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Anderson Cooper kicked off his CNN broadcast Monday night reading the full list of victims from Orlando just one block away from Pulse, the gay nightclub where the deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred. Before he recited all the names, the openly-gay 49-year-old journalist noted the gunman’s name or photograph would not be featured in the telecast.

“There’s one name you will not hear in the broadcast, one picture of a person you won’t see. We will not say the gunman’s name or show his photograph. It has been shown far too much already. Over the next two hours, we will tell you about the investigation, all the latest, what we know about what drove the shooter to do the unthinkable. But in text two hours, we want to keep the focus where it belongs, on people whose lives were cut short.”

As he read the names, photos of the victims appeared on the screen. Naturally, at certain moments the emotion overcame Cooper, pausing frequently and at some times choking up.

Meanwhile in downtown Los Angeles, Lady Gaga showed her support for the victims by attending a vigil. She made a touching speech and read the names of the victims as well. Like Cooper, she too, had to hold back the tears. Watch both clips below.

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In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shootings, it’s been heartwarming watching how people have been rallying around the LGBTQI community. Did you see all those people waiting in line in the scorching Florida heat to donate at a local blood bank?

An official GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the victims of this horrible tragedy. The organizers are working with a team of attorneys and experts, including the National Center for Victims of Crime, which deployed funds in both Chattanooga and Aurora, to ensure funds are distributed correctly to those families.

“We are heartbroken and angry that senseless violence has once again destroyed lives in our state and in our country.

Gay clubs hold a significant place in LGBTQ history. They were often the only safe gathering place and this horrific act strikes directly at our sense of safety. June commemorates our community standing up to anti-LGBTQ violence at the Stonewall Inn, the nightclub that has become the first LGBTQ site recognized as a national monument.” – campaign description

The original goal of $2 million has already been surpassed and will no doubt soar beyond that. To help out and donate, click here.

If you haven’t done so yet, please take the time to read about the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings over at the Orlando Sentinel. Too many lives lost. Condolences to all those touched by this tragedy.


As they say on Broadway: the show must go on. And that’s exactly what happened.

The 70th annual Tony Awards aired Sunday night on CBS and delivered some show-stopping performances including an epic opening number from James Corden. The Late Late Show host brilliantly paid homage to iconic musicals with a spectacular mashup.

As entertaining as the show was, it appears some of the best parts took place during commercial breaks. While CBS was busy airing ads, back at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Corden got celebs to sing during the downtime.

During one break, Jake Gyllenhaal teamed up with Sean Hayes for an adorable duet. They sang the iconic Aladdin theme song, “A Whole New World.” Thankfully, Hayes took to Facebook to share their performance. Check it out below.

“During commercial breaks at The Tony’s tonight, the amazingly brilliant James Corden started up a Broadway-themed ‘commercial karaoke’. He asked for volunteers. Jake Gyllenhaal & I were happy to oblige with our rendition of ‘A Whole New World’ from ALADDIN. ?#?TheTonyAwards?,” – Hayes captioned the clip

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Just weeks before Mexican’s LGBTQ community celebrates Pride, the country airs its first ad to feature a gay couple. It’ll definitely make you smile which will make Colgate, who produced the commercial, very happy.

The touching advert is part of the toothpaste brand’s #SmileWithPride campaign. The short clip features a couple moving into a new building. When they have trouble carrying a sofa into their new home, they receive help from a grandfather and his grandson.

The timing for the commercial is perfect. Just recently, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto called for the country’s constitution to be revised to allow for same-sex marriage. Check out the charming clip below.

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Watching Nick Jonas break his little gay cherry on screen would normally be cause for celebration by Kingdom viewers. However, that’s not exactly the emotion most felt when the “Close” singer’s character Nate Kulina finally engaged on some man-on-man action. They felt the scenario perpetuated stigmas.

In the episode titled “No Fault,” Nate is drugged at a party, before he’s lured into a bed where he engages in a threesome with a man and a woman. When he wakes up the next day, his character realizes he’s a victim of sexual assault. Given that his character continually struggles with his sexuality, this violation will no doubt affect him tremendously.

Watch the controversial scene below and weigh in afterward.

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I’m sure Noah Galvin expected some flack from his candid Vulture interview where he called out gay Hollywood. My favorite bit was his comment about Bryan Singer’s alleged lecherous maneuvers.

However, I’m sure not even in The Real O’Neals actor’s wildest dreams did he think it would set off a major firestorm. It seemed like everyone chimed in, either applauding him for his frankness or chastising him for his judgmental opinions. Noah has since taken to Twitter to issue an apology for his “brazen and hurtful” comments.

Colton Haynes, whose coming out was called “f–king p–sy bullsh-t” by Noah, has broken his silence on the matter. He wrote a lengthy response via Instagram which he ended with “Colton Pussy Haynes.” LOL. Check out Haynes’ full response below, along with Galvin’s mea culpa.

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Yowza!!! Noah Galvin just went all in. The Real O’Neals actor held nothing back in a very candid interview with Vulture magazine. He pretty much put gay Hollywood on blast and them some. Let’s just say, he’s one sassy queen 😉 I’ll just let the 22-year-old actor’s quotes speak for themselves.

On Colton Haynes Coming Out

“The worst…But you know he talked about coming out. He didn’t actually say he was gay. That’s not coming out. That’s f-cking p-ssy bullshit. That’s like, enough people assume that I sleep with men, so I’m just going to slightly confirm the fact that I’ve sucked a dick or two. That’s not doing anything for the little gays but giving them more masturbation material.”

You think that’s outspoken, wait til you read what he says about X-Men director Bryan Singer. He pretty much calls him out on his alleged creepy casting couch ways.

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D. Hedral is all about less is more. And by that, they mean less fabric and more skin. I like the way they think 😉

The brand declares the beach brief is back. It’s a great way to avoid the dreaded farmer’s tan from those dated board shorts. Personally, I like the boxer short length myself.

Check out the company’s sexy new video below featuring all their stylish swimwear briefs. If you like looking only at bulges and glistening abs and nothing else, the clip is a must-see.

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