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This past Friday, I attended the One Direction concert here in Vancouver where Icona Pop was the opening act. They were actually my favorite part of the whole show thanks to their catchy up beat tunes and high energy performance. This was my second time seeing them perform, as I had seen them perform their breakout hit, “I Don’t Care (I Love It)” at White Party a couple years ago and got to meet them backstage!

Following the recent release of their “Emergency” single and music video, they’ve just released another fun new track called “First Time”. This was actually the first track the duo ever wrote together when they first met back in 2012. It wasn’t until recently when they entered the studio with Ricky Reed that they decided to dust it off and give it a new lease on life. “It’s such a special song to us and really is a celebration of friendship, whether with your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend. We just wanted to capture that feeling again in a song and remind ourselves how important it is to never forget those special early days when you first meet someone,” explains Caroline Hjelt.

Listen to the new track below.

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“We’re paying homage to the folks that inspired Black Eyed Peas,” told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. And indeed they are. If you’re a lover of old school hip-hop, this kick-ass track is a must-add on your playlist.

ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” Digable Planets’ “Rebirth Of Slick,” Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” and other hits from De La Soul, Beastie Boys, NWA and Onyx are sampled in “Yesterday.” Seriously, I’m obsessed with the track. It’s my teenage years and early twenties in one killer anthem.

The accompanying visual is equally on point. BEP minus Fergie are in a record store, checking out old school vinyls. When a certain track is sampled, the original album cover appears but with, and Taboo’s faces photoshopped in.

Not sure why Fergie is missing in action. Does this mean the long-awaited sophomore album from The Duchess is actually coming? Check out BEP’s tribute track below.

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With each performance, these girls are quickly morphing into mini Beyonces. Especially that Dinah Jane. Their hair flipping and sashaying gets fiercer by the day.

Fifth Harmony absolutely slayed a Spanglish version of their hit “Worth It.” Though Lauren is not featured on the official audio, girlfriend gets to hype up the crowd in the beginning and takes the spotlight later in the performance. Ironic thing is, she actually speaks Spanish unlike some of the other members.

Also on hand at Univision’s Premios Juventud 2015 was Becky G– another young lady, I’m quickly becoming obsessed with. She brought out Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin during her “Can’t Stop Dancing” performance. Why the track never broke the Top 40 is beyond me? It’s far catchier than the 18-year-old’s annoying breakthrough hit, “Shower.”

Check out both performances below.

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I don’t know how Russell Wilson does it. He must have the will power like no other. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback recently revealed that Ciara and he are waiting for marriage before doing the deed. I’m gay and even I want to bang CiCi, especially after this sizzling visual for “Dance Like We’re Making Love.”

The 29-year-old has perfected the art of seduction. She exudes sex to the nth degree without being all ratchet. Whether she’s doing aerial water aerobics or getting her tango on in the ballroom, the “Goodies” singer is a master when it comes to teasing.

Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of this track prior to seeing the Dave Meyers-directed visual. But as great music videos should do, it has won me over. I’m obsessed with the sultry jam now. If you haven’t checked out Ciara’s underrated Jackie LP, you should. It’s fantastic.

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If this doesn’t bring Carly Rae Jepsen back to the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10, nothing will. This Shellback-produced track is beyond infectious. Personally, “Run Away With Me” should’ve been the lead cut off her E-MO-TION album. The problem with the underperforming “I Really Like You” was it was trying to hard to replicate “Call Me Maybe.” Nothing will ever come close to that pop gem.

While a big budget music video would’ve been nice for “Run Away With Me,” the home-video inspired vibe is adorable. The 29-year-old singer shares her playful adventures while visiting Paris, New York and Tokyo. Jepsen definitely has the ‘cute’ market cornered. She looks euphoric and without a care in the world in the clip. Maybe it’s because Tom Hanks is nowhere to be found in this one ;) Check it out below.

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Well, welcome back Miss Pretty Girl Rock!!! It’s been five years since Keri Hilson released No Boys Allowed and it appears the 32-year-old singer is about to embark on her new era.

Hilson just debuted two new tracks off her forthcoming third studio album. I love Keri but neither really scream comeback hit. “Scream” is a lowdown baby-making track while “100” is completely forgettable. Hopefully, she has better offerings on the LP which reportedly will drop in August, according to a press release.

Speaking of that document, collabs to look forward to include Dr. Luke, Chris Brown and Ester Dean. Until those surface, check out her underwhelming songs, IMHO, below.

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I fear that Leona Lewis might never recapture the glory of her “Bleeding Love” days. The lead cut “Fire Under My Feet” off her latest album, I Am, faltered in her native UK, peaking at only No. 51. I actually quite liked it and thought it’d at least break the Top 20. Are people just over Lewis?

The 30-year-old chanteuse officially releases “Thunder” as the second official UK release and the first US single. The soaring and stomping track is all about empowerment. It’s solid, but I much prefer “Fire Under My Feet.”

Speaking of empowerment, another track has leaked from her forthcoming album. It’s the title track and it feels like it’s somewhat of a dig at her former mentor Simon Cowell. It could very well be about an ex, but it’s far more salacious if it’s shade directed towards The X Factor judge. Give “I Am” and “Thunder” a listen below.

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Hilary Duff Releases ‘My Kind’ Music Video

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Usually you get this type of visual if an artist has given up on promoting their latest album. If that’s the case, it’s a shame because Breathe In, Breathe Out isn’t half bad.

Hilary Duff releasing this lazy music video for “My Kind” is a tad puzzling. The sugar-y upbeat pop track is one of the highlights on the LP and deserves more. To boot, the dance practice footage appears to be choreography for her other single “Sparks.” WTF to say the least.

Given that her Tinder music video experiment was badly received and now this, clearly Hilary needs better people on her team. Her comeback has been a borderline hot mess. The Younger actress deserves better. Watch her latest clip below and see if you think she’s given up as well.

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