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Both Dustin Lance Black and Frank Ocean addressed the tragic events in Orlando in separate powerful essays shared today. Black, who is on location in Vancouver filming the ABC LGBT miniseries When We Rise, urged “It’s time to disarm hate” in his powerful letter, while Ocean covers a wide range of topics from sharia law to transgender rights and his own experiences as a child in his tumblr post.

“We must also act in more immediate ways that will protect not only LGBT people, but all citizens. My LGBT community has experienced the same kind of senseless violence that schoolchildren and their families have experienced, and that communities of color have suffered for generations. If there is one shining light in the darkness of our mourning, it is that we are not alone in this fight, and the time has come for LGBT people to join hands with others who have also suffered and demand gun control now,” Black writes for Entertainment Weekly.

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The 26th edition of the annual burlesque fundraiser aka Broadway Bares raised $1,482,724 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Though slightly down from last year’s record-breaking total of $1,598,501, this year’s take is still very impressive.

This year’s theme tackled the boob tube in an unrivaled evening of sexy striptease. 198 of the hottest male and female dancers in New York City performed a series of parodies of television shows including Game of Thrones, American Idol and more in very little clothing. My kind of entertainment.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the show in New York City this past weekend, the organizers have shared a video highlighting some of the most eye-catching moments of the night. Check out below some of the memorable performances from Broadway Bares: On Demand.

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I was so bummed when HBO’s Looking was not renewed for a third season. The acting, characters, storyline, music… it was perfect. As a gay man in my early 30’s living in a city, it was much more relatable to me than any other gay characters on television at the moment. Thankfully, we at least get a movie to wrap things up and it’s coming out as an HBO Special on Saturday, July 23rd.

Setting the scene for where the film picks up, Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is back in San Francisco after spending some time in Colorado. Upon his return, he realizes he still needs to figure out his love life… and whether that involves Richie (Raúl Castillo) or Kevin (Russell Tovey) I have no idea. Meanwhile, Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) is about to commit to Eddie (Daniel Franzese) but he’s terrified that he’ll hurt him in the end. Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Doris (Lauren Weedman) are in the trailer as well, but not much is revealed about what’s going on with those characters.

Check out the trailer below!

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Tom Hiddleston Strips Down For W Magazine

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard Taylor Swift has been canoodling with Tom Hiddleston after her breakup with Calvin Harris. Thanks to a new spread in W Magazine, we can see exactly what she’s snuggling up to.

Who knew Loki was hiding all that underneath his Avengers costume. The 35-year-old actor can give the Scottish DJ a run for his money when it comes to posing in his underwear. Check out more pics below.

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With all of the heartbreaking things that have happened lately, who couldn’t set a side a few minutes to watch a video that will warm your heart and bring on the waterworks. Even though flash mobs have been happening for years now, they never get old for me. The hidden cameras, the music, the reactions, and of course the love – I’ll never get tired of it.

To set the scene, it’s dodgeball tournament Sunday and Angelo has no idea what’s in store for him. He’s about to see a group of his friends start dancing to some of his favourite songs but can’t quite grasp what’s going on… until his boyfriend Mike joins the flash mob.

Watch the video below!

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Golden: A Short Film About Growing Up Different

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Back in 2011, I posted about a very intriguing and steamy short film that went viral called ‘Cold Star,’ directed by a German filmmaker named Kai Staenike. Earlier this week, the filmmaker posted a new short film called ‘Golden‘ that beautifully tells a story about growing up and being different. It also shows what it’s like to be different but then later find others like you that you can relate to and be yourself with.

In the wake of the tragic event that happened in Orlando, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a short film like this. Anything that can help create awareness and understanding is much needed. Watch the short two and a half minute video below.

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Brawn and brains. Who knew John Cena was such a renaissance man? The 39-year-old wrestler showed off his Mandarin skills during a WWE press conference in China recently.

Clearly, he’s been working hard trying to master the Chinese dialect. He sounds pretty fluent. Mind you, it could all be gibberish but the media in the audience seems quite impressed.

Now that we’ve covered brains, let’s switch over to brawn. Cena showed off his beefy body for a skit on Maya & Marty’s most recent episode where he played a modest sexy fireman. If watching him flexing his ample muscles wasn’t enough to wet your panties, the vision of him hugging an adorable dalmatian certainly will.

Check out both clips below of Cena flexing his mind and his muscles.

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If you enjoy travel, meeting new people, and adventure, you should definitely check out On these laid back guided tours, you can travel solo, as a couple, or with friends and be prepared to have unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, whilst making new friends in the process. At this time, there are 6 exciting destination experiences to choose from: Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, Greece, and South Africa, their newest destination which was just announced a couple weeks ago.

Last year, I went on the “12 Days In Costa Rica” trip and had the time of my life. I signed up as a solo traveller (although I did know the trip guide/leader), and travelled with four other amazing guys from all over North America also travelling solo. Together, we went white water rafting, repelling down waterfalls, zip-trekking over the treetop canopies of the jungle, and explored one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. The people were amazing. The food was amazing. The adventures were unforgettable.

Check out the video and pictures from the trip below!

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