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Guess Who’s Coming Back To Wisteria Lane

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They’re baaaaaaaaaaack. A trio of former residents of Wisteria Lane are heading back to their old stomping grounds to bid adieu to the show. When it was announced this would be “Desperate Housewives” eighth and final season, the producers revealed they would recruit as many alums as they could to the show. Based on today’s casting reveals, they are on their way to fulfilling that promise.

Before I reveal who the show has lured back, let’s discuss the season so far. Overall, the show has been up and down in terms of keeping my attention. The season-long mystery introduced at the premiere had lots of potential and was a great way to bring it back to the first season. So far, most of the episodes have felt like fillers and only given morsels of clues on who knows about the murder. Also, I’m not loving Lynette and Tom’s breakup, nor Susan’s painting class subplot. And worst of all, they are definitely under-utilizing both Vanessa Williams and the gays next door. Shame on the producers. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get to the task at hand.

check out who’s coming back to Wisteria Lane after the jump

Missed Glee last night? Some of you may say no but for those of us still trudging through the trenches with them, you probably were upset about X Factor’s one day push due to Thanksgiving. Don’t worry Gleeks, Glee will return next week and by the looks and sounds of it, it’s going to be one hell of an episode. From what I can gather, a lot of things are coming to a head which should make for some pretty good on-screen drama.

The biggest number of the night is going to be the girls of Glee (from New Directions and the Troubletones) singing Katy Perry’s famous hit I Kissed a Girl. This is all part of Finn’s elaborate plan to blackmail Santana. So, he suggests that both groups sing Lady songs.

Another major story line flowing through next week’s episode will be that of not only one election, but two. That’s right, the McKinley High Senior Class President will be discovered as well as the winner of the special Congressional Election. According to what I can find, the result of the elections will be a shocker! Why? Because both elections are taking place at the school and the arrows pointing on where to vote cause some confusion. Hilarious. Check out the girls singing I Kissed A Girl and find out more music and synopsis spoilers below.

Check out the Katy Perry cover and more synopsis spoilers here.

Who’d You Rather: Ferguson VS Grillo

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This week, I am featuring another reader suggestion for my Who’d You Rather. This week, it a showdown of cop vs cop with Eureka’s Colin Ferguson and The Gates’ own Frank Grillo. You have to love a man in uniform, am I right? Let’s take a closer look.

Colin Ferguson is a Canadian born actor who is most famously known for his role on SyFy’s, Eureka. This fan of the Montreal Canadiens sometimes even blogs for the NHL. Colin has also appeared on shows like CSI: Miami and Girlfriends. Fun fact, Colin is not only a Canadian citizen but also a citizen of the UK and of the US. Another fun fact, I work out at the same gym as Colin and once totally fell off the treadmill beside him. True story and embarrassing.

Frank Grillo is an Italian-American who was born and raised in New York City. He most recently appeared on ABC’s show The Gates but has starred on multiple TV series throughout his career. In the late 80′s and early 90′s, Grillo was a popular fitness model appearing magazines like Men’s Fitness and Exercise & Health. (I’ll definitely display some of those photos below.) Frank will be appearing in a ton of movies next year so keep your eyes peeled for those.

You’ve seen their bios but now, it’s time to make that tough decision: which of these sexy TV cops would you love to have leave their uniforms on your bedroom floor. You catch my drift. Check out their hot photos and vote below.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

The X Factor US: Ranking Top 9 Performances (Video)

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Welcome to “X Factor Gives Back“. Didn’t last night’s “Giving Thanks” show seem awfully similar to American Idol’s Inspirational Songs week for their fundraising “Idol Gives Back” specials? It definitely did for me, without all the 1-800 numbers to donate monies. Given that it’s Thanksgiving this week, the theme was appropriate.

Since the contestants dedicated their song choice to the ones they were most thankful for, I thought I’d take this opportunity to say what I’m thankful for (X Factor related). I’m extremely thankful the producers decided to eliminate two acts this week. Let’s get rid of some of the dead weight and kick this show in to high gear. At least the ones voted off will get to spend Thanksgiving with their families this holiday weekend. Plus they get to take advantage of all those Black Friday sales.

In honor of the feel-good schmaltzy vibe of the show, I’ve decided to follow the old adage of, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all“. You’ll only read positive feedback from me and I’ll try to stay away from the negative. Try, being the operative word. Don’t worry, this is a one-week special. By the time the turkey comes out as poop, I’ll be back to giving both good and bad feedback. Check out all of this week’s videos below.

The Performances

Rachel Crow

Song: I Believe by Yolanda Adams

Great song choice. Loved this song from “Honey” starring Jessica Alba. Rachel is probably the sole female left in the competition that can sing both uptempo songs and ballads equally as well. I admit, her package had me choked up. I’m sure plenty of viewers felt the same way. She’s not going anywhere.

see my rankings and the rest of the videos after the jump

We’re arrived: the grand finale for season thirteen of Dancing With The Stars. It’s hard to believe that only 3 months ago, we were introduced to all of our stars who compete for that coveted mirror ball trophy. This season hasn’t gone without it’s drama, but overall, it’s made for a pretty exciting time in the ballroom. Remaining are three heavy-hitting crowd favorites. We have Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian and J.R. Martinez.

After last night’s show, I picked Rob for the win and Ricki for first runner-up. So, how would the results stack up? The first round of competition will see our three remaining couples perform their favorite dances from the season. These scores will decide which two celebrities will be our final two and who will get third place. The stars will be ranked by the judges from 1st to 3rd. 1st will receive 30 points, 2nd 28 and 3rd 26 points. Those will be added to the scores from last night to make the overall grand totals. Make sense? I hope so. So what did each star chose as their redux?

Ricki chose to redo her Psycho Tango from the Halloween episode which Len mentioned was the most memorable routine of the season and quite possibly, the entire show. Rob chose to honor his late father once again with his Fly Me To The Moon Foxtrot and J.R. wanted a mulligan on his Lindy Hop inspired Jive.

The night’s performances and THE WINNER after the jump.

I can’t get enough of these two girls. A while back, I wrote about Sophia Grace getting noticed for rapping a Nicki Minaj song on YouTube and the two of them getting invited on Ellen as a result. They’ve now been on Ellen twice and now after this weekend, a third time as Ellen had them interview celebrities on the red carpet. They were amazing!

Sophia Grace did all the talking (as usual), chatting with celebrities that include Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Taio Cruz (who Sophia was surprise to learn was also British), among others. Their favorite though was definitely Katy Perry. She was just as excited to see the girls as they were to see her! Sophia Grace sang “Firework” for her and Katy Perry was eating it all up! Who knows, maybe Perry will have them in one of her videos one day. After all, she did feature Rebecca Black in one of her most recent ones! Anyway, enjoy the clip below. Totally made my day.

Watch the video after the jump…

There are many great new tv shows that premiered this fall, but one of my favorites has to be ‘Once Upon A Time‘. The stories, the characters, the actors – it’s all done really well. Today, I’m excited to learn that they’ve cast someone as Ariel from the tale of the The Little Mermaid. Sidenote: I wouldn’t have expected this particular story/character to be included in the show.

At the AMAs, E! News was interviewing Jennifer Morrison and asking her about the show. In the interview, Morrison talked about who she’d like to see cast in the show and who she knew was being courted for the show. When Morrison mention a particular person that they show is after, E! News put two and two together. Hint: It’s not Lady Gaga.

Find out after the jump…

It was only recently that I heard about the NSFW website, “” Essentially, it’s a site where people submit naked or compromising photos of people (both men and women) in an effort to publicly expose them. More often than not, it’s likely an ex submitting the photos for revenge. The site founder, Hunter Moore, has people screening the photos to ensure they are of legal age, and has a lawyer to make sure he can get away with everything. The photos are usually accompanied by screenshots of their actual Facebook profile page, so it’s definitely not an anonymous picture.

Moore was just on Anderson where he was confronted by two of the women (Melissa and Daveeda) who were exposed on his site and wanting to confront him. He says his motive for the site is “to get the information out.” Anderson Cooper asks him, “Do you feel bad about doing this? I mean, you don’t know these women. You don’t know anything about them. Just anonymous people give you the pictures.” Moore responds, “That’s what makes it easier, you know? It’s all anonymous, I don’t know these people…”No one put a gun to your head and made you take these pictures. It’s 2011, everything’s on the internet.” Watch the interview below.

Watch the video after the jump..

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