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On the heels of CBS renewing The Big Bang Theory for three more seasons, the eye network delivered good news to 18 of their other series. Nine of those were dramas which include CSI; Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Elementary, The Good Wife, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Person of Interest.

“The best way to launch new shows in the fall and throughout the season is to surround them with a strong and stable lineup of successful series,” said Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler. “The shows we’re picking up today cut across every night of the week and feature genre leaders, time period winners and the most-watched shows on broadcast television.”

find out the fates of other shows and which three remain on the bubble

Scandal: Meet Fitz & Mellie’s Kids

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For almost three seasons of Scandal we’ve heard about Mellie and Fitz’s two older children but never seen them. On March 27 that all changes in the episode titled “Mama Said Knock You Out.” Jerry (Dylan Minnette) and Karen Grant (Madeline Carroll) will make their first appearance in an extremely awkward First Family dinner. At least based on promo pictures released by ABC it looks that way. You can almost cut the tension with the proverbial knife.

Shonda Rimes clearly has a big plan now that the kids have been introduced. Does this mean Fitz’s dad raping Mellie comes to light soon? How will Fitz react knowing that his eldest son is actually his half-brother? Fix that Olivia Pope.

Both Minnette and Carroll have a history with ABC prior to joining the Scandal cast. For all you Lost addicts, you might recognize Dylan as Jack Shephard’s son. His other credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Awake and Men of a Certain Age. Madeline’s ties with the alphabet network include other Shonda Rimes-produced shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Her other television credits include The Cleaner, NCIS, Cold Case and like Minnette was also on Lost. Check out both actors in their new scandalous roles below.

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American Idol 13: Top 11 Perform (Videos)

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This week’s theme, “Songs From The Cinema,” was much kinder to American Idol 13′s Top 11. Collectively speaking, it was leaps and bounds better than last week’s dreadful mess. I guess the remaining singers didn’t want another verbal bashing from the judges who have been remarkably on point this season.

While I’m still not crazy about the talent, I appreciate the honesty and insightful constructive comments from the panel. I’m so glad I don’t have to sit through hearing “you’re in it to win it” week in and week out. With that being said, Randy Jackson’s go-to phrase reared its ugly head on Wednesday night’s show.

Before we get to the performances, I just wanted to quickly commend the producers. Tonight’s filler where the contestants imitated each other were priceless. I’m also a fan of the new way Ryan Seacrest reminds viewers to vote. The cute pre-taped video appearing on the side is far more entertaining than the singers mugging for the camera with their fingers begging for votes. Without further ado, check out this week’s performances below and my elimination prediction.

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It’s senior year for the kids of Awkward. What does that mean? Time to mix it up. Two new gay characters are enrolling to Palos Hills for the MTV show’s fourth season. New showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler dished about the new additions to BuzzFeed.

“Then we’ve got two gay characters named Theo [played by Evan Crooks] and Cole [played by Monty Geer]. As gay writers, it’s obviously important to us to have gay characters on a TV show, so we looked at what we hadn’t seen on TV yet, and we liked the idea of these gay guys whose sexuality wasn’t the most important thing in their lives. They are a bit obnoxious, kind of in the tradition of Stifler from American Pie or Beavis and Butthead — they just happen to be gay.” – Chris Alberghini

Monty Geer (top right) has mostly appeared in bit nondescript roles in a couple series including Mercy and Boardwalk Empire. Evan Crooks (bottom left) has a tad more experience and appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and The Carrie Diaries. I’m curious to know what kind of ruckus these gay Stiflers are going bring to Palos Hills. Awkward returns to MTV on April 15. Check out the trailer below which the network recently debuted.

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Previously, the CW shared only a profile view of Grant Gustin’s head in his Flash costume. The network was in a far more generous mood this morning and unveiled the full-length view.

Designed by award-winning designer Colleen Atwood, the costume is exactly what you’d expect. It has the Flash’s signature lightning bolt on his chest with protruding ear wings on the helmet. The most noticeable change is the color. It’s a darker deeper hue red than we’ve seen before. I’d say it’s almost maroon. At least in the promo pic it is. Check it out below.

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During an interview with Game of Thrones fansite Winter Is Coming, Kristian Nairn who plays the beloved character Hodor came out as gay. The topic came up when the 38-year-old actor was informed that he had a big following in the gay community. Nairn replied to the blog, “Well, in all honesty, when you talk about the gay community you are talking about MY community, haha.”

Kristian added, “I AM aware of it yeah, and I think it’s really lovely. There’s not a day that I don’t get a few messages, but 99 percent or more are super sweet and nothing smutty at all! Again, it’s a privilege, and I really mean that.”

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The second I saw this scene on Sunday night, I scoured the internet to find the clip to share with you. At last, I’ve found the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You’re welcome.

Last time I posted a clip from Looking, some readers were upset I spoiled the episode. I thought 24 hours after the show aired was sufficient time for most fans to catch the show. I guess I was wrong. OOPS. Personally, if you go online, you always run the risk of stumbling upon things.

For the sake of not wanting to incur the same wrath I’ll simply share the clip without going into too much detail. I’ll simply state character ‘A’ and character ‘B’ hook up even though both have boyfriends. While I prefer ‘A’ with ‘C,’ I can’t deny the sex scene with ‘B’ was beyond hot because it was. Maybe writers can get A, B, C and D together for a hot little fourgy action at some point during Season 2. Check out the sexy clip below.

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Here we go…the two groups meet for the first time: can you feel the tension? What was really funny is the first group was trying SO HARD to be SO COOL while the confident queens in group two were just excited and happy to meet the original 6. In the end it was Trinity who was the one to break the ice (we need to keep our eye on Trinity, she’s got something I think). After the initial meeting they had to compete in their first mini challenge together. They had to pair with a girl NOT in their original group and do this hilarious two person/one body thing. One girl would be the legs, and the other the top half. My personal favourite was Ben and Darienne (SO FUNNY), but it was Milk and Adore who won, thus  becoming the captains of the next team challenge.

As with many RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons before, Episode 2 was the acting challenge. This year they were doing the same movie (Drag Race me to Hell) with one version being from the 60s, and the other from the 80s. Milk and Adore had to pick their teams and surprise surprise they each chose their original groups. I’m not mad at that at all, in fact I’m quite pleased because I only had to watch/care about half of the episode!

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