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2012 Oscars: My 10 Picks For Best Dressed

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I wasn’t going to let a little trip to Australia stop me from sharing my top fashion picks at this year’s Oscars. PS. How shocked are you that Meryl Streep won Best Actress? When the Oscar nominations were announced, I predicted that the Best Actress category was the one ripe for an upset. Guess I was right after all. Congrats to Queen Meryl, but I do feel badly for Viola who was the frontrunner. She was also fantastic in her role. Why couldn’t there been a tie?

Typically on, my posts, though popular (wink), don’t illicit as much controversy as Tyrell and Nic‘s Rihanna and Chris Brown posts, nor Adam‘s “Married Men” type posts. The closest thing I ever get to people yelling at me is my Award fashion posts. I’m sure a few of my choices will continue that trend. Hope you enjoy my fashion highlights.

check out my Top 10 Best Dressed choices after the jump

Tonight, the 84th Academy Awards took place in a Hollywood, CA in a theatre that shall not be named (LOL). Kicking the night off right was a quick set of clips featuring host with the most, Billy Crystal. We watched as Billy appeared and cameoed in some of the year’s biggest films including The Help and The Descendants. One shining moment was when Billy shared the screen with non other than Justin Bieber who was there to help bring Billy the 18-24 demographic. Unfortunately with Twilight “snubbed” from every category this year, I doubt any of the Beliebers are watching this year’s Academy Awards.

Throughout the evening, the show was sprinkled with presenters in various forms. We had the formal presentations that are expected with the evening. And then, we had a few comedic performances from those of Emma Stone and Ben Stiller and of course, the entire cast of Bridesmaids. Highlight of that was definitely Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy turning their presentation into a drinking game. Overall, it’s all about the winners, so check out who took home an Oscar below.

The Oscars’ full winners circle after the jump.

This weekend, I came across the trailer for a new SXSW 2012 accepted film called ‘Gayby.’ The film tells the story of two best friends in their thirties named Jenn and Matt that take a big step together. Single by choice, Jenn teaches hot yoga and runs errands fro her boss. Matt suffers from comic-book writer’s block and is having difficulty getting over his ex-boyfriend.

When they were kids, they had promised to have a kid together if they hadn’t done so by this time. Now, they decide to fulfill that promise and have a baby the old fashioned way – by actually having intercourse with each other. My favorite line from the trailer is when Jenn & Matt are in bed (about to have sex) and Jenn says, “I shave my legs… but then I realized I probably didn’t have to.”

‘Gayby’ is decribed as “an irreverent comedy about friendship, growing older, sex, loneliness, and the family you choose.” Check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

The 2012 Razzie Nominations: And The Losers Are…

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While the world prepares to honor the best in movies tonight at the Oscars, the people over at the Razzies are ready to honor the worst with their 2012 Razzie nominations list. For those who are not familiar, the Razzies celebrate the worst in Hollywood every year with this being their 32nd consecutive year. While many actors and directors nominated don’t even consider the Razzies a part of the award season circuit, Sandra Bullock actually accepted her golden raspberry award for her performance in All About Steve. If you have no idea what movie that is don’t worry, no one saw it.

This year, the nomination list takes a huge swing at Adam Sandler who has received a record-breaking 12 nominations. Knowing the good spirit of Sandler, I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up to accept all of his awards at this year’s ceremony. Also taking big hits are Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, both of which I have no seen. Some of my favorite nominations this year include Al Pacino and Sarah Palin who have both been nominated for playing themselves terribly. Hilarious. Check out the complete list of nominees below.

Check out all of the 2012 Razzie nods after the jump.

Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2012

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With the Academy Awards literally hours away, I thought it’d be a great time to share with you College Humor‘s “Honest Movie Titles” for the 2012 nominees.

The work of Susanna Wolff, Nathan Yaffe and Tom Philip bring you hilarious revised movie posters, better describing what the oscar-nominated films are really about or how they have been perceived by viewers. The more… honest movie titles.

Take the picture above for example. It’s a revised version of ‘Tree of Life,’ with a revised title of “Stop Lying” and a description reading, “This movie was confusing and stupid”. LOL. I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ll take their word for it. The above one isn’t the funniest of the batch, so make sure you read on to catch some of the really good ones.

Check them out after the jump…

It’s An “Act Of Valor” At The Box Office

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While many opted to stay in over the weekend to catch up on this year’s Oscar nominated pictures, many headed out to catch a few of the great films in theatres right now. Capturing the top spot at the box office over the weekend was the opening of the military action drama, Act of Valor. What makes this film so special is that it stars active Navy SEAL officers and displays their current technologies and strategies. The plot follows their rescue of a kidnapped CIA officer. In doing so, they discover a deadly terrorist plot against the USA which sends them on a worldwide manhunt. The film is said to be a heart pounding, action packed thrill ride. Having checked out the trailer this morning, I’ll be sure to grab a peek at this film this week.

What had a disappointing open this weekend was the highly publicized comedy Wanderlust starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. With all of the promo surrounding the film including multiple TV appearances and a GQ spread, I was sure this film would open in the top five of the top ten. Surprisingly, the film grossed a mear $6,626,620 placing at #8 in the top ten. However, it did top the anticipated thrilled Gone starring Amanda Seyfried which opened at the #9 spot. Just behind the Navy SEALs in the #2 spot is Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, which tells the story of a business man who gets jolted out of his fairly scripted life when he meets a cleaning lady at his office. Check out the weekend’s top ten box office results below.

The weekend’s top ten box office results after the jump.

While our friends across the pond might roll their eyes at my 2-months-2-late review of this brilliant three-part mini-series, I’m doin’ this for all those not attached to the recent releases at the BBC ever-controversial Channel 4 who appreciate the dry wit and drearily harsh outlook of British productions. You know, geeks like me :)

What we have here today is a review of a trilogy called “Black Mirror” that came out this past winter on BBC Channel 4. Created by the man who brought us the zombie-legend (though I’m guessing most haven’t seen it and therefore I will be following up with an article about it soon) “Dead Set” which blended the infamy of “Big Brother” with the originality of “28 Days Later”. Backed with established directorial power, the Brits did their usual thing and relied less on “star power” to move this mini-series and rather compiled a cast of actors based on talent rather than Oscar and Emmy count. While the story lines do not much up at all across the three episodes, what is common is the dystopic view of society’s future if things continue the way they’re going with a specific nod to technology and social media. The show considers a world driven and controlled by public demand and popularity; a caged existence where the only escape is to work like a drone forever or steal fame from another’s grasp; and, a future where no memory has to ever be forgotten but where no crime can ever be forgiven. Excusing my dramatic retelling of the tri-plot lines, the series is truly a masterful look at where we might end up one day.

Click through to read the rest of my review and see all three trailers for this mini-series trilogy

Well, Spring is in the air and what better way to avoid the rainy nights and enjoy a date with a new beau than to spend it indoors with the lights down low watching some knee-grabbing and huggin’ for comfort thrillers. Having a not-so-secret love of all films and people with accents, I decided to review some newer thrillers out of the EU. Both from the isle of jolly ol’ England, my picks today do a good job of capturing modern suspense cinema out of Britain and the surrounding area: the good and the bad.

First up I’m going to look at the 2011-released “A Lonely Place to Die” which definitely comes up aces in my book as an adult, paced and well thought-out look at a difficult to make believable kidnap/hunting/assassination attempt. The second is the much more recently distributed: “Demons Never Die” which goes to the opposite side of the spectrum and uses some fresh faces in English youth cinema to attempt to bring to life some social commentary on teen suicide mixed in with a murderous rampage. Trying to pick movies you might not have seen yet, I suggest you click through and at least check out the trailers to see if they’re worth the download (yup, both available online).

Click through to read my reviews and see the previews for these two releases

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