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Man Crush: Scott Herman

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This hot former Real World houseguest and current YouTube star has become an internet sensation with his daily shirtless fitness exercises & nutrition tips. He started working out when he was fourteen, after he got his first job at Gold’s Gym. By 18 he was a personal trainer.

Naturally, he got into modeling. He actually won the Men’s Health “Iron Abs” contest in 2007, which took him to New York for several public appearances. Getting comfortable in this new city, he sent in an audition tape to The Real World, and made it into the house 6 months later. After it was done, he decided to also take some acting classes, having opening up the door to the onscreen world.


Most of the time is spent in the gym & teaching classes, as well as updating his fitness website & uploading videos.

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What’s In My Toiletry Bag?

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There are a few basic things that I always have to have in my daily skincare routine. There are some products that I would not have thought of using until I actually tried such as a tinted moisturizer and concealer. The key is to wisely choose the ones that will not block your pores and that have a dual purpose such as to conceal and to treat a blemish. That being said, here are a few of the products you may find in my bathroom drawer or toiletry bag. So what products do you use on a daily basis and what ones do you use sometimes?

MDskincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel


I use the peel at least once a week to remove dead skin cells that may cause my skin to appear dull. The treatment leaves your skin refreshed and glowing. ($28 to $166 from MASC)

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Miss The Olympics?

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It’s been a while since the Olympics came to a close now. I was going through all this video footage that we hadn’t used yet, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it go to waste just because it was a little delayed. Actually, putting together this video yesterday really made me miss the Olympics.

As tiring as it was at time trying to do as many things as possible while the Olympics were here, it was all worth it. From performing in the Opening Ceremonies with Dan, to pulling an all-nighter with Donovan and meeting the hosts of the today show and some of Canada’s Gold Medalists, to celebrating the Men’s Hockey gold medal win on the streets, which happened to be the eve of my birthday as well. I had the time of my life and I will never forget it.

The video is a glimpse at the experience some of the Homorazzi cast had during those amazing few weeks.

Video after the jump…

Behind The Cast: I Have A Bicep!

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But only the one and not even that big a deal…but I did show it off this weekend when I got drunk. Yeah I was TOTALLY that guy, but only to people who were asking how it’s going, and surprisingly there were a few. I know when this all started people were interested…but are you guys still reading it? I know there is one person who is reading it, mainly because he wants to see what I’m doing when I’m not in his clothes. HI BRYAN!

This was my first FULL week with Bryan; no interruption, no getting sick, no Olympics, no ski week, no drag queens (that’s a whole ‘nother story all together). Monday we did tits, abs and biceps. Being irritated really helped me though. After the weekend’s craziness and how I was a bit uh, annoyed with certain things (which shall remain nameless), I took my anger out there. Score. After the lifting, he threw me on my cardio for 20 minutes, except when I was done he yelled at me, it went something like this:
I walk out of cardio room…

“Um, don’t think you’re finished dude”
“Sure I am, 20 minutes like always”
“HA Yeah right. Come on man, get back for at least 10 more minutes. Get serious”
“Well if you TOLD me an extra 10 minutes, I was just going by what you told me before. GOD”

It was our first fight. I’m still waiting for my apology bouquet…jerk ;)

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There’s always a reason – and it’s always a good one!

“It’s my birthday”
“It’s my friend’s birthday”
“It’s the Olympics”
“It’s 12 O’clock somewhere”
“It’s Friday”

This makes it extremely challenging. I had told you about my fitness goals a couple months ago (so did Tommy), and I am meeting some of them, but I’ll tell you that with excuses for birthdays, the Olympics, my birthday, WinterPRIDE, I’m quickly realizing it’s being slowing down my progress considerably.

Drinking is a huge setback when it comes to dieting or fitness goals. Because alcohol has become such an integral part of the “social” aspect of our lives, it’s hard to overcome this obstacle. If you were to meet with your trainer or dietitian, and one of your main goals was to trip your waistline, chances are, they’d tell you to cut out drinking. Most people can’t do this, so they’re left with telling you to cut back.

So what does cutting back mean? Well, if you were to “drink in moderation,” as they say, that would mean no more than two drinks in a day for a guy. This would be what they call “social drinking” as opposed to drinking to get drunk. Obviously, its extremely difficult to do that all the time, nor can you cut it out completely…but it’s a good rule of thumb so that you don’t have to stay home and watch movies all the time to avoid being around people that are drinking.

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Paralympic Games 2010

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Okay everybody, take a deep breath because as you know, there’s more international sports action, and hopefully just as much patriotism heading our way March 12th to 21st, with 44 countries and 1350 athletes competing in Canada’s first Paralympics. At the last Paralympics in Turin, Canada finished in 6th with 13 medals: five gold, three silver and five bronze. Just as in the Olympics, the IOC determines the winning country by number of Gold Medals. The Russian Federation had 13 golds in the Turin Paralympics, leading the world.

The 10-day journey of the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay commenced on Wednesday, March 3rd and will include more than 600 torchbearers across the country. It will go to the following cities:

* Ottawa (March 3)
* Quebec City (March 4)
* Toronto (March 5)
* Victoria and Esquimalt (March 6)
* Squamish (March 7)
* Whistler (March 8)
* Lytton and Hope (March 9)
* Maple Ridge (March 10)
* Vancouver (March 10, 11 and 12)

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With the memory of the epic Gold Medal showdown between United States and Canada still fresh on everyone’s minds, the debate regarding professionals versus amateurs involvement in the Olympic Games has resurfaced. When the modern Olympics first began, French historian Pierre de Coubertin who’s widely regarded as the founder of the Olympic movement, envisioned the sporting events to involve only amateurs. He felt those who practiced a sport professionally were considered to have an unfair advantage over those who practiced it merely as a hobby.

While this ideal was easy to follow in the early 1900s, the line between professionals and amateurs have blurred over the years. With that gray area being harder to decipher, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has had to adapt to evolve with the times. In fact, over the past 20 years numerous Olympic sporting events have opened up, allowing professional athletes to compete for their country. Nowadays most competitions except boxing, baseball and soccer include professional athletes, but that may all change real soon.

The NHL’s current agreement to allow players to compete in the Winter Olympics which began at the 1988 Nagano Games ends after the Vancouver 2010 one. Prior to the 2010 Games, NHL commissioner has told media that the league might not send their players to the Sochi 2014 Games. He cites the strains of a mid-season interruption and the diminished benefits of sending pros to the Olympics overseas. But after the boffo ratings the Gold Medal match garnered on both sides of the border, the NHL might have to rethink their stance.

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Today, I decided to focus on Bobsleigh boys, since they’ve got a few more heats before they battle it out for the three medals on Saturday. I’m focusing on the 4-man bobsleigh, but obviously focusing the hotties in the quad – you can’t really “take 3 for the team” right? That’s a bit too many. Speaking of too many, there are A LOT of hot Bobsled competitors out there, so I may miss a few (or more than) of your favorites, but rest assured that the ones I’ve selected are golden. Here are my top 10…who’s your number one?

Chris Le Bihan (Canada)


He was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta and has his engineering degree from the University of Alberta. He grew up in Kelowna, BC, playing soccer and lacrosse & also enjoying downhill skiing, as well as mountain biking. After the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, he decided to focus on being his best at bobsleigh for the next four years. Now, he’s at the 2010 Olympics. Nice work, buddy! Did I mention he’s super hot? Chris is married to his wife Naomi.

9 More Men after the jump…then vote for your fave!

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