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First Listen: Sabi Shows Her “Wild Heart”

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You may not recognize the name Sabi, but you’ll definitely recognize her lyrics from Britney’s Drop Dead Beautiful that ring out, “steaming like a pot full of vegetables.” Her voice is also heard on the track You Make Me Feel… from electro/pop group Cobra Starship. But now, Sabi is ready to step into the light on her own with her first single titled Wild Heart.

Bringing in some grindy synths and that dubstep beat, this song pulls a few cues from Britney’s Inside Out. Lucky for Sabi, that song hasn’t seen any single release. The track was produced by Dream Machine which consists of Henry “Cirkut” Walter and Adrien “AG” Gough. This guys have worked with Cee Lo Green, Kelly Clarkson and of course, Ms. Spears.

I personally love the track and think it’s a nice change from what all the other ladies are releasing out there. I think that if done right, Sabi could bring the edge that Janelle Monae is also bringing to music. What do you think? Check out Wild Heart below and sound off in the comments.

Listen to “Wild Heart” after the jump

Just what the world needs, another singing competition. Unfortunately, they all can’t find the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Instead, we’ll end up with winners who we’ll probably never ever see again. Remember “insert name“? That being said, there is usually one thing that’s guaranteed. The established singers involved with the project more often than not get a career boost from the exposure. “American Idol” certainly put Jennifer Lopez back on the music charts. Same thing goes for Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera from “The Voice”. How addicting is their collabo “Moves Like Jagger“?

I’m sure, the hope of selling more records appealed to Brandy, Avril Lavigne and Leona Lewis and that’s why they’re participating on “Majors and Minors”. Let’s face it, these ladies haven’t seen a huge hit for years. Hopefully, their exposure on this new talent competition will give their respective careers a bit of a boost.

Majors and Minors” is a new show looking for the next superstar. It boasts that it’s not about the drama and just nurturing the talent which ranges from 8-16 year olds- they’re the “minors“. The established stars, like the trio aforementioned, are the “majors“. There will be no one voted each week, but instead a valedictorian will be determined after the 15 week competition.

see what other singers have signed on as mentors on the show after the jump

On Thursday, Brand New Bitch Anjulie strolled through Vancouver to visit us at The Helm for WE LIKE BOYS, Vancouver’s newest and hottest gay night on Thursdays. This chick is the cutest. If you’ve heard the name before, you probably remember her exploding with her track Boom a few years back. Now, she’s hitting play again with a brand new sound and feel and it’s absolutely epic.

Her current single Brand New Bitch is playing all over the place and making people dance in clubs everywhere. I asked her what the inspiration for the track was and she tells me about how she got out of a relationship (as one does when they write amazing tracks like this), her old record deal, manager and lawyer and was ready to start fresh with an up tempo record. Well, I think she’s the hit mark and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Up next for Anjulie is a stop off in Ibiza for a show with Laid-Back Luke followed by a show at the Cosmo in Las Vegas. Oh and I did I mention she’s working with for a new song for his solo record? No big deal. She also mentioned she’s working with Chris Brown on some stuff. I cannot wait to hear more from this Ontario native. Check out my interview with Anjulie below.

Watch the interview & listen to her new track after the jump…

This week and weekend was insanely busy for all of us here at Homorazzi, but so much fun. Tommy was busy putting on his annual Rapture events which were a huge success. Tyrell was busy performing at almost every event. I competed in soccer in the Outgames this week (as did Adam) and I also performed in the pride parade. Donovan and Brian were busy hosting many out of town guests in between attending all of the events as well. And Dan, Nic, and Calan were busy taking in as much of the festivities as possible.

Yesterday, a few of us caught Wynter Gordon performing at the Plaza of Nations for the Anthem Party for her three song set. She sang “Til Death,” “Dirty Talk,” and “Toy Friend“. She was a great show and showed of her fabulous body in her skintight outfit. I totally wanted her to perform “Believer,” but apparently she didn’t have the track with her. LOL. After she performed, Donovan, Tyrell, myself, and one of our friends went backstage to meet her.

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Power couple Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys have teamed up for their latest music video in conjunction with the Reebok Classics’ 2011 Reethym of Life campaign. Taking a complete 180 from their usual hip-hop and R&B roots, the two throw out a dance floor track to get everyone moving in your sneakers. However, the track and the video are not my favorite.

The video itself features Swizz and Alicia jamming out on a neon lit platform with many lights swirling around them. Below, a conglomerate of dancers and party goers who in the end, display flags from all over the world, creating that international party the two speak of. The video does feature one moment I enjoyed where a dancer is stuck in a glass box and Swizz revs up his car to head straight for him. I’ll let you watch the video to see what happens.

While some may like the new style of track for the two, I think the two should stick to what they are used to. Hopefully the two can make some good coin for the campaign though. Maybe I just need to hear the track in a club with some bass to change my mind.

Check out the “International Party” video after the jump

While some singers *cough* Nicole Scherzinger *cough* can’t wait to step out on their own and leave the girl group that made them famous, Kelly Clarkson is doing the complete opposite. In a surprising move, Clarkson is joining forces with her two backup singers to create “Already Famous“. She follows in the footsteps of Miranda Lambert, who also recently created a girl group side project.

Joining Clarkson on Already Famous are longtime friends Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier. The trio have already hit the studio and begun to record new music. They premiered a small snippet of one of their songs via Twitter. “I’m Not The Only One” is a ballad that seems to take a more indie-pop route than Kelly’s previously released solo music. You can check it out here.

find out what Kelly revealed about her new group after the jump


Once a year something happens for us if we’re lucky enough to live in a city as liberated and beautiful as Vancouver is: PRIDE! And every year without fail we find ourselves dancing to anthems for that summer, songs that will always remind us of how sweaty we were or how half naked that guy was, or how hairy…ANYWAYS, whether we like it or not, whether we hate or love the songs, they become as a part of us as the Pride that we’re celebrating while we hear them.

The question is, does it get better or worse year to year as music changes?  Well you be the judge, clearly based on what reminds ME of Pride suckers! In no specific order, well except for the prize of supreme and ultimate deluxe anthem of said Summer, here we go…

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Top 10 Workout Songs From 2011

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Aside from the your constantly changing favorite Summer Song of 2011, your workout music playlist is a whole other ballgame. Summer is also the time when people are doing whatever they can to get back in shape and if you’re like most people (including me), music is a crucial part of motivating your booty to do just that.

A site called boasts being “the web’s most heavily-trafficked workout music blog.” Below is a list they compiled, sorted by beats per minute, based on the 15,000 votes cast in 2011 (so far) by their site subscribers.

As you might expect, the most popular songs in the gym from the first half of 2011 were pop hits and dance tracks… But there’s always a few exceptions. The most interesting developments, perhaps, are Adele’s omnipresence–even in the gym—and the continued crossover between dance and pop music.

10 tracks for your iPod after the jump…

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