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In The Eye Of The Hurricane Once Again

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First the gay community had to fight to have Prop. 8 being passed and now the Miss California speech. So once again, here us homos are in the eye of the hurricane. When I think about all this controversy, besides being lucky to be Canadian, it’s not about taking a side, but about educating people of the meaning of marriage. And believe me, ignorance is one of our worse enemies to fight in this matter.

Yesterday, my partner and I watched the Miss California video over and over again wondering if this girl had a single idea of a gay relationship and the impact of her words. I have been in a relationship for over six years and I am in what I consider a normal relationship. I was raised by straight parents, went to school surrounded by straight people and have worked with straight people for my entire life. After comparing my “gay” relationship with “straight” relationships, as commonly is labelled, I came to the conclusion that both of these groups share one thing: love. After going to bed trying to understand why Miss California proclaimed that gay marriage is “not the right thing”, which she is completely entitled to think and voice, I realized that she probably has no knowledge that “gay” relationships go through the same satisfactions and problems as “straight” relationships. I had never felt that my relationship is any different from the one of my straight colleagues or neighbours, besides the facts that we have had to face more challenges in society.

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Make Up, Extensions & Outfits! Oh My!

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GMF Vancouver Is Coming Back to Town, and This Time We Are Bringing a Spicy Hot DJ From The Big Apple


The best way to find out is by attending our upcoming event!

In my own words, GMF is the party where you can be whoever you want to be! An event where you can relax and be yourself, or let your alter-ego come out and play. It’s not just about going to the club and dancing, it’s about going to a place where you feel welcome, where people have fun, where you can experience something different and where you are not afraid to express yourself.

This party was launched for the fist time last month, and there were so many expectations and questions about the party we were bringing to town. “Let Your Imagination Run Wild” is our motto, and indeed imagination was floating all over the club in our first event. People dressed up in outrageous attires with only one intention: TO HAVE FUN!

What can you expect at GMF?  You can expect great music from local and international DJ’s, local performers, fun dancers, and friendly people. We are gay , we are fun, and we love to party!

This is a GLBT event and we are open to everybody. It is held at Pulse Nightclub, and what is very interesting is that GMF producers spend a whole day changing the club set up and adding extra features to make this event as special as it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Am I Too Competitive?

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I like to think that I’m not a competitive person, but some things make me believe I’m delusional. I played competitive sports all through my adolescent life. Growing up in small town Ontario, it’s expected of you, and really, what else are you going to do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them, but there were certain aspects that spoiled my feelings towards them. Being from a small town, meant that there was a lot of travelling for games and competitions/tournaments. It can really consume all your evenings, weekends and even holidays. I would actually opt to go on family holidays rather than play in tournaments which pissed off my teammates. There were also the overly pushy parents who cared more about winning than their kids having fun. I guess there are many things I could rhyme off, but I’ll cut to the chase. I personally just don’t like the personal pressure I feel to perform for my team. If you miss the ball, a pass, screw up in any way, you really feel you let your team down. Now I know this creates part of the excitement for people, but I just hate it. I’m hard enough on myself as it is. I don’t need the added pressure.

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Once in a blue moon a producer will come out with an awesome remix of a classic, such as the one I am about to share with you.  One More Time has to be one of my favourite Daft Punk songs and here French DJ/Producer Sébastien Léger has given it a very enjoyable facelift. 

I wouldn’t say that this track is suitable for the club dancefloor because it’s a bit minimal.  Regardless, I’d probably throw it in the mix at 3am when the party is dying down.  I love the guitar riff at 4:45 into the song,  it grabs your attention and it’s something different than the stereotypical house beat that we’ve grown used to.

If you like this kind of house music then you should check out Sébastien Léger’s Myspace Music page at:

He has shared a number of the songs he’s produced on his site and it also lists his upcoming shows.  For all you Vancouverites, he’s playing at Celebrities on August 14 and it promises to be a great show.

Have a listen to the remix and let me know what you think.

Want to Write for Homorazzi?

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Gays, Straights, and everything in between.

Do people find you entertaining? Do you have something to say? Having received so much interest from readers wanting to write, wants to devote Sundays on the site to our readers all over the world, giving YOU the chance to write and be heard!!! G.O.D. took Sundays off and so are we. Here’s your chance to get opinions and ideas across North America.

Submit your article to sundays[at]homorazzi[dot]com each week by Friday, so we can go through your article and get it ready and ensure it is suitable for posting. Don’t worry about the pics – if you have suggestions or a specific pic you’d like to use, please include them in your email. If not, we can take care of that.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say – something funny, touching, whatever inspires you…

We ask that the article be a minimum of 2 paragraphs, and know that we reserve the right to not post all articles if it is not a fit for the site. Include where you are from, and you’re welcome to include your name and a picture of yourself if you like.

PS: If your articles become uber popular, you never know where it can lead…

PPS: Check out some of the articles submitted by you so far.


Oh, Canada! GayWhistler has announced that gay athletes will get their own meeting place in Whistler. The facility will include a meeting area, lounge, TV, and most importantly, a safe place for gay athletes and their friends. This is the first time a specific house has been created based on sexual orientation.

Personally, I think this is a great step to make gay athletes feel more accepted, create common bonds and friendships in the world of sports which rarely touches on the topic of homosexuality beyond a heated slur during the moment of battle.

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Homorazzi was recently sent two boxes of Nestlé’s new chocolates –  Nestlé Noir Mousse Délicate – to review.

In the words of Nestlé, “each individual pillow of chocolate features a silky mousse filling enrobed in a shell of either dark or milk chocolate”. I’m not a huge fan of mousse, but if you like chocolate mousse, you’ll most likely enjoy these, because the filling replicates a dessert mousse quite authentically. I always like a hard shell with a contrasting texture inside, so I enjoyed that sensory aspect of the chocolate.

Nestle is not the most expensive or premium chocolate out there, but I’d consider the quality of the chocolate decent value for money.  Each box offers 10 individual pieces, and retails for $3.99. As an added bonus, Nestlé only buys cocoa through approved sustainable suppliers, so it’s an eco-friendly product.  Unfortunately the saturated fat content as per the ingredients label was a little high for my liking.

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Twitter: Scientific Benefits

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Wow, something useful might actually come from Twitter. I should start off by mentioning that I do not use Twitter; I don’t follow people who have Twitter; I have never even visited the Twitter website- I am assuming there is one- I simply know the basic premise behind it. There are two main reasons I am steering clear of Twitter:

1. I already have way too many things that I waste my time doing (eBay, Facebook, reading/writing blogs, checking email, reading, sleeping).

2. Inspite of friends who now Tweet, but used to make fun of my constant Facebook status updating.

In a society where everyone loves to know everyone’s business, follow celebrities, and have constant stimulation, I totally understand why Twitter is a hit. I just personally don’t want to get caught up in it.

I was very surprised to read an article the other day that a scientific idea was brought about because of Twitter. Coming from a science background, I have witnessed how much research is out there in the world that makes only baby steps towards something useful and that is beneficial to the world. And, how much there is out there that doesn’t even do that.

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