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Book Review: Catching Fire

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I recently read and posted a review for Suzanne Collins’ novel, The Hunger Games, and if you have a scan through that post you’ll come to realize that the original book in the series has been one of my most favourite books in the last few months. The Hunger Games is a three-part series, including the focal point of this review, Catching Fire, and the second book in the trilogy.

To say that I have been completely swept up by Collins’ words would be an understatement. The plotline of this series had me within the first few pages of the Hunger Games and I have been longing to find out what the next two books have in store for the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. For the sake of my loyal readers, I have often tried to mix up the books in my to-read list, as I want to ensure that I don’t get caught up in a series and have nothing new to get you all excited about. Unfortunately with this series you’ll simply have to bear with me as I have now finished the second book and I intend to pick up exactly where I left off with the third (and final) book in the series.

Catching fire jumps immediately back into the AMAZING storyline of Katniss Everdeen who has recently won The Hunger Games and in an extraordinary twist of fate, her fellow district competitor, Peeta, has also been crowned victor. This seemingly simple twist of fate was made possible through impeccable dexterity and willingness to outsmart those individuals in charge of The Hunger Games. I apologize now, if you haven’t read the original book than that minute description will make no sense. My recommendation is that you start with the first book and catch up quickly. Katniss has just returned back to her home district, district 12, to her mother and sister, and the love of her life (yet she won’t admit it even to herself), Gale (yes, a man named Gale).

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Brother Husbands On BLT

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O. M. God. If you’ve seen even one episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, then you’ll love this parody of the show called “Brother Husbands“. Instead of having a one guy and four women, this household has one woman and four guys. One of the guys is so obviously gay (like Cam on Modern Family type gay) but this is not discussed during their group confessionals…making it that much more hilarious.

In terms of the other husbands, one of them is the bread winner who barely gets any time with his wife, one is not very smart, and one is purely needed for her sexual needs. The parody stars Michael Serrato, Emma Bates, Amir Talai, Joshua Zar, and Samuel Mcguire.

I would absolutely watch this show. LOL.

Check out the video after the jump…

They’re baaaaaaaaaaack and funnier than ever. The two fashion rejects delusionally think they’re cutting edge fashionistas and attempt to go behind the scenes for an Anthony Franco fashion show. As you can imagine, security is pretty tight at LA Fashion Week, and standing in their way is Connor Bloom (Charlotte Newhouse). The tough-as-nails publicist will do anything to make sure these trainwrecks don’t derail the show. Eventually the soon-to-be rehab patients, make it through by crawling on their knees. A position they’re quite familiar with. Doesn’t Hunter look like a big nelly bottom to you?

Once again, the dynamic duo were awesome enough to send their new video first to Homorazzi.com. Love these bitches. It feels like forever since Jessica and Hunter released a new video and I’ve been long overdue for a good laugh. Looks like my Thanksgiving wish came through. Watch it below. It’s hot off the presses. Be careful not to get burnt.

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I’ve always had a soft hard spot for Matt Damon ever since I saw him in John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” and my adoration only grew when I watched “Good Will Hunting“. Don’t even get me started on my fascination with the Bourne movies. Anyhoo, thanks to a new video by Matt Damon for AOL’s “You’ve Got…” series, I now know what not to get him for the holidays. I can scratch glowing neckwear, stuffed animals and the Snuggie off that list.

In the video, Damon shows off some of the worst Christmas gifts he’s gotten over the years. He even dresses up in a teal Snuggie he got last year as a present. Maybe I should buy him a twosie Snuggie so we can get all comfy as we watch “Stuck On You” together. Le sigh. As an alternative to those aforementioned gifts, he suggests a water bottle as a stocking stuffer this year. The bottle designed by his brother and his friends will benefit Water.org, an organization Damon co-founded in 2009.

Their mandate is to provides access to safe water and sanitation in African, South Asian and Central American communities. 100 percent of proceeds from this limited edition CamelBak Better Bottle will support said cause. You can purchase one or a set of three by clicking here. Check out the adorable video below.

watch Damon’s video after the jump

HOW do you not have this app yet? A free download (I had you at free didn’t I?) available from the App Store, Trapster is an amazing new program for your iPhone that locates you with GPS precision and tells you anything and everything going on street-wise within your city and those nearby. Yes, it will notify you about roadkill and possible “brush fires”, but what you REALLY care about is the police and roadblock alerts! Not only does a terrifying police siren alert go off on your phone as cops start setting up and looking for speeders and drivers who partook of the vino- but you also get warned about recent accidents and traffic issues. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Basically, how this works is that you download this app (again, for free) and set up your profile: the usual email, sign-in name, location info etc. and then you’re ready to go. Once it’s up and running, Trapster starts warning you immediately about red light cameras and “known police haunting areas” around you. What really matters however is when you get to the weekend. Starting Friday, you’ll probably get at least two buzzes a night about a roadcheck being set up or an accident down the way. No, the app isn’t psychic: it’s a peer-to-peer type set up that works on fellow Trapster users updating the system with what they’ve come across so the more that join, the faster the updates!

Click through to read my secret tips to make your Trapster experience even better

Creative: Mini Chupa Chups

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Advertising agency DDB of Paris, France created the wonderfully fun & cheeky ad campaign for the release of the mini version of the well known lollipop company, Chupa Chups.

Chupa Chups is a lollipop company founded by Spanish native Enric Bernat in 1958, and currently owned by the Dutch-Italian multinational corporation Perfetti Van Melle. The name is pronounced [tupa tups] and comes from the Spanish verb chupar, meaning “to suck.” -wiki

Check out the fun and playful ads on the next part of the post.

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Book Review: You Better Not Cry

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What better treat to curl up with this Holiday season than Augusten Burroughs’ Christmas-themed short-story novella, You Better Not Cry. I’ll admit that I have a passion that burns inside me that oozes love for all of Burroughs’ work. I first read Running with Scissors approximately five years ago and I absolutely loved it. I found myself almost instantly swept up in the story of his destructive pre-pubescent life, and I endlessly wanted more. More stories, more insight, and more constant struggle ever portrayed through his destructive homosexual eyes.

In his latest Holiday literature gift, Burroughs reminisces on a few of his past Holiday and Christmas memories, some his finest and others most likely his worst. The span reaches back to his childhood all the way through to his most recent past all crammed into a minimal 200 pages – yet, well worth the read.

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What’s My Name? MattyB

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Who is MattyB? Well, if you haven’t been tapped into the latest of viral videos, I will tell you. MattyB is the cutest 7 year old boy from Atlanta, Georgia who raps over and covers the latest hip hop hits out there. At first sight, this may look like something pretty amateur and nothing worth your time to take a look at. I challenge you to eat your words. This kid is unreal. Paired with his cousin, fellow rapper Mars, the rhymes this kid recites is undeniably adorable. So far he has rapped and covered over 10 of the hottest tracks out there not to mention a few surprise covers (like Taylor Swift’s Mine and Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair). His latest video is what caught my eye.

Rihanna and Drake’s What’s My Name is soaring up the charts and the people behind MattyB were smart enough to have him cover it at the exact right moment. This plus many of his other videos have reached will over half a million views. That’s incredible.

It took a bit of time to find out some information about this little tyke but with my superb research skills, I found myself in the know. With the help of his cousin Mars and some other amazing people in his corner, MattyB has taken over the social network media stream. Smart, considering that’s how many an artist are discovered these days. In a recent interview, MattyB says that he was drawn to the beat of hip hop music when he was 4 or 5. Mars moved in with MattyB’s family in 2009. Working on his music in the house, MattyB found himself listening to it often and learned and recited the words of his big cousin’s songs.

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