.

Check out The Voice’s RS cover and behind-the-scenes video after the jump.

Channing Tatum Hosts SNL This Weekend

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This weekend, the sexy Channing Tatum will be hosting SNL. The actor has four films coming out this year, including “The Vow,” “Haywire,” “21 Jump Street,” and most importantly, “Magic Mike” where he and a handful of hotties strip. The musical guest this weekend will be Bon Iver.

In the promo clips, Channing Tatum stands with Fred Armisen, who has great difficulty pronouncing Tatum’s name. It proves to be contagious because Tatum suddenly can’t pronounce it either. Armisen does his mantra to build himself up, asks Tatum about working out, and even tests his “Dirty Dancing” skills with a little man-on-man action.

Check out the promo clips below! Also, watch for Zoey Deschanel also making her SNL hosting debut on February 11 with musical guest, Karmin.

Watch the promo clips after the jump…

ANTM Update: Fatima Siad

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I had every intention of giving you an update on Jane Randall (ANTM Cycle 15) this week as per many of your requests. She’s definitely a fan favorite and one of mine as well. But as I was gathering pictures, I got sidetracked by another alum that caught my eye. Cycle 10’s Fatima Siad wasn’t one of my favorites while on the show, but the girl is turnin’ it out hardcore in the fashion industry. Her success is hard to ignore and I felt compelled to feature her for this week’s ANTM Update. She is truly on her way to becoming “America’s Next Top Model” in real life and not just for the CW.

The Somali-Ethiopian beauty has slowly carved a career all ANTM alums, let alone regular fashion models, would die for. After quietly building her portfolio posing for commercial shoots, lookbooks and department store catalogues, Siad is now landing major ad campaigns and most recently made a huge splash at Paris Fashion Week. Fatima’s biggest coup to date is landing a Herve Leger’s ad campaign which was just released a few weeks ago. It’s stunning just in case you were wondering. Considering she’s a reality show vet plus 25-years-old, it makes her current success even more remarkable.

A few notable milestones in her career include ad campaigns for cosmetics company Arbonne, BCBG and the aforementioned Herve Leger. Her runway resume is equally as impressive, walking for Betsey Johnson, K. Plastinina and high fashion labels Dries Van Noten and Hermès. Most recently, she closed for designer Thierry Colson. Closing out a show is a major coup. High-profile photo editorial work include spreads for Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. If she keeps this up, she might even give Tyra a run for her money. LOL.

check out Fatima Siad’s pics after the jump

With Smallville off the air and The Cape getting an early exit from NBC, it makes me wonder if comic book-based televisions can survive on today’s TV programming. Competing with long standing cop dramas, reality shows and anything with magic, the supernatural or vampires can be a tough gig. Hopefully, a new pilot ordered by The CW will change the course of that.

A week ago, I mentioned that The CW had ordered three new drama pilots and one of them includes Arrow a take on the classic tale of Green Arrow. The story follows Oliver Queen, a wealthy playboy and billionaire in Star City by day, but when night falls, he’s a vigilante superhero who fights crime with archery and technology. According to Deadline, Dinah Laurel Lance will also be a featured character, though not as the Black Canary and using her middle name “Laurel.” Oliver Queen’s mother Moira is still alive in the present day, with Oliver Queen returning to Starling City after people believed he was dead for five years.

If you followed Smallville even a little bit, you may remember that Justin Hartley played the role opposite Superman. But, who will be tackling the title role for this new CW adaption? Find out below.

Find out who will be playing the pilot’s title role after the jump.

Yes, that’s right… SEASON 2! Things are looking good for the hit ABC show, “Once Upon A Time“. The fact that they are casting for season two means full steam ahead for this modern day take on the world of fairy tales. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to defend this show among other Homorazzi cast members. You just have to give it a chance and commit to watching it, otherwise it may not make much sense.

A little mini-spoiler for next season is that someone has been cast as the Evil Queen’s mom already. Well, her mother with a bit of a twist (whatever that means).

Find out who they’ve cast below. HINT: She played a mother in an Academy Award winning movie last year…

Find out after the jump…

This past week, MTV’s “The Challenge” premiered it’s twenty-second season with “Battle of the Exes“. Former contestants from The Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II and the Spring Break Challenge are competing with their exes to win $150,000 for first place, $100,000 for second place, or $40,000 for third place. Hosted by TJ Lavin, the contestants find themselves in the Dominican Republic and after reluctantly being reunited with their exes, the game begins.

The main reason why I’m writing about this is because of the super hot challenge the contestants found themselves in in their first challenge. Without being told what they were going to be doing, they were instructed to wear speedos and be prepared for a “sticky situation“. The challenge was called “Gimme Some Honey”. Jump in tub of honey, transfer as much honey across beam and get as much honey into container as they can. Each team had 10 minutes to do so.

So many hotties this season, including Dustin Zito, Dunbar Flinn, Mark Long, and more. You’ve heard the saying “Honey, no.” Well, in this situation it’s a major “Honey, YES!” Enjoy the pictures below.

Check out the hot pics after the jump…

HELLLLLLLOOOOOO RACERS! Welcome back to a brand new year, a brand new season, and brand new queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race (which I will only refer to as RPDR online). Thirteen new queens are chosen, Ru’s budget is much higher and we’ve got some fabulous talent. Patrick gave you a bit of a rundown and I’m gonna give you my top queens. After seeing the first episode, my snap judgements were pretty much on point and I’ve got my Top 4 this season. Let’s get to it.

Queen’s entrance time! One by one they start filling in and of course want to make the biggest entrance possible. My favorites are already standing out but it’s not until the very LAST two that we see two of the biggest stars shine. Second to last is SHARON NEEDLES, who after this episode has already set herself WAY ahead of the pack as the most entertaining (and IMHO, one of if not THE best contestant on this show ever) walks into the workroom looking like a spooky witch and a MAJOR breath of fresh air just swept through the room. Not since Nina has there been a contestant that excited me this much. Following Sharon was LATRICE ROYALE who came painted to the nines and a personality that blew UP that workroom. LOVE her. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. After the entrances, Ru comes onto the screen welcoming everyone and telling them they are competing for a bunch of prize and 100k! 100K!!!! I wonder how season 1 winner is feeling only getting 0.65 cents.

My four fave queens and my INTERVIEW with the eliminated queen after the jump…

A BIG shake up for The X Factor next season! Firstly, it’s probably not too surprising given the drama this season, but Nicole Scherzinger will not be returning. E! Online is reporting that it was her request and that Simon Cowell gave her his blessing.

The source told E! that Scherzinger “wants to focus on her music career,” adding that “X Factor took a lot more of her time than she ever expected. She didn’t have any time really to work on her music. She was doing X Factor six days a week.” The former lead Pussycat is currently rehearsing for her upcoming European tour that starts next month.

More after the jump…

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