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Starting July 20, Bear Grylls will take six celebrities into the wildest and most remote locations in the U.S. and around the world for a 48-hour journey of a lifetime. Each episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls will feature one celebrity enduring the harsh wilderness in high-octane, action-based and empowering journeys spread over six remote locations. From skydiving into the Catskill Mountains, to rappelling down the cliffs of Utah and battling torrential wind and rain in Scotland, Grylls and each celebrity will have to push both their minds and bodies to the limit to successfully complete their journey.

Those brave stars who signed undoubtedly multiple releases to appear on the show are Zac Efron (Neighbors), actor-director Ben Stiller (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), actor Channing Tatum (22 Jump Street), NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, actor Tom Arnold (Sons of Anarchy) and MSNBC and Today anchor Tamron Hall. NBC just released two promos for the upcoming reality show. In one of them Efron is shown eating a bug. Check it out below.

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Once Upon A Time Finds Its Elsa

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Just days after finding their Anna and Kristoff, producers have announced their search for Elsa is over. Georgina Haig will play the Queen of Arendelle on the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time. I can’t wait to see how the Frozen characters are integrated into the storyline. This should be good.

The 28-year-old Aussie actress is best known for playing Peter and Olivia’s daughter on Fringe. Check out what she looks like below and weigh in if she has what it takes to work Elsa’s signature side braid.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 4 – Big Bad Donny

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Tonight’s episode finally got me on the edge of my seat! But before I get into what had me laughing out loud the events leading up to the epic win. Prior to tonight’s Power of Veto competition, Devin convinced all of the Bomb Squad alliance that Donny was a serious threat that needed to be taken down. Based purely on assumption, Devin got Caleb interested in his plan to evict Donny. Donny, the sweetest, cutest little bearded man you ever saw was apparently a huge threat. Personally he’s my favorite player, after losing the Battle of the Block competition he was crying tears of joy at the fact that so many people showed him affection after his lose. He’d never been showed that compassion growing up so he was completely overwhelmed and broke down. I love him! Xoxo Donny

Joey, the first houseguest chosen to play on “Team America” tried to rally the girls to confirm their all girls’ alliance. Derrick took notice and didn’t hesitate to inform Caleb. Later that night Amber confirmed that Joey was trying to form an opposing alliance to take on the Bomb Squad putting a huge target on her back.

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Who’d You Rather: Night Shift Edition

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Looks like the doctors over at NBC have to clock in some overtime. The peacock network just renewed the mid-season medical drama for a second season with even more episodes, 14 to be exact.

In honor of The Night Shift surviving on the network (which isn’t an easy feat), I thought I’d highlight some of the show’s hottest men in our latest Who’d You Rather battle. I picked my three favorites in no particular order.

For those who’re wondering why Scott Wolf isn’t in the mix, technically he’s only a guest star. Depending on if he survives the season finale on Tuesday, July 15, I expect he might pop up next season as well. He’s definitely this fan’s favorite ;) Check out the three dudes in contention below.

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Arrow Casts Katana For Season 3

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Oliver Queen is getting a new friend for Season 3 of Arrow. Katana also known as Tatsu Yamashiro will mentor Oliver during the Hong Kong-set flashbacks. She is known for wielding the Soultaker sword which does exactly what it states- takes the soul of its victims.

The DC heroine was first introduced in 1983′s The Brave and the Bold #200. Originally part of the Outsiders team, Katana eventually becomes part of the Justice League of America. Find out which actress has been tapped to play the part below.

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FOX Cancels Hieroglyph Before Its Premiere

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One of the more interesting new shows FOX presented during their upfronts was the Egyptian-themed drama Hieroglyph. The forthcoming 2014-2015 television season doesn’t begin until September but we already have our first official casualty. FOX has canceled the show before even its premiere. The network did the exact same thing last year with Jason Ritter’s Us & Them.

Writers for the show were told the unfortunate news on Monday. The show starred Max Brown, Reece Ritchie, Condola Rashad and John Rhys-Davies. The mid-season drama was reportedly not creatively coming together the way executives had hoped. Check out the show’s trailer below released by FOX a couple months ago.

The world of ancient Egypt – a time of magic, Pharaohs, gods and thieves – lives again in HIEROGLYPH, an exciting action-adventure series from creator/executive producer Travis Beacham (“Pacific Rim,” “Clash of the Titans”). When a dangerous scroll, The Book of Thresholds, is stolen from Egypt’s most secure vault, master thief AMBROSE (Max Brown, “Beauty And The Beast,” “MI-5”) is plucked from prison to track down the perpetrator. Having spent the past five years in the darkest of pits, Ambrose quickly learns that his prison cell might be safer than the dangerous new world in which he finds himself: Atum, the empire’s capital. Ambrose must answer to Pharaoh SHAI KANAKHT (Reece Ritchie, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”), a god in the flesh, a young ruler with a cool charm and a violent, frightening temper. The question for Ambrose is not whether he can trust his new boss, but whether he can trust anyone. Also stalking the halls of the palace is NEFERTARI KANAKHT (Condola Rashad, “Smash,” “Steel Magnolias”), half-sister to the Pharaoh, whose relationship with Shai’s closest advisor, MAGISTER BEK (guest star Hal Ozsan, “90210”), masks her own designs for power. Finding few leads in the palace, Ambrose’s investigation takes him to the doorstep of his long-lost love, PESHET (Caroline Ford, “Lake Placid: The Final Chapter”), a magic-wielding adoratrice, a type of homespun priestess who uses her femininity as a portal to the gods…for the right price. Peshet was the keystone in Ambrose’s merry band of thieves, an impressionable youth with great knowledge of magic, a woman who never saw a lock for which she didn’t have an unlocking charm. Five years later, Peshet has left her old life behind in a pious pursuit of divine contact. Ambrose’s journey also leads him to old friends, such as VOCIFER (John Rhys-Davies, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark”), a peddler of mystical wares and Ambrose’s mentor. But he also comes face-to-face with foes both old and new, from RAWSER (Antony Bunsee, “EastEnders,” “Sex and the City 2”), the Pharaoh’s captain of the guard, who imprisoned him five years ago; to LOTUS TENRY (Kelsey Chow, “One Tree Hill”), a palace concubine and spy for a rival kingdom. As Ambrose unravels the mystery of The Book of Thresholds, he begins to see the extent to which sorcery has seeped into the halls of power in ancient Egypt, and how close it is to causing this great civilization’s downfall.

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Once Upon A Time Finds Its Kristoff & Anna

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During the final moments of the Season 3 finale of Once Upon A Time, Elsa and her signature blond side braid arrived in Storybrooke. While the part of Elsa hasn’t officially been cast yet, producers have found actors to play two other Frozen characters.

Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff voiced Princess Anna and Kristoff in the animated hit movie. Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster will take over and bring the characters to life on the ABC drama. Foster is best known for his roles in Parenthood and Greek. His other credits include Chasing Life, Law & Order: LA and Melissa & Joey. Lail, on the flip side, is a relative newcomer. Check out what both look like below.

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Community Gets Another Semester

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Ever since it premiered, Community had been on the brink of extinction. Due to its hardcore fans, NBC gave it a reprieve every year until this season. The peacock network finally gave the Dan Harmon sitcom its walking papers.

This week, the cast and crew had reason to scream “yahoo.” The cult-favorite comedy has been rescued by Yahoo! Dan Harmon and the entire cast will return for 13 more episodes. The deal comes on the heels of Sony’s talks with Hulu falling through last week.

“Yahoo is all about connecting the best creators to the audiences who love their work,” noted Kathy Savitt, CMO of Yahoo. “Community has an incredibly passionate and loyal fan base who have fought hard to keep this amazing show alive. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Dan, Joel, and the entire cast, as well as Sony, to deliver a great season 6.”

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