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Emma Stone Brings The Belly Laughs On SNL

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Last night, it was Emma Stone’s turn to bring the laughs on Saturday Night Live. After what feels like a little bit of a dry spell on the show, I was really hoping the writers would turn it around for one of my favorite female comedic actors. Thank my lucky stars, I was insanely belly laughing all the way through. Emma’s monologue opened with cast member Andy Samberg auditioning for the role of Spiderman, a play off of the monologue Kirsten Dundst had performed years ago. Thankfully, Emma’s rumored boyfriend Andrew Garfield (who will be playing Spiderman in the upcoming 2012 film) came to save the day.

The show got off to a great start in the skit department with Secret Word. I absolutely love Kristen Wiig’s character in particular but Emma’s character as the newly crowned Miss America was spot on, especially when she said “our state bird is the peach.” But it all took a turn for the better when she brought out her ventriloquist dummy and started making out with him. Too funny. Moving along to terrible news reporter Herb Welch, Emma kind of took a back seat to the skit while Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig stole all the laughs when Herb was trying to figure out if the landlord was male of female. When you watch the video below, you’ll seriously pee your pants.

My favorite skit of the night hands down was Bridal Shower Gifts. Holy mother of hilarity, Emma’s character was so hilarious. From the voice, to the mannerisms I honestly, couldn’t stop laughing. The task was to bring sexy gifts and well, let’s just say that Emma’s character really didn’t understand the assignment. Overall, I think that this was one of SNL’s best episodes all season. Musical guest Coldplay really brought it too with their two performances and Chris Martin even got in on a little Weekend Update action. Check out all of Emma’s hilarious skits below and vote for you favorite of the night.

Check out all of Emma Stone’s hilarity after the jump.

The ‘Full House’ Cast Reunites

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Earlier this week, some of the Full House cast reunited for a good cause at the acclaimed Red O restaurant in West Hollywood. John Stamos was hosting a charity event for mothers2mothers and had his famed former coworkers come along to support as well. Lori Loughlin (his former “Full House” wife, Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin joined him for the event that helps to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.

The picture of the four of them is below and wait until you see Jodie Sweetin (who played Stephanie Tanner). Seriously, it looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are stuffed up inside her bra. You may think, “How rude,” but seriously – she’s got huge knockers and they are each larger than DJ’s head.

Check out the photo after the jump…

Are you guys loving Once Upon A Time? I am so pumped for Sundays now especially after the void that Brothers & Sisters left me after a heartbreaking cancellation. We are only three episodes into this first season of the show and already, I am hooked! Now, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure if the show was going to nail the tone of having characters play dual roles in two totally separate worlds. Sometimes, it’s a little awkward, but most of the time, the hit the nail right on the head. And that Evil Queen played by Lana Parrilla is just amazing. I’m not sure whether to love her or hate her. But mostly, I just love how manipulative and awesome her character is.

Tonight will be the fourth episode in the series and I am so stoked to watch it because, well, I’M IN IT! That’s right, I will be one of the dancers in a big court scene where we will meet Cinderella, Prince Thomas and few other new characters that are going to explain a lot more of what’s going down in Storybrooke. As you can see in the photo, I only danced in the fairytale world and not any sort of modern day event. What was fun about dancing in that world however is that the entire thing was shot on green screen. So, it’ll be great to see what the ballroom we danced in will ACTUALLY look like because, I have no idea.

The episode is titled The Price of Gold and tells the story of Cinderella who sold her baby to Rumplestiltskin in the fairytale world. Now in the new world of Storybrooke, her new found body must also sacrifice her first born child to the scary creature known as “Mr. Gold”. However, the always interfering Emma Swan is going to make sure that that doesn’t happen. It’s sure to be an action packed night so don’t miss out. Check out a promo and some episode photos below.

Watch a promo for “Price of Gold” and see more behind-the-scenes photos after the jump.

Are you watching this current season of Survivor: South Pacific? If so, you’ll recognize the two people pictured above. On the left is former Nashville Star contestant Whitney Duncan and on the right is her on-screen b/f, Keith Tollefson. So, you’d think that when you do Survivor, you have to tell producers everything about you right? Like whether or not you’re married? Well, according to People magazine, that is a big detail that Duncan left out of her application.

The magazine is reporting that Duncan married in August of last year Donny Fallgatter, the lead singer of country group KingBilly. Another shocking twist, Whitney was named one of Country Weekly’s Hottest Bachelorettes earlier this year. So wait, what’s going on here? Duncan and Fallgatter met at the CMA Music Festival three months prior to their nuptials. They were married and then suddenly, Whitney was off to the South Pacific to film Survivor. That can make for a complicated new marriage I would suspect. A source for People is saying that Duncan (who entered into a relationship with Keith on the show) called Donny before she returned stateside to tell him about the little fling. Check out a photo of Whitney and Donny below.

A pic of Whitney and Donny after the jump.

If you’re a fan of Glee, this is the gift that just keeps on giving. After debuting their 300th musical performance mash-up of their Adele mash up, FOX has decided to release the rest of the music from this Tuesday’s upcoming episode titled Mash-Off. Glee has also been known for creating their unique mash-ups of songs with similar themes and concepts but this time, Glee kept it “in the family” if you will be having the mash-ups be two songs from the same artist.

The artists getting the Glee treatment this week are Pat Benatar with her songs Hit Me With Your Best Shot and One Way or Another, Hall & Oates with You Make My Dreams Come True and I Can’t Go For That and Shelby and Will square off for a You And I mash-up courtesy of Lady Gaga and Eddie Rabbitt. To be honest, I haven’t been a fan of many of their attempts to put two songs together. However, I think this time, they actually did a pretty good job. The Pat Benatar one in particular is quite well done.

But, the one song that has caught my ear in particular is Puck (played by Mark Salling) doing a rendition of Hot For Teacher which was originally done by Van Halen. Look at Glee digging into some metal music. I’m assuming that Puck is singing this about his new found love for Troubletones leader, Shelby. So what are you waiting for? Listen to all the mash-ups below.

Listen to all of the show’s mash-ups after the jump.

Is Joel McHale The Sexiest Man Alive?

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Do you think Joel McHale is the Sexiest Man Alive? According to People magazine, he may just be a front runner. So, the mag asked the Community star to take them behind the scenes of the show to demonstrate why he should be awarded the coveted title. The result of McHale’s pitch is nothing but pure hilarity.

Joel introduces the video and then takes us into his trailer on set where he explains how he “makes coffee for the cast of Community because we no longer have a coffee machine.” That’s pretty sexy right? He follows that up with some seriously hilarious puns and innuendos as only Joel McHale can deliver. He then delivers the coffee to a few of his fellow male cast members who just happen to be waiting for him, shirtless. Joel obviously follows suit and they make many orgy jokes. I’m confused, is Joel applying for Sexiest Man of the Year for a gay magazine? (wink)

Okay, so Joel McHale may not be the be-all-end-all sexiest man alive, but he sure is out there to prove that funny can be sexy as well. Other funny men competing in the challenge are Seth McFarlane, Kevin Hart and Ty Burrell. Who do you think will come out on top? Watch Joel’s pitch to the mag below.

Watch Joel’s pitch for “Sexiest Man Alive” after the jump.

As if I wasn’t already excited to see Kelly Clarkson’s “VH1 Unplugged” special, but this newly-released trailer brings my anticipation to a boiling point. Can we please just fast forward to November 17th so I can watch Kelly kill it on stage. I’ve always been a fan of the Unplugged specials and have no doubt Kelly’s set will rank as one of my all-time favorites. The original “American Idol” will perform songs from her forthcoming album “Stronger” as well as other past favorites. To my surprise, one of the songs she’ll be singing is a cover of another “American Idol” winner’s track.

Clarkson takes on Carrie Underwood’s “I Know You Won’t“- a track from her 2007 album “Carnival Ride“. Kelly gives the country ballad a stripped down acoustic treatment and it pays dividends. I like it much better than the arrangement on Underwood’s album. She seriously slays it. That being said, I’m sure Carrie, my other favorite Idol, would kill it too with the same arrangement. Who else thinks that Kelly and Carrie should perform a duet? Something in the vein of Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine“. How awesome would that be? While we wait for that unlikely collaboration, check out Kelly’s cover of Carrie’s track and cast your vote on which you prefer.

listen to Kelly sing Carrie’s song after the jump

Both Dominique Reighard and Lisa D’Amato are still in the running to become ANTM’s first All-Star winner, but they’re also battling it out in a different arena. The two released brand new music videos in an attempt to become the next reality star pop star. Last week, I shared Dominique’s catchy “On Top of The World“, and today I have Lisa’s new clip. It was bad enough that I liked Dom’s song, but now I find myself saying that Lisa’s new track isn’t that bad either. What is wrong with me?

Tyra Banks seriously needs to consider creating a spin-off reality show from “America’s Next Top Model“. So far, her track record for creating budding recording artists is better than finding the next Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Both Dom and Lisa’s music career is off to a better start than most of Bravo’s Housewives. Except Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For That Party” of course. That single is pure reality guilty pleasure heaven.

While Dominique’s track was more club pop friendly, Lisa’s single is more hip-hop ragga influenced. “Soldier” is off Lisa’s album, “Flippin’ The Bird” which you can purchase on iTunes. Does iTunes ever say “no” to anyone wanting to hock their music? If anyone knows, I’d love to know. In the meantime, check out both the ANTM All-Stars’ new music videos below. Not surprisingly, neither incorporates “Pot Ledom” in their lyrics or Keenan Cahill in the clip. WWTT (What Would Tyra Think).

watch both music videos after the jump

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