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Behind The Cast: My iLife

In: Behind The Cast, Patrick

I take a lot more pictures than I used, now that it’s integrated into my phone. I have an iPhone, and for a phone, I have to say that it doesn’t take bad pictures at all. With a digital camera, I never used to take it out with me – because who needs an extra bulky object in their pocket when they go out, right? Therefore, my camera stayed home all the time, neglected like the feather duster in all of those Swiffer commercials.

Now, I take pictures of everything – all the time. I think Facebook has a lot to do with that too because you can sort of document the random things you see by uploading them as they happen.

I’ve compiled some of the various categories of pictures I have found on my iPhone.

My Dogs

I love my dogs. The black & tan one is Max, the spotted Blue Dapple one is Lucy. They are both miniature dachshund-chihuahua crosses.

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Behind The Cast: Picture Day

In: Behind The Cast, Tommy D

After WEEKS of promising it, I have finally got the FIRST after shots done. Measurements are also done and it’s all pretty mindblowing! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, I really REALLY can’t, but I think that I am starting to enjoy all of this nonsense, just a little. Or maybe I’m just enjoying the fact that whenever I go in to workout with Bryan it becomes nothing but a monster bitch fest about everything which completely distracts me from what I’m doing at that current moment.

OK so here we go.

Tommy March 2nd June 4th
Weight 209.6 195.06
Waist 38.5 34.5
Neck 15.5 15
Shoulders 47.5 46
Chest 40 34
Upper Leg 20.9 22

So what can we tell from that? Well I lost almost 15 pounds so go me. My waist has shrunk 4 inches (REAL inches not Jean inches). The whole part that surprises me with some of these measurements like shoulders and chest, is that they have gone down a few inches, and yet I look physically completely different. So what I’m guessing is that my mantits from back then melted and are started to look like manpecs. So all the fat from my chest and shoulder has melted and is started to firm up and build so thats good. Overall, we’re on the right track. The goal is to get the waist to 32, everything else will come as it may I’m sure.

Now, while I am still a little ways off from being able to put “MUSCULAR” on my manhunt profile, I feel pretty good about the fact that I will be able to reach my goal in time for pride, which as you all know is BOOTY SHORT AND HIGH HEELS DURING PRIDE WEEKEND!

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Behind The Cast: It Just Fell Off

In: Behind The Cast, Tommy D

It has been almost three months since I started training with Bryan. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Not just working out but changing my eating habits, the way I go on about my days and cutting out things I love. after close to three months, about 2 weeks ago my extra weight just fell right off! It happened the same way few years ago, I didn’t notice a difference for a while and then all of a sudden it was gone. If you know me personally, you know for pretty much my whole post puberty life, I have always had facial hair. It has been my security blanket in a way. I was a trick I used to hide the gizard and to sculpt some kind of a jaw line. Well I don’t want one anymore it’s SO bizarre. I started to grow one in again, and I felt that my face appeared rounder with it. Will I never had a beard again, I don’t know, but for right now I’m good without it. I don’t need my security blanket anymore.

I have been pretty bad lately though, while the food thing is still tough, I’m finding the drinking thing even harder. Pretty much as of May 1st, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and some person to see. And with Pride coming up, it’s my busy socializing season which means drinking. While I don’t drink the super sugary stuff (I stick to Vodka Soda..the gay man’s drink) I know for a fact that is hindering everything a little bit. It’s hard to give it up though, how can I go out sans booze, I mean come on. Especially when I have to deal with you gays (kidding, I love you all). So I guess the next big step is to kind of get that all in check a bit more. Chances are it probably won’t happen but hey, I’ll put it out into the universe and maybe I’ll be able to tone it down.

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Introducing… Donovan

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan

Today we give you the last Homorazzi cast member we haven’t introduced yet. It’s none other than… ME. It’s a little odd talking about yourself so I’ll just let my answers do the work. On behalf of the cast, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support. We are having an awesome time working on this project and are excited about what the future brings. Be sure to stay tuned as we have alot of great things coming up.

What is horoscope sign?
Cancer. Maternal and Moody.

What is your dream job?
Network Television Executive. I hate it when my favorite shows get canceled.

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Introducing… Dan

In: Behind The Cast, Dan, Donovan

It’s Dan’s turn to be introduced, not that he needs it. He’s kinda of a big deal don’t you know. What can we say about Dan? He’s kind of our resident Amanda Woodward from Melrose Place. He works in advertising, can sometimes be bitchy and he always short skirts. Dan is always the life of the party. If you ever needed someone to go to a concert with, Dan would be your man. He’ll dance his little heart out and “sing” at the top of his lungs. Ladies and gentlemen… we bring you DAN.

What is Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Creative Director for Cirque du Soleil

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Introducing… Tommy D

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Tommy D

Next in the cast spotlight is… Tommy D! Tommy is our “Tell It Like It Is One”: Tommy has his own event production company, conquering the biggest events at Gay Pride here in Vancouver. His job is kind of like the guy from party monster, Homo Alone Macaulay Culkin, minus all the drugs and better looking than that weirdo. Everyone knows him, and his alter drag ego Syren, in the gay scene. Tommy tells it like it is and doesn’t put up with bullshit. He’s easily excitable and at a party he, like Donovan, is easily 10 decibel levels above everyone else.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Nightclub Owner

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Introducing… Patrick

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Patrick

It may not be March 17th, but today is definitely St. Patrick’s Day- at least it is on Patrick- one of the co-founders- takes his turn in the spotlight. One of the nicest and motivated people I know, Patty has been the perfect person to start this project with. Not only is he one of the founders for this site but he also co-owns masc– an amazing men’s skincare store- with Jamie. If that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Patrick is the father of two adorable doggies, Max and Lucy. I’m sure after reading his answers, you’ll fall in love with him and want to buy him a drink… if you haven’t already.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Entrepreneur/Actor- yay, that’s what I’m doing!

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Introducing… Adam

In: Adam, Behind The Cast, Donovan

It’s Gay Top Model Week, and one of Homorazzi’s own is in the running for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. Before our resident twink struts his stuff on the catwalk this Thursday, Adam provides some insight on who he is and what makes him tick.

Adam is the wittiest one in the cast, and although his hair is short, it’s full of secrets. He tells the most outrageous weekend recaps, and will correct your grammar when you tell yours. Just when you think he’s gone too far, he takes it to the next level the following weekend. Ladies and Gentlemen, the jaw-dropping, home-made wine guzzling, daddy prowling, soccer playin’, couch potato… M’Adam!! 

What is Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Movie Critic. Sorry, ridiculously well-paid, movie critic.

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