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Previously, Nick Jonas revealed that his breakup with former Miss USA Olivia Culpo served as inspiration for his album, Last Year Was Complicated. If their relationship was anything as dramatic as shown in Jonas’ new clip, “Chainsaw,” it’s probably a good thing they broke. Probably spared them plenty of broken dishes based on the video.

“It became very clear what it was going to be about, after the breakup,” he told OUT. “I just dove in headfirst and wrote about all of it. I think it was the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever been in.”

Directed by Luke Monaghan, Nick reminisces about his ex, played by Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio, in the visual. He walks around his adorably-furnished cabin that they shared together. When he’s done walking down memory lane, he decides to take a chainsaw to a sofa before torching down the entire place. I guess that’s one way of getting closure. Check out the clip below.

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Who isn’t a sucker for an adorable canine? Guilty as charged over here. I’m like putty in their paws. I want to adopt every single rescue pet featured in this ad campaign. On a slightly more perverted note, I wouldn’t mind taking any of these male models in as well should they find themselves homeless 😉

Top modeling agency, Soul Artist Management has teamed up with Buzzfeed for a year-long campaign called #SOULMates. The theme, “Old Dogs Can Teach You New Tricks,” highlights the benefits of adopting senior aged pets. The initiative was executed in partnership with local agency Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (@badassbrooklyn).

“Core to our family style, talent management approach at SOUL is giving back to our community,” reveals Jason Kanner, owner of SOUL ARTIST MANAGEMENT. “Our #SOULMates campaign, in partnership with the powerful reach of BuzzFeed, was inspired by the touching rescue adoption stories of a few of our models including Chad White and Julian Schratter. Their pets have made such a positive impact on their and our agency’s life. We were thrilled to see our guys lend their talents to finding loving homes for these special friends. We are excited to continue this impactful and fun work over the course of the year.”

Photographer Taylor Miller snapped four male models with four adoptable pets using Central Park’s breathtaking cherry blossoms as the backdrop. The May 2016 pics features fresh faces Alex Valley, Donovan Michaels, Harrison Shaul and Louis Solywoda along with dog models Vin Diesel, Colin, Jimmy Carter and Jackson. Each month will highlight different men and dogs. Check out more images below.

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No doubt you’ve seen the unsettling video where Pearl Love, a transgender woman, was verbally assaulted while riding a New York subway. What was even more disgusting than the woman spewing a hateful tirade was the fact no one stepped in to stop the altercation and stand up for Love. The entire clip made me so angry, I couldn’t even finish watching it.

I was hoping that after the video went viral, the bigoted woman would have a ‘come to Jesus moment‘ and realize the error of her ways. Guess I had too much faith in humanity. WPIX caught up with the woman named Sarah Eldridge and she’s beyond unapologetic, declaring “I meant what I said.” Silly ho!!!

In a bit of irony, Eldridge reveals she’s deactivated her Facebook account because she’s been inundated with death threats and other aggressive messages. Not that I condone death threats, but if you can’t handle taking a dose of your own medicine, then don’t dish it out girl. “Don’t judge me unless you know me,” Sarah said. Hypocrite much!

Watch the interview below, and the original clip uploaded by Love.

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Allison Janney won four Emmy Awards for playing CJ Gregg on The West Wing. Much to the delight of the media, the 56-year-old actress relived her presidential press secretary days when she addressed the press corps at the White House on Friday.

After playfully saying some words, Janney got serious and spoke out about the opioid epidemic– heroin and prescription drug abuse. She currently stars in Mom on CBS where she plays a recovering addict. What her address below.

“This is a disease that can touch anybody and all of us can help reduce drug abuse through evidence-based treatment, prevention, and recovery,” Allison said. “Research shows it works. And courageous show it works every day.”

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It’s no secret Leonardo DiCaprio is a friend of the environment. He’s been an advocate for years and when the 41-year-old actor finally snagged an Oscar, he used that moment to speaking about climate change.

For 2016 Earth Day, the Revenant actor once again covered the topic during the Paris Agreement for Climate Change Signing at the United Nations on Friday morning in New York City. He’s addressed the international delegates in previous years. I suppose as an UN Ambassador of Peace, it’s most likely part of his mandate.

“Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong,” Leo said. Watch his entire speech below.

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FOX’s Dirty Dancing remake includes Abigail Breslin, Colt Prattes, Katey Sagal, Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Hyland and Debra Messing to name a few. Filming began earlier this month in Hendersonville, North Carolina which, as you know, is in the hot seat due to its controversial new anti-LGBT law.

The legislation prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms that don’t match their biological gender and stops cities from passing local anti-discrimination laws. As a result, the NBA is threatening to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, numerous musicians have canceled their concerts taking place in the Tar Heel State and other boycotts.

Naturally given the controversy, Messing, who’s a long-time LGBT ally, took to Twitter to share her thoughts about filming in North Carolina. Read below to learn what she said.

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The Volunteer State is the latest Southern state to receive a sarcastic tourism ad from Funny or Die. IMHO, their parodies keep getting funnier and funnier. Is it wrong to find them hilarious given the gravity of the real political situation?

The home of Elvis Presley is being put on blast for its new anti-LGBT counseling bill that allows mental health professionals to refuse services to LGBT patients based on discriminatory religious beliefs.

FoD reveals Tennessee is a place where one can “sing a sad country song about your gay friends being refused counseling services,” “gaze at the beautiful rolling hills where the fog is as thick as our ignorance” and “laugh at an effeminate child.” Check out the full faux ad below to listen to more zingers.

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Not to be outdone by its fellow Southern state, Mississippi now boasts the most anti-gay religious bill in the United States thanks to Phil Bryant. The Governor signed House Bill 1523 earlier this week which combines the most despicable parts of religious freedom bills with those of first amendment defense acts.

If visiting soul food restaurants where you can swallow your sense of humanity is on the top of your list or you want to walk amongst mansions previously inhabited by slave owners and now inhabited by bigots, then the Magnolia State is for you. Check out Funny or Die’s faux Mississippi anti-gay tourism video below. It’s now worse than North Carolina.

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