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If you haven’t heard Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” you need to—immediately. Go listen now. No, seriously. Right now. I’ll wait, because it may be the most soulful thing that has come out of my car radio/laptop speakers/Apple device in the last few months.

And clearly, I’m not the only one to think so. The first single off Hozier’s self-titled debut album, “Take Me to Church” shot to No. 2 on the Irish charts and made swift work of the U.S. music scene soon after. Since then, the 23-year-old—who has a charming accent, hair anyone would be jealous of, and a slight, but wholly endearing, overbite—has been in the public eye non-stop. He’s played numerous shows, given interviews, and even performed at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December.

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Combining all the elements of a luxury liner, with a schedule of activities designed for today’s modern gay traveler, a ten day Atlantis cruise of the Mediterranean is definitely NOT your grandma’s cruise.

An all-gay cruise is what you make of it. Whether you are traveling as a couple, alone or with a group of friends, the team at Atlantis Events makes a point of scheduling “something for everyone” and truly living up to their catch phase… “The Way We Play!”

Starting with the welcoming boarding bear hug by their omni-present and effervescent cruise director Malcom, all of this is clearly evident.

Yes, there are still the usual hour by hour activities one would find on the Celebrity Equinox (the ship used in this adventure) such as outdoor spin classes, yoga instructions, table tennis, basketball court shooting, lawn games, the ever-popular bingo, feature films playing in the theater and so much more.

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Book Review: Memorizing You By Dan Skinner

In: Reader Submissions, The Arts, Totally GAY!

I wanted a quick, painless, and easy read, one that would give me a couple hours of light-hearted and romantic enjoyment before bed, one that wouldn’t keep me up with thoughts and feelings, one that wouldn’t penetrate me. I picked this one; I was wrong in every way.

Sure, it was romantic, the story of that First True Love, and yes, it was an easy read, but it sucked me into its story and its characters and kept me there til I was done. There wasn’t sleep, there was simply page after page, my finger sliding over my Kindle faster and faster as I devoured the story of David and Ryan.

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Book Review: The Price Of Dick By Dan Skinner

In: Reader Submissions, The Arts, Totally GAY!

What are you willing to pay for dick?

That’s the question JJ Johnstone asks himself in Dan Skinner’s latest novel, The Price of Dick. Here, the dick in question is attached to Richard Fitch, who everyone calls Dick, and whose dick is well worth any price. At first glance, anyway.

There is an obsession for some gay men about straight men, about being the first to claim that virgin territory. No fruit is as sweet as the forbidden, and JJ has his sights set on Dick’s dick from the moment he sees it at the gym. As they get to know each other, Dick seems to be one of those straight men who might not be so straight. Even though his stories about ex-girlfriends, frat brothers, and sports are clearly waving the heterosexual flag, they’re also just enough to whet any gay man’s appetite. He is a walking wet dream, a dream that JJ eventually makes a reality.

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Most of you are familiar with the Tales of the City (and if you’re not, step away from whatever device you’re reading this on and come back when you’re familiar with them. No seriously. This is the ninth book in an incredible series and the review to follow won’t make a lick of sense without reading what are really one of the biggest contributions to queer literature ever).

Maupin’s beloved series of books that have spawned mini-series and sequels and become such a part of popular culture for the past forty years comes to a triumphant conclusion in the latest and final installment. The ninth book, The Days of Anna Madrigal, has all the magic of the first book, written serially in the 1970s. It features the same group of characters: Brian and Mary-Ann and Michael, and of course, the book’s namesake, Anna Madrigral, as well as the others we have come to know and love in the two books before this, Ben, Shawna, Jake… It features the same twists and turns that have characterized Maupin’s series right from Norman Neal William’s dark secret on…. It features the same laughter and love and grief that we have come to expect from one of the first writers to ever address AIDS.

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Book Review: Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

In: Reader Submissions, Totally GAY!

We’re all looking for that someone in life who makes us more complete. Sometimes, though, it takes two people to make us whole.

Josiah and Mateo are brought together in their teens, fostered by the same people. They couldn’t be more different – Josiah: shy, quiet, innocent; Teo – rough and tough and straight out of a Brooklyn gang. But there is an immediate connection, and as they take the first steps into admitting their feelings of attraction for each other, they get their first hint of what it’s like when what has been broken gets fixed. Together, they try to start a life, but Teo’s gang connections are all he has to fall back on, and he is soon pulled back into that world, a world that threatens them with violence. The only way to spare Josiah is to set him free, and Teo does just that.

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Into every new club, a new generation is born, one who will fill it with laughter and tears and drama and sex and pretension and life.

The Last Ones is the story of the last night of Club Legion, one of those gay clubs that has meant the world to so many, that has BEEN the world to so many. In these pages are the lives not only of the people whose stories we get to glimpse so briefly but also the stories of all the gays we’ve known in all the clubs we’ve loved and lost.

Legion is the kind of club where everybody knows your name, but only if you want them too. It is just as easy to remain anonymous, one of the many, a part apart.

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Because this writing style is all the rage.

Look, this informal lead sentence will prepare you for a meta-conversational article which is persuasive because we’re just two buddies kiki-ing, here. Nothing scary about that, right?

With that out of the way: I’m not a huge CrossFit zealot. I’m a skeptic by nature, who CrossFits because it works for me. I wanted to be fit and look good, now I am and I do. I don’t eat paleo, I compete casually, and I only talk about CrossFit when people ask me how I got it like that.

But it seems to have become ok for people who don’t do it to hate on it, and I’m not sure I understand why that is, except maybe people who haven’t got it like that tend to resent people who do, and maybe they know a few douchebags who give the whole community a bad name, and maybe they’re too intimidated to try it themselves.

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