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In a new parody by Eliot Glazer, Oprah Winfrey attempts to draw in new viewers to her fledgling network, OWN, by reenacting classic viral videos in the hope of reaching a new audience.

Some examples of the trends the faux Oprah Winfrey (and her faux sidekick Gayle King) take on include: Shit Oprah Says, Leave Oprah Alone, Planking, and many more. One of my favorite one was Oprah’s take on Flash Mobs. I don’t even want to give away what she does, but it’s perfect.

This is the first video in a new series called Eliot’s Sketch Pad. Can’t wait to see what the comedian comes up with next. Enjoy the video below!

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Let me preface this by commending this young individual for sharing this very personal journey with the world. I can’t even imagine how much strength was needed to begin the transition process, let alone document the three-year process.

Set to, fittingly enough, The Beatles’ “Girl,” this transgender woman’s transition from male to female was captured using time lapse photography. The most remarkable thing about the video is witnessing the joy on her face as the thousand photos flick by. She truly found the body she was meant to be in. The end result is a beautiful young woman glowing from the inside and out. Check out the clip below.

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Yesterday, I saw this video starting to go viral but didn’t get around to watching it. Now that I have, I can see what all the buzz is about. The prank is by Magic of Rahat and he has called it the “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank.” The illusionist/pranker created a driver seat costume that allows him to become the car seat, giving the illusion that no one is driving the car. The resulting reactions from the drive thru workers is pure hilarious.

There are some amazing sound bites from some of the workers when they react to what their seeing. What girl totally freaks out after she clues in that no one is driving, saying, “What the heck is going on!? Oh my God! I hate this so much. I can’t!” One sassy black girl says, “Really!? Gurl! Hello? Are you serious?” LOL – love her! Another sassy worker says, “Am I trippin, son!?” She then tells her coworker who is taking a photo to “Instagram dat joint.” LOL.

There are a number of other hilarious reactions and it’s definitely a successful prank in my opinion. He must have been laughing his head off as it was happening. Enjoy the video below.. there’s a “Part 2” coming soon!!

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Finally, a new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams has arrived, where Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppets. In this new episode, Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Manganiello crash David Burtka‘s “Dream Bump”.

You see, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t really having a good dream in this one. In fact, it’s just him in a barren desert, barren even of nudity and giant killer crabs. But, suddenly, there’s a “dream bump,” and David’s dream merges into Neil’s. Burtka is having the most amazing dream, with sexy go-go boys that include Colby Melvin, and fierce drag queens like Willam. Neil is grumpy that his dream is so lame while Burtka rubs it in his face with a big musical number with the chorus, “My Dreams Are So Awesome!” LOL.

Towards the end, NPH runs into Joe Mangiello as he air surfs his way over to Burtka’s dream. Watch the just-released episode below.

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This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen all year. Granted, we’re only a little over a week into 2013, but still. A handsome and very balsy Aussie lad named Adrian VanOyen decided he’d try out the 100 Worst Pick-up Lines and film it. The result is absolutely hilarious.

Some of the lines are from movies and television shows, while others I think he just came up with. Regardless, this video had me bursting out laughing several times. Seriously, some of the things he says are so inappropriate I’m surprised he didn’t get slapped. For example: “What has one hundred and forty eight teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? My zipper.” Another one is, “Would you like an Australian kiss? It’s like a French kiss… but down under.”

The only thing the video doesn’t show is if any of the pickup lines actually worked and if he ended up hooking up with any of the women. LOL. Enjoy the video below – I sure as hell did.

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A while back, I wrote about a YouTube channel calld LAHWF, which stands for “Losing All Hope Was Freedom,” a quote from Fight Club. The main guy from the videos is Andrew Hales and in their videos you see them executing very awkward pranks on people…like trying to hold hands with them, holding the door open for people that are very far away, and many more.

In this new video, the actors are on the streets asking locals for directions, but literally echo everything the people say as the directions are given. Essentially, they’re playing a good old fashioned game of “copycat”. I love seeing people’s reactions as they try no continue giving directions and hold back their laughter as it’s happening.

Watch the video below and definitely check out the other videos if you haven’t seen them out yet.

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I freaking love news bloopers. When you’re on television and it’s live, literally anything can happen. I posted about some news anchor bloopers earlier this year, but this new compilation has some new goodies that I hadn’t seen yet that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Whether it’s the anchor jumbling up their words and saying something inappropriate, people doing something inappropriate in the background, or something hilarious randomly happening that throws everyone off, it’s hilarious to watch. As a side note, we were filming a new episode of Homorazzi the other day and I had my own hilarious slip of the tongue. I was talking about The Carrie Diaries essentially being the show that fills the time slot for Gossip Girl, but I accidently said something like, “it’s what’s filling Gossip Girl‘s hole“. Needless to say, we all lost it and burst into laughter – I can’t wait to see that episode.

Enjoy the awesome compilation of news bloopers from 2012 below.

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We’ve all had to watch those awkward sexual harassment videos when starting at a new company at some point in our lives. Usually, they’re super outdated and inadvertently humorous.

In this new Funny or Die video, a new guy named John (Travis Van Winkle… SO HOT) is hired at a company and his new boss (Brian Guest) makes him watch their sexual orientation video before he starts working. Unfortunately, their media centre is totally outdated and thus they decide to give him a live demonstration of what is and isn’t allowed. The guy and his co-worker Samantha (Maria Lopez) proceed to demonstrate various inappropriate touching scenarios or positions and tell John that it’s not allowed. They go to great lengths to show what isn’t allowed… let’s just say some S&M gear come into play, as well as a huge black dildo.

Watch the hilarious video below. I warn you that you may finish watching the video wanting only to sexually harass John yourself. Yum. Enjoy!

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