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So this year’s big trip has been decided and it will be Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 10-day trip has been booked for February. I haven’t really thought much about it until this week where the temperatures in Toronto have dropped to -20.

We booked three apartments in a building complex in the Palermo Hollywood area, a 2-bedroom and two 1-bedrooms. There are 8 people going on this trip and we are looking forward to taking in the scenery, culture, food & nightlife. While there, so far I have only done enough research to know that I want to see the Evita Museum and visit a winery.

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The people behind the Bad Lip Reading videos are back with another hilarious and timely creation, taking on the Presidential Inauguration that took place earlier this week. As you know, Beyonce’s lip-syncing created a lot of buzz but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s her voice anyway so who cares – sometimes that just has to happen or sometimes the people in charge make that call. Oprah even said last night that if it was Beyonce lip-syncing to Mary J. Blige’s voice, that would be another story.

Anyway, in this Bad Lip Reading video, we here another take on what Obama said as he is sworn in by Justice Roberts. For example, “I’m proud to say your momma took a Cosby sweater.” LOL! We also hear a completely different song and sound coming out of Beyonce’s mouth. She sings, “But your black dog can’t touch my behind!” Haha – Seriously, the whole portion of the video where Beyonce is singing had me laughing pretty hard.

Watch the funny video below. Can’t wait to see what they come out with next! .

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Well, well, well. Look who’s trying to make a comeback – Internet Explorer! They’ve just released a video that highlights everything you’ll remember from the nineties back when their browser was our only option. Here’s what the narrator says in the video:

“You might not remember us, but we met in the 90s. We are members of Generation Y – as in Yin yang, Yo-Yo… Life moved a little slower. Disks were square. Desktop folders had personality. Extra storage space was just a zipper away. There was only one social network, but most of your friends died of dysentery. The only thing buzzing in your pocket was a pet, until that died too. But at least a troll was still a friend. Lunch was a puzzle, not a picture. You were pumping jams, water, shoes. You didn’t have to worry about a newsfeed full of farm animals… you were busy feeding wild animals. A haircut didn’t cost sixty dollars – it cost four minutes. You really had nothing to lose, unless of course you were playing for keeps. The future was bright. You grew up. So did we.”

Now, they’re inviting you to reconnect with the new Internet Explorer. Check out the fun video below

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Every once and a while a really good music video parody comes along and this is one of them. College Humor has just released a music video parody of One Direction‘s love song, “Little Things” and it’s called “What You Wanna Hear.”

Aside from the hilarious lyrics, the singers are actually really good as well. In the second verse, one of the guys sings, “I love to watch you shop in Anthropologie / And I totally agree that we should go… completely gluten-free / You totally look good in high-waisted jeans / I love monogamy.” LOL. Another guys sings, “My favorite position is ‘eye-contact with you’ / When I watch porn I think of you.

But hold on there, the ladies have a say as well. One girl sings, “None of my guy friends and I… have ever screwed / And you could beat up any guy… here if you wanted to / I’m into morning sex, naked texts, and splitting the check / Baby your penis size, is per-fect“. Towards the end, both guys and girls join in for the chorus and sing, “We just say these little things to keep each other around / Are they true / What is truth / There’s only fights, and not fights / So I keep telling you, what you wanna hear.” Watch the funny video below.

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Rachel Dratch, whom you know best from when she was an SNL cast member) is back for another ridiculous challenge on Billy On The Street in this new video. If you may recall, last time she was on the show, host Billy Eichner had her try to name twenty white celebrities in 30-seconds. This time her challenge is a lot more physical.

In the video, Dratch runs the world’s first Julia Robstacle Course (Julia Roberts obstacle course). The elaborate game features comical interpretations of movies Julia Roberts was in (both good and bad) as well as other things that have to do with her life, like having twins for example.

Find out if Dratch is able to beat the clock and win the challenge by watching the video below. As a side note, we need to see more of Dratch on TV or in movies! She’s so funny. The last time I saw her was on Suburgatory where she played that women that everyone believed to be a witch. LOL.

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Every year, People Are Awesome put together a compilation of some of the most incredible footage you can imagine from some of the bravest and craziest people on the planet. Released earlier this month, the video for 2012 is no exception.

As the video commences, we see a surfer riding an overwhelmingly huge wave that looks like nothing but a death wish. From there we see countless clips of people doing crazy stunts in the sky, on mountains, diving off cliffs and more. We also see some pretty notable moments in sports where whatever incredible moment that occurs just happens to be caught on camera.

As far as all of the stunts in this video, there is not one thing that I would ever do or attempt to do myself. These people are clearly daredevils and highly trained in their area of expertise.

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Which City Has The Most Bed Bug Infestations?

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I originally intended to use a picture of bed bugs as the main picture above, but got completely grossed out sifting through images of the dirty tiny bloodsuckers. So gross. I’m not a princess when it comes to a lot of things, but the one thing I can get high-maintenance about is the cleanliness of hotels. Trust when I say that I’ve left places because I wasn’t impressed with something in the room. Given that hotels aren’t cheap, I want to make sure I get what I pay for. I’ll definitely keep this list in mind when I make my travel plans for this year.

“Education and prevention are key,” said Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison, Ph.D. “Inspect your bedroom regularly, and be cautious when traveling. Adult bed bugs resemble apple seeds in size and color, while newly-hatched babies can be about the size of a pinhead and pale in color. Check mattress seams, sheets and furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames.”

Midwestern cities didn’t fare well on the yearly list compiled by pest control company, Orkin. Chicago crept past 2011 winner Cincinnati as the most bed bug infested city in 2012. I wonder how many Oprah has ;) Orkin reports that they “saw a nearly 33 percent increase in bed bug business compared to 2011.” New York used to have a terrible problem but has dropped in the rankings to land at No. 10. On the flip side, Seattle/Tacoma and Milwaukee made huge jumps, 14 and 13 spots respectively. Check out the rest of the Top 25 list below.

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I should probably say cold milk instead of water considering that’s what people usually dunk their favorite cereal in. When they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind. That said, I wouldn’t complain getting my nutritional fill from this ;)

I’ve been chomping at the bit to publish this post for several days now. Patiently I waited til the weekend since I prefer to share our most salacious posts when most of our readers aren’t at work. Trying to keep the site as SFW as possible. It’s hard, but I try my hardest ;) Gay-for-pay porn star Cody Cummings recently changed the title of one of his films from “Breakfast of Champions” to “More than a Mouthful.” Why? Continue reading to find out.

check out a censored picture along with description of the video after the jump

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