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The Wanted “Lightning” Music Video

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For all our UK readers, feel free to take a snooze right about now. You lucky blokes have known the goodness that is The Wanted for a couple of years now. Meanwhile, North American audiences have only recently been exposed to them thanks to the group’s first US Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Glad You Came“.

Calan, one of our writers, was an early fan and wrote about them back in October 2010. Shortly thereafter Tyrell jumped aboard, and now I’m officially on The Wanted bandwagon. What’s not to like? Catchy pop tunes with terrific hooks delivered by five cute guys. Speaking of which… hands off everyone, I’m crushing on Max George. Sooooo dreamy.

In anticipation of their first American album set to hit stores on April 24, The Wanted officially offered “Lightning” on iTunes the other day. This track, which was the third single from their second UK album, “Battleground”, was a No. 2 hit across the pond. Will the track fare as well stateside? On paper it should since it has the same writing and producing team behind “Glad You Came“. Watch the music video below and see if it has potential to yield another US hit for The male Saturdays aka The Wanted. And remember, hands off Max George (the shaved head one)… He’s mine 😉

watch the music video after the jump

As expected, Madonna’s latest album topped the Billboard Top 200. “MDNA” becomes her eighth No. 1 album of her illustrious career which began back in 1984. Remarkably, four out of her twelve studio albums never reached pole position including her critically acclaimed “Ray of Light” effort which garnered four Grammy awards. How insane is that?

Madge’s “MDNA” moved an impressive 359,000 copies this week, beating Lionel Richie’s country-inspired “Tuskegee” which sold 199,000 units. Side note, how awesome is Richie’s reinterpretation of his classic ballad “Endless Love” with Shania Twain? Madonna’s first week sales of “MDNA” improves upon the debut totals of her last offering, “Hard Candy” which posted 280,000 at cash registers. I’m sure concert sales for her Fall North American tour aided in the boost. Concert goers who purchased tickets were given an option to receive either a physical CD or digital download. Those who opted with the former, the copies shipped were included in the first week totals.

So with Madonna Louise Ciccone reigning supreme once again, I ask you readers this all-important question. Which of her chart toppers is your favorite? Sadly, since “Ray of Light” isn’t included, I’m have to go with her first album, “Like A Virgin”. It’s OG Madonna. Can’t argue with that. And you?

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Kelly Rowland Debuts “Need A Reason”

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Things have been relatively quiet on the Kelly Rowland front lately. BOO. Thankfully, the former Destiny’s Child singer is back to remind she’s still kicking around. Rowland just debuted her new song titled “Need A Reason“. The seductive track is not from an upcoming album, but rather it’s for the original soundtrack for “Think Like A Man“. Last week, we heard “X Factor” also-ran Marcus Canty’s contribution to the album and now we have Kelly’s.

Not only is Kelly providing a hot new track for the soundtrack, but she’ll also be appearing in the film. She has a supporting role in the movie, based on the best-selling book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” written by Steve Harvey. The movie boasts a stellar cast including Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, LaLa Vazquez and Chris Brown. The accompanying soundtrack is equally star-studded with contributions from Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, John Legend to name a few. Can’t wait.

listen to the track after the jump

As much as people like to hate on this “overexposed” family, they have a lot of fun together and I for one wouldn’t hesitate in joining them in one of their videos – LOL. Remember when I posted about Kris Jenner’s “I Love My Friends” video? Absolutely ridiculous, but clearly the daughters take after her. Although it often looks like they take themselves so seriously, these types of videos show that they actually don’t and they are not above participating in these silly videos with their younger siblings/daughters.

Last Summer, Kendall & Kylie Jenner uploaded a family video of the whole crew lip syncing to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” song. The whole family was on vacation and the video even included Scott Disick, Lamar Odom, and Kris Humphries.

This latest lip sync video was also uploaded on Kendall & Kylie’s YouTube account, with the caption reading, “We shot this video last year at our family Christmas Card shoot!” The song is ‘Lady Marmalade‘ by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil Kim.

Watch the video after the jump…

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Conor Maynard, the recent winner of MTV’s Brand New For 2012 Award. The UK teen sensation has taken the music industry by storm, first getting recognized for his amazing covers on YouTube. Ne-Yo came across his videos and said he wanted to work with him and before he knew, Connor achieved ‘Record of the Week’ on BBC’s Radio 1 with his addictive hit, “Can’t Say No“. I love this track and the accompanying video has over 2.3 million views already!

The Maynard fans don’t have Bieber Fever… they’re just plain Mayniacs… and proud of it. In the interview, we chat a bit about them, whether or not he has a girlfriend, what it was like working with Pharrell Williams and Ne-Yo, and what he thinks about gay marriage.

He was great to talk to and I’m certain the new album he’s working on will be well worth the wait. Check out my chat with Conor Maynard below!

Interview after the jump…

On April 10, Glee will make a triumphant return and it just so happens that this will also be the episode in which Matt Bomer makes his guest appearance as Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson. Bomer’s character is a famous Hollywood face and some of the kids at McKinley High get a little star struck. To make things even more exciting, Matt and Darren don’t only sing one song but have two whole duets for our viewing pleasure. Matt elaborates:

“The Duran Duran was just fun pop and it was great to get to dance and interact and use the whole one-upmanship of all that,” Bomer told Entertainment Weekly. “But to me, I love the Gotye song because it’s so actable and so immediate and so inherently dramatic.

For Glee to choose Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used Know” is genius. The hit FOX show tends to help smaller artists hit it big on the Billboard Chart and this track is sure to be next in line. During the duet, we are flashed back to Blaine & Cooper as kids and we see Cooper pick on Blaine and the like. I can’t wait to find out how the song works in its full context. Check out the boys’ duet below.

Check out Matt & Darren’s Gotye duet after the jump.

This weekend, Tyrell and I are venturing down south for the 2012 White Party in Palm Springs, with the headline act on the Saturday night being Mary J. Blige. I’m so excited!

As a side note, a new Burger King commercial has come out that features the nine-time Grammy winnwer singing about Crispy Chicken Wraps. She sings it to the beat of her own song, “Don’t Mind,” from her latest album “My Life II…The Journey Continues.”

When asked what’s in the new wraps, Blige sings, “Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla.” A lot of people are surprised to see her peddling chicken, especially since some people believe that it feeds into a stereotype. That being said, Salma Hayek, David Beckham and Jay Leno are also featured in new Burger King commercials, and Sofia Vergara and Steven Tyler are also expected to each do one as well. Check out Blige’s commercial below.

Watch the commercial after the jump…

We all know that Josey Greenwell is hot. There is no question. He’s got a chiseled face and let’s be honest, his body is to die for. But to make him even more desirable is the face that he can sing. Primarily an acoustic, country artist recording videos of himself singing covers of the latest and greatest pop tracks, Joey is now ready to step into the spotlight with his own music – and original song titled Stuck In My Head.

The song tells the story of a guy who heads to a club and meets the man of his dreams. Even though they don’t connect afterwards, Josey recalls the song that was playing when they met and as you can guess – gets stuck in his head. The hook in the track is definitely my favorite and I’m totally a sucker for whistling in a track. I think this is a solid effort as a debut original track but I know that he is capable of more. Keep your eye on him. Give a listen to Stuck In My Head below.

Listen to Josey’s new single “Stuck In My Head” after the jump.

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