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This just made my hump day that much better. The ladies of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are back for another season of delicious catfights and over-the-top fabulousness. Let’s just hope the season isn’t a letdown like the latest season of NYC. Man, those Housewives aren’t really the same without Bethenny Frankel. Judging by the trailer, I don’t think there will be a shortage of drama, breakdowns and one-liners on RHOBH’s second season. Already, Kim Richards “you’re a slut pig” could rival Teresa Guidice’s (RHONJ) “prostitution whore“.

Thankfully, Adrienne Maloof, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer are all back. Their chemistry SLASH tension was undeniable and made for great television. Not one to rest on their laurels, Bravo is injecting some new blood in the mix this season. Technically, they’re not official housewives, but rather “Friends of the Housewives“. LOL. I wonder who’ll be the Kim G. of the newbies. My money is Brandi Glanville.

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Who’d You Rather: Rosenbaum VS Flajnik

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The Bachelorette is about to come to a dramatic close with Ashley having to choose between two men: J.P. Rosenbaum or Ben Flajnik. Both men couldn’t be more opposite from each other but the question still remains… who will Ashley give the final rose to AND will they propose to her in the beautiful scenery of Fiji? Let me share my thoughts on each of the men.

J.P. Rosenbaum has always been an early favorite of mine. I mean look at him, what’s not to love? He’s absolutely adorable. He has one of those winning smiles that makes you swoon and weak in the knees. When he is with Ashley, I see the more playful and fun side in her. The only thing that annoys me about J.P. is that he can kind of be a cry baby sometime, if not all the time. However, I really hope that she picks him in the end. I think they could be the next Trista & Ryan or Ali & Roberto.

To be perfectly honest, I kept getting Ben Flajnik and his friend Constantine mixed up every single episode. They look EXACTLY THE SAME. I was even convinced that in some sort of conspiracy, they were twins. Now that Constantine has left, it’s easier for me to look at Ben on his own without confusing him with another man. While J.P. bring out her playful side, Ben brings out Ashley’s serious and calming side, which can be great but I think can live a little bit more with J.P.

So, if you were in Ashley’s shoes, who’d you rather? Need more help on deciding?

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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 18 Eliminations

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Alrighty folks, we’re back for another round of eliminations for So You Think You Can Dance Canada and the more I think about the performances from Wednesday night’s performances, I’m really hoping that my predictions come true! If you didn’t listen to Leah’s obsessive rants last night, the show opened with ‘the most unique group performance ever seen before, on any So You Think You Can Dance stage.

Sorry Leah but your hyped turned out to be nothing but lies. This was simply a dramatic ballroom/Broadway routine from Sergio Taheto. And what made it even more frustrating were the mediocre tissues employed at the back of the stage that showed obvious flaws in the camera angles as one minute Joey would be spinning and the next stationary! Come on CTV, get your act together!

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Model Behavior: Steven Dehler

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After a couple of weeks featuring high fashion models for my Model Behavior series, I thought I’d go a little gayer and buffer this time around. Steven Dehler is an up-and-coming model from southern California- as if you couldn’t tell from his blond hair and blue eyes. He’s been modeling for a few years now, and a natural, modeling swimwear and other merchandise that shows off his sexy body. He doesn’t do frontal nudity (a classy girl never does), but clearly has no problem showing off some skin.

Dehler grew up in Simi Valley and attended junior college in Santa Clarita. He decided to model on a whim and hasn’t turned back since. In his spare time, he plays the piano and works out at the gym. As mentioned earlier, Steven is indeed a “mo” and can be seen tending bar in West Hollywood. You’ll just have to settling for flirting or ogling from afar. He’s engaged to his longtime boyfriend. Check out all of Steven’s assets below and enjoy.

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The “It Gets Better” movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It seems every few days, a new one is being uploaded. The latest public figures to make their videos are cast members of HBO’s hit show “True Blood“. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), Rutina Wesley (Tara), Kristin Bauer (Pam) and show creator Alan Ball filmed PSAs in support of Dan Savage’s project.

I have to admit, I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long for them to show their support. Considering “True Blood” has been labeled “The Most Gay-Friendly Show on TV” by GLAAD, I would’ve expected videos sooner. The show’s story lines often revolve around vampire rights and acceptance which often mimic the LGBT’s community’s ongoing fight. Most probably, they were waiting until the fourth season started airing. Whatever the reason, I’m glad a few of the cast are sharing their stories and inspiring LGBT youth that they’re not alone and things do get better in the future.

Check out their vids below. Kristin Bauer’s is especially heartfelt and emotional. As if I didn’t love her enough already. Her vid just endears her more to me. On the flip side Rutina Wesley’s will make you smile. It’s as if her character Tara Thornton was delivering the message.

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SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 18 Performances

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Alright Canada, we are back in the saddle for another night of So You Think You Can Dance, and after Patrick did an amazing job last week recapping the performances, I’m excited to be back with all the action, drama, and unnecessary filler! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to fast forward a large portion of tonight’s episode, as there are only nine couples left to perform! Sadly, Lauren and Rodrigo left us last week, eliminating two of the best looking contestants, and unfortunately keeping several of the undeserving ballroom dancers safe.

After Leah introduced the dancers and judges we were right into the action. The best part of the judging panel was the return of season one winner, Nico, joining the rest of the regular experts. Another great change to the regular program was the switch up of the couples, with all new pairings for this week’s performances! Finally, a smart way to keep things fresh on the show!!

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New Releases Out This Week: July 25th

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Despite the negative tweets that she has been receiving about her hit track Motivation, Kelly Rowland is still standing strong on Billboard at number one. Now, she’s ready to release her full length album titled Here I Am. A few weeks back, Patrick gave us a little preview of the album which has been excited to hear the whole thing top to bottom.

The disc contains ten tracks including the club anthem Commander and her new smash with Lil Wayne, Motivation. Combining the perfect combination of fast, mid-tempo and slow jams, Kelly reminds us that she can stand alone, away from Destiny’s Child and out of the shadow of her fellow sister Beyoncé.

The album is also being released in a deluxe version that includes 2 bonus track and remixes of Commander and Motivation.

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Well, after an eventful episode this past Thursday, Rachel is now the HOH and she is ready to prey on her next victim as she puts up a duo up for nomination. If you recall my last post, my prediction based on golden keys, alliances, and strategy, was that she’ll put up Kalia & Lawon. That said, maybe she’ll try for Dominic & Adam again, as it’s an easy cop out to put them up as they have already been on the block.

This week, the houseguests compete in a luxury competition and they’ll be no Have/Have Nots for the week. A man walks into the yard and they have no clue who he is. He fills them in that he’s on a new reality show called “Same Name“, and the houseguests will be participating in a challenge to figure out which celebrity he has the same name, by deciphering random clues.

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