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The Big 3

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Gyms love machines. They look expensive, accessible, and require little to no supervision, allowing potential members to sign up, pay up and get started. Exercise machines allow the user to sit or stand and simply push or pull weight along guided rails isolating the particular muscle that the user wishes to stimulate. Safe and easy right? But wait, aren’t we training to be athletes for life, to better perform day to day functions in the real world? Remind me, when was the last time you sat down on a bench and leaned over a padded arm rest to “preacher curl” your bags of groceries into position? So whats the alternative? Exercises using free weights simulate and build neuromuscular pathways, challenge full body stabilizing strength, mimic our real life day to day activities and effectively build bigger, stronger and smarter muscles. In order to help make your body a machine, here are three BIG full body exercises that are going launch your strength gains into overdrive, challenge your balance and co-ordination, and fire up your metabolic engine! 

The Deadlift

Greg Glassman the founder of Crossfit has the following to say about the deadlift: “Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to ‘rev up’ your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance, or maintain functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is a marked shortcut to that end.” 

There is simply no question that the deadlift can create fullbody strength and power that no machine can. Never deadlifted before? Start light and follow Greg’s cues to a perfect deadlift… 

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems these days as though everything is suddenly “anti-gay”. I don’t mean that such things are portraying us gays in a bad light, I mean that it seems like we are getting upset more and more often. I am sure am I going to receive major flack for this but that’s okay.

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about the old spice ad that is running on TV right now, with a muscular attractive ‘masculine’ man talking to women about their men. Now, this is directed towards straight women, which is fine. Old spice did studies and found that women buy the majority of their beauty products for men. So these marketers decided that it would be best to target straight women while also appealing to straight men, and TRADITIONALLY, straight men want to be perceived as masculine, and straight women are attracted to masculine men.

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Dating & The Law Of Attraction

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I am sure by now you have heard this term a few times and may even be getting fed up with how much exposure it is receiving and what does it mean anyway? In simpler terms: law of attraction means: likes, attract likes.

Behavior breeds behavior, and while this sounds like a simple concept, this topic goes beyond that, and helps you learn how receive and believe you can change your life to attract what you want. It doesn’t have to be a dream!

For example: If you are unhappy in your current job, it may be time to seriously consider leaving it. Your quality of life is more important than staying somewhere that you have outgrown and are only there because it is easy and safe.

Pursuing your passion should become your focus so that you don’t waste anymore time in making that goal a reality. Don’t look at it as a dream; actually visualize your new path. It is easier to achieve something when you can see it clearly.

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Gay & Lesbian Events & Nightlife In Vancouver

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Vancouver has a large gay population which boasts numerous venues and yearly events. Visitors from all over the world attend two annual parties, The Gay Pride Parade Day and Whistler’s Gay & Lesbian ski week.

Pride day this year will be Sunday August 1, 2010 starting at noon. The parade has an audience of over 600,000 and is lined up in colorful fashion throughout the 20 block progression ending at the “Sunset Beach Festival Site” for a continued celebration. The entertainment is non-stop and talented people wanting to participate can contact [email protected]

Winter Pride at Whistler, BC usually held in February, was moved to March 1-8 to accommodate the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The host hotel was the Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa but there are many other available hotels to choose from when visiting this spectacular tourist location . This popular Gay & Lesbian “week long” party celebrated it’s 18th year displaying the proud diversity of thousands of visitors and locals attending the numerous venues at the beautiful Whistler/Blackcomb location. Events included a “wild pool party“, fetish themes, snowball fights, dog sledding tours, yoga, zip lining and even cooking classes.

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Will YOU Get An iPhone 4?

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In case you missed it, Apple has recently released their new flagship product, the iPhone 4. It’s not available in Canada yet, but will be soon. And so, the question is: will you upgrade?

The iPhone 4 offers a myriad of upgrades, including a totally redesigned, industrial look. I for one think it looks great, and what’s the point of upgrading your phone if it isn’t obvious you have the better one? (roll your eyes if you must, some of us live for this)

The iPhone 4 comes with a new, improved “retina” display that brags over 60% of the iPad’s pixels in a small fraction of the size. The resolution of the display is so high in fact that the human eye is supposedly unable to distinguish a pixel.

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He Trusts Me, He Trusts Me Not

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I’ve died, cried, grown, loved, lost, became, invented, and reinvented a lot in the 5 years I’ve been in my relationship and been married. And maybe we’ve been a lucky two, and grown together into people that can still look each other in the eye and say “I love you” and mean it, but throughout all the perennial changes, I’ve learned something that I don’t hear a lot of echoed in relationships around me, wondering if I’m so different.

Now firstly, I’m not the relationship guru, and I don’t attempt to blanket effect the whole of humanity through my experiences (although I’m still damn well trying to invent that invention). I’m just the guru of MY relationship. Besides, how else are we to relate to the world except through individual seasoning (even if mine’s pretty salty).

So here’s my salt:

I have no fear in my relationship. In my life involving my husband. I have no fear he will leave me or find another, and I have no fear I could find mine. I’m not fearful of being with him for the next 45 years and dieing together soaking each other’s dentures. I’m not fearful he will stay faithful to me for the rest of my life, or find that another’s passion will fulfill him. All the things that include love, that include sex, passion, desire, emotion, in all of these things, fear is not a factor. (Quick, say crack again….crack).

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When Gays Hate Gays

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I’ve come to accept that I am frequently annoyed with straight people when it comes to their, sometimes, complete lack of understanding of homosexuality. Like most of you I have been asked questions such as, “but don’t you want to know what sex with a girl is like?” or my favorite, “how do you know you don’t like having sex with girls if you’ve never tried it.” It is through these stupid questions that I’ve been able to understand, although absolutely not accept, where gay bashings start from. There is sometimes such a lack of understanding, and a fear, that some people give themselves (wrongly) the okay to hurt other people – either physically or verbally.

Last weekend, I was over at my friends place for dinner where I was one of 5 gay men sitting around the dinner table. Alcohol had only just started flowing, food was plentiful and the conversation was polite and maybe even a little bit surface – we didn’t all know each other. My friend was talking about how his ex-boyfriend used to always hold his hand, no matter where they were, when I stated, “I love that. I like that he has the confidence to push people to accept him as opposed to worry that someone might not like it.” Suddenly, from across the table there was a response, “Well – I think that some gays should get bashed.” Ummm…WHAT?! There was a moment of dead silence, and a dreaded look all around the table, before I calmly replied, “It’s people like you who give straight people permission to bash us.”

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Cook Damn You, Cook!: 4 Shows to Inspire

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Anyone that knows me, knows that at my core, cooking is comparable to certain sexual acts for me. The whole process of creating a meal from start to finish from scratch, especially something I’ve never undertaken, makes me a little leaky. I love cooking.

And I love television. I spend plenty enough time outdoors recreationally to justify my secret love for TV. And now, thanks to a little scamming (nothing leading to jail time), I now receive 200 channels, one of which I’ve been missing from my life. I didn’t know the Food Network could actually complete me as a person. I feel as if I was lost at sea, NO…adopted, and have finally met my birth parents. And they’re all friendly to the camera, have perfect hair and makeup, and every one of them cooks for me.

Now my budget’s being a little blown lately because, well, monkey see monkey do, but after just a short while I thought for anyone else that cooks out there, I would give you four shows that make me warm and runny on the inside, because EVERYONE should cook.

Nigella Bites


It is absolutely SHOCKING how many people I mention this name to, who have no idea who I’m talking about. This goddess is all busts and hips, and I fell in love with her the minute she put on a rubber glove to peel beets, and told me that the “matron will be gentle”. Nigella Lawson has made cooking sexy (speaking of warm and runny), and whether she has her hand in a chicken cavity, or is licking fresh whip cream off of her fingers, she always does it with a little heavy eyeliner and a wink. I’m not the biggest fan of british cooking, but when she says “delectable trifle”, she oozes heat with every syllable. Woof.

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