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This coming Saturday, May 15th, support the Friends For Life Bike Rally in Toronto. Homorazzi’s Kevin is actually participating in this event for such a great cause: The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). This organization “exists to promote the health and well being of all people living with HIV/AIDS by providing accessible and practical support services. It is Canada’s largest direct support service agency for people living with HIV/AIDS.” Kevin is embarking on this 660 Kilometre bike ride from Toronto to Montreal. All you need to do is spend this coming Saturday at a great event, to help support this great cause!

There’s gonna be a BBQ, silent auction, and some great live entertainment. The silent auction will have several items to choose from, including theatre tickets, a winery tour, art, and much more great stuff! For only five bucks, you also get to enjoy a tasty grill from the BBQ, sponsored by Gladaman’s Den and the Church and Wellesley Hero Burger. A steal! You’ll also get to enjoy Toronto’s top talent: DJ Craig Dominic and performances by Trevor Campbell, Yura, Ryan G. Hinds, The Cinnamon Hearts’ Rani Rhinestore, Wrong Note Rusty, and Heroine Marks.

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Man Crush: Ryan Kesler “Hot on Ice”

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Since its playoff time for the National Hockey League (NHL), I thought I’d highlight one of the most crush-worthy players out there. This week’s choice for my crush is Vancouver Canucks center, Ryan Kesler. The 6’2″ stud was drafted in the first round by Vancouver and has played for the Canucks his entire NHL career. That fact won’t be changing anytime soon, as he recently extended his stay with the team til 2015-2016 season for a reported $30 million big ones. Yowza.

Even though he plays for Vancouver, the American born hockey player nearly crushed the hearts of millions of Canadians when he almost led the US Olympic Hockey team in upsetting the Canadian home team for the gold medal. I’m sure if that had happened, things might’ve been awkward near his Vancouver Kitsilano home. The 25-year-old lives there with his wife, Angela, and daughter, Makayla Rylan (adorable name). During the off-season, Kesler heads back to his hometown of Livonia, Michigan with his familia.

After his disheartening loss at the Olympics, Ryan received a call the next day that most athletes would die for. He was chosen as the cover athlete for Nintendo Wii’s “NHL 2K11″. Here’s what he had to say about the honor:

I was pretty disheartened after we lost in the gold medal game, and to get the call the next day and to be asked if I wanted to be on the cover, it was a nice pick-me-up. It’s always been a dream.” – Ryan Kesler

With narrowly missing a gold medal at the Olympics, hopefully he’ll do one better at the playoffs and carry the Canucks to their first ever Stanley Cup. GO CANUCKS GO.

check out more sexy pics of the hockey stud after the jump

New Zealand Olympian Comes Out

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Kiwi Olympian, Blake Skjellerup in an interview with DNA Magazine. The 24-year old says he waited to come out until after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics because he wanted to have the focus entirely on his skating, and not have people focusing more on his sexuality. He wasn’t hiding it at the games, as he walked around the venue hand in hand with his bf, but he just hadn’t “officially” said anything.

That being said, he did visit the Pride House – and was also very surprised at being the only competing athlete to visit the Whistler meeting point.

“I was a bit shocked that I was the first competing gay athlete from these Olympics to visit, especially since I wasn’t able to make it there (owing to scheduling conflicts) until after I had finished competing. But it was great to see such a thing. If I had felt like I needed a space to be myself away from the Olympic village, it would have been there. I hope the idea can grow from Olympics to Olympics.

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Camelbak: Wear Your Water

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If you’re a cyclist or long distance runner, what’s your strategy for remaining hydrated? Carrying a water bottle around? I was recently sent a Velobak (pictured above), from the company that invented “Wearable Hydration” – Camelbak, to try it out. It actually came at a good time, because I’m preparing to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run on May 9th, which is a 10km run in beautiful downtown Vancouver, B.C.

So what exactly is the Velobak? Essentially, in my own words, it’s a shirt that has a compartment in the back for filling up with water & has a mouthpiece/straw in the front for you to drink from. Although I’m not a cyclist, I do occasionally go for a long distance run now & then. It’s definitely important to stay hydrated when going for long distances, so when I went on my last 10km run, this was really awesome to have. The shirt is super fitted, but comfortable and breathes nicely. The mouth piece is easily accessible, yet not in the way. Most importantly, the water flow from the pack to your mouth when you need it is perfect – you’re not just getting a wimpy flow of water, which is often the frustrating part with some water bottles and products like this. Luckily, that was not the case!

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NHL 2010 Playoffs: Round 2

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Eeep. Well, that was quite a shake up of the Eastern Conference wasn’t it? Three out of four series upsets. I never expected Boston to beat Buffalo, but I really didn’t expect Philly to topple the Devils. In five games no less! And let’s talk about Washington’s epic ousting by Montreal. Oh so sweet. Washington cleaned up in the regular season, and then fell against a hot goalie. A game seven waived goal will probably have Cap fans reeling for the next 6 months, but you know what? It never should have gone to game seven. Washington coasted, and lost important games at home. They have no one to blame by themselves.

All that really matters though is that my Penguins made it to the second round. And, they are the top remaining seed in the East meaning they get home ice advantage until the finals (hoping they make it that far). After an exciting triple over time loss to the Senators too. I will hand it to Ottawa, although their fans are relentless whiners, with all the active injuries they had they put up a good fight. See you next year :P

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Weights 101: Back to Basics

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If you’ve been following my progress in my Behind The Cast (and why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing…jus sayin’), you’ll know that I keep blabbing about Bryan and Weights 101. I’ve also been asked the question by a lot of people “What are you doing? Where are you goin” Well my friends, I will tell you all right now. YES I know this is a shameless plug but what do I care. I’m sharing my amazing find with the entire planet and you will not be sorry.

If you’re like me which some are, the gym intimidates you. Yes you can throw me into a room with 100 gays, and I can hold my own no problem. Throw me in a gym with even 15 people, and I clam up and freak out. I get incredibly self conscious, I don’t really know proper form, and chances are it will all end up as a big social gathering with the other gay folk. So what’s a poor chubby gay fat boy to do? By some miracle of the gay god of insecurity, I was told about this trainer Bryan, at a completely private gym SAY WHAT?!? Let me try to sell it to you. What sucks about regular gyms? The people, the prying eyes, machines always being busy etc. Not here. Weights 101 is a revolutionary wellness centre for people looking for something a little more private, personal and 1 on 1. Weights offers completely customized workout programs, detox treatments, and facial rejuvenations, and best of all it’s completely private.

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NHL 2010 Playoffs: Round 1

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It’s April! Time again for another round of “Homorazzi’s Least Read Articles!”… Or as it’s more commonly known, the NHL Playoffs. The regular season is officially over and it’s time for 4 rounds of head to head matches between this year’s 16 best teams.

There are some exciting match ups in the first round, along with some unexpected teams making the cut with some pretty young rosters. There are some scores to settle from some of the American players, after the heart breaking loss in overtime in the Olympics. Will anyone take home the gold and the cup this year?

Back in October I made my predictions for where all the teams would end up. Here they are compared to where the teams actually ended up…

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Are YOU going to participate? With the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games over in Vancouver, the next thing to look forward to is the 2011 North American Outgames to take place from July 25th to July 31st 2011 here in Vancouver! The Outgames are organized by GLISA (Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association). Next year, 2011 also marks the 125th milestone anniversary of the founding of the City of Vancouver! It seems to be one big year after the next here in Vancouver!

This continental event will include 18 sport elements supported by the International Gay and Lesbian Sports Association and Team Vancouver. A key component to the games is the Human Rights Conference with workshops on diversity and an awards ceremony recognizing individuals and corporations that have influenced LGBT rights. Additional elements include a Job Fair, Miss GLISA Pageant, Cultural Activities, Closing Gala and the March of Athletes in the 2011 Pride Parade.

The North America Outgames will provide a women’s zone, queer and family friendly spaces and Pride week activities for all ages and abilities. Join us at the games as we join the City of Vancouver in celebrating its of its founding.

Go to the 2010 Vancouver Outgames Website to register your email so that your receive updates about the event and when registration for the sporting events, volunteering, and when other important dates are.

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