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The Williams sisters are widely known for their ferocious on-court play, but they are also known to make the headlines for other reasons. Whether it’s Serena throwing tantrums on the court, or Venus dramatically resigning from matches, the sisters are great for giving the tennis world a much needed dose of drama.

While the world’s top players have congregated to Roland Garros and making headlines for their gameplay, the elder of the Williams sisters is attracting media for a completely different reason. The tennis star made her 2010 French Open debut, by wearing a Victoria Secret-inspired tennis outfit. The black and red lacy lingerie themed ensemble had the Parisian crowd OOH’ing and LA’ing all over the place. Even though it looked she was ready for bedtime or some sexy late night action, she still romped her opponent Patty Schnyder in straight sets.

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CamelBak: Fairfax Hydration Backpack

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A couple of weekends ago sparked the energy of summer in my soul. I have to admit, as much as I like the other three, summer is my favorite season. Saturday morning I woke up and then went for a great run around the seawall… Sunday was a fun day flying a kite and riding a bike. I live for weekends like this; although I could’ve been a bit better prepared and brought some sunblock.

The newest member of my weekend adventures has been a new Camelbak backpack I’m enjoying. I am so tired of water bottles; let alone having to carry then around, so, when it was time to replace them, I was looking for an alternative. Enter the 2010 Camelbak fairfax 1.5 litre hydration backpack (if you have no idea how these packs work check out the websites below).

I have used camelbak style hydration systems in the past (almost 10 years ago) and liked it but found the pack didn’t really suit the type of physical activity which I normally do. For example, I don’t go on epic hikes where I require a huge pack or tons of water. Instead I’m looking for small, lightweight, and breathable -A pack with adequate storage for my keys, iPhone, and a small tool kit or tire pump. In short, the perfect sports day companion.

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World Cup Soccer: Nike Ad Campaign

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With five of the current cast members in the OFK 2010 soccer league, it goes without saying that a good portion of us share a love of soccer. With the World Cup soon to kick off in South Africa, the buzz and momentum has been building around the world. There are few other events that truly bring the world together and I personally plan on catching as much of the action as possible. With rumours around 3D TV broadcasting on select channels and the opportunities for locals to purchase extremely inexpensive tickets for a once-in-their-lifetime to see soccer greats come together, with one ultimate goal in mind – the title of World Cup soccer champions, this year’s World Cup is ramping up to be one of the most explosive events ever.

I don’t have a personal favourite team as I usually choose to side with the friends I’m watching with, as I have no roots connected to any of the teams in the tournament and jumping on to the momentum of great friends is often just as rewarding.

With this being projected to be one of the most watched sporting events in the last decade, one would expect the advertisers to go all out to wow the world, alongside the extreme athletes. Nike decided to do just that. Although not an actual sponsor of the World Cup (rival Adidas owns the title deed), Nike has pieced together what they call their ‘best advertising spot ever created’. I have been impressed by some crazy-amazing ads, and past Nike campaigns have definitely fallen into the mix.

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Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The duo’s identities and personalities were released this week by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). The two mascots join an ever-growing list of unusual looking Olympic mascots. They’re not as cute as Vancouver 2010′s Quatchi

Despite being well tested with children, according to the organizing committee, the London 2012 duo aren’t receiving favorable reviews around the world. Some have even referred to them as one-eye Teletubbies or Pokemon rejects. Who knows if the duo will earn $25 million in merchandising the organizers had hoped for. LOCOG stands by their decision, and claim kids don’t want cuddly animals as mascots, but rather something they can interact with and that has a good story behind it. LOL.

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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 3

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Whaaaat the heck just happened?! It was a sad, unpredictable week for a lot of hockey fans. As I predicted, San Jose and Chicago knocked off the Red Wings and the Canucks, respectively. The Wings just didn’t have another series in the gas tank, and Chicago just seems to have Vancouver’s number.

The East though. The East. Again, what the heck happened!? My precious Penguins couldn’t knock off the 8th seeded Canadiens. Montreal made no mistakes in the games that counted. Gionta, Cammalleri, Halak, and new comer PK Subban walked all over the Pens in game seven. Within the first minute of the game, Crosby and Cooke drew penalties and Fluery let in a weak goal. It was a tough game to watch.

As amazing as Montreal’s wins over Washington and Pittsburgh are, where did Philly come from!? After I had all but dismissed them in round 2 due to all their injuries, they fell behind in the series 3-0. Only a handful of teams in all of professional sports history have come back from a 3 game best-of-seven deficit. Ironically, the last memorable time that happened is when the Boston Red Sox staged the ultimate comeback in the World Series a couple of years ago. This year, Boston’s on the other side of the coin. Amazingly enough, game seven’s goals mirrored the series the exact same way. Philly was down 3 goals to 0 before picking it up and ultimately winning 4-3. One of the greatest comebacks in sports history for sure.

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When I first started working out my cardio workouts used to be pretty long – an hour on average. I took the “more is better” approach.  For the last ten years or so I’ve been doing what’s commonly referred to as high-intensity interval training, which is a “less is more” approach to cardio training.  And I’ve found it to be the most effective & efficient way to burn the most calories and stay lean, particularly if lean doesn’t come naturally to you. I’ll share with you what’s involved – and why it works, if you care. :)

High-intensity interval training is cardio that involves alternating segments of high intensity training (where you push pretty much as hard as you can), followed by a recovery period, typically of the same amount of time.  The only kind of cardio I do is outdoor running and it’s the kind I recommend for this type of training (I’ll run on a treadmill only if it’s snowing).  I start my run with a slow jog for 5 minutes (my warm up). When I hit the 5 minute mark, I start the timer on my watch – I have it set to beep every 30 seconds. I basically sprint flat out for 30 seconds, and then take 30 seconds to recover, usually jogging at a slow pace. You can walk if necessary, but it’s important to keep moving; when do you a sprint your body compensates by sending more blood to your legs, and if you suddenly stop moving your legs, the blood pools there. Once I’ve completed 10 intervals I cool down for 5 minutes by jogging at a slow pace.

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This coming Saturday, May 15th, support the Friends For Life Bike Rally in Toronto. Homorazzi’s Kevin is actually participating in this event for such a great cause: The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). This organization “exists to promote the health and well being of all people living with HIV/AIDS by providing accessible and practical support services. It is Canada’s largest direct support service agency for people living with HIV/AIDS.” Kevin is embarking on this 660 Kilometre bike ride from Toronto to Montreal. All you need to do is spend this coming Saturday at a great event, to help support this great cause!

There’s gonna be a BBQ, silent auction, and some great live entertainment. The silent auction will have several items to choose from, including theatre tickets, a winery tour, art, and much more great stuff! For only five bucks, you also get to enjoy a tasty grill from the BBQ, sponsored by Gladaman’s Den and the Church and Wellesley Hero Burger. A steal! You’ll also get to enjoy Toronto’s top talent: DJ Craig Dominic and performances by Trevor Campbell, Yura, Ryan G. Hinds, The Cinnamon Hearts’ Rani Rhinestore, Wrong Note Rusty, and Heroine Marks.

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Man Crush: Ryan Kesler “Hot on Ice”

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Since its playoff time for the National Hockey League (NHL), I thought I’d highlight one of the most crush-worthy players out there. This week’s choice for my crush is Vancouver Canucks center, Ryan Kesler. The 6’2″ stud was drafted in the first round by Vancouver and has played for the Canucks his entire NHL career. That fact won’t be changing anytime soon, as he recently extended his stay with the team til 2015-2016 season for a reported $30 million big ones. Yowza.

Even though he plays for Vancouver, the American born hockey player nearly crushed the hearts of millions of Canadians when he almost led the US Olympic Hockey team in upsetting the Canadian home team for the gold medal. I’m sure if that had happened, things might’ve been awkward near his Vancouver Kitsilano home. The 25-year-old lives there with his wife, Angela, and daughter, Makayla Rylan (adorable name). During the off-season, Kesler heads back to his hometown of Livonia, Michigan with his familia.

After his disheartening loss at the Olympics, Ryan received a call the next day that most athletes would die for. He was chosen as the cover athlete for Nintendo Wii’s “NHL 2K11″. Here’s what he had to say about the honor:

I was pretty disheartened after we lost in the gold medal game, and to get the call the next day and to be asked if I wanted to be on the cover, it was a nice pick-me-up. It’s always been a dream.” – Ryan Kesler

With narrowly missing a gold medal at the Olympics, hopefully he’ll do one better at the playoffs and carry the Canucks to their first ever Stanley Cup. GO CANUCKS GO.

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