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It maybe too hot for Aussie television, but it’s just right for the Internet. Prophylactic manufacturer Four Seasons condoms goes the comedic route to promote their Naked line of condoms which comes in four sizes to fit any pleasure seeking man. The advert is like Goldilocks and the three bears but substitute the perfect bed for the right-sized condom. As this blond couple can attest to, you don’t even need a bed to fornicate. All that’s required is a counter or empty aisle at your local drug store.

While watching the surfer-looking dude thrusting is a nice treat, it’s all about the pharmacist. He has the best lines in the clip. “It really brings out the color of your eyes,” referring to the condom as he complements the guy. You can probably guess what he says to the couple after they finish test driving the product. Check out the commercial below.

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The Grindr Best Of 2013 Awards

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Award season is officially underway! Even Grindr is getting in on the action. They recently released their best of 2013 year end list. From gay icon of the year (Neil Patrick Harris) to best comeback of the year (Netflix), users of the ubiquitous hookup app made their voice heard on a multitude of categories.

2013 was a banner year of celebrities coming out. Not surprisingly with all the headlines he generated, Wentworth Miller earned Grindr’s best coming out story. Solid choice. I was lucky enough to witness Miller’s first appearance after coming out at the HRC Gala Dinner in Seattle.

Along with revealing the best of the best in the past year, Grindr also weighed in on what they expect will be big and make headlines in 2014. Find out below who they think the next celebrity to come out is and what will become obsolete.

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Watch This Wicked Teeterboard Training Session

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What is a teeterboard you ask? It’s an acrobatic apparatus that resembles a playground seesaw. Sometimes it’s referred to as a Korean plank.

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon this wicked teeterboard training video uploaded by David James Rimmer (pictured top left). He’s a former artistic gymnast who now works for Cirque Du Soleil. Rimmer along with fellow acrobat Stéphane Beauregard perform some death-defying stunts on the teeterboard which is used partly in the Cirque show Corteo.

The heights these two reach and flips executed are truly remarkable. The highlight for me though is when Stéphane finishes the session off by nearly faceplanting on Rimmer’s crotch. I’m sure that wasn’t planned ;) Check out the video below.

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Given that TIME Magazine chose Pope Francis as their “Person of the Year” earlier this week and it being the Sabbath, it’s the perfect day for this post.

Even though these sexy men of the cloth are fully clothed, there is no hiding their sex appeal. Unlike those faux almost-naked clergymen in the 2014 Orthodox Calendar, these Catholic priests are the real deal.

Photographer Piero Pazzi states he meets most of them on the streets in Rome during Holy Week. He reveals that “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar.” What’s the reason?

Pazzi claims the portraits are purely intended to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican. Ummm, okay!!! LOL. Speaking for myself, I had inappropriate Thorn Birds-like emotions after seeing a couple of these holy men. Check them out below and see if you get tingly sensations as well.

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Sports Stud: Blake Skjellerup

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Although we’ve written about him on Homorazzi a few times, we’ve never actually featured New Zealand Olympic Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup as a Sports Stud until now. Back in 2010, he came out after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and has been preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi since. In Vancouver, he had placed 16th in the 1000-meter.

According to, earlier this week Skjellerup unfortunately fell short of qualifying for the 2014 Olympic Games by one spot. The handsome athlete was set to be the first openly gay male athlete in history to compete in the Winter Olympics. This was especially poingnant given Russia’s views towards gays and lesbians. As of now, there will be no publicly out male athletes competing in Sochi. That being said, because Skjellerup placed 33rd in rankings for the 500-meter, he’s the first alternate for the games. Therefore, if any of the nations that have qualified decide not to send an athlete to the games, Skjellerup will get to go. For the 1000-meter, he is said to be the fifth or sixth alternate.

Earlier this month, I interviewed Skjellerup because we had chosed to featured him as the Masc’d Man of the Month at my skincare & grooming store/webstore, MASC. In the interview (which you can read here), he talked about his training routine, in addition to what he uses in his daily skincare & grooming routine. Check out his sexy photos below. Fingers crossed we get to see him compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games In Sochi!

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Founded in 1979, The Rhubarb Festival here in Toronto has been paramount to the city’s art scene, and going on sale in January with performances from February 12-23, The Rhubarb Festival has been hailed as the “go to event for thought-provoking, political, adventurous entertainment”. Being in the city for only less than a year, I’ve been profoundly and pleasantly surprised at the inspired and  creative theatre here in Toronto, namely in the LGBT community, none more striking so far than The Gay Heritage Project, an unreal performance that just finished its run and moved a lot of people in this city continuing an already great season for Buddies In Bad Times. Needless to say, I am very excited for my first Rhubarb year.

To put an unnecessary grey cloud over the matter, however, The Rhubarb Festival this year, a festival that creates a lot of buzz in the arts community, has been denied funding by The Department of Canadian Heritage, to the shock of all involved. Although this has happened once before, after being previously denied, Buddies, the oldest and largest running queer theatre in the world, was given clear instructions on the criteria missing so that they could quickly receive funding on a project that aims to preserve local heritage. This year, no explanation was given:

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There’s something about a guy who can do high kicks and dance their little butts off that I find quite attractive. Often times when I watch a live musical, I find my eyes gravitating towards the best dancer. Am I alone in thinking this? While I haven’t seen the King Kong Musical in person, based on the quality of talent, I would have a difficult time picking which cast member to focus all my attention on. They’re all so darn cute.

Even though the Melbourne production is closing on February 14, 2014, they’ve released a 2014 calendar featuring their rock hard cast. Given that it earned numerous Helpmann Awards (The Aussie Tonys), I wonder why it’s shutting down. Any Aussies who’ve seen it care to give their insights? Check out Maxwell Trengrove, Travis Khan, Andy Cook and Sam Marks display their extremely-toned bodies below. Maxwell and Sam are my favorites, so back off bitches ;)

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The American version of GQ needs to copy this initiative immediately as well. Their German counterparts enlisted several of their country’s famous straight men to kiss in the name of anti-homophobia. #MundPropaganda (roughly translated as “word of mouth”) features notable names from acting, music and sports to lock lips for the new program to battle intolerance. Nothing says good cause like a little man-on-man action ;)

Those involved include rappers Moses Pelham and Thomas D, Olympic champion volleyball players Julius Brink and Jonas Recker, hip hop group Fettes Brot and actors Herbert Grönemeyer, August Diehl, Kostja Ullman and Ken Duken. The latter two can be seen above. Check out some of the others engage in some tender kissing below. Some of them really get into it. #justsaying

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