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When’s the last time you did something nice for someone randomly? Not for someone’s birthday or for someone you have a crush on, we’re talking completely random, like buying coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.

“You can’t change the world in one day but you CAN change someone’s world.” That’s the motto for #GetRAOKT, (pronounced like Get ROCKED) which is an acronym for the “Random Acts Of Kindness Tour.” This September 1st Jessica Schafer and myself will be setting out on a year long adventure around North America with one goal in mind, perform as many random acts of kindness as we can and inspire a new generation of people to get involved in their communities whether it’s a small or large amount. It only makes sense since I’m the “Do-Good” one of the cast here at Homorazzi. We decided 3 months ago that it was time to make a change and do something that we felt would make a difference and thus #GetRAOKT was born and we’ve been saving ever since.

North America tends to be a place that easily gets lost in the “me” syndrome. Have you ever noticed how it makes you feel way better when focusing on the “we” instead of “me” by making someone’s day a little brighter? From volunteering at shelters, cleaning up after natural disasters and writing thank you letters for social workers to taking underprivileged families to a theme park for the day, we’re going to try and do it all. Couch surfing and car sharing every inch of the way. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in having 2 awesome house guests for a few days let us know! The trip itinerary along with more information can be found on FundMyTravel.com, a website dedicated to helping fund purposeful travel.

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Vancouver Summer Party @ The Yacht Club

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Hey boys and girls in Vancity. If you don’t have any plans as of yet for Saturday, I wanted to share an event one of my friends is holding. Imagine a sea of people in whites and navies, and polo shirts! Intrigued?

Yacht Club is an event being held at The Ticket Kitchen & Bar and it promises to be a summer party to remember. Instead of the festivities beginning in the evening, the promoters are starting earlier to take advantage of the summer weather. For more info about the event, check out the official FB event.

I recently came across this hilarious series called “Lady Time” on Funny Or Die and I just had to share it with you. Their first video was actually uploaded quite a long time ago, but they’ve just come out with a follow up that totally made me laugh out loud.

The newest video is called “Lady Time – Bad Boys Edition” and it has this group of women enjoying some cocktails outside at a country club and they get to discussing how they have a thing for bad boys. One of the women starts talking about how she got burgled recently and now is super into the burglar himself.

Watch the hilarious video below. Actress Betsy Sodaro (pictured above left) definitely steals the show for me. Enjoy!

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If you’ve ever lived in the San Francisco Bay Area or even visited the city, you’ll appreciate this video. Myself, I’ve spent plenty of time there, even spending entire summers during my childhood hanging with my cousins. As anyone familiar with San Francisco knows, it’s all about the fog. It could be a warm summer day and then the fog swoops in and instantly…BRRRRRR, where’s my sweater?

Photographer Simon Christen captured the majesty of the San Francisco Bay Area fog in this truly stunning clip. “Adrift” is sort of a love letter to it. It took him two years to “capture the magical interaction between the soft mist, the ridges of the California coast and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.” It’s absolutely mesmerizing. No wonder it was chosen as a “Vimeo Staff Pick.” Definitely give it a view. The dedication Christen put in hiking in the dark at 5am to capture all this is remarkable.

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Best News Bloopers Of June 2013

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I can’t even imagine how many hours of footage NewBeFunny sifts through to compile their monthly bloopers montages. Just the idea of it gives me a headache. Thankfully, they have the patience to do it. How else would I get my monthly fill of laughing at normally serious news anchors losing their cool?

Some of the highlights from their June compilation include gems like “allegiance to the FAG” and “tongue TWAT.” If big birds attacking a reporter is more up your alley, there’s a hilarious incident included. But by far, the best part starts at the 5:38 mark. For the next three minutes, catty exchanges between a news anchor and meteorologist are documented. Sufficed to say, these two women do not like each other. Somehow though, they’re able to mask their dislike with fake smiles while dishing out slight digs.

Check out the June 2013 highlights below. Since I forgot to share the May one, I also embedded that one as well.

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For the first time in its 30-year history, Cirque du Soleil experienced an onstage fatality. During the final battle scene in Ka at MGM Grand on Saturday night, artist Sarah Guyard-Guillot fell from the stage into the open pit. The 31-year-old French native was pronounced dead at the hospital after falling about 50 feet from the show’s stage. Guyard-Guillot had been with Ka since the Las Vegas production began in 2004. The Parisian had spent more than 22 years as an acrobatic performer.

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Close your eyes. Imagine everything you were just looking at disappears and you’re left in complete darkness. This is the experience you get at Dark Table, which offers its guests a truly unique blind dining experience that has been increasingly popular in cities like Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris, L.A. and New York. I recently got a group of friends together to try out this new restaurant, which opened last fall in Vancouver. According to their website, “with an unemployment rate of 70%, the blind face obvious challenges in a society that is preoccupied with visual communication, but in a dark dining environment, the tables are turned—the non-sighted servers guide the sighted.”

When we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess greeted us at the door. She provided us with menus and we made our selection before even entering the building. There are 2 course and 3 course options ($33/$39). The appy and dessert are always a surprise, and you have the option of choosing to be surprised for your main course as well.

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Exploding Actresses: Romantic Comedy Edition

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Without giving too much away, you have to check this out. It’s all about the element of surprise. I promise you that you’ll never watch the infamous lift scene in Dirty Dancing the same way ever again. When I clicked on the link, “Exploding Actresses,” this wasn’t what I was expecting. Most likely, you’ll have the same reaction as myself.

Not only is YouTube user Simone Rovellini a lover of 80s romantic comedies, but it’s clear he also has an odd fetish– a sorta violent one at that. As mentioned before, I don’t want to spoil things but check out his edited version of classic scenes from Ghost, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing below. The latter two are not only my favorite out of the bunch, but Simone’s version of both had me howling.

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