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Canada’s Sweethearts Make History

In: Patrick, Sports & Health

Amazing! History was made last night when Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue (picture above with Donovan) won Gold for Canada in Ice Dance. This is the first Gold Medal in Ice Dance for Canada in history. Also a first for North America! They are also the youngest couple to win gold in Ice Dance in Olympic history! They’ve been skating together since the ages of 7 and 9 after being matched up by Scott Moir’s aunt and it’s payed off, winning Gold in their Olympic debut!

They went into the Free Dance last night in first place, and they absolutely nailed their performance last night! Their final score in Ice Dance was 221.57, with 215.74 for their biggest competition, United State’s Meryl Davis & Charlie White. Both teams pushed each other to perfection. Best friends & best rivals. Also, for the first time since 1960, Russia will not win Gold in Ice Dance. That’s another first – Russia, the defending world champions, getting the bronze!

I’ll be honest, I shed a few tears after their performance and when they found out for sure they had won gold. Scott had actually tricked Tessa, telling her they got second for a second. That’s why he was laughing his head off. It was quite funny actually. A lot of Homorazzi cast were all watching this history being made tonight and commenting on our Facebook periodically (mostly Tommy). This is what it looked like (was kind of like live blogging)…

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Do It For Your Mom, Rochette

In: Patrick, Sports & Health

Last night Canadian Figure Skating Gold Medal hopeful Joannie Rochette’s mom passed away at age 55 years old from a heart attack in Vancouver General Hospital. Devastating – so sad! Just a few days before the 24 year old (pictured above in Stanley Park) goes for the Gold in Figure Skating, the unthinkable happens. Her father, Normand, broke the news to her in the Olympic Village at about 6:00am this morning. I can’t imagine what she must be going through. This past year at the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships, she won the silver medal, making her the first Canadian woman since Elizabeth Manley (1988) to make it to the podium at the World Championships. Patrick Chan of Canada also won a Silver medal at the World Championships, but unfortunately finished in 5th at the 2010 Olympics just a few days ago. She’s really good and really has a shot. In just two days on Tuesday night, she will compete and skate 26th out of 30 skaters. Although devastated, her mood has been describe as focused and determined to compete. This will certainly be the hardest week of her life.

As of this past January, she is ranked 5th in the world. I hope her mom’s spirit guides her through her performance and she wins the gold not only for our country, but for her mom as well.

Check out a few videos of her performances.

Videos after the jump…


This Norwegian hottie just won a Gold Medal yesterday for the 20km Individual Biathlon in Whistler, and won Silver this past Sunday for the 10km Sprint in Whistler! He’s on fire! “SuperSvendsen,” as he calls himself, is only 24 years old but has done very well in his career so far and has a TON of fans. Just look at the video and some of the fan art I dug up, later in the post. I can see why though – this guy is totally a stud and is now an Olympic Champion. He knows how to handle his gun ;)

Here are some of his stats:

Sport: Biathlon
Birthdate: July 12, 1985
Home: Lillehammer, Norway
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 170 lbs
Olympics: Torino 2006

He debuted at the Torino Olympics at the young age of 20, and finished 6th place in 15km mass start at that time. He’s been destined for gold ever since. Prior to the 2009-2010 season, he went to a Tarot card reader who told him that he would make the podium at the 2010 Olympics, but couldn’t say if it was gold or not. Well, it was. He had a lucky crystal at the World Championship that he had received from the reader. I wonder if he had it in his pocket in Whistler?

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This fellow Frenchie is a Canadian freestyle skier from Montreal, Quebec and has become Canada’s hero after winning the first ever Gold achieved on Canadian soil. He’s totally adorable and this 22 year old has inspired so many others with his great achievement. He himself is inspired by his older brother Frédéric who has cerebral palsy. It’s really touching to see how close he is with him, and the rest of his family. Bilodeau was 11th at the Torino games in 2006, and in 2010 he has come out on top of the world!

Here are some of his stats:

Birthdate: September 8, 1987
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 170 lb


He defeated former Vancouverite Dale Begg-Smith who won the silver medal for Australia and was VERY bitter about not winning gold. A very sour loser, when he’s not even a loser. He won a freaking medal – be grateful! Check out the visual grouchiness oozing from Begg-Smith in the photo.

More photos of Bilodeau after the jump…

Le Whif: Chocolate Without the Calories

In: Redd, Sports & Health

It’s basically an inhaler filled with chocolate powder that you breathe into your mouth to control those cravings. With less than a calorie per ‘whif’ I think this is a great idea. Specially for me because I really don’t want the full chocolate bar… I tend to just take a few bites and my craving is satiated. The system uses particle engineering to form the chocolate particles small enough to be airbourne but is still large enough that it won’t enter your lungs. I know I was thinking that too when it said breathable chocolate… having asthma, I am familiar with inhalers and how they work. So KitKat move over cause who needs to take a break when you can just ‘Take a Breather”. Le Whif also comes in coffee… the caffeine kick without having to drink a cup. Could this be the future? I would actually love to skip lunch and just have a Le Whif of a turkey sandwich or something. Check out their website at

More info on Le Whif on the second part of the post.

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Vancouver 2010 Olympics: My Opinion

In: Dan, Sports & Health

Everyone in Vancouver has been voicing their opinion on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, including our very own Adam and Patrick who clearly have opposing views. As Patrick mentioned, I was fortunate to be part of the Opening Ceremonies, dancing and ‘fiddling’ as part of the Rhythm of the Fall cast. The experience was something that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.


There was a moment, a few minutes before I was about to climb the stairs beneath the stage in BC place and perform for our city Vancouver, our country Canada and the world. The level of well wishes and outpouring I received from friends and family across the world just further enhanced my excitement and desire to make everyone proud. I feel like I succeeded, for the most part. There will always be those people who have a negative reaction to pretty much every concept imaginable to mankind, so why would 2010 be any different.

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Pedal to the Medals

In: Patrick, Sports & Health

Four days into the Olympics now, and the US leads the pack in number of medals thus far with 8 medals in total. With four medals, Canada ranks in fourth, Germany with 6 and France with 5. It’s been pretty exciting so far, especially now that Canada has received it’s first Gold while at home, thanks to 22 year old Alexandre Bilodeau from Quebec who finished first in the men’s moguls skiing final at Cypress Mountain. The city – well, the country was and is ecstatic!

Tonight, I get to go watch the Victory ceremony for Canadian Silver Medal winner Mike Robertson, who finished second in the men’s snowboard cross yesterday. One of the Hotties of the Day, Seth Wescott, took home the Gold for the US. There will also be a Victory Ceremony for the Men’s 500m speed skating which also took place yesterday. The Barenaked Ladies will be performing as well. Looking forward to it!

Most memorable moments for me during the Olympics so far, after the jump…


“Speedskater Catriona Le May Doan was left standing holding her torch aloft.”

Have more hilarious words ever been spoken? We all know I’m one of the bigger anti-Olympians out there, but nothing in the world could have prepared me for the utterly awesome failure that was last night’s torchlighting. Showing up in the 5th hour to Donovan’s busy Olympic viewing party, I made sure to sport my received-that-day “Nobody Cares” Vancouver 2010 t-shirt from bustedtees. Surviving the gauntlet of jeers from my brainwashed “pro 2010″ friends, I poured myself a huge glass of wine and settled down to watch the last 30 minutes of the show as K.D. Lang belted out “Hallelujah”.


As the ceremonies came to a close and two well-known Canadian men took the stage with their torches (and two barely-to-not-at-all known women as well), we all anxiously awaited the grand finale. Realizing that millions upon millions of dollars had been poured without any care in the world into this show, we all expected a pretty huge shabang. And, it did NOT disappoint. So, spread out in very original “boy/girl/boy/girl” style, the famed Canadians awaited the rise of their giant icicle torches: WAH WAHHHHH. As Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, Nancy Greene and Catriona Le May Doan all stood there expectantly, we at home (and in the stadium) realized something wasn’t right: the Olympic torchlighting began to abort…

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