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Saturday Submissions

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Oh, Canada! GayWhistler has announced that gay athletes will get their own meeting place in Whistler. The facility will include a meeting area, lounge, TV, and most importantly, a safe place for gay athletes and their friends. This is the first time a specific house has been created based on sexual orientation.

Personally, I think this is a great step to make gay athletes feel more accepted, create common bonds and friendships in the world of sports which rarely touches on the topic of homosexuality beyond a heated slur during the moment of battle.

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Homorazzi was recently sent two boxes of Nestlé’s new chocolates –  Nestlé Noir Mousse Délicate – to review.

In the words of Nestlé, “each individual pillow of chocolate features a silky mousse filling enrobed in a shell of either dark or milk chocolate”. I’m not a huge fan of mousse, but if you like chocolate mousse, you’ll most likely enjoy these, because the filling replicates a dessert mousse quite authentically. I always like a hard shell with a contrasting texture inside, so I enjoyed that sensory aspect of the chocolate.

Nestle is not the most expensive or premium chocolate out there, but I’d consider the quality of the chocolate decent value for money.  Each box offers 10 individual pieces, and retails for $3.99. As an added bonus, Nestlé only buys cocoa through approved sustainable suppliers, so it’s an eco-friendly product.  Unfortunately the saturated fat content as per the ingredients label was a little high for my liking.

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Wow, something useful might actually come from Twitter. I should start off by mentioning that I do not use Twitter; I don’t follow people who have Twitter; I have never even visited the Twitter website- I am assuming there is one- I simply know the basic premise behind it. There are two main reasons I am steering clear of Twitter:

1. I already have way too many things that I waste my time doing (eBay, Facebook, reading/writing blogs, checking email, reading, sleeping).

2. Inspite of friends who now Tweet, but used to make fun of my constant Facebook status updating.

In a society where everyone loves to know everyone’s business, follow celebrities, and have constant stimulation, I totally understand why Twitter is a hit. I just personally don’t want to get caught up in it.

I was very surprised to read an article the other day that a scientific idea was brought about because of Twitter. Coming from a science background, I have witnessed how much research is out there in the world that makes only baby steps towards something useful and that is beneficial to the world. And, how much there is out there that doesn’t even do that.

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Tricks of a Deal Whore: Hotels

In: Saturday Submissions, Travel & Leisure

On our last trip to LA (last summer), someone thought it’d be a good idea to play the game “lets be brutally honest with each other”. The game is simple. Everyone goes around the circle and says one or two things about each other that we probably didn’t see in ourselves (oh yeah, there was booze involved of course). What was my friend-assisted revelation?

I am cheap. I disagreed, which led to my 2nd offense – I am defensive. Screw it. I am cheap. And I’ll help you be cheap too.

I am not so much stringy as I am just a person who likes to find a good deal. Nothing wrong with that, right? Let’s start with possible the biggest travel fund offense – the hotel room.

Sample Task: Find the a good deal on a decent hotel room in San Francisco.

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My Roommate Experience

In: Behind The Cast, Saturday Submissions

At least once in your lifetime you should have the opportunity to live with a roommate, be it a friend or someone you didn’t know prior to moving in together.  It is an experience that I have grown accustomed to over the past year and I must say that for me, it has definitely been one of the most enjoyable living arrangements of my life away from my parents.

Actually, this is not the first time I’ve lived with a roommate.  When I first moved away from home when I was 18, I moved out with a straight friend of mine to a cramped little one bedroom just across from the entertainment district in downtown Vancouver.  Now I will admit, I’m not exactly the tidiest gay man in the city (shocking, I know), but living with someone dirtier than I am was a complete nightmare.  Needless to say, I quickly accepted the fact that if I was to live on my own again, it would have to be all by myself.

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Yes, it’s that time again. 

This song was released last summer but it’s still worthy of attention.  I’ve posted two different versions of the song but in my opinion, the Wolfgang Gartner remix is better (I love the electro-arabic riffs).  Both versions have killer vocals though and are definite crowd pleasers.  

Check them out and let me know which one you prefer.

Wolfgang Gartner Remix:

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Maybe I have a one-track mind, but most things people say to me sound dirty. Here are my top ten from the past week:

10. “Oh my god – it’s tiny” – me talking about a bottle of diet pills.

9. “Get your boyfriend off my back” - my friend was harrassing me about something and that’s what I said to his boyfriend.

8. “I may need some help getting it up” – someone asked me to spot them at the gym.

7. “How do you like my pickle” -referring to a pickle band-aid.

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I came across Ladyhawke this weekend when a friend of mine pulled out his iPhone and connected into my sound system.  I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this remix.  It’s not quite the dancefloor filler material you’d expect to hear at the gay bar, but it’s got an awesome groove to it and it’s definitely house party worthy.

Ladyhawke, or Phillipa “Pip” Brown, hails from Wellington, New Zealand.  She has toured with the Ting Tings and her song “Paris is Burning” was featured at the prestigious Chanel and Topshop runway shows in 2008.  According to Wikipedia, Christina Aguilera has done a cover of Brown’s song, “My Delirium” for her upcoming album; however, Brown has yet to be contacted by Aguilera regarding the rip-off.

Check out the album version of “Paris is Burning” then check out the Cut Copy remix below it and let me know what you think.

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