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As I’m so excited to watch Paranormal Activity 3 when it comes out later this week, I just came across a new trailer for a film that looks like it will be equally as terrifying. This trailer for “The Devil Inside” is set to be shown before Paranormal Activity 3 as one of the trailers. As my title implies, it looks like a cross between “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and Paranormal Activity”. Here’s the synopsis of what it’s about:

“Her entire life, Isabella Torelli believed her mother brutally murdered three people because she was clinically insane. After being told the murders occurred during an exorcism, she sets out to discover the truth. While documenting her experience with a film crew in Italy, she becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms.”

The trailer below made me jump a few times and I was on edge the whole time. Filmed to look like somewhat of a documentary, the realistic aspect of this film is what makes it so freaking scary to me. The trailer starts off with the 911 recording from Maria Rossi, Isabella’s mother… after she killed the three people. “The Devil Inside” hits theatres on January 6, 2012. Watch the trailer below (if you dare).

Watch the trailer after the jump…

Movie Review: Everybody Cut “Footloose”

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Last night, Patrick and I decided to kick off our Sunday shoes and check out the MTV Films remake of the classic hit, “Footloose.” While some scream blasphemy, I was actually pretty excited to see the film. One, because I have taken classes from Kenny Wormald and was pumped for him to take on this iconic role, and two, to see all the dancing there was going to be from him and his female co-star, Julianne Hough. To start off, I have to say that I absolutely love love love the original and that you can never take the magic of that film away. So, would the new reboot hold it’s own?

The plot lines of both films are generally the same. Ren McCormack (originally played by Kevin Bacon), comes to the small town of Bomont to live with his aunt and uncle. In the original, he’s from Chicago but in this version due to Kenny’s sexy look and accent, Ren is from Boston. He soon discovers that the town has a ban on dancing and loud music after getting an unexpected ticket from a power hungry cop. Ren meets his soon-to-be best friend Willard at school who he later on, teaches how to dance to impress his girl, Rusty.

But of course, you can’t talk about Footloose without mentioning the loose cannon character that is Ariel Moore (played by Hough, originally played by Lori Singer). She’s the preacher’s daughter and in rebellion mode after the death of her brother. Her relationship with Chuck Cranston, a bad ass race car driver gets her into a little bit of trouble after she begins pursuing the new kid in town. It leads to a race of decked out school buses in a race that leaves Chuck in the dust. In the original, Ren and Chuck play a game of chicken with tractors.

More review and photos of “Footloose” after the jump.

It’s almost here. A&E is getting set to release it’s Stephen King mini-series, Bag of Bones. The two-night, two hour event stars Pierce Brosnan and Melissa George in the this classic and haunting murder mystery. The story revolves around the character of Mike Noonan, a writer who begins to experience writer’s block after the death of his wife. Four years after the death, he begins to experience nightmares in his TR-90 home, an unmapped township in Maine. With all of these settings, you can just imagine what Stephen King has cooked up.

Now, A&E has released it’s first look at the mini-series with a behind-the-scenes look and spooky new trailer. The trailer features a young girl, drowning in a lake. She then reappears on the streets of the town and writes on a fogged window, “BEWARE THE LAKE.” Are you kidding me? I love a good thriller and this looks right up my alley. After watching the behind-the-scenes footage, I truly cannot wait to have the pants scared off me. They started filming in Nova Scotia this summer but no official release date has been set. Check out all the footage below.

Check out A&E’s “Bag of Bones” after the jump.

New Releases Out This Week: October 17th

In: Charge It, Movies, Music, Tyrell

Another Monday, another edition of New Releases. This week, our featured new release is the hilarious and dark comedy, Bad Teacher which stars Cameron Diaz and the sexy Justin Timberlake. Awkward situation, this was the first time the two exes had seen each other and worked together since their break up. According to the stars, it wasn’t bad at all and they had a great time doing the film together… including the sex scene. Check out a synopsis of the film below:

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a foulmouthed, ruthless, and inappropriate teacher. She drinks, gets high, and can’t wait to marry a meal ticket to get out of her bogus day job. When she’s dumped by her fiancé, she sets her sights on a rich, handsome substitute (Justin Timberlake) while shrugging off the advances of the school gym teacher (Jason Segel). The consequences of her wild and outrageous schemes give her students, coworkers, and even herself an education like no other!

Another hilarious addition to the cast is The Office’s, Phillys Smith who makes some of the best comedy with Diaz. Overall, I think if you buy Blu-rays or DVDs, them you should definitely pick this up. If not, then make sure you check it out on your AppleTV or other streaming media. More new releases below.

Check out more new releases after the jump.

Real Steel & Footloose Dominate The Box Office

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For the second weekend in a row, Real Steel has taken the top spot at the box office in these early estimates. The futuristic “high-tech” boxing film, which stars Hugh Jackman, brought in $16.3 million this weekend. It wasn’t a total knock-out though, as the Footloose remake, which opened this weekend, was very close behind with $16.1 million. Considering how close the two films were, it could end up with Footloose on top when it all becomes official tomorrow.

A second remake opened this weekend, with The Thing opening in theatres and taking the third spot with $8.7 million. The science-fiction horror remake was actually done well, considering it’s placement at the box office and the reviews it has received. The same can’t be said for the other newcomer this weekend. The Big Year, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black didn’t even break $5 million this weekend. Check out where it placed and how the other films in the Top 10 list this weekend. Did you see any new films this weekend?

Top 10 after the jump…

See Henry Cavill Shirtless On Superman Set

In: Donovan, Movies

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman. Not just any Superman, but a SUPER DUPER BUFF SUPERMAN. Wooflicious. If you had any doubt that British heartthrob Henry Cavill would have any problems filling out the superhero’s tights, you won’t after checking out a few on-set pics of him shirtless. YOWZA. I may be a little biased since I’ve been crushing on Cavill for years now. But even I couldn’t stop myself from salivating profusely while gawking at his super chiseled body. Working out for “Immortals” certainly gave Henry a solid foundation for playing the “Man of Steel“. I think he might actually go down in history as the hottest Superman ever. received a few photos of Cavill shirtless from one of their readers who happened to be on set. Lucky girl. What’s most surprising about the photos isn’t how ripped or buff the 28-year-old is, but rather the sexy chest hair he’s sporting. Personally, that’s my favorite of Cavill, but I feared that director Zack Synder would get him to wax his chest, as so many previous Superman portrayers have. Synder’s previous film “300” certainly has influenced on how he’s envisioned this new Superman. His Superman looks a cross between Wolverine and the “300″ hotties. Me likey a lot. Check out a few pics below.

view shirtless pics after the jump

Check Out Michael Fassbender In “Shame”

In: Movies, Tyrell, Videos

Director Steve McQueen is ready to bring us another dark and twisted drama with his newest film, Shame. Winner of the Best Actor and Critic’s Choice at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, the film stars the sexy Michael Fassbender and Academy Award nominee, Carey Mulligan. Check out a quick synopsis below.

Brandon is a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life. After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon’s world spirals out of control. From director Steve McQueen (Hunger), Shame is a compelling and timely examination of the nature of need, how we live our lives and the experiences that shape us.

What’s got everyone talking is the fact that Fassbender goes full frontal for the film. Aside from that, the film takes a real dark look at the world of a sex addict and many are describing the scenes as being quite graphic. However, in true McQueen fashion, I’m sure the film will show that sense of realness that he’s famous for. I cannot wait to check it out. Watch the trailer for Shame below.

Check out the “Shame” trailer after the jump.

Reese Witherspoon is certainly leading a charmed life. Not only is the actress talented and gorgeous, but she also gets to hook up with Hollywood’s hottest guys. Both for business and pleasure. In real life, the petite blond was involved in serious relationships with both Ryan Philippe and Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, on the big screen in “This Means War” she has to choose between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Tough life.

Witherspoon is the object of affection for two friends played by Pine and Hardy. As it turns out, both of them are not only BFFs but also work together as C.I.A. agents. Unbeknownst to them, they don’t realize they’re dating the same girl at first. When they do, they decide to play fair in winning Witherspoon’s heart. Obviously as the title insinuates, things get out of hand and the two pull out all the stops to woo her- this means war… literally.

Also appearing in the film is Chelsea Handler as Witherspoon’s best friend. There’s a line in the trailer at Handler’s expense delivered by the boys that cracked me up. You’ll chuckle as well when you hear it. If you thought the hot quotient factor was high with Pine and Hardy, wait til you hear what other actors were involved with the film previously. Both Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) were attached but dropped out for various reasons. Check out the trailer below.

see the trailer after the jump

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