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Celine Dion recently performed in Beijing at the Chinese New Year’s Gala helping millions across the globe welcome in the Year of the Snake. The singer’s first song was a traditional folk song called “Jasmine Flower” that was performed as a euet with Chinese singer Song Zuying, who looked like a gay super villain, but get this… the entire song is in MANDARIN!

Honestly, you have to watch the video to believe it but homegirl kills it with her Mandarin singing. It’s absolutely the best video I’ve seen this year. I could have done with about half of the 3 million backup dancers that accompanied the two singers, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

In true diva fashion, when asked about singing in Mandarin Dion said, “I had wonderful people in the studio with me helping me understand the meaning of the song. But even in between the lines, between what you’re singing, you have to feel the music. You have to feel the passion. It’s very difficult to pinpoint passion. It’s very difficult to pinpoint emotion. This is something that is around us, and I think it lives through music.” Oooookay sister, settle down.

Dion also performed her massive hit, “My Heart Will Go On“, which to this day still manages to give me goosebumps.

watch her performances after the jump

Finding a roommate is not an easy task. I’ve had a few in the past and I knew the people beforehand, but I couldn’t imagine finding a “random” roommate and how exhausting that could be.

A 30-year old working musician named Jonathan Mann in New York is looking for a roommate to share his two bedroom apartment and so in additino to his Craigslist Ad, he wrote a song and created a music video to show off the place, who he is, and how awesome it would be to live with him. Not gonna lie, if I lived in New York and needed a place, I’d live with this guy and make fun videos like this with him. He seems like a riot!

Watch the “Come Live With Me In Brooklyn” music video below. I hope he does a follow up video with the person that ends up living with him!

Video after the jump…

It’s a long weekend here in Vancouver and you know what that means… PARTY TIME!!! It’s not often one gets to let loose on a Sunday night and not have to wake up early to head to work. There’s nothing worse than trying to survive on Monday with lack of sleep and a tad dehydrated ;)

If you don’t have plans yet on Sunday, definitely check out Big Roger’s party at Ginger Sixty Two. The venue is sick and it’s nice to have a different venue to check out besides the usual haunts. On deck spinning all the way from Rio, Brazil is DJ Rafael Calvente. Also playing some tunes is local master mixer DJ Quest. Doors open @ 10pm. Tickets are only $20. Click here for more info.

Big Roger was kind enough to give us a pair of tickets to giveaway. If you’re feeling a little lucky, simply fill out the form below. Good luck. Winners will be announced Sunday @ 4pm

[contact-form 2 “Contest”]

Karl Lagerfeld did it in 2011. Jean-Paul Gaultier was the man in 2012. Now it’s Marc Jacobs‘ turn. The 49-year-old is the latest designer to become Diet Coke’s creative director. As part of his duties, Jacobs will design three bottles for the soda’s 30th European anniversary. Apparently, that’s not all that’s required from him based on the recently released artwork.

Unlike Lagerfeld or Gaultier, Jacobs poses shirtless enjoying the beverage. The above photobooth-inspired picture snapped by Stéphane Sednaoui is a common theme of the ad campaign. For the corresponding commercial, Marc has fun in a photo booth while three women drool from outside. They sure are barking up the wrong tree ;)

“I still think it’s hysterical people want me to take my shirt off” Marc Jacobs told WWD, “I’m going to be 50 in two months, so I guess I should be glad.”

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Marc looks fantastic given that he’s almost 50-years-old. If you look at images of him just a few years back, he looked like a dowdy soccer dad. Props for him for breaking out of a rut.

In the press release, Jacobs reveals he referenced iconic looks and female empowerment from the 80s and 90s for inspiration when he designed the bottles. He also revealed he tinkered with the Diet Coke logo for his designs. Additional details of the “Sparkling Together for 30 Years” initiative are to be unveiled at a launch event in London on March 11, where Jacobs is expected to attend. I can’t wait to check out his creations. You can check out Lagerfeld and Gaultier’s previous designs below, along with Marc Jacobs’ commercial.

view the commercial, along with Lagerfeld & Gaultier’s designs after the jump

This week, my buddy Michael Freeby shared some new photos that he recently took of comedic gay icon, Bruce Vilanch. I first remember seeing Bruce on Hollywood Squares. I always thought he was funny but I didn’t know too much about him.

In addition to his successful stints as actor and comedian, Bruce has become very well-regarded in recent years for his writing; ever since 1989 Bruce has been the lead writer for both the Emmy’s and the Oscars. He has also written hit songs and albums for the likes of Eartha Kitt and the Village People.

In the cute photoshoot, Bruce dons his signature red glasses while posing infront of the famous Vegas welcome sign as well as painting his face with whiskers and dice. From writing for Diana Ross to performing on Broadway to taking me to see the Lion King, Bruce has really done it all!

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I freaking love Dave Franco. He’s hot, he’s funny, and he has a dirty mind. In this new video from Funny Or Die, he and basketball star DeAndre Jordan are playing basketball and more specifically, H-O-R-S-E. As you know, every time you can’t do what the other person does, you get a letter and the first person to spell “Horse” loses.

Instead of just playing basketball, the men take it off the court in a series of non-basketball related challenges. This includes: “Rap Battle“, “Work Dat Ass,” and a “Penis Competition.” Yes that’s right, the two men drop their shorts to see who has the bigger penis, compete at who is better at “working” a big jiggly booty, and who is better at rapping. You’ll have to watch to see who wins in competition and who wins overall.

Watch the hilariously sexy video below. Do you love Dave Franco as much as I do?

Video after the jump…

Not sure if you’ve heard of Matt Moore before but here’s a little background. Moore is a reformed “ex-gay” who blogs for the site Christian Post. There he writes about the evils of homosexuality, his experiences as a homosexual and his decision to leave the “lifestyle.” Here’s an excerpt from one of his posts.

“The main thing that I struggle with the most still is pornography, but even that is changing. I don’t get the same satisfaction that I used to from it. My stomach actually turns at the site of homosexual “relations.” But I also know that if I continue to watch it and harden my heart toward the Holy Spirit’s conviction, I will start to see things again through the eyes of my sinful flesh rather than through the eyes of the Spirit.” – Matt Moore

Perhaps, he’s watching the wrong kind of gay porn? LOL. With all this in mind, imagine the raised eyebrows when the 23-year-old was recently spotted on Grindr. Was he there to make “friends” or simply falling off the reformed gay bandwagon? A horny boy’s gotta do, what a boy’s gotta do ;) Atheist blogger & LGBTQ activist Zinnia Jones who’s written about Moore before, noticed his presence on the hookup site. She contacted Moore to see if that indeed was his genuine profile. Surprisingly, Matt did confirm it and wrote the following response.

check out his confirmation after the jump

Are you or someone you know constantly distracted by technology…constantly distracted by what people post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? As you know, all of these such social networks are available as apps on all smartphones so quite often you can see people walk around like a “zombie” as they stare into their iPhone and become oblivious to the world around them.

From the comedy duo that brought us the “Instagram Me Baby” music video and the epic online validation movie trailer, Likes), the hilarious Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy introduce “Zombie.”

The awful thing is that I totally see Tyrell and I as Ryan and Amy in this video – not to the same extreme, but definitely some similarities – LOL. Enjoy the hilarious video below and put your phone away more often!

Video after the jump…

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