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Another year has already flown by and today we start a new one! In 2011, I decided to do a recap of my year through photos and I really enjoyed the process of reflecting on everything that I experienced over the year – so I decided to do it again this year. I noticed that Facebook implemented a feature that does just that this year as well – highlighting key moments from your year.

The funny thing is that I used to be the guy that barely ever took any pictures, but over the last several years, I’ve found that I take way more pictures – obviously social media has had a lot to do with this, as has Homorazzi. You’ll also notice some of my photos have filters and that’s because I used Instagram a lot more this year.

I’ve broken down my year month-by-month and included a little montage of pictures from that month along with a little description. Happy New Year, everyone!

Check out my month-by-month overview below…

Hey Homorazzi readers. I want to start off by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you guys have given me in regards to my music. I am so fortunate to be able to write for such an amazing site with such great fans and I am grateful that a few of you have also reached out and embraced my passion for music. I’ve had a blast writing and recording new songs and performing them across Western Canada. Now, I need your help to bring my second EP to life.

I haven’t been doing professional pop music for very long per say but I have been a fan of music for as long as I can remember. My dad was an avid musician. In fact, some of my first pictures as a kid involve me being on stage with my dad, holding a microphone while he plays guitar. My late mother was also a piano teacher and singer so I think that my passion for music was something I was born with. My dad played a lot of live shows and watching that really made me thirsty for performing on stage.

To help my second EP a reality, I have enlisted the help of Pledge Music to ask for your pledges to help cover the costs of this new project. Pledging allows you to become apart of this unique and interactive experience. Each pledge amount (starting as low as $10) comes with incentives like CDs, T-Shirts, your name in the credits and more. As an added incentive, I have chosen my charity for this campaign to be Out in Schools. After my target is reached, 25% of the pledges onward will benefit this organization. To pledge, you can visit my page here. If you want to learn a little bit more about me and this exciting adventure, you can check out my pledge video below. Thank you once again for all your love and support. I am so grateful.

Check out my Pledge Music video pitch after the jump.

Earlier this week, I updated our press kit and reread our site bio. I realized I don’t talk about my personal life nearly as much as I promised in the write-up. With that in mind, I’ll make more of a concerted effort to change that. Starting this month, I’ll do a quick picture review of a few highlights from the previous month. Check out my inaugural monthly recap below.

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Homorazzi Wishes You Happy Halloween

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan

NOTE: This post is a couple of years old but thought we’d share it given the festive holiday. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

Tis the season to be spooky. To get into the Halloween spirit, a few of the cast decided to get together for an impromptu Halloween-themed photo shoot. Yours truly took the pics while the cast did their best with dollar store props. Check out all the pictures and vote for which ones you liked. Feel free to vote for as many of them as you like- no voting cap on this poll.



When Jonny came out of the bathroom, he scared the crap out of me. The blood is far more menacing in person. Trust me.

The rest of the cast after the jump

Today (October 11th) is ‘National Coming Out Day,” internationally observed civil awareness day for coming out and for discussion for those in the LGBT community. Even though the name says national, this day is officially recognized in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Croatia, Poland, and the United Kingdom (on October 12th in the UK).

Earlier on in our Homorazzi experience, many of us each took the time to share our “coming out” story with you, giving you a little bit of insight as to our own backgrounds and experiences in the hope that you could relate, and for any of you in the closet, you may even be inspired to come out yourself. Each person went through their own journey in coming out. Some early on, some later in life, some went well and some had some bumps along the way. One cast member even came out only to discover that his sister was a lesbian! I’ve also included our cast “It Gets Better” video as well, in case you’ve missed it. Many of our coming out stories are discussed in our video. Stay tuned for more coming out stories from our writers that haven’t shared them yet (Feel free to send them over, guys)!

Happy “National Coming Out Day”! Feel free to check out our coming out experiences below.

Our coming out stories after the jump…

We thought posting this over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect. Quite a while back, Stephen, Brian, Redd, Saleem, Patrick and myself spent a Sunday afternoon/evening assisting our favorite local charity. If you’re fans of the site, “Friends For Life” may sound familiar. During our “Pride Weekend Kickoff Penthouse Party“, we managed to raise $500 from the event. This time we wanted to donate our time and do something more personal.

Originally, Kevin had approached Patrick and myself with regards to volunteering our time to prepare a Sunday dinner. We didn’t even hesitate for a second and immediately jumped on board. We originally booked a date in August to serve dinner. Unfortunately, due to a kitchen renovation, our scheduled day was pushed back to November. With Kevin spearheading that project and the postponement, I completely forgot about it until the three week email reminder I received from one of the Friends for Life coordinators.

Kevin then moved to Toronto, leaving Patrick and I to begin to freak out a little because neither of us really cook all that much, let alone for almost 30 people. I was advised by Kevin that 5-7 people would be ideal to help out with the event as it can get quite cramp and hot in the kitchen. Once we sent out the email asking for volunteers, we received the interest we needed to pull off this task- and some of them even had cooking experience. Now the biggest hurdle was what to make? When it comes to most things, I like to think I can provide some useful input BUT NOT when it comes to cooking. I’m not a very picky or discerning eater, so you can just imagine if left to my own devices what would result from my cooking.

watch our video, look at pics and try out the recipes we used

So I did it! I opened up an online store called DearDani in partnership with a friend and Macroblu (the company I work for) for cute little things. I’ve been working on this for the last several months and our initial offerings are cute little post it notes, fun greeting cards and the super fun & unique Misfit Dolls.

DearDani specializes in one-of-a-kind gifts and homewares. We aim to offer you product lines that will capture your heart and mind. Thanks in advance for your support!

Use code: FREESHIP on checkout and get FREE SHIPPING from August 15 to September 15!

Dani, my dog, is the mascot for the website. Follow all his social links below for special offers, coupon codes and updates:

Like DearDani on FaceBook

Follow Dani on Twitter

Follow Dani on TUMBLR

Follow Dani on Pinterest

Follow Dani on Instagram

What are The Misfits? Find out more on the next part of the post.

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The thing that always shocks and surprises me about New York is the sheer volume of life. No matter how many times I go to the gorgeous and seemingly insurmountable Big Apple, I’m always in awe of the energy and breadth of things to do and see, so I make a point of going somewhere completely different everytime I go so that I don’t feel like I’m retracing my steps and wasting my time.

On a recent trip to the east coast, Donovan, Brian, and myself hit up some night life, something I’ve failed to do to the full degree in NYC. The trip took us to areas off the beaten tourist path, staying at the wonderful Hotel on Rivington in the Lower East Side, and avoiding Times Square for once, except to run (nearly late), into one of the last performances of Priscilla, we poked our heads into neighbourhoods of Chelsea and Hells Kitchen for spots to eat and drink and dance.

Bob Pontarelli now owns not just one, but three of the biggest hot spots for gay night life in NYC, and it didn’t take long to figure out why his two bars, Barracuda and Industry, and his restaurant Elmo, were so popular.

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