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He probably won’t win an Oscar for portraying the Joker like Heath Ledger did, but Jared Leto looks pretty dang convincing as Batman’s maniacal arch nemesis. He’s serving homicidal cray to the nth degree. Director David Ayer shared the first picture of the 43-year-old as the iconic villain on Friday to commemorate the Joker’s 75th anniversary.

How does he compare to Jack Nicholson and Ledger who’ve played the Joker on the big screen? Leto ditches Nicholson’s jacket and Ledger’s shaggy hair. Instead, he goes shirtless, only wearing a purple glove (Joker’s signature color) and plenty of ink. I’m kinda loving it. If anyone can following in Ledger’s footsteps, it’s Leto. Check out a full picture below and weigh in afterward.

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Amazing Supercut Featuring Memorable Dance Scenes

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Shut Up And Dance” is one of my favorite guilty pop pleasures of the moment. Whenever I hear the extremely catchy track by Walk The Moon, I can’t help but smile and feel the urge to hit the dance floor. Clearly, I’m not alone. Some enterprising YouTube user crafted a wonderful montage featuring the infectious tune.

Clips of memorable dances from 13 Going On 30, Footlose, The Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Slumdog Millionaire, Save The Last Dance and Beetlejuice are among the countless scenes carefully pieced together for one truly feel-good clip. Check out the masterpiece below.

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You’d think the woman who wrote Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA” could’ve crafted something more fun. Maybe it was the studio’s idea for a ballad, but still. Jessie J could’ve penned an epic one. Sure “Flashlight” soars but it’s a bit unmemorable. Given that Pitch Perfect 2 is all about the music, I expected more.

At least the accompanying video is a bit more fun. The 27-year-old heads to the Barden Bella’s alma mater for the clip. Sporting a severe cut and shortalls, Jessie roams around Barden University while students go about their merry way. As you’d expect, it ends with Jessie J surrounded by flashlights. Footage from the highly-anticipated sequel is also shown. Check out the music video below.

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As if Tom Hardy alone wasn’t enough to give you tingly sensations down there, but paired up with an adorable dog. Mind, ovaries, etc… all blown.

The 37-year-old actor is the epitome of ruggedly handsome in his spread for Details magazine. Hardy shows off major scruff while posing shirtless, putting his tattoos and abs on display. It’s not your typical editorial spread, but I like it.

Check out some pics snapped by Greg Williams below along with quotes from the accompanying interview.

On Being A Celebrity

“Yeah, if I’m a douchebag, I’d rather be a douchebag despite the fact that I’m a celebrity. I don’t want to be seen, you know? I like the shadows. I like to go and do my thing and disappear. But when it’s like, ‘You are responsible for doing this,’ I’m like, ‘I think you might have the wrong person.’ I just happen to be part of the team. I may be fronting this particular endeavor, but I’m not worth looking at, for crying out loud. What the fuck does that have to do with the price of cabbages?! I’m not an ambassador, I don’t want to be on the front cover of the magazine. Not because I’m not grateful. I just don’t feel I belong there.”

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While promoting The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans unleashed their inner frat bro-ness. And not in the fun homo-erotic ways you see in gay porn either ;) Rather, the two actors used derogatory words when referring to their female co-star during an interview with Digital Spy.

When asked about fans’ hope that Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow might one day be romantically involved with either Renner’s Hawkeye or Evans’ Captain America, the former chimed in with “She’s a slut.” Evans giggled before adding, “a complete whore.”

Naturally, the slut-shaming didn’t go over well with fans. Both actors issued statements apologizing for their tasteless and juvenile comments. Read them below and watch the offending interview afterwards.

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The Devil Wears Prada actor is the latest to join the star-studded live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Unlike Emma Watson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson and company, Stanley Tucci won’t be playing a beloved character from the 1991 animated classic. Instead, a brand new character has been created for the 54-year-old thespian to play. Find out below.

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With a female director finally locked down to helm the Wonder Woman film (Patty Jenkins stepped in after Michelle MacLaren quit), focus can now be shifted to casting some of the key roles, specifically the superheroine’s love interest.

Rumor has it, Scott Eastwood was offered the role but was also eying a smaller part in Suicide Squad. When pressed to make a decision, the 29-year-old stud decided to participate in the star-studded antihero film instead. That sucks big time. He would’ve been perfect to play United States Air Force pilot, Steve Trevor. Find out below who producers are test-screening for the part.

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Ewan McGregor is no stranger when it comes to big budget musicals. The 44-year-old Scottish actor dazzled alongside Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Til this day, I play the soundtrack frequently, especially “Your Song” and “Elephant Love Medley.”

If reports are true, moviegoers will soon see McGregor showing off his vocal chops once again on the big screen. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s in final negotiations to join the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Find out which character he might play below.

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