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There’s no denying Nick Jonas is one sexy piece of delicious man candy. It’s hard not to notice given he’s been flaunting it to anyone with a camera the past several months. Not that I’m complaining. Sorry Jonas fans, but I think he might have a little competition.

Attitude magazine tapped two male pop stars for their annual Pop Issue. The 22-year-old Jonas graces one and Olly Murs takes the other. Nic shows a little pit hair for his while Murs shares his furry chest and sexy treasure trail with readers. I’m torn on which cover is hotter. Both look absolutely fetching. Check out Olly’s photo below and cast your vote in our poll.

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Nick Jonas trended on Twitter thanks to a steamy scene on last night’s Kingdom episode. The 22-year-old showed off his bedroom moves for his first ever sex scene on the small screen. Seems like a lifetime ago when he was flashing that purity ring ;)

Sadly, his partner under the sheets was a female. Before the DirecTV drama premiered, Jonas teased his MMA character could be bisexual or gay. With only a few episodes left before the Winter finale, I hope he makes good on all those teases he made during Watch What Happens Live.

Nick also previously revealed that he had filmed three or four sex scenes before the series premiered. If you don’t mind a little female crack, check out Nick’s thrusting moves in the grainy vid below.

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I have no idea what The Exes is, but apparently the TV Land sitcom has three seasons under its belt. If the above photo is any indication, I might have to check it out. At the very least, the comedy’s Season 4 premiere.

Former Superman Brandon Routh returned to the show to reprise his role as Steve the Bartender on last night’s episode. The 35-year-old actor doesn’t have the same physique as he did when he was the Man of Steel, but he’s still pretty fetching. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t say ‘no.’

If you want more of your Routh fill, he can be seen recurring on Arrow playing billionaire scientist Ray Palmer. Check out shirtless screencaps of his guest spot on The Exes below.

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Lifetime recently canceled Witches Of East End after two seasons. I quite enjoyed the first season based on the book series following the Beauchamp family of witches, but the show suffered creatively during its sophomore year. Not surprisingly, this resulted in a ratings decline. The first season averaged 1.67 million viewers, but dropped in its second outing to 1.13 million.

Even though, the show focused on the women, the one thing I’ll miss about the show is the high concentration of hot men. Why do you think I tuned in even when the storylines began to bore me. In honor of its cancellation, I thought I’d put the sexy guys, who are now unemployed, in the spotlight.

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I’ve tried a raw food diet once and honestly, it wasn’t my cup of tea. All of a sudden, I find myself wanting to give it another try. What can I say? I’m a sucker to try anything being pushed by a couple of hot guys. Especially when they’re shirtless.

To promote their restaurant, Acai Brothers Superfood Bar, Sam and Ben show the benefits of incorporating an organic diet. It’s healthy and has great taste, claim the Aussie studs. I wonder what else tastes great ;)

Since they like their food raw, they decided to appear in the clip as raw as possible. Damn that stalk of celery for blocking the best parts ;) Check out the clip below.

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Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day

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I had no idea this day existed but apparently it’s been around since the 1980s. October 30 is Power Bottom Appreciation Day!!! Who knew? It’s like Valentines slash Christmas for those who like their kielbasas hard and in their butts ;)

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Arguably one of the most powerful men in the world publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation in a powerful essay for Businessweek today. It’s been known that Apple CEO Tim Cook has played for our team for awhile, but he’s never talked about it, until now…

“While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

The 53-year-old goes on to talk about why he chose now to come out in. Primarily to change the conversation about when he was going to come out and put focus back to the business at hand… being the best CEO he can be. That’s what “our employees deserve— and our customers, developers, shareholders, and supplier partners deserve.” Read more his inspirational words below.

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If you’ve been watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you know the 56-year-old talk show host is on the search for a new gardener. Since Nick left to film Magic Mike XXL, her bushes have been out of control.

Since Nick’s stint as the show’s landscaper led him to a feature film role, naturally there has been a long line of buff boys praying to handle his gardening tools in hopes of getting their own big break. I’ve quickly sifted through the video submissions and picked out the hottest among the bunch.

Check them out below and share which one is your favorite. My picks are Jonathan Glancy, Antonio Stephen, David Kimmerle and Tyler Winder.

check out a few submissions below

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