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Although this video was uploaded back in August, I only saw it today as it came through my Facebook feed and believe me, it’s definitely worth watching. “Hi Fashion” duo Rick Gradone and Jen DM perform their song “I’m Not Madonna” at a club in LA and it’s hilarious and super catchy. The lyrics are so clever, as the lead singer talks about everyone thinking she’s Madonna and how annoying it is being mistaken for the superstar. I have a feeling Tommy might like this, as I’m sure he can relate to her. It’s such a rough life being so fabulous! Here’s a little taste of the lyrics:

“Everyone thinks I’m Madonna, it’s getting kind of strange. Every time I get my hair bleached, they keep calling out my name. In London and Manhattan I can only stay indoors. My homes have become stops on the celebrity bus tours.”

The lyrics get even better from there and Jen DM sounds awesome as she transitions from talking to singing in the chorus, “I’m not Madonna…” They remind me of Miss Kitten (“Frank Sinatra“), Poppy Chaos (“Strange Objects“), with a little hint of Ryan Steele’s “That’s So Random“. LOL. Listen to “I’m Not Madonna” below.

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In my opinion, its due time for Sean Paul to make a comeback. Although he created a lot of controversy with his tracks and them being “unoriginal,” you can’t deny that he helped bring dancehall music to the masses. I definitely had Sean Paul’s album on reply in my car in high school and still can be seen dancing my ass off when his hit “Get Busy” plays anywhere.

In his new track, “She Doesn’t Mind,” young hit-maker and producer Benny Blanco takes the reigns on the production side. His fresh take on the dancehall rhythm is catchy and he really stays true to Blanco’s production style. Benny has always believed the the vocals should come first and the track should play underneath and only pop out when it needs to. So, does this track have the potential to shoot up the charts like many of Blanco’s other tracks? Give it a listen the decide for yourself.

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To say that the new Black Eyed Peas music video is out of this world wouldn’t be an understatement. In a cute, animated video, the three male members of the group take off in a spaceship set for the moon. But where is Fergie? She is still on Earth sending text messages of X’s & O’s to her men up in space. When the gal gets disappointed she isn’t receiving any text messages back, (Umm hello!? They’re in space!) she looks to the sky to see that they’ve constructed an x-shaped space station to hover beside the moon to make one, giant XO. Cute right?

The track XOXOXO appeared on the Pea’s album “The Beginning” and was honestly a song I had overlooked as it wasn’t a stand out track to me. However, this cute, Nickelodeon-like video has changed my perception a little bit. However, there are some lyrics in this song I can’t get over, like the use of “L’eggo, l’eggo my Eggo.”

I was actually surprised to come across this new music video due to the fact that in July of this year, the group announced at a concert in Staffordshire that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus after completing their tour. The group has done this before but front man did insist that this didn’t mean they wouldn’t stop creating. I guess the choice for an animated video is due to the hiatus? Who knows. Check out the animation creation below.

Watch the “XOXO” video after the jump.

After watching this music video, it’s no wonder that Kelly Rowland is slowly creeping up on her Destiny’s Child sister and selling more records and topping more charts. First off, Lay It On Me is definitely one of my favorite tracks on Kelly’s disc, Here I Am and the video matches the sensual vibe of the song perfectly.

Kelly teamed up with Sarah Chetfield once again who directed her steamy video for Motivation and the club track Forever And A Day. Behind the sensual bumping and grinding of Kelly and the shirtless men is Frank Gatson Jr..

In the video, Kelly makes a slinky look sexy in the opening scenes while rapper Big Sean spits a verse before we head into the Kelly’s big vocals. Notably, the men in this video are hot hot hot and Kelly gets to handle every single one of them. Jealous. However, Kelly’s more notable co-star is Susie, The Elephant who makes a couple cameos throughout the clip. Overall, I love the video and I think you will too. Check it out below.

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Luciana & Betty White‘s highly anticipated music video for “I’m Still Hot” premiered last night (October 11th) fittingly at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Now, you can watch Betty White prove that at 89-years old, she’s still hot in the awesome music video in support of The Lifeline Project (a life insurance settlement company that helps seniors and baby boomers pay for retirement).

As the video kicks off, Betty is at the L.A. Zoo when Luciana pulls up and the battle begins… “I’m smokin, I’m in a whirl… I’m still a Golden Girl. I may be a senior…so what! Guess what, I’m still hot!” These two look like they had an absolute blast filming this.

Stay tuned at the end of the video to watch Betty White continually shovel cheesecake into Luciana’s mouth. “I’m on a diet Betty,” says Luciana. “Yeah, a cheesecake diet,” responds Betty. Enjoy the video below and check out The Lifeline Project for information on the whole program.

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These Kids Wear Crowns Cover A Whitney Houston Classic

In: Donovan, Music

“Clock strikes upon the hour, And the sun begins to fade”. I’m sure a whackload of you homos already know which Whitney Houston classic I’m referring to. If you don’t, I suggest you brush up on your Divas Gays Love, Handbook Volume 1. LOL. For those of you in the know, obviously I’m referring to Whit’s 1987 mega-smash “I Wanna Dance With Somebody“. I guarantee you’ve never heard the pop classic sung this way before.

Canadian pop rock band These Kids Wear Crowns have taken the 80s dance track and given it that youthful angry emo hipster edge. The cover reminds me of Alien Ant Farm’s 2001 cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal“. As much as I absolutely adore the original and have fond memories of it, I sorta like the new version. Check out the music video below.

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Heterosexual Guys Who Like Glee

In: Music, Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

They’re not gay, they just like Glee… or so they say. Hilarious duo, Chris Nester and Brian Sturgill star in this hilariously homoerotic music video about guys who like Glee. When I was in the closet as a teenager, I definitely didn’t tell people that I had two of the Backstreet Boys albums hidden in a drawer in my room. In my mind, that would have been a dead give away that I was gay. I wonder if I would have been secretive about watching Glee if it was on while I was in high school. I guess I’ll never know.

Nester makes some good points, as he raps in the song – I mean, why is he gay just because he watches the musical comedy? Well, maybe because there’s a little more to the story. Nester raps, “Hanging out late, with my best homie / Just broke up with his girlfriend, feeling kinda lonely / So we drink some wine, and we watch some Glee / and we held hands, strictly platonically.” From there, their relationship only escalates…but it’s totally not gay. LOL. I hope you enjoy the video below as much as I did.

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One of Britain’s biggest girl groups and my personal favorite, The Saturdays, just debuted their latest music video for “My Heart Takes Over” today. With the release date of their new studio album just around the corner (November 21st), the Saturdays are stepping up their promotion into high gear. “My Heart Takes Over” is the third single from their upcoming “On Your Radar“. It’s a bit of a departure from their previously released club-driven singles. “My Heart Takes Over” slows it down and shows off the ladies’ more emotional side.

For the new visual, Mollie, Frankie, Vanessa, Rochelle and the pregnant Una trekked over to Iceland. Either it was really windy over in Iceland or they brought out the biggest fans humanly possible to the set. The result is a very picturesque video highlighting the girls’ beauty and flowing hair. Seriously, they look smoking hot even in the obviously freezing weather. With the release of this Steve Mac-produced ballad, it shows that their upcoming album won’t be just filled with electro-pop dance cuts and be more diverse. Check out the music video below.

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