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The new Pussycat Dolls lineup hasn’t even performed yet, but there seems to already be a cast change since Tyrell revealed the six new members of PCD 2.0. This umpteeth lineup of the group, will make their debut in an upcoming commercial.

The domain and hosting website brought the girls to accompany the company’s pitchwoman, auto-racing star Danica Patrick, for their annual Super Bowl commercial. I can’t believe Robin Antin scored this major exposure for the Pussycat Dolls. Last year’s Super Bowl telecast raked in more than 110 million viewers. Love them or hate them, this is a great way to signal the second coming of the girl group.

In a news piece for, the new lineup is shown filming scenes for the commercial. Sadly, it doesn’t give a clear picture of the entire lineup, but a few things are certain. The latest iteration seems to be a five-girl group instead of the six previously speculated. From the few seconds you see of the group, Paula Van Oppen, Lauren Bennett and Vanessa Curry seem to have made the cut. The fourth slot seems to be a tossup between Kristel Lyndriette Smith, Tiffany Taz Zavala and Kia Hampton. And the fifth slot is occupied by a former Girlicious singer. See which one below.

find out who after the jump

Don’t you love when celebrities play on your favorite game shows? I personally love Celebrity Week on Jeopardy and even enjoy when NFL football players play with with their fans on Wheel of Fortune. For those of you who can’t get enough celebrity, I’m sure that Hollywood Squares not being on air is killing you inside. Now, one of the longest-running game shows is having it’s first ever celebrity week.

After 40 seasons, The Price Is Right is celebrating with its own version of celebrity week. Executive producer for the show, Mike Richards, talked a little bit about the upcoming episodes.

“It was a lot of fun to watch these celebs play our iconic games. Each one had their own unique strategy to win. Let’s just say Snoop knows more about the price of grocery items than you might think!”

One celebrity will appear on the show per day for a one week run starting January 2 and ending January 6 on CBS and other syndicated stations. The stars are playing for their favorite or personal charities. A fun twist is that the contestants competing against them will have a chance to win a personal prize corresponding to the star they are playing with. Fun right? Check out the celebrity line up below.

Check out The Price Is Right’s celebrity line up after the jump.

I officially have a new favorite show. In the pained hiatus during which we true tv-philes have been awaiting the return of cartoon brilliance “Archer”, there has a arisen a new shinning star onto the FOX network lineup: “Allen Gregory“. It is modern, hilarious, simply drawn and insanely well-written. Oh, and the voices… my god the voices.

Assembling a motley crew of some of the best voice actors out there, this show includes Jonah Hill of “Superbad” fame as the protagonist Allen Gregory, Will Forte and Nasim Pedrad from “Saturday Night Live”, “Party of Five” fave Lacey Chabert (clearly making up for skipping out on the role of a lifetime as Meg from “Family Guy”) and to a less exciting extent “3rd Rock From the Sun”‘s French Stewart. Iconic voices aside, it is the writing that brings this show to life. Created by Jonah Hill himself, this 22-minute cartoon will have you busting a gut from opening credits till close. Gay dads, nouveau-pauvre New York elite, condescension and racist humour out the ying yang, “Allen Gregory” can do no wrong in my eyes.

Click through to read more of my accolades and see the trailer and another killer scene from this puppy

Sabrina & Salem: Together Again

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Ah, I miss episodes of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. I used to live for new episodes of the series on Friday nights. Plus, I am a sucker for anything Melissa Joan Hart really. But come on, this show was awesome. Talking cats, magic and a closet that took you places. The best. Unfortunately, the show ended in 2003 but in a new video from Funny or Die, Sabrina and her cat Salem are reunited for a little Mexican dinner date. The result is absolutely hilarious.

Salem and Sabrina are sitting at a table and catching up as Salem is explaining his new career ventures when the restaurants waiter comes up to the table expressing how much he loved the show and how pretty he thinks Melissa Joan Hart is. Then switching gears, Salem brings up the idea that the two of them just practice some magic together. Reluctantly, Melissa agrees and the result is crazy… literally. Watch the video below.

Watch Sabrina & Salem’s reunion after the jump.

As if the hype surrounding “Smash” wasn’t deafening already. Now with The Bride from “Kill Bill” signed on to show off her vocal chops on the NBC show, my ear drums are in serious danger of popping out. In a press release by the network, Uma Thurman has signed on for a five episode story arc. With “Glee” losing favor with the general masses, “Smash” is in a prime position to takeover as the watercooler musical show of the television season.

When I first heard NBC was holding off premiering “Smash” til midseason, I thought they were crazy. The pilot was generating huge buzz and boasted a stellar cast including Debra Messing, Angelica Huston and Katharine McPhee. In hindsight, it was a wise decision. Not only does the show not have to compete with the slew of new programs debuting in the Fall, but NBC gives it a plum spot the day after the network airs The Super Bowl. Expect to see a lot of promos during the big game for this new show.

see what role Uma Thurman is playing after the jump

The X Factor US: Top 5 Results (Discuss)

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Before we get to tonight’s results, can we just praise the awesomeness that is Lenny Kravitz. The 47-year-old rocker opened the show and performed a couple of his songs including my personal favorite, “Are You Gonna Go My Way“. The former Mr. Lisa Bonet definitely still has it.

The other performer of the night was Mary J. Blige. She looked stunning in a white dress. That being said, didn’t she look like she was in some sort of illuminated jail cell when white lights surrounded her? For a split second, she could’ve been cellmates with General Zod in “Superman II“. Side note, how bling’d out was that microphone. I can’t sing worth a lick but Papa likes it and wants one.

find out who got eliminated after the jump

Suburgatory: Meet Dallas’ Frenemy Tulsa

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Suburgatory” is easily one of my favorite new shows on television. It’s really surprised me how consistently funny it is, plus there’s some decent eye candy on the show. As sexy as the hottie neighbor’s six-pack is, for me it’s all about Cheryl Hines. IMHO, she’s the breakout star of the show.

I never watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm” so I’ve never knew the comic greatness of Hines. Her character Dallas could’ve easily been a suburban cliché, but she’s that with a heart of gold. Is it wrong that I want her to get it on with Jeremy Sisto’s character? While, we’ve seen Dallas’ generosity and sweet nature, we haven’t really seen her lose her cool. Well, that’s all about to change.

Dallas is about to go manicured toe-to-manicured toe with a rival, Tulsa. Don’t you just love that they’re both named after US cities? On episode 17, Dallas’ former sorority sister will make her first appearance on the show. She’s described as a “wolf in zebra print clothing”. During their college years, Tulsa took every opportunity to make Dallas’ life a nightmare. She stole everything from her her hot older boyfriend or her Olivia Newton-John leg warmers. The horror. Wait til you see who’s playing Tulsa. It’s of EPIC proportions. At least it is for me.

find out which actress after the jump

O.M.Glee. This news almost made me spill my morning coffee. This week’s Glee was one of my favorite episodes however, they couldn’t keep it up in the ratings department and fell to an all-time series low. YIKES!. One of the things creator Ryan Murphy stated in his efforts to make season three better was to tone down the guest stars. However, without reoccurring star power, is the show losing casual viewers?

Fear not Gleeks because a slew of guest stars is on the way. Thanks to Donovan, we’ve learned that a few Latin stars are headed to the show in the new year. The first is Ricky Martin who is set to play the school’s swim coach. I hope we get to see Ricky’s bon-bons in a speedo alongside swim team member, Chord Overstreet. The second is the queen of Latin music, Gloria Estefan who will be playing Santana’s mom.

Now, it looks like the show’s execs are courting another major music star to play another member of Santana’s family. While I thought for sure they’d be looking for someone to play alongside Gloria as Santana’s father, I was highly mistaken. Instead, they are looking to cast a male to play Santana’s older brother and who they have tapped to play the role is pretty unreal.

See who could play Santana’s brother after the jump.

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