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If spoilers aren’t your thing, definitely do not proceed ahead. This one is a major doozy.

It’s been rumored that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the darkest film yet seen in the long-running space saga. Based on this new report from, it would appear JJ Abrams delivers on fans speculation. A ‘most trusted’ source in production reveals a major character will die in Episode 7. Find out who below.

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How do you try to beat the selfie that broke the Internet? I have no idea and neither does Neil Patrick Harris. Not even the woman who hosted last year’s extravaganza knows. Mind you, if Ellen DeGeneres did, I doubt she’d share it. Deep down, I’m sure she doesn’t want this year’s show to outshine hers ;)

The 41-year-old actor reveals his biggest fears about hosting the 87th Academy Awards to DeGeneres. The daytime host dishes she was extremely lucky that all the cards fell in place for that definitive moment at last year’s Oscars.

“Here’s my biggest concern,” Harris confesses to DeGeneres. “Your selfie shot [featuring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and plenty more A-listers] was the most spectacular, successful thing. It worked out so well. But it’s a horrible dark cloud above my head now. How do you try to beat the selfie that broke the Internet? I see that in my nightmares. It turned out to be a great thing … selfies in my brain, so I’m gonna try to do something better.”

That’s not the only obstacle NPH talks about preparing for Sunday night’s big event. Find out the others in the video below.

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Almost 20 years after its release, The First Wives Club is as beloved today as it was back in 1996. Admittedly, I saw it again just recently.

The surprise box office hit raked in $181 million against a $30 million budget. Given that margin, it’s surprising a sequel never happened. Especially, since Hollywood loves to bleed a franchise dry.

On a side note, a Broadway-bound musical adaptation just premiered in Chicago this week. I definitely plan on seeing that if an opportunity pops up.

In an interview with the Harvard Business Review, Goldie Hawn reveals exactly why. Are the producers, ladies or other factors to blame? The 69-year-old actress dishes when the interviewer asks how the industry has changed over the past few decades.

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Correctly predicting the Best Picture or acting winners won’t guarantee glory with your office Oscar pool. The big categories are usually a foregone conclusion, with the Academy rarely providing a surprising upset. The key to winning and earning bragging rights is picking the winners in the less glamorous categories. That’s where the contest is won or lost.

Over the weekend, three different groups revealed their winners, giving a clearer picture on who might win in their respective categories.

The Writers Guild of America bestowed Best Original Screenplay honors to Wes Anderson for his work on the colorful caper, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Meanwhile, Graham Moore came out on top for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was also a big winner over at the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards, along with The Guardians of the Galaxy. Over at the 29th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards, Emmanuel Lubezki won once again. His latest win for Birdman follows his other trophies for The Tree of Life, Children of Men and Gravity.

Get an in depth look below at each awards show’s respective winners in the other categories.

check out all the winners for both guilds after the jump

Fifty Shades Of Grey Off To A Hot Start At Box Office

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The highly-anticipated adaptation of the best-selling book is off to a great start. Fifty Shades of Grey was released the night before it’s official launch date and scored $8.6 million in late night showings, giving Universal it’s best late night showing performance ever.

The number represents the second-highest showing for an R-rated film. The Jamie Dornan erotic thriller is only behind The Hangover 2′s $10.4 million showing. It also marks the best late night showing in February. Over the weekend, it’s expected to generate a scorching $75 million.

I saw a screening and have to say Dakota Johnson surprised me. I wasn’t a fan of her casting but she was a revelation to me. Perhaps, it was my low expectations but she had me engaged. Overall, the film wasn’t half bad. Do you plan on watching Fifty Shades of Grey? Or have you already checked it out? Weigh in below.


Lately, Reese Witherspoon has been all about showing off her dramatic chops in fare like Wild, Devil’s Knot and The Good Lie. She returns to comedy in the buddy film, Hot Pursuit. It appears it was a smart move. The film has the potential to be this Summer’s sleeper hit based on the trailer.

Witherspoon plays a police officer assigned to protect Sofia Vergara who is set to testify against a major drug cartel. Naturally, hilarious hijinks occur as crooked lawmen and drug dealers pursue them. Love their reactions as they learn how news reporters have been describing them. One gets a little older, while the other more diminutive. I’m pretty sure you can guess which one is which.

Hot Pursuit is slated to open in theaters on May 8 during Mother’s Day weekend. Check out the trailer below and weigh in afterward. These two have fantastic chemistry.

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The 87th Academy Awards is going to be jam-packed with plenty of entertainment. Lady Gaga is just the latest name joining a star-studded roster of scheduled performers for Hollywood’s big night.

Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron revealed the news via Twitter today, saying she will be involved in “a very special performance.”

“Lady Gaga is a once in a lifetime artist who’s musical evolution keeps growing. We are proud to have her perform on the Oscars for the very first time,” – Zadan and Meron said in a statement

other performers after the jump

First Footage From James Bond ‘Spectre’ Released

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Production for the next James Bond film began in December. Two months later, the first footage from Spectre has been released.

A major action sequence from the very first day of filming is included in the clip. New comers Léa Seydoux and David Bautista talk about their excitement and nervousness about joining the 007 family and filming in Austria. Based on the two minute clip, Spectre looks to be every bit as bad-ass and epic as Skyfall. I can’t wait.

“A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.” – Spectre Plot

Spectre hits theaters on November 6. Daniel Craig returns to the franchise to play the suave spy once again, along with fellow returnees Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and director Sam Mendes. Check out the preview below.

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