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Intimate Interview With Bif Naked

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I recently had the opportunity to interview international recording artist Bif Naked on my radio show Discovering Your Truth on YTP Radio which you can check out below. For an hour we spoke all about her continual journey with cancer, past albums, pivotal moments in her career, going on tours and also her new interest in dating!

It was such a pleasure to get to spend time with a person who was so influential to my life when I was growing up. My sister who is 10 years older than me was a massive fan of Bif Naked and thus I became a fan since I was always listening to what she was listening to. I still have my I Bificus album in storage back in Vancouver.

Right now Bif is working on releasing her recently finished Memoirs book which will hopefully be hitting the shelves very soon. She describes it as a collection of short stories about her life all wrapped up together. She’s definitely a woman who’s lived a colourful life so I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. During the interview we also touched on the subject of love, something Bif has kept out of her mind for quite some time. The shift came after she lost her beloved little Nicky (her dog) who was her whole world for so long. Now that Nicky had moved on Bif decided it was time to get back on the horse and try out dating again which is a very recent development. Throughout the interview you can hear both old and new songs from Bif and we kick things off with her song “The Only One,” which is my favourite off her new album Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights which I highly recommend getting from iTunes. She does a great job remaking the old songs as well as a few new ones.

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You may have never heard of Jordan Bach before but I will tell you now he’s a man you should pay attention to. Between his inspirational tweets, topless YouTube’s and adorable Instagrams with his niece a gay man might go into dreamboat overload following him. But Jordan isn’t just another pretty face, he’s a man on a mission.

Jordan Bach is a Life Coach based out of New York who is building a life from inspiring gay men to live authentic and genuine lives. Called “one of the LGBT architects of the next decade” by The Advocate, he created as an online home for gay men who want to make the most of their lives.

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Fresh off their MTV VMA win, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis paid Chelsea Handler a visit on her E! late night show. Handler didn’t waste anytime getting down to business. At the top of the interview, the hip-hop duo from Seattle addressed gay rumors. Both are sadly straight with Macklemore engaged. Also disappointing, for all you folks who thought he was a redhead, including myself, he’s actually strawberry blond. No ginger pride here 😉 Here’s how the LGBT anthem “Same Love” came to be.

“It was an issue that I wanted to tackle but as a straight man, I’m like what is my vantage point on this issue? I tried to write it from the perspective of a gay, bullied kid. Brought it back to the studio, Ryan heard it and was like, ‘That’s not your story to tell. You have a story here, talk about your experience’ and I started there.” – Macklemore

Check out the brief six-minute chat below. It’s quite entertaining due to Macklemore and Handler’s spicy banter.

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My Interview With Roxxxy Andrews

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Say what you will about this queen, she was fierce on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I loved her from the second I saw her promo and I will love her until the end of time. Miss Roxxxy Andrews was recently in Vancouver for the hottest Thursday night in town LIBERACE and natually I got to chat with her before she went on stage.

What I will tell you about Roxxxy is that she is incredibly sweet. Sure we had some GREAT sass moments, but she really took the time to spend time with us here and get to know everyone. Hopefully people will let the reality TV drama disappear because Roxxxy is incredible. Check out the interview below!

Interview after the jump…

The fabulous British singer/songwriter Jessie Ware released the US version of her stunning album Devotion last week and also played both weekends of the Coachella Music Festival.

Not only was I lucky enough to catch her very fun afternoon set in the Mojave tent where the singer donned an adorable blue and white striped skirt with a lace crop top jacket as she charmed the crowd, but I was also able to briefly speak to Jessie about her album, Coachella, and her gay following.

See what Jessie had to say below…

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Oh Detox. One of my favorites in the world Detox. I have been a fan of hers since forever ago. I absolutely love her because shes original and creative, doesn’t give a crap and just stays true to herself.

We gabbed about the “bullying” nonsense from Monday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race episode, her hardest challenge and her team up with Willam and Vicky Vox. Detox is so ridiculously fierce but I personally don’t think she was represented well on the show. That’s my opinion and it’s the right one #sorryboutit!

Take a listen below, and we will be seeing more of Detox at the reunion!

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I totally party fouled guys! I totally missed my Wednesday interview with Coco and had to do it yesterday which is why we are a day late. WHOOPS! At least we got something. The most polarizing cast member this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I chatted with Coco about her mutual respect for Alyssa Edwards, what she though her hardest challenge was, her Vegas show and which queen she thought was her biggest competition.

Take a listen below and come back on Tuesday to see my thoughts on the newest episode!
Interview after the jump…

I woke up yesterday in an awful mood. I was cranky, I didn’t want to go for my run, I didn’t want to go to work I was just not into it.


Now I have made it VERY clear where I stood with Alyssa from the beginning of this season, she wasn’t one of my favorites but then she grew on me and by the time she left I found myself quoting her one liners, doing the Alyssa Face in the mirror and just living for everything she was giving me on that show. We had a 20 minute interview and it is definitely in my top 5 favorite interviews ever. By the time it was over I was in a great mood.

I’m going to miss you on my TV Alyssa but because of you I now know what to say to someone when they wear too much bronzer.

GIRL, look how orange you fucking look GIRL!

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