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HBO Releases Trailer For Beyonce Music Miniseries

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Beginning next week, HBO begins its ten-week special Beyonce: X10. The musical mini-series will air four-minute clips preceding a brand-new True Blood episode. Based on the newly-released trailer by the network, the special looks to be a visual feast. The angles and slo-motion effects looking promising.

Performance highlights from the show will include “Blow/Cherry,” “Drunk in Love,” “Ghost/Haunted,” “Flawless/Yoncé,” “Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,” “Girls,” “Heaven,” “Partition,” “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and “XO.” The Mrs. Carter World Tour consisted of 132 concerts in 27 countries and 69 cities. Check out the trailer below.

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Since Paula Patton separated from Robin Thicke, the blue-eyed soul singer has been on a public campaign to win his estranged wife back. The lead cut “Get Her Back” off his forthcoming album, titled Paula is just a taste of what’s to come from the album that will undoubtedly feature Robin begging for his wife’s forgiveness.

The accompanying visual released today shows Robin getting even more raw and personal. He appears naked (emotionally and physically) in the simple back and white clip. In addition he shares what appears to be text exchanges between his wife. “I wrote a whole album about you,” a text reads. “I don’t care,” the reply says. OUCH!!!. Looks like Paula isn’t taking him back anytime soon. Whether or not she eventually forgives him, Paula hits stores in a couple of days. Check out the video below.

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I’m always down for a Whitney Houston cover. But when it’s by the sensation that is Sam Smith, my excitement hits a whole new level.

The male Adele teased his “How Will I Know” rendition when it appeared on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Ever since, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear the entire version. Their wishes were granted this week. Smith performed it for SiriusXM listeners. It’s astonishing how he transforms a peppy 80s pop song into a yearning love ballad. I’m even more obsessed with Sam after this, if that’s possible. Give it a view below.

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Danish boys really know how to blow ;) At least they do in this clip.

The Bottle Boys aka Flaskedrengene in their native tongue are a group of cute Danish dudes who make beautiful music blowing into empty bottles. Their previous masterpieces include covers of Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY, LMFAO and Eminem.

For their latest, they’ve tackled Michael Jackson’s classic “Billie Jean.” Watch them incorporate their new technique, “double bottle playing,” below. Something definitely not recommended by dentists.

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HBO Pairs Beyonce Up With True Blood

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Last time Beyonce collaborated with HBO, she gave the network its most-viewed music special since 2003. Life Is But a Dream drew 1.8 million viewers the night it premiered and grossed a total of 8.9 million viewers. It’s no wonder HBO wants to stay in the Beyonce business.

The network announced a concert miniseries dubbed Beyonce: X10. Couldn’t make the Mrs. Carter World Tour? No worries. The 10-episode series will feature weekly performances each about four minutes long which will air beginning June 29 before each episode of True Blood.

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If you were hoping to see Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada and Dan Miller jump out of planes for their “Skydive” video, you’re SOL!. Clearly the title isn’t meant to be taken literally and simply just a metaphor. Also, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t money in the budget for it as well ;)

O-Town debuted the visual for their comeback single this week. The boys show off a more mature grownup side than their “Liquid Dreams” days. Gone are their cheesy boy band dance moves. Instead, each gets their moment to show off their emoting skills as they pine after the same blond girl. #sharingiscaring. It’s a relatively simple clip with no narrative but beautifully shot. Especially the aerial shots as the camera pans past the boys standing on a mountaintop.

“Skydive” is off their forthcoming album Lines & Circles which is out on August 3. Check out their new vid below.

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I thought the “Do What U Want” music video was as mythical as a unicorn. At long last, the visual has surfaced. Well, part of it has.

TMZ obtained snippets of Lady Gaga’s sexually-charged clip. The outlet reports Mother Monster scrapped the video because she feared public backlash since her co-star was once on trial for kiddie porn and her director is in a swirl of controversy over allegedly sexually assaulting or harassing his models.

I’m sorry, but Gaga knew exactly what she was doing. You don’t pick R. Kelly and Terry Richardson to collaborate with on a song about doing whatever to your body without knowing the risks. I wonder what the real reason why it never premiered.

Check out snippets below featuring Gaga being touched by Kelly and numerous women. Be sure to weigh in on it afterwards.

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Azalea Banks may not be a fan of “No Mediocre,” but I think she’s just a little jellies. I’d be pissed too if another female rapper with my name was dominating charts and becoming an international superstar. Perhaps the “212″ rapper needs to get a little “Fancy.” It’s worked wonders for Iggy Azalea.

Just in case you were wondering, Banks dissed T.I.’s wife’s looks by referencing the title of this track. Let’s just say he didn’t take too kindly to her classless comment.

With regards to the Aussie rapper, I hope she becomes more selective with her future collaborations. She’s practically everywhere these days appearing on tracks for Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and now T.I. Fingers crossed she doesn’t crossover to overexposed territory soon.

Whether you’re a fan of the DJ Mustard-produced track or not, you’ll appreciate the music video. Director X does an excellent job capturing Rio De Janeiro’s breathtaking vistas. Iggy and T.I. look pretty great as well. Check it out below.

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