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Pink Shirt Day was founded in 2007 to put an end to bullying. Since then, the initiative has raised and donated over $830,000 to anti-bullying and violence prevention programs. Last year’s campaign alone, organized by the CKNW Orphans’ Fund, generated $200,000

“We’re hoping that by addressing the issues that cause people to bully, we can start changing the behaviour,” says Jen Schaeffers Executive Director at CKNW Orphans’ Fund. “Most importantly we want to remind people that bullying is bad, but bullies aren’t.”

A powerful new PSA from the non-profit group crafted by Rethink shifts the focus from the victims to the bullies and what motivates them. Set in a high school hallway, the non-profit group’s PSA tells a story about the root cause of why bullies victimize others and provides a powerful reminder that this behaviour needs to stop.

Wear a pink shirt today to stand up against bullying. Here’s how you can also show your support online. Every time the hashtag #PinkItForward is used, Coast Capital Savings will donate $1, up to $45,000.

  • 1) Go on Instagram or Twitter and post a photo of someone special.
  • 2) Then, add the caption below and fill in the blanks.
    For #PinkShirtDay, I’m helping to stop bullying by turning the Internet into a positive place. I #PinkItForward to [name of friend] for [why they’re so awesome]. Your turn!
  • 3) Remember to tag that person so they can also #PinkItForward.

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Cody Calafiore Shows Off His Calvins For WINQ

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Anyone super excited for Summer? I am and not only for the hot weather but for Big Brother as well. The reality show is such an addicting guilty pleasure, especially the live feeds. Hopefully, the casting department does an equally excellent job picking eye candy like Cody Calafiore. Both Caleb ‘Beast Mode Cowboy‘ Reynolds and he made for a very memorable Season 16.

Calafiore currently graces the March/April 2015 cover of Winq magazine. Photographer Greg Vaughan snaps the 24-year-old stud in Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg underwear inspired by the New York City skyline. Anyone else want to climb the New Jersey hottie’s ‘Empire State Building’ ;) Check out more pics below.

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Previously, Randy Blue filmed a video spoofing the most overused scenarios in gay porn. This time around, the gay porn website shares their Top 10 tips on how to get laid at the gym. For instance, strategically-placed squats as shown above.

Next time you see a hot guy while working out, think about trying out these techniques. Watch porn stars Caleb Strong and Scotty Marx demonstrate some sure-fire ways to get that hottie in the sack.

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Sports Stud: Romain Barras

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

For this week’s Sports Stud I’ve chosen an incredibly sexy French decathlete named Romain Barras. He represented France at the 2004 Summer Olympics and came in thirteenth place overall in the decathlon. In 2010, he came first overall for the decathlon at the European Championships in Barcelona, Spain.

Barras modelled for a French underwear company called Athena where he and some other athletes stripped down to nothing. He’s also posed nude for a calendar for charity as well. Apparently Barras loves his gay fans and was actually once featured on the cover of Tetu Magazine, France’s most popular gay magazine. I’ve included pictures and videos from these campaigns below.

Pictures after the jump…


For an Andrew Christian video, this one is relatively tame. There’s not a bunch of glistening bare butts and closeups of bulges swinging about. Sometimes less is more and leaving something to the imagination works much better. That being said, I hope the more salacious stuff keeps coming.

It’s all about Jarec Wentworth in a new clip from the underwear company. The gay porn star walks the streets of Los Angeles armed with a pair of boots, headphones and naturally, his Andrew Christian underwear.

If the visual featuring the Simple Minds classic hit, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” looks more like an authentic music video rather than an underwear promo vid, it’s due to the director. Fellow adult actor Colt Rivers is also a legit director. He once directed a music video for Backstreet Boys. Check out his AC clip below.

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I think it’s time to stage an intervention with Ashley Parker Angel soon. Clearly, the former O-Town member is addicted to posting selfies on Instagram.

Obviously, I’m joking. If anything, the 33-year-old needs to amp things up and take it to the next level ;) The only thing I suggest is that he tones down the duckie faces. They’re a tad douchey on him.

If you think, posting selfies is why he chose not to take part in the O-Town reunion, it’s not. Ashley is currently in Australia on tour with Wicked playing Fiyero. Check out more pics of the singer below.

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Do buttholes sweat? Apparently so.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently steamed her vagina at Tikkun Spa and raved about the experience. BuzzFeed felt inspired by the Shakespeare In Love actress and convinced some of their male employees to try the A-Steam treatment, but steam their buttholes instead.

What are the benefits of said treatment, you ask? Apparently, the Chinese herbs are great if you have stomach issues and hemorrhoids and fantastic at balancing hormones.

To be honest, if I got a free session, I’d definitely give it a shot. How about you? Check out some BuzzFeed employees become butthole brothers below.

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Previously, convinced a few of their stars to read mean tweets from their haters in two hilarious YouTube clips. This time around, the porn website convinced their talent to dig deeper and divulge some personal details.

Mike de Marko, Colby Jansen, Bennett Anthony, Colt Rivers and Garrett Cooper reveal some of their worst dating nightmares. From sloppy drunks to self-centered narcissists to vomiting individuals, these guys have seen it all. Porn stars, they’re just like us ;)

I can honestly, I’ve never had a date go so horribly wrong. Knock on wood. Check out their confessions below.

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