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Stars, they’re just like us! They drink smoothies and pump gas. At least that’s how Adam Lambert starts out his day before being interviewed by The Advocate. Though Glambert’s sophomore album doesn’t hit stores til Spring 2012, the American Idol runner-up discusses what he has in store for his fans on his next CD. After creating an “intentionally tacky” debut, which he describes as “Nine Inch Nails meets George Michael“, the singer reveals he is taking a different direction for the next one.

On his debut album:
“No matter what the genre is, it’s all very personal, even on upbeat, fun tracks. The last album was a little bit more of a fantasy escape…even my image for that last album felt very theatrical and kind of over-the-top and intentionally tacky. I get a kick out of making artistic statements that are kind of ridiculous.”

On his upcoming second album:
“I don’t know how other artists do it, but for this project I’m adopting the mentality of just keep writing and keep recording as much as possible, and then when we know that we’re ready to decide which tracks are going to be on the album, we’ll look at everything and narrow it down.”

Along with his music career, the mascara one also talks about his new relationship, being a gay role model and the media. So often, when reading interviews, I quickly skim through them, but in this case I was riveted and read the entire thing. It’s fascinating to read how Lambert’s management and publicist handle their openly-out recording artist. The stipulations they place on magazine shoots is very interesting. Definitely read the entire interview after you check out a few pictures below.

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Britney Premieres “Criminal” Music Video!

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It’s finally here! After countless pics and press reports regarding the filming, I’m happy to say that Britney Spears has officially released the music video for her newest single, “Criminal“!

Completely filmed in London, this is Britney’s most unique video as of late. The premise goes like this: Britney (who looks fabulous) is at a fancy cocktail party with her boyfriend where they get into an altercation. The bastard of a boyfriend grabs her by the face and smacks her around a little before the one and only Jason Trawick (Brit’s real-life boyfriend) comes in and saves the day. From there, the two go on a crime spree and have loads of sex. Ok, so it’s a little random, but hey, it’s Britney Spears.

Because this song is more “chill” than most of Britney’s other tracks, the video has no large dance routines or crazy outfits. Usually I would be upset by this, but in this case it works perfect and is quite refreshing! Check out the video below to see Britney and Jason in all of their naked glory. Yes, naked!

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Homorazzi Chats With Frankmusik

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It’s not a secret… I’m a big fan of Frankmusik. From his first album Complete Me to his new disc Do It In The A.M., I have his tunes on repeat on my iPod daily. What is it about his UK import’s music that has me so hooked? Maybe it’s his synth-driven melodies, or his ear-catching lyrics. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a no nonsense, straight shooter that is going to tell you like it is. And, that’s exactly what he did when chatted with him on the phone.

Connecting with us all the way from the UK moments before hitting the stage, Frankmusik, (aka Vincent Frank) let us chat with him about touring with Erasure, his new album and it’s critical response and a topic that I found quite fun to talk about, his gay fan base.

The question to ask Frank about his gay following came from a Homorazzi Twitter follower and his response was quite humored. He said, “I feel like asking me about my gay following is like asking a rapper about his black following.” Growing up where being gay wasn’t even an issue, Frank says that because he doesn’t treat them any differently is probably what keeps them coming back for more. That, and the fact that he is pretty easy on the eye and has some pretty intense green eyes.

This winter, Frankmusik will be joining his fellow Cherrytree Record label mates on a 10 city tour across Canada for the Pop Alternative Tour . He couldn’t reveal many details about the show but he did say there would be some performances showcasing the collaborations that have occurred within the label. Whatever the case, I cannot wait to check it out. Listen to my full interview with Frankmusik below.

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Recognize the name Papa Joe Aviance? Well you should. He is one of the masterminds behind the famous track “Last Night A DJ Save My Life” which revolutionized the gay club scene in 2009. Not only did the song get massive airplay but the music video received heavy rotation on MTV and VH1. Now, Papa Joe is back and better than ever with his newest track titled “Live For Life.”

When Papa Joe Aviance isn’t busy recording music, he’s working on sketches for his popular clothing line, Joe Joe which he launched in 2009. The style incorporates different aspects of his music with the hope that each garment will allow wearers to express themselves in a musical way. Along with that, Joe also spends timing working on his production company, Papa Joe Networks which produces the web series Rise of a Superstar. Busy guy. It’s a wonder how fits in time for it all.

This new dance track is sure to get your feet moving or motivate you at the gym or on your next run. The song pulls a little inspiration from Tiesto’s, Dance 4 Life in similarities to the vocal speech. So, if you like that track, you’re going to love Live For Life. The video itself is a compilation of footage from recording the track to hanging out in Hollywood. If your a fan of beat pounding trance music, then this song is going to be for you. Check out the music video below.

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In preparation for the launch of his first Christmas album, Justin Bieber stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to debut the full version of the first single of the disc simply titled “Mistletoe.”. The usually pop flared vocalist takes a more acoustic and stripped approach to his music with the very Jason Mraz sounding track. What’s even more noticeable is the change in voice. Puberty can be a bitch my friend. However, Justin really using his raspy-ness to his advantage as her sings to the girl he wants to kiss under the mistletoe.

The full Christmas album titled Under The Mistletoe drops November 1st and the Biebs told Seacrest that even though it’s a Christmas record, “it’s probably my best album yet.” The disc features some pretty heavy cameos from Boyz II Men, The Band Perry, Mariah Carey and more. “I got a lot of different genres on there, so I think it works for everybody,” Justin said.

The highly anticipated video for the track will be revealed tomorrow night exclusively on MTV. During the interview, Bieber also confirmed that he will be joining Ryan for Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve alongside the already announced artists Pitbull and Lady Gaga. Should make for quite the holiday season. Give a listen to Mistletoe below and tell us what you think… are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit already?

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Poor fake pregnant Beyonce. The singer just can’t catch a break these days. From people doubting the validity of her pregnancy to plagiarism claims, the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman is embroiled in controversy left and right. Hopefully, her latest music video doesn’t add more fuel to the “Beyonce is a rip-off artist” fire. While it definitely takes inspiration from some old school R&B clips, Bey does enough to make it her own by adding modern touches and, of course, her signature hair-blowing fan. The second I saw the visual for “Love On Top“, I immediately got a New Edition vibe. In a statement by the singer, she confirmed my initial thoughts.

“I have worked very hard on this video, this song is special to me and I had an idea for the video based on some of my favorite male groups. I remember seeing videos from New Edition, The Jackson 5 and the Temptations, bands I love for their beautiful harmonies, and precise choreography and I always wanted to make a video and be part of a boy group myself. It was so much fun. I put my heart and soul into “Love On Top” and I hope you love it.”

I have to say, I really like the video. Perhaps, it’s due to it’s nostalgic flair or the solid choreography, but its’ definitely one of my favorites from her. There’s something to be said for less is more. It worked previously for her on the humongous hit, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)“. I don’t think “Love On Top” will reach those heights, but the more I hear the song, the more I love it. Most likely, this will be another radio hit for the singer. Check out the new clip below.

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It’s been a long 10 months for Jessie J who has spent the time touring and meeting her US fan base. However, it’s all paying off for the UK import who is finally making waves with her first official US single, Domino. In celebration of all of her travels, Jessie J has released a music video for the track which is a collection of B-roll footage taken while on the road.

Now if you’ve followed my music video posts before, you know how much I despise a montage music video. I feel like they are unoriginal, sometimes boring and honestly, a lazy excuse to release a video for a track. However, this one strikes me differently as you know that Jessie picked the best footage to showcase the song and it’s power.

One of my favorite moments in the montage is when she takes a boombox down to the subway station to sing live in front of everyday commuters. I heard a story that she used to do this in the London tube to test her songs out before releasing them to see if the general public would like them. How cool is that? Check out the music video below.

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New Releases Out This Week: October 17th

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Another Monday, another edition of New Releases. This week, our featured new release is the hilarious and dark comedy, Bad Teacher which stars Cameron Diaz and the sexy Justin Timberlake. Awkward situation, this was the first time the two exes had seen each other and worked together since their break up. According to the stars, it wasn’t bad at all and they had a great time doing the film together… including the sex scene. Check out a synopsis of the film below:

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a foulmouthed, ruthless, and inappropriate teacher. She drinks, gets high, and can’t wait to marry a meal ticket to get out of her bogus day job. When she’s dumped by her fiancé, she sets her sights on a rich, handsome substitute (Justin Timberlake) while shrugging off the advances of the school gym teacher (Jason Segel). The consequences of her wild and outrageous schemes give her students, coworkers, and even herself an education like no other!

Another hilarious addition to the cast is The Office’s, Phillys Smith who makes some of the best comedy with Diaz. Overall, I think if you buy Blu-rays or DVDs, them you should definitely pick this up. If not, then make sure you check it out on your AppleTV or other streaming media. More new releases below.

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