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We are a few weeks away from Super Bowl XLV (45) in Texas, and Division Championship games played this past Sunday decided which teams will be competing for the ultimate Football trophy on February 6, 2011.

The NFC (West) Championship saw the Chicago Bears host the Green Bear Packers in one of the coldest play off games this season, with one of the most legendary rivalries in history. The sod at Soldier Field in Chicago was rumored to have a huge effect on the Packers, being one of the muddiest (okay, worst) outdoor turfs, placing the Bears with the at-home advantage. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the dismal Chicago Bears who failed to show up for this important match up. The first half saw the Green Bay Packers leading the Bears 14-0, stifling the noise of the crowd.

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Website: If It Were My Home

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else? Maybe a short move to a neighboring country, or traveling all the way around the world to inhabit an even smaller apartment than the one you’re in now, perhaps in China?

Have you ever been held back, worried about the living standards or the complete shell shock of being away from everything you have grown up with? I have often wrestled with the idea of uprooting myself and taking the next step/a HUGE leap and moving to a new country, just to say I’ve experienced a different culture in a non-vacation-like situation. I’ve always fretted about living conditions, being able to find a job and a home that is truly habitable, and whether or not I would even be able to find a salary that would support my needs.

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Brett Favre Parody: What Should I Do?

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Oh this is too funny. Remember LeBron James‘ elaborate, “What should I do? commercial?” It was no surprise when a parody surfaced, poking fun at it. Now, a parody based on how LeBron’s commercial format, has been made for the downward spiral that has been Brett Favre‘s career.

Brett Favre has retired and unretired from football, and now has officially retired again after filing paperwork with the NFL earlier this week. He’s known for doing what he can to stay in the spotlight and changing his mind all the time. This past fall, photos of his penis have surfaced on the internet and he texted them to someone. Then he retired from commercials, but then changed his mind and made this one.

This will be the funniest video you watch today.

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“Agokwe” At The Cultch

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Currently playing at The Cultch in East Van, Agokwe has come to town, with a powerful message.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this production, it’s the award winning story of homosexuality in the Native community. I can’t remember seeing something that touched these issues in this arena before, but Waawaate Fobister, writer AND performer of this one man production, obviously saw a niche for a story that needed to be told.

“Agokwe” (agoo-kway), means two-spirited, and refers to someone of gay orientation, having both the male and the female in them. The story teller Nanabush fills us in on the history of the two-spirited, and how they were revered (pre post-war Christ-warrior saturated America) instead of feared, and sought after as great leaders and nurturers in one. Nanabush then introduces us to the story of Jake and Mike, two present-day, closeted teenagers, confused about their emotions, and unable to be themselves. Fobister carries the play sole handedly, giving us Mike’s mother, Jake’s eccentric but homophobic cousin Goose, and a handful of other characters that help the story, and help entertain.

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Avenue Q in Vancouver!

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There are a few shows coming to Vancouver over the next few months but none have me as excited as Avenue Q! The smash-hit musical based on ‘real life’ in New York City, shown through the eyes of people and puppets, is a Sesame Street-esque production not for the little kids in your life. The show is debuting at The Centre of Performing Arts in Vancouver, running from February 1st through the 5th, 2011.

I have listened to people talk about this musical or years, touting it as a ‘must-see’ in the Broadway circuit, and if the show ever comes to an area near me, I just have to go! If you are reading this and have already seen the show, then I am jealous of you. If you haven’t seen Avenue Q, like yours truly, now’s your chance! I grew up watching The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like if one of the puppets slipped up and dropped a swear word on TV, or worse, took part in a kinky skit. It would be blasphemy and brilliant all at the same time!

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Ladies, if you’re looking for a dance class that’s easy enough to take, but makes you feel and look great doing it, than may I suggest this hot workout option. Its called StilettoFit and its becoming LA and Vancouver’s hottest way to let them have it. Living by the Mae West quote, “the best way to learn how to be a lady is to watch how other ladies do it”, each class gives ladies the confidence they need to shine while helping tone their body and legs.

So lets break it down. Where did this all begin? Co-creator Chantal Hunt along with then partner Wynn Holmes started a class at a dance studio in Vancouver titled “Hip Hop in Heels”. After Chantal moved to LA to further her career, she joined forces with Alexandria Kaye and Nicole Rush to up the anti and create StilettoFit. As three entertainment industry professionals working with some of the hottest artists in the music biz, they brought the latest choreography to their classes. Integrating fitness into the mix, the ladies created a class that was classy, sassy, energetic and just a way to get a full body workout while having a great time.

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I worked at Starbucks on and off for six years and while working there, you learn a lot about its history which of course falls into why the sizes are called what they are. Let me fill you in. When Starbucks first opened, they only had two sizes: Short (8oz) and Tall (12oz). When they expanded, they added the Grande size (16oz) and the Venti size (20oz). Venti means 20 in Italian so it made sense to call it that. However, a Venti cup when it comes to cold beverages is actually 24oz, giving you that extra kick of coffee you sometimes need.

But now, Starbucks has listened to their customers and is giving them what they want… an even BIGGER iced cup to give you more caffeine and ultimately, make you pee more. Welcome the new Iced Trenta cup. Again, going along with the Venti thing, Trenta means 30 in Italian. However, the iced cup is actually a whopping 31oz and according to some new reports, that’s bigger than the human stomach. Let me explain. The average capacity for the human stomach is 900ml. So how many mils is 31oz? 916. Wowza. Where is all that coffee going to go?

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There was a lot of action to watch on TV this past weekend, but one of the hottest pieces of action were the four NFL division semi-final matches between a number of unexpected teams following last weekend’s Wild Card race, leading up to Super Bowl XLV in just a few weeks time (Feb. 6 in Texas).

Naturally I was glued to the TV to watch the Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears in the Windy City (much to the BFs liking); but that was only one of the games being played out this weekend to determine which teams will face off next weekend in the division championship matches.

The first game on Saturday saw the Baltimore Ravens battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you are a sports fan and caught this game, then you saw one of THE best play-off comebacks in the last decade, if not history. Heading into halftime Baltimore was leading (or should I say trouncing) the Steelers 21-7, looking confident with a seemingly easy win in their grasps. The tide changed pretty fast during the third quarter as a result of three turnovers! Devastating to watch if you were a Ravens fan, but ridiculously awesome if you were cheering for the Steelers, as they crawled back to life and managed a FANTASTIC 31-24 victory, allowing only 3 points against in the second half of the game. That’s what I call regrouping during half time!

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