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Hello Homorazzians! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything more personal than my thoughts on the latest and greatest of TV and Movies and I thought I’d come back with my recommend for increasing the yield you get from being gay as summer hits and prides, vacations, and vascularity from the gym seem to be all anyone can talk about… Join a gay sport!

The reason I’m “telling you what to do” is because too often I’m STILL reading in comments and blogs and on Facebook inane posts that “Gay [insert your city here] is unfriendly” or that it’s impossible to meet new guys, or that gay life is just about the bar and club scene. First off: shut up. Second off: your life is in your hands so change what you don’t like about it. Fine, to the two readers in Mumbai, yes, there are limits to how much you can access if your home doesn’t have the options most metropolis’ do, but that’s an article for another day (and another author, cause honestly I would just tell you to run). Instead, this goes out to guys who have opportunities and don’t take advantage: get off your ass and stop complaining!

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AIDS Walk OKC group

We are 6 weeks into The Random Acts Of Kindness Tour, better known as #GetRAOKT, and it’s already been the adventure of a life time. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently on a year long trip with my friend Jessica around North America doing Volunteer work and Random Acts Of Kindness. We left on September 2nd after doing a 6am interview on CBC Radio 1’s “The Early Edition.” Since then we have been on the road doing our part to try and make a difference.

So far we have been to Calgary, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Boulder, Denver and now reside in Nashville thanks to Greyhound! They’ve been getting us around this massive piece of land and it’s been really amazing to see all the different areas we wouldn’t be able to see if we flew. All along the way we have met incredibly inspiring people doing their part to help out in their communities. A few of our biggest events to date have been volunteering with the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma City and helping flood victims in Boulder after they experienced devastating floods.

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How much do my friends HATE it when I leave a voice mail. I’m not joking, I get RAILED constantly by my closest friends who have no qualms informing me that short of their mother and grandparents, I am the only person in their lives still leaving voice mail. Am I alone in this?

Why the voice mail hate on? What’s wrong with leaving a funny message (which I almost always opt for by the way) to let a friend know you’re thinking about them and want them to hear the sincerity in your voice. In an age where mis-reading text messages is a five time daily occurrence, how can anyone be down on my attempt to bring clarity to a situation by clearly explaining and emoting what I want to communicate? While I’ll get into my reasons for vm’ing later, I just wanted to posit the basic and starting off question: What happened to the voice mail? What year was it exactly that this method of indicating to someone that you need to speak with them became antiquated and (apparently) annoying? I often get quoted: “Adam, I have call display, so I know you called and I’ll get back to you when I can.” Well smartypants, maybe I don’t want you to get back to me, and maybe I didn’t or couldn’t text, did you ever think about that? And, WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? It’s just a voice mail! You may think I’m tending for my usual histrionics here, but this issue is no laughing (well, fine, it kind of is) matter with my group of friends as we constantly battle to voice mail or not to voice mail.

Click through to read the rest of my rant and hear why I argue this is still a valid communication tool and let your opinion be known


It has been 5 LONG years since the fan favorite web series the TRANNYFORCE have made any kind of appearance, and we are OVER it. Thankfully creator and filthy mastermind Angello Floresco has heard our prayers and the newest installment of the Trannyforce story has been released for your viewing pleasure!

If you don’t know the 10 year history of the TF, fear not. There is a quick 2 minute catch up at the beginning of the newest film. But here it is in a nutshell. 3 boys get possessed by 3 spirits of female super heroes from the planet Kirei. The guardians of Glamour, Fashion and Beauty. The three boys magically transform into Trixie, Milla and EvilLyn respectively to battle the evil forces from the dark dimension. It isn’t until present days 10 years after they first found their powers that they have finally met their match in the dark dimension’s evil ninja assassin ASSASSINA! The three warriors are killed (not spoiling it, it’s in the first scene)  and their spirits fly off to find new host bodies! The Trannyforce must live on, but can the new girls defeat Assassina before they to are killed too?

Starring Vancouver drag superstars Iona Whipp as the glamour fighter TRIXIE, Kristina Cash as the fashion fighter MILLA and Raye Sunshine as the beauty fighter EVILLYN, Trannyforce Xtreme makeover is the perfect comback. If you like Sailor Moon, SouthPark,  awful toilet humour and those old KungFu movies where the words don’t match the lips, then TRANNYFORCE is for you.

PS – They also got a flawless cameo by PANDORA BOXX!!!

Get more info on the TF by visiting

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Patrick, my friend and partner in crime with whom I founded with, has encountered a lot of change in 2013 thus far. After a breakup in early spring, Patrick decided to take a break from writing on the site full-time and focus on other areas of his life including family, fitness, friends and fun. He had been feeling that he lacked a work/life balance and fitness & nutrition seemed to no longer be incorporated into his lifestyle as it had been in the past. With that in mind, earlier in the year Patrick joined CrossFit to try something new with respect to his fitness and immediately loved it. We could all tell by the amount he posted about it on Facebook (haha). Outside of that change, he also found his birth mother and half brothers and sisters in May. He had only found out last year that he was adopted. A couple months ago, he met his birth mother for the first time in person and the meeting went very well.

Zoning in on the fitness aspect of his life, Patrick decided to mark the milestone of six months of progress from his new fitness and nutrition routine by taking part in a photo shoot with Mike Carter of Maplecarton Photography. The photos were picked up by DNA Magazine in Australia earlier this week and featured on their website here. Looks like all the hard work paid off! I’ve also included a before and after picture so you get a rough idea of where he started. Check out some of the photos from the shoot below.

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You may recognize the handsome Nick Uhas as one of the most recent evicted houseguests from Big Brother 15, but what you may not realize is that it wasn’t his first time in front of the camera. In fact, he’s a pro skater, actor, host, and all around entrepreneur. I check out his YouTube video series called Do You Skate? and was pretty amazed at what he’s capable of.

Uhas has also been pretty busy in the entertainment world, acting, hosting, interviewing celebrities, and of course most recently a houseguest in Big Brother 15. Now here’s a crazy story. Earlier this week, someone tweeted me to say they were watching Nick Uhas play me in Discover Channel / OWN’s Shocking Family Secrets show, and it was then that I realized that he was in fact the guy acted out scenes from my past in the reality/documentary show. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even clued into that myself. The best part was that Nick was the guy I was routing for in BB15 and little did I know… Anyway, it’s too bad he got kicked out but I’m certain his stint on the show will only open more doors for the ambitious “Moving Company” member.

Check out some of his photos below (unless you’re Gina Marie – in which case you should probably ease of everything Nick for a while) as well as clips from the episode where he played the character of MOI! LOL. To watch the full episode, click here. Hopefully I meet him one day – that would be totally surreal. Anyway, enjoy!

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Yes, I’m aware what date it is. Yes I know when TO Pride was. But after waking up in a wheelbarrow in Tijuana it took me a while to find my way home. But actually Toronto Pride was a little like that this year.

I was thinking of calling this “Toronto Pride 2013: Sea of Tears” after Willam didn’t show for the weekend, but then it really did feel like the Pride that “Never Ended” because he did in fact show up the weekend after. Okay, let’s back track.

Pride Thursday I didn’t get a chance to go to the Green Space at the 519 and see Jinkx Monsoon perform. The crowd apparently was unreal, the show great, but being a little disappointed I bucked up and moved on because it was Pride, and this was the Pride when everything just worked out for me as you’ll see. I had a great time at Fly later that Thursday for Prism’s College party, and if you’re not a circuit queen, this is the Prism party to go to next year. Every age and shape shows and has a great time, the music is dece, it’s a Thursday and there’s still a great party, so there’s that. And the great thing is Shangela killed it on stage. Went to meet a friend for a cocktail upstairs though, and lo-and-behold there was Jinkx sittin’ pretty anyways, so got to have a bevvy with her after missing the show and she was an absolute dream and a truly lovely person. Nic – 1. Highlight of the night was having Shangela throw, literally throw me her phone in a panic and yell the password at me, and then tell me to bolt for the balcony to film her on stage because no one had been assigned to. I’ve never been so panicked! She may be 4 feet tall, but she gets what she wants with that voice! The footage was gotten.

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Vancouverites take notice. The dawning of a new era takes place this Saturday night. Homorazzi’s own Tommy D & Matt along with a couple of their friends are launching a new night at Oasis Ultra Lounge. Fabulously called monroe, the weekly event promises the best in pop music, 90’s, 2000’s, RnB and hip hop. I’m down with a good circuit track, but every once in a while papa has to let loose to some songs with actual lyrics.

The first week features DJ Robyn Graves on deck with Jaylene Tyme pulling hosting duties. The action kicks off at 10pm. Cover is only $5 with $5 drink specials all night long. For more info, head to their Facebook event.

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