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Movie Review: Magic Mike

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When Donovan asked me to go see Magic Mike I’ll admit I had my reservations. As much as I love nearly naked men as much as the next gay, I didn’t really think there could possibly be a movie with this much hip thrusting and sweaty men that I would want to be watching in public. Fortunately, what I expected to have me asking for my dollar bills back at the end of the night turned out to be a highly entertaining movie with a gratifying storyline, semi-solid cast, and throbbing beats that made me want to get out of my seat and take my clothes off… almost.

Channing Tatum stars in this film, which is loosely based on his experience as a stripper after dropping out of high school. In this version of the story, Alex Pettyfer (Beastly, I Am Number Four) stars as the young kid Adam, while Tatum portrays the 30-something male stripper and titular character Mike. The two meet while working on a contruction site and while hesitant at first, Mike takes the kid under his wings and introduces him to the highly profitable world of male stripping.

Shortly after being thrust on stage, and awkwardly removing his clothes to “Like a Virgin” while high on GHB, Adam is thrown into full rotation at Xquisite, the local male strip club. He begins taking lessons from Dallas , the club’s owner, emcee and former stripper who is played by Matthew McConaughey. Adam soon learns how to twist, pump, thrust and gyrate his way to that next dollar. He is soon deep in a world where the money, drugs, and women come quicker and faster than you did your first time *wink*.

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When you have ghosts, children, and a giant old school, chances are it’s going to be scary. I just checked out the new trailer for ‘The Awakening‘ and its definitely worth checking out.

Set in London in 1921, Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall), author of the popular book “Seeing Through Ghosts,” has devoted her career to exposing claims of the supernatural as nothing but hoaxes. She’s a ghosthunter, but essential continues to prove that the ghosts aren’t real. Haunted by the recent death of her fiance, she is approached by Robert Mallory (Dominic West) to investigate the recent death of a student at the all-boys boarding school where he teaches. At the school, the boys claim to be seeing the boy’s ghost around. She decides to take the case.

At first, it all seems like a simple schoolboy prank, but as she gets deeper into her investigation, she is starting to realize that science doesn’t have the answers to explain what’s happening around her. Looks spooky! The film hits theaters in North America in August (it is already out in other places). Check out the trailer below.

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Channing Tatum Bringing His Strippers To Broadway?

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Earlier this week, the Spice Girls announced their music catatogue was being transformed into a musical premiering in London’s West End later this year. Now comes word that another musical, which will appeal to the gays as well, is heading to the Great White Way. “Magic Mike” just hit theaters today, but it’s already being adapted into a Broadway musical. Get ready for some shimmering sequined jock straps.

Channing Tatum, whose experiences as a stripper inspired the film, is once again working with director Steven Soderbergh. is reporting the two are eying a summer 2013 bow for “Magic Mike: The Musical“. Reid Carolin who wrote the movie screenplay is also penning the book for the stage adaptation. No word if any of the film’s cast is heading to Broadway to drop trou again. If Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyfer do sign on, I’m booking my ticket to New York City ASAP.

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I love me some Bradley Cooper and I definitely love me some Jennifer Lawrence. Together, I can only imagine the kind of magic they will make on screen together. The pair star in the upcoming film, “The Silver Linings Playbook.” The movie is directed and penned by David O. Russell who brought us great films like “I ♥ Hukabees” and directed “The Fighter.” David brings back his comedic-drama self in this new film along with a slew full of stars including Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker.

The film centers around Cooper’s character, a former teacher who has just spent the last four years of his life in a mental hospital. Medicated and ready to restart his life, he moves back in with his family. One night, he meets the socially awkward character played by Lawrence and despite their constant mismatch, decide to become friends and soon, become pseudo-romantically involved. The two must teach each other about themselves in order to overcome their mental issues. The film is due to hit theaters this November and I cannot wait. Check out the trailer below.

Check out the trailer for “Silver Linings Playbook” after the jump.

Fun Size‘ is the next big teen comedy, due out this coming October and the trailer has just been released. The Nickelodeon film stars Victoria Justice, who some believe to now be the next tween breakout star, alongside Jane Levy (Suburgatory) and Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately).

Here’s the premise of the film. When a troubled but whip-smart teen girl (Justice) loses her oddball little brother on Halloween, she has one desperate night to track him down. It has all the right ingredients for a successful comedy with today’s audience: (1) A funny & witty red head: Jane Levy (the Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan of this film). (2) A funny mom: Chelsea Handler. (3) And some funny one liners: “A smiley face emoticon? That seals the deal, Ren. That is how love works.” That being said, it is a Nickelodeon film so it’s going to be a bit cheesy & predictable given it’s target audience.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts on what you think in the comments below. Will you be checking out this film?

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Magic Mike” finally opens up tomorrow, but I was lucky enough to check out a screening a couple of days early along with Matt. Be sure to check out his movie review tomorrow. Surprisingly, the movie wasn’t nearly the trainwreck I thought it was going to be. Thankfully, they didn’t delve too much into Channing Tatum’s heinous custom furniture creations. Sadly though, the love story was still annoying and could’ve been cut. Actress Cody Horn’s laugh is probably the most annoying and fakest I’ve seen in a long time.

With that said, “Magic Mike” is actually getting pretty decent reviews from major publications. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A-. WOW. While, I wouldn’t rate it that high, I would definitely give the men of “Magic Mike” a Prime Grade “A” Beef rating. As expected, Tatum and company didn’t disappoint when it came to showing off their abs, pecs and asses. Yup, there’s enough ass jiggling to make you all happy. Obviously, I was definitely horned up after the screening, which brings me to this post.

I thought I’d rank the men of “Magic Mike” based on their performance in the film. That’s right, the following rankings have nothing to do with who I think is the hottest in “normal” life. If that were the case, that gorgeous stud Matt Bomer would easily take the cake. Instead, it’s based on how they worked their assets on stage. Check out how these boys stack up against each other below.

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Back in April, the first trailer for the 2012 remake of ‘Total Recall‘ was released, wetting our appetites for more. Now, the second official movie trailer has debuted and and we now have a much better idea of what to expect. It looks really good!

‘Total Recall’ is an action thriller about reality and memory. As you know Colin Farrell stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former character (a factory worker named Douglas Quaid) who is frustrated with his life and decides to check out “Recall” for a mind-trip that will help him get away from it all. His character has no idea what he’s about to get into. The film also stars Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, and John Cho.

It’s an action packed adventure that I definitely can’t wait to watch. There’s even a three-boobed lady in this one too! I totally remember that from the original. The effects look great, the cast is amazing and you can count me in for this one. Check out the NEW trailer below.

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Prolific Writer & Filmmaker Nora Ephron Dies

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If you’ve ever enjoyed romantic comedies, you have to thank this woman. Nora Ephron practically created the genre with her sharp and engaging films featuring strong women. The Hollywood community is definitely mourning the loss of this very talented individual. Ephron died on June 26th from pneumonia, a complication resulting from acute myeloid leukemia. In her most recent book, “I Remember Nothing“, published in 2010, Nora left clues regarding her illness. At age 71, Nora leaves a legacy of films that will be loved for generations to come.

Ephron was born and raised in New York City. Her first film credit was “Silkwood” starring Meryl Streep as anti-nuclear activist Karen Silkwood. That film earned Nora her first screenwriting Oscar nomination. Ironically enough, her last film, “Julie & Julia“, would also feature Streep. In the years in between, she earned two more Oscars nods with “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless In Seattle” (my favorite Nora film). She is survived by her husband, two sons Max and Jacob, along with sisters Delia, Amy and Hallie Ephron, all of whom are writers. R.I.P. Nora, you will be missed.

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Her death has obviously touched people she’s worked with and the filmmaking community as a whole. Check out what people in Hollywood are saying about this remarkable woman below.

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