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Technically the new Fall television series doesn’t start til next week when the Primetime Emmys airs, but a few shows begin their new season this week. We thought it’d be the perfect time to signal out our favorite returning shows and brand new offerings by the networks that we’re looking most forward to. Today, we’re tackling on returning favorites which have entertained us in the past and hope continue to do so. Tomorrow, we highlight the new shows vying for freshman hit honors.

Patrick, Tyrell and myself have compiled a list of our respective five favorites. Be sure to comment on your favorite shows after reading this post. Without further ado, let’s begin with my list first.

Donovan’s 5 Returning Show Picks

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars

Ashamedly, I have to admit that ANTM’s highly-anticipated upcoming All-Stars season tops my list. I know the same sentiment is echoed by true hardcore ANTM fans as well. While the returning models aren’t the ones with the most model potential, they’re definitely the crème de la crème when it comes to drama and bitchy tendencies. Be sure to check on my preview pics on a weekly basis and for Rich‘s hilarious and popular show recaps.

check out the rest of my Top 5 and Patrick & Tyrell’s top picks after the jump

When “Cougar Town” premieres in late Fall on ABC’s schedule, it’ll have a different look. Not only is the showing adding a new character on the show, but it might show up on your TV Guide with a brand new name. Since the show premiered, the show’s female-skewing title has been blamed for the comedy’s ratings. Research has shown that there was a high number of men who would NEVER sample the show. Even when shown an episode, they were reluctant to continue to watch the show even if they enjoyed it. Also problematic was a few of the show’s fans could and would not refer the show to their friends due to the title.

Co-creator Bill Lawrence reignited the rumor the show is changing it’s name this season via a tweet he sent the other day -“Those that loved the title…. [It's] not around for much longer.” Honestly, if you’re not going to watch the show or refer it to a friend due to its title, that’s pretty lame. Seriously, some people need to grow some balls. Personally I could care less what the show is titled, but wished they had changed the title before Season 2 began. It’s a case of a too little, too late, if you ask me. That being said, I really enjoy the show and hope the change helps out the show’s less-than-stellar Neilsen ratings.

I’m also looking forward to the latest casting news I stumbled upon today. An actress from ABC’s “Roseanne” is joining the show for multiple episodes. If you’re a fan of that sitcom and a medical sitcom from a few years ago, then you’ll also be excited that this talented actress is the newest member of the cul-de-sac crew. Keep reading to find out.

find out which Roseanne star is joining the cast after the jump

Holy smoke, this is it folks! We have finally reached the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada season four and I am beyond excited to see which of the remaining four dancers will walk with away with the title of Canada’s Favourite Dancer. I’ve had a chance to do some serious reflection since the original performance episode aired last Monday and I am extremely torn as to who I think will win, and rightfully, who deserves to win as well. Ultimately, I think the title has to be handed to one of the remaining girls in the competition, as Melissa, Lindsay and Jordan are far superior to Christian, Shane and Matt (sigh). Believe me, my crush on Matt is still going strong; however, I don’t think that’s going to carry him through to the win.

The night opened with an incredibly weird Jazz piece that included Mary Murphy and Luther Brown on stage, sitting on oversized thrones. The Jean-Marc, Tre and Blake took to the stage to perform alongside the top twenty-two dancers from this season. Of course Blake had to try to take centre stage. I will say I loved when Matt tap-danced in the black sequence pants, purple blazer and no shirt underneath! HOT! Overall, this performance did a good job of reminding the audience of all the previous contestants that have been sent home over the weeks. Sadly this performance was pre-recorded, as the top twenty-two dancers were quickly introduced following this performance in entirely different outfits. Lame.

Find out how it all went down after the jump…

Whoopsies, I’m late with my Man Crush again this week. For some reason I had a really difficult time picking a hottie this week. I tried to keep my theme of selecting studs who are starring in new shows from the upcoming television season. When I found a delicious guy that would deem worthy of my Man Crush honors, I was unable to find enough pictures to warrant a post on them. Hottie after hottie, I came across this same problem.

In the end, I decided to do a trinity of studs to serve up to you this week. Just think of it as three times the hotness. So, to end my Fall television preview in grand fashion via my Man Crush feature, I picked the hottest guys that were in contention this week. I present to you Ramon Rodriguez who’ll be the fourth “angel” on ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. Joining him are “Grimm’s” David Giuntoli and Mark Delkin of “Good Christian Belles”. All these guys are worthy of your online affection. Get to know them below.

check out the studs below

Project Runway 9: Episode 7 Designs

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You’re probably thinking why the eff am I recapping “Project Runway” now? It does seem pretty random considering we’re in the middle of Season 9. I’m loving this season so much, I had to write about it. While some critics think this season isn’t one of their best, I have to respectfully disagree. Most of the designers are quite likable and I have several I’m rooting for. There are also a couple of personalities who create enough friction to make the episodes interesting. I’m not going to recap the episodes in the traditional sense, but rather just quickly talk about the designs and the elimination.

This week, the designers were in store for yet another team challenge which means lots of drama. Once split up, the teams were informed they had to create their own signature fabric designs (always a favorite challenge of mine). They were also instructed to capture video and images which would serve as inspiration and a backdrop for their runway show. Loved this latest twist for the show. Both teams’ visuals worked out pretty well. Betsy Johnson appeared briefly on the show to advise the designers on showmanship. Joining the judging panel this week were designer Rachel Roy and actress Rose Byrne. See how both teams fared below.

check out this week’s designs after the jump

Last night on David Letterman, the cast of Two & A Half Men were on live via satellite to deliver their Top 10 reasons why you should watch their show this season. Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones were all on hand to deliver the one liners as Dave counted them down. Overall, they were semi-funny and the delivery could have used a little more luster. Even Dave made a comment saying, “I think they were under the impression that this was rehearsal. Check out the Top 10 reasons:

  • 10. If you had a hit show, I’d watch it. — Ashton
  • 9. Television is a great way to avoid interacting with your family. — Angus
  • 8. I need to pay for a really big new house. — Jon
  • 7. If you don’t, I’ll make ‘Dude, Where’s My Car II?’” — Ashton
  • 6. The economy sucks, our show’s free – what more do you need? – Angus
  • 5. This season, we’ll reveal who the mother is. – Jon
  • 4. We’re switching to metric, so it’ll be “4.023 Men” – Ashotn
  • 3. I’m 35 g**damn years old. – Angus
  • 2. It’s like “The Odd Couple” but we get to use the word weiner. – Jon
  • 1. Watch it, don’t watch it, I get paid either way. – Ashton

To see the cast deliver the list, check out the video below. Two & A Half Men returns with all new episodes on CBS September 19th (check local listings).

Watch the 2.5 Men Top 10 after the jump…

Okay, I have to admit, if a video game based on Full House had come out in the 90′s, I probably would have spent my nights (and days) playing it in my basement rec room. Now, thanks to a nerdy techie, we can experience what a Full House video game could have looked like.

Like many YouTube commenters are saying, we would have loved to see Danny Tanner vs. family dog Comet in this Street Fighter adaptation but alas, we are treated to a battle of the uncles: Uncle Jesse vs. Uncle Joey. The two are armed with some pretty cool powers including Uncle Jesse’s guitar riff and Uncle Joey’s impression of Popeye. Check out the video of a round of the “Full House: Tournament Fighter” after the jump to see who reigns supreme.

Check out the “Full House” video game after the jump…

ANTM Cycle 17: Episode 1 Preview Pics

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We’re less than a week away from the highly-anticipated All-Star season of “America’s Next Top Model” and the wait is excruciatingly painful. Is it wrong that I’m really excited for this cycle? It’ll be even more guilty pleasure ridden than your typical season With all the over-the-top personalities SLASH beyotches, it should make for an entertaining watch. Thankfully, the CW released a slew of pictures from the season premiere to tide me over til next Wednesday when ANTM Cycle 17 premieres on September 14.

As previously reported, the focus of this cycle is on branding and not so much on modeling. That being said, the prize package still includes a spread in Vogue Italia and a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. In addition, two new goodies are being added to the mix this cycle- an Express fashion campaign and a correspondent job on Extra.

For those who’re curious to know this year’s international destination, I’ll write it in white text. It’s the Greek island of Crete. Had I known that, this location would be the destination for this cycle, I would’ve headed over there instead of Mykonos during my recent European vacation. For a list of this year’s guest judges, click on my previous post to find out.

view more preview pics after the jump

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