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This one will NOT make you laugh, let’s just get that out of the way. Lars von Trier– if you don’t recognize the infamous name- is an acclaimed Danish director and writer of such movies like: “Dogville“, “Dancer in the Dark” and the very creepy Anti Christ which I reviewed a couple years ago. This time around he combines extreme cinematography with succinct but layered dialogue to create a beautiful but PACED film that lives up well to its melancholic titling.

A quick dictionary dotcom search of melancholia reminds us it’s a constant state of depression and “gloomy forebodings” which pretty sums up for the theme of this movie as two sisters struggle with their sadness and the possible end of the world. Stop, don’t click away haha, I know I’m not exactly motivating you to run to the video store and rent this puppy (also, don’t even bother, as it doesn’t get released until early October in North America though you CAN find it online *coughcough*). And yet, it’s definitely worth the watch- I promise. Also, for the gays, Alexander Skarsgård (hot Eric Northman from “True Blood”) and Kiefer Sutherland are sexy in suits in this and though they play a bit of a doormat and asshole respectively, they look damn nice doin’ it.

Click through to read the rest of the review and see the trailer

Meet The New James Bond Girl

In: Donovan, Movies

A few months ago the future of the James Bond franchise looked bleak. MGM, the studio behind the films, was in financial trouble and on the brink of bankruptcy. Then several drafts of the movie screenplay didn’t impress the powers-that-be, thereby delaying the project. In the past weeks, the 23rd Bond movie has picked up steam and looks like a go. Check out Daniel Craig’s statement regarding the upcoming film:

“We’ve got a great script this time. I’m as excited about this script as I was about the ‘Casino Royale’ script. I think in Sam [Mendes] we’ve got the perfect director. The cast is coming together now. I can’t wait to get going on it.” – Daniel Craig

I’m beyond excited that Sam Mendes is still on board with the project. He’s always been attached to the film, but I feared he would bail after all the multiple delays. With his track record, this next installment should be phenomenal. I can’t wait to see how his interpretation of the iconic character translates on screen. The cast that Craig eludes to in the above statement includes two rumored A-list actors. Both Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are in negotiations to join the film. With the villains potentially cast, attention now goes to the ladies. Let’s face it, the Bond girls are as important as the bad guys.

check out the new bond girl after the jump

What do you get when you combine a cute innocent little boy who loses his dad, the tragedy of 9/11, and the director of The Hours & Billy Elliot? A movie that will make me bawl my eyes out. In all seriousness, the movie based on a novel that tells the story of 9/11 from the perspective a 9-year-old boy (played by Thomas Horn). Witnessing the plane crash, he loses his father (played by Tom Hanks) and he and his mother (played by Sandra Bullock) must be there for each other to pick each other up after their loss.

When the curious and ambitious boy finds a key that his father left for him, he is determined to find out what it opens – wherever the journey to the truth may take him. Stephen Daldry’s adaptation of the 2005 novel by Jonathan Safran Foer also stars John Goodman, James Gandolfini, Viola Davis, and some other familiar faces.

This heartbreaking and inspiring film is set to be released in theater on January 20, 2012. Check out the trailer below.

Trailer after the jump…

As we are only weeks away now from the premiere of Paranormal Activity 3, a new trailer has just been released to remind you about how scary the films in the Paranormal Activity franchise are. Seriously, I’m definitely watching this movie and I’m definitely going to end up screaming in the theatre (like I did last time). This trailer is scarier than the first version that was released. So far the previous two films have grossed $370 million combined on a collective budget of just $3 million. Amazing.

In case you didn’t know, this third film is a prequel to the other two. It takes us back to the origins of the ghosts and demons that torment sisters Kristi and Katie. The film takes place in 1988 when the two are young girls and when they first start experiencing the paranormal activity. Once they are aware that strange things are happening to the girls, the parents decide to record the activity so they can see if they can capture anything. Oh man. Just like in the second one, the fact that they can scare the pants off you with a scene that is set in the daytime is pretty amazing. There is one scene shown in this trailer with a glass of water… in the girl’s bedroom (shown above). AHH! So scary.

You know that old saying, “Do one thing every day that scares you”? Well, I think that you can check it off your list for today after you watch the trailer below. Happy haunting!

Watch the trailer after the jump…

5 Movies To See This October!

In: Kyle, Movies

Believe it or not, it’s almost October…yeah, I know. My tanks have been replaced with sweaters, and “jorts” replaced with jeans. Though I’m not a huge fan of the colder months, I do appreciate it for one reason – I don’t feel as guilty for avoiding the sun to sit in a dark theater. Being the movie-lover that I am, I’ve been planning out what movies I need to see this coming season. Nerdy? A little. I have a strange addiction of watching new movie trailers online and I’ve compiled a list of some great movies to see in October.

Before you read on, I need to be completely honest about a couple things first: 1) Two of these movies are only scheduled for a limited release, which means you’ll have to search to find them, and 2) Three out of five of these movies aren’t going to be released until the end of the month. Sorry about that… haha. Check out the list below!

Check out my list after the jump…

Who’d You Rather: Presley VS Blucas

In: Movies, Totally GAY!, Tyrell

Today’s Who’d You Rather pairing comes courtesy of the upcoming film “Touchback” which actually stars a slew full of celebs. However, I’ve picked of the most delicious men from the bunch to make you decide which one you’d rather. May I introduce to you Brian Presley and Marc Blucas.

You may recognize Mr. Presley from the soaps General Hospital and Port Charles. Since then, he hasn’t really been able snag any attention. But now, he’s ready to take on the leading role in the upcoming film. Mr. Blucas became a household name with his role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and hasn’t stopped working ever since. Aside from this film project, he’s also starring in the series, Necessary Roughness.

Check out some hot photos of the men and then vote for you you wouldn’t kick out bed for eating crackers below. Remember, you can only have one and you can’t say none. Now go play.

Hot pics of the boys and your vote after the jump…

In a modern day take on the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty is about a young student named Lucy (Emily Browning), who is drawn into a hidden world of beauty and desire. You may recall that Browning also played the lead in “Sucker Punch,” which has some similarities to this film in terms of being in an all female institution of sorts where some pretty shady things happen in both stories.

The film is set in Australia and tells the story of high-end prostitution, medical experimentation, and the the dark side of each of them. The music played during the trailer is pretty intense and definitely not what would be played if we were watching the Disney version of the story. Emily Browning’s performance has been described as “fierce and powerful.” The trailer has certainly captured my interest and I’m left a little confused. I guess that’s a good thing because now I want to see it so it all makes sense. It appears there’s no “magic” in this film, but more of a darker, modern take on the classic tale. Enjoy the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Trailer after the jump…

In case you didn’t know, “Bridesmaids” (one of the funniest movies I have ever seen) has just come out on video. I watched it for the second time on Apple TV a couple nights ago and fell in love with it all over again. Even though I’ve seen it twice now, I still have to get it on DVD because of the added deleted scenes and bloopers. Bridesmaids is the gift that keeps on giving. The video you are about to watch is a perfect example.

You must remember the scene where Kristin Wiig‘s character is working in the jewellery store and having a very immature argument with a young girl (played by Mia Rose Frampton) who just wanted to buy a “Best Friends Forever” necklace for her bestie? Well, on the DVD’s deleted scenes, there is a 10 MINUTE long version of this argument that is absolutely hilarious and worth watching. If you remember the scene, the girl is a young spoiled biatch and Kristin Wiig’s character is completely unable to come up with good comebacks. It’s so freaking funny. Enjoy!

Watch the deleted scene after the jump…

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