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Is Mona Lisa Really A Mona Larry?

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The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings ever created by Leonardo da Vinci. According to the Louvre, that painting alone receives 1.7 million viewers annually. It is also one of the most studied pieces of art in the world. Questions from ‘who is Mona Lisa?’ to ‘what’s behind that smile?’ have been asked for centuries.

Now, researcher Silvano Vinceti who has been studying the painting for years says he has discovered the identity of Mona Lisa and that she is actually a he. Further, Vinceti claims that it is actually a portrait of Leonardo’s long-term young male assistant who was called Salai. His real name is known to be Gian Giacomo Caprotti.

Silvano is also stating that Salai owned the portrait up until the day he died in 1525. So did Leonardo and Salai have an intimate relationship or was it simply platonic?

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Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a roommate can relate to Leighton Meester’s plight. With the assistance of CollegeHumor.com, Leighton filmed a hilarious PSA spoof, delivering a special message for roommates everywhere. “Don’t Touch My Sh*t“!!! The timing couldn’t be any more perfect, given the fact her film, “The Roommate” opens in theaters this weekend.

I’d be curious to know if Leighton’s alter ego, Blair Waldorf, is as territorial when it comes to her stuff. Did Serena or Georgina have to endure post-its with Leighton’s name all over her shizz when they roomed with her. If you want to make watching the video into a drinking game, take a shot whenever she says “Don’t Touch My Sh*t“. You’ll be passed out within 30 seconds. On a side note, she has really pretty penmanship.

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Theatre Review: Avenue Q

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This past week Alasdair and I were fortunate enough to check out the opening night performance of Avenue Q in Vancouver, at the Centre for Performing Arts. I was blissfully unaware of the storyline of this eccentric musical; however, I knew that it included several puppets and was comparable to the likes of The Muppet Show and Sesame Street.

Having now see the show for myself, it’s safe to say the ONLY similarity between the two children’s classics and this particular musical was the puppets and puppeteers! The setting of the show is Avenue Q, a fictional street in New York City and focuses on a new puppet moving to the neighborhood; Princeton. He quickly meets his surrounding neighbors and building superintendant, Gary Coleman – yes, the infamous child actor who recently passed away, reenacted by Anita Welch. This character alone is reason enough to see this musical, but I’ll hopefully attest to a few other tidbits and must-see reasons.

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Art photographer Tyler Shields just had his hands full in a new photo shoot with hottie Alex Pettyfer who is starring in the upcoming movies I Am Number Four and Beastly. The photo shoot found the models getting little bumped and bruised, but the end result was worth every scratch.

Tyler Shields got his start directing movies but is now a famed art photographer working with Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities. In this shoot, Tyler asked Alex to put on a playboy face and enjoy his evening with two beautiful women. They slapped him, kissed him and maybe even whipped him a little. In the photos, it looks like Alex really enjoyed himself.

Tyler is working on his first photography book titled The Dirty Side of Glamor. After checking out his portfolio, it looks like a coffee table book I could definitely add to my collection.

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This past week Donovan and I checked out the Cannes Lions Festival screening in Vancouver, showcasing the best-of-the-best advertising from around the world. The Event was brought to Vancouver by NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) Vancouver Chapter at the Vancity Theatre in the heart of downtown and was hosted by Dawn Chubai and Riaz Meghji from Breakfast Television on CityTV. It was a fantastic event intermingled with ad agency folk, media and creative minds all excited to see what the wonderful world of advertising had produced over the last year.

Thankfully there were a few familiar faces in the crowd so Donovan and I didn’t stick out like wallflowers. It was great to catch up with some old friends from the industry and my university years, but the true pleasure came from the two-hour showcase of bronze, silver, gold and grand prix winners. The event takes place in France each year, and if the award winners aren’t able to make it to the extravagant event, the awards are sent to the local screener to present on home soil. We were blessed with the honour of seeing two bronzes trophies handed out, and one illustrious gold trophy handed out to Grey Advertising Agency (Vancouver) for their work with Tropicana.

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Are you the type of person has awkward and ridiculous things happen to them all the time? Well, my friend Naomi is definitely one of those people. Since the situations make really funny stories, and she decided to share her experiences in a web series called “Naomi: The Show”.

Naomi and I spent a year at Vancouver Film School together and recently caught up when she and I did a little acting project a few weeks ago. While chatting, I remembered about this infomercial she did for this facial scrub. OMG is it ever hilarious…and it’s not supposed to be. I feel like filming this commercial should be one of her awkward situations. So, with that I made her a deal. I told her that I would write about her show on Homorazzi under the condition that I share with you the video of the infomercial. Lucky for you, she agreed.

Her show is hilarious and totally true. All of the situations portrayed in each of the webisodes actually happened. The webisodes are shot really well too! Watch a few of my favorite episodes below.

Webisodes and awkward infomercial after the jump…

I thought that in the spirit of Jesse Eisenberg hosting SNL tonight, that writing about this video would make sense. Then I remembered that Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg aren’t the same person…even though there are so many similarities. The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg is hosting SNL tonight. Regardless, I’m writing about this video anyway because it’s funny.

This Funny or Die video stars Michael Cera (Juno), Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss?), and Martin Starr (Knocked Up). After a few hours of hanging out on Cera’s birthday, the three have now become inseparable and stop by the Gallery 1988 ‘Is This Thing On’ comedy art exhibit to see the wonderful pieces that were put up and even some of the more risky pieces of work.”

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Apparently, the answer is Facebook. The red trench-wearing mysterious character is heading to the virtual world. Farmville, you better watch out!!! Carmen Sandiego is looking to dethrone you as the most popular Facebook application. I couldn’t be any more stoked about this news. As a kid, I loved playing the globe-trekking case solving game.

Blue Fang, the company developing the game for the Facebook platform has been working round-the-clock to bring the popular game to the masses. The edutainment computer game first launched back in 1983. The Facebook version is scheduled to go live on Feb 9, 2011. A week prior, the company is also releasing another classic historical game, “The Oregon Trail“. Watch the “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” trailer below.

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