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With The Golden Girls celebrating the 30th anniversary of the premiere this year, plenty of homages have been made, honoring the fab foursome. Some hardcore fans, no doubt, will even dress up as them for Halloween tonight.

Speaking of Halloween, I stumbled upon this ghoulish clip re-imagining the lanai crew as iconic monsters. It’s the Golden Girls meets The Munsters. Betty White is now Count Dracula, while Bea Arthur puts on Frankenstein’s bolts. Check out the amusing clip below, including the new intro featuring the theme song, “Thank You For Being A FIEND.”

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If a male equivalent of The Vagina Monologues existed, it probably would sound a lot like this. The Testicle Diaries anyone?

A new YouTube series, “The Boys” by Australian leisure brand Bonds gives a comedic look at the lives of your boys down under. I love how one of the balls is slightly lower than the other. Great attention to detail 😉

Listen below to the conversation between your left and right testicles. Who doesn’t love to eavesdrop?

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For the first time ever, Forbes has ranked the top-earning YouTube stars. They might not be household names, but these online personalities rake in the money for pretty much just talking. For instance, the top earner Felix Kjellberg aka PewwDiePie pulled in $12 million for his expletive-heavy video game commentaries.

“The list measures earnings before subtracting management fees and taxes. Our figures are based on data from Nielsen, IMDB and other sources, as well as on interviews with agents, managers, lawyers, industry insiders and the stars themselves,” according to Forbes.

Check out the 13 DIY filmmakers who have made millions doing what members of older generations may consider more play than work.

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The Playboy that your father and grandfather remember will be no more. The iconic publication announced it’ll stop publishing nude photos in the magazine. The accessibility to online pornography most probably played a factor in this decision. I suppose, Playboy, from now on, will truly be all about the articles.

The first issue of Playboy began its impact on popular culture in 1953. Marilyn Monroe snagged the first ever cover. The revamped version will still feature provocative photos of women, but more PG-13 than full-on cooch. The all-new Playboy hits newsstands in March 2016.

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Hercules Gets A Man Bun Makeover

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Even the son of Zeus is jumping on the man bun bandwagon. I will say, he’s one who can pull off the hair trend.

Marvel recently tweeted a new Hercules variant cover drawn by Matt Wilson and Russell Dauterman. The illustration is a gay nerd’s fantasy come true. Hercules is one big beefy scruffy harness-wearing daddy. Check him out in all his glory below. Drooooooool!!!

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Ain’t no shame in her game!!! And bravo for that.

Amber Rose holds her head up high as she heads home after a night of casual banging in a hilarious new clip for Funny or Die. Rather than being chastised by the townspeople, Rose is applauded for her choices and for owning it. The mayor even gives her a key to the city.

The video also promotes Amber’s upcoming Slut Walk in LA on October 3. It’s in response to a Toronto police officer who told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.

Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder star, Matt McGorry makes a brief cameo at the end of the clip. Check it out below. My favorite reaction of the bunch is the little boy with his mother. LOL.

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Ever since it was announced Mariah Carey signed on to endorse Game of War: Fire Age last June, I’ve been anxious to see the commercial. I’ve never played the game before, nor do I intend to, but I was curious to see how Carey’s ad would differ from the ones featuring Kate Upton.

You know which ones I’m referring to. You’ve no doubt been bombarded by numerous ads for the notorious strategy mobile game. I sometimes have nightmares of Upton riding her horse into battle 😉

Who knew the ‘elusive chanteuse‘ was such a fierce dragonslayer? Mimi works that fiery crossbow like no other. As if the commercial wasn’t cheesy enough, the inclusion of Carey’s hit “Hero” puts it completely over the top. You’ll never think of the ballad in the same way again. Check out the ridiculous SLASH awesome promo below.

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Forget Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven or any other great classical pianist. They have nothing on this adorable dog who can tickle the ivories like no other. The precious little thing can even howl along in tune. A musical prodigy no doubt.

A friend recently sent me this clip and I simply had to share it. I instantly fell in love and immediately inspired to train my little westie, Briggs 😉 Check out the too-cute-for-words video below.

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