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It’s An “Act Of Valor” At The Box Office

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While many opted to stay in over the weekend to catch up on this year’s Oscar nominated pictures, many headed out to catch a few of the great films in theatres right now. Capturing the top spot at the box office over the weekend was the opening of the military action drama, Act of Valor. What makes this film so special is that it stars active Navy SEAL officers and displays their current technologies and strategies. The plot follows their rescue of a kidnapped CIA officer. In doing so, they discover a deadly terrorist plot against the USA which sends them on a worldwide manhunt. The film is said to be a heart pounding, action packed thrill ride. Having checked out the trailer this morning, I’ll be sure to grab a peek at this film this week.

What had a disappointing open this weekend was the highly publicized comedy Wanderlust starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. With all of the promo surrounding the film including multiple TV appearances and a GQ spread, I was sure this film would open in the top five of the top ten. Surprisingly, the film grossed a mear $6,626,620 placing at #8 in the top ten. However, it did top the anticipated thrilled Gone starring Amanda Seyfried which opened at the #9 spot. Just behind the Navy SEALs in the #2 spot is Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, which tells the story of a business man who gets jolted out of his fairly scripted life when he meets a cleaning lady at his office. Check out the weekend’s top ten box office results below.

The weekend’s top ten box office results after the jump.

While our friends across the pond might roll their eyes at my 2-months-2-late review of this brilliant three-part mini-series, I’m doin’ this for all those not attached to the recent releases at the BBC ever-controversial Channel 4 who appreciate the dry wit and drearily harsh outlook of British productions. You know, geeks like me :)

What we have here today is a review of a trilogy called “Black Mirror” that came out this past winter on BBC Channel 4. Created by the man who brought us the zombie-legend (though I’m guessing most haven’t seen it and therefore I will be following up with an article about it soon) “Dead Set” which blended the infamy of “Big Brother” with the originality of “28 Days Later”. Backed with established directorial power, the Brits did their usual thing and relied less on “star power” to move this mini-series and rather compiled a cast of actors based on talent rather than Oscar and Emmy count. While the story lines do not much up at all across the three episodes, what is common is the dystopic view of society’s future if things continue the way they’re going with a specific nod to technology and social media. The show considers a world driven and controlled by public demand and popularity; a caged existence where the only escape is to work like a drone forever or steal fame from another’s grasp; and, a future where no memory has to ever be forgotten but where no crime can ever be forgiven. Excusing my dramatic retelling of the tri-plot lines, the series is truly a masterful look at where we might end up one day.

Click through to read the rest of my review and see all three trailers for this mini-series trilogy

Well, Spring is in the air and what better way to avoid the rainy nights and enjoy a date with a new beau than to spend it indoors with the lights down low watching some knee-grabbing and huggin’ for comfort thrillers. Having a not-so-secret love of all films and people with accents, I decided to review some newer thrillers out of the EU. Both from the isle of jolly ol’ England, my picks today do a good job of capturing modern suspense cinema out of Britain and the surrounding area: the good and the bad.

First up I’m going to look at the 2011-released “A Lonely Place to Die” which definitely comes up aces in my book as an adult, paced and well thought-out look at a difficult to make believable kidnap/hunting/assassination attempt. The second is the much more recently distributed: “Demons Never Die” which goes to the opposite side of the spectrum and uses some fresh faces in English youth cinema to attempt to bring to life some social commentary on teen suicide mixed in with a murderous rampage. Trying to pick movies you might not have seen yet, I suggest you click through and at least check out the trailers to see if they’re worth the download (yup, both available online).

Click through to read my reviews and see the previews for these two releases

A news anchor reads, “At 4:44AM tomorrow morning, there will be no survivors. The world will end.” Can you imagine? What would the world be like on that last day? How would you spend your final days and hours on earth? The movie trailer for a film called ‘4:44 Last Day On Earth‘ gives us a realistic glimpse of what it could be like. Willem Dafoe stars with Paz de la Huerta and Natasha Lyonne in this apocalyptic film.

The film was both written and directed by Abel Ferrara and was made independently. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 and this year, IFC Films is distributing the film for a limited release on March 23rd.

It’s not clear from the trailer what exactly is causing the “end of the world” or if it actually ends up happening, but what is evident is the hysteria and intense fear that takes place throughout the world as humanity prepares for the end.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

The 2012 Oscar Nominees As Children’s Theater

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With the 84th Annual Academy Awards taking place this Sunday, it’s the perfect time to review some of the nominees for these prestigious awards. Who better to recap and give us the gist of some of the nominated films that… children.

From Jest Originals comes a compilation of short scenes that represent some of this year’s nominees. The compilation is fittingly described as “Half as compelling, twice as adorable”. The films reenacted in Part 1 include: Moneyball, The Help, The Tree of Life, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and Midnight In Paris.

In Part 2 of the Children’s Theater Oscar Nominees (also included below), the films include: The Artist, War Horse, Hugo, and The Descendants. Enjoy the videos below. These kids are too cute.

Watch after the jump…

The trailer for a new documentary from Harvey Weinstein called “Bully” has just been released and we’ve got your first look. The documentary centers on the bullying problem among youth that seems to be reaching epidemic levels.

The press notes for the film read, “Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation.” Unfortunately, the film has been given an R-Rating so many teens will not be able to see the film – at least for now.

Weinstein is actually meeting with the MPAA on Thursday to help emphasize his cause and the importance of it been seen. He will be bringing with him Alex Libby, one of the kids bullied in the film. Directed by Lee Hirsch, the documentary hits theaters on March 30th.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

It’s that time of year when every student, aspiring actor, and bored teenager makes a film! Well it’s been going on for a bit now, so kick the rock off of your hole, crawl out, and VOTE!

Every year Virgin Radio puts on their fake film competition, wherin anybody and their Mother can make a short film and submit it. And by short I mean short. And by that I mean 60 seconds. And by 60 seconds I mean you have to take a famous movie, and re-make it in 60 seconds. Well getting a 90 minute film across in 1 minute is no small feat and we at Homorazzi applaud the contestants.

Really though, we’re here to endorse friend of Homorazzi, Ryan Steele, and another one of his visual conquests. Why this guy hasn’t won an oscar by now is beyond us. We recently wrote about his two person show in Toronto and Vancouver and linked to a whole LOAD of his videos you can see on his youtube channel, so if you wanna see a person make a total douche out of themselves and look good doing it, then support the guy and watch his videos!

OH! And vote for his submission in the Virgin Radio 2012 Fake Film Festival contest, because that’s the whole point, and his interpretation of Ghost in 60 seconds doesn’t suck. Also Homorazzi’s Nic is in it, and he won’t stop reposting it, so shut this guy up already and vote for GHOST! It’s easy! You go HERE and you vote at the bottom of the page. We want our friends to win, so help us help them!

Watch “Ghost In 60 Seconds” after the jump.

Wondered what Chris Colfer did during “Glee’s” hiatus last summer? Now, you can see exactly what Chris did in this newly-released movie trailer. “Struck By Lightning” not only marks his feature film debut but also his first stab at writing a script. While he plays another high school student, his character Carson Phillips is vastly different than Kurt. Dare I say it, but he almost acts butch in the flick, almost being the operative word. Given that he plays Kurt Hummel so perfectly on “Glee” you’d think he’d be a one-trick pony. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There is obviously more than meets the eye with this talented young actor.

Struck By Lightning” is told in flashback from the perspective of Carson Phillips after he is struck and killed by lightning in the opening scene of the film. Carson is a highly-driven student with aspirations of one day becoming the editor of The New Yorker. With a very limited pool of writers at his school, the driven Carson thinks outside the box to recruit a staff of new reporters. He digs up dirt on the popular kids at his school and blackmails them to do his bidding. Co-starring with Colfer are Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding). Watch the movie trailer below.

watch the movie trailer after the jump

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