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Game Of Homes: Now Casting In Vancouver

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The W Network is looking for teams of renovators who’ve got what it takes to completely transform run down houses into spectacular show homes. The show is called Game Of Homes (such a clever name) and they are looking for teams of two who’ve got the skills and confidence to rebuild, redesign and renovate entire houses in a matter of weeks.

The team that does the best job will get to keep the house they renovated AND everything in it!

Teams can be romantically linked, friends, workmates or family members and you’ll both need to be available for an extended filming period of 4-5 weeks September/October in Vancouver. You guys know how these things works… there’s usually at least one gay team in these types of reality shows so Vancouver gays… your chances of getting cast in this are pretty high if you can show casting producers that you’ve got what it takes.

Go to to apply today and attend the open casting call (*with your teammate*) that is taking place this coming Wednesday, July 23 from 2pm – 9pm at the Georgian Court Hotel (773 Beatty Street). Here you’ll get the chance to meet the casting producers in person and let them know why you should be on the show. Good luck!


When I first heard Zac Efron signed on for NBC’s new reality series hosted by Bear Grylls, I just assumed he was an adrenaline junkie. After watching the network’s latest promo for Running Wild With Bear Grylls, I’m thinking Efron’s participation is a calculated move by his team to show studio execs that Zac is ready to become Hollywood’s next big action movie star.

In the recently-released clip, Efron crosses a rope tied across 150 foot high ravine. Even though he’s attached to a safety line, I can only imagine how harrowing it was for him. Grylls instructs Zac not to look down, but did anyway which threw him off in the beginning. I expect plenty more death-defying stunts from the 26-year-old during his episode.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls premieres on Monday, July 28 at 8/7c on NBC. Other stars signed on include Channing Tatum, Tom Arnold, Ben Stiller and more. Check out the clip below.

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All season long, Bravo has shown us an image of a prosthetic leg on the floor with shocked bystanders looking on. Exactly how did Aviva Drescher’s fake leg end up there. It’s the moment Real Housewives of New York fans have been waiting for. It appears Drescher hurls it across the table while fighting with Heather Thomson to prove a point. That’s one way to win an argument ;)

Throughout her time on the show, Aviva has done plenty of insane things, but this takes the cake. It might even be the most ridiculous thing to ever appear on Bravo’s entire Housewives franchise. And that’s saying a lot. These woman have done some cray cray things over the years. I suppose, given her relatively boring Season 6 storyline, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, to secure a spot for Season 7. Watch all the insanity below. I can’t wait for the RHONY Season 6 finale on Tuesday.

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True Blood Actress Joins Netflix’s Daredevil

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When True Blood meets its true death in a few weeks, one cast member won’t be unemployed for too long. Deborah Ann Woll, who plays vampire Jessica, already has a new gig lined up. The 29-year-old is swapping out supernaturals for superheroes.

The True Blood actress has been tapped to take the female lead in the upcoming Netflix drama, Daredevil. Woll will play Karen Page, the on-again/off-again love interest to the titular blind crimefighter played by Charlie Cox. She joins previously announced cast members Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Elden Henson and Peter Shinkoda on the Marvel series.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 11 – Beasts on the Block

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Last night’s episode was a win regardless of the outcome. Both Devin and Caleb are strong, athletic players that have proven themselves to be complete beasts at competitions. With either one out of the house a strong competitor leaves with them. I had a feeling this would happen, people in the house started considering the option of evicting Caleb. With his infatuation with Amber turning into an obsession houseguests were concerned the duo would pose a threat later down the road. His jealously of Cody and Amber’s friendship didn’t help either and was rubbing Cody the wrong way. Cody began the discussion to blindside Caleb. It was considered but no one it was hard to tell where the biggest threat sat.

Before the live eviction we were visited by a familiar face Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11 and 13. He visited Donny’s home town to check in with his family. Apparently they don’t watch the show but you could tell he comes from a loving family.

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If you’re watching this season of Big Brother, most likely you’re crushin’ hard on Cody Calafiore. How can you not? Dude is sex on wheels. He’s probably one of the hottest guys to ever compete on the reality show’s sixteen seasons.

On last night’s episode, producers finally gave him some massive airtime. While he looked great in every scene, by far, his impromptu striptease was my favorite. He gave poor Jacosta (who was dehydrated and ill) a show she’ll never forget. Thank you BB gods. Relive the sexy moment below.

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Last year, producers added an LGBT character (Amber Tamblyn) to Two and a Half Men. This year, the CBS sitcom is upping the gay quotient. CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler revealed Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer will get married on the series’ upcoming 12th season during a Television Critics Association press event on Thursday. Find out why and how below.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 10 – Executed Perfectly

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After being dethroned as part of the challenge Nicole disappeared vanishing into thin air. Houseguests were concerned whether Nicole was coming back or not. As soon as houseguests were let back into the house they saw Nicole waiting, dressed head to toe in a frog costume. This is similar to the unitard punishments in the past. She must where the frog costume for an entire week.

Theme of the week is, backdoor Devin! That’s all people were focusing on whilst watching the live feeds, trying to stay up to date on who was in power and who was on the block. As of Sunday it was Caleb and Jocasta sitting next to one another on the block. Never a fun place to be however one of the two nominees would be coming off this week and a replacement would take their place. Shortly after the Battle of the Block competition Jocasta got seriously ill. She had a case of dehydration and was unfortunately unable to compete in the veto competition. But let’s be honest she wouldn’t have come close to winning anything.

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