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During my childhood, I would spend a portion of every summer in California. Besides playing with my cousins, hanging by the beach and watching a lot of MTV, one of my favorite things to do was go to a baseball game. My uncles would take turns taking myself and my cousins to watch the Oakland A’s play.

I was such a fanatic. Literally, I would dress in Athletics attire from head to toe. I looked like a such little freak, dressed in green and yellow. On top of that, I would only want to go on special days when they were giving free shizz out. I could never get enough Oakland paraphernalia to satisfy my needs.

Normally whenever we go San Francisco, it’s always for a short timeframe to attend a family obligation (wedding, graduation, funeral, reunion). With so many cousins and family living in the area, I’m down there at least twice a year, but barely do anything outside the familial unit. I digress. So recently when Brian and myself were in the Bay Area to just hang and not for any obligation, I thought I would take Brian to experience one of my favorite childhood things.

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In this week’s fitness tip, the importance of warming up is addressed. With warmer weather comes more outdoor physical activity (jogging, hiking, soccer, beach volleyball, etc.). If you’re not warming up your body and your joints, you are increasing the chances that you may get injured and I don’t have to tell you that you don’t want that.

Just a handful of 30 second warmup exercises can make a big difference. Not only is it going to prevent injuries, but it is also going to make your workout more effective and allow your muscles to be at their best.

Check some of Mike Dirks suggestions…I do these ones all the time!

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Vancouver Gays Do the Math
Local health organization wants you to calculate your risk

The Health Initiative for Men (HIM) has just launched their latest health communication campaign, Do the Math: Calculate your Risk. As the summer heats up and the clothes come off, HIM wants gay men to think about the kinds of sex they’re having, who they’re having it with and any risks involved.

Postcards, posters, condom packs and banner ads on gay cruising sites will be used to promote the new campaign which depicts gay guys from Vancouver in various situations where risk might exist.

“This campaign prompts gay guys to use their head, to do the math and calculate their own risk before making decisions about condom use.” says Jody Jollimore, HIM Project Coordinator.

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Today, Spain won the World Cup for the 2010 season. Congratulations! BUT, who wins the title of World Cup Hottie 2010? During this season’s World Cup, we brought to you the “World Cup Hottie of the Day,” highlighting a new piece of man-meat each day. Recently, Donovan compiled the list and asked YOU who you though was the hottest player in the world of soccer balls. Now, I’ve narrowed it down to what you have selected as your top 10.

Interestingly enough, whoever comes out on top individually, when you look at which country had the most hotties in the Top 10, it is none other than…Spain!!! (Based on YOUR votes) AMAZING!!

Which player will come out on top (or bottom, if that is your preference)? Vote after the jump!

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Tour de France Meets Ultimate Fighting

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When did the Tour de France become a contact sport? Apparently, the answer is yesterday. Spain’s Carlos Barredo and Portugal’s Rui Alberto Costa got into a little tiff after both crossed the finish line for this stage of the race. Reports indicate Barredo was furious that Costa allegedly elbowed him in the stomach and ribs 12 miles from the finish line. So what does he do to avenge this wrong?

At the finish line Barredo dashed towards Costa wielding his front wheel (LMAO) and began to attack him with it. Seriously, who does that? Why the front wheel and not the back? After exchanging a few girly punches (seriously I’ve seen girlfights at bars go harder than these two hookers), the two cyclists were separated by officials. They were both fined with insults, threats and incorrect behavior. That’s putting it mildly.

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Spend a day in Winnipeg and you’re likely to have a conversation about mosquitoes. Spend a day in Ottawa and you’re likely to have a conversation about the government. Spend a day in Vancouver, and eventually you’re going to have a conversation about real estate. Spend 20 seconds in Amsterdam and you’re likely to be bombarded with anything and everything World Cup related. Everyone has an opinion on who has been playing poorly, or what the best goal of the tournament was. I’ve never seen a city so focused.

The Netherlands will be playing Spain in the World Cup final on Sunday. An unexpected final to say the least. The Netherlands pulled quite the upset knocking out Brazil in the quarter finals, and Spain similarly knocking out Germany in the semis. No matter who wins, there will be a few firsts. Never have a European team won the World Cup outside of Europe. Never have The Netherlands or Spain won a World Cup. Never have I been so excited about soccer.

I watched the semi final game between The Netherlands and Uruguay on Tuesday night, and it was intense. The Dutch scored first on an amazingcross field corner shot by Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, my choice for best goal of the tournament (shown below). The cheating Uruguayans tied it up just before the end of the half.

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With the 2010 World Cup coming to an end and crowning a soccer nation victorious is close by, I thought it’d be the perfect time to conduct our Hottie World Cup Tournament. Over the past several weeks, Patrick and myself have chosen a sexy hunky soccer player to highlight each day. You can obviously tell which ones Patrick picked- he has a thing for those handsome Mediterranean types.

We will leave this poll open for a few days until the World Cup final match is determined. After tabulating all your votes, we will narrow down the 24 finalists to a lucky streamlined 9 contestants. Then we will have one last final voting period to determine who THE HOTTEST PLAYER is from the 2010 World Cup. Are you game? Vote up to as many ten selections per vote. You can only vote once, so make sure you choose wisely.

If you want more information or shirtless pictures for each footballer, simply click on their name to take you to the original post. The names for each picture can be found underneath the image.

left: Carlos Bocanegra – USA, Center Back
center: Gerard Pique – Spain, Center Back
right: Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal, Forward

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Now that summer is officially here, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for all of that activities your going to be doing as you take advantage of the great weather: Running, hiking, biking, etc. If you’re not used to all the exercise, you may end up sore or worse – injured.

This week’s fitness tip is about preparing your lower body for the summer. An easy routine you can do anywhere – inside or outside.

    Lower Body Exercises:

  • Single Leg Bench Squat Jump
  • Lateral Hop
  • Walking Lunges
  • Split Jumps
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