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It looks like Netflix is in some serious trouble. After raising their prices in July, the instant online streaming company found itself in a little hot water. The company expected an exodus of 590,000 users. However, after the third quarter reports came in, the company realized that had lost just over 800,000 users in the US alone. That doesn’t even include the users they are probably constantly losing in Canada due to the poor quality and quantity of content.

After news broke, Netflix felt the heat on Wall Street as well. The company lost a quarter of it’s value when stocks closed yesterday. The company’s stocks are currently worth less than $100. To put it all into perspective, the company was a stock market gem before they plunged by sixty percent losing almost $9 million dollars four and a half months ago. Now, the exact value after Monday’s sell-off is $86.83. Despite the fact that the company is losing money and fast, Netflix still plans to go ahead with plans to expand into Britain and Ireland. However, they have stated that they will not expand into any other overseas markets until they are making profits again. As you can see, the problem really fell in raising the prices. It was an effort to help spin-off its DVD-by-mail rental service. However, it was a task that needed to be done says Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings.

“We became a symbol of the evil, greedy corporation,” Hastings said in a Monday interview with The Associated Press. “Then we faced a reputational hit that created significantly more cancellations than we anticipated.”

He does admit however that they went about it all wrong. He said the company should have took the time to explain that in order to get more high profile content, they would need the money to pay the television and film studios to be allowed to stream the content on high speed internet connections.

Netflix predicts an increase in subscribers for current quarter after the jump.

Last night was Broadway night on Dancing With The Stars with routines dedicated to songs from shows that have graced the stages of the great white way. To kick the show off, the cast of Sister Act performed a rocking medley of songs from the Tony nominated show. What a great way to begin the night. After that, the stars kicked off their performances. Tonight, we would see everything from Cha Chas, to Quicksteps, and even a Rumba.

But, now that the stars have reached the halfway point in the competition, it’s time for them to endure the group dance. This season, the routine was choreographed by Kevin Maher and you can check it out at the end of the recap. So, with the stars at their breaking point having to learn two dances, who would crack under the pressure and who would rise to the challenge?

With only a few competitors left in the season, I thought I would provide you with all the routines to watch versus picking just my favorites. So, watch all of the dances and check out their scores below.

Watch all the dances after the jump…

We’re not 100% clear of the reason, but we’re thrilled none-the-less. ABC’s hit comedy Happy Endings has decided to release their Halloween episode titled Spooky Endings days early through an exclusive on Yahoo!. The episode will still air on Wednesday night at 9:30pm (check local listings) after Modern Family. So, what can we look forward to this week?

Aside from some seriously awesome costume ideas, the gang heads to a Halloween warehouse party where more than one of them enter a drag competition. This is sure to serve up some serious hilarity on it’s own. Our favorite couple, Brad and Jane (Damon Wayans Jr. & Eliza Coupe) face the scary task of house sitting in the suburbs.

Other exciting news from the episode features two guest star appearance. The first from Perfect Couples star David Walton and Upright Citizens Brigade veteran, Matt Besser. Can’t hold it in any longer? I don’t blame you. Scroll on down below to watch the episode in it’s entirety. Woo-hoo!

Watch the full “Happy Endings” Halloween episode here.

American Idol Debuts First Season 11 Promo

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With the live shows beginning this week on “The X Factor“, FOX thought it was the ideal time to start promoting their other reality singing competition show. You know that small show called “American Idol“. The network debuted the first teaser for “American Idol’s” upcoming 11th season during Game 4 of the World Series yesterday.

Back from their well-reviewed debut last season, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler once again join Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest to find America’s best undiscovered talent. Featuring the tagline “the incredible journey begins“, the crew walk in some Hollywood backlot (Universal I’m guessing) attracting a mob of auditioners and fans.

Contrary to popular belief, “American Idol” didn’t crash and burn after Simon Cowell’s departure. Myself included. The chemistry of the revamped judging panel sizzled and the caliber of talent showed up in droves. The show had creatively comeback and experience a renaissance. Since then, however, two high-profile singing competitions have debuted.

While both “The Voice” and “The X Factor” aren’t nowhere near the Neilsen ratings Idol experiences, both have made their mark and won fans over. When Idol returns, it’ll be interesting to see if it maintains its dominance in the genre or if it’ll lose viewers. Check out the promo below and see if you’ll be coming back come January 2012 to “American Idol”.

view promo video below

Fear Factor was one of the original reality game shows after Survivor and as Donovan previously informed you, after a five-year hiatus, it’s coming back to NBC – crazier than ever. In case you don’t recall or have never seen the show, contestants compete against each other in various challenges that push their “fear factor” to the limits. Whether that’s heights, snakes, jumping out of a plane, they’ll push you and they’ll push you far. In they end, they hope to win $50,000. The reboot of the series is done the same way and features the same sexy manly man host, Joe Rogan.

“The fans of the original show are not going to be disappointed and Rogan is exactly the same — it’s classic, it looks amazing,” Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late night programming, told EW. Well, if the preview below is any indication, it definitely will not disappoint. Being made to eat bugs that are eating bugs, jumping from a moving car onto a bus, having bees cover your face are just a few of the challenges shown in the preview. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this show back on the air on December 19. Enjoy the season preview below!

Watch the preview after the jump…

Which Former ANTM Judge Is Heading To 90210?

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Truth be told, I’m starting to lose my interest in “90210“. This year nearly hasn’t been as riveting as previous season. The show needs to cut some of the dead weight. I like Silver, Ivy, Dixon and Navid but their storyline this year haven’t piqued my interest at all. And don’t even get me started on Adriana. If it wasn’t for Teddy’s upcoming gay wedding and the copious amounts of shirtless scenes of Liam (Matt Lanter) and Austin (Justin Deeley), I would’ve written this show off already. Plus, I have a slight girl crush on Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord). With this latest casting scoop, the show will have me for a bit longer.

“90210″ certainly isn’t holding back on the guest stars this year. Already on Season 4, Kellie Pickler and Brandy have appeared with Billy Ray Cyrus and “Jersey Shore’s” Vinny Guadagnino set to drop by in upcoming episodes. Now comes word that a former “America’s Next Top Model” judge is dropping by to play herself in an episode for November sweeps. Find out who below.

find out who after the jump

Catherine Tate Returns To “The Office”

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This is some fantastic news! One of my favorite female British comedians, Catherine Tate will return to NBC’s version of The Office reprising her role as “Nellie Bertram“. If you recall, she was one of the applicants applying for the job of the new boss in the office, replacing Michael Scott.

So why is she coming back? Well, her character “Nellie” is hired by her friend – none other than the chairman of the board Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates). She’s hired as the “special projects manager” and working directly for corporate, taking advantage of Bennett’s favoritism.

Find out why they wanted her back and when she’ll be on after the jump….

The Real World Season 27 To Cast Protesters

In: Donovan, TV Shows

The 26th season of “The Real World” just began airing a few weeks ago, but the producers are already looking forward to the next season of the veteran reality show. Tentatively titled “The Real World: Battery Park” the show is taking a unique approach with the Season 27 cast. Usually, there’s the token gay guy, the virgin, the one with a significant other, the one with a drinking problem etc… This time the cast will have a unifying thread… protesting. Occupy Wall Street protesters to be specific.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is certainly picking up steam. It began in New York when protesters took over Manhattan’s financial district to take a stance against the evil that is corporate greed. It’s steadily gaining supporters across cities and towns across North America. Trust me, it’s definitely taking off. I fell victim to a protest last weekend when I got stuck in traffic due to road closures for a local protest. I was almost late meeting friends to watch “Footloose” *GASP* ;) If the production team Bunim/Murray get their way, the Occupy Wall Street movement will now have national platform to spread their word.

This being an MTV show, obviously those who apply need to be in their early twenties and attractive. No fuglies allowed, right? I’d love it, if for once the producers raised the age limit for the show. Having some thirty-something living with a 19-year-old would provide some interesting house fireworks. Check out the ad Bunim/Murray posted on Craigslist earlier this week below.

check out the casting ad after the jump

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