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Which “X-Men” Is Popping Up On “30 Rock”?

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Due to Tina Fey being preggers, “30 Rock” didn’t premiere along with NBC’s regular Thursday night comedy line-up this Fall. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait til mid-season. Boo. Oh well, hopefully Fey’s real-life pregnancy will provide for some great comedy bits on future episodes. When the show returns, Tina’s alter ego, Liz Lemon, will be getting a new love interest. Mama’s gotta have a rebound fling after her breakup with pilot Carol Burnett (Matt Damon). For those wondering, her new boyfriend will be equally as cute as, if not more, than Damon.

Before I reveal who Lemon will be bedding next, I thought I’d share two other upcoming guest stars for the comedy’s upcoming sixth season. Will Arnett will reprise his role as Devon Banks, Jack Donaghy’s business rival. The role has earned the actor three Emmy nods already. Arnett currently stars in another NBC show, “Up All Night“, with Christina Applegate.

Another upcoming guest star is the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards. The “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated” star will appear in only one episode. No details of what her upcoming role will be, but I hope it’s in the vein of her hilarious Funny or Die video. Something about her naturally wooden acting cracks me up. To me, Richards will always be Becky Ann Leeman (Drop Dead Gorgeous). God, I love that movie.

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Men Crush: Zach Nichols & Nick Zano

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For this week’s Man Crush you get two for the price of one. Originally I was going to pick Zach Nichols solely, but since he’s relatively new on the pop culture scene there wasn’t enough pics to warrant a post to himself. Nichols is one of the seven roommates on “The Real World: San Diego” 2011 edition. I fell in lust the second he showed off his buff chest on last week’s season premiere. Last night, we got to see his juicy bubble butt in some skimpy underwear. Truly a beautiful sight. Those squats during his college football career at Northern Michigan University most likely attributed to his book shelf behind.

This week’s other Man Crush is Nick Zano. For our longtime readers, you know Zano was crushworthy back in 2009 and made my feature then. I decided to feature him again for several reasons. First, he appeared on one of my favorite new shows this week. To my surprise the 33-year-old popped up on CBS’ hit sitcom “2 Broke Girls“. Hopefully, this will become a regular gig. The other reason I picked him was partly due to his initials NZ. Reversed, they’re the same as this week’s other crush Zach Nichols. LOL. I know it’s a stretch but it’s synergistic, no? Plus, they sorta can pass off as brothers. Don’t you think? Check out both studs below.

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ANTM 17 Episode 5 Preview Pics

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Receiving the pictures for next week’s episode a week early has it’s pros and cons. On one hand, you get to see the girls’ final picture early and you get to formulate your own opinions without being swayed by editing or the judges’ views. On the flip side, you have to wait to see who’s going home. Last week’s preview, it was pretty obvious that Camille was next to be eliminated. How horrible was that pic? Like Rich, I also think that Camille wasn’t as cray cray this cycle. In fact, you almost felt sympathetic to the aging model during last night’s episode. Almost being the key word.

For next week’s episode we get a double dose of “celebrity” appearances. First we have the ever so popular annoying Kardashian sisters dropping by. The ladies show up during this cycle’s first runway challenge. I wonder what sage advice Kimmy K has to offer. Probably something like, make a sex tape, date athletes and have no discernible talent. Follow these steps and they too, can have a career on E! like her.

Also dropping by is Janet’s wacky older sister, LaToya Jackson. The “Entertainment Entrepreneur” (her profession on Celebrity Apprentice) shows up to give the girls pointers during the Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot. That’s right folks. The girls are emulating the “Thriller” singer during various points of his career. I can’t wait to hear Tyra’s explanation for this week’s creative direction.

Miss LaToya also pops up on the judging panel to help Nigel, Andre and Tyra with deliberations. I love how LaToya is now the go-to guest judge for these types of shows. First “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and now here. To be fair this cycle is pretty draglicious with Dominique, Isis, Lisa and Angelea in the mix. Check out this week’s preview pics below.

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The X-Factor: Bootcamp Round 1

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It’s getting better, but still a little bit of a mess. I guess I’m just spoiled with the UK version (which is turning me out right now btw you should all check it out if you want to see XF at it’s best)

We found out that around 160 acts made it through to Bootcamp…160!?! Way to show us only 10 good auditions over the past two weeks. That irritated me, but anyway moving on. The first round of bootcamp consisted of everyone dancing. I don’t know why, it’s kind of stupid to have Stacy Francis or the other 40+ singers doing a dance routine. They will NEVER dance in their careers come on now. I guess they just wanted to show off Brian Friedman, who I have always had a ladyboner for. He’s SUCH a fox.

After the (pointless!) dance off, they all had to sing a little song for the judges. Some people were good, we saw Stacy Francis go a LITTLE overboard with her note. While still being impressive it should ended about 10 seconds earlier. And others were awful, like that guy who sang “Creep” in his original audition. I guess now it’s getting down to the wire so they are realizing that it’s a big chunk of money they have to give away…and they need someone with TALENT! After those auditions, they were cut down to 100, and we saw Chris Rene and his sister reunite for the first time ever. I STILL don’t like him, I don’t know why. I mean…whatever .

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NBC Cancels “Free Agents”

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The executions have begun. Earlier this week, it was announced that NBC’s “The Playboy Club” was canceled due to a low viewership and backlash from the PTC. Now, this season’s second cancelation is hot off the press as NBC announces that “Free Agents” is canceled as well.

The show, which starred Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn, premiered four weeks ago to low viewership and not the greatest reviews. Last night, only 3.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the show that is a re-make of a British workplace sitcom. This is in comparison to “Up All Night,” which is on right before, and had 5.7 million viewers. There hasn’t been an announcement made about what will take the show’s time slot.

I can’t say that I’m upset about the cancelation considering I haven’t seen an episode, and to be honest, forgot that the show existed. That being said, did any of you tune in to watch the show? What’d you think of it? Are you upset about it being cancelled?

American Horror Story: The Pilot Recap

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Just in time for Halloween, FX’s highly anticipated new show “American Horror Story” premiered last night and all I can say is, What the hell? Glee director, Ryan Murphy, brings us this season’s spookiest new fall show starring Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton. In short, the premise is about a highly dysfunctional family who unknowingly move into a haunted house.

The pilot episode began like many scary movies or TV shows – with a flashback. This time, we have two young boys who go creeping around the, typically large and scary, old house. After a quick tour, the boys are now in the (token) dark/scary basement where they meet their fate. It’s unclear what kills them, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this “thing” in many of the future episodes.

From there, the show managed to cram an amazing amount of information into a short hour.

After catching her husband sleeping with another woman and suffering a miscarriage, Britton’s character, Viviven Harmon and her husband Ben (McDermott) decide a new location will be the best bet to save their marriage. Along with their young daughter, the family move into a house with a very mysterious past.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the wannabe retreads took part in one of the coolest photo shoots in a while. Up on stilts, most of the girls delivered interesting shots. Sadly for Isis, her 70s porn star look just didn’t cut it and she got cut. Tee hee. Did you catch the inappropriate gender reassignment surgery joke? I’m a big fan of Isis’ message and determination, but she just wasn’t a model. Now if only Tyrant would get rid of Camille, Angelea, AlexHATEdria, Bre, Bianca, and Lisa I would be happy. This week, some man meat is coming to the photo shoot. I’m excited. But will Kayla have another lesbian panic attach in the presence of beefy studs? Will Jay roll his eyes? Will Angelea bring hood ghetto bitch? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Caution. I am in a MOOD tonight. This may be bitchier than usual. Sorry. Work was frustrating, traffic was a nightmare, boys are dumb, and the barista gave me whip when I said NO WHIP. Seriously? I am grumpy. If Tyrant does anything to piss me off tonight, I will rage. That being said, the new Florence + and the Machine song… Shake it Out… is amazing. It makes me feel better. “It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off”. Imma gonna try Flo. Imma gonna try. On with the show!

We start off with all the girls admiring Allison’s booty tooch photo. OMG. I forgot about the booty tooch. I feel happier already. Thank you booty tooch. You’re the best thing that has happened to me all day. After that we get some Angelea pity party about being in the bottom two. Then Lisa cracks open the wine with some montage footage of her being a drunken crazy person during her season. Lulz. But then she tells us she’s no longer drinking. Shit! That sucks… I mean it’s good, but it sucks. Drunken Lisa is ridiculously funny. I she eating scrambled eggs while the girls all drink wine? Random.

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Whoa, this episode was rather intense, don’t you think?! We picked up where we left off: Last week, Christine got a new visitor at Redemption Island when Papa Bear was voted out of his tribe. This week they face off. But first, we see a little of the aftermath from last week that is Cochran, Jim, and Dawn discussing working together on Savaii against the majority alliance. Their target is Elyse, in an effort to weaken Ozzy’s position within the tribe.

Meanwhile at Upolu, Brandon is still a crazy Hantz. He apologizes to Mikayla and decides to tell Edna that she’s not in their alliance after all. “Maybe think two or three times before you talk,” says Mikayla in her confessional. Good advice, but I don’t think he’ll be doing anything rational any time soon. Now, onto the Redemption Island challenge…

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