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Behind The Cast

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Check out this episode of Homorazzi Hawt Topics where the boys discuss an upcoming Homorazzi trip to LA and perceptions on HIV and AIDS. This week’s episode features host, Jonny Staub with Adam, Patrick, Tommy D, Landon and the voice of Donovan.

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Generic and/or Homogenized

In: Behind The Cast, Jonny

Cool new music. Dissecting beats. Conversations about artwork. People observing.

This is my Monday night with my best friend Zack. “Strawberry Zachary”, as he was nicknamed the moment we met Aug 6th 2002. He was training me at a new job; I thought he was interesting- and Fat- oh, and it just so happens that he is COMPLETELY straight.

Today, we remain super tight, and get together as often as our schedules permit (every two weeks or so). Texting keeps us connected every other day.

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Coming Out– Part Two

In: Behind The Cast, Dan

I know what you’re probably thinking: “He came out again?!?” Fortunately, no, I didn’t go back in the closet just to reemerge.

This past long weekend Joel and I ventured out to the interior of BC to spend some time with our respective families. We decided last minute to rent a car and make the trek four hours to endure the excitement that always seems to brew around holiday/family gatherings.

We got in late on Thursday, deciding to stay at my parents place that night, visit with them during the day on Friday, and hit up hit his parents’ Friday night. Both respective families were meeting the new boyfriend essentially for the first time, so, it was a nice calm way to start off the weekend. Amazingly, this isn’t even the focus of this post!

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Introducing… Stephen

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Stephen

Today, it’s Stephen’s turn to be in the spotlight. This fifth generation Vancouverite enjoys staying active by running on the seawall, curling with his boyfriend Kevin, Donovan, and Brian, and dancing the night away with everyone! With a background in geography and a keen interest in sustainability and public policy, this self-confessed “news junkie” loves finding new ways to reduce his ecological footprint and tries (too hard sometimes) to be “Switzerland” when it comes to conflicts between friends.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
To have my own travel show and be paid to explore the myriad cultures and landscapes that surround the globe. Oh, and perpetual retirement would be nice too.

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Check out this episode of Homorazzi Hawt Topics where the boys discuss current news about gay marriage in the US and Britney’s recent “smokin’” concert in Vancouver. This week’s episode features host, Jonny Staub with Brian, Dan, Kevin and Stephen

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Introducing… Jamie

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan

To celebrate Jamie and Patrick’s appearance for their store, masc, on Breakfast Television today, we’re going introduce another cast member. Jamie is the one with the cool South African accent. If you’ve read any of his posts, you’ll already know that Jamie is a fan of the gym, loves his two dogs and hates psychopaths. Out of all the cast questionnaires, Jamie’s response about his favorite childhood memory cracked me up the most. Enjoy the read!

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Barren housewife.

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My So Called “Fromance”

In: Behind The Cast, Redd

I didn’t actually know this type of relationship existed until a few weeks ago when I came across this article from the New York Post. Suddenly, everything was clear and it explained why my relationship with my current BFF was the way it was. In my opinion- although this type of relationship is possible- the challenging part is finding the perfect balance.

By Danica Lo

JAY was the perfect boyfriend handsome, charming, called me every night, took interest in my interests, remembered all the little things I’d said.

Except he wasn’t. My boyfriend, that is.

In a city teeming with emotionally unavailable men, he was a rare specimen of amazing but when I caved in and fell for his smile, clockwork reliability and the comfort of our easy rapport, I got punked.

Meet Mr. Fromance.

The “fromance,” a term coined by “Slaves to Fashion” blogger Tracey Lomrantz (Reader’s Dilemma: “I’m in a Fromance!”), is a friendship-romance with a guy a unique relationship that’s comfortable, consistent, easy, full of the possibilities of “What if,” and, ultimately, sexless.

It’s the “When Harry Met Sally” of 2009. “We’ve known each other for nearly 12 years and have shared countless laughs and bottles of wine,” writes Lomrantz about her fromance partner, Eric.

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Introducing… Kevin

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Kevin

Since today is Easter Sunday, we’ve decided to highlight Kevin who seems to have become our resident religion expert. Kevin has stated numerous times that he’s quite opinionated so when I stumbled across this picture, I immediately thought it was perfect image for this post. You’d be hard-pressed to ever see Kevin not in a good mood; he’s always smiling and laughing his head off. If you’ve read any of the other “Introducing…” cast member series, you’ll notice most of them give short answers. But, true to form, Kevin’s responses to these questions are some of the longest. LOL. Just bugging Kevin.

What is Horoscope Sign?
Sagittarius- though just barely (apparently I’m on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp… whatever that means).

What is your Dream Job?
I would love to own a winery.

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