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I freaking love Dave Franco. He’s hot, he’s funny, and he has a dirty mind. In this new video from Funny Or Die, he and basketball star DeAndre Jordan are playing basketball and more specifically, H-O-R-S-E. As you know, every time you can’t do what the other person does, you get a letter and the first person to spell “Horse” loses.

Instead of just playing basketball, the men take it off the court in a series of non-basketball related challenges. This includes: “Rap Battle“, “Work Dat Ass,” and a “Penis Competition.” Yes that’s right, the two men drop their shorts to see who has the bigger penis, compete at who is better at “working” a big jiggly booty, and who is better at rapping. You’ll have to watch to see who wins in competition and who wins overall.

Watch the hilariously sexy video below. Do you love Dave Franco as much as I do?

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Not sure if you’ve heard of Matt Moore before but here’s a little background. Moore is a reformed “ex-gay” who blogs for the site Christian Post. There he writes about the evils of homosexuality, his experiences as a homosexual and his decision to leave the “lifestyle.” Here’s an excerpt from one of his posts.

“The main thing that I struggle with the most still is pornography, but even that is changing. I don’t get the same satisfaction that I used to from it. My stomach actually turns at the site of homosexual “relations.” But I also know that if I continue to watch it and harden my heart toward the Holy Spirit’s conviction, I will start to see things again through the eyes of my sinful flesh rather than through the eyes of the Spirit.” – Matt Moore

Perhaps, he’s watching the wrong kind of gay porn? LOL. With all this in mind, imagine the raised eyebrows when the 23-year-old was recently spotted on Grindr. Was he there to make “friends” or simply falling off the reformed gay bandwagon? A horny boy’s gotta do, what a boy’s gotta do ;) Atheist blogger & LGBTQ activist Zinnia Jones who’s written about Moore before, noticed his presence on the hookup site. She contacted Moore to see if that indeed was his genuine profile. Surprisingly, Matt did confirm it and wrote the following response.

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Are you or someone you know constantly distracted by technology…constantly distracted by what people post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? As you know, all of these such social networks are available as apps on all smartphones so quite often you can see people walk around like a “zombie” as they stare into their iPhone and become oblivious to the world around them.

From the comedy duo that brought us the “Instagram Me Baby” music video and the epic online validation movie trailer, Likes), the hilarious Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy introduce “Zombie.”

The awful thing is that I totally see Tyrell and I as Ryan and Amy in this video – not to the same extreme, but definitely some similarities – LOL. Enjoy the hilarious video below and put your phone away more often!

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Today, TED just announced that the annual conference will be coming to Vancouver in 2014 to celebrate its 30th Anniversary and The Next Chapter. Every year, the TED conference brings together some of the world’s most influential people in business, the arts, sciences, academia and philanthropy.

As TED will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, they’ve announced some changes today for The Next Chapter with the first being that they’re coming to Vancouver in 2014! The conference will take place at the new Vancouver Convention Centre. The second change is that the size of the audiences is being reduced form 1400 to 1200, in an attempt to find that delicate balance beween scale and intimacy. The third announcement is that they are bringing back one hundred of the best TED speakers of all time. These speakers won’t necessarily be speaking, but may be in the audience and to help contribute in breakout discussion groups. Such a great idea! The fourth announcement is that they will be making a new custom built theater for the conference. The VCC includes an open area that is perfect for them to install a custom-designed-for-talk-theater they have long dreamed of — one whose sole goal is connect speaker with audience as powerfully as possible. Nothing quite like this currently exists.

Learn more about what the TED2014 Experience includes below.

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There’s pretty much only one time of year when you actually want to be watching the commercials and that day is the day of the Super Bowl. Last night, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and Beyonce put on a killer performance, reuniting with Destiny’s Child for a portion of the Half-Time Show.

When people weren’t watching football or Beyonce, they were watching this years batch of entertaining Super Bowl commercials and movie trailers. Since we’ve already compiled all of the movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl last night in a separate piece, this post only includes the actually commercials and there were a lot of them.

For Canadians (and I’m sure other countries as well), these fun commercials are now shown during the Super Bowl so the only way to see them is online. For those of you that are interested in checking them out, I’ve included them all below. Of course watching all of them would take you a while, but feel free to scroll through and find the ones that catch your attention. I loved Amy Poehler’s Best Buy commercial! Also, I can’t believe there was a Scientology commercial that aired. That one is included below as well. Ads for this year’s Super Bowl reportedly cost around $3.8 million for 30 seconds. Enjoy the commercials below and share which ones were your favorites in the comments!

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February: It’s All About The Love

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It’s that time of year again my friend, the month that holds that oh so daunting day. You know the one I’m taking about, Valentines Day. Just saying it I can hear you cringing from behind your computer screen. Some of you get so overwhelmed and depressed at the thought of all those love notes, chocolates, flowers and countless gifts people will be buying for their intimate partners and loved ones. Being single, one can’t help but wonder “what about me?” You’re now faced with all the things you don’t necessarily want to think about this month…Love…and all things about being single.

But there is hope my friend, yes, even for you. It will take a little bit of work so if that’s not something that interests you I suggest you stop reading now. But, if you think you’re up to the challenge I say let’s get going. Here are a few steps that might help you survive this Love induced season…

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Have you ever contemplated whether or not you should watch a new series because you’re not sure that you have the time or that you should even be investing time in a new show? Have you ever had a discussion about it with your partner? I have. LOL. Coincidently, most recently that show for Tyrell and I was Breaking Bad.

In a new video by College Humor, a woman decides to bring up something serious with her man. She wants to start watching Breaking Bad. He’s a little hesitant about it because it’s a big commitment and he’s not sure it’s a good idea to rush into it. There are so many “what ifs” in this situation. What happens if he’s working late – will she watch an episode without him? LOL.

The video is actually called “Let’s Have A TV Baby” because the whole conversation is almost as if committing to a new series is equivalent to having a baby. Seriously, it’s over the top yet there is some truth to it. Watch the funny video below. What TV shows are you obsessed with right now?

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This. Made. My. Day. You probably remember Bon Qui Qui as the hilariously rude and sassy MADtv character that worked at King Burger. Not too long ago, she also released a music video called “I’m A Cut You” which was a riot as well.

Now, Bon Qui Qui is back in a brand new promotional video for Alexander Wang‘s Spring 2013 T. Bon Qui Qui, played by Anjelah Johnson, is working her first day at the Alexander Wang NYC flagship store and as you can probably guess, it doesn’t go to well. Cameos are by Alessandra Ambrosio, A$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan & Natasha Lyonne.

One of my favorite parts is when someone says they need something in a larger size and Bon Qui Qui responds, “ need it like a starving kid need some food…or like a homeless man need a house? You neeeed it?” LOL. Watch the funny video below.

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