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Thialy Sow Is D. Hedral’s Latest D12 Guy

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For 12 months, D. Hedral plans to showcase a new guy each month from across the globe that not just look great in their undies but have the power to inspire. Personal trainer David Birtwistle was their first DH12 dude. Now, meet their second selection.

Thialy Sow was born in Senegal but now loves in Paris. The 30-year-old is a feature film editor but has the goods to star in movies, especially of the porn variety. That booty is just begging to be popped. LOL. Check out more pics of Sow below.

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Olá Lucas Garcez. Aren’t we a hot piece of Brazilian meat. The stunning model is definitely a sight to behold. With killer abs, piercing eyes, enviable tan and other pleasing assets, the tall drink of water just might be my new crush. Yummy indeed.

The Wilhelmina NYC model teams up with photographer Joseph Lally for a sizzling spread, appropriately titled “The Champ.” He’s certainly a winner in my eyes.

Lucas rocks skimpy mesh shorts, leather goods, sweats and a towel in the seductive shoot featured in the pages of Yearbook and Client Magazine. Check out more pictures below.

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How does Rob Gronkowski celebrate scoring his first GQ cover? Partying like a rock star in Miami of course. Someone’s enjoying their NFL off-season a tiny bit 😉

The New England Patriots tight end shows the publication’s readers how to have the funnest summer ever which apparently includes plenty of foam, champagne showers and poolside antics. And since we’re on the topic of tight ends, the Gronk shows off his tight butt in all it’s muscular glory.

Check out more pics below snapped by Peggy Sirota featuring model Hailey Clauson partying it up with Rob. Lucky girl. Who wouldn’t want to sit on top of those broad shoulders?

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Ever since Olly Murs went from flab to fab, he’s loved showing off his new physique. And I, for one, have enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve been a fan of the adorable singer ever since he competed on The X Factor UK.

The latest reason why the “Wrapped Up” singer disrobed was to celebrate his local soccer team’s division championship win. The 31-year-old is not only a rabid fan of the Coggeshall Town Football Club but he’s also sponsored them and sometimes played for their reserve team.

Check out the photo of him naked posing with the championship cup. Me thinks his cup might runneth over had that large trophy not been in the way 😉

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Ready to do the time warp again? I am and can’t wait for FOX’s reimagining of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. No premiere date has been revealed yet, but it’s expected to air on the network in late 2016. Most likely near Halloween, I would assume.

Entertainment Weekly got their hands on several exclusive pics from the new production. By far, the most exciting is seeing Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Further. If you’ve ever wondered what the love child of Grace Jones and Davie Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust era would look like, wonder no more. Cox’s version of the iconic alien transvestite is exactly that. Check out the costume below.

“I get tweets from people, ‘Please don’t f— up Rocky Horror Picture Show!’?” says Cox, to Entertainment Weekly. “I showed my brother pictures of me in character and he was like, ‘You were preparing your whole life for this.’?”

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Who isn’t a sucker for an adorable canine? Guilty as charged over here. I’m like putty in their paws. I want to adopt every single rescue pet featured in this ad campaign. On a slightly more perverted note, I wouldn’t mind taking any of these male models in as well should they find themselves homeless 😉

Top modeling agency, Soul Artist Management has teamed up with Buzzfeed for a year-long campaign called #SOULMates. The theme, “Old Dogs Can Teach You New Tricks,” highlights the benefits of adopting senior aged pets. The initiative was executed in partnership with local agency Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (@badassbrooklyn).

“Core to our family style, talent management approach at SOUL is giving back to our community,” reveals Jason Kanner, owner of SOUL ARTIST MANAGEMENT. “Our #SOULMates campaign, in partnership with the powerful reach of BuzzFeed, was inspired by the touching rescue adoption stories of a few of our models including Chad White and Julian Schratter. Their pets have made such a positive impact on their and our agency’s life. We were thrilled to see our guys lend their talents to finding loving homes for these special friends. We are excited to continue this impactful and fun work over the course of the year.”

Photographer Taylor Miller snapped four male models with four adoptable pets using Central Park’s breathtaking cherry blossoms as the backdrop. The May 2016 pics features fresh faces Alex Valley, Donovan Michaels, Harrison Shaul and Louis Solywoda along with dog models Vin Diesel, Colin, Jimmy Carter and Jackson. Each month will highlight different men and dogs. Check out more images below.

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For years, several friends of mine have been telling me that Thailand has been their favorite destination that they’ve travelled to – I now know why and find myself giving this country the same rave review. This past April, I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Thailand, experiencing a trip that I will never forget. The two weeks were split between four locations: (1) Phuket, (2) Chiang Rai, (3) Chiang Mai, and (4) Bangkok.

There are many ways to experience Thailand. In comparison to many other destinations, travellers tend to stay in Thailand for extended periods of time because it is relatively inexpensive and there really is so much to see and do in this culturally rich nation. If exploring isn’t on the menu, others may simply want to take in the paradise around them and spend the days on the beach with a refreshing beverage in hand. My experience was a bit of both.

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No doubt you’ve seen the unsettling video where Pearl Love, a transgender woman, was verbally assaulted while riding a New York subway. What was even more disgusting than the woman spewing a hateful tirade was the fact no one stepped in to stop the altercation and stand up for Love. The entire clip made me so angry, I couldn’t even finish watching it.

I was hoping that after the video went viral, the bigoted woman would have a ‘come to Jesus moment‘ and realize the error of her ways. Guess I had too much faith in humanity. WPIX caught up with the woman named Sarah Eldridge and she’s beyond unapologetic, declaring “I meant what I said.” Silly ho!!!

In a bit of irony, Eldridge reveals she’s deactivated her Facebook account because she’s been inundated with death threats and other aggressive messages. Not that I condone death threats, but if you can’t handle taking a dose of your own medicine, then don’t dish it out girl. “Don’t judge me unless you know me,” Sarah said. Hypocrite much!

Watch the interview below, and the original clip uploaded by Love.

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