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NHL 2010 Playoffs: Round 2

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Eeep. Well, that was quite a shake up of the Eastern Conference wasn’t it? Three out of four series upsets. I never expected Boston to beat Buffalo, but I really didn’t expect Philly to topple the Devils. In five games no less! And let’s talk about Washington’s epic ousting by Montreal. Oh so sweet. Washington cleaned up in the regular season, and then fell against a hot goalie. A game seven waived goal will probably have Cap fans reeling for the next 6 months, but you know what? It never should have gone to game seven. Washington coasted, and lost important games at home. They have no one to blame by themselves.

All that really matters though is that my Penguins made it to the second round. And, they are the top remaining seed in the East meaning they get home ice advantage until the finals (hoping they make it that far). After an exciting triple over time loss to the Senators too. I will hand it to Ottawa, although their fans are relentless whiners, with all the active injuries they had they put up a good fight. See you next year :P

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Weights 101: Back to Basics

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If you’ve been following my progress in my Behind The Cast (and why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing…jus sayin’), you’ll know that I keep blabbing about Bryan and Weights 101. I’ve also been asked the question by a lot of people “What are you doing? Where are you goin” Well my friends, I will tell you all right now. YES I know this is a shameless plug but what do I care. I’m sharing my amazing find with the entire planet and you will not be sorry.

If you’re like me which some are, the gym intimidates you. Yes you can throw me into a room with 100 gays, and I can hold my own no problem. Throw me in a gym with even 15 people, and I clam up and freak out. I get incredibly self conscious, I don’t really know proper form, and chances are it will all end up as a big social gathering with the other gay folk. So what’s a poor chubby gay fat boy to do? By some miracle of the gay god of insecurity, I was told about this trainer Bryan, at a completely private gym SAY WHAT?!? Let me try to sell it to you. What sucks about regular gyms? The people, the prying eyes, machines always being busy etc. Not here. Weights 101 is a revolutionary wellness centre for people looking for something a little more private, personal and 1 on 1. Weights offers completely customized workout programs, detox treatments, and facial rejuvenations, and best of all it’s completely private.

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NHL 2010 Playoffs: Round 1

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It’s April! Time again for another round of “Homorazzi’s Least Read Articles!”… Or as it’s more commonly known, the NHL Playoffs. The regular season is officially over and it’s time for 4 rounds of head to head matches between this year’s 16 best teams.

There are some exciting match ups in the first round, along with some unexpected teams making the cut with some pretty young rosters. There are some scores to settle from some of the American players, after the heart breaking loss in overtime in the Olympics. Will anyone take home the gold and the cup this year?

Back in October I made my predictions for where all the teams would end up. Here they are compared to where the teams actually ended up…

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Are YOU going to participate? With the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games over in Vancouver, the next thing to look forward to is the 2011 North American Outgames to take place from July 25th to July 31st 2011 here in Vancouver! The Outgames are organized by GLISA (Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association). Next year, 2011 also marks the 125th milestone anniversary of the founding of the City of Vancouver! It seems to be one big year after the next here in Vancouver!

This continental event will include 18 sport elements supported by the International Gay and Lesbian Sports Association and Team Vancouver. A key component to the games is the Human Rights Conference with workshops on diversity and an awards ceremony recognizing individuals and corporations that have influenced LGBT rights. Additional elements include a Job Fair, Miss GLISA Pageant, Cultural Activities, Closing Gala and the March of Athletes in the 2011 Pride Parade.

The North America Outgames will provide a women’s zone, queer and family friendly spaces and Pride week activities for all ages and abilities. Join us at the games as we join the City of Vancouver in celebrating its of its founding.

Go to the 2010 Vancouver Outgames Website to register your email so that your receive updates about the event and when registration for the sporting events, volunteering, and when other important dates are.

The Summer Bod Bootcamp Style

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As you guys already know, both Tommy & Patrick are seeing trainers to get back into shape (great work guys… totally seeing the progress!) and from the activity at our gyms in the last couple of weeks it is a good indication that Summer is just around the corner. It seems like personal trainers are the “in” thing to do this season because almost everyone I know is seeing one. Although I don’t need a personal trainer, I do see the benefits of having one specially for most people who just lack that motivation.

Ok so I can be vain at times and trust me, vanity is what keeps me motivated. We all have different sources of motivation and the key is to finding one that works for you. Sure it may be superficial but if it gets you to the gym then that’s half the battle right? I also have a certificate in fitness knowledge and personal training which I took years back when I first started working out (think 115 lbs.) to familiarize myself with my body and learn proper form and what muscles are involved with each exercise. I’m pretty good at motivating myself to weight train but my downfall is cardio, I hate doing cardio. So instead, I turn to group exercises like bootcamp which is a great way to get cardio into your fitness routine and have fun at the same time.

What is a bootcamp class?

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Man Crush: Scott Herman

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This hot former Real World houseguest and current YouTube star has become an internet sensation with his daily shirtless fitness exercises & nutrition tips. He started working out when he was fourteen, after he got his first job at Gold’s Gym. By 18 he was a personal trainer.

Naturally, he got into modeling. He actually won the Men’s Health “Iron Abs” contest in 2007, which took him to New York for several public appearances. Getting comfortable in this new city, he sent in an audition tape to The Real World, and made it into the house 6 months later. After it was done, he decided to also take some acting classes, having opening up the door to the onscreen world.


Most of the time is spent in the gym & teaching classes, as well as updating his fitness website & uploading videos.

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What’s In My Toiletry Bag?

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There are a few basic things that I always have to have in my daily skincare routine. There are some products that I would not have thought of using until I actually tried such as a tinted moisturizer and concealer. The key is to wisely choose the ones that will not block your pores and that have a dual purpose such as to conceal and to treat a blemish. That being said, here are a few of the products you may find in my bathroom drawer or toiletry bag. So what products do you use on a daily basis and what ones do you use sometimes?

MDskincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel


I use the peel at least once a week to remove dead skin cells that may cause my skin to appear dull. The treatment leaves your skin refreshed and glowing. ($28 to $166 from MASC)

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Miss The Olympics?

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It’s been a while since the Olympics came to a close now. I was going through all this video footage that we hadn’t used yet, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it go to waste just because it was a little delayed. Actually, putting together this video yesterday really made me miss the Olympics.

As tiring as it was at time trying to do as many things as possible while the Olympics were here, it was all worth it. From performing in the Opening Ceremonies with Dan, to pulling an all-nighter with Donovan and meeting the hosts of the today show and some of Canada’s Gold Medalists, to celebrating the Men’s Hockey gold medal win on the streets, which happened to be the eve of my birthday as well. I had the time of my life and I will never forget it.

The video is a glimpse at the experience some of the Homorazzi cast had during those amazing few weeks.

Video after the jump…

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