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Since the Outgames & Vancouver Pride, I have been working hard to try and keep the momentum going for the rush of my live shows and getting my music out to fresh ears. At the Anthem Party where I opened for Wynter Gordon, I debut one of my new songs titled Show & Tell which a lot of people said they really loved. However, if you missed the show, you never got a chance to hear it. I already debuted the teaser on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d give you Homorazzi readers a little teaser of that track plus the title track of my upcoming EP.

Show & Tell holds a special place in my heart because I was able to co-write the song with my partner in crime (and in love) Patrick. The song was a big step for me musically and lyrically and I am so happy with the result. It’s my first real big four on the floor dance track and has a really edgy sound and vibe. I am so excited for you guys to hear the full song especially with the sick dance break section in the middle.

The title track for my EP is called Dance With Me. Don’t let the introductory piano line fool you, this isn’t your 80’s power ballad. This song is also really special to me because I am a dancer and I really wanted this song to bring out the dancer (and the beast) inside all of us. Lyrically, I compares the essence of a club and that moment of dancing closely with someone to elements of a storm like the bass as thunder and the strobe lights as lightning. It’s a really hot track and I am excited for the finished product.

Check out the two teasers for my new tracks after the jump

If you’ve read up on Patrick’s posts, you’ve noticed that Homorazzi had their hands full a week ago with the North American Outgames and of course Vancouver Pride. Aside from attending parties and events, I also played the role of support system to Patrick who played soccer in the games while trying to juggle the site and his store Masc. At the same time, I had my own tasks to juggle; writing for you guys and prepping my performances for both events.

As some of you may know, I have been work on music for a while now and have released two singles, Letting Go and In Love and am currently working on my finishing my EP titled Dance With Me which should be out early this fall. I was fortunate enough to be able to showcase these singles (and some of my new material) in front of audiences at a few different places during the week.

My first set of shows were for the Opening Ceremonies for the North American Outgames. I performed my single “In Love” and a cover of StoneBridge’s “What You Do To Me” at the Vancouver Art Gallery just before the flag runners arrived from SFU, UBC and Whistler. What a rush. I was lucky to share the stage with host David C. Jones, Sugarbeach and the amazing Destineak. You can check out my performance below:

Watch my performance and see where else I performed after the jump

As you probably already know by now, this past weekend was incredibly busy (in a good way) for all of the Homorazzi cast with Vancouver Pride and Outgames festivities in full force. Some of the cast organized the big events, some hosted parties, some performed, and some were just full-time partiers.

Just before we watched Ace of Base & Dragonette perform at the North American Outgames Closing Party at the Plaza of Nations, four of us cast members sad down with CBlaze of QueerFM / CITR Radio for a interview. Myself, Tyrell, Adam, and Nic chatted about what it’s like to be part of the site and asked us about some things that we haven’t really got to share with readers. Truth be told, Dan and Rich were supposed to be with us in the interview as well but we lost them at the event grounds while we all tried to find where QueerFM was situated. Regardless, we had such a fun time talking to CBlaze about all things Homorazzi. Listen to the interview below.

Interview after the jump…

This week and weekend was insanely busy for all of us here at Homorazzi, but so much fun. Tommy was busy putting on his annual Rapture events which were a huge success. Tyrell was busy performing at almost every event. I competed in soccer in the Outgames this week (as did Adam) and I also performed in the pride parade. Donovan and Brian were busy hosting many out of town guests in between attending all of the events as well. And Dan, Nic, and Calan were busy taking in as much of the festivities as possible.

Yesterday, a few of us caught Wynter Gordon performing at the Plaza of Nations for the Anthem Party for her three song set. She sang “Til Death,” “Dirty Talk,” and “Toy Friend“. She was a great show and showed of her fabulous body in her skintight outfit. I totally wanted her to perform “Believer,” but apparently she didn’t have the track with her. LOL. After she performed, Donovan, Tyrell, myself, and one of our friends went backstage to meet her.

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Yesterday, approximately 640,000 people attended the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade, featuring 140 entries. It was a busy one for all of us in the cast, but the whole day was a total success.

That’s me in the photo above, featured in The Vancouver Sun! Myself, Brian and members of the GLBT soccer league I play in called “Out For Kicks” performed our choreographed dances to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and Britney Spears’ “Til The World Ends” in front of the thousands of people that watched. Tyrell actually choreographed the dance for us, but because he had two of his own performances to prep for (Sunset Beach & opening for Wynter Gordon at the Anthem Party), I stepped in as the dance captain for the day. We had SO much fun. Here’s what The Vancouver Sun had to say about us: “…the crowd energy hit a new high when Vancouver’s GLBT Soccer Club went on the offensive. Their choreographed dance routine, done behind a banner that read “OUT FOR KICKS,” had viewers shadowing them from the sidelines all the way down Robson Street.” Yay us!

Watch some footage of our dance after the jump…

Since the majority of the cast members on Homorazzi are Canadians, we thought we’d share each of our plans to celebrate our nation’s birthday (from where ever we are in the world). As usual, we’re all over the place this weekend.

Certainly, Vancouver has gone through it’s highs and lows over the past couple years. Last year, the Olympics brought a level of togetherness and patriotism that I had never experienced before with my fellow Canadians. The Canada Day that followed also reached a whole new level in terms of the vibe and electricity in the city. Unfortunately, our city’s global reputation recently received a big black eye as a result of the idiotic rioters that decided to trash the city after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. It was a disgusting side of humanity I never wish to see again. With that said, something positive did come out of it. The next day, the city came together to clean up the mess and attempt to show what it means to be a true Canadian/Vancouverite to the rest of the world that had us under a spotlight. We picked up the pieces and I’d like to think we grew stronger as a result.

Now, what does each cast member have planned for the occasion? Find out below.

Cast member Canada Day plans are after the jump…

Let me be clear. I am not a runner. I have never claimed to be a runner nor do I think I will ever make a morning run or jog a consistent habit. Unlike my partner Patrick, I do not have the gift for a long distance run. I may jump on the treadmill at the gym for 10 minutes for a light jog to get my body warmed up but that is usually as far as it goes. Now I know you’re asking, “then why in the hell would you do a 5K run?” That answer is easy. I believe in good causes and was honored to be running in support of one as well as be the team captain for the group of runners also doing the 5K for the same cause.

A while back, I was approached by the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation to partake in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge here in Vancouver. Along with running the race and helping fundraise, I was also asked to be the team captain and help encourage the other runners on the team to keep up with their training and fundraising efforts. Homorazzi is a big supporter of the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation as well as the center that they run in downtown Vancouver. As a part of Team Dr. Peter, I was given a tour by Trevor Loke who works at the center. I was blown away by the tools and assistance that is available and the programs that they offer. Dr. Peter’s legacy absolutely lives on inside those walls. It is very apparent.

Our team consisted of some very eager people willing to help out the foundation and before our 5K took off, we were lucky enough to congratulate some of the runners from Team Dr. Peter who were running the half marathon and had already crossed the finish line. As 9:15 AM approached, I am not going to lie, I was more nervous for this run than I am to perform a live show. One thing that was helpful was having Patrick at my side to pace myself. Looking back now, I maybe should have set my own pace and let him give’r but I pushed myself to go faster which was good. As we approached the 4K mark, my body couldn’t keep up with how fast I wanted to run and I told Patrick to speed ahead as I checked myself into a power walk. When the actual 4K mark hit and I could hear the people on the side of the road cheering, I knew I had to just muster up all the energy I had and cross that finish line.

Find out mine and Patrick’s finishing times after the jump…

Greetings From 2011 Portland Pride

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This is kind of a nothing post, but thought it would be perfect today for our Behind The Cast section. Both Patrick and I are MIA this Sunday due to previous engagements. Patrick is on the island with Tyrell for a wedding, while Brian, myself and a few others are in Portland celebrating pride. Not only is Portland Pride usually the official kick off for Pride season for me, but it’s also my favorite Pride of the year. I started going to Portland’s annual festivities three years ago and look forward to it every year.

Why is it my favorite? Simple. It’s big enough that people do something, but small enough that everyone does the same thing. There’s never any decisions to be made on which party to attend with what group of friends. Everybody does the same thing. Also, it’s a little sentimental for me as well, since I made some really great friends here on my first visit- Alex being one of them.

Normally, I do the trinity of the Pacific Northwest Prides, but ever since PDX pushed their pride festival a week ahead, only a mere four days separates it from Seattle Pride. That’s way too much gayness to handle in a short timeframe. Too boot, PDX now falls on Father’s Day which sucks. Hopefully, the Portland organizers push it back to its original date, because I would hate to miss out on future years. I can only miss so many Father’s Days before I begin to feel guilty.

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