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Oh. Em. Gee. I was a little behind on our tweets when last night I just noticed that the Gay Pimp (AKA Jonny McGovern) tweeted his new music video (which is a duet with Nadya Ginsburg) called “Modified” to us a few days ago. Needless to say, I watched it right away and the verdict? I love it and find it to have quite the catchy beat! The premise of the song and video is one of those random things that you never really talk about…which is part of its brilliance.

Have you ever been to a fitness class or boot camp? I’ve been to many myself. So there’s the regular version to the exercises, and then there’s the “modified” (less difficult) version. Well, this video calls out the lady in the class that shows up late, steals your mat, and does all her exercises…modified. LOL. The main women that does everything modified in the video is played by Melanie Hutsell and the chorus goes like this: “Middle-aged…Lady…In my aerobics class…doin’…everything…modified”. LOL.

I feel like there’s a parallel to the modified lady in this video and Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy‘s “Tiny Victories” ladies. You bet those two would be doing their exercises modified as well.

I love me a Jonny McGovern video. From “Sexy Nerd” to “Likin’ Big Dicks” to “Bossy Bottoms” and many more. Enjoy the video below!

Watch the video after the jump…

Beyonce’s Next Single Is “Countdown”

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As Beyonce counts down to the “B-Day” of her future “Destiny’s Child,” she has dropped “Countdown” as the third single from her ‘4‘ album. When I first heard the album, I knew that this would most definitely be one of her singles. The lyrics are very clever and the hip-hop rhythm (which has a little bit of a “Jumpin, Jumpin” feel) is certainly in line with other tracks she ends up making singles as well. Here’s are the lyrics to the countdown within “Countdown”:

“My baby is a 10 / We dressing to the 9 / He pick me up we 8 / Make me feel so lucky / He kiss me in his 6 / We be making love at 5 / Still the one I do this 4 / I’m tryna make us 3 / From that 2 / He still the 1.”

If I were to say one thing I don’t like about this song, it’s that it’s not quite up beat enough to dance to because the chorus slows everything down, and it’s not quite a mellow song either. After “Run The World (Girls),” my second favorite song on the album is by far “End Of Time,” and really hope that will be her fourth single. I’ve include this song for you to listen to below in addition to “Countdown”.

Listen to the track after the jump…

To say that Aqua’s newest single is underwhelming would be an understatement. This past summer, Aqua had me excited for a serious comeback with the release of the track How Are You Doin’? which brought the elements of old Aqua sound into a new generation. While some thought it may have sounded a bit too much like Far East Movement’s Like A G6, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, when I saw the cover art for Aqua’s newest track, Playmate To Jesus, I was excited for another giant leap in that direction. However, I was thoroughly disappointed. The track brings back that old 90’s Aqua sound we love, but slows it down and has no real dynamic at all. It literally stays in the same place the whole time. And then, there’s the music video.

Oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The imagery is the band is dressed in a lot of black in a white house as the cloud of smoke travels through the hallways, leading the band members to a ladder. The ladder leads to the lit skylight which I think is supposed to symbolize the entry to heaven? It’s all a little foggy to me. If you have spare time, I suggest checking out this video below.

Watch Aqua’s “Playmate To Jesus” here.

Yesterday, Kelly Clarkson made a stop at The Ellen Degeneres Show to perform her new single, “Mr. Know It All.” The track is the lead-off single from Kelly’s upcoming album, “Stronger” which is due for release on October 25th. So, it’s no surprise that Clarkson is starting the press tour to promote the debut.

I actually love this track a lot but this performance is a little lackluster for me. Kelly’s vocals sound great but she didn’t seem super engaging. The track is also a pretty easy listen without a lot of flare. So, without anything happening on stage, I feel as though the performance came and went and nothing happened in between. But, you can decide for yourself when you check it out below.

After her performance, Kelly talked about her not so secret crush on Friday Night Lights star and now Emmy winner, Kyle Chandler. She goes on to tell Ellen that he’s the perfect kind of man but they don’t make them like that anymore. She also found out he’s married so she can’t stalk him now. Awkward.

Watch Kelly’s performance on Ellen after the jump…

Rihanna Debuts New Single, “We Found Love”

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Earlier this week, I informed you that Rihanna would be dropping a new single today via the radio. Well, I now have your first listen at the new track which was produced by DJ and producer, Calvin Harris. This will be the official lead-off single for Rihanna’s upcoming studio album which is set for release now on November 21st.

The tracked titled “We Found Love” is quite a departure from Rihanna’s current sound that we’re used to from her Loud disc. This new song sounds like it comes straight off the latest Ministry of Sound album. The pulsing beat and deep synths are so infectious. Rihanna’s vocals also sound absolutely amazing! The lyrics ring out:

Yellow diamonds in the light / And we’re standing side by side / As your shadow crosses mine / What it takes to come alive / It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny / But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place

The song was set to be sent out to radio this morning, but was only going to played if Rihanna fans could unlock it through a series of missions. Mission 1 revealed the new logo, Mission 2 revealed the lyrics and Mission 3 allowed the song to air. 10 more missions remain so you can only imagine what is left to be revealed. Listen to We Found Love below. You’re going to love it!

Listen to “We Found Love” after the jump…

VV Brown Returns With New Single “Children”

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You know that feeling when you put on a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in a while and find money in the pockets. That’s the kind of pleasant surprise I felt when I heard VV Brown was back with a new single. I had all but forgotten about the British singer. Such a shame since I loved “Shark In The Water” from a couple years back. Hopefully, this time around she’s here to stay.

The 27-year-old singer’s new single “Children” is in the vein of “Shark In The Water”. It has the same nostalgic sing-song feel, which is a smart move on Brown’s part. This time around she included a bit of swagger by enlisting rapper Chiddy for a few lyrical rhymes. It also includes a sample of the classic kids playground anthem, “Do Your Ear Hang Low”. The track was produced by Chuck Harmony who’s credits include Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette“, Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” and Fantasia’s “Bittersweet“. Check it out below.

listen to VV Brown’s new track after the jump

If there is one thing Pepsi is known for, it’s there famous commercials featuring of the most influential popstars in history. For my generation, you can remember in 2001 when Britney Spears was the it-girl and her Pepsi commercial and theme song was stuck in our heads for days. She wasn’t the first however. Before her, there was Michael Jackson and stellar Diet Pepsi ad featuring the brilliant, Ray Charles. Other popstars to hit the Pepsi circuit have been Mariah Carey and a really cool, windswept in Pepsi colors, Kanye West.

Now, to celebrate the premiere of X Factor in the US, Pepsi has compiled some of their favorite popstar commercials into a medley of stars to promote the slogan, “Who’s next?” followed by the X Factor logo and a mysterious silhouette headed to a microphone under a spotlight. How prophetic. With the show bringing the winner a record breaking five million recording contract, it’s no telling how big the winner will become. They could become the next biggest star in the world. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Now, check out the new Pepsi commercial below.

Check out the new Pepsi commercial after the jump…

R.E.M. Split After 31 Years Together

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The legendary rock band, R.E.M. has just announced that they will be splitting up after 31 years together. Before you jump to conclusions, nothing dramatic happened between these three guys for them to reach this decision. The band explains that while they were on their last tour, they wondered what was next for them. Upon reflection, they collectively felt that “it was time” and they were ending on a good note, remaining very happy with what they had accomplished and experience together. The statement read:

“To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening.”

My favorite R.E.M. song is hands down, “Losing My Religion“. Such a great song and I still know all the words. I think after 31 years, its a respectable decision to want to perhaps move on to the next chapter in your life. I think fans will be able to appreciate that. Each of the band members then released a few words of their own about the split. You can read their thoughts below.

Read their individual thoughts on the breakup after the jump…

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