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Movie Review: The Help

In: Dan, Movies

This past week Alasdair and I were lucky enough to take in an advanced screening of the novel-to-move, The Help, based on the incredible tale from Kathryn Stockett, with the adapted screenplay written and the movie directed by Tate Taylor. To say I was excited about this film would be an understatement. I absolutely loved the novel, primarily due to Stockett’s writing style and the incredibly endearing and heartwarming characters (and plot line) that filled the pages. I was desperate to see how this fantastic piece of literature would be transcribed for the film screen, and which of my favorite characters would be true-to-form from what I imagined when simply reading the lines and speak.

If you aren’t familiar with the storyline of the book, or the film, let me break it down for you. The movie focuses on the lead character, Skeeter, played by Emma Stone (from Easy A, Zombieland and other cinematic gems), a white woman in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s, who decides to go against all that she knows and write a book about the African American woman in her town, employed be her family and friends. What makes this book, and in turn the plotline of the story unique, is her goal is to write the story from the perspective of the help, from their voices. In a time when racial segregation was at its breaking point, and Martin Luther King was organizing a march for change, Skeeter had her own plans and take her own stance at making change.

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Has The “Barbie” Movie Found Their “Ken”?

In: Movies, Patrick

Almost two years ago now, I wrote about the announcement that Barbie was going to be made into a movie, after a deal had been struck between Universal Pictures and Mattel. Universal Pictures Chairman Marc Shmuger stated:

“Barbie is the most famous doll in history, a unique cultural icon in the world of brands. So many representations of Barbie frequent pop culture, but never before has she been brought to life in a motion picture. We’re grateful to Mattel for entrusting us with this extraordinary opportunity.”

Now it seems they’re finally getting the ball rolling on casting. In fact, a certain famous hottie (who recently played a gay character on a hit television show) is rumored to be in talks to get the role of “Ken”. After I heard about who it was, I now see so many similarities between Ken and this actor.

Find out who is in talks to play “Ken” after the jump…

Besides Judas Kiss, at this year’s Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Homorazzi is also a proud sponsor of the showing of “Strapped“. This film tells the story of a handsome young man who finds himself having trouble making ends meet and paying the rent for his apartment. He’s “strapped” for cash, if you will.

After a date one stormy Saturday night, the guy finds himself “fallen down the rabbit hole” of gay sex, money and some very bizarre encounters. Here’s the synopsis:

“Strapped is a dream-like character sketch of a refreshingly well-spoken prostitute and the very different men who seek a little of his time. The dialogue is laced with Shakespearean and Foucaultian references and the sex is peppered with a raw tenderness that, at times, even surprises the calm and collected protagonist. This balanced blend of intellect and intimacy makes this feature drama by debut director Joseph Graham a delight.”

Check out the trailer & showtimes after the jump

Film Reboot: Dirty Dancing

In: Kyle, Movies

Once again, another gem of the 80s is being brought back to the big screen for another go. This time around it’s the time-of-your-life classic, Dirty Dancing. The original film, which skyrocketed the late Patrick Swayze to heartthrob status, focused on the relationship between a young, well-off girl and her older, less well-off dance instructor.

After a failed attempt at a sequel with 2004’s Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Lionsgate Films is going back to the beginning by completely remaking the original. In a smart move by the company, Lionsgate is bringing back Kenny Ortega as director and lead choreographer on the film. Ortega, who famously masterminded the High School Musical trilogy and Michael Jackson’s documentary This Is It, will once again bring “baby” out of the corner in this reboot.

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New Releases Out This Week: August 8th

In: Charge It, Movies, Music, Tyrell

Are you mesmerized by this gold image above? Wondering what it is? This gorgeous album art belongs to new power couple Jay-Z and Kanye West now also known as The Throne. The collaboration of these two rappers has been a while in the making and now, the anticipation is over. I know that this record can only be a masterpiece. Read the description of this album below:

For this project, music icons and pop culture visionaries Jay-Z and Kanye West have joined their extraordinary talents to form the group ‘THE THRONE’ and confirm the most anticipated album and touring event of the year, WATCH THE THRONE. The longtime friends and music innovators inspired each other to new heights with their collaboration on WATCH THE THRONE recorded in person at various locations around the world. Over a year in the making and a truly global affair, the duo recorded in London and Bath in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Paris, and New York City. Though shrouded in secrecy, the album has already been heralded a `masterpiece’ by those who have heard it, and features production from The RZA, The Neptunes and Kanye’s longtime collaborator Mike Dean. The short list of featured vocals includes Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Curtis Mayfield and Mr. Hudson. The lead track, “OTIS,” which premiered over New York radio waves on Wednesday, July 20th night during HOT 97′s FunkMaster Flex show, brilliantly weaves Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.”

I personally am so stoked to hear what the entire track list sounds like. The first single Otis is quite brilliant and I only expect the rest of the album to have this same effect. I highly recommend picking up this disc when it hits shelves on Tuesday or check out the tour when it hits your town.

Check out more new releases after the jump

Superheroes: HBO Documentary Trailer

In: Movies, Patrick

Tonight (Monday, August 8th) on HBO, a documentary film titled “Superheroes” will air, telling the stories of real life people from all over America that dress up like superheroes with the intention to fight crime. Apparently, this is becoming more and more common.

Obviously, they don’t have any real powers – but they do have some interesting outfits, vehicles, and weapons. I think every guy (myself included) has once fantasized about having super powers and being a superhero…but these guys take it to a whole new level and make it their fantasies a reality (minus actual powers). Based on what I’ve seen in the trailer below, the bad guys would likely win against these guys – but at least they mean well.

The documentary has won several awards on it’s film festival circuit, and will debut Monday night for the first time on television. In the documentary, you get to learn what inspires these unlikely heroes and why they do what the do. Or try to at least.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

The Apes Rise To The Top of The Box Office

In: Donovan, Movies

Beyonce claims girls run the world, but this weekend it was all about the primates. “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” topped the box office with a better-than-expected haul of $54 million. And it did it without any annoying 3D gimmicks. The reboot/prequel to the classic ape film was produced for $90 million and surprised industry experts with its robust opening weekend. In fact, the flick earned the fifth-best August opening ever. Not bad for the dog days of summer. With a strong A- CinemaScore grade, the film should hold up very well in the coming weeks.

After last week’s virtual tie at the box office, “The Smurfs“, this time around, beat “Cowboys & Aliens” handily. Despite awful reviews, the blue creatures and their New York adventure earned another $21 million while the western took in $15.8 million. The figures represent a 41% and 56.8% drop respectively.

Earning his second flop of the summer, Ryan Reynolds’ comedy only managed to garner $14 million for its first weekend receipts. Thankfully “The Change Up’s” other co-star, Jason Bateman, has a summer hit on his hands with “Horrible Bosses”. Rounding out the top five was “Captain America: The First Avenger” which earned another $13 million raising its total to $143 million. Check out the rest of the Top Ten below.

check out the rest of the top ten after the jump

Check Out Anne Hathaway As Catwoman

In: Donovan, Movies

If you’re a comic book fanatic, today is certainly your lucky day. First we get our first look at the super sexy Henry Cavill as Superman, and now we get another sneak peek at another highly-anticipated comic book adaptation. Even though “The Dark Knight Rises” has been filming, no paparazzi shots have been snapped of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. In this day and age, that’s pretty surprising.

Ever since Anne was cast as Selina Kyle SLASH Catwoman, I, along with many others have wondered what her costume would be like. Would it be in the vein of previous costumes like Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry or Julie Newmar? Well wonder no more. The first official production still of Anne as the feline villain has been released.

I think the updated costume looks fantastic. Gone are the cheesy cat ears and tail. It’s modern, sexy and fitting for a modern day cat burglar. That being said, I’m pretty sure the below pic isn’t the only costume Catwoman will be sporting in the third installment. Check out the first pic below.

see anne as catwoman after the jump

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