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New Releases Out This Week: August 29th

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This week is a little slow on the new releases front when it comes to music. However, if Lil Wayne is up your alley, Tha Carter Vol. 4 is available for digital download and in stores today versus tomorrow when most albums are released. The rapper also closed the show last night at the 2011 VMA’s.

For my new releases feature this week, I’ve decided to showcase three of The CW’s hit shows that we can re-watch on DVD over and over again: 9O21O, Nikita, and fan favorite, The Vampire Diaries. To be honest, I only watch one of the three shows (9O21O), but know that TVD was a huge hit this year and I think I may have been “bitten” to watch the upcoming third season. If action is more your thing, than I highly suggest checking out Nikita. This show is pretty outstanding despite the fact it’s on the CW. And with fall TV season fast approaching, you may want to catch up on episodes for diving in to new seasons and series’.

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2011 VMA’s: And The Winners Are…

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I have preface this article by saying that I was the most excited for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, better known as the VMA’s. Not only was I looking forward to the performances and the awards, but ultimately, I was looking forward to the epic Britney Spears tribute. Imagine my SHOCK when the tribute was only a 2 minute dance-a-thon with little female dancers dressed up in all of Britney’s costumes from her videos and performances. What happened to the original idea? UGH! I digress.

The entire show for me as a whole was a little flat. I think the one major element lacking this year was a host. MTV’s decision not to have one was complete fail. Without one, the show lacked cohesion and flow. Every presenter and and performance seemed random. However, nothing was more random than the interlude performances, courtesy of Jessie J.

My favorite performance of the evening hands down goes to Adele who showed everyone that you don’t need lights, dancers or lip syncing to have an entertaining performance. She shut the place down with her rendition of Someone Like You. Just her and a piano. Brilliant. Beyoncé also gave a stellar performance although I’m 100% positive she was lip syncing.

What was great about her performance was the the finale piece where she dropped her mic, unbuttoned her vest and revealed to the world that her and Jay-Z were pregnant. YES! So exciting. And, I cannot complete my quick little recap without giving kudos to Lady Gaga who stayed in character as her alter ego Jo Calderone all night long. Amazing. Alright, check out the complete list of winners below.

2011 VMA winners after the jump…

The last week of Big Brother 13 has been insane, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In last night’s episode, we got to see a little more of what happened leading up to last weeks double eviction – specifically, the hour and a half before it took place. Since Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the cornhole veto competition that got Brendon evicted, she of course confronted Jeff about it. He then talked to Shelly, Adam got involved, Shelly got paranoid and ended up digging herself into a hold. Essentially, her alliance with Jeff & Jordan could not be repaired after this discussion and Adam is a weasel. (That’s no reason for Shelly’s family to get death threats!)

As I’ve said before, Jeff is a major bully and in my opinion, Shelly was actually making a good move for herself – she just got busted doing it (just as Daniele did in the past). Jeff & Jordan wanted to get Daniele out because it was a good move for them, but keeping Daniele would have been a better move for Shelly so to each their own. Meanwhile, Adam does whatever he’s told and doesn’t have the balls to make any bold moves. He’s like the lion with no courage on The Wizard of Oz.

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This is just awful! TMZ is reporting that Shelly Moore‘s family has been receiving death threats as a result of Thursday night’s live eviction. In the last episode of Big Brother 13, Shelly (the mother figure on the show) voted with some of the others to evict Jeff Schroeder from the house. This was going against her alliance with Jeff & Jordan, but Shelly was just looking out for herself. I was actually proud of her for making such a bold move. Anyway, regardless of whether people agree with her game play or not, the point it that it’s just a game and threatening her family’s lives, including her 8-year-old daughter Josie is NOT OKAY.

Threatening phone calls have been made to her family’s home as well as her place of work, where people have been calling in and saying she should be fired for voting Jeff out of the game. Outrageous! As a result of all of this, her family is preparing to get the FBI involved. Thankfully Shelly isn’t aware that all of this is happening. She’s already enough of a chimney stress case as it is.

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NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser is back this fall with some familiar faces and some brand new blood. This will be the first season with newcomer trainers Dolvett Quince and tennis pro and certified trainer Anna Kournikova. My favorite trainer Bob Harper still remains along with the adorable host Alison Sweeney.

This year, 15 contestants are competing in three teams divided up by age, hence the season’s titled, Battle of the Ages. The first team comprised of the under 30’s, the second team comprised of the 30 to 49 year olds and the final team comprised of the over 50’s. As you can see in the picture above, each contestant is wearing their age on their t-shirt.

In the first episode, the teams will pick their trainers in order of which they finish the first challenge. Will the winning team opt out for long time show favorite Bob or will they try something new in Dolvett or Anna? This season promises to be a good one with many tear-jerking stories and a good dose of drama. Check out the 15 contestants below. Season 12 of Biggest Loser begins September 20th on NBC. (Check local listings.)

Meet the cast of Biggest Loser Season 12 after the jump…

In a recent interview with AfterEllen, So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 runner up, Sasha Mallory came out as a lesbian. When asked about being public about her sexuality, she said:

“It’s not important for America to know that personal side of me. They just needed to know if I could dance and if I had a personality. They didn’t really need to know if I was gay or straight. Who I’m sleeping with is not important. This is my craft, my art, it’s what I do and who I sleep with doesn’t really change that, I don’t think.”

That being said, she also contradicted herself by saying, “I’m not afraid to tell people I’m gay. I’m proud all over the place.” Essentially, what I get from this is that she didn’t want her sexuality to affect America’s votes, but now that the competition is over, she’s okay with being open and honest about it. She added, “It’s just something that never needed to come up because it would just take the focus off of my dancing and it will put it into ‘I’m gay,’ you know? But I’m happy to talk about it. I’m totally open about it and I’m a very open person.”

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In April, Patrick informed us all that Ab Fab was coming back into our lives with 3 new episodes courtesy of the BBC. Now, all us homos can look forward to a new Christmas Special coming from the beloved Eddie & Patsy. SIDE NOTE: You know that Ab Fab is part of gay culture when you go to HMV to check out the CD sales and end up contemplating spending more than you expected on the entire series set.

To dynamic duo of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were spotted filming on London’s Bond Street attempting to get into Stella McCartney’s Boutique. AMAZING! I can only imagine the shenanigans that are involved in that task.

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Kris Jenner Joins “The Talk”?

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Kris Jenner is already a busy woman being the “momager” to her posse of children, as well as making a name for herself. In a move that will shock no one, Kris has ‘allegedly’ accepted an offer to join the cast of CBS’s The Talk. A little while back we learned that original hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, wouldn’t be returning this fall to the daytime talk show – which led many to wonder who would fill the empty seats. Left with just Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert on as permanent hosts (Sharon Osbourne has agreed to only six non-consecutive weeks) producers were in a scramble to find replacements. Enter Kris Kardashian…I mean, Jenner.

Also joining the cast is comedienne and radio host, Sheryl Underwood, who will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers. Underwood is a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces and calls herself, “a sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican”. Wow.

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